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Gamer's Thighs and Other Kinks

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"Hnn – !"

Itaru bites his lip, pushing his mouth against the arm of the couch for good measure. Kazunari chuckles behind him, making Itaru's face burn.

"Do you really like this that much, Itarun?" Kazunari asks, speeding up the movement of his hips. "Do you like my dick between your thighs?"

Itaru lets out a muffled moan into the fabric of the couch, clenching his eyes shut in embarrassment. The drag between his thighs is good, the hard heat sliding along his skin making his gut clench and his breath stutter. He's sure he looks like a mess right now, his sweatpants haphazardly pulled around his knees and his shirt pooled around his chest. A small part of Itaru is grateful that Kazunari blocks most of his body from view of the door, one knee slotted next to Itaru's on the cushions and his other foot flat on the floor.

The rest of Itaru can't believe he's this wrecked.

Kazunari squeezes Itaru's hips, letting out a moan of his own. "Itarun," Kazunari breathily chimes, leaning down to kiss between Itaru's shoulder blades, "Your thighs feel so good~ I'm close already."

Itaru whimpers, shivering as Kazunari's lips travel down his spine.

"I want you to come too, Itarun," Kazunari whispers. "Don't you want to feel good with me?"

"I…" Itaru trails off, focusing on the way Kazunari's length rubs against his skin, making his whole body tingle with heat. Can I really finish with just this…?

Kazunari bites down, grabbing Itaru's attention once more. He licks over the same spot on Itaru's back, his hands sliding down to grip the outside of Itaru's thighs. "Why don't you touch yourself for me, Itarun?"

Itaru swallows, a harsh gasp leaving his mouth after a particularly hard thrust. Kazunari's hands continue to pinch and squeeze along his outer thighs, his thumbs massaging into the muscle as he moans quietly onto Itaru's skin.

Not sure what else to do, Itaru snakes a hand under himself, face burning brighter as he wraps his hand around his cock. Even though Kazunari can't see past Itaru's torso, Itaru still feels exposed, gasping quietly as he strokes around his base and up to the head, rolling his thumb firmly underneath.

Kazunari's breath hitches before he groans, warmth suddenly spilling between Itaru's legs. Itaru strokes himself faster, soon following with his own mess, shooting onto his stomach and over his hand.

When Kazunari finally pulls away, Itaru immediately rolls into a sitting position, using his clean hand to hold his shirt above his stomach. He clumsily lifts his legs to struggle out of his sweatpants, eventually kicking them off his ankles and onto the floor. He automatically reaches for the tissues, but Kazunari unintentionally blocks his path.

"Ah," Itaru voices, blushing impossibly brighter when Kazunari snaps to attention. "Um," he asks, "can I have the tissues? I'd rather not go to dinner covered in cum."

To Itaru's surprise, Kazunari kneels down instead, Itaru yelping inelegantly as Kazunari spreads his legs.

Kazunari licks his lips, his mouth pulling up into a playful grin. "Who said I'm done, Itarun?"

Itaru's eyes widen, Kazunari's tongue meeting his skin.

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Itaru blinked. Once. Twice. A third time.

How many times have they done this now? Quite a few times. It definitely wasn’t a new event or unexpected random encounter. And yet, Itaru still wasn’t quite used to how his boyfriend transformed in the bedroom.

“Please,” Tsuzuru mumbled, the red flush from the back of his neck beginning to tease his upper back. Itaru slid his fingers out of Tsuzuru’s ass with a slick pop , his clean hand still firmly gripping Tsuzuru’s hip.

“Please?” Itaru teased. “Please what?”

Tsuzuru sighed, his face falling into the pillows in front of him. “Please put your dick in me, Itaru-san,” he groaned reluctantly.

Itaru's heart leaps, but he quickly quashes the feeling. It's not time quite yet. “Hm?” Itaru hummed instead, a sly, knowing smile curling on his lips. “I can’t hear you. Maybe you should face me and say it again.” Itaru squeezed Tsuzuru’s hip encouragingly. 

The coaxing worked, not that it ever took much, with Tsuzuru’s face turning to glance over his shoulder. A red flush. Furrowed eyebrows. A pronounced frown.

Maybe this Tsuzuru isn’t all that different after all, Itaru thought as he looked at the familiar expression.

Tsuzuru inhaled sharply before projecting, “ PLEASE , just fuck me already.”

Oh, right. Nevermind.

Itaru chuckled, his hands leaving Tsuzuru’s waist as he lowered his boxers and popped open the bottle of lube. “Do you really want me in you that badly, Tsuzuru?”

“Itaru-san, I have a script to outline and three papers due in the next two weeks and I just - ” 

Just want some stress relief, Itaru internally finished. Itaru shrugged. Well, if that's the game Tsuzuru was going to play, Itaru was still going to pick up the controller and join in. “Oh, then maybe we should just disband. Obviously, you have more important stuff going on, so - ”

Tsuzuru groaned, slamming his face back into his pillow, his fingers curling into the bedsheets. “No, please, I want. Just. Please.”

“I don’t know…” Itaru sighed dramatically. “I’d love to rock your world, but now that you mention having things to do , I remembered there’s a new event in - "

“Itaru-san! Please, please, please !” Tsuzuru interrupted with a whine, his hands moving up to curl into his hair. “I’m sorry, so please! I want you!”

Alright, maybe that was enough of that for now. Itaru really couldn't contain the eagerness building up inside of him any longer. Silently, he lined himself up with Tsuzuru, both of his hands resting heavy on Tsuzuru’s waist. 

“How can I say no to that sweet voice?” Itaru whispered as he began to push in. Soft moans and gasps for air left Tsuzuru’s mouth as Itaru buried himself in the familiar, comforting warmth. 

"You feel great around my cock," Itaru praised fondly as he bottomed out. Shaking ever so slightly, Tsuzuru simply continued to gasp shallowly for air, the flush of pink finally painting his shoulders in Itaru's favorite color. Itaru's hand travelled to the small of Tsuzuru's back, his thumb rubbing comforting circles into his spine. "I'm so proud of you for taking all of me. You have to be feeling pretty elite too, right?"

A whimper of approval sounded as Itaru began the slow roll of his hips. It felt good. More than good as an indescribable heat crackled at the base of Itaru's spine, flicking out to warm his extremities. 

"Haaa… y-you can go faster, Itaru-san," Tsuzuru breathed more than said. Man, Itaru wished he had a POV camera to see Tsuzuru's face right now, but the sound of his voice would have to do.

So, Itaru settled for leaning down close to Tsuzuru to hear every breath, his left hand trailing underneath Tsuzuru's hip to the base of his dick. Itaru's hips remained a slow constant pace as a bead of sweat rolled from his forehead, splattering onto Tsuzuru's broad back. Tsuzuru whimpered.

"Mm, are you sure?" Itaru whispered. "You know I like going slow with you, Tsuzuru. Your work will be there after we're done~"

Tsuzuru moaned. "You know t-that's not it, Itaru-san! I - aaahn - I need more, I f-feel so close already. Please..." 

Itaru groaned as Tsuzuru's hips bucked back, impossibly taking in more of his cock.

"Please, Itaru-san, please, please,” Tsuzuru babbled beneath him, his hips awkwardly trying to simultaneously grind back onto Itaru’s dick and rut forward into Itaru’s hand. “I want more of you, please, please, I just. I just want you to fuck me harder, so please, Itaru !”

Itaru felt himself begin to blush, Tsuzuru’s words sounding like the most perfect OST ever composed. Automatically, Itaru wrapped his hand firmly around Tsuzuru’s length as his hips drew back, inhaling deeply in preparation for the increased difficulty level.

“Of course, Tsuzu,” Itaru said, unable to hide the fondness in his voice any longer. After all, despite the energizing buffs Tsuzuru’s begging always provided, nothing was ever as satisfying to Itaru as seeing Tsuzuru engulfed in love and pleasure when he finally did deliver. Itaru smiled softly, knowing this time would be no different. “Whatever my best boy wants. ”

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"Are you comfy, Chikage?"

Chikage blinks, not that it does much behind the blindfold covering his eyes. All things considered, he is comfy – Misumi's bed is soft underneath his back, his limbs are free to move however he pleases, and Misumi's hand, although Chikage can't see it, is a grounding tether on Chikage's upper arm, his thumb tracing triangles on Chikage's bicep.

And yet, Chikage's breath hitches uncertainly.

"No," Chikage answers plainly, his lips quirking upward. "Not at all."

Misumi giggles, the sound both too close and too far away for Chikage's straining ears. "Do you want to be?"

Chikage considers the question. He can feel his hair shift when he tilts his head on the pillow. "No," Chikage answers again, closing his eyes. I'm all yours.

"Okay~ If Chikage says so!"

Then Misumi's hand disappears, and Chikage's heart kicks into overdrive.

Blinded, deafened, gagged – any one or more, Chikage can still sense people. But Misumi is an enigma, coming and going as he pleases from Chikage's peripheries and defenses. He still trusts Misumi, for better or worse, but no amount of trust can stop the gasp that leaves Chikage's mouth when Misumi's fingertips brush over his chest, grazing over his nipples and his sternum before disappearing again.

Chikage's eyelids flutter behind the blindfold while he waits, forcing himself to breathe in a somewhat steady rhythm. Misumi's hand soon returns, nails scratching lightly over Chikage's chest before he pinches and rubs Chikage's nipple between his fingers. Chikage jumps and arches upward as Misumi's other hand lands on his waist, a warm palm sliding up and down slowly on his skin.

Misumi's hand leaves Chikage's chest to touch his face, fingertips gliding over his cheeks before pressing down on his lips. Misumi places his thumb on the center of them, the side of his index finger hooked under Chikage's chin, and pushes his thumb into Chikage's mouth, past the seam of his lips and onto his tongue.

Chikage doesn't resist as Misumi pulls open his jaw, only gasping wetly when Misumi's lips meet his, Misumi's tongue swirling behind his teeth. Chikage can't kiss back with Misumi's thumb pressing on his tongue, but he closes his eyes behind the blindfold, letting the wet slurp of Misumi's lips fill his ears.

A moment later, it's all gone, Misumi's mouth and hands and everything out of Chikage's reach once more. Chikage can't even hear Misumi breathe, the sound of his own blood rushing through his ears growing louder the longer Chikage is left in the dark.

Chikage blinks as his own breath hits his skin.

"Spit," Misumi instructs, so Chikage obeys, spitting onto what he thinks is Misumi's palm. Misumi hums happily, taking back his hand. "Thank you~"

Chikage's heart skips a beat. He wonders when Misumi's approval started mattering to him.

Then Misumi's hand is on his cock, and Chikage isn't thinking at all.

Misumi strokes him at a steady pace, Chikage's cock hardening in his grip. Chikage finds himself waiting for another touch that never comes, for a hand on his waist or lips on his skin. Instead, he feels his brain slowly turning to static, the rhythm of Misumi's hand never wavering. Even after Chikage is fully hard, his hips involuntarily stuttering between Misumi's palm and fingers, Misumi's grip remains constant around him.

Time blurs a bit, the heat from Misumi's hand traveling from his cock to his stomach and spreading outward, down his legs and up to his chest. Chikage's limbs tremble, his entire body jolting when something brushes the side of his head.

Misumi murmurs soothingly, tucking a strand of Chikage's hair behind his ear. Chikage can't make out the words.

"I got you, Chikage," Misumi whispers again, the syllables finally connecting in Chikage's head. A pair of lips brush Chikage's forehead, leaving his skin the slightest bit damp. "Come for me."

So Chikage does.

The blindfold is gone when Chikage blinks back to awareness, the room too bright for his tired eyes. He brings up a hand to shield them, squinting as his vision slowly readjusts.

Oh, Chikage thinks, as Misumi's face comes into focus, it was just his smile.

Misumi giggles, squishing Chikage's cheeks in his hands. "Hehe~ That was fun, Chikage! Wasn't it?"

"Yeah," Chikage agrees, his voice coming out as a croak. He smirks as best he can with Misumi's hands still on his cheeks. "Maybe you should tie me up next time."

Misumi laughs fully, smooshing Chikage's face once more before dropping his hands down to Chikage's shoulders, massaging his fingers into his skin. "Would Chikage like that?"

No, Chikage thinks. "Who knows?" he answers.

Misumi hums and idly swipes his finger through the cum on Chikage's stomach. "We can think about it later!"

"Sure," Chikage replies. "I did suggest it, after all."

Misumi's smile softens. "I guess you did~" Misumi bumps his forehead against his. "Thanks, Chikage~"

Chikage's heart flutters.

He wonders when exactly he got this weak.

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Okay, so, Itaru wanting to try out new things in the bedroom was nothing surprising or new. After all, Kazunari was right there with him, eagerly wanting to discover all the new ways they could feel totally amazingly great together!

But this one? This kink was a little outside of Kazunari’s realm of understanding. After all, they wore their glasses around each other at night all the time, so it was like Itaru just brought this up all of a sudden out of nowhere!

“You look so hot in your frames, Kazunari,” Itaru whispered from his higher position on the hotel bed. Kazunari felt heat rise to his cheeks as he looked up at Itaru. Blunt compliments from Itaru were rare, so this really had to be doing something for him.

Itaru’s eyes were bright, yet studious, as Itaru stared down at him and Kazunari found it increasingly difficult to maintain eye contact. This was totally weird, Itaru never studied him this closely and Kazunari began to feel exposed in a way that made him feel way too shy and uncertain in what his role was here.

The heat continued to flicker from Kazunari’s face down into his core as Itaru leaned forward, his lips twitching ever so subtly into a smirk. “Don’t you want to unsheathe my sword?”

Kazunari snapped to attention with a blush, eliciting a chuckle from above as he fumbled with slipping Itaru’s partial erection from his boxers. 

It’s SO not fair , Kazunari thought as he slowly began to stroke Itaru’s length, already firmer than expected in his hand. How could Itaru say such corny things and still be so undeniably smooth? Kazunari didn’t understand it. Whenever he said stuff like that, Itaru would laugh at him, so - 

“Hey, eyes up here for me,” Itaru whispered, his hand suddenly directing Kazunari’s face upwards by his chin.

The steady, serious gaze was waiting for Kazunari, making him feel vulnerable all over again. Obediently, Kazunari bit his lip and maintained eye contact, his hands continuing to pump Itaru’s erection to its full size. 

Itaru’s hand traveled from Kazunari’s chin to caress his cheek, then moved further still to thumb at the metal temple of Kazunari’s glasses. Kazunari swallowed and felt absolutely confused as his own boxer briefs began to feel strained under Itaru’s careful attention.

I really don’t get it! So… why am I so turned on too...?

“Good job with the equipment, Kazunari,” another confusingly arousing line fell from Itaru’s lips as his hand returned to cup Kazunari’s cheek. “Why don’t you use your mouth for me?”

Itaru slid closer to the edge of the bed, directing his tip towards Kazunari’s lips. Not that he really needed to get closer with how well endowed he was, but Kazunari smiled shyly at the endearing movement all the same before opening his mouth.

Kazunari felt himself moan as he took Itaru’s dick between his lips, adjusting his weight on his knees to try and find a little bit of friction, a little bit of relief for himself. Despite the ache in his core, Kazunari remained focused on Itaru, one hand continuing to stroke Itaru’s length as the other supported some of his weight on Itaru’s thigh.

“Ahh… yeah, just like that,” Itaru moaned as Kazunari’s tongue circled around his head. Carefully, Kazunari began to slowly bob his head, his tongue pushing Itaru’s member against the roof of his mouth, as he did his best to maintain the ever important eye contact.

Itaru’s lips parted as his face began to flush, one hand combing back to grab the hair at the back of Kazunari’s head, while the other delicately traced Kazunari’s thick plastic rims: over the bridge, moving to the metal temple, then backtracking to press against the hinge, and over the rims again.

Kazunari still didn’t understand the insistent twitching of his dick with each careful, purposeful movement of Itaru’s hand.

It wasn’t long before a deep groan sounded, the hand in Kazunari’s hair tightening, tugging Kazunari off and away from Itaru’s cock with a slick pop . Kazunari’s mouth hung open in surprise as Itaru swiftly began to pump himself, the hand in Kazunari’s hair now gently pushing him forward again, back close to Itaru’s dick.

“F-fuck Kazunari,” Itaru mumbled as he came undone, thick cum suddenly coating a lens and partially obscuring Kazunari’s vision.

A splatter of off-target warmth hit a little higher, forcing Kazunari’s eye to squint as it dripped down from his eyebrow. Another drip was suddenly felt on his cheek, this one surprisingly cool against Kazunari’s already burning skin.

Itaru chuckled as Kazunari stared up at him, mouth still agape. “My aim wasn’t that bad at all,” Itaru proudly praised himself as he directed Kazunari closer yet again. Confused, Kazunari complied, only to be met with the messy tip of Itaru’s dick smearing residual cum against his remaining clean lens, obscuring his vision, then gently brushing against Kazunari’s mouth before retreating back into his boxers.

Reflexively, Kazunari licked his lips.

“Thank you, Kazunari,” Itaru beamed, or at least it appeared he was through the smear. “A perfect SSR CG. But maybe… it can still be improved in one way.” Then the unmistakable sound of Itaru tapping his palms against his lap caught Kazunari’s attention. Clumsily, Kazunari followed the noise, straddling Itaru’s lap and shyly wrapping his arms around Itaru’s neck.

“What do you mean, Itarun?” Kazunari asked breathily. Then suddenly, Itaru’s palm pressed firmly against his crotch, eliciting a surprised groan as Kazunari trembled and leaned into Itaru.

“Exactly what I said,” Itaru teased as he gripped Kazunari’s erection through his boxer briefs. “Just hang in there for me a little longer.”

Kazunari moaned, his hips automatically bucking into Itaru’s hand as a pink tongue eagerly pressed against his lens.

Chapter Text

Chikage's phone is loud in the empty office, each vibration subtly shaking the empty coffee mug on his desk. He considers ignoring it, but the caller ID gives him pause. Before he realizes it, he's answering the call, his unfinished work glaring at him from his monitor.

"Kazunari," Chikage greets, holding the phone between his ear and shoulder. "What do you want?"

"Who said I wanted anything, Chikachon?" Kazunari whines. "Maybe I just wanted to hear your buttery voice!"

Chikage raises an eyebrow at nothing, ignoring the strange flipping sensation in his chest. "Did you?"

Kazunari's laughter rings loudly through Chikage's phone speaker. "I did! But I also have something to ask you~ You're not busy, right?"

Chikage's eyes trail from the pile of documents on his desk to the company's subpar archiving interface, still open on his computer. "Not particularly."

"Awesome sauce!" Kazunari cheers. "You see, my uni buddy asked for help with this app, right?"

Chikage hums in acknowledgement.

"I'll try not to bore you with all the details~ Basically, this part of the program is supposed to – "

Kazunari, as promised, is efficient with his explanations, his voice gradually mellowing the longer he speaks. The cool confidence in Kazunari's voice stirs something in Chikage's chest that Chikage doesn't care to acknowledge, along with a tingle of heat between his hips he does his best to ignore.

" – and I'm pre~tty sure I didn't mess up the randomizer, so I must be traversing the list wrong? But my brain is kind of empty so I figured I'd ask what you think~"

"Hm." Chikage shifts in his seat, biting his lip at the feeling of his cock straining against his slacks. "Null pointer, right? Are you sure you're not just keeping track of the index incorrectly?"

"I would've caught that on my own, Chikachon!"

Chikage chuckles, unfortunately able to imagine the offended look on Kazunari's face, puppy eyes and all. "It's always worth a second look," Chikage argues.

Kazunari dramatically huffs, followed by what sounds like his body slumping over his desk. When he replies, his mouth is practically pressed against the receiver, making his voice sound breathy and damp. "I tried using an iterator, anyway, so I shouldn't have to worry about that."

Chikage exhales. "Trying something new, huh?" he comments. "Even for this."

"Ah, um, I guess?" Kazunari laughs airily, the sound going straight to Chikage's cock. "I'm always totes ready to expand my repertoire!"

Apparently, so am I.

With another exhale, Chikage quietly undoes his button and zipper, humming to hide the gasp that nearly leaves his mouth as he touches himself over his boxers.

"Chikachon?" Kazunari prompts.

Chikage palms himself over his boxers and wills his brain to work. "You wrote your own class for it, right?"

"Of course I did, who do you think I am?"

Chikage squeezes over the base of his cock, then slowly slides his hand upward. "I expected nothing less," Chikage agrees, his breath hitching as he palms over his tip. "Your attention to detail is astounding, so the error is probably from one of the more involved functions…" Chikage trails off in thought, absentmindedly running his finger over his length before pulling himself out of his boxers. "Maybe the merge function?"

Chikage blinks back into the focus as Kazunari giggles, bubbly and amused. "I didn't realize you felt that way about me, Chikachon!"

What, Chikage thinks, heat dotting his cheeks as he replays the conversation in his head.

"You're pretty amazing yourself~" Kazunari compliments, ignorant of the way it makes Chikage's chest lurch. "You said the merge function, right? Man, that one's long though… Maybe I should have just used a counter after all. I wonder if that'd be easier…"

The sound of typing travels over the phone, muffled by static and the slight rasp of Chikage's hand on his skin. It all feels too loud, in the empty office, the blanket of nighttime making Chikage hyperaware of his surroundings. With every stroke of the keyboard keys, Chikage thinks of Kazunari's fingers dancing over him, instead; tapping over his skin, on the head of his cock, then slipping low to press into –

Chikage chokes, nearly dropping his phone as his body jolts forward, his swivel chair comically rolling back from his desk at the movement.

"… Chikachon?"

Chikage takes a shaky breath. "Coffee," Chikage lies. "Wrong pipe." Chikage pulls his chair back under the desk, idly jostling his mouse with his elbow to keep the screen on.

The typing on the other end of the line pauses. "Are you, like, sure you're not busy right now? Because it's totes fine if you are! I don't want you to disrupt your own work just for me, you know?"

Chikage's chest does something strange again at the way Kazunari's voice softens with consideration, as if Chikage wouldn't drop everything for him.

Which he wouldn't. Not at all.

"Chikachon?" Kazunari repeats. "You're spacing out on me again~"

"It's fine," Chikage finally answers, his hand moving on autopilot. "I needed a break from office work, anyway."

Kazunari chuckles, Chikage barely holding back a whimper at the noise. "Backseat programming for me over the phone isn't exactly a break, Chikachon!"

I'm going to break, Chikage thinks, if you keep saying my name that way.

"It's enough for me," Chikage says, the admission somehow making him feel more exposed than his dick out under his desk ever could.

"… Are you sure you're not busy, Chikachon?" Kazunari questions. Chikage hears something rumble over the line, like Kazunari is pushing out his own desk chair. "You sound pretty busy."

Chikage swallows. "Do I?"

"You do~" Kazunari teases. He pauses, his chair rolling once more across the floor. "Tell me, did you take your take your dick out when I called, or were you already touching yourself beforehand?"

Chikage shivers, wondering what exactly tipped Kazunari off. "Who said I did either?"

"Haha, there's the Chikachon I know~ Always keeping secrets." Kazunari hums, the wheels of his chair seemingly continuing their path across Kazunari's bedroom. "I don't mind if you are~ Touching yourself, that is. I am surprised, though," Kazunari continues, his voice lilting playfully. "Since I'm sure Chikachon could take any girl in the office he wanted."

I don't want some woman from the office, Chikage thinks. I want –

Kazunari's voice lowers, and whatever thought Chikage was forming fizzles out into static. "Unless you're looking to get fucked instead? I suppose that'd be a little harder to find."

