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October Offgun Drabbles and Short stories Collection

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Gun’s first day at Safehouse was great.  His fear of being out of place were quickly erased when he found out that the younger boys he was with were actually very sweet and easy going.  Night came by quickly and Gun found it hard to sleep.  He did almost everything just to tire himself out, hoping that he might fall asleep immediately due to exhaustion but still, to no avail.

Gun sighed, he was left with no choice.  There was only one sure way of making him sleep.  This is actually how he falls asleep every night, but he was embarrassed to do it especially since he is not in bed alone.  Khaotung was lying in bed beside him, who thankfully is asleep already.

He picked up his phone and started to compose a message, but it was interrupted by an incoming request for a video call.

“Papii!” Gun was just about to ask Off to call him but he beat him to it.

“Nong, you can’t sleep right” Off said teasingly.

Gun nodded as he laid on the bed, wrapped in his comfort blanket looking adorable as always.

Off continued talking to Gun. Telling him how his day went, Gun in turn, updated Off about his experience in the Safehouse.  Eventually, Gun can feel his eyes getting heavy, drowsiness is slowly creeping in.  The sound of Off’s voice sounds like a lullaby.  A few more minutes and only his slow and even breathing can be heard by the other person on the line.

Off smiled as he stared at Gun’s sleeping face on the screen of his phone.  His work here is done.  Putting Gun to sleep, mission accomplished.  He knows that Gun was nervous and maybe shy to do their nightly ritual of video calling each other since there are other people around.  That was why he initiated the call.

To be honest, he hesitated to call Gun at first.  But he knows for a fact that he needed it just as much as Gun.  He can’t sleep without seeing the adorable face of his boyfriend, so unless they are sleeping on the same bed, this ritual will continue.

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Rome howled in pain as his back connected with concrete.  Before he can recover, the bully who pushed him gripped his collar and stand him up.  Rome closed his eyes and braced for impact as the guy prepared to launch a punch to his face.  But nothing came.  He felt the grip on his clothes loosen.  He opened his eyes and all he can see is the back of a tall boy. 

“Hey dirt bag, why don’t you pick someone of your own size? Bullying is for losers. And I don’t tolerate it in my school,” 

“I-I’m s-sorry P’Pick” the bully stuttered. 

Rome gasped. Pick, the school owner’s son was his savior. 

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Khai looks back and wonders how he survived those years without Third.  Now that they are together, he can’t imagine a life without his boyfriend by his side. He was his source of strength and at the same time his weakness.  Khai had never been so happy as he is right now.

He looked at the content of the box in his hand and smiled.  He traces the ring, it was a perfect fit for Third’s slender finger.  He was nervous for tomorrow but he was also excited.  He is excited to take his relationship with Third to the next level and build a family with him.

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“Boo!” Gun shouted as he embraced the back of a certain Off Jumpol. Off smiled as he felt the warmth from his boyfriends embrace. 

“Papii! You did not even flinch!” Gun complained but still not letting go of the embrace. 

Off just shrugged. He knows that his cute boyfriend was pouting for sure since he failed once again to surprise him. In the one year that they had decided to upgrade their relationship from being phi-nong to lovers, Gun would always do this, trying to catch him off guard. And almost all of his attempts fail, all but one. 

Because what Gun doesn’t know was that he managed to surprise Off by making him fall for him. Off was caught off guard when he realized his feelings had changed and Gun had become the most important person in his life. And so after getting over his shock, Off then decided to change himself so he won’t lose Gun.  And the rest was history. 

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Pick did not know what possess him. Maybe it was the look of fright and cry of pain from boy as he hit the ground or the ugly and arrogant face of the bully, but he just found himself punching the scumbag.  He deserves it, but Pick was puzzled at his actions. Even Porsche, his bestfriend, was surprised of what he did.

Some would argue that he was just trying to help a person in distress. And that explanation may suffice for others, those who are genuinely nice, but not for him.  Because Pick is a ruthless and selfish spoiled brat, his parents say so, so it must be true. He is cold and rude, he is never known for his kindness. Because people believe he doesn’t have any.  That was what made the events earlier very out of character.

“Pick, do you happen to know Rome?” Porsche asked as they made their way to the cafeteria.


“Rome, the guy you helped earlier. He is Emma’s friend. I thought you know him since you know. You came to his rescue.” Porsche explained.

Rome huh?

From that day on, Pick became aware of Rome.  The short guy has piqued his interest.

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Teedet couldn’t believe his eyes at the scene before him. He even pinched himself to make sure that he was not dreaming.  As he felt the sting of his self-inflicted pain, he was convinced that it was indeed happening for real.  But you can’t blame him for doubting, because it is indeed bizarre to see a scaredy cat like Maetee watching a horror film in the living room alone.

It was so out of character that it blew Teedet’s mind.  And so he decided t investigate more about the matter by approaching Maetee who was obviously frightened at what he was watching, judging by the assortment of talismans and amulets on the table.  Half of his face was also covered with a blanket, only one eye was poking out and watching the screen.

Maetee gave an ear splitting scream when Teedet touched his shoulder. 

“What the hell Teedet, don’t scare me like that! I am already scared shitless by watching this movie, you don’t need to add more!”

Teedet gave an apologetic glance and sat beside Maetee.

“I’m really sorry. I did not mean to sneak up on you like that.  But Maetee, can you tell me why you’re doing this? I know that you’re trying to get over your phobia, but isn’t doing this a little bit extreme?”

Teedet was concerned that Maetee was over exerting himself.  As someone who is also trying to conquer his fears and also as a friend, he is worried.

“What did T-rex say about all this?” he further asked.  He knows for sure that this was not T-rex’s idea because if it was, he would also be here watching with Maetee to observe and “support” him.

He heard Maetee sigh beside him. 

“That’s the thing.  T-rex doesn’t know about this and I would appreciate it if you keep it that way.  You see, this was not really me trying to conquer my phobia.  Well, it maybe one way of looking at it.  But more than that, I’m mainly doing this shorty.”

