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OffGun+ October Drabbles

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Sometimes Maetee bats his eyelashes just so and T-Rex will tell everyone to leave them alone for a few days. T- Rex knows Maetee’s heat is hitting him.

It’s gotten to the point of a Pavlovian reaction for Maetee as well: T-Rex knows it’s coming and suddenly Maetee is wet with anticipation.

The just barely pre-heat sex is wonderful, when Maetee isn’t yet consumed but knows he will be soon. It makes the heat easier, going into it with his alpha, makes him feel much more secure and sated.

T-Rex kisses Maetee’s neck, teases his hands under Maetee’s shirt, making Maetee shiver in a good way. Then, he takes Maetee back to their room and strokes Maetee’s cock until Maetee is on the verge of coming, takes Maetee into his mouth until Maetee is close again, but the heat is too near.

“T-Rex, na,” Maetee whines.

T-Rex gives him only fingers and Maetee’s omega instincts are displeased, making Maetee whimper and whine. “What does Maetee need?”

“Maetee needs my alpha to fuck me,” Maetee replies, feeling like every omega in every romance and not caring one bit.

T-Rex giggles and adjusts his glasses before finally, finally giving Maetee his dick.