Chikage's body draws tight like a string, pulled taut by the filth falling from Kazunari's mouth. He swipes his thumb over his tip, precum beading then spilling down the side of his cock.

"Sounds like I was right~ But no one's around, so I guess you'll just have to come like this. You'll come for me, won't you?"

Chikage allows himself to groan, stroking himself faster to come like Kazunari asked. He has enough sense to catch his release before it hits the bottom of the desk, momentarily putting down his phone to grab the wad of napkins leftover from his lunch. He wipes himself clean, tucking himself back into his slacks before picking up the phone again.

His face feels warm.

" – was totes great, right, Chikachon?" Kazunari cheers, his voice back to its usual timbre. "Super sick stress relief! You can think of it as thanks for coding advice~"

Chikage slumps back in his chair. So that's how it is for him. "You pretty much solved the problem on your own," Chikage points out, a wave of exhaustion suddenly washing over him.

"No way! I couldn't have figured it out without Chikachon there to listen."

Chikage smiles a bit, even though no one's there to see it. His chest aches. "I didn't realize I was deserving of such high praise."

"Of course you are!" A rustle, and then the clicking of Kazunari's keyboard resumes. Chikage can practically see it, Kazunari's serious face lit by the backlight while his slim fingers fly over the keys. "And I know you still have work to do, but come home soon, okay? If you're interested, I might have some more rewards to offer now and in the future~"

Chikage huffs.

I'm going to regret this.

"I have been taught to take advantage of every opportunity," Chikage replies. "I'll let you know in 3-5 business days."

Kazunari laughs loudly, the sound bright and overwhelming in Chikage's ears. "Don't treat me like I'm some boring office worker like you!"

I was right, Chikage thinks, rolling out his neck. This hurts already.

Chapter Text

Itaru moaned and pressed his chest forward against the wall as a palm met his bare ass with a resounding slap . The same hand quickly soothed him, gently rubbing the point of impact with a surprising tenderness.

“That wasn’t too hard, was it Itarun?” Kazunari asked from behind him. Itaru pressed his hips back against Kazunari’s warm crotch as he hummed in approval. Kazunari laughed lightly, pressing Itaru forwards and creating room between them again. “You’re such a cutie… but tell me what you need, okie-dokie?”

Itaru swallowed, willing the arousal to stop clouding his brain. He couldn't quite remember the last time he was this worked up. He could barely remember the last time Kazunari actually spanked him, the night a distant haze that only now lived on in his spank bank as fragments of reality mixed with fantasy.

Needless to say, he was happy Kazunari was willing to help him overwrite that save file.

“More,” Itaru mumbled. “I want more. That was.” Itaru licked the roof of his mouth, looking for the right item description for the insurmountable pleasure that was racing through his veins with every thunder of palm against skin. “That was good. I want more of that. And… more of you.” 

Kazunari’s finger traced delicate-feeling shapes and lines into Itaru’s cool skin, probably with the intent to soothe. Instead Itaru felt his skin burn, threatening to burst apart at every carefully drawn seam.

“Anything for my Itarun~” Kazunari sang softly, his forgotten fingers from his other hand slipping out of Itaru’s ass. A pop of a cap, a squeeze of a bottle, the slick of lube spreading, Itaru remained patient through it all, focusing on the delightfully throbbing skin of his ass.

I wonder if this will leave a mark, Itaru idly wondered, his dick shamefully twitching at the thought.

But then, Kazunari’s heat was pressed against his entrance and Itaru’s mind began to go white as it slowly began to bury itself in him.

And just as suddenly, it was back to reality as Kazunari brought his hand down against Itaru’s tender skin yet again.

“F-fuck!” Itaru groaned as his forearms slipped against the wall, the sleeves of his sweater sparing his skin.

“A-ah, too hard?!” Kazunari worried, wrapping his arms around Itaru and nuzzling gently into his back. “I can be more gentle! Just say the word!”

Itaru really appreciated the sentiment, but that wasn’t it at all! His breathing was ragged, with his dick twitching dangerously with every inhale as his skin continued to flare. “N-no, I'm good,” Itaru breathed. “Press select to continue?”

Kazunari placed kisses along Itaru’s back, barely felt through his sweater, before pulling away and beginning to slowly thrust in and out of Itaru. Itaru moaned desperately, already wanting more, but the slide of Kazunari’s dick remained a warm, grounding, slow constant.

And then Kazunari’s hand left Itaru’s waist.


God, that was so elite! Itaru quietly preened, shifting his weight onto one arm, the other traveling down his body.


Itaru’s hips bucked back onto Kazunari’s dick as he keened, all noise other than the clap of Kazunari’s hand against his ass unintelligible. Despite his desperation to speed things along, Kazunari’s dick slowly dragged against his prostate, increasing his frustration.

Itaru reluctantly wrapped his hand around his cock and began to stroke.


“G-god, Kazunari,” Itaru groaned at the increased difficulty, his own voice sounding strange and unfamiliar past the rush of blood in his ears. His fingers deftly rolled over where he was most sensitive, his thumb swiping up the precum from his slit before firmly pressing against the head of his cock. “I’m… c-cu -”


Itaru yelped as he spilt over, his cum messily splattering onto his hand and the wall before him. Kazunari’s dick continued to slowly coax him through his orgasm, Itaru’s legs suddenly shaking from supporting his own weight.

As if reading his mind, Kazunari leaned close, wrapping his arms around Itaru’s torso, his hips finally speeding up. “I’ve got you, Itarun,” Kazunari whispered as Itaru began to melt into his arms. “J-just a little longer.”

Itaru’s mind clouded over as Kazunari finished inside of him with a small grunt, the comforting warmth inside of him the perfect Best End to their night.

“I… need help getting to bed,” Itaru mumbled, wincing at the sudden wave of soreness washing over his body.

“Y-yeah, I said I’ve got you!” Kazunari nervously assured as he slid out of Itaru.

Itaru woke up on his stomach, his mind a fog. He blinked a few times. Right. Sex. Good sex . Well, definitely more than good, but quantifying that with words was a problem for post-coffee Itaru.

Kazunari’s tired voice sounded from next to him. “Morning my super duper amazing Itarun~”

Itaru couldn’t stop a stupid grin coming to his face at the words, inelegantly rolling onto his side to see his favorite face in the world. “Morning Kazuna - shit! ” Itaru whined as he shifted his weight. He didn’t remember his ass hurting this much last night!

“Aw, that’s not a cute nickname at all,” Kazunari teased with a fake pout. Itaru frowned, but his expression softened as he met Kazunari’s shy, pink face with his own.

Itaru sighed, quietly cursing as he tried to adjust his lower body comfortably. No luck. He settled back in on his stomach, turning his head to look as his now obviously amused boyfriend. “No more spanking,” Itaru deadpanned. “This one can stay in the, no pun intended, spank bank.”

Kazunari chuckled, his eyes softening as he cuddled up to Itaru.

“What’s so funny?” Itaru asked, the heat returning to his cheeks.

“That’s exactly what you said after last time, Itarun!” Itaru blinked. Was it really? “But you were so eager to give it a whirl again, and once we started you just kept wanting more! What was a poor, handsome, eager-to-please boyfriend to do?!”

Itaru snorted, reaching out to ruffle Kazunari’s hair.

“Did I mention handsome?” Kazunari joked.

Itaru laughed, his annoyance at his debuffed state dissipating. “You did. Anyway, GLHF taking care of me for the next few days. I can’t get out of bed.”

Kazunari’s eyes widened. “H-hey, I wasn’t that rough was I?!”

“My ass is totally broken,” Itaru said with a smirk. “Guess that means no sex for a while too.”

A look of shock overtook Kazunari’s face, then panic as he sat up in bed and combed his fingers through his hair. “You’re totes messing with me, Itarun! Tell me you’re not that wrecked! Itarun, please!” 

Itaru could only burst out in laughter, nuzzling back into his pillows to ready himself for a long day of being lazy and getting pampered.

Chapter Text

"Banri~" Misumi purrs, tilting his head back onto Banri's shoulder. "Are you just going to stare?"

"Shut up," Banri grumbles, nudging his shoulder upward until Misumi faces forward again. "Just give me a minute."


Banri instinctively glances back at practice room door. Izumi had given Banri the keys without question when he said he left something, yawning before telling him to just return the keys in the morning. The only thing Banri had actually left was Misumi, who apparently broke his way in to wait for him. Banri doesn't ask how he did it, and Misumi doesn't offer an explanation.

What he does offer is himself – his thighs bracketing one of Banri's while he faces the practice room mirror, the two of them kneeling on the wooden floor. It's not exactly comfortable, with Misumi's weight on his thigh and Misumi's heel digging into his ass, but it makes it easy for Banri to hook his arm around Misumi's shoulder, his palm resting on Misumi's throat.

Misumi's breath hitches.

"You good?" Banri asks, wrapping his free hand around Misumi's upper arm. Misumi hums happily, shivering as Banri tightens his grip on his bicep.

"'M good," Misumi mumbles.

Banri doesn't get it, not really – not the way Misumi's eyelids flutter when Banri directs his gaze back to the mirror, not the way he relaxes against Banri's torso when Banri adjusts the hand on his neck. But I said I'd take care of him, Banri thinks.

He squeezes the sides of Misumi's throat.

So what if this is what he asked for?

Misumi's next breath comes out as a wheeze, his body trembling over Banri's thigh. His eyes are bright behind his bangs, his head tilting back as he presses his throat into Banri's palm. Banri can feel Misumi's pulse start to hammer under his fingers, the blood pumping through Banri's ears rushing to match it.

After a few more moments, Banri lets go.

Misumi giggles while he catches his breath, the sound airy and out of place while Banri's hand is still around his throat. The sound cuts off into a whimper when Banri reminds Misumi about the hand on his arm, Misumi's skin turning white around Banri's knuckles when Banri squeezes.

Banri tightens his grip on Misumi's throat as well, Misumi's hips twitching upward in response.

"Hey," Banri says, trailing his nose over the shell of Misumi's ear. Banri's mouth quirks upward as Misumi quivers in his grip, a quiet whimper leaving Misumi's lips. "Do you think you can touch yourself like this?"

Misumi doesn't quite nod, but Banri feels his neck muscles shift under his hand.

Banri pulls on Misumi's ear with his teeth. "Do it, then."

Banri loosens his grip on Misumi's neck, letting Misumi hiss for air while he slides his free hand over his crotch. Misumi's hand is surprisingly steady while he palms over himself, rubbing slow circles over his cock. Banri's own breathing deepens as he watches, absentmindedly stroking his fingers up and down Misumi's neck.

"Banri," Misumi whispers, Banri's gaze flicking upward to meet his eyes in the mirror. He pointedly pushes his throat against Banri's hand, lips parted and slightly wet. "Again."

Banri swallows, slotting his fingers back into place before squeezing, Misumi's pulse thumping dangerously under his fingertips once more. Banri's opposite hand unconsciously tightens and twists, digging harshly into the skin of Misumi's bicep.

"Banri," Misumi chokes out, his eyes half-lidded. Banri sucks on the skin behind his ear. "I'm – "

Banri keeps a steady grip while Misumi shakes in front of him, his entire body twitching as he comes. He slumps against Banri when he's finished, Banri releasing Misumi's neck and arm to hold him around his waist.

Misumi's chest heaves while he breathes, his forehead nuzzling against Banri's temple when he turns toward him. "Banri too?" he asks simply, his voice quiet and wrecked.

Banri shrugs, careful not jostle Misumi too harshly. "Nah, I'm fine," he answers. I just wanted to take care of you. "Early class tomorrow."

Misumi takes one more shuddering breath before moving out of Banri's hold and onto his feet. "If Banri says so~"

Banri tucks himself into his waistband once Misumi is off him, then lazily scoops the practice room keys off the floor. He shakes out his legs as he stands, idly swinging the keys on his finger.

"Look, Banri!" Misumi suddenly rasps from the door, sounding more excited than he probably should. "I think it will bruise!"

Banri blinks at Misumi's arm, the skin already darkening into something concerningly hand-shaped. A quick glance at Misumi's neck tells Banri it will likely do the same.

Whoops, Banri thinks, ignoring the odd spark of pride in his chest. That's not good.

Chapter Text

Taichi whined, his eyes closing tight as he focused on these incredible sensations coursing through his body. The firm press of a hand weighed on his chest. Warm thighs weighed on his hips. An indescribable warmth surrounded his -

“Taicchan~” a teasing voice chimed. “You’ll miss all the super sweet views with your eyes closed like that!”


Taichi’s eyes opened slowly, Kazunari’s smiling face coming into focus as he continued to ride Taichi’s dick. “There you are! Y-you were totally going to miss out!” Kazunari shot Taichi a cheesy wink, causing Taichi to chuckle in embarrassment.

It was true, it was a totally sick view, in the best meaning of the word! Kazunari’s face was incredibly handsome, yet somehow really pretty too? Taichi wasn’t sure how to describe the softening smile, the fluttering of his eyelashes, and the deepening flush of his skin. Kazunari sat upright, his chest pronounced as he leaned his weight further onto his hand pressing against Taichi’s chest, the air escaping Taichi’s lungs as Kazunari slid down his dick yet again. Then there was Kazunari’s dick, hard and twitching between his surprisingly defined thighs. It was super embarrassing, but Taichi had to admit that seeing how turned on Kazunari was only fueling his own arousal further!

“K-kazu-kun,” Taichi moaned, his hands squeezing Kazunari’s thighs. His lips parted, shaky exhales and soft moans leaving with every bounce of Kazunari’s hips. “C-close! Kazu-kun!”

“Mmm~ I feel good too, Taicchan.” Then, Kazunari blinked a few times. A sly, impish smile slowly came to his lips, which Taichi neither understood or cared to try to understand. All that mattered was each moment Kazunari slammed his hips down harshly, his fingers curling pleasurably against Taichi’s skin. Taichi moaned, ready to -

There was a slick pop as Kazunari lifted himself up and off of Taichi’s throbbing dick with a totally mean giggle.

“W-wait, Kazu-kun?!” Taichi couldn’t believe what just happened! They were enjoying themselves so much, so why?! A grunt of frustration forcibly left him, his body going limp as he unwillingly backed away from his release. Wait, was something wrong? That had to be it.

Taichi opened his mouth to try and find the words to ask what was going on, but Kazunari’s lips were suddenly against his own, his hands eagerly cupping Taichi’s face and pulling him further into the kiss.

Kazunari’s tongue slipped between Taichi’s lips as he pressed closer, his chest flush to Taichi’s own. Taichi blushed at the feel of Kazunari’s dick gliding against his stomach and shuddered as his own brushed against Kazunari’s thigh.

I guess we’re okay then, Taichi thought, wrapping his arms around Kazunari’s shoulders. Sure, he was still really confused, but how could anything be wrong with Kazunari kissing him like this? Kazunari smiling into the kiss was everything Taichi needed to feel confident and assured and -

Taichi groaned into the kiss as Kazunari unexpectedly began to take Taichi’s dick back inside of him. Wait, it feels even better than before now! Taichi’s head tilted back as his body convulsed under Kazunari, Kazunari quickly filling the gap between them as his soft lips met with Taichi’s neck.

Taichi’s breathing grew rapid as Kazunari’s hips shallowly moved, keeping Taichi’s dick rubbing where it must have felt best. After all, Kazunari’s kissing and sucking was becoming less practiced and controlled as saliva began to run down Taichi’s neck. Kazunari’s forearms bracketed Taichi’s head, his fingers curling and grabbing at strands of red and black hair.

It was too much! Taichi’s hips began to buck upward, trying to force himself deeper. “Kazu-kun, I’m really going to this time - !” Taichi moaned, his hands moving down to grab Kazunari’s hips.

Before they could hold Kazunari in place, Taichi gasped as Kazunari’s warmth left him again. Taichi stared upwards at Kazunari’s smiling face in disbelief, tears threatening to spill from the corners of his eyes.

“What’s the deal?!” Taichi asked, too frustrated to be soft, yet still too smitten to be harsh. “Kazu-kun, I want… no! I need to come! So why?!”

Kazunari gently brushed his fingers through Taichi’s hair, his nails gently scratching at Taichi’s scalp. Taichi couldn’t help but tilt his head towards the comforting, familiar touch, willing it to ease the ache inside of him.

“You’re just so totally cute, Taicchan~” Kazunari sang sweetly with a soft, maybe even pitying, smile. “Is it wrong for me to want to see this side of my adorably cool, yet still totally awesome boyfriend for a little longer?”

Taichi’s throat tightened as he choked on a response. What could he even say to that? Heat flickered across Taichi’s cheeks, the warmth in his heart burning brighter as the rest of his body cooled.

Kazunari giggled, pressing his lips once to each red cheek. Then, his thumb met his face, wiping the moisture from Taichi’s eyes. “You’ll be able to come in me really soon, promisies~”

Dumbly, Taichi just nodded his head in response.

Without another word, Kazunari readjusted, sitting upright on Taichi’s hips once again. Then, Taichi let out a strangled, desperate noise as he watched Kazunari slowly sink down his dick.

As Kazunari sat flush with Taichi’s crotch, he smiled, the pink petals on his face blooming across his chest, shoulders, and waist. “You feel so good in me, Taicchan,” Kazunari softly said. Then his hips began to rise, lower, and rise again.

Kazunari moaned, his dick beginning to bead at the tip as his slow movements on Taichi’s lap continued.

Taichi shut his eyes as he stepped towards the brink for the third time, his head rolling back into the pillow beneath him.

Please, let me come this time, Kazu-kun!

“Taicchan~” an airy voice sang. The roll of Kazunari’s hips became harsher, more uneven than before. “You’re really going to miss out~”

Nervously, Taichi opened his eyes. 

Chapter Text

Steam spills from the hotel bathroom as Kumon steps out from the doorway. It's only a few steps from the bathroom to get to the leftmost bed – even if they're allowed to have two to a room now for regional tours instead of smooshing four, Sakyo is still Sakyo – where Kumon rummages through his bag for his pajamas.

Kumon yelps as his roommate launches himself at Kumon's back, Kumon laughing as Misumi presses his hair against the nape of his neck.

"Sumi-san, your hair is still wet!" Kumon chides, freeing his arms from Misumi's grip. Misumi's arms tighten around his waist to close the extra space between them. "You need to dry it!"

Misumi nuzzles him. "It's only for a little bit~"

"You can catch a cold like that, Sumi-san!"

Misumi hooks his chin over Kumon's shoulder, his wet hair brushing Kumon's cheek. The front of his shirt is soft against Kumon's back. "It's okay~ Since Kumon will warm me up!"

Kumon's face warms, even as Misumi's wet bangs meet his ear. "You should still dry your hair, Sumi-san," he argues, tilting his head in attempt to see Misumi's.

Misumi turns to face him too, his eyes crinkling happily. "Kumon can help me in a bit~ But there's something else I want to do with Kumon now!"


Before Kumon can actually reply, Misumi's lips are on his, each movement of his mouth enthusiastic and warm. Kumon automatically kisses back, his mouth opening when Misumi's tongue swipes across his lips. Misumi happily licks into Kumon's mouth, their tongues swirling together as Misumi's hold around him loosens.

Then Kumon's world is spinning as Misumi sweeps him off the floor, strong arms supporting Kumon under his knees and behind his back.

He bounces slightly as Misumi drops him onto the other bed, Misumi swallowing whatever protests he might've had with his lips as he crawls on top of him.

Misumi sits down on Kumon's hips, still miraculously covered by the hotel towel. Kumon idly rubs Misumi's knees with his hands, just barely exposed by his shorts. His fingertips slip up the hem of them, sliding over the warm skin of Misumi's thighs.

Kumon blinks dumbly as Misumi pulls one of them away, holding it against his cheek as he nuzzles into it. "Hi~" Misumi chimes quietly, his face still pressed to Kumon's hand.

Kumon wiggles his fingers, tapping lightly on Misumi's skin. Misumi turns to poke his nose against Kumon's moving fingertips, Kumon laughing as Misumi chases them like a cat.

Then Misumi tilts his chin downward, his lips brushing against the center of Kumon's palm. Kumon's laughter quiets as Misumi mouths against the spot, lips still wet from their earlier kiss. Kumon feels more than sees Misumi smile into his skin, Kumon's heart mysteriously pounding as Misumi nips the heel of his hand.

"Kumon's hands are always so gentle," Misumi whispers, his breath ghosting over Kumon's skin. Kumon's own breath hitches. "They're so big, too~ They're really good at holding me."

"T-thanks?" Kumon squeaks, his cheeks heating as Misumi leans down and over him, placing Kumon's hand back onto his thigh.

Misumi's lips meet Kumon's once more, his hands sliding from Kumon's wrists up to his shoulders. Misumi's lips are gentle, but his hands are firm, purposely squeezing their way down Kumon's upper arms, fingers massaging into muscle. "These are good at holding me, too," Misumi murmurs against Kumon's lips, Kumon exhaling into his mouth.

Misumi's lips start to trace a path downward, gliding slowly over Kumon's neck and collarbones and down to his chest. Kumon involuntarily arches as Misumi bites down, a long lick following the sting.

"Sumi-san?" Kumon asks, Misumi pausing to stare up at him, his tongue still pressed to Kumon's skin. Kumon opens and closes his mouth, failing to connect his confusion into words.

Misumi pulls his tongue away. "Kumon?"

"Why are you complimenting me?" Kumon blurts, his face turning red as his voice jumps high. Misumi only giggles, his tongue returning to Kumon's skin and trailing down his chest. Misumi's back curves as his mouth slides sideways to Kumon's ribs.

Misumi shuffles farther down the bed, his knees slipping out from under Kumon's hands to settle between Kumon's thighs. He hums thoughtfully. "Because I like Kumon?" he ponders, absentmindedly grabbing onto Kumon's hips. He nibbles lightly between Kumon's ribs, mouth traveling toward the middle of Kumon's stomach as he bites and sucks. "It makes me want to spoil him~"

Kumon's blush spreads to his ears, one leg jerking as Misumi draws a wet stripe down Kumon's stomach with his tongue.

Misumi tilts his head to rub his cheek on Kumon's abdomen. "I like this part of Kumon lots~ Kumon's skin is so smooth here." With a grin, Misumi playfully pokes next to Kumon's bellybutton, Kumon's stomach flexing in response. "So firm too~"

Kumon opens his mouth in protest – to protest what, he's not exactly sure – but Misumi flattens his hand over one side of Kumon's stomach, his lips pressing slow kisses to the other. Kumon's voice dies in his throat, replaced by a shaky exhale as Misumi's movements become purposeful again, soft bites and wet kisses making heat spark underneath Kumon's skin.

"There's another part of Kumon I really like," Misumi eventually whispers, when Kumon's lower stomach is wet with spit. His hands deftly untuck the towel from around Kumon's hips, fingers returning to Kumon's skin once the fabric is out of the way. His thumbs smooth over Kumon's hipbones, the tips of his other fingers just barely caressing the small of Kumon's back.

Misumi licks his lips, bright eyes focused on Kumon's dick, already hard between his hips. "I really like this part of Kumon, too~"

Kumon lets out an embarrassing whimper as Misumi deliberately laps up the side of his dick, repeating the movement before taking the tip between his lips. He sucks gently, Kumon's fingers curling into the sheets as Misumi slides his head down, the corners of his mouth subtly pulling upward as Kumon whines.

Misumi presses his tongue against the underside as he slides up again, releasing Kumon's dick with a pop. Misumi meets Kumon's eyes as he drags the flat of his tongue across the bead of precum at the tip, gaze remaining steady as he takes Kumon back into his mouth.

Misumi bobs his head languidly, the warm suction making Kumon's head spin. He hums happily when Kumon's hips twitch upward, the subtle vibration from Misumi's throat seemingly traveling from between Kumon's hips to the top of his spine, making Kumon arch off the mattress and throw his head back.