Teedet just gave Maetee a confused stare, clearly not getting the logic of what he just said. 

“It is Shorty’s birthday next week and coincidentally, the sequel to this movie is coming out the same day.  This movie was one of his favorite movies and I know for a fact that he looks forward on seeing it.” Maetee explained slowly.  The gears on Teedet’s head started turning.  He knows where this is going.

“I’m planning of taking him out so we can watch the premiere together.  I am ‘training’ myself by watching the first movie over and over again when T-rex is not in. Maybe it won’t frighten me that much when we see the part 2,” a crimson-faced Maetee confessed.

“Over and over again? So you mean to say that you have watched this already.  Maetee, how many times have you watched this film?”

“Dunno, haven’t really counted.  But maybe ten or fifteen times?” Maetee replied thoughtfully.

It was sweet, and to be honest, a bit moronic, Teedet thought to himself.  But it was without a doubt, very endearing and he can only imagine the surprise and delight on T-rex’s face when he learned about this.

And so, Teedet agreed to keep it a secret and bear with Maetee’s whimpering and muffled screams until next week.  Who is he to trample on the efforts of a man who is trying his best to defeat his fear for the love of his life?

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Gun was shivering from the cold as the rain soaked him to the bones.  He got off from work late so he missed the last bus that he rides home to.  He tried booking a taxi, but there was no response.  Left with no choice, he decided to walk instead.


He took a huge breathe and calm himself as he approached the graveyard that he needs to pass before he can reach the street of his house.  Gun gulped, no matter what the circumstances are, it really is scary to walk into a graveyard in the middle of the night.


Not to mention that the whole place is deserted because of the rain.  Gun’s mind began to wander to morbid scenarios.  He picked up his pace, determined to exit the graveyard as fast as he could.


He akmost made it out when suddenly, the whole place was illuminated by a bright blue light, the rain also halted and the temperature seemed to drop so low it almost feels like winter. Gun stopped in his tracks, shivering from the cold and fright.


Just when he was about to pass out, the coldness was lifted and he was filled with warmth.  The bleak graveyard scene is now a colorful garden.  And standing there in the middle is Gun, face to face with a man he thought he would never see again.


“Papii…” Gun whispered unbelievably.


The figure who was staring at him smiled and slowly approached him. Gun has now tears streaming down his face. It had been five years since he last saw him, but he still looks the same.  He still looks like the man he loved. No, the man he still loves.


Off stopped in front of him.


“Baby… Gun.. I told you didn’t I? I’ll come back for you. So here I am. I miss you so much! Baby, do you want to be together? Come with me, Gun. Let’s be together forever.” Off held out his hand.  Gun looked at it, and without hesitation clasped it tightly.  Off smiled and pulled him into an embrace.


The next morning a man was found dead at the graveyard. The cause of death was said to be hypothermia.  The body was found lifeless, lying at the tombstone of someone named Off Jumpol Adulkittiporn who died five years ago.  Incidentally, the body who was later identified as Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat was the fiancé of Off Jumpol.  It was believed that he was visiting his fiance in the graveyard and was caught in the rain, leading up to hypothermia and eventually death. 

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“Rome, you look like a zombie. Have you been sleeping well?” Emma remarked worriedly.


Rome looked up from his laptop. He was busy editing some of the photos they took for their photography class.  It was due today and Rome is not yet half-way done.  He was having a hard time balancing all of his school works which resulted to his no-sleep state at the moment.


By noon, Rome had reached his limits and collapsed, to the horror of Emma who was with him.  He was rushed to the university clinic immediately, where he got an earful from the nurse for running himself ragged.


As a result of his fainting spell, Rome was forced to take the rest of the day off.  He was about to protest but relented when he was assured that he will be given consideration in class.


He was on his way to his dorm when he passed by the President’s Office.  He heard loud, angry voices coming from the room.  He was gonna ignore it, but the mention of a familiar name stop him in his tracks.


“Why don’t you listen to me Pick? I am still your father.” Frustration is evident in the voice of the speaker.


Rome heard a dry chuckle.


“It’s funny how you only use that word when you need something from me.”


That voice definitely belongs to P’Pick. Rome doesn’t want to eavesdrop furthermore.  It feels like he stumbled upon a very private family matter. He tried to walk away quietly, but he did not notice the wet patch on the floor. 


Rome slipped and he can’t help the scream that came out of his mouth. The door in the office suddenly opened, revealing P’Pick and his dad, the University President. He tried to get on his feet and save at least a fraction of his dignity intact, but he felt a sharp pain on his ankle. Pick approached and helped him stand up. 


“Are you alright?” Pick whispered in Rome’s ear, making him shiver.  Both of them are staring at each other when suddenly,


“Pick do you know him?” his father’s voice interrupted.


Pick turned his head towards his dad and Rome can feel the hand supporting him tighten.


“Yes, I know him. In fact, I know him very well.” Rome can see a smirk growing on Pick’s face.  And he choked as he heard the next words Pick uttered.


“Dad, meet Rome, my boyfriend”

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Off and Gun are partners for a long time.  They belong to a special unit of the FBI, the paranormal unit. Both being psychics, they deal with supernatural phenomena.  Gun has the ability to talk to ghosts while Off has the gift of foresight.

They were on one of their missions in Italy to investigate the death of an opera singer who died.  It was supposed to be a simple case.  Thanks to Gun’s ability, they were able to make a séance and talk to the ghost of the opera singer.

Eventually, they were led to wild goose chase by the murderer.  Though it ended peacefully with them securing the suspect and putting him in jail, it was not without casualty.  Off needed to be rushed to the hospital because the thugs hired by their suspect hit him with a metal pipe several times.

Gun was so worried about his partner that he did not notice the presence of the spirit who suddenly appeared in the hospital room where Off was admitted.

