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OffGun+ October Drabbles

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Gun is in Off’s lap and Off is in Gun when Off stops. “Something is going on out there.”

“You’re always suspicious,” Gun says, wrapping his arms around Off’s neck.

“We have two suspects in the house,” Off returns. “Shouldn’t I be?”

“Papii,” Gun argues, mostly with the rocking of his body.

Off huffs, but settles his hands onto Gun’s hips, starts moving just how he knows will make Gun unable to hold on long.

They’ve barely separated when he’s made himself decent again, even as Gun is still flopped down and panting.

Off silently cracks the door open to listen, but it’s too hard to tell and he makes a beeline for the living room.

“Mon!” Gun calls, scrambling up, hoping it gives Chimon enough time to fake innocence.

When Off arrives back to the couch, the three boys look at him as if he’s interrupting the movie. Each of them has an expression of perfect confusion on his face, but it makes them even more obvious, especially when Ohm adjusts his shirt, Chimon adjusts his shorts, and Nanon just swallows guiltily and offers a smile in Off’s direction.

All of that would be enough, but the killer is that there are hickeys already blooming on both sides of Chimon’s neck.

Off thinks up his first option. “I’ll give you an F,” he tells Nanon, who blanches.

“Papii can only ‘F’ Gun,” Gun says, returning to the room.

“Dad!” Chimon groans loudly in embarrassment and hides his face.

“Hoi!” Off complains, but then he realizes that Gun has diffused the situation, has ruined Chimon’s evening with his boyfriends, and staked his own possessive claim all with one joke. His anger turns to amusement and he snorts. “Mh. Of course, baby.”

“I’m sorry my dads are so gross,” Chimon says.