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October Prompt Drabbles

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This forest is cursed.

I can see it, you know. There’s always this sort of dark energy emanating from around the area, like it’s responding to something in the air. Perhaps it’s reacting to the presence of new blood, new victims?

Regardless, there is always a sense of dread permeating the air of this forest. It pins you down, freezes you in fear, makes you unable to act. And yet, considering what this forest is, I suppose it’s understandable.

I’ve heard stories about this forest. It is evil. It hungers, thirsts for the souls of people, to take lives. It lives off suffering and despair, of the eternal pain and torment it caused by taking the lives of many, trapping them within the confines of this accursed land. It is, perhaps, a fate worse than death to be stuck here. And yet, it demands human sacrifices – just so the evils can be contained within the forest, never to be spread around.

Though I suppose some were able to make the most of it, if that’s even the proper term for it.

There was a pair of twins I saw loitering around in the woods – one with blonde hair and the other with black hair. The one with blonde hair would taunt, tease, and threaten – all while twirling a bloodstained knife in his hands. His twin, the black-haired boy of similar stature, would whine and plead, beg with a sweet and honeyed voice – which did nothing to detract from the large butcher knife he dragged along the ground.

I was confused at first. They’re kids, right? What are kids doing here, and why are they carrying around weapons? But it was then that I saw it.

I realized they were standing over a dead body, their clothes splattered in blood, weapons dyed red with crimson. The body was rather tall, with dark hair and a familiarly muscular build – Mingyu.

These kids murdered Kim Mingyu. One of the strongest people in our group.

And they’re out for more blood, if the way the blonde was brandishing his knife was of any indication.

I turned tail and ran – I don’t want to be around them any longer. I know I was exiled here as a human sacrifice, along with Mingyu and a few others, but I want to live. I don’t want to be there, in a place where I’d definitely get killed in no time.

They must’ve noticed me somehow, though, since I could hear them giving chase – feet thumping on the ground, the occasional metal of the blade scraping against the rocks strewn on the ground. Did they notice me? Hear me run? I have no idea. I may have somehow managed to find a hiding spot within one of the trees here, but who knows how long it would last?

Not long. I can hear them humming and talking. Fuck.

“Come out and play with us, please?” The black-haired boy pleaded childishly – innocently. Ironic, considering he’s the one dragging a murder weapon around. “I promise, Hannie and me aren’t going to bite!”

“What kind of older sibling are you anyways, if you don’t want to play with me and Shua?” The blonde-haired boy, ostensibly Hannie, whined petulantly. Even so, I could hear the dangerous edge in his voice – a thinly veiled threat, a promise for something dark and sinister. “Big bro played with us earlier, you know! But…oh…I guess we played with him too much, so he’s asleep…”

…they’re talking about Mingyu, aren’t they?

And even if they were…Mingyu isn’t asleep. He’s dead.

These kids…they’re twisted. Was it the influence of the forest? Because…they’re just kids…

Kids shouldn’t be able to kill…right? And someone as big and strong as Mingyu, no less…


How did they overpower him? How could they swing those weapons and attack him to kill him? Where did they get the will, much less the strength to kill?

I pressed my back into the tree trunk a bit more, felt the rough bark pressing into my back through my clothes. In hindsight, it’s weird that there’s a hollow tree around here, but I’m not about to complain – not anytime soon. If I can use it to hide from these kids, I’ll take it.

“Hannie, I think they’re hiding…all of them…” Shua whined. “Are we playing hide and seek?”

“I think so!” Hannie exclaimed, his voice lighting up. “We should start looking around for them, right?”

Shua let out a bright hum, as if he was agreeing with Hannie. His voice took on a more sing-song tone as he started calling for all of us, currently in hiding. “Come out, come out, wherever you are~”

"There’s no point in hiding, you know!” Hannie giggled, a hint of malice in his voice. “Because the trees all have eyes and ears, you know?”

I felt myself go completely still the moment they said that. Wait…then that means-

“That’s right!” Shua easily agreed with Hannie. His voice turned dark immediately afterwards, and I could feel a harsh chill run down my spine.

“We. Know. Everything.”

That’s…no way, right?

But then again, these kids aren’t normal…

I curled up into myself even more, willed myself to be smaller. Maybe, just maybe, if I’m small enough, they won’t be able to find me…

Wishful thinking, I know. But…

I leaned back to stand up once again, feeling my back hit the bark of the tree almost immediately- wait.

Is it jist me, or are the walls slowly closing in on me?