“Mr Phunsawat, can you hear me?”

Gun was surprised to see the opera singer, he thought that he already moved on since his murder was already solved. As if reading his thoughts, the spirit talked once again.

“I am moving on, but I want to thank you first before I leave.  You and your partner have been key in solving this case. Is he okay by the way?”


“Yes. The doctor said he will be fine.  But he needs to be in complete bed rest for at least a month.” Gun explained, eyes still lingering on Off’s sleeping figure.  He turned to the spirit and forced himself to smile.

“And you’re welcome Signore Angeles, we are glad to help”

“And I am forever grateful to the both of you.  I hope you will continue to help spirits like me and may your relationship get stronger through the years.  It is good to see people in love working together.” Signore Angeles beamed.

Gun was flustered by the statement, because although he had been harboring feelings for Off, they are unfortunately not in a romantic relationship. They are co-workers, friends if one would push the envelope.  But that's all there is to them.

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Pick was annoyed at what he is seeing.  Ever since he arrived at the club room, Rome and Din are glued to each other.  And he can see that despite Rome’s attempt to smile, he was clearly uncomfortable with Din’s attention.

He decided that enough was enough when he saw how Rome grimaced when Din put his arm around his shoulders. Pick stood up and approached the pair.  He unceremoniously removed the Din’s arms and pulled Rome outside. 


“Rome you were clearly uncomfortable with Din’s actions, you should’ve said something to him. Stop letting people push you around all the time.” Pick scolded the younger. Ironically, his next statement seemed to counteract the previous one.

“By the way, you sit with me when we go back there so that guy can’t come near you.”

Rome can’t help to point out the irony of the situation.

 “But P’Pick also likes to boss me around all the time.”  

“There’s a difference, I don’t take advantage of you. But to be clear, did I ever made you uncomfortable when I drag you somewhere like what I did earlier?”

Rome blushed at Pick’s question.  Unable to form a verbal answer, he just shook his head.

“See?! That’s the difference between me and that creepy guy. I am even looking out for you. I am an amazing Phi, aren’t I?” Pick gave Rome his trademark arrogant smile as he spoke.

“Looking out for me? Does that mean P’Pick cares about Rome?”

It was now Pick’s turn to blush as he heard Rome’s question. He just grunted as a reply and pulled Rome back inside.

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“You must be mistaken Signore, we are not lovers.  We are just partners. Professional Partners,” he explained.


The spirit looked at him with confusion written on its wispy, gray face.

“Oh? You are not together yet? Is that it? But both of you is undeniably in love with each other. The way you look at each other is one indication.  And of course, the reason why Off was hospitalized now is a dead giveaway.”


“What are you saying Signore Angeles? Off was hospitalized because he was hit by the goons that Mr. Peralta hired wasn’t he?” Gun could not recognized his own voice, he was so shocked with what he was hearing right now.  

“Well yes. But he did it for you Mr. Phunsawat.  You see, I followed you when you went to that abandoned place because I was worried about you. I want to at least help in some way.  When I got there, I saw how Mr. Adulkittiporn tricked those bastards into thinking that he was the one who can talk to spirits because he overheard them talking that they will target you because of your ability.  He was able to convince the thugs and then to make sure that you were not in any harm’s way, endured their beating until back up arrived,” the spirit of Signore Angeles explained patiently.

Seeing Gun’s expression at his revelation, his face soften. He spoke once again.

“Mr. Phunsawat, don’t look so glum.  I know there are a lot of things running in your head right now.  But let me assure you that you don’t need to feel guilty.  Mr. Adulkittiporn is stable now, isn’t he?” he asked.

Gun nodded, unable to form any coherent words just yet. He can feel the tears streaming down his face as he went to Off’s side and clutch the hand of the latter. He listened to Signore Angeles when he spoke again.

“So you don’t need to fret now. He is okay.  Don’t feel guilty because you did not do anything wrong, he protected you out of his own volition. And you can’t blame him, he is just trying to protect you because you are important to him.”

He was comforted by what the spirit said.  He still feels a little bit of guilt, but more than that, Gun felt very happy. It is now sinking in that perhaps his feelings might not be one-sided only.  Off also feels the same way. 

He looked at the spirit of the man before him, he wants to express his gratitude for giving him hope and clearing away his doubts. He was about to speak, but the spirit just held up his hand.

“No need to say anything Mr. Phunsawat.  I was just stating what I saw and also say my thanks.  Please extend my gratitude to Mr. Adulkittiporn and take care of each other.  I am rooting for you both.”

Signore Angeles winked and left after saying that.  Gun can’t feel his presence anywhere, an indication that he had moved on to the afterlife.  Now, he is totally alone with Off who was still sleeping peacefully.

Gun smiled as he caressed the face of the sleeping man. He can’t wait for him to wake up. He promised to finally confess to Off once he regains consciousness. In the meantime, Gun can now feel the toll of all the day’s events on his body.  He felt very tired and drowsy.  He doesn’t want to leaved Off alone, so he pulled out the chair beside the bed and made himself comfortable.  He fell into deep slumber, clutching Off’s hand.

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Off woke up to a heavy weight on his arm. He looked to his side and saw the sleeping face of his partner, Gun. He can’t help but be enraptured at Gun’s beautiful face.  He had been crushing on his partner for so long and through the years of spending time with each other as partners, his simple crush developed into something deeper.

But Off was a coward.  He was afraid to confess because Gun might not feel the same way.  You see, even though he has the ability to see into the future, it’s not 100% accurate.  Sometimes, the future can be changed by the actions and choices that the people involved decide upon.  And that’s why he made up his mind to never look at any visions of the future involving Gun unless it is absolutely necessary. He was afraid to see Gun leaving him in one of his visions. Or even worse, to see him happy and in love with another person.  

In the incident last night, he had no choice but to use his ability to secure Gun’s safety.  He rushed in when he saw in his visions that Gun might be injured if he doesn’t intervene.  He’d rather be beaten to a pulp than let anything harm Gun. He shuddered as he recalled the events. 