Kumon whimpers again, Misumi sucking sloppily around him. "Sumi-san," Kumon warns, ears burning as an enthusiastic slurp reaches his ears, "I'm going to – "

Misumi rolls his tongue under the head, the targeted attention pushing Kumon over the edge.

Misumi swallows around him, continuing to bob his head as Kumon finishes. Misumi laps up the little bit that spilled from his mouth onto Kumon's skin, then nips and sucks his way back up Kumon's torso, following his earlier path of red marks up to Kumon's lips.

Kumon tangles his fingers in Misumi's hair once he can reach, pulling him into a clumsy kiss that's more their smiles pressed together than any real finesse. Misumi's dick pokes into Kumon's hip, tenting from under Misumi's pajama shorts.

Kumon frowns and tugs gently on Misumi's hair, doing his best to ignore the way Misumi moans in response. "Sumi-san, your hair is still wet!"

Misumi pouts at him, pointedly rutting against Kumon's hip. "But Kumon warmed me up."

"I love you too, but I'm not touching you until we dry your hair!"

Misumi's pout deepens as Kumon pushes them both up to a sit, but the way Misumi's heart races under Kumon's fingertips is unmistakable.

Chapter Text

It was so totally unfair! Itaru just had to be out of town when Kazunari’s heat started, and now three days in, Kazunari was still in his nest suffering on his own.

“Hnn…” Kazunari groaned as he turned up the vibrator that was nestled in his ass. He reached out blindly for one of the many scented items Itaru left for him in his nest, his hand latching around Itaru’s training jacket and quickly reeling in the prize.

Kazunari curled up on his side, hugging the jacket and bringing it up close to his face. Searching for some relief, he inhaled.

It was faint now, with the days of spring practices a few months behind them now, but the scent was still there. Kazunari continued to huff into the jacket, his frustration growing. The weak, fizzling embers did little to comfort him right now.

“Itarun… I need…” he moaned, already forgetting where the controller for the vibrator went. The glint of Kazunari’s phone caught his eye instead as he searched. It was supposed to be soon, right? How many days was it now? Kazunari sat up on his knees, his slick threatening to slide the small vibrator from his ass as he put on Itaru’s smoky jacket for a small semblance of comfort. Shakily, he reached to cradle his phone in his hands, his eyes unfocused as his thumb scrolled through his texts.

Kazunari blinked, willing his eyes to un-blur. Did he forget his contacts, or was his mind that fogged with lust? Kazunari licked his moist lips, uncertain of where the moisture actually came from. 

I wonder if another super special sexy selfie will do it? Kazunari wondered as he opened his DMs with Itaru. Kazunari didn’t think he sent that many, not lucid enough to actually scroll back and check, so surely there was no harm in sending one more, right? Another would definitely bring him home! Kazunari placed his palm flat on the bed between his knees, his throbbing dick in view as he positioned the phone above his head.

Snap and... sent!

The phone hit the bed as Kazunari moaned, the vibrator inside of him sliding back into place against his prostate as he shifted. Kazunari’s fingers twitched and then suddenly they were wrapped around his cock, slowly helping him towards his release.

There was the turn of a key, a roll of a doorknob, and a squeak of a hinge. Then the overwhelming scent of Kazunari’s mate flooded the room.

Warm summer nights. The burning of cedar and pine needles. A rich, acrid smoke filled Kazunari’s senses, with the slightest undertone of amber and cinnamon softening the woodsy smell. Kazunari’s body lit up, skin suddenly basking in the warmth of a bonfire and the heat in his core roaring even brighter.

“Itarun…! I...” Kazunari called as he looked over the railing of his loft bed, the anxiety leaving his body with the comforting, familiar scent. Still on autopilot, his thumb rolled against the head of his dick as the vibrations against Kazunari’s sweet spot brought him to orgasm. Panting, Kazunari spun away from Itaru’s worried gaze as he collapsed back onto the bed. Kazunari blinked, his fingers finding the small gloss of fresh cum on his stomach.

It still wasn’t enough! Kazunari whimpered, all else forgotten as he turned off the vibrator and attempted to fish it out. He needed more. He really needed more, and for that, this needed to go!

“Hey, I fast traveled as soon as I could,” Itaru suddenly whispered from above him. He moved Kazunari’s hand away from his entrance with a surprising calmness and pulled the bullet out effortlessly.

Kazunari blushed as felt his slick messily begin to drip, Itaru’s scent only further fueling his arousal.

“Itarun,” Kazunari mumbled as Itaru pulled him upright into a hug. “I missed you, Itarun.”

“I missed you too,” Itaru replied. Kazunari felt himself blush as Itaru nuzzled his nose into his hair. Then Itaru’s face travelled, sniffing along Kazunari’s neck and shoulder. “You’re… okay, right? I didn’t mean to leave you alone.” 

Kazunari blinked, confused. “I… need you,” he squeaked, uncertain if that’s what Itaru really meant. That seemed to be an okay answer, as Kazunari felt the tension leave Itaru’s body. Calm briefly reclaimed Kazunari’s senses as Itaru’s neck suddenly rubbed up against his own, pressing his scent onto him, but then the ache in his core took over once again. “I totes need you to feel b-better, please, I love you so much, I missed you, I need - ”

Suddenly Kazunari’s breath was gone as Itaru met him with a gentle kiss. Kazunari pushed his tongue outwards for more, but Itaru’s movements remained steady and controlled. Kazunari whimpered as the heat in him continued to build and lightly scratched at Itaru’s - wait, wasn’t he wearing slacks when he came in? - bare thighs. Kazunari eyed the tent under Itaru’s boxers and felt his hips begin to roll, outside of his control.

“ - during my trips, you know.” Itaru whispered. Wait, he was talking?

“Huh?” Kazunari blinked, then squinted as he willed his brain to focus. Itaru’s eyes sure were pretty. Not only that, but he smelled so good and - wait, was there something else he was trying to think about? Kazunari’s eyebrows drew down in confusion as his hands flexed against Itaru’s thighs.

Itaru smiled softly. “We can talk about the selfies later,” he said lightly as he began to unbutton his dress shirt. “Let’s co-op first.”

Kazunari scrambled at the words and buried his face in one of Itaru’s borrowed pillows, his ass in the air and his still hard dick hanging between his legs as he waited to finally be filled.

It didn’t take long for Itaru’s dick to begin to slide into Kazunari. A familiar, animalistic groan sounded from behind Kazunari as his body trembled and he bit into the comforting pillow.

So good...! Kazunari’s mind went white as Itaru’s impressive member bottomed out inside of him, stretching him to his limit. Against his will, his body convulsed and was sent over the edge once more. Drool spilled from Kazunari’s mouth as he felt the strength begin to leave his hips.

Itaru exhaled loudly from behind him, shock and pleasure equally present in his voice, “You came just from me putting it in?” 

Kazunari mewled weakly as he willed his hips to move. He felt so good, so good , but there was no easing this ache inside of him until he got Itaru’s knot. “I really didn’t mean to keep you on standby so long,” Itaru apologized. “Let me make it up to you.” 

Kazunari’s hips faltered, his mind a fog as his legs finally began to give out beneath him. But then, there was a warm arm wrapping underneath his waist, keeping him up in place. “Tell me if you need anything,” Itaru whispered as his hips finally began to move.

Kazunari’s senses gave way to static as Itaru’s cock slowly dragged in and out of him. His mouth hung open as he moaned an uncontrollable mantra consisting of Itaru's name, a pool of saliva forming on Itaru's pillow under his cheek. But no matter how much Kazunari begged or pleaded for more, Itaru’s hips remained steady, sending a numbing pleasure slowly outwards to Kazunari’s extremities.

How long was he there under Itaru, moaning into his nest? Kazunari couldn’t tell. His nails dug into the cuffs of Itaru’s jacket as he melted into the mattress with each gentle, yet determined movement.

After minutes, or maybe even hours, Kazunari surely couldn’t tell, there was a tug on Itaru’s training jacket. Kazunari’s shoulders shifted as it was pulled down enough to expose his upper back. A gentle hand brushed the back of Kazunari’s neck, parting his hair out of the way.

Suddenly, Itaru’s breath was against the back of his neck, sending Kazunari’s heat-addled heart into overdrive.

“I love you, Kazunari,” Itaru breathed. Shyly, Kazunari opened his mouth to respond, but could only gasp for air as Itaru’s teeth firmly clamped down on the back of his neck. Then, Itaru’s hips finally sped up and Kazunari felt the familiar stretch of Itaru's knot swelling inside of him.

Kazunari shook with his third orgasm as Itaru tightened his bite and began to flood him with his own warmth. The fog of Kazunari’s heat began to dissipate, clarity and exhaustion returning to take over as the knot finally comforted him, locking them together through Itaru’s orgasm.

“I,” Kazunari croaked. He cleared his throat, unsure why he was so hoarse. 

Itaru’s teeth left his neck and Kazunari noticed himself smiling as he weakly reached back to touch the renewed mark. “Take it easy,” Itaru said, his breaths surprisingly labored. For a brief moment, it seemed like Itaru was going to continue speaking, but the words never came. Instead, his hand gently brushed through Kazunari’s hair, his fingertips occasionally scratching against Kazunari’s scalp, nearly lulling Kazunari to sleep.

“Do you feel better?” Itaru eventually asked, his voice seemingly loud after the extended silence. 

“Mhm,” Kazunari hummed. He gasped lightly as Itaru finally pulled out, and was relieved that he still felt so right . Unceremoniously, Itaru flopped down on the bed next to him, and Kazunari gravitated to Itaru’s chest, making himself comfortable. 

It was more than Kazunari’s urges that felt satisfied and full. The mark on his neck that would leave him with Itaru’s scent, the warmth of Itaru’s body holding him, and the careful care and consideration Itaru always showed him were all indescribable. Kazunari swallowed, unable to express to Itaru how happy, safe, and cared for he always felt under his attention. 

Still, some words had to be said. “Welcome home, I really super missed you,” Kazunari whispered.

Itaru’s chest rose and fell slowly under him. “I’m home,” Itaru chimed in response, causing Kazunari’s heart to flip. Itaru shifted, pulling an errant blanket up and over them.

Kazunari’s eyelids grew heavy, the smell of languid flames and smoldering embers lulling him to sleep.

Chapter Text

"Thanks for driving me home, Kazunari."

"Of course, Itarun!" Like the gentleman he is, Kazunari opens Itaru's passenger door, dramatically sweeping his arm forward when Itaru is close enough to duck inside. Itaru rolls his eyes, but pecks Kazunari on the cheek in thanks, the faint scent of alcohol greeting Kazunari's nose.

Kazunari shuts the door then shuffles over to the driver's side, buckling his seatbelt while Itaru fishes out his car keys from his bag. "I was just going to sip on the one drink all night, but my boss and coworkers kept shoving more at me," Itaru rambles, passing over the keys. "Then when I said my ride was almost here, they shoved more at me, since I didn't have to worry about getting home anymore. Why did I go out again?"

Kazunari laughs, throwing his hand behind Itaru's seat while he pulls out of the parking spot. "Maintaining a high normie standing is an essential quest toward securing whaling funds? I think?"

Itaru groans, slumping into the seat while he pulls out his phone.

The drive is quiet after that, other than the sounds from Itaru's phone and the music from the radio, turned down low. Kazunari hums along, tapping on the steering wheel while he drives.

"Hey, Kazunari," Itaru eventually calls, his voice oddly quiet. "Can we pull over?"

Kazunari sits up straighter, briefly glancing at Itaru before turning into the next parking lot he passes. "I got it, Itarun!" he answers, haphazardly pulling into one of the spots. The parking lot is empty besides them, lit by only a lamppost at either end. Kazunari turns off the car and unbuckles his seatbelt, quickly turning toward Itaru to see what's wrong.

"Itarun, are you – mmph!?"

Kazunari's eyes widen as Itaru surges forward, a hand at the back of Kazunari's head keeping Kazunari in place while Itaru's lips crash into his. Itaru tastes like an odd mix of beer and chapstick – wait, did he steal mine? – making Kazunari's face heat as Itaru deepens the kiss. Itaru's tongue slips easily past Kazunari's lips, his free arm also slipping forward to grab Kazunari's hand in his.

Kazunari tilts his wrist to lace their fingers together, but Itaru is faster, pressing Kazunari's hand between his hips instead. The blush already on Kazunari's cheeks starts to burn, only rivaled by the hard heat under his fingers. When did he…

Itaru tilts his head into the kiss, his tongue languidly exploring Kazunari's mouth.

I-I guess a handie is fine if he's turned on already, Kazunari thinks, sliding his fingers over Itaru's cock. Since this would be impossible to hide at the dorms.

Kazunari presses his palm to Itaru's crotch, Itaru humming contently at the pressure. Might as well be quick so I can get Itarun home! Kazunari swiftly undoes Itaru's work pants, carefully pulling Itaru's cock out of his boxers. He's already so hard… So cute~

Kazunari wraps one hand close to the base, stroking the lower half of Itaru's cock while he rubs his palm over the tip with the other. Kazunari licks into Itaru's mouth, Itaru quietly moaning as Kazunari continues to work him below.

"Kazunari," Itaru breathes. "I want…"

Kazunari leans back, swallowing the excess saliva in his mouth. "What is it, Itarun?"

Itaru smiles sweetly, the fond curve of his lips doing little to prepare Kazunari for the words that follow. "I want to be inside you, Kazunari."

Kazunari's dick jumps, the small coil of heat in his gut suddenly springing outward at Itaru's admission. The hands wrapped around Itaru's length pause, Kazunari firmly telling his own dick to calm the fuck down while Kazunari tries to be reasonable.

"Itarun," Kazunari starts, "I don't think we have any, uh, stuff? For you to be inside me. Especially not without making a mess."

Itaru's dick slips from Kazunari's hands as Itaru turns and leans forward, casually opening the glove compartment. "I think we still have… Score!" Itaru quietly celebrates, pulling out a couple packets of lube and a condom.

What, Kazunari thinks.

Itaru grins. "I knew we had some leftover from our last trip."

Kazunari's dick twitches again at the reminder, remembering the way Itaru had –

"So, Kazunari," Itaru continues, cutting off Kazunari's train of thought. He playfully waves the packets in his hands. "Does this mean I can be inside you?"

Kazunari's face flushes. "Shouldn't we at least move to the backseat first?"

Itaru slides his seat back before teasingly patting his lap. "You can just sit here."

Itarun is so unfair! Where is this energy even coming from anyways?

Kazunari is out of arguments, though, so he struggles out of his pants and boxers to crawl into Itaru's lap, his face flushing darker as Itaru's cock runs across his inner thigh. Itaru's hand returns to the back of Kazunari's head, combing through his hair before pulling him into another kiss. This kiss is softer, the slow slide of Itaru's lips making Kazunari's heart stutter and his thighs tremble.

Kazunari lets out a muffled noise of surprise when Itaru's free hand wraps around his cock, efficiently stroking Kazunari to full hardness. Kazunari arches when the hand in his hair glides down his spine, stopping at Kazunari's lower back to slide around his waist. Itaru pulls Kazunari close, the hand on Kazunari's cock slipping away to grab the condom and lube.

Itaru's hand meets Kazunari's knee instead, Kazunari belatedly noticing the crinkle of foil under his shin. Kazunari awkwardly shifts his weight sideways, narrowly avoiding hitting his head on the car ceiling while Itaru retrieves the packets. Kazunari giggles when Itaru's elbow knocks against the car door, Itaru cursing as he shakes out his arm. Kazunari buries his face into Itaru's neck while he tears open the foil, presumably setting the condom aside before lubing his fingers.

"Wha – hey!" Kazunari protests, still giggling while Itaru unceremoniously shoves the packets back under Kazunari's leg. Then Itaru's arm is warm around Kazunari's waist again, his chin hooked comfortably over Kazunari's shoulder. Kazunari's laughter ends with a shuddering inhale as Itaru presses the pad of his finger against him, the ticklish pressure soon replaced with the heady feeling of Itaru pushing inside.

Kazunari's fingers curl into Itaru's work shirt as Itaru preps him, stretching Kazunari out with careful attention despite his cock poking insistently into Kazunari's thigh. Kazunari can feel his own cock start to leak as Itaru scissors him open, a whimper falling from Kazunari's mouth when Itaru rubs his fingers inside him. Itaru's breathing gets heavier as well, his chin unintentionally digging farther into Kazunari's shoulder.

Kazunari moans when Itaru pushes in a fourth finger, Itaru exhaling shakily in return. Has he been watching himself prep me?

Kazunari only has a moment to be embarrassed before Itaru finally pulls his fingers out, Kazunari habitually lifting his hips as Itaru rolls the condom on. Itaru's wrist bumps into Kazunari's leg, Itaru groaning as he strokes more lube over his length.

Kazunari blinks as Itaru nudges his face out from his neck, Kazunari's ruffled hair brushing against the car ceiling. "Itarun?"

Itaru's pupils are blown wide with lust, but his smile is doting and fond. "I want to see you when you take me."

Kazunari didn't think his face could turn any redder.

Kazunari swallows, letting Itaru line himself up with Kazunari's entrance. The head of his cock is surprisingly warm where it nudges against him, even covered by the condom. Kazunari grabs onto Itaru's shoulders for support, shyly meeting Itaru's eyes as he starts to sink down.

The eye contact doesn't last long, Kazunari's head falling back as he takes more of Itaru's cock. Itaru's hands slide up to Kazunari's waist, gently squeezing when Kazunari pauses partway to catch his breath and adjust to the stretch.

Kazunari blinks his eyes back into focus, unsure when he closed them, and meets Itaru's gaze once more. Itaru's face is visibly flushed, even in the faint light of the parking lot, his skin a much darker shade than what a few beers would give him. His eyes are bright, his lips parted and still shiny with spit.

Kazunari holds Itaru's gaze while he finishes his descent, his own lips parting around a moan when he bottoms out. Itaru's hands tighten on Kazunari's waist, his head pressing back against the headrest as he gasps. Kazunari feels full, Itaru's dick stretching him to his limit like it always does. He whimpers as he curls forward, Itaru's dick shifting inside him. He presses his forehead to Itaru's shoulder.

"Kazunari?" Itaru questions, rubbing Kazunari's waist soothingly. "Are you okay?"

Kazunari nods, lifting his hips slightly before lowering back down, both of them moaning as Itaru fills him again. Kazunari chuckles softly, his hands sliding down to splay over Itaru's chest. "I just don't want to hit the ceiling, Itarun."

"Ah," Itaru answers, inhaling sharply as Kazunari continues to move. "That makes. Sense. Yeah."

Kazunari smiles, closing his eyes contently as he finds a rhythm for himself. "Yeah," he agrees, groaning as Itaru's cock drags inside him. Itaru rolls his hips instead of replying, matching Kazunari's bouncing hips with gentle movements of his own.

Kazunari starts to melt as heat builds between them, warm breaths and clammy skin trapped in the space of Itaru's passenger seat. The lingering scent of alcohol is gradually replaced by sweat and something distinctly Itaru, woodsy and faintly sweet.

Between the warm air filling his lungs and Itaru filling him from behind, Kazunari finds himself quickly overwhelmed, every roll of Itaru's hips sending him barreling closer to the edge.

Itaru pants into Kazunari's ear, Kazunari whining when Itaru's hips buck upward. "Y-you feel really good, Kazunari," Itaru rasps, one of his hands sliding onto Kazunari's stomach. "I love you." His hand drops lower, clumsily wrapping around Kazunari's cock. Kazunari keens. "Thank you for indulging me."

You're so embarrassing! Kazunari wants to scream. How can you say that so easily?!

But speaking is hard when Itaru slams up into him, his thumb rolling over the head of Kazunari's cock. Kazunari tumbles over the edge, spilling into Itaru's hand while Itaru fills the condom, his cock still buried in Kazunari.

Kazunari whimpers when he finally lifts up and off Itaru's dick, his body trembling at the unfamiliar emptiness left behind. His hole clenches around nothing as he collapses back into the driver's seat, idly watching Itaru fumble for spare napkins from the glove compartment to wipe off his hand.

All Kazunari really wants to do is crawl into the backseat with Itaru, tangling their legs together while he melts into Itaru's chest. He nearly suggests it while Itaru ties off the condom, awkwardly balancing it on his leg while he tucks himself away.

Kazunari huffs instead, struggling back into the pants he left crumpled on the floor of the car and willing his limbs to work as he sits up. I promised I'd get Itarun home safe and sound, after all!

He catches Itaru's gaze once more while he buckles his seatbelt. Itaru's face is still flushed, his work shirt more wrinkled than Kazunari's ever seen it, and his bangs are plastered to his forehead with sweat. When he notices Kazunari staring, he only grins, then picks the condom up off his leg to wiggle it through the air. "There should be a trash can around here somewhere, right?"

You're so ridiculous, Kazunari thinks. I love you so much.

Kazunari starts the car again, the two of them immediately rolling down the windows to get rid of the sex smell. They laugh as Itaru stretches out the window to reach the trash can by the closed store entrance, tossing the condom and empty lube packets inside.

Itaru relaxes back into the passenger seat. He smiles contently. "Thanks for driving me home, Kazunari," he repeats.

Kazunari smiles back, ignoring the ache in his legs as he focuses on the road in front of him. "Of course, Itarun~" he chimes, flexing his fingers on the steering wheel. "Let's get you home."

Chapter Text

" Hnn - " Itaru groaned as Kazunari tugged on his hair. Kazunari quickly loosened his grip as Itaru struggled to catch his breath.

Kazunari chuckled, amazed as always at the cute noises Itaru was capable of making. It was more than just the noises though that got Kazunari's heart racing. The rest of his body language was super adorable too!

"You're so good for me," Kazunari whispered, a needy whimper immediately meeting his ears. Itaru shifted closer to Kazunari on the couch, their shoulders flush as Itaru continued to languidly stroke Kazunari's cock with his left hand. 

"Your hand really feels incredible," Kazunari praised as he nuzzled into Itaru's hair. "You always know how to touch me just right~"

"Ah," Itaru vocalized weakly, his body noticeably trembling. Kazunari pulled his face back and used his free hand to tilt Itaru's face towards him. His gorgeous pink eyes were blown wide, a matching flush painted on his cheeks. Kazunari planted a kiss on Itaru’s forehead and allowed him to retreat back into Kazunari’s neck.

“Such a good boy~” Kazunari sang as Itaru whimpered, Itaru’s hips shifting as his grip firmed around Kazunari’s cock. Kazunari barely suppressed a groan of his own as Itaru’s thumb swiped across his head, smearing precum in its wake.

Man, Itaru’s hand game was really amazing, like always! Kazunari’s eyes flicked down to Itaru’s crotch, his own erection prominent as it strained against his boxers. Still, Itaru made no move to touch himself, all his attention on stroking Kazunari’s dick, occasionally leaving small, shy kisses against Kazunari’s shoulder and neck.

“You’re doing such a good job, you’re really better than I could have ever wished for,” Kazunari continued to coo. Kazunari’s heart flipped up into his throat as Itaru moaned, his tongue pressing wetly against Kazunari’s neck. Swallowing it back down, Kazunari felt himself blush, still not quite used to Itaru’s submissive headspace when the praise came out.

“Maybe,” Kazunari choked, “I can give you a little bit of a reward for all your hard work so far.”

Itaru’s face pulled back, a slight frown on his face. “Already? But.” Itaru’s eyes glanced down at Kazunari’s still-hard cock in his hand. Itaru bit his lip. Even without words, Kazunari got the idea of what he wanted to say.