His musings was cut short when he felt Gun stir. He met the sleepy eyes of a half awake Gun as he try to chase the drowsiness away.  Off can’t help himself, he ruffled Gun’s hair and pinched his cheek. 

At the realization that Off was finally awake, Gun immediately stood up and examined him. Off felt himself blush, having Gun fuss over him made him warm all over.

This did not escaped Gun’s notice, he can see Off’s cheeks getting redder by the minute.  Signore Angeles must be on to something, he thought. Off might be into Gun as well.

A ghost of a smile is starting to appear on Gun’s lips as he try his best to conceal his glee upon the realization that his feelings are reciprocated.

Off can see that Gun was trying to keep his face neutral but adorably failing. He seems to be stifling a laugh.  This made him conscious. What can Gun can be laughing about? It can only be about him, can it?

Off deflated at the thought. He must look like a joke in front of Gun. He really has no chance.

“Papii, are you okay?” Gun looked really worried and Off can’t stand seeing him like that. So he forced a smile to reassure Gun that he’s alright.

However, Gun cannot be fooled.  He knows that the smile is not genuine. 

“Off, tell me what’s wrong,” he said seriously.  Off gulped, he knows Gun is not taking any bullshit when he used that tone and call him by his first name instead of Papii.

He decided to just forget about his pride and confessed what made him upset. 

“Earlier, you seemed to be suppressing your laughter.  I just thought you were laughing at me and that made me sad.” Off was looking down the whole time he was talking so he was not prepared when Gun suddenly lifted his chin and enveloped him in a hug.

“Papii!!! You’re so cute!” Gun squealed, still hugging him tightly. 

“Even though you’re overthinking, you’re still so cute.”

Off is now blushing profusely as he listens to Gun’s praises.  This is the best feeling in the world, hearing Gun say some sweet nothings in his ears as he hugs him warmly.  But he tried to focus on what Gun have said.  He said he was overthinking things  Was Gun not laughing at him?

“So what were you laughing about if it was not me?” Off asked tentatively.

Gun broke their embrace (to Off’s disappointment) but settled by his side.  He is smiling so brightly that it also made Off smile.

“I was not laughing at all. I was trying not to smile and look like a fool in front of you.” Gun explained.

“So what were you smiling about then?” Off asked.  He immediately believed Gun explanation because he knows that he would not lie to him.  He trusts him like that.

Gun’s demeanor suddenly changed.  He was now looking at Off shyly and a tinge of red has colored his cheeks.

“I-I was just thinking about what Signore Angeles told me.” He said slowly and quietly.  But it was enough for Off to hear.

“The spirit from our case? What did he tell you?” Off is now very curious.  This was not the usual Gun, whatever that ghost told him must be important.

“Papii, do you like me?”

Off’s eyes bulged at Gun’s question.  Where the heck did that came from?

“I- uh, ah, ha?” these are the only sound that came from Off’s mouth.  It made Gun laugh, this was the first time that he saw Off be literally out of words.

This reaction made him braver. It was now or never.  He made up his mind to finally confess his feelings for Off.

“Papii, Signore Angeles told me about what exactly happened last night.  He told me that you were beaten up because you were trying to protect me. Was  that true?”

Off hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he nodded. Gun clutched his hand and gave it a squeeze.

“Well, thank you for that Papii.  Thank you for protecting me and always having my back.” Gun smiled at him gratefully, his dimple appearing on his cheek.

“Papii, he also told me that you did it because you like me.  Not as a colleague but more than that.  He said that you like me romantically, is this true?”  

The room was silent after that. The two person inside were staring at each other.  Gun was waiting patiently for Off’s answer while the other is trying to decide whether to risk it all or continue to play safe.  Their heartbeats which thankfully cannot be heard by the other person is very fast and loud like they just run a marathon.

Off cleared his throat and looked straight into Gun’s eyes.

“Yes,” he whispered. Off then slowly caressed the face of the person in front of him.

Gun was beyond happy when he heard it. Unshed tears are now threatening to spill from his eyes.

“Gun I like you so much that I’m pretty sure I am also very in love with you.  I know this must be sudden and you might still be in shock. I don’t even know how this will affect our work, but if ever you don’t feel the same way, don’t worry.  There’s no need to be awkward, I’ll try to forget about this…..” Off was babbling, he was nervous because of the realization that he finally confessed to Gun. There's no going back now. 

Gun on the other hand was looking at Off who was still talking.  He was obviously masking his nerves by spouting some gibberish and Gun finds that adorable.  But he wants to convey his feelings as well.  And he’s not that good with words, so he did it the other way.

Off was still talking when Gun suddenly grabbed his face and kissed him. It was the first time that he gets to taste Gun’s lips and he was addicted already.  When Gun was about to pull out, he leaned in to kiss him again.

After a few minutes of kissing, the pair finally had enough. Gun was beaming at Off who was also sporting a grin. Off enfold Gun in another embrace to which the latter happily obliged.  Gun’s head is now on his chest, hearing his heartbeat. No words were uttered after the kiss but the two were able to come into an understanding about how they feel for each other.

“Not even with my ability will I be able to predict that this will happen. It’s just too good to be true.  I love you so much Gun.” Off said as he gave the top of Gun’s head a kiss.

“And I love you so much as well Papii” Gun replied, holding the same intensity in his eyes as Off’s.

 The two spent the rest of the day cuddling and sharing stories with laughter and kisses in between.

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The whole office of Gang Hod Productions is filled with noise coming from the owners of the company.  It had become a habit for Khai, Third, Two and Bone to have a game night on the last Saturday of the month.  Most often than not, they were also joined by their significant others during this time.  Well, for Khai and Third, that was a given.  For this month, P’Un and Mike’s girlfriend was able to join them. They decided to group by pair and obviously, they went and paired up with their lovers.

 They are currently playing charades and it was Khai ang Third’s turn.  Third was the one acting out the word while Khai is the one guessing.

Third started by holding up one finger in the air.

“One word!” Khai shouted.

Third nodded excitedly.  They are off to a good start.

Or so he thought.

A minute has passed and Khai is very far from the correct answer.  The rest are laughing because of Khai’s hilarious guesses.  Third is starting to get pissed at his boyfriend but he soldiered on. He once again bared his teeth, and pointed to his incisors.

“Uhm, Teeth!”

Third shook his head.  He raised both hands and gestured them in the air like claws.

“Monster!” Khai shouted. 

Third motioned for Khai to elaborate.

He then pointed to his collarbone.

“Ow! NECK! Third’s sexy neck!” Khai bellowed. Third blushed as he heard Khai’s answer. He shook his head vigorously. Khai was still not getting it, so he decided to make biting motion in the air.

“Okay, I get it now! Is it kiss? Third are you motioning a kiss? Is that French kissing?” Khai said excitedly.

Third looked scandalized and shook his head.  Bone and Two was falling off their chair laughing. Third looked at the clock, there’s still two minutes left before their time is up.

He tried once more, he held up his wrist and bit it. He also sucked it a bit.

“Ui!!!! Third teerak! I got it!” Khai said and Third looked at him hopefully.





A HICKEY! HICKEY, HICKEY, is it Hickey, Third? Just like what I did to you last night, am I right?”


Third wanted to rip his hair out of frustration and embarrassment. Khai’s flirtatious nature coupled with his no filter mouth is a deadly combination and it doesn’t help that he is so bad at charades.  No wonder he did not get it the first time Third confessed. The man was too dense. Third just wanted to crawl under a rock and never resurface, his face so red from humiliation. 

Finally, the alarm indicating that their time is up sounded.  Third came up to Khai and hit him in the head.

“Ouch! Third that hurts!” Khai complained.

But Third was not having it.  He was far too embarrassed by the answers Khai gave, not to mention the unnecessary commentary he added for each of his answer. Bone and Two are still sprawled in the sofa, exhausted from all the laughing they did at Third’s expense.

“Vampire, Khai! That was the word. It was so obvious. But you kept on saying lewd and private things instead” Third can’t help but be exasperated from the game.

“Teerak, I’m so sorry. Maybe I just can’t get those things out of my mind since they were still so fresh. I wanna do it again Third..” Third shivered as Khai whispered those words in his ear so seductively. He can feel his body react from his lover's words alone. Maybe losing at charades is not so bad after all. 

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It was a grueling October for the "House of Tee's". But the Tee who suffered the most this month is of course Maetee.


Out of the months of the year, Maetee hates October the most for the obvious reason that it is the Halloween season. It is a holiday for others but a nightmare for people like him who are afraid of ghosts and monsters. During this time of the year, he needs to be extra careful not only of the real ghosts and monsters but also of those who are dressing up like one. 



"What a stupid holiday." Maetee thought bitterly. He is sitting in the sofa, feeling miserable since he heard news that he might be left alone in the house. The other Tee's have other agenda for the night. Watee has to finish his report at his group mate's dorm, Maitee has a cooking seminar to attend to, T-rex is still visiting his dad, while Teedo and Teedet are both going to the Halloween party held at the University dorms with their girlfriends. They wanted to bring Maetee along but he refused.


Thinking that Maetee will probably not enjoy the party anyway, they did not push the matter. Although Maetee can now handle being left alone (large thanks to T-Rex for it), tonight is extra tough since it's Halloween. A night where supernatural being are believed to be highly at large. 


His roommates, feeling his anxiety, did their best to lift up his mood. Watee tap him on the back as he left and reminded Maetee to keep safe and call him if anything happens.  Maitee left a plate of his favorite food before he went to the seminar. Teedo let him borrow his favorite earphones so he can listen to his favorite songs if ever he's afraid. And Teedet gave him a little succulent plant to keep him company. 


Maetee was touched with all their thoughtfulness. But nothing compared to what the man who suddenly burst out from the door did. 


T-Rex who was still huffing and puffing rushed to Maetee, hugging him tightly. 


"I came as fast as I could. Watee told me that you were all alone here. Are you okay?" he asked worriedly. 


Maetee nodded. He was more than okay. Because being encased in T-Rex embrace automatically makes him feel a lot better. Suddenly Halloween is not a stupid holiday anymore. 

Chapter Text

“P’Pick, the moon is beautiful isn’t it?” Rome said nonchalantly.
Pick quickly whipped his head in the younger guy’s direction, not believing what he was hearing. Did Rome just said what he thinks he said?
“I love you too.” Pick confessed.
Rome gasped and looked at him with big, teary eyes. A mixture of confusion and happiness playing across his beautiful face.
“P’Pick, did you just say you love me?” Rome asked astonishingly, dropping the phone that he was using a while ago.
And that’s when P’Pick realized his mistake. There on the phone screen was a photograph of the moon. Rome was literally asking his opinion about the celestial body, it was not a figure of speech.
He just accidentally confessed to Rome. He can feel his anxiety beginning to creep in. But as he looked at Rome’s hopeful face, still waiting for his answer, he just decided to ride the tide. Instead of verbally saying yes, he kissed Rome instead.

Chapter Text

It's been five minutes since they entered he empty classroom. No one is talking, they're just staring each other. Pick with his eyes calculating, alongside it is a hint of mischief and amusement. Rome on the other hand, is trying to make sense of the situation. 


A few more moments and he can't take the silence much longer, so he decided to speak.


"what just happened back there Phi? " Rome asked


Pick grinned mischievously. 


"Hello Rome. Do you wanna make a pact with me?" Pick asked instead of answering his question. 


"A pact?" 


"Yes, a pact. An agreement. You may have an inkling of what it's about. But I can only tell you the full details if you agree." 