“A quest well done is totes the best reward you could earn, right?” Kazunari asked softly. Itaru looked at him, subtly nodding his head. “Then there should be no problemo with a checkpoint prize for my super amazing Itarun first~ so why don’t you be good and take yourself out for me?”

Obediently, Itaru whimpered and rolled his hips, his hand retreating to his own crotch as he shifted on the couch. It was really cute, how Itaru’s hands nervously fumbled trying to pull his length from the fly of his boxers. Cuter still how he quickly gave up, his hips raising off the couch as he shuffled his boxers down, hastily kicking them off from around his feet.

Heat rose to Kazunari’s cheeks as Itaru’s erection was finally freed. Hard, flushed, and twitching, Itaru’s cock already seemed like it was ready to spill without any stimulation at all!

“Look at you,” Kazunari spoke, his mouth suddenly dry. “So good and hard for me all on your own~” Itaru’s hips subtly rolled at the sweet words, his hand reaching back for Kazunari’s cock. Buzzing with nervous excitement, Kazunari tightened his grip in Itaru’s hair again as his other hand stopped Itaru’s, pinning it to the couch.

Itaru’s pleasure was palpable as his resulting moan filled the room. Kazunari relaxed his grip, focusing on the stuttering of Itaru’s breathing and the precum beading at his tip. He released Itaru’s hand, which stayed curled against the cushion, and lightly ran his nails over Itaru’s thigh in thought. Itaru trembled, his breath hitching in response.

“Itarun,” Kazunari whispered, his own dick twitching dangerously. “I want you to be good for me. Be a good boy and come, okay?”

Before Itaru could reply, Kazunari’s grip on Itaru’s hair tightened again and pulled . Itaru keened weakly as his head leaned back with Kazunari’s grip. “Such a good boy,” Kazunari whispered as he brought two fingers to the base of Itaru’s dick. Slowly he ran them along the underside of Itaru’s shaft. To Kazunari’s immense surprise, as his fingers lightly brushed Itaru’s sensitive head, Itaru convulsed, obediently spilling over with the minimal stimulation.

Kazunari quietly blinked as he watched Itaru come down from his high, the sound of breathing deafening in the otherwise quiet room.

“I. I was good, yeah?” Itaru eventually asked, his voice equally tired and affectionate as he smiled up at Kazunari.

“Super good, better than good,” Kazunari answered softly, trying desperately to hide the trembling in his voice. Kazunari felt so overwhelmed, so full and satisfied with how things were, but the hammering between his hips willed his voice to continue. “But don’t you have some unfinished work to do?”

Itaru nodded, the smile still on his face. To Kazunari's confusion, Itaru shifted on the couch, laying his head onto Kazunari’s lap. Then, Kazunari’s eyes widened as he felt wet lips wrap around the head of his dick.

Chapter Text

Masumi instinctively shields his eyes as he blinks awake, then frowns in confusion at the still-dark room.

He rolls over and taps at his phone for the time – too early – and considers snuggling back under the covers until his alarm wakes him up later.

His alarm is annoying, though, the very sound of it always leaving Masumi in a grumpy mood.

He subtly glances over the barrier to Tsuzuru's empty bed.

… Masumi's alarm would probably annoy him, too, from where he's probably passed out at his desk. Again. Not that Masumi cares.

With a quiet sigh, Masumi crawls out from under his covers, carefully padding down the ladder down to the floor. Out of habit, he glances over at Tsuzuru's desk, where he expects Tsuzuru to be slumped over his laptop like he usually would be, drool barely missing his keyboard keys.

Instead, Tsuzuru is sitting up in his desk chair, his eyes half-lidded as he pants into his hand. His other hand strokes his dick, hard and very much not in his boxers. Masumi idly realizes his caution might have backfired.

Before he can really think about it, Masumi strides over to Tsuzuru's desk, Tsuzuru somehow still not noticing him when he's only an arm's length away from his chair.

"Hey," Masumi says.

Tsuzuru comically jumps, nearly falling out of his chair as his eyes pop open. He catches himself on one of the armrests with the hand previously covering his mouth, revealing a red face and bitten lips. Tsuzuru belatedly removes the hand from his dick as well, his fingers digging into the fabric of his pants.

"M-Masumi!" Tsuzuru stutters out, laughing nervously. "You're up, uh…" Tsuzuru rapidly presses one of the keys of his keyboard with his clean hand until the display wakes up again. "… Early. You're up early."

"… Yeah," Masumi answers, because he kind of is.

"Um, I was just, well – " Tsuzuru fumbles, his cheeks turning redder than they already were. The color only emphasizes the bags under his eyes, and something in Masumi's chest softens a bit.

It's offset by the way Tsuzuru's dick is still hanging out of his pants, but the dick is honestly easier to deal with, in Masumi's opinion.

"Sorry?" Tsuzuru eventually squeaks out, his fingers clenching harder over his thigh. "It, uh, won't happen again. Promise."

Masumi sighs. He wants to be annoyed, he really does, but it's hard when Tsuzuru's eyebags have eyebags and his shoulders are tenser than the hard plastic back of his chair. Not that Masumi cares about either of those things. But Tsuzuru collapsing from over-exhaustion or stress or whatever else is weighing down on him is more troublesome than just taking care of him.

"Er, earth to Masumi?"

So Masumi kneels down.

"W-wait, Masumi?! What are – "

"You've been working hard, right?" Masumi stares up at him blankly, grabbing Tsuzuru's dick in his hand. It's a little weird to hold one that isn't his own – it feels strangely hot under his palm, and the shape and angle aren't quite the same – but not entirely unpleasant. Masumi leans his face closer to Tsuzuru's hips. "This will be better and quicker than whatever you were doing."

"Was that supposed to be an insul – haah…"

Masumi doesn't really know what he's doing, but based on the way Tsuzuru's dick twitches when Masumi licks up his shaft, he must be doing something right. He takes Tsuzuru between his lips next, sliding down until his mouth feels full. It happens much earlier than Masumi expects, but Masumi has hands too, so he puts them to work while he clumsily sucks on what he can.

It's messy and wet, more saliva spilling from Masumi's lips than he'd like, but Tsuzuru seems to be into it, his free hand slapping over his mouth again to muffle his moans. His other hand is still tangled in the fabric of his pajama pants, so Masumi lifts it up, bringing it to his own hair. Tsuzuru's fingers instinctively clench around the strands, Masumi's own gut flipping at the feeling.

"Masumi, I'm…" Tsuzuru trails off, his eyes unfocused as he stares at some unidentifiable point on their dorm room wall.

Next time, Masumi thinks, sucking harshly on the head, I'll make him look at me.

Masumi's eyes widen as Tsuzuru spills onto his tongue, Masumi doing his best to swallow. He doesn't completely succeed, pulling off and coughing before Tsuzuru is finished. The last of Tsuzuru's cum lands on his cheek, hot and sticky and slightly too gross for so early in the morning.

Masumi barely has time to process it before Tsuzuru is there with a tissue, wiping up the string of cum from his cheek and passing him a cup of water with his other hand. Masumi isn't sure whose cup it is, but he's also not sure it matters anymore, so he gulps down the water without protest.

Tsuzuru seems more awake, oddly enough, despite possibly cumming his lights out after what must have been another all-nighter. Masumi squashes the pride in his chest before it can even start to surface, face falling into something neutral as he stands.

Tsuzuru's ears are pink as he wipes off his dick and hand, finally tucking himself back into his pants while Masumi continues to stare. "… Thanks, Masumi," he mumbles, lips pulled down into an honest-to-goodness pout.

"… What," Masumi prompts, stretching his neck while he waits for Tsuzuru to finish whatever he wants to say.

"Nothing," he answers, a bit too quickly. "… I'm just annoyed that you were right about it being better than what I was doing. I figured it wouldn't matter since the end result would be the same."

"Of course it was better," Masumi deadpans, wiping off his mouth with his wrist before finally walking toward the door. "Next time, you better watch me take it."

"N-next time? What do you mean next time!?"

Chapter Text

“Chikage-san,” Tsuzuru deadpanned, snapping Chikage to attention. “My leg will cramp if you don’t get moving soon.”

Chikage blinked, his hand still idly stroking his erection, spreading lube thinly over his skin. Sure, maybe he didn’t have to hold his hand under Tsuzuru’s thigh, lifting it and pinning Tsuzuru to the wall, the entire time he got them ready, but he did anyway. Chikage would be lying to himself if he said the view wasn’t nice. 

After all, Tsuzuru said he wanted Chikage to be rough with him, without regard. So Chikage was taking his time while he could, idly rolling his thumb over the tip of his cock while Tsuzuru frowned impatiently, his arms flexing as he tried to support himself against the drywall.

Chikage chuckled. Maybe that was enough teasing, for now at least. Chikage aligned himself with Tsuzuru’s entrance and heard a subtle hitch in Tsuzuru’s breathing. “Impatient, aren’t we?” Chikage asked as he leaned forward near Tsuzuru’s ear, Tsuzuru’s skin audibly scraping against the wall as Tsuzuru tried to compensate. 

“I’m not exactly comfortable, so - ” Tsuzuru complained, but the color across Tsuzuru’s cheeks told Chikage he was enjoying this all the same.

There was something about Tsuzuru that Chikage always found oddly charming. The way he rapid-fired comebacks, the way he was blunt in his desires, the way his skin flushed and his di -

“ - sooner would be better than later. Please.”

Right , Chikage thinks, a smile gracing his lips. His right hand dug into Tsuzuru’s thighs while his left moved under Tsuzuru’s waist. 

In one fluid motion, Chikage slammed forward, bottoming out as, with a low groan, Tsuzuru twitched and convulsed around him. Leaning forward, Chikage briefly considered giving Tsuzuru time to adjust, as his strangled gasps for air filled the silence of the room. However, Tsuzuru automatically made the decision for him, his hips bucking into nothing as his shoulders slid down the wall and his free leg hooked around Chikage’s waist.

A strained grunt left Chikage’s mouth as his hips began to move on autopilot, setting a harsh pace. Tsuzuru bit his lower lip, the skin turning white and his eyes fluttering shut as Chikage continued to plow into him. A sharp pain met the small of Chikage’s back as the heel of Tsuzuru’s foot dug into him, the pressure making his hips briefly falter.

“Chikage-san,” Tsuzuru groaned as Chikage slid a hand up against Tsuzuru’s back, helping to keep him in place. “More? I-I can take it.”

I can do that, for you. Chikage tightened his grip on Tsuzuru’s thigh, his nails surely bruising Tsuzuru’s skin out of sight. Tsuzuru gasped for air as his face flushed and dick twitched. With each thrust of Chikage’s hips, there was another moan that threatened to drown out the rhythmic slaps of skin, another jolt and arc of Tsuzuru’s body, another bounce of his swollen dick.

Tsuzuru pulled a hand away from the wall, bringing it to his mouth to muffle his moans, his eyes tearing up as he stared at Chikage’s face.

I’d rather his hands be on me, Chikage thought. 

“Hold on,” Chikage whispered. Obediently, Tsuzuru’s legs wrapped firmly around Chikage’s hips. Chikage leaned down, allowing Tsuzuru to grab around his neck as Chikage pushed forward, moving Tsuzuru upright against the wall.

Chikage leaned into Tsuzuru’s neck, now easily within reach. “You like it when I leave marks, right?” Chikage breathed, his teeth grazing against Tsuzuru’s skin. A soft, uncharacteristic whimper meets Chikage’s ears, giving him all the permission that he needed.

Tsuzuru’s skin was surprisingly soft, giving way easily to Chikage’s teeth when he bit down. In response, Tsuzuru’s nails latched and clawed into Chikage’s back, the sting of skin making Chikage shiver and toe the edge.

“Chikage-san, I’m close,” Tsuzuru moaned.

Chikage was too, he doesn’t admit. Instead he released Tsuzuru’s neck, his mouth slamming against Tsuzuru’s own. Their kiss was more teeth than lips, as Tsuzuru panted and moaned into Chikage’s mouth. Chikage didn’t mind it though, savoring every moment that their lips did touch.

Chikage grunted, slamming up into Tsuzuru as he came. Tsuzuru whimpered into their kiss as Chikage briefly pulled away, but then, Chikage bit down on Tsuzuru’s bottome lip and pulled , Tsuzuru shaking as his own release flooded warmly between them.

Chikage slowed the clapping of their skin, leaning forwards onto the wall and coming to rest while still inside of Tsuzuru. He caught his breath, his forehead resting on Tsuzuru’s shoulder.

Chikage wouldn’t mind staying like this a little longer, he thought, with the high of his orgasm marrying with the soreness of his back and shoulders, basking in the intoxicating smell of Tsuzuru’s sweat, thick in the air between them.

“Chikage-san…?” Tsuzuru eventually mumbled, deafening in the silence that blanketed the room.

“Yes?” Chikage answered, perhaps a little too quickly.

“My legs are…” Oh, right. Chikage couldn’t see Tsuzuru’s face, but he could imagine the exasperated features clearly. He chuckled softly.

“Right.” Chikage pulled out, gently helping guide Tsuzuru’s legs back to the ground.

Chapter Text

"Itaru-san, can you please remove your feet from my lap?"

Itaru obnoxiously stretches his legs, his toes pointing toward the arm of the lounge couch. "Nah," Itaru answers, crossing one ankle over the other. "I'm pretty comfortable, you know. Your lap makes a pretty sweet rest spot."

"I think I'd be happier if it didn't," Tsuzuru retorts, resting one arm over the back of the couch while he holds his book closer to his face with the other. "Then maybe you wouldn't be such a nuisance."

"Ouch," Itaru deadpans, "can't believe I've been degraded to just a nuisance. I'll have you know I'm at least a certifiable gremlin."

"Is that really better?" Tsuzuru questions, but Itaru is already absorbed back into the world of his game, eyes glued determinedly to his phone screen.

Tsuzuru rolls his eyes and attempts to focus back on his book, but Itaru's feet are more distracting than he'd like to admit. He likes the weight of them on his thighs, his one heel pressing warmly into Tsuzuru's skin. The tendons running from his ankles to his toes are prominent as his feet flex, and his toes wiggle cutely to the rhythm of his game.

Tsuzuru may have a problem.

A minute or so later, during which Tsuzuru was definitely not staring at Itaru's feet, Itaru lets out a sound of victory, his one knee jerking upward as he celebrates. It's kind of cute, the way Itaru beams with pride, but then the balls of Itaru's feet are pushing into Tsuzuru's inner thigh while he stretches, and Tsuzuru's problem is suddenly a lot more prominent than it really should be.

" – zuru?" Itaru says, and oh god, he was talking.

Tsuzuru laughs awkwardly. "What were you saying, Itaru-san? I was really absorbed in my book."

Itaru raises an eyebrow. "… Sure." Itaru casually rocks his feet, toes massaging into Tsuzuru's thigh. "There's nothing else bothering you?"

"Nope," Tsuzuru's chokes out, his fingers tightening around his book.

"Mm, if you say so."

Tsuzuru figures that's that; Itaru starts up another round of his game, his ankles crossing once more over Tsuzuru's lap, while Tsuzuru pretends to read his book. Once Itaru is done with this newest song, Tsuzuru tells himself, he will escape to his room, where there aren't any tiny voices chiming from Itaru's phone speaker nor unwanted toes wiggling in his periphery.

A few minutes later, Tsuzuru sits up to do just that. At the same time, Itaru uncrosses his ankles, his foot landing heavily between Tsuzuru's hips.

They both freeze.

Itaru only stares at Tsuzuru with something akin to amusement while Tsuzuru slowly hides his burning face behind his book. Itaru makes no move to pull away, his feet sitting heavily in Tsuzuru's lap. Tsuzuru's other hand curls into the fabric of the couch.

"… Hey," Itaru eventually says, his heels pressing into Tsuzuru's thigh as he sits up. "Face me."

Tsuzuru reluctantly lowers his book, his face pink as he meets Itaru's gaze.

Itaru chuckles lightly. "I meant your hips, but that expression is nice too."

Tsuzuru frowns, but follows Itaru's instructions anyway, turning his body on the couch until he faces Itaru. He crosses his legs under him, ignoring the urge to cover himself with his hands.

Itaru grins, scooting closer before leaning his weight back on his elbows, one leg bent upward on the couch.

The other straightens, the sole of his foot unceremoniously pressing between Tsuzuru's hips.

Tsuzuru bites his lip, holding his book back over his mouth while he frantically looks around the lounge. Itaru's foot demands his attention, though, the harsh press of it against his crotch pulling his gaze back down to his lap. Itaru slides the ball of his foot up Tsuzuru's cock like a reward, his toes swiping over the tip before trailing back down the side, making Tsuzuru involuntarily shiver.

"Heh." Itaru repeats the movement, dragging his toes up and down Tsuzuru's length. Tsuzuru bites his lip harder. "I wonder what's turning you on more," Itaru ponders out loud. "Getting stepped on, or getting off in the lounge?" Itaru lines up the sole of his foot with Tsuzuru's cock. He presses down. "Which is it, Tsuzuru?"

Tsuzuru doesn't grace him with an answer, too preoccupied by the heat pulsing in his gut and the moans fighting to spill past his lips.

"Ah, well," Itaru concedes. He pushes off his elbows, sitting up fully as he rolls his foot up Tsuzuru's length. His other heel extends outward, nudging the book down from Tsuzuru's face. "I guess it doesn't matter."

He slides his toe across the head of Tsuzuru's cock, and Tsuzuru sees white.

Tsuzuru's lip might be bleeding.

When Tsuzuru comes back to his senses, he releases his lip with a gasp, his hand automatically shooting up to feel around where he bit. The skin around his lip is blessedly dry, but his crotch isn't quite so lucky, a wet stickiness coating his skin under his boxers.

Itaru chuckles again, already curled up on the other end of the couch, his phone held up to his face once more. "Have fun?" he teases, as if he wasn't just torturing Tsuzuru in the middle of the lounge.

Tsuzuru sighs. "Not at all," he denies.

Itaru raises his eyebrows again. "Sure," he repeats, seeing through Tsuzuru as always. "Same time next week then?"

"No!" Tsuzuru immediately exclaims.

Itaru laughs.

That, at least, Tsuzuru isn't embarrassed about liking.

Chapter Text

“Uh, I’m totes not kink-shaming here, Tsuzurun,” Kazunari awkwardly offered, “but isn’t this, like, a little - ?”

“Are you really someone who should be saying that, Miyoshi-san?” Tsuzuru bluntly responded as he leaned back against his bedroom wall. He smiled as Kazunari’s face slowly became flushed with an endearing pink color.

“H-hey!” Kazunari seemed at a loss for words, a rarity that always made Tsuzuru feel like he won some small, personal victory. “I mean…?” Kazunari briefly fumbled, but apparently decided not talking was his best way out of this one, for once. 

Instead, with a defeated huff, Kazunari pulled the white leather gloves from their museum job out of his pocket, and Tsuzuru already felt his pulse begin to race. Tsuzuru wasn’t sure what it was about their time performing in the museum yesterday, but the tight fit of Kazunari’s white gloves had him distracted all day.

It only made sense to ask Kazunari to let him explore it further. After all, his boyfriend had definitely asked for weirder things.

Tsuzuru’s throat started to tighten as Kazunari pulled the taut gloves over his hands, his fingers delicately fastening the clasps on his inner wrists. Then Kazunari knelt down in front of Tsuzuru, his eyes sparkling with curiosity.

“Will, uh, this really work?” Kazunari whispered, more to himself than to Tsuzuru, as he brought the flat of his thumb to Tsuzuru’s bottom lip.

Tsuzuru knew leather was non-conductive. There was no way it could hold even the smallest static charge. And yet, electricity still sparked at Tsuzuru’s lips, crackling through his veins as Kazunari’s thumb made contact. 

The waxy grip of leather pressed lightly at first, but then confidently against Tsuzuru’s bottom lip. The pad of Kazunari’s thumb slowly swiped to the side, Tsuzuru’s lip pulling with the rough fabric. Reflexively, Tsuzuru licked his lip as Kazunari’s thumb trailed to his cheek, a subtle unfamiliar taste meeting his tongue.

Tsuzuru’s lips stayed open as Kazunari’s bright eyes stared at him, his warm hand continuing to stroke Tsuzuru’s face. “You, uh,” Kazunari whispered, “like this already, huh?”

What gave it away? Tsuzuru didn’t think he was blushing, since the only warmth he felt was from Kazunari’s hand, continuing to stroke his face. Kazunari’s index finger returned to Tsuzuru’s lips, gently tracing around, then over them. 

Tsuzuru shifted, feeling the heat begin to build in his crotch with so little contact. Yeah, this was definitely a thing now. Shaky exhales fell from Tsuzuru’s mouth, unable to be rerouted as arousal and desire began to overtake Tsuzuru’s body.

The warmth briefly left Tsuzuru’s lips again, a chill running up Tsuzuru’s spine as Kazunari’s hand hovered before him.

Then, donning a serious face, Kazunari pushed his index and middle fingers between Tsuzuru’s lips. The taste of oaken leather flooded Tsuzuru’s senses, digging his own nails into his palms. He wasn’t quite sure why. Was it to suppress a moan? To keep himself in place? To stop himself from asking for more?

Probably not that last one, the fingers in Tsuzuru’s mouth had that covered as they firmly pressed down against his tongue.

Saliva flooded Tsuzuru’s mouth, changing the taste of the leather into something distinctly earthy as it began to soak into the fabric.

“Wow, you’re super duper into this, Tsuzurun,” Kazunari observed, surprise evident in his voice. Even if there weren’t fingers in his mouth, Tsuzuru wasn’t sure he would have a good comeback for that one. To Tsuzuru’s surprise, Kazunari slowly began thrusting his fingers in and out of Tsuzuru’s mouth, the spit soaked leather gliding effortlessly over his tongue.

After a moment, Tsuzuru moans, his arousal painfully constrained inside his jeans. 

Miyoshi-san knows what I want out of this, so... taking it out should be fine, right? Tsuzuru unballed his fists, his hands blindly fumbling with his button and zipper as his eyes remained trained on Kazunari’s increasingly curious face, just visible over the back of his hand. Tsuzuru noticed Kazunari’s face fall into thought as Tsuzuru freed his erection, firmly wrapping his hands around his shaft.

With a smile that Tsuzuru could only describe as honest to goodness embarrassed , Kazunari’s hand pulled out of Tsuzuru’s mouth, the leather ever so slightly looser around his fingers than it was before. Kazunari’s dry hand moved Tsuzuru’s hand away from his crotch, the spit-covered glove taking its place.

Tsuzuru’s hips automatically began stuttering up into Kazunari’s hand as he leaned back against the wall, the heels of his feet now flat on the floor. Tsuzuru wasn’t sure how to describe this sensation. Frantically, his mind flipped through the thesauruses and dictionaries of his mind, desperately searching for an answer. 

It was surprisingly greasy, the feel of the gloved hand sliding up and down his dick. Yet, strangely, it wasn’t unpleasant at all.The stick of the leather as it rolled over his tip. The slick slide as it glided back down his shaft. The embrace of too-warm fingers as they gripped and flexed around his shaft. 

All together, it was simply euphoric.

Kazunari’s free hand moved to caress Tsuzuru’s face. Kazunari’s eyes were bright, his smile was cute, and Tsuzuru found himself remembering how incredibly good Kazunari always was to him as he melted under the movements of Kazunari’s hands.

Tsuzuru turned into Kazunari’s hand, nuzzling affectionately before decisively pressing his tongue against the fabric. After all, his body had other incredibly pressing needs right now, so there would be time to be soft afterward.

Kazunari giggled, his own voice high and breathy. “You’re such a weird one Tsuzurun~”

Tsuzuru withdrew his tongue, his eyes travelling over Kazunari’s body. Then, there it was, Kazunari’s dick prominently tenting his own pants.

Tsuzuru smiled, knowing full well he wasn’t the only weird one in this relationship.

Then, Kazunari rolled his palm across Tsuzuru’s head, and Tsuzuru bit into Kazunari’s glove as he saw nothing but white.

Chapter Text

"Chika~ge~" Misumi chimes sweetly, gripping the sides of Chikage's jaw to turn his face forward. "Eyes up here, remember?" Misumi's voice lowers. "Surely even you can remember that much, right?"

Chikage nods as much as Misumi's grip allows him.

Misumi beams, briefly letting go of Chikage to rummage through their bag, haphazardly thrown onto the hotel nightstand. Chikage stays how Misumi left him: kneeling naked on the bed, his front facing the hotel wall.

Chikage wonders if he should be happy or concerned that he's on the bed today.

"Aww, Chikachon really is well-behaved!" Kazunari chirps from the desk chair. Chikage resists turning his head to glare.

"Right?" Misumi agrees. "Hmm, dildo or vibrator, Kazu?"

"I kind of want to see him get off without them~ Or is that too weird of a vibe?"

"Hehe, I'm sure I can make him." Misumi hums again, idly tapping his feet on the floor. "What about a ring?"

"You have rings?" Kazunari exclaims, sounding way more excited than Chikage thinks he should. "If you like it then you have to put a ring on it, Sumi!"

Misumi giggles back, finally returning to his spot in front of Chikage. He grins down at him, deftly sliding one of their cock rings down to the base of Chikage's dick. "I do like this part of Chikage most~" Misumi comments, tightening the ring with practiced fingers.

Misumi's hands fall away, his lips still pulled up into a smile. "You should touch yourself, Chikage," Misumi suggests, innocently clasping his hands behind his back. "I want you to show Kazu just how slutty you are~" Misumi's smile widens, his canines prominent behind his upper lip. "You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

Chikage's not sure if he's supposed to answer.

"Chikage," Misumi quietly repeats.

Chikage knows a command when he hears it, his hand moving faster than his brain to wrap his fingers around his cock. Chikage strokes himself slowly, overly aware of both the pressure around the base of his dick and the weight of Misumi's eyes on his skin. His breathing deepens, his cock hardening embarrassingly quickly under Misumi's attention.

Kazunari chuckles, his body shifting in Chikage's peripherals. Chikage's wrist twitches out of rhythm. "He's so eager~" Kazunari teases.

Misumi fondly ruffles Chikage's hair. "Does Kazu want to see what else he's eager for?"

"Hit us with it, Sumi!"

Oh god, Chikage thinks, don't give him ideas.

Misumi's hand tightens in Chikage's hair at the words, baring Chikage's neck as he leans in close. Chikage shivers as Misumi's breath fans out onto his skin, the hand on his cock still moving on autopilot. "Chikage really likes when I mark him," Misumi says. He scrapes his teeth under Chikage's jaw, teasing the soft stretch of skin. "Cute, right?"

"Totes adorbs~"

Shut up, Chikage doesn't say, his breath stuttering as Misumi bites into his skin. Misumi smiles, moving to bite lower on Chikage's neck.

Chikage moans quietly as Misumi licks over the spot, soothing the slight sting from his teeth. "So noisy~" Misumi comments, working his tongue and teeth down Chikage's throat. Misumi sucks harshly on the side of Chikage's neck, Chikage's breath hitching in reply. "Is it because my mouth feels good?" Misumi asks, licking a wet line along Chikage's collarbone. "That can't be the only reason, right?"

Chikage bites his bottom lip, overly aware of the second set of eyes boring into him.

"I think the bruises are Chikage's favorite part," Misumi murmurs. "Chikage thinks I don't notice, but I always see him press down on them in the morning~" Misumi sucks another mark onto Chikage's shoulder, Chikage whimpering as Misumi's hand tightens in his hair.

Misumi pulls back, licking his already-wet lips as he admires his work. "Just these should be good," he breathes, brushing his thumb over Chikage's skin. "But now I have another job for you, Chikage~"

"Mm?" Chikage's hand has slowed to a stop, but he leaves it wrapped loosely around his dick, unsure if he's allowed to let go.

Misumi pulls Chikage's head down, Chikage catching himself on the bed with his free hand. Misumi's dick is already half-hard under the fabric of his pants, making Chikage oddly proud, Chikage's nose nearly brushing against it as Misumi maneuvers him.

"Does Chikage want a taste?" Misumi asks, sliding his other hand into Chikage's hair.

Kazunari suddenly laughs, the sound making Chikage's heart unreasonably race. "I think he does, Sumi~ He's making such a needy face."

"Hehe, you're right, Kazu~" Misumi combs his fingers through Chikage's hair. "I want to hear Chikage say it, though."

Chikage licks his lips, tilting his head upward to meet Misumi's gaze. Misumi's mouth curls into a smirk, his nails lightly scraping against Chikage's scalp. "Please," Chikage answers, adjusting his weight on his knees until he can get both his hands on Misumi's hips.

Misumi tightens his grip once more. "I can't say no if Chikage wants it that badly~"

You definitely have before, Chikage thinks, sliding his hands along Misumi's waistband to free his dick from under his clothes. Misumi hums, nudging his tip against Chikage's mouth. Chikage wraps his lips around it, licking over the slit while he coaxes Misumi to full hardness with his hand.

"Chikachon really is surprisingly cute," Kazunari comments, the desk chair creaking as he shifts.

Misumi hums again, pulling Chikage's head closer. Chikage slides his hands away from his cock, gripping onto Misumi's hips once more. "He is~" Misumi agrees. "… He's even cuter when I use him, though."

Chikage's eyes widen as Misumi thrusts fully into his mouth, Chikage forcibly relaxing his throat before he chokes. Misumi sets a brutal pace, Chikage barely stopping himself from falling onto his chest on the bed. His nails dig into Misumi's hips.

"See?" Misumi chimes, pausing to rub the head of his cock against the roof of Chikage's mouth. "Chikage looks so happy to be used~"

Chikage's dick twitches, the sudden rush of heat making Kazunari's response unintelligible.

Misumi giggles, picking up the pace once more. "Don't worry, Chikage," Misumi assures, "you'll get what you're after soon~"


Misumi continues to laugh, the sound broken up by tiny gasps whenever Chikage manages to hum or suck around him. "Did Chikage already forget what he asked for?" Misumi pulls Chikage's mouth flush with his skin, Misumi's cock rubbing inside his throat as Misumi rolls his hips. "You said you wanted a taste~ So make sure to swallow it all, okay?"

Chikage's cock strains against the ring.

Then Misumi is cumming, the sticky warmth sliding down Chikage's throat and spreading across his tongue. Chikage dutifully swallows, even as he starts to grow lightheaded, Misumi's hands and hips keeping Chikage in place.

Chikage gasps loudly when Misumi finally pulls him off, blinking away tears he doesn't remember forming. He almost doesn't notice the second set of footsteps approaching over the rush of blood in his ears and his own labored breathing, but the hand that grabs onto his chin is unmistakable.

Misumi's hands fall away from Chikage's hair, allowing Kazunari to turn Chikage's face to the side. Kazunari unceremoniously pushes his thumb between Chikage's lips, pressing down on Chikage's tongue until he opens his mouth wider. Kazunari's focused gaze makes Chikage unconsciously shiver, Kazunari's lips curling upward at the subtle movement.

"He really did swallow it all~" Kazunari trills, tucking a stand of Chikage's hair behind his ear. "Does that mean it's my turn now?"

Chapter Text

“Hey, so this is fine, right?” Itaru asked, somewhat hesitantly. 

Itaru looked up at the figure sitting on the tree stump before him: resplendent, no, absolutely divine in his posture and mannerisms. Sure, it was a little weird that Itaru’s closest childhood friend and hero had his exact face. But that didn’t make Lancelot any less, well, Lancelot.

It was surreal for Itaru, looking up into his own eyes. Diluted bottles of red wine, warm toned peony fields, a spark of curiosity lightening the otherwise intense hue. It was all too familiar, the way Lancelot’s eyes briefly smiled, his lips twitching upwards for the briefest of seconds, before falling back into his serious, yet unsure demeanor.

“I,” Lancelot started. He paused, giving Itaru time to shake off hearing his own voice from a foreign source. He frowned briefly, but then Itaru smiled adoringly up at his hero, and Lancelot’s expression softened the slightest bit in response.

Itaru felt like his heart was ready to hammer out of his chest.

“If you insist, but,” Lancelot paused again, his eyes flicking away briefly before bringing a hand to run through Itaru’s hair. “Don’t force yourself.”

Like I haven’t thought about this before , Itaru mused to himself, his pulse racing as he pulled Lancelot’s partial erection from his pants. Plus, if I can help Lancelot in any way, it’s a quest worth accepting.

Itaru blinked as he watched his hand automatically begin to stroke Lancelot’s dick. It was, well, big . Really big. Entirely epic in proportion. But honestly, why should Itaru have expected differently when Lancelot already had his face? Still, Itaru felt somewhat accomplished as he stroked Lancelot to his full size, each pulse and curve feeling oddly familiar in his hand.

“Does this feel alright?” Itaru asked, looking up with bright eyes, eager for feedback. Lancelot’s cheeks lightly flushed - wait, is he really blushing? - as he smiled somewhat awkwardly in response.

This was totally a T1 sign! It wasn’t every day he had this kind of chance, so Itaru began to stroke more confidently, pride swelling in his chest. “You can tell me what you like,” Itaru offered, as if he didn’t already have an idea. “I just want to do my best to serve you.”

Lancelot frowned as his lips parted, slight huffs of air leaving his mouth as Itaru’s thumb rolled under the head of Lancelot’s dick. “Again, you speak of servitude owed to me, but - “

Right, Lancelot isn’t the type to selfishly say what he wants, Itaru remembered as Lancelot continued with his selfless spiel. If this was just a high-res dream sequence, Itaru had to applaud his brain for sticking to canon as well as it was. Still, it was a little frustrating when Itaru really just wanted to do his best for his hero.

“I get it,” Itaru accidentally interrupted. Lancelot’s mouth was agape in somewhat indignant surprise, but stayed silent and allowed Itaru to continue. “I’ll just do what I want to do for you. So get some R&R for me and enjoy, please.” 

Are and are …? I don’t quite underst - ”

Itaru pressed the flat of his tongue to Lancelot’s dick, firmly shutting the latter up. Slowly, Itaru dragged his tongue up and down the sides before firmly wrapping his lips around the tip. Curiously, he looked up at Lancelot, who now had one hand covering his mouth while the other hovered hesitantly in the air near Itaru’s head.

This isn’t quite how I thought he would be, Itaru thought. He imagined Lancelot to be confident and more experienced. Instead, Lancelot seemed a little awkward, and he was still his kind, considerate self that Itaru always admired. And maybe a little sensitive too, if Itaru had to guess based on the body language and how quickly he grew to size. I guess knighthood doesn’t leave him a lot of time for stuff like this. Itaru nudged his head against Lancelot’s hand, humming contently as Lancelot’s hand loosely wrapped into his soft mop of hair.

Itaru wasn’t quite sure how much he could take. It’s not like he had experience with, uh, polishing sizable broadswords before, after all. Still, for Lancelot he would try. He had to try. Decisively, Itaru began to take in more of Lancelot's length, his tongue pressing it up against the roof of his mouth as he began to suck in earnest.

Lancelot’s hand did little to stifle the low moans falling from his lips. Encouraged and emboldened, Itaru slowly began to take more into his mouth, his saliva flowing freely down Lancelot’s shaft as his hand continued to work near the base.

Itaru felt his own arousal begin to stir as Lancelot’s hand tightened in his hair. Satisfying moans and short gasps for air became one with the ambient background track, energizing Itaru’s motivation to please. 

“I feel… this is good,” Lancelot panted above him before letting out another low moan. The butterflies in Itaru’s chest fluttered excitedly at the positive feedback. 

The surprising vocalizations weren’t the end of it, Itaru quickly found out. Lancelot’s hips slowly began rolling up to attempt to meet with Itaru’s mouth. Then Itaru’s throat sputtered as Lancelot’s dick gently kissed the entrance to his throat.

“I’m close… this is…”

Itaru blinked back the tears in his eyes, determined to stay composed. His hand left Lancelot’s dick, balling into a fist to the side as Lancelot unconsciously continued to roll up against his throat. Itaru willed himself to relax, and Lancelot’s tip quickly took the opportunity to slip inside his throat.

Instead of the increased difficulty level continuing, Itaru suddenly choked as a bitter, warm viscosity suddenly flooded his senses. Then, as soon as it had entered, Lancelot’s cock left his throat, and then his mouth all together. 

Cum poured from between Itaru’s lips, splattering messily on the grass below as he coughed and sputtered weakly for air. A warm, reassuring hand cupped Itaru’s face, then the fingers of another began to gently wipe the cum away from Itaru’s chin and lips.

“Are you alright?” Lancelot asked, somewhat worriedly.

Itaru reluctantly met his gaze, somewhat embarrassed about the swallowing flub. “Uh, yeah,” Itaru rasped. “GTG. I mean, good. I’m good.”

Lancelot’s eyes crinkled ever so slightly, every line of relief and joy strangely familiar. And yet, from Lancelot, they were still alien and new. Itaru tried not to think about it, or anything really, as Lancelot smiled gently down at him. “You really didn’t have to do all that, but... thank you. Sincerely. You did... well.”

No, thank you, Lancelot , Itaru thought, his eyes suddenly feeling heavy as his heart flipped in his chest. For you, I’d do this and so much more. It’s the least I can do for all you’ve done for me.

Chapter Text

"We really don't have to use the flavored lube for this, Kazunari," Itaru says, looking over his shoulder to meet Kazunari's gaze.

"Of course we do!" Kazunari counters, lips curling upward as he presses a slick thumb to Itaru's entrance. Itaru's hands clench tighter on his thighs, his leg muscles tensing over Kazunari's chest. "I like the taste of your dick too much to use it for a blowie~ So I might as well sweeten up the deal back here!"

Itaru frowns, facing forward again to relax his neck. Kazunari's legs are bent upward, his thighs framing where his dick is still soft in his boxers. Itaru rubs his thumbs over his knuckles. "But do you really need me sitting on your face for it?"

Kazunari's fingers curl around Itaru's hips, gently coaxing him back. "I don't need you to, but it'd be really sexy if you do~ So please, Itarun?"

If it gets us to the next stage, Itaru thinks, finally shifting back on his knees until he's hovering over Kazunari's mouth. Kazunari's hands slide to the tops of Itaru's thighs, holding him in place.

"Thanks for the meal~" Kazunari murmurs, warm breath puffing onto Itaru's skin.

Itaru opens his mouth to retort, but Kazunari's tongue laps across his entrance before he can, a stuttering exhale leaving Itaru's mouth instead. Kazunari repeats the movement, Itaru's eyes clenching shut in embarrassment at the additional wetness it leaves behind.

Itaru's face rapidly turns red when Kazunari presses his tongue more firmly, slowly licking upward. He ends the movement with a flick of his tongue, the tip of it swirling around Itaru's entrance before attempting to press inward.

Even though Kazunari can't see him, Itaru brings one of his hands to his face, covering his own flushed cheeks and parted lips. He whimpers behind his palm when Kazunari's wet lips graze against him, the quiet slurp as Kazunari sucks on his skin making Itaru's ears burn.

Kazunari pops off briefly before pressing the tip of his tongue against Itaru's entrance again, a combination of lube and spit allowing him to push his tongue inside. Itaru instinctively shies away from the barely-there stretch, his thighs flexing as he leans his body forward.

Itaru gasps loudly as Kazunari's hands clamp tighter on his thighs in response, pulling Itaru back onto his face. The press of his tongue feels harsher, almost, Itaru's thighs trembling as he struggles not to drop his weight onto Kazunari's jaw. Kazunari's tongue pushes the slightest bit deeper, a high-pitched whine passing through Itaru's fingers at the warm slide inside him.

Kazunari's tongue momentarily slips out of him, Itaru's eyes blinking open while they both catch their breath. He flushes anew at the tent forming in Kazunari's boxers, Kazunari's dick straining eagerly against the fabric. Itaru reflexively reaches outward, hips unconsciously rising with the movement.

The hands on his thighs pull him back again, Itaru's outstretched hand balling uselessly on his knee. Kazunari's mouth quickly returns to Itaru's ass, spit dripping and cooling on Itaru's skin as his entrance turns pliant around Kazunari's tongue.

"K-Kazunari," Itaru manages to stutter out, his eyes still trained between Kazunari's hips. "Do you not want to…" Itaru trails off, moaning in surprise when one of Kazunari's hands slides from his thigh to his dick.

Kazunari strokes Itaru languidly, his other hand gliding upward to squeeze Itaru's hip. "I want you to come like this, Itarun," he murmurs, his lips brushing over Itaru's spit-covered skin. "Just this once, okay?"

Itaru swallows, legs shaking as Kazunari teasingly traces his tongue around him. "Can I at least touch you?" he mumbles.

"Hmm…" Kazunari hums in thought, pressing a kiss to Itaru's entrance. Itaru's face grows impossibly redder. "Not until you finish."

Kazunari's hand speeds up around Itaru's cock, Itaru moaning as Kazunari's tongue pushes back inside of him. Itaru's thighs tremble weakly then collapse, Itaru's weight finally falling onto Kazunari's tongue. Itaru feels himself lower as Kazunari relaxes his head fully onto the bed, the hand on his hip wandering back down to his thigh.

Itaru whimpers as Kazunari presses inside of him, his body relaxing around Kazunari's tongue with embarrassing ease.

A soft scrape of nails on his thighs, a slow lick at his entrance, and a few strokes of his cock later, Itaru spills over.

Ignoring the cum still splattering onto his stomach and over Kazunari's hand, Itaru quickly falls forward, pulling Kazunari out of his boxers with shaky fingers. Kazunari yelps in surprise, his thighs jerking next to Itaru's head.

I finished, so –

Itaru blinks through the pleasure still clouding his brain, only vaguely registering the spit still coating his ass. He wraps his lips around the twitching cock in front of him.

My turn, Itaru thinks.

Chapter Text

“So, you’re super duper suresies about this, Settsuar?” Kazunari asked, his hand brushing aside Banri’s bangs to gently tuck them behind his ear.

This could be a cute, touching moment, Banri observed, if it wasn’t for Kazunari’s dick, hard and ready in front of his face.

Banri shrugged, looking off to the side to avoid Kazunari’s cock and his worried gaze. “Eh, it’s whatever.” And really. It was whatever. Even before they started dating, Kazunari was surprisingly willing to do a lot for Banri, and now that bled over into the bedroom. Banri was really grateful, and resting on his knees in front of Kazunari was one way he could show it, since words weren’t always his forte.

Plus, what kind of boyfriend would Banri be if he didn’t let Kazunari fuck into his own mouth every now and again? A terrible one, and Banri Settsu was not a terrible non-reciprocating boyfriend.

“Uh, I mean,” Kazunari muttered as his fingers started to delicately twirl strands of Banri’s hair. “We can totes do something else too? Like, I know this is so different from our usual. You could just pretend I didn’t say anything, and we’re cool!”

Banri met Kazunari’s gaze and felt his own features begin to soften. Man, he looked beautiful with his worried expression and nervous smile, like in that handsome Kazunari sort of way that only he could. 

“Nah, I want to, and if ya wait any longer, your dick’s likely to tap out,” Banri joked, his own face softening as laughter brightened Kazunari’s face. 

“Plus, it’s not like it’s that big a deal anyway,” Banri stupidly continued, his thoughts flowing like water from his lips. “You’re not even that big, right? So, it should be pretty super ultra easy mode on my part, y’know?”

Kazunari tensed slightly as he stared down at Banri. Banri blinked back, mildly annoyed about the holdup. Did this man want his dick sucked or not?

Then, the expected playful chuckle sounded from Kazunari’s lips as his face relaxed. “Haha, yeah, I guess so~ just make sure you tell me if it’s too much, ‘kay?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Banri replied before popping open his mouth, more than ready to get on with things.

Banri didn’t have to wait any longer for Kazunari to take a step closer, the tip of his dick sliding easily between Banri’s lips.

Kazunari’s fingers ran through Banri’s hair as he shallowly thrust in and out of Banri’s mouth, the tip grazing the top of Banri’s mouth. “Oh, yeah! This is such a good vibe! Mmm, I could totes just take my time and admire you like this for a while~”

Banri would have scoffed if it wasn’t for the dick in his mouth. Still, he looked up, expecting to see Kazunari’s typical expression: abject horniness. Okay, maybe horniness itself wasn’t an expression, but Kazunari usually had this really pretty flush of pink on his goofy smiling face when they did shit like this.

Kazunari's expression was void of the typical. Instead of a shy smile or a playful grin, there was the subtlest of smirks twitching on his lips. His eyes were laser-focused, an expression that was rarely ever directed at Banri. 

“Settsuar, you’re totally not that good at this~” Kazunari teased, his fingers flexing restlessly against Banri’s head.

Wait, what the fuck ? Sure, maybe Banri was briefly distracted by Kazunari’s not-goofy face, but that sure as hell didn’t mean he wasn’t great at sucking dick.

Determined, Banri began to focus on what was really important here: the dick languidly thrusting in and out of his mouth. After all, this really wasn’t that bad at all, so he might as well put some effort in. Banri began to suck with each thrust into his mouth, his tongue firmly pushing Kazunari up against the roof of his mouth. 

A shaky exhale left Kazunari’s lips. Score.

“Hah… that’s better… but maybe I’ll help you out a little more~” 

Banri would have made a smart remark, if it wasn’t, again, for the dick in his mouth. Something about not needing help, or Kazunari not appreciating his mouth enough. Banri really didn’t even have time to come up with his hypothetical dialogue as the fingers from both of Kazunari’s hands tightened in his hair, firmly holding him in place and cutting off his line of thought.

It happened quickly. One moment Banri was coasting through Lazy-Dick Town, and the next Kazunari’s cock was firmly pushing against his throat. Kazunari’s movements became confident, harsher and more powerful with each additional thrust. 

Banri wasn’t sure what the fuck was going on, or what even set Kazunari off, but his hands gripped Kazunari’s thighs as his throat sputtered around another push from Kazunari’s dick. Determination filled Banri and he forced his throat to relax as he held back the moisture in his eyes. Banri absolutely could take this dick, after all, and at this point there was no backing down!

Kazunari chuckled, the fucker chuckled , as his cock suddenly slowed down and dragged shallowly against the roof of Banri’s mouth once again. Banri frowned, but inhaled deeply through his nose while he still could.

“It’s cute how you’re tearing up, Settsuar,” Kazunari said in this really annoyingly soft voice that he shouldn’t be using in this situation. “Even though Kazu Junior isn’t even that big ~”

Wait. Wait. Waaaait. Was that why Kazunari’s vibes were so bad? Man, he must be an idiot to think that Banri meant that as an insult! Banri attempted to push himself off of Kazunari’s dick, to explain, or probably more likely admonish Kazunari for taking lighthearted shit so seriously, but Kazunari’s hands were still holding him in place. If only it wasn’t for this annoying dick in his mouth, he’d -

“I’ll show you what I can really do now, okies? Brace yourself~”

Banri relaxed his throat.

In one fluid motion. Kazunari slammed his hips forward and entered Banri’s throat. Banri’s nails tightened into Kazunari’s skin as Kazunari’s crotch pressed against his nose. The moan Kazunari let out would have been super satisfying to a weaker man, but Banri stayed firm in his competitive annoyance as a tear definitely didn’t roll down his cheek.