Rome was bewildered. He can't keep up with this sudden turn of events. One minute ago he was just on his way to his dorm and now he's suddenly being dragged into whatever scheme Pick is trying to come up with. 


"I don't think that's fair. You have to tell me first what it is I am agreeing to. Then I'll decide."


Pick was surprised. He thought Rome would just agree to his proposal. Honestly, he viewed Rome as a pushover, someone he can just boss around and frighten (if necessary). But it seems like the kitten has claws. He is feisty and interesting. 

Chapter Text

Gun woke up from the murmur of people and the sudden bright light. When he looked around, he saw a wide room full of well dressed humans. 


Suddenly a loud voice caught everyone's attention.


"Ladies and gentlemen, he is awake. Behold! The newest addition to our collection, a shapeshifter. They are very rare and very hard to acquire. But of course, our very own elite hunter, Mr. Supot, was able to catch this prize. Feast your eyes and ready your purses because he will be a part of the auction tomorrow."


Gun tried to calm himself. He doesn't want to panic. He needs to think and find a way to escape. He acted frightened as the humans ogle him. He doesn't have any recollection of how he ended up being captured. But he'll worry about that after he escapes. 


When everyone had their fill inspecting Gun. He was rolled away into another room. It was dark and cold in the room but he could see that there were several empty cages. 


"This must be where they kept the other magical creatures in the auction," he thought. 


"Looking for your brethren?" a cold menacing voice boomed. 


Gun looked at the owner of the voice. It was a tall man with evil eyes. 


"Hello Atthaphan." 

Chapter Text

That made Gun look up at the man in surprise.  Only a few people know of his real name.

 “Surprised? Well don’t be.  I know who you are and what you’re capable of. That’s why I decided to separate you from the others.  I can’t risk you being surrounded with other creatures and giving you the opportunity to take on their shapes.” Supot explained.

Gun was confused about what the man had said.  But he has other important matters to discuss with him.

 “Where are the other magical creatures? What did you do to them?” he demanded.

Supot grinned.

 “Don’t worry.  We just moved them to another room.  They are not harmed.  They must be in their top condition for the auction.”

Gun glared at the man.  These hunters, they are disgusting.  Catching magical creatures for fun and leisure, it was just deplorable. The humans are not much better, treating them like trophies and possessions to boost their egos and flaunt their wealth.

 “How did you catch me, hunter? Why can’t I recall the events of my capture?”

 “It seems you are forgetting who has the upper hand here, Atthaphan. You are my prisoner, I don’t owe you anything.  So I am not answering any of your questions anymore.  I suggest you rest now.  You have a busy day tomorrow.” Supot started walking away but stopped when he was near the door.

 “And just a warning, shapeshifter. If you try to do anything funny to deter my plans, you would not like the consequences.” With that final warning he left.

Gun was fuming.  He can’t let Supot have his way. He needs to escape and prevent the auction.  But how?

The room is very bare, and he can’t use his ability when there is nothing he can take the shape off.

Gun's thoughts were interrupted when he heard some rustling.  He prepared to protect himself from whoever or whatever is approaching.

To his surprise, a white, fluffy ball emerged from a tiny hole in the wall room that he failed to notice earlier.

On closer inspection, the white fluff was actually a tiny dog. Gun can't believe his luck! He can take the shape of the dog to escape. He called to the dog quietly.

The dog looked at him and slowly approached.  He has intelligent eyes, Gun noted.

Due to the dog's small figure, it was able to slip through the cage without any  problem. It then sniffed him and gave him a once over, as if assessing if he is worthy.


Gun lets it be and waits for the puppy's next move.  Once satisfied, it rushed over to Gun and licked his hand.

"Hello there little one, did I pass your inspection?" Gun cooed.


The puppy bark in reply. Gun panicked and immediately put a finger on his lips, signaling the dog to be quiet. 

The dog is intelligent, it gave a small whimper and quieted down.

Gun immediately touched the dog and transformed into its exact replica. The dog seemed unbothered seeing Gun transform.  Instead, it just turned its back and started walking back to where it came from.  Just when it was near the hole in the wall, it looked back at Gun, as if inviting him to follow its trail. Gun decided to so.  He is also curious with the dog’s action and reaction.

He was following behind the dog as they turned left on a corridor leading to a room.  The room is somewhat similar to Gun’s holding cell. But this one is giving a spookier vibe.  It’s like an execution room, Gun thought.

He searched for the dog once again.  He found it crouched in the corner of a room. The dog is looking at a lump of something, or someone. 

Chapter Text

Gun approached the figure, it was a man.  He is covered in scars and bruises and he can deduce from the uneven rising and falling of his chest that he is struggling to breathe. Gun grimaced when he had a good look at the man’s back.  It was bloody, probably caused by severe whipping.  The dog whined sadly and lick the face of the man.

He quickly transformed back to his original form.  He looked for a cloth and water so he can clean up his wounds and all the dried up blood. There was nothing inside the room they were in, so Gun decided to go back to the corridor. He saw several rooms on their way, surely there must be something he can use there.

Luckily, the room next door is like servant’s kitchen and he spotted a clean washcloth near the tap.  The room was also deserted so Gun doesn’t have to worry about anyone finding him inside.  Gun turned when he heard a rustling from behind, only to see the dog from earlier.  He now has a first aid kit dangling on his mouth.

“Whoa! You scared me there buddy. Is that a medical kit you have in your mouth? You are really are a smart dog.  Where did you find it?” Gun asked the dog. The dog motioned his head outside so Gun presumed that it’s from of the rooms in the corridor.

Suddenly, they heard a commotion from the outside.

“Uh-oh. We have to move quickly buddy.  It seemed they are already aware that I’ve escaped.  Let’s go back to your friend and plan our next move.”

The dog barked in understanding and ran to the door. Gun soon followed after getting everything that he needed.

Chapter Text

Back in the holding cell, Gun was now bandaging the wounds of the injured man. He looked better and it seemed like he was not in less pain than before. Gun put the head of the man in his lap to elevate it.  He then took k the flask of water that he got from the kitchen and tried to make the man drink the water. But he was unresponsive.  “He is unconscious and I can tell that he is severely dehydrated. He needs to drink even a little bit of water so he can feel better” Gun thought loudly.

He tried to think of ways to get the man to drink the water, but it was futile.  He needs the man to regain consciousness and hopefully his strength.  He doesn’t want to leave him here without the assurance that he is at least well already.  Bringing him along is out of the option already.  Gun can barely fight off Supot and his guards on his own.  Having an injured man with him would make it impossible. The man whimpered in pain.

Afraid that the guard would catch up to him and find them, Gun decided to try a method he saw in the movies. He water from the flask but did not swallow.  He turned to the man on his lap, pushed down his chin to open his mouth a little, and connected their lips.

He tried to transfer the water from his mouth to the man’s.  He also tried to guide him to swallow the liquid. Gun felt the man stir and soon he heard him moan. He was about to break of their contact but the man moved his mouth.

Gun’s eyes shot up when he felt the man’s tongue inside his mouth.  This was definitely not part of his plan.  He just wanted to help the man, he did not expect it to turn into French kissing.  But Gun would be lying if he says he doesn’t like it.  The man was a very good kisser, and if they are not in a life and death situation right now, their clothes might be on the floor already.

At the thought of their current situation, Gun pulled away from the kiss. He looked at the man whose now conscious and looking back at him.


Gun shivered as he heard the man’s husky voice, the events from earlier playing back on his mind.  It made his cheeks blush. Seeing that Gun was just silently staring at him, the man continued speaking.

“Did Bibi brought you?” he asked.

“Bibi?” Gun did not know any Bibi.

“The dog, her name is Bibi. And my name is Off.  Thank you for helping me.” Off held out his hand.

Gun took the offered hand and shake it.

“It was no big deal Off.  I’m Gun. And yes, your dog brought me here.  It seemed like you’re okay now.”  Gun said as he tried to evaluate Off’s condition.  Off nodded, confirming that he is indeed okay.

Suddenly, they heard loud footsteps and shouts from nearby. Bibi who was at the door ran up tp Gun and barked twice.  Gun stood up, and fixed his things. He turned to Off before speaking,

“I’d love to stay longer but I need to go now.  They are looking for me. I suggest you also make your escape.  They might hurt you again if they see you here.”

Gun was about to leave but Off prevented him by holding his wrist.

“Gun wait.  Where are you going?” he asked.

“I’m not really sure.  But I need to hide first and get some information about Supot. I need to bring him down and liberate all the magical creatures he caged.  I need to stop the auction tomorrow.” Gun explained.

Off stood up gingerly.  He is quick to recuperate, seeing that he can now already stand on his own, Gun noted.

“I can help you.” Off said seriously.


“I know Supot.  I can fill you in with all the information you need.  I also know a perfect hiding as you come up with a plan.”

The help from Off was tempting, but Gun was having a hard time.  He did not know Off and he is contemplating if he should trust him or not.

Yes, they shared a passionate kiss a few moments ago. But the man is still technically, a stranger.

“I know what you’re thinking Gun.” Off said, making Gun looked up to him in surprise.

“You’re not sure about me aren’t you? You’re not sure whether to trust me or not.”

Off sighed at Gun’s lack of response. He was right, the little guy must be wary of his intentions

“Would it help if you see my true form?”

Gun was astonished at Off’s question.

“True form? What do you mean by that?”

“Gun one of the reason why I wanna help you is because I, myself, is a magical creature as well.” As of was speaking he is also walking towards the big window in the room where the full moon can be seen.

As soon as Off stepped into the moonlight, his body started to change.  His handsome face elongated, his mouth formed into a snout, while his arms enlarged. and the hairs on his arms, chest, legs and back became bushier, like fur.  Gun looked down and he saw a tail swishing back and forth behind Off.

“Y-You’re a werewolf.” Gun whispered.

Chapter Text

Off led Gun to a deserted room in the mansion.  He was now back in his original human form.  He can feel the eyes of the latter scanning his body, checking up the wounds which is now rapidly healing up.

“Being under the moonlight can hasten our recovery from any injury.” Off supplied.

“So why were you lying, half-dead in that room if you can just move to the moonlight to recover?” Gu asked curiosly. He is very interested to know Off’s story.  It is not his first time to encounter another magical creature, but it is his first time meeting a werewolf.  Also, there is something about Off that fascinates him, he is very mysterious.  When he looks at his eyes, it seems like it holds a chest full of secrets.  And Gun wants to know what they are.

“The moon can only speed up our recovery.  Not totally heal us. It is just like an energy boost.  Also, Supot’s men were ordered to kill me.  And they almost succeeded.  They left me barely breathing, they also made sure that I don’t have any energy left to crawl to the window. I would have been dead if not for Bibi.” Off turned to the small dog who is now curled up next to the door.

“She’s an intelligent one.  Is she a magical creature as well?” Gun asked.  He wouldn’t be surprised if she is, because Bibi is very intelligent compared to a regular dog.

“She’s not. She’s just an ordinary dog, a very smart one though.  She helped me by bringing some water right after Supot’s men left.  She tried to pull me towards the window but she’s too tiny and I’m far too weak.  She told me she’ll ask for help and that’s when she brought you. I owe both of you my life.” Off explained, looking at them with a grateful gaze.

“Told you? Can you communicate with dogs?” Now Gun is jealous of Off’s abilities. He seemed to have a lot, while he only has one

“A little.  Since we are a bit similar with each other, I can understand a little of their language.” Off said, secretly chuckling at Gun who is now pouting.

“Hmp. Anyway, you told me you can help me defeat Supot and free his prisoners.”

Suddenly, the mood in the room shifted.  The casual banter they shared earlier is now replaced with a somber tone.