Kazunari’s movements were shallow but quick as the head of his cock dragged inside of Banri’s throat. It wasn’t long before Banri began to feel lightheaded, but Kazunari’s ever tightening fingers in his hair and the airy moans from above kept him tethered to reality.

“Ahhn, y-you feel good…”

As if Banri needed to be told tha -

“I’m going to come,” Kazunari whined.

Wait, wha -

Kazunari’s hips went flush with Banri’s nose one again. Banri felt Kazunari’s dick twitching in his throat as he came, a vicious warmth flooding his senses as he desperately yearned for air. Still, there was a job to do here, and Banri wasn’t going to half-ass anything.

As Kazunari pulled out, Banri made sure that he swallowed everything. That would show him, right?

Kazunari knelt down, his thumbs brushing away the definitely-not-there tears on Banri’s cheeks. Man, why was he like this? Just, all of this! Banri opened his mouth to ask what the hell was going on, because seriously, what the hell , but his voice croaked uselessly.

“Aw, I couldn’t hear you Settsuar,” Kazunari joked, the cute, goofy, familiar smile back on his face. “Was it something I did?”

Banri felt the heat rise to his cheeks. Oh, he was going to get Kazunari back for this one, for sure!

Chapter Text


Misumi sighs contently, wet lips parted as Kumon bottoms out inside him. Kumon struggles to steady his own breathing, the familiar heat surrounding him making his head spin. A few moments later, Misumi starts to squirm against the window he's pressed against, Kumon digging his fingers into Misumi's thighs to keep him from falling.

"Kumon," Misumi whines, his legs tightening around Kumon's waist.

Kumon exhales shakily, sliding his hands closer to Misumi's ass before carefully pulling his own hips back. He thrusts in just as carefully, adjusting his legs as he slowly finds a rhythm.

Misumi moans breathily, his head tilting back against the glass. A light sheen of sweat covers his skin, highlighted by the warm overhead light of the bedroom. Kumon blushes at the way Misumi's back leaves smears on the glass, smudging the otherwise pristine view of the city below.

Kumon adjusts his grip on Misumi, leaning forward until their chests are flush. Kumon's forehead drops onto the window above Misumi's shoulder as he increases the speed of his hips, Misumi gasping at the change in pace.

Kumon's breath fogs the glass as he pants, but as the condensation fades away, he's met with the bright lights of the city, the streets still crowded and alive even this late in the evening. He idly wonders if anyone has looked up at them; if anyone has seen Misumi's bare back pressed against the window, Kumon's length plunging into him, while Kumon's hands dig into the warm muscle of Misumi's ass and thighs.

Kumon buries his face into Misumi's shoulder, his cheeks heating at the possibility.

"Kumon," Misumi breathes again, his heels digging into Kumon's back. Kumon hums questioningly against Misumi's skin. "Kumon, I'm close."

Kumon's breath hitches, Misumi's hole clenching around him. Kumon pulls his face out from Misumi's shoulder, his gaze falling to where they're connected while he slides his arm under Misumi's lower back. Misumi lets himself slip partially down the glass, Kumon's left hand splaying across the small of Misumi's back while the other clumsily wraps around Misumi's cock, hard and beading between them.

This view, Kumon thinks, inhaling sharply as he sinks deeper into Misumi, is just for me.

Kumon strokes over Misumi's cock, Misumi gasping and giggling as Kumon's hips speed up again. Misumi's thighs squeeze tight above Kumon's hips. "You feel good, Kumon," Misumi whispers, cupping Kumon's cheeks in his hands. His eyelids flutter as Kumon thrusts harder into him, his dick twitching in Kumon's hand. "I'm gonna…"

Misumi comes with a moan, his release shooting messily onto his chest and stomach. Kumon quickly follows, spilling into the condom as Misumi tightens around him. Kumon's legs shake as he falls forward, laughing into Misumi's neck as Misumi's cum smears onto Kumon's skin.

Kumon chances a peek out the window once more, the city lights still twinkling below.

As their breaths slow and Kumon's arms start to ache, Kumon finally pulls out, Misumi's arms wrapping around Kumon's shoulders as he carefully lowers his legs back to the floor. Kumon steps away to throw out the condom, Misumi unceremoniously peeling himself off the window to stretch.

Misumi makes his way back to Kumon's side, sweat and cum drying uncomfortably between their chests as Misumi presses against him once more.

"Welcome home, Kumon~" Misumi chimes, voice fond and raspy and just for him.

Kumon's eyes trail from the smudges on their window to their rumpled bed, and then finally to Misumi's eyes, brighter than any light that might shine outside their tiny apartment. "I'm home!" Kumon rings back, his gaze reluctantly returning to their dirty window. "Shouldn't we, uh, clean that up?"

Misumi hums, nuzzling his nose against Kumon's. "… What if we just go again? I can face the window this time!"

"Sumi-san!" Kumon squeaks, hiding in Misumi's shoulder once more.

Chapter Text

Banri shivered as teeth lightly grazed his skin, warm puffs of air splaying against his neck. The shivering was just a coincidence, by the way! It was cold in room 104, and Banri’s shirt was, very unfortunately, MIA, by absolutely no fault of his own.

Well, whatever, it was what it was. The missing shirt was less annoying than the weight pinning Banri to his bed. Hyodo’s teeth suddenly nipped at Banri’s earlobe, his tongue quickly circling the skin to soothe the spot.

“Hey,” Hyodo whispered. “This is fine, right?”

Goddamn stupid, considerate asshole . “I’d say if it wasn’t,” Banri said reluctantly. As if he couldn’t take being bitten.

“Mm, alright.” What was with that content hum? What was he even getting out of this anyway, other than Banri’s internal suffering? 

Hyodo’s chest pressed down heavily on Banri’s own as he bit back down on Banri’s earlobe and pulled . Banri wasn’t going to acknowledge the noise that he made as his back tried to arch off the mattress, uselessly pushing up against Ju - no, Hyodo’s - warm weight.

Hyodo’s mouth moved languidly, leaving a trail of saliva and the occasional sharp nip as it traveled down the side of Banri’s neck. Despite everything, Hyodo annoyingly knew how to get Banri going, and man, each tug of teeth against Banri’s skin sent another rush of blood down to jumpstart his dick.

Then Hyodo, the fucker, bit down hard, right in the crook of where Banri’s neck met his shoulder. Banri’s arms inexplicably found themselves wrapped around Hyodo’s shoulders, his nails scraping uselessly against the fabric of Hyodo’s shirt.

“Enjoyin’ yourself?” the bane of Banri’s existence asked. Why did Hyodo always know how to get him this fired up? 

Banri opened his mouth to make a smart retort, but then Hyodo’s hand was between them, firmly gripping his dick over his boxers, and a moan rose from the depths of Banri’s throat instead.

“Heh, I’ll take that as a yes.” 

God, if Banri could see Hyodo’s face, he’d totally give him a look , but instead he was just left staring at this greasy purple mop of hair and -

Banri felt his skin sting as Juza’s teeth dug into his collarbone. “S-shit, ya better not break skin!” Banri griped, knowing full well that Hyodo never would. Bruises? Sure, sometimes he got a little carried away. But he was always cautious enough to at least leave it at that.

Hyodo hummed in acknowledgement, his hand working on stroking Banri’s dick through the thin fabric between them. Banri groaned, entirely out of frustration, as something that definitely wasn’t pleasure raced through his veins. 

Banri moaned again as Hyodo travelled further south, his mouth sucking on Banri’s upper peck to raise his skin between his teeth. Damnit, it’s not like Banri wanted to be turned on by this, but it was getting to be a bit much!

Reluctantly, Banri began thrusting up against Hyodo’s hand with the little bit of leverage the mattress and the lug’s body allowed him. Hyodo’s wet mouth disappeared ever so briefly, only to reappear over Banri’s nipple. Banri began to get light headed as Juza’s - no, fucking Hyodo’s! - tongue swirled around it, before his teeth gently clamped down and grinded.

Banri’s eyes clenched shut as he came in his boxers.

Banri blinked back to awareness as Hyodo propped himself up, an annoying, charming, doofy smile on his illegally-handsome face. For lack of words, Banri frowned while heat rose to his cheeks. Why was he looking so self satisfied when there was nothing to be feeling all fulfilled about? Hell, Banri would show him satisfaction!

Determined to show Juza something to actually be wowed about, Banri rocked in preparation to roll over, ideally flipping Juza beneath him. But as he went to move, Juza got up and headed towards the ladder of the loft beds.

Wait, what the fuck?

“Oi, Hyodo!” Banri hissed. “Where do ya think you’re goin’?!” 

“Uh, I have class.” Fucking Juza Hyodo and his fucking stoic voice. “I always do at this time.”

Oh, then what the fuck was all of that sexy shit for? Banri felt the heat of anger rise to his cheeks. “You have no class at all, leavin’ me in bed like this!”

Hyodo laughed, the audacity. “You got off like you wanted, yeah? There shouldn’t be any complaints. Later.”

Banri blinked, the door to the room closing and locking before him. Then, he was alone, half naked in bed with cum uncomfortably drying in his boxers and bruises surely forming on his skin.  

Banri scowled. “Stupid fucking Hyodo and his stupid broad body. This is so fucking stupid. Where the fuck did he even move our tissues to?!”

Chapter Text


"Mm?" Tsuzuru tilts his head back on his pillow, staring upside-down at Masumi's bed in the dark. The top of Masumi's head greets him, his hair peeking out from under his covers.

"We're together, right?"

Tsuzuru rolls his eyes. "I would hope so."

"… So I should want to do everything with you."

Oh, Tsuzuru thinks, something must be seriously bothering him if he actually wants to talk about it.

Tsuzuru relaxes his neck, blinking dumbly up at their shared ceiling. "I mean," Tsuzuru starts, willing the neurons to fire in his brain, "it doesn't have to be everything. I don't need you following me into the showers every day or anything. I guess it's just…" Tsuzuru trails off, his expression unconsciously softening. "Some things are nicer when we do them together. Like – like watching movies. Or eating dinner."

"Like sex?"

Tsuzuru laughs, rolling over onto his stomach. "Yes, Masumi, things like sex."

Masumi grows quiet, his body visibly curling tighter under his blankets. "Then I shouldn't want to get off without you, right?"

"Huh?" Tsuzuru replies, quickly backtracking when Masumi slides his head fully under his covers. "Wait, Masumi – " Tsuzuru sits up fully, leaning over the barrier to shake what he thinks is Masumi's shoulder. "While I do enjoy your, uh, body on mine – "

Masumi lets out a huff of laughter.

" – it's totally fine to want some relief without all the fuss. Not that it's ever fussy to do stuff with you! But sometimes you just, like, want to get it over with, and not think about another set of limbs, let alone another dick, and…"

Tsuzuru trails off again, belatedly removing his hand from Masumi's shoulder to slide back into his own bed. "So yeah," he finishes, blushing in the dark. "It's normal and fine and you don't ever have to feel bad about it."

Masumi huffs again, his covers rustling above Tsuzuru's head. "… Good night," Masumi eventually replies, his voice sounding a little lighter. Tsuzuru takes it as a win.

"Good night, Masumi."

Tsuzuru closes his eyes after that, willing sleep to come. It takes a while – it always does, when he's not passing out from exhaustion – but just as he's starting to drift off, Masumi's mattress creaks, waking Tsuzuru right back up.

He figures Masumi is just rolling over, or maybe sinking deeper into his pillow, but the covers continue to shift as Masumi lets out a shaky breath. Tsuzuru's instincts launch him upward, his blankets falling to his waist as he leans up on his elbow. Was he still bothered after all?

Tsuzuru glances over the barrier between their beds, blinking at Masumi's form hidden underneath the covers. Masumi lets out a whimper, his blanket swishing as his arm slides underneath it.

Oh, Tsuzuru thinks again, his cheeks heating up. I didn't realize he meant right now.

Masumi continues to touch himself, muffled hums and gasps escaping whatever fantasy he's created under his blanket. Tsuzuru wonders if he's thinking about anything, or just stroking as he pleases to get things done with, and then the realization that Masumi is probably thinking about him hits Tsuzuru like an ill-timed truck.

Tsuzuru's dick stirs, the heat building in his gut only becoming more insistent the longer he watches Masumi subtly shift in the other bed.

Does this make me a hypocrite? Tsuzuru idly ponders, his hand reflexively pressing down between his hips. He exhales slowly as he palms himself, his dick growing harder in his pants. Masumi's breathing grows heavier, too, the damp sounds only fueling Tsuzuru's arousal.

Tsuzuru bites his lip as he pulls himself out of his pajama pants. This… should be fine, right? Masumi moans, and Tsuzuru's hand reacts on its own, his fingers wrapping around his dick and stroking. Tsuzuru hisses quietly through his teeth at the friction, unsure what's making him so sensitive so quickly.

Masumi whimpers again, his arm visibly moving faster under the blanket.

Oh right, Tsuzuru thinks, his hand speeding up as well. It's because I'm ridiculously attracted to this lump under the covers.

Masumi only gets louder, whines of Tsuzuru's name warming the tips of Tsuzuru's ears. Tsuzuru lets out an awkward laugh, already knowing he's been caught; Masumi pops out from under the covers a second later, his hair mussed and his cheeks red from being trapped under the blanket. His hand continues to move as he meets Tsuzuru's gaze.

"You're not subtle at all," Masumi deadpans, sitting up and sliding closer to Tsuzuru. Tsuzuru's breath hitches as Masumi leans in, his breath puffing out warmly onto Tsuzuru's lips. "'No fuss?' You're the fussiest person I know." Masumi's eyes go half-lidded. "I guess I like it that way, though."

A breath later, Masumi's mouth presses against Tsuzuru's, his lips soft and surprisingly dry. Tsuzuru strokes himself faster as his eyes flutter closed, whimpering against Masumi's lips as he finishes.

When Tsuzuru opens his eyes again, Masumi is wiping off his hand with a tissue from who-knows-where, his dick already tucked back into his pajama pants. Wordlessly, he hands another tissue to Tsuzuru, who haphazardly cleans himself off before sliding back into bed.

"By the way," Tsuzuru says, blinking away the sudden wave of exhaustion coursing through his limbs, "I would like to clarify that despite what just happened, my point still stands that it's normal and fine to want to get off on your own."

Masumi yawns. "I know," he murmurs. "… It was hot having you watch, though. Do it again next time."


Tsuzuru rolls onto his stomach, slamming his face into his pillow. I guess I'm not sleeping tonight. He peeks up at Masumi, who is somehow already lost to the world of dreams.

… You really are too much, you know?

Chapter Text

With sparkling eyes, Kazunari watched the sheen of spit and lube gloss over Itaru’s super impressive dick. A part of Kazunari feels like maybe he applied the lube too early. He totally could have licked it a few more times, even sucked it a little longer, without taking anything away from the main event.

The other part of Kazunari was just aching to have Itaru’s dick buried deep inside of him. Like usual, that side of him won out pretty easily.

Still though, what a view! It didn't matter who between them was topping, or whether they fucked at all. Itaru's dick was always an amazing sight that made Kazunari feel oddly pleased and somewhat shy. Kazunari idly applied just a little more lube, just to feel the firm heat against his palm again. 

"Isn't that overkill?" Itaru asked from his higher position on the couch, a hint of laughter in his voice. 

Kazunari giggled in response, his hand deftly spreading the additional lube over Itaru's cock. "Naaah~ just to be safe!" he responded cheerily. Kazunari rolled his thumb just under Itaru's head, eliciting a satisfying moan from his boyfriend.

"Come on already," Itaru coaxed between labored breaths, gently patting his lap. "My sword misses his sheathe."

Oh, Kazunari's face totally had to be a little red after that smooth delivery! It was a vibe Kazunari was down with though. Despite enjoying the pulse of Itaru's dick against his palm, the gorgeous red swelling of his tip, and the artistry of the veins running along his length, Kazunari's body was famished for more.

With an eager reluctance, because there was nothing non -oxymoronic to describe Kazunari's feelings of taking his hand off this dick, Kazunari wiped the excess lube off on a tissue and climbed somewhat shyly into Itaru's lap.

Itaru, the cutie that he always was, smiled and leaned forward to rub his nose against Kazunari’s own, before stealing a kiss. Kazunari eagerly returned it, his wet lips sliding against Itaru’s chapped ones as he shifted his weight against Itaru’s shoulders, his ass rising and his knees sinking further into the firm cushions of the couch.

The head of Itaru’s dick clumsily left cool trails of lube against Kazunari’s skin as Itaru tried to line up and steady his length. It didn’t take long for the head of Itaru’s dick to firmly press against Kazunari’s entrance, sending shivers of anticipation up Kazunari’s spine. 

“Whenever you’re GTG,” Itaru whispered, his mouth dangerously close to Kazunari’s ear. Kazunari felt Itaru’s hands slide under his shaky thighs, helping to support Kazunari the best that they could.

Right, here goes!

Kazunari took a deep breath. Then a second. A third, just to get properly pumped! Slowly, Kazunari began his descent, moaning softly as Itaru’s head pushed up into him. They were always super duper careful about prepping Kazunari properly whenever Itaru was going to top, but the stretch was still always so intense! Kazunari’s thighs continued to tremble as he slowly adjusted, one inch at a time. 

Man, if it wasn’t for Itaru’s hands keeping him steady, Kazunari’s legs might have tapped out! Like, they totally have before, and that was not a rad experience. 

How far was he now? A little over halfway? Kazunari totally felt full, his body threatening to burst apart at his seams. As he exhaled shakily, Kazunari needed to make sure. He removed a hand from Itaru’s shoulder, gently tracing over his neck, his chest, down to his hips. Yeah, everything was still there, skin intact.

Softly, Itaru chuckled, making Kazunari questionably meet his gaze. “Ah, you just - no, it’s nothing,” Itaru whispered, leaving Kazunari confused. Itaru buried his face in Kazunari’s neck, planting energizing kisses along Kazunari’s jugular.

Right, full or not, there was still more to take. Kazunari continued his descent.

It was a little crazy how pleasurable the stretch itself had become over the past few months. Kazunari always felt just as wrecked taking the dick as when he was getting fucked by it. His breaths turned into labored puffs of air and low hisses left his mouth as Kazunari began to near Itaru’s slightly thicker base. Kazunari’s head began to swim, his dick already twitching dangerously between his thighs. This was always the toughest part to take!

Itaru squeezed Kazunari’s thighs reassuringly, his nose nuzzling into Kazunari’s locks with a content hum.

With a moan, Kazunari allowed himself to drop, his ass finally meeting Itaru’s lap as his nails dug into Itaru’s skin. If he was full before, he was something else now that was well beyond full. Kazunari whimpered as the heat of Itaru’s dick threatened to split him in two from deep within.

Although, it’s not like Kazunari would ever want to have it any other way. It was all so satisfying : the intense stretch he received, the twitching of Itaru’s cock so deep within him, the feeling of his seams slowly unraveling outside of his control. Only Itaru’s dick could fill him like this, to give him the overwhelming feeling of fullness that his body so desperately needed. Kazunari did the math after all! It was super unlikely he’d ever meet anybody else as endowed as Itaru was, and -

Then, there was a cool hand on Kazunari’s face, gently cupping his cheek. “You alright?” Itaru asked, grounding Kazunari back in the present moment. Itaru’s face was soft, caring, and so full of love that Kazunari’s heart threatened to swell out of his chest.

Kazunari beamed, proud of his achievement. “I-I’m more than okay!”

Itaru smiled back, leaning in to capture Kazunari’s lips between his own once again. It’s not like Kazunari would want to try and find anything comparable anyway. After all, everything Kazunari needed was right here! Kazunari smiled into the kiss, his heart and his body both overflowing and overwhelmed as his hips began to rise. 

Chapter Text

He's been in the same area for a while…

"Wouldn't you usually be farther by now?" Tsuzuru asks, ignoring the slight strain in his voice as he hooks his chin over Itaru's shoulder.

Itaru ignores the subtle jab, his character on his Switch determinedly running circles through the grass. Itaru perks up when he runs into another wild Pikimon, his shoulders subtly flexing against Tsuzuru's chest. Tsuzuru knows the routine by now – find the desired Pikimon, lower the health bar, and capture.

Like every other time before it, Itaru's hips wiggle in anticipation while the Pikiball rolls around on the screen, and Tsuzuru has had enough.

"Itaru-san, can you please stop doing that."

"Doing what?" Itaru questions, genuine confusion in his voice. Tsuzuru would find it cute if he wasn't currently dying.

"You keep – " Tsuzuru drops his head onto Itaru's shoulder. "… You keep pushing your hips back."

Tsuzuru chokes as Itaru immediately pushes his ass even closer, his lower back arching as he rubs against Tsuzuru's crotch.

"Oh, you really are hard," Itaru comments, relaxing once more in Tsuzuru's hold. "I thought I was imagining it."

Tsuzuru's cheeks heat.

"I don't mind if you want to use my body for a bit," Itaru continues, eyes scanning over the stats screen of the Pikimon he just captured. "In fact, I'd be honored if my boyfriend used me for a bit of stress relief. I can't do much, but I know it's been a while since he's gotten a piece of – "


"… TL;DR, I'm still farming for the right nature. GLHF with your boner, I'm just going to lie here though."

I don't know what half of those words mean, Tsuzuru thinks, but takes Itaru's words as the permission they are. Hesitantly, Tsuzuru wraps his arms tighter around Itaru's waist and rolls his hips against Itaru's ass. Itaru only hums, his eyes already back on his game.

Tsuzuru lets his own eyes fall shut as he buries his face into Itaru's hair. The strands part easily under his nose, the scent of cedar and walnuts greeting him as he inhales. His hips automatically roll forward again, pressing into the pillowy softness in front of them. Tsuzuru pants quietly into Itaru's hair, his dick twitching as his hips continue to roll.

Itaru's hips wiggle again, and although Tsuzuru can't see it, he knows there must be another Pikiball rolling around on the screen. Without really thinking about it, Tsuzuru slides his arms back, his hands grabbing onto Itaru's hips to keep them in place. He grinds firmly against Itaru's ass, his breath hitching at the warm friction.

Tsuzuru tightens his grip, his mind drifting somewhere far away while he presses and rubs against Itaru's body. A muffled keen snaps Tsuzuru out of his daze, Tsuzuru sliding his face out of Itaru's hair to look over Itaru's shoulder.

The screen of Itaru's Switch is dimmed from inactivity, the fingers of his right hand shaky where they still rest on the controls. His other hand is slapped over his mouth, his cheeks and ears painted red with embarrassment above it. Tsuzuru's gaze travels downward to where a tent is starting to form under Itaru's sweatpants. Tsuzuru finds himself grinning, both flattered and amused by Itaru's obvious arousal.

"What has you so worked up, Itaru-san?" Tsuzuru teases, pointedly rutting forward. Itaru's breath hitches.

"I…" Itaru swallows, the hand on his mouth moving downward to hold one of Tsuzuru's. "I was thinking about you fucking me."

Oh, Tsuzuru thinks.

"Well, don't mind me then," Tsuzuru replies, willing his voice to remain steady. "Feel free to touch yourself. I know it's been a while since my boyfriend has gotten any – "


Tsuzuru chuckles, squeezing Itaru's hips as he starts to grind against him once more. He buries his face back into Itaru's hair, his ears straining to hear the soft sounds now spilling from Itaru's lips.

With each quiet gasp that leaves Itaru's mouth, Tsuzuru inches closer to release, his own movements stuttering out of rhythm. Walnuts and cedar once more flood his senses as he inhales, sending Tsuzuru over the edge as he presses his body flush with Itaru's.

Tsuzuru reflexively slides his hand forward as he blinks back to awareness, his fingers bumping into Itaru's, still wrapped around his length. Tsuzuru gently pulls Itaru's hand away to replace it with his own, Itaru shuddering and spilling over not long after.

I guess it has been a while, Tsuzuru ponders, wiping his hand on Itaru's sweatpants. We both came pretty quickly.

"Itaru-san?" Tsuzuru questions, blinking as Itaru unceremoniously taps the Switch back to life. "Really? Right back to playing?"

"It's important," Itaru answers, the battle screen still open from before. Even with his dick hanging out from his boxers, he still wiggles his hips the same way, rubbing somewhat uncomfortably against Tsuzuru's soiled pants. Tsuzuru rolls his eyes as he tucks Itaru's dick back into his clothes for him, then sits up to hopefully find some tissues for himself.

Itaru's excited exclamation makes him pause, Itaru's eyes bright as he navigates the game menu.

"Did you get something good?" Tsuzuru asks, attempting to peek at the screen over Itaru's head.

Itaru holds up the screen for him, showing off another sheep in his collection. "I finally got the personality I wanted."

Tsuzuru leans closer, scanning over the display until he finds where the personality traits are listed.

Gentle, Somewhat stubborn.

"Increased special defense," Itaru explains, although Tsuzuru doesn't think he'll ever truly grasp what it means. "And it, uh, reminds me of you. So."

Itaru pulls the Switch back toward his face, but it does little to hide the blush forming on his cheeks.

Tsuzuru's own cheeks warm in reply.

Chapter Text

Itaru leaned back against Kazunari’s chest. His fingers scratched at the terry-cloth towels laid across the bed underneath them. “Are these really necessary?” Itaru asked, somewhat hesitantly. Anything to make conversation and still the nervous pattering of his heart.

“Well, you remember the last time we tried, yeah?” Kazunari’s chin hooked over Itaru’s shoulder, his hands slowly freeing the buttons of Itaru’s work shirt. Kazunari’s voice fell into concern. “I bit you and you totally jerked away! It was... totes a mess.”

Itaru really didn’t need to be reminded about the last time; he remembered it well. Itaru wanted to give himself to Kazunari, but the flood of adrenaline and self preservation as Kazunari bit into him just felt so… terrifying . It was like his body wasn’t his own and was reacting outside of his control. Itaru instinctively panicked. Who wouldn’t? And... Kazunari let him go, before Itaru caused more damage to himself, struggling with the fangs still buried deep within him.

“Like, I’m still fine going back to how we were?” Kazunari softly continued. “I can take from your hand again, or like, I can find - ”

“N-no,” Itaru said as his voice cracked. He didn’t want it to be anybody else. Maybe he was dumb, but he was infatuated , maybe in love even, when he wasn’t lying to himself. If this was how he could show it, then he was determined to do what he could. The difficulty level was high, but he knew what to expect now, right? Itaru swallowed, willing his voice to be more confident. “I’ve got this.”

“Hmm… if you’re sure,” Kazunari chimed a bit more confidently. He pulled Itaru’s collared shirt down, exposing Itaru’s neck and shoulder. Itaru flinched as the cold air hit previously bruised and raw skin. No. It was fine. He was healed now. “Itarun always tastes the best~ so I won’t complain! Just like, tap out or use your words this time?”

Itaru frowned, despite knowing Kazunari couldn’t see it. Itaru wished all of this was more personable. He so desperately wanted to see Kazunari’s face before he drank, to hold the back of his head in his hand to remind him that the pain was worth it. Worth something . Instead it was just him and the nervous jitters.

Still, Itaru felt like it wasn’t his place to ask for more. They were together, but the fog of war between them was thick and full of uncertainties. Itaru cleared his throat. “Just, hold me, okay?” he asked, hoping that at least would be okay.

“Sure thing,” Kazunari replied. “Anything for Itarun. Just, please let me know if it’s too much.”

Itaru nodded as he willed his body to relax against Kazunari’s chest. It, uh, wasn’t really working. Tension crackled up Itaru’s spine, making his shoulders stiff and awkward.

There was a change in the energy in the room. Suddenly, every movement seemed slow and heavy, and it was so much harder to breathe as the air thickened like molasses. Kazunari’s arms wrapped around Itaru: one landed in Itaru’s hair to gently tug his head to the side, the other belting him close around his waist.  

Itaru shivered as a puff of breath splayed out across his neck. 

This was fine.

A sharp point met Itaru’s shoulder, his body jerking at the surprise touch. Kazunari laughed lightly, his tooth running up Itaru’s neck at a terrifyingly slow pace. Maybe he was scoping out the right spot to bite into.

This was absolutely fine.

Warm and wet, Kazunari’s tongue began to lap against Itaru’s neck. Shit. Shit, shit, shit . Itaru tried to brace himself for the incoming bite, his body already stiff and sore with tension. Instead of the bite though, the tongue continued to circle against him, the hand in Itaru’s hair leaving his locks. Obediently, Itaru kept his head to the side as Kazunari’s arm fell to hug his chest. The arm around Itaru’s waist tightened, and suddenly, he began to relax as Kazunari’s hand found his own. 

Kazunari cared about him. It was going to be okay.

Itaru inhaled deeply as Kazunari’s fangs plunged into his skin. Panic swelled inside of him, suddenly remembering visions of red and the constant pain of the slow-healing tear. He wanted to leave, he wanted to jerk away, he needed to -

Kazunari hummed as he sucked slowly, his arms tightening their embrace and bringing his chest flush to Itaru’s back, bringing Itaru a strange comfort.

Deep breaths. It was okay.

Itaru hummed back as he relaxed, squeezing Kazunari’s hand in return. It wasn’t bad. Not bad at all. In fact… it felt kind of nice? No, it couldn’t. He was losing blood right now, right? But the longer Kazunari slurped wetly against his neck, the better Itaru felt. Kazunari’s arms loosened their tight hold, and Itaru found himself melting back into Kazunari’s chest.

Was this what Itaru wanted? The feeling of blood leaving his body at a slow, but steady pace was strange. There was something really intimate about this too, Itaru observed. It was like Kazunari needed him. Cared about him in an un-superficial way. The feeling was so emotionally satisfying in a way Itaru wasn’t expecting as Kazunari’s thumbs rubbed circles into his skin.

But still, there was something else about it too.

Itaru’s heartbeat was beginning to race, but this time it wasn’t from fear. He felt his body begin to flush, because, somehow, this felt incredibly good. Like, pulling a new SSR on a solo-yolo good. No, it was more like… getting accepted as a beta tester for the newest KotR game. No. It was more like -

“Haaa…” Itaru stifled a moan as his dick began to stiffen at an embarrassing rate. Wait, how was that even possible ? If Kazunari was drinking, he shouldn’t have enough to spare to get hard, right? Itaru’s mind fogged as Kazunari’s hand around his waist travelled south, lightly brushing against the crotch of his pants. Desperately, Itaru bucked his hips upward for some relief, only to be met with air.

Itaru whimpered as Kazunari’s teeth left his neck. Kazunari’s tongue lapped at Itaru’s wet, sticky skin as Itaru suppressed any further embarrassing noises. Was this a vampire thing? Releasing feel-good endorphins into their victims so they couldn’t flee, or was Itaru just that much of a pervert? He wasn’t sure as he desperately panted for air.

Itaru blushed, the lull in activity suddenly embarrassing. “K-kazunari?” 

“You know, I can tell where all your blood is going.” Kazunari’s lips brushed against Itaru’s ear. “And you’re totes not supposed to like this, you know~” Kazunari teased, his hand trailing back to Itaru’s crotch, palming Itaru’s erection over his slacks.

“Isn’t it - haaah - better that I do?” Itaru asked, knowing there was no hiding his body’s confusing reaction. He wanted more of Kazunari. Itaru wanted to give more to him, until Itaru found his own release. Kazunari went strangely silent for a moment before giggling, his palm firmly rubbing up and down the length of Itaru’s shaft.

“I wonder~” Kazunari chimed, his voice the lighthouse cutting through the fog of Itaru’s brain. “Let me finish taking care of us both, and we can figure it outsies later.”

Figure what out? Braincells refused to spark, pleasure engulfing all of Itaru’s senses. Itaru moaned as Kazunari’s hand rolled against his head, before returning to press against Itaru’s shaft. Itaru panted and moaned as his hips bucked up unevenly.

Kazunari’s tongue pressed against Itaru’s wound as Itaru held on to Kazunari’s hand. He was so close! He just needed a little more!

Then, Kazunari’s teeth returned to the holes in Itaru’s neck, and Itaru saw white as he came in tandem with the blood leaving his body.

Chapter Text

Kazunari considers himself a professional.

Not all the time. Summer Troupe brings out the best and worst of him, depending on who you ask, and being impulsive and silly is all just a part of living in the moment. But through kissy birthday bromides, barely-closed shirts, and rings of fake cigarette smoke, Kazunari has always been cool, calm, and collected. The perfect picture or professionalism.

Kazunari doesn't know how much longer he can keep it up today.

When Izumi calls a break for lunch, Kazunari silently rejoices, quickly excusing himself from the lunch outing to collapse at one of the desks of their borrowed classroom-turned-dressing-room. Kazunari loves being a part of the Mankai's production process, he really does, but sometimes it's too much for his poor heart.

Specifically, Itaru is too much for his poor heart.

Kazunari lifts his head when the classroom door opens and – speak of the devil – Itaru walks in, still decked out in his magical teacher fit. "Itarun?" Kazunari asks in surprise, forcing his gaze away from the belts around Itaru's thigh to meet Itaru's eyes. "I thought you went to get lunch with the others."

Itaru shrugs, pulling the white coat off his shoulders and hanging it over one of the desks. He places his baton gently on top of it. "I said I'd stay with you, since you weren't feeling well." Itaru moves to loosen the tie from his neck, the jewel on his tie clip glinting in the sunlight from the windows. "I'm also done for the day, so I might as well change."

"Wait!" Kazunari blurts, his chair scraping across the floor as he stands. His cheeks heat at his sudden outburst. "I mean…"

Itaru raises an eyebrow, his hands still resting on his tie.

"I – I still had a question, Sensei," Kazunari continues, closing his eyes as his fantasy spills outward without his permission. "About…" Kazunari trails off, brain scrambling to find a fitting topic. I can't just ask about math! Math isn't sexy!

Kazunari's eyes open as Itaru chuckles, his voice much closer than before. Itaru smirks down at him, his baton back in hand as he uses the other to grip Kazunari's shoulder. Kazunari gulps at the new height difference, caused by the heeled shoes still adorning Itaru's feet.

Itaru idly taps his baton on the nearest desk. "Are you sure you need my help, Kazunari-kun?" Itaru asks, smoothly taking over the scene. "You already have stellar grades, and the other teachers praise your performance as well…"

Think, Kazunari, think! "W-well…" Kazunari looks away, swallowing when he catches sight of the thigh belts once more. "My question wasn't – " Kazunari licks his suddenly dry lips. "It wasn't about school, Sensei."

"Oh?" Itaru leans closer, using the baton to nudge Kazunari's face toward his. Kazunari's cheeks grow warmer, his legs growing unsteady beneath him. "What could you possibly have to ask me, then?"

How you're such a menace, Kazunari thinks, his hands curling into nervous fists at his sides. Whatever, we're already dating! Just go for it! "I was… wondering how you felt about me, Sensei."

Itaru hums, taking a step back to finish taking off his tie. "Did I not just tell you?" Itaru teases, pulling his loosened tie over his head. "You're an exceptional student, Kazunari-kun. Top grades, helpful in class, never disruptive…" Itaru undoes the top button of his dress shirt, setting his tie aside. "But that's not what you were really asking, was it?"

Kazunari dumbly shakes his head.

Itaru smiles, gently tapping the baton against Kazunari's shoulder. "Why I don't I show you what I think? Turn around for me – yeah, just like that. Now lean your hands on the desk."

Kazunari does as he's told, feeling a bit like a doll on strings.

Itaru chuckles again, the baton returning as Itaru tilts up Kazunari's chin. Kazunari's breathing stutters when Itaru's warmth suddenly meets his back, a hand next to Kazunari's fully trapping Kazunari against the desk.

Kazunari blinks at the window, blushing at the faint reflection he sees of Itaru pressed against him. His blush only deepens when he realizes anyone can look up and see them; that Kazunari's friends could walk back and see the way he shivers as Itaru slides the tip of the baton from Kazunari's chin to his chest, Itaru's breath puffing onto Kazunari's neck.

"I think you're a good student, Kazunari-kun," Itaru reiterates, letting the baton slide lower. "It's no wonder you've been hiding something like this."

Kazunari speaks through the saliva building in his mouth. "Hiding what, Sensei?"

"Your little crush, of course." Itaru leans back, pushing between Kazunari's shoulder blades with his palm. "Why else would you ask how I feel about you?"

"Maybe I was just curious," Kazunari counters, allowing his front to be pushed down onto the desk.

Itaru carefully leans his weight forward, Kazunari gasping at the subtle pressure. "Then why are you bent so beautifully in front of me?"

H-huh? Beautifully…? But you're the total hottie here, Itarun! Kazunari deliriously thinks, head spinning as Itaru moves his palm onto the desk. He traces patterns over Kazunari's torso with his other hand, the smooth metal tip of the baton gliding over Kazunari's spine and lower back.

He wonders if Itaru is planning to hit him with it.

The thought makes Kazunari unexpectedly whine, Itaru's movements pausing at the noise. "Kazunari-kun?" Itaru questions, his hand smoothing over Kazunari's lower back.

"I'm fine, Sensei," Kazunari breathes.

Kazunari squeaks as Itaru's hand slides down to his ass, playfully squeezing. "If you say so, Kazunari-kun."

The hand doesn't leave, Itaru's palm rubbing gentle circles over Kazunari's ass. If Kazunari focuses, he can feel the length of the baton slide against him, the metal still cradled between Itaru's fingers.

"… Sensei?" Kazunari chances, peeking once more at their reflection in the window. Itaru hums in acknowledgement, the hand on the desk moving to card through Kazunari's hair. "You still haven't answered my question."

Kazunari yelps at the sudden slap against his ass, his cheeks burning red as Itaru smirks down at him. "Has all of this not been answer enough? I thought your critical thinking skills were better than this, Kazunari-kun."

Kazunari shyly presses his ass back into Itaru's hand. "I need to study a bit more before I can make a judgement, Sensei."

Both of them blink in surprise when Itaru's phone goes off in his pocket, Itaru's hand leaving Kazunari's hair to check the incoming notification. Itaru grins at whatever he sees on the screen, leaning back to place his phone on one of the desks behind him.

"Your classmates' lunch outing is taking longer than they thought it would," Itaru explains, his now-free hand landing on Kazunari's hip. "That means I have some more one-on-one time with my favorite student, right?"

Itaru doesn't wait for an answer, his palm landing hard on Kazunari's ass once more.

Chapter Text

“Ikaruga-san,” Tsuzuru choked. “Can you prop yourself up some?”

“Hmm~” Misumi mused. Looking up into the mirror could be lots of fun, but the bathroom countertop was so nice and refreshing against his chest. It kept him cool while Tsuzuru made the rest of him hot! Misumi flexed his toes restlessly against the tile flooring. What to do…

“Please?” Tsuzuru coaxed, his voice strained. “I don’t really.” Tsuzuru paused, his thrusts stalling with his mind. Misumi whined, fruitlessly trying to move his hips to resume the great feeling. “I just don’t want to look at myself…”

Misumi’s eyes fluttered open. Was that all it was? Misumi didn’t quite get it, since Tsuzuru was really hot and anybody would be happy to look at him. That should include Tsuzuru himself, right? Well, it wasn’t that hard of a fix if Tsuzuru was really bothered!

“Hehe, you’re silly,” Misumi whispered as he peeled his face and chest off the countertop. Misumi laid his palms flat and pushed himself up, his own bright visage waiting for him in the mirror.

The first thing that caught Misumi’s eyes was Tsuzuru, of course! Sure it wasn’t a great view, it was probably definitely better before Misumi raised himself up, but he was still there peeking over Misumi’s shoulder. His face was pretty red, Misumi observed, wondering if it was a new flush or if it was leftover from Tsuzuru having to stare at himself for so long.

“That’s better,” Tsuzuru mumbled into Misumi’s neck. He tightened his grip on Misumi’s hips, a new strength now in his hold to help support Misumi’s shift in weight. 

Misumi sqeaked as Tsuzuru started thrusting into him again, his movements slow and controlled. “Haaah, Tsuzu,” Misumi moaned, his arms already shaking under him as a warm pleasure coursed through his veins.

“Mhm?” Tsuzuru hummed, his face burying itself in Misumi’s neck. The mop of pudding hair wasn’t quite what Misumi really wanted to see, but Misumi couldn’t really protest as warm breaths splayed against his neck, rough lips leaving gentle kisses against his skin.

Misumi’s eyes focused on the only thing left, himself. Misumi was pretty red too! Probably because of lying on the countertop, right? Still, the flush was painted across his face and chest. His eyes were wide, wider than Misumi thought they usually looked. Misumi’s usual floaty locks were glued to his forehead with sweat, annoyingly staying in place as Misumi tried to shake them loose.

Haaa …” Misumi moaned, suddenly feeling shy as Tsuzuru’s cock continued to drag inside of him.

Okay, no more looking at his own face! Misumi’s eyes wandered to Tsuzuru’s large hands, fingers firmly digging into the skin around Misumi’s waist. Wait, this felt weird to look at too! Movement caught Misumi’s eyes next, as it often did, drawing his eyes to the tip of his cock, just visible, swollen and bobbing between his hips with every thrust.

Ahhh! Misumi’s face definitely felt warm now!

Maybe Misumi could protest a little bit. This was a teensy bit embarrassing after all, and he’d still much rather see Tsuzuru! But Tsuzuru was still buried in his neck, which felt super nice, but made him really hard to see.

Misumi bit his lip, suppressing a squeak as Tsuzuru’s dick scraped in just the right spot. Wait, maybe that was the answer?

“H-hey, Tsuzu!” Misumi chimed, turning his face into Tsuzuru’s fresh-smelling tangle of hair. Tsuzuru hummed in acknowledgement, his breathing heavy. Misumi happily continued, “Don’t you want to see what I look like, Tsuzu?”

“I know what you look like,” Tsuzuru said immediately, his lips trailing towards Misumi’s back. Oh no, that was in the wrong direction!

“N-no, while I’m taking you!” Misumi keened. Tsuzuru’s kisses stopped, probably because he wasn’t good at doing a lot while he was thinking. Was this a hard thing to think about?

Oh, Tsuzuru was done thinking. Misumi felt a damp forehead press between his shoulder blades, and Misumi obediently lowered the slightest bit. Then, there he was! Tsuzuru came into view over Misumi’s lowered shoulder. Hehe, he was still really red. But the serious expression on his face was really handsome and Misumi was happy he could see it.

“W-what’s that smile for?” Tsuzuru asked, his voice light and airy.

Oh, Misumi didn’t realize he was smiling, but a quick glance at himself in the mirror told him he really was. But now was the time to look at Tsuzuru, not himself. Accidentally, Misumi made eye contact with Tsuzuru in the mirror. Neither looked away as Tsuzuru’s hips sped up, loose mewls of pleasure flowing freely from between Misumi’s lips. He was getting close! Was Tsuzuru too?

Either way, it felt so much better while seeing Tsuzuru’s face!

Misumi’s face scrunched up in thought. Oh, idea!

“H-hey Tsuzu?” Misumi whimpered.

“Ikaruga-san?” Tsuzuru replied. His voice was strained, so he had to be close too. But Misumi’s idea couldn’t wait!

“So this feels even better, Tsuzu, looking at each other?”

“Y-yeah,” Tsuzuru agreed. “I’m happy you feel good too.”

Misumi smiled goofily. “So it’d feel even better-better if we saw more, right?”

Tsuzuru blinked. “W-what are you getting at?” Oh, the sting of Tsuzuru’s nails against Misumi’s skin was stronger! Misumi giggled.

“It’s easy~” Misumi explained matter-of-factly. “I’ll just put my leg on the counter too! Then we can see you fuck me even better!”

“Uh, that’s kind of dangerou -”

Misumi flexed his arm muscles, yeah, they were strong enough for the uppity-up! It’d just be one quick fluid movement and ta-da!

“Ikaruga-san, no!” Tsuzuru yelled, his arms wrapping around Misumi’s torso. They were warm and strong, making shivers run up Misumi’s spine as he melted into them. “Let’s just stay like this okay?”

Misumi met Tsuzuru’s eyes in the mirror again. Despite the stern voice, they were twinkling playfully, a happy smile on Tsuzuru’s lips. Misumi nodded happily and continued to melt as he allowed Tsuzuru’s dick, smile, and handsome face to turn his brain and body into mush.

Chapter Text

"Shouldn't we, like, totes get undressed first?"

"It's cold," Itaru deadpans, tucking his knees under the fabric of his – Tsuzuru's, actually, now that he's looking – sweatshirt.

"You already don't have pants, Itarun! You're halfway there!"

"You're not fully unequipped either?"

Tsuzuru pointedly sighs, flopping back onto the bed between them. "Why don't we just warm each other up?" Tsuzuru deadpans, staring up at their ceiling. His view is quickly blocked by Kazunari leaning over him, his bangs swaying at the movement.

"You're so smart, Tsuzurun!" Kazunari cheers, his smile wide and teasing. "You could work a bit on the enthusiasm, though~"

"Maybe I'd be a bit more enthusiastic if – mmph!"

Kazunari swiftly captures Tsuzuru's lips, eagerly moving his mouth as he tilts Tsuzuru's face up with his hands. Tsuzuru's instinctively kisses back, humming into the wet slide of their lips.

Kazunari pulls back for air. "More enthusiastic if what, Tsuzurun?"

Tsuzuru licks his lips. "That was pretty convincing, actually."

Kazunari laughs at their admittedly nonsense conversation, sliding his hands down to Tsuzuru's wrists to tug him upright. Tsuzuru obligingly follows, sitting up once more at the edge of the bed.

The bed dips next to him as Itaru scoots closer, still tucked into his sweatshirt. He leans sideways, falling onto Tsuzuru's shoulder, one hand snaking upward to turn Tsuzuru's face toward him.

Itaru's lips quirk upward. "Do I get a kiss too?"

Tsuzuru quickly pecks Itaru's lips. "Like that?"

Itaru rolls his eyes, reluctantly untucking his legs to kneel next to Tsuzuru's hip. "Not exactly," Itaru replies, pulling Tsuzuru into a kiss of his own. His lips move languidly over Tsuzuru's, a complete contrast to Kazunari's sloppy enthusiasm. Tsuzuru smiles into the kiss as Kazunari squeezes his hands, Kazunari momentarily slipping away while Itaru's lips continue to glide over Tsuzuru's.

Tsuzuru's lips part as Itaru swipes his tongue over them, Itaru tilting his head to lick into Tsuzuru's mouth. Itaru's swirls his tongue around Tsuzuru's then back across Tsuzuru's lips. Tsuzuru blinks when Itaru pulls away, his face still hovering close while he chuckles. "You taste like Kazunari's chapstick," Itaru explains, licking his own lips.

Tsuzuru opens his mouth to retort – with what, he's not sure – but he jumps instead as Kazunari's hands land on his knees, gently spreading them apart at the edge of the bed.

Tsuzuru's eyes flick downward as Kazunari kneels between his legs, a fond smile on Kazunari's face as he runs his hands over Tsuzuru's bare thighs. Itaru easily settles on Tsuzuru's shoulder, his cheek smooshed onto Tsuzuru's shirt. Had Tsuzuru been cold before, he certainly wouldn't be now, with Itaru's front pressed to his arm and Kazunari's fingers starting to massage into his thighs.