“Yes I can help you defeat him. The first thing we need to do is exposed all his lies.” Off spat angrily.

“What lies?”

“Gun he is a fraud. He is not a hunter. All those creatures that he claimed he hunted are bought from the black market.” Off practically growled as he explained the situation to Gun.

“That’s even worse! What a scum! But I had a feeling that he was hiding something when talked to me earlier.”

“What do you mean by that, Gun?” Off was surprised that Gun was able to immediately see through Supot’s true character.  Speaking from experience, many had been fooled by him.

“Well, I already suspected that there was something fishy with him. Earlier when he visited me in the room that I was kept in, he told me that he moved the other magical creatures to prevent me from taking up their forms. But my abilities doesn’t work that way.  I can only copy the forms of animals or humans but never of another magical creature. That is a basic knowledge that genuine hunters would know.” Gun explained.

Off nodded thoughtfully.

“Indeed, that’s something a real hunter should be aware of.  But from what I’ve known, Supot never hunted anything in his life.  But he came from a long line of famous hunters.  And in order not to embarrass his family name, he deceived everyone into believing that he is a top-notch hunters by collecting rare creatures as live trophies and parading them in auctions.  It is the perfect venue for him to earn and brag at the same time.”

Gun was surprised with Off’s vast knowledge of Supot’s operation. He wonders how he knew him.

“Off, how do you know all these? How are you related to Supot?” Gun can’t take it.  He needs to know Off’s connection to his enemy so he can decide if he will trust him or not.

Off paused for few seconds, contemplating on his response.  With a sigh of resignation, he then spoke. 

“Gun, I was Supot’s right hand man.”

Chapter Text

Khai and Third were strolling in the mall, looking for clothes to wear in P’Un and Two’s Halloween party later that night. Due to their busy schedule, the party slipped from their minds.  If Two didn’t ask them what they’re going to be in the party, they would not have remembered. 

As a result, both of them received an earful from Two for forgetting about his party.  He also warned them to not even try going to the party without a costume if they don’t want to be thrown out.

So here they are in the mall, trying to look for an outfit at the last minute.  Third thought that it would just be a quick purchase.  But boy was he dead wrong.

As soon as Khai saw him don a sexy bunny costume, his lover immediately got turned on.  And that’s why he is now trying his best to suppress his moans inside the changing room while had his fingers inside him.

Luckily, his boyfriend was prepared and brought some lube, so the penetration is not that painful.  He is is three fingers deep inside him, trying to loosen him up for his big cock.

It was a good thing they went to a high end shop where the changing rooms are spacious and the customers can have their own privacy.

“ughhhh.. Khai!” Third moaned.

“Are you ready, Teerak?”

Third nodded frantically, desperate to have Khai inside him. He put his hands on his mouth as Khai started plunging his dick.  Third met Khai’s every thrust with a sense of urgency.  He knows they don’t have much time before the staff gets suspicious.

When the both of them had their release, they slumped down the floor, tired but satisfied.  Third blushed at the realization of what they had done.  Although it was not their first time doing it in public, he just can’t get used to it.

Khai on the other hand is smiling like a Cheshire cat.

“Third, Bone has another Halloween party next week. Let’s go shopping again by then. I want you to try the naughty police outfit.” Khai said with an accompanying wink. This earned him a hard slap from a red-faced Third. He did not protest though.

Chapter Text

In the end, Rome agreed to P’Picks proposition.  It was clear that between the two of them, Rome would benefit more.  All he needs to do is to become P’Pick’s pretend boyfriend to spite his parents. In exchange, P’Pick will protect him from bullies whom Rome seemed to always attract.

It had been a week since they started their façade.  It created quite a buzz in school when they arrived together holding hands.  Porsche had his mouth agape, and Emma couldn’t utter a word. The two decided to keep their arrangement to themselves.  As much as they trust both Porsche and Emma, they just don’t want to involve them in any issue that may arise in the future.

He thought it would be easy.  But every time they are together, Rome kept feeling awkward around P’Pick.  The man was just too cold and reserved.  As a result, he would try to bring along Emma and Porsche every time he hangs out with Pick.  At least the two can keep him company instead of just P’Pick and him in total silence.

He is now on his way back to his dorm and P’Pick insisted to drive him home.  It had been their routine for the past week.  Rome kept on fidgeting in his seat.  He was contemplating whether to ask Pick to escort him to the exhibit that their faculty is organizing.  His classmates, including Emma, was expecting him to bring his ‘boyfriend’.

Pick noticed Rome’s nervous movements and asked him what’s wrong.

“Is there something you want to tell me Rome? You kept on wriggling around.”

“Uhm, P’Pick would you like to go with Rome in the Communication Arts exhibit at the end of the month?” Rome asked hesitantly.

Pick looked at him but did not gave a reply. Rome deflated.  He expected that this will happen.  But still, he is disappointed that P’Pick rejected his offer.  Aside from his friends expecting him to come, Rome genuinely wanted P’Pick to be there.  Bizarre as it may sound, but he feels at ease with P’Pick’s company.  Yes, the silence was awkward, but P’Pick doesn’t need words to show that he cares for Rome.  And Rome liked that P’Pick is a man of action.

They arrived at Rome’s dormitory. Before he got off the car, Rome tried convincing Pick once again.

“I really liked you to be there P’. You see, Rome’s photos are included in the display, so it is a special day for me.”

Rome was unconsciously batting his eyelashes as he spoke. And just like that, Pick found himself agreeing to attend the event.  Rome beamed and hugged Pick on impulse. The latter stiffened, but he did not turn Rome away. He just awkwardly patted his back until Rome broke the hug.

“Thank you  P’Pick! I promised you’ll enjoy the exhibit.  Bye, bye na! Thanks for dropping me off.  Take care,” said Rome as he got off his car. Pick just nodded.

“What the heck just happened?” Pick wondered out loud on his way back.