Tsuzuru swallows, biting his lip as Kazunari licks over his boxers. The lube bottle Kazunari must have placed on the bed rolls into Tsuzuru's thigh, the cool plastic just barely grounding him while Kazunari diligently works. Tsuzuru blushes when one of Itaru's hands enters his vision, his fingers idly combing through Kazunari's hair.

Tsuzuru gets hard embarrassingly quickly after that, Kazunari giving his length one last, slow lick before pulling back. Kazunari tugs on the waistband of Tsuzuru's boxers, glancing upward with poorly hidden excitement. He pulls Tsuzuru's boxers off in record time when Tsuzuru nods, his grin wide when his face pops back into view.

"That was quick, Tsuzurun!" Kazunari needlessly points out, the blush on Tsuzuru's cheeks deepening while Itaru chuckles again.

"It has been a long week," Itaru points out, nuzzling into Tsuzuru's neck. "I'd say he's ready for the next stage."

"Aww~ I wouldn't have minded touching Tsuzurun for a little longer! I guess there's always next time~" Kazunari stands, dusting nonexistent dirt off his knees before kicking off his own boxers. "Hands and knees for us, Tsuzurun? And pass Itarun the lube while you're at it!"

Tsuzuru can't help but laugh at how straightforward Kazunari is being. It feels a little awkward to lean down on his hands while Itaru and Kazunari are still shuffling around him, Tsuzuru's dick hanging hard between his legs, but the feeling leaves as Kazunari captures his lips again, just as eager as before. "You're cheerful today," Tsuzuru mumbles, letting his knee slide outward as Itaru nudges it with his own.

"Why wouldn't I be? I get to spend time with my two best boys!"

Tsuzuru wonders if the choking sound from behind him is real or imagined. Typical Itaru-san, he thinks, blinking when Kazunari kneels on the bed in front of him, his dick already half-hard between his hips. Itaru murmurs something above him, but Tsuzuru doesn't pay it any mind, instead shifting his weight to wrap his fingers around the dick in front of his face.

"Tsuzurun!" Kazunari squeaks in surprise, his hips twitching as Tsuzuru strokes him to full hardness.

"Hey, what about the kiss I asked for?" Itaru teases.

"S-sorries!" Kazunari stutters, Itaru laughing lightly in reply.

Kazunari's fingers curl into Tsuzuru's hair a few moments later, Tsuzuru meeting Kazunari's gaze while the lube bottle clicks open behind him. "This okay, Tsuzurun?" Kazunari asks, nudging his tip against Tsuzuru's lips. "I think Itarun's planning to finger you, too~ Isn't that totes a treat?"

Tsuzuru gasps instead of answering when Itaru's now-slick fingers prod against his entrance. Kazunari takes the chance to push his dick past Tsuzuru's lips, the head gliding over the flat of his tongue. Tsuzuru wraps his mouth around him while Itaru presses his first finger inside, Tsuzuru breathing deeply through his nose while he adjusts to the subtle stretch.

Itaru is gentle with him, shallowly thrusting his finger before curling it upward, the heel of his palm pressing into Tsuzuru's skin. Kazunari isn't quite as careful, the head of his cock rubbing firmly against the roof of Tsuzuru's mouth.

Tsuzuru moans as Itaru presses in a second finger, Kazunari groaning quietly in reply. He thrusts deeper into Tsuzuru's mouth, gradually building up a rhythm along Tsuzuru's tongue.

Kazunari pants above him, a small smile on his face. "Tsuzurun looks cute like this~"

Miyoshi-san sure is talkative today…

Itaru hums in agreement, his fingertips dragging slowly inside Tsuzuru.

"You look totes adorbs too, Itarun!" Kazunari compliments, his voice turning breathy when Tsuzuru presses his tongue upward. "Super – nn – super soft~"

Tsuzuru shivers as Itaru works in a third finger, his hips rolling back when Itaru brushes against his weak spot, sending pleasure sparking up Tsuzuru's spine. Itaru strokes Tsuzuru's lower back with his free hand, the sleeve of his sweatshirt tickling Tsuzuru's skin. "Adorable enough to kiss?" Itaru teases again, his fingers still circling Tsuzuru's weak spot.

"Oh, right!" Kazunari answers, his dick sliding into Tsuzuru's throat as he leans forward. Tsuzuru flushes at both the sudden slide and the wet noises above him, only growing louder as Kazunari's hands leave his hair, supposedly to grab onto Itaru.

Tsuzuru chokes when Kazunari's hips unconsciously roll forward, his head momentarily spinning before Kazunari pulls him off and upward.

"Sorry, Tsuzurun," Kazunari mumbles, his eyes slightly dazed. His lips are wet when they meet Tsuzuru's in apology, Tsuzuru still struggling a bit for air.

Tsuzuru groans into the kiss as Itaru pulls his fingers out of him, warmth meeting his back as Itaru hugs him from behind. Tsuzuru flushes darker at the hard heat that presses against his ass, prominent through the fabric of Itaru's boxers.

Tsuzuru pushes back against it, but Itaru only laughs at the movement, the sound warming the tips of Tsuzuru's ears. "Do you want to fuck him first, Kazunari?"

Kazunari pulls away from the kiss, a string of spit breaking and falling onto his chin. He bashfully wipes it away before nodding, his eyes bright with excitement.

"Well, you heard him," Itaru continues, guiding Tsuzuru to turn around on his knees. Despite his cool tone, Itaru's face is delightfully pink, the sight sending heat straight to Tsuzuru's groin. "If you're up for it, maybe I'll let you take me too."

Tsuzuru grins. Absolutely, he thinks, letting Kazunari adjust his hips from behind.

It's always better with both of you, after all.

Chapter Text

H-haaaahn, Itarun… ” Kazunari moaned, his body twitching with each gentle movement of Itaru’s hips. It was so overwhelming, and Itaru just started moving too! Oh no, wait, this was bad!

Ah, please, not again! Not today! It’s been a really rough week, and Kazunari really, really wanted to take his time and enjoy this for longer! Kazunari desperately curled his toes into the sheets, trying to ignore the gentle, yet overwhelming drag of Itaru’s cock inside of him.

It was no use. Kazunari whined desperately, his body wracking in pleasure as he reluctantly spilled over. Man, why?! Kazunari’s eyes shut and head swam as Itaru’s hips slowed, a gentle chuckle meeting Kazunari’s ears, although he wasn’t quite sure who it belonged to.

After a moment or two, Kazunari began to blink back to awareness. The cum on his stomach was cooling at a rapid rate, quickly turning uncomfortable as the high from his orgasm began to fade. “Itarun, I’m sorry, I - ” Kazunari rambled quietly, trying to form his thoughts into words as his eyes refocused.

“Hey, it’s cool,” Itaru shrugged, his cheeks the slightest bit pink. Itaru’s handsome smile was reassuring, but that didn’t change what just happened!

“So, does that make it my turn now?” Tsuzuru joked lightly. Kazunari tilted his head back, meeting Tsuzuru’s curious face above him. Kazunari would love to give him a piece of his mind… but the twinkling in his eyes and cool smile deftly shut Kazunari up. Kazunari blushed and pouted instead, still super embarrassed about this turn of events.

“N-no way, Itarun’s still going to keep fucking me!” Kazunari squeaked. “Last time Itarun felt like topping, he came in you, so it’s still my turn!” 

“W-wait, what,” Itaru deadpanned.

“And that was totes like, over a month ago! I’m not giving this dick up!” Kazunari deftly threw his legs up around Itaru’s hips and locked him in place. There was no breaking out of Kazunari’s super thigh-powered hold!

Itaru slightly fell forward, his dick delightfully shifting inside of Kazunari. “Over a month? There’s no way. Your data got corrupted.”

“No, Itaru-san,” Tsuzuru said with a sigh. “It’s been almost two. You should really fuck us more, we came into this expecting an equal division of labor, and - ”

Kazunari’s eyes flicked back to Itaru as Tsuzuru babbled about whatever. Wait! Itaru was totally pouting too! Cute! His face was a charming red and there was a subtle frown on his features. It just made Kazunari want Itaru’s dick more. Hoping to get the point across, Kazunari playfully tapped his heels against Itaru’s back.

“I can’t help my character settings,” Itaru finally said with a roll of his eyes. Wait, did Kazunari miss something? “Anyway, Kazunari, you should really let me pull out.”

“Nah, you heard him,” Tsuzuru interjected, to Kazunari’s absolute amazement. “He’s, uh, kind of cute today. I don’t mind watching.”

Kazunari tilted his head back and beamed, catching Tsuzuru’s gaze. Man, he totally owed Tsuzuru for this, but it would be so worth! Tsuzuru chuckled and leaned down to plant a warm, dry kiss on Kazunari’s forehead before directing Kazunari’s gaze back towards Itaru.

“Uh, I’m not sure about this,” Itaru mumbled, licking his lips. Itaru was still super horny, Kazunari could still feel Itaru’s dick twitching inside of him after all. Just a little push!

“Please, please, please~” Kazunari begged with what he hoped was his cutest yet still sexiest voice. “I really want you to fuck me!”

“Can you really say no to that, Itaru-san?”

“Usually? Yes,” Itaru replied easily, making Kazunari laugh.

“Real talk? I’d really love it if you kept going,” Kazunari said more seriously, causing Itaru’s expression to soften.

Itaru shifted, and Kazunari happily released the vice-grip of his legs as Itaru started to slide his hands under Kazunari’s thighs. Carefully, Itaru pushed Kazunari’s legs up, Kazunari humming with the stretch. “Let me know if it’s ever too much.” 

Then, Itaru started moving.

Kazunari shivered as Itaru's cock slowly dragged inside of him, his body still buzzing from his recent orgasm. Okay, this felt weird! It wasn't a bad weird though? It was almost like Itaru was prolonging his pleasure, heavenly waves of ecstasy washing over his body anew.

Kazunari's fingers curled into their bed sheets as he trembled, looking for a way to ground himself. Itaru’s eyes stayed trained on Kazunari the whole while, his serious, attentive eyes shining through his otherwise pink complexion as labored breaths fell from Itaru's parted lips. 

For a moment, Kazunari wondered what kind of face he could possibly be making, to have Itaru look at him like that. 

He didn't have to hazily wonder for too long.

A rough hand with a delicate touch brushed aside Kazunari's bangs. Kazunari tilted his head back to meet Tsuzuru's eyes, fond and just as attentive as Itaru's. "You're really red, Miyoshi-san."

"I-I am?" Kazunari barely squeaked. Wait, why was it so hard to talk? And this lightheadedness was totally out of nowhere. The air was suddenly thick, too thick to breathe! “I - haaah …”

Was it the pleasure? Kazunari blinked wetly. It still felt good, right? The sensation was fundamentally different from just a moment ago. Suddenly, Kazunari was acutely aware of each centimeter he was stretched, of each drag against his sensitive prostate, of each twitch of his spent dick wanting to return to party, but not knowing how to. It was all so numbing . Everything else began to dull as Itaru’s dick buried itself in him even deeper.

“Hey, look at me,” Tsuzuru whispered, pulling Kazunari back into awareness. Kazunari forced his eyes to focus, just in time to catch Tsuzuru smiling. His thumbs swiped under Kazunari’s eyes, wiping away tears that Kazunari wasn’t aware of. “Do you really feel that full?”

“Tsu-Tsuzurun,” Kazunari barely managed to mumble in response. Was Itaru’s dick always this hot and overwhelming? The numbing sensation began to change again. A searing heat that was filling him beyond fullness, that was unable to be articulated.

Tsuzuru chuckled, his smile still soft. “Of course you do. I know what it’s like too, after all.” Tsuzuru’s hands wiped more tears away as Kazunari gasped for air. “It probably feels like you’re breaking, right?”

“H-hey!?” Itaru squeaked, and Kazunari felt the sting of nails digging into his thighs. “Stop filling Kazunari’s dialogue in for him, it’s really embarrassing.”

“I’m,” Kazunari started, but then Tsuzuru’s hands were on either side of his face, tilting his head forward and back towards Itaru. “I feel.” Kazunari swallowed, his throat dry. Why did Itaru look so red and worried? His highlights were matted with sweat, his arms trembling as they held Kazunari’s thighs up and in place. But why?

“H-how do you feel?” Itaru prompted quietly, leaning forward between Kazunari’s legs to better hear his answer.

Kazunari blubbed as Itaru’s cock hit even deeper, tears rolling down his cheeks. It was so much! Tsuzuru was right; Kazunari felt like he was going to break and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to, or even if it felt good or bad, but that was his reality! He was going to break!

“Tell him how you feel,” Tsuzuru reassured, his legs shifting underneath Kazunari. “Do you feel good?”

“I - ” Kazunari sobbed as Itaru’s dick twitched inside of him. There was nothing bad about Itarun being inside of him. There was nothing bad about Tsuzuru behind him, rubbing comforting circles into his cheeks. There was nothing bad about being so utterly overwhelmed, delicately balancing on the edge. The edge of what , he wasn’t quite sure, but it definitely wasn’t bad , so it had to be good. Kazunari nodded frantically through his tears. “I-Itarun, good, p-please, Itarun!

Kazunari couldn’t see Itaru’s expression through the blur of tears, but Itaru’s hips were an answer enough. Itaru’s fingers flexed against Kazunari’s thighs, pushing them further apart as he began to quicken the roll of his hips.

“Do you like it when Miyoshi-san cries?” Tsuzuru teased, his voice sounding from somewhere far away.

“N-not particularly, but,“ Itaru grunted in response as a moan fell from his lips, “the reloaded save state is pretty motivating.”

The reloaded what now? Kazunari shakily tore a hand from the blankets below as his body twitched, uselessly wiping tears from his soaked face. Wait, Kazunari didn’t remember getting hard again. Wouldn’t that be something he would usually notice pretty quickly? Kazunari desperately tried to think, but the static in his mind was impenetrable.

“I kind of think he’s cute like this,” Tsuzuru said. Kazunari slowly turned his head to see Tsuzuru’s dick now out of his boxers, his hand pumping himself at a steady pace dangerously close to Kazunari’s face. Kazunari twisted in place and reached out as his body burned, looking for any distraction to help alleviate the pain-laced pleasure coursing through his veins.

Tsuzuru’s free hand gently pushed Kazunari’s shoulder back down onto the bed, Kazunari’s head easily resting back on Tsuzuru’s thigh. “Just enjoy yourself, Miyoshi-san.”

There was no protesting simply because there was no strength left in Kazunari that would let him. It was just the gentle rasp of skin from behind his head, the sticky wetness of his face, and Itaru’s dick carefully tearing him apart from deep within.

“Almost at my limit break,” Itaru reassured Kazunari. “Just a little more.”

Just a little more and Itaru would fill Kazunari and he’d be free from his own questionable decisions. Although there was a small, uncertain part of Kazunari that didn’t want it to end, there were no brain cells left to dwell on that.

All that mattered was the quite literal heat of the moment, and if Itaru was going to come, Kazunari wanted to come with him! Kazunari whimpered as he lifted his arm, shakily grabbing onto his own cock.

“H-hey, Miyoshi-san - !”

“K-kazun - aaaah! ” Itaru’s hips jerked unevenly as he came, a soothing warmth filling Kazunari up as Itaru’s dick slowed inside of him. Oh, he missed the timing, but he still… he still wanted to! Kazunari clumsily stroked his own cock, fresh tears and whimpers leaving him as he convulsed under his own hand. He felt himself begin to tighten around Itaru, still inside of him, as Tsuzuru gently ran his nails over Kazunari’s scalp.

Ow! It stung! It really did! But then Itaru was over him, his lips sliding over Kazunari’s wet ones with a gentle affection. Tsuzuru gently pulled on Kazunari’s hair. 

Then, a yelp as Kazunari stilled and saw white. 

Kazunari’s vision was blurred as he came down from his second high. He vaguely registered Itaru pulling out of him and cum leaking out from his ass since he had no strength left to clench.

“Let me take care of Tsuzuru real fast,” Itaru whispered as he peppered Kazunari’s face with wet kisses. “Then whatever our MVP wants.”

Kazunari idly wondered if Itaru was referring to him or not.

“Nah, I’ve got it, Itaru-san,” Tsuzuru replied. “It’ll be faster, just let me borrow your lips.”

“Isn’t that me taking care of you?” Itaru joked lightly, his voice still airy with exhaustion.

“T-that’s not what I meant!” Itaru sat up, still between Kazunari’s exhausted legs. Itaru chuckled as Tsuzuru gently slid out from beneath Kazunari, his knees on either side of Kazunari’s head as he leaned over to grab the back of Itaru’s head and pull him into a kiss.

As the rasping of skin and wet slide of lips continued above Kazunari, he finally had a moment to put himself back together. The tears slowed. The air thinned back to normality. But still, Kazunari’s body buzzed with an exciting mix of euphoria and a not-unwelcome sting of pain.

Staring at his boyfriends above him, his eyelids heavy and otherwise exhausted in all aspects, Kazunari still couldn’t help but smile. After all, hopefully before too long he’d be able to help both of them feel like this too!


Chapter Text

"… This isn't just some trendy Halloween drink, is it?"

"Of course it is!" Misumi trills. "Kazu sent me the recipe~ There's even a cute straw!"

There is, indeed, a cute straw sticking out of the concerningly neon drink, a smiling jack-o-lantern right below the bend of it. The triangle eyes stare innocently back at Chikage.

"… And I mi~ght have added something extra. To make the drink more triangular!"

"More triangular," Chikage repeats.

Misumi nods. "Triangles!"

He's about to drug me, Chikage thinks, swirling around the multicolored glass. I'm about to let Misumi drug me.

"Here, I'll even drink some first!" Misumi delicately plucks the glass from Chikage's hands, taking a long sip from the bendy straw. "Hehe, it's sweet~"

To Chikage's surprise, Misumi takes another long sip, setting the glass aside before unceremoniously crawling into Chikage's lap. He cups Chikage's face in his hands, sending Chikage a closed-mouth smile before capturing Chikage's lips with his.

Chikage half-expects the liquid that funnels into his mouth, but still shudders as Misumi's tongue pushes it past his lips. Chikage reluctantly swallows it down, face scrunching at the artificial taste. Just how much sugar was in there…

Misumi pulls back with a grin, his face already dusted pink. "Do you feel warm, Chikage? I feel really warm."

Warm? Chikage idly rubs Misumi's waist. "Not any more than I usually would."

Misumi giggles. "I guess it might not hit Chikage for a little bit~ Unless Chikage wanted to drink more now?"

"Too sweet," Chikage immediately protests, dragging Misumi closer. "I'd much rather taste you."

"Chikage's so smooth!" Misumi cheers, letting Chikage pull him over his body like a blanket. "So forward~ Is Chikage sure he isn't feeling toasty yet?"

Chikage isn't sure, actually, but he's more concerned with the knees bracketing his waist and the elbows that land next to his head, caging him against the mattress. Misumi's lips are soft and wet when they meet Chikage's once more, his cock hardening against Chikage's stomach despite the lack of stimulation. Chikage slides his hands up the back Misumi's shirt, noting how hot his skin feels under his palms.

Misumi hums shakily into the kiss, rolling his hips into Chikage's stomach. "Chikage," he breathes, heat suddenly spiking in Chikage's abdomen. Ah, Chikage thinks. "Chikage… it feels…" Misumi whines, tugging on Chikage's shirt. "I want these off."

Misumi doesn't bother waiting for Chikage to reply, simply springing upward to start pulling off his own clothes. Chikage follows at a slightly more reasonable pace, pointedly ignoring the tingling sensation building under his skin.

As soon as Chikage's undressed, Misumi pushes him back onto the bed, practically thrumming with energy as he straddles Chikage's hips. Excess lube drips onto Chikage's stomach as Misumi spreads some over his fingers – Chikage isn't sure when he grabbed it from their nightstand – before dropping the lube bottle somewhere by their headboard. Chikage grips under Misumi's thighs as Misumi shifts his weight upward, his clean hand landing on Chikage's chest as he reaches back with the other.

Misumi's mouth falls open, his shoulder flexing as he starts to prep himself. Chikage's breathing deepens as he watches, the flush from Misumi's face pooling all the way down to his chest. Misumi trembles and whimpers whenever he adds another finger, his dick bobbing between his hips as he scissors himself open. His hips subtly roll back as he works, his leg muscles tensing and shifting against Chikage's palms.

Usually Chikage would be delighted by the careful pace, his eyes tracing over every line of Misumi's face, his ears straining to hear the tiny gasps from Misumi's mouth when he tilts his fingers just right. Chikage would happily watch Misumi's skin pink all over, Misumi's back dipping lower and lower as he opens himself up.

Whatever Misumi slipped him makes him impatient, though; his cock is hard and beading, without any sort of helping hand, and each sound Misumi makes feels too loud in his ears.

He should be feeling it too, right? Chikage lets one of his hands fall away from Misumi's thigh, trailing his fingers through the excess lube on his stomach. He slides his hand back up Misumi's leg and over his ass, his knuckles bumping into Misumi's fingers, still coaxing himself open.

With his eyes locked on Misumi's face, Chikage presses one of his fingers inward, stretching Misumi the slightest bit wider. Misumi moans as Chikage curls his finger inside him, his hips jerking back as he unexpectedly comes. Chikage stares blankly at the cum dripping down Misumi's abdomen, some of it landing between Chikage's hips.

Despite the stickiness splattered on their skin, Misumi is still miraculously hard, his cock hanging heavy between his shaking legs.

Misumi slowly pulls his fingers out and away, Chikage dazedly doing the same with his own. Still gasping for air, Misumi slicks up Chikage's cock with the leftover lube on his fingers. He clumsily lines himself up, Chikage's hands jumping to Misumi's hips to help guide him.

Chikage's hold tightens as Misumi sinks down in one fluid motion, Chikage groaning as Misumi's hands splay across his chest. Misumi laughs breathily, quickly finding a rhythm on Chikage's cock.

The warmth Misumi must have been describing before fills Chikage from his gut outward, his body feeling oddly overwhelmed and overheated. Movements that'd usually be deliberate come instinctively, his hands clenching and his hips rolling upward whenever Misumi drops down on his cock.

Misumi's mouth hangs open as he bounces, moans and breathy giggles spilling continuously from his lips. His thighs and stomach flex with each movement upward, a thin sheen of sweat beginning to form on his skin. His pupils are blown wide behind his bangs.

A toothy smile graces Misumi's face. "Chikage," he murmurs, "I'm gonna cum again."

True to his word, Misumi finishes a few thrusts later, a surprising amount of cum spilling from Misumi's cock. Chikage strokes Misumi's waist while he comes down from his high, giggles still falling from his lips.

Chikage grunts when Misumi suddenly shifts forward, Chikage's cock partially slipping out of him as Misumi grabs the neglected glass from the nightstand. He sits back down on Chikage's hips, sipping at the drink while Chikage watches in befuddlement, his cock still buried in Misumi's ass.

Misumi's hips lift again as he puts the glass back on the nightstand, licking his lips as he leans his weight onto his hands, pressed to the bed on either side of Chikage's head. "Chikage still has more in him, right?" Misumi asks, groaning as he deliberately sinks back down. Misumi's cock impossibly twitches, starting to harden for a third time between his hips. "I'll do my best to keep up~"

I don't think that's the problem here, Chikage thinks, flexing his fingers on Misumi's hips. He bends his knees upward, pushing down on his heels to thrust deeper into Misumi. Misumi keens in response, his fingers curling into the sheets beside Chikage's head.

It's you that I need to keep up with.