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Old souls: out of the shadows

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"It's obvious, Isn't it?"

Lily Evans jumped a mile in the air with her sister. Petunia ran towards the swing as she turned to face the newcomer, a boy with the oddest set of clothing she'd ever seen and that was saying something. "What's obvious?" She asked and the boy's dark irises glowed gold for a moment, her irises immediately doing the same. She could see him relax just slightly "Well, I know what you are." He whispered, acting as if it was a secret he was about to impart.

She could barely contain her grin "And what am I?" She asked with a raised eyebrow. "You're a witch." He said. "That's not a very nice thing to say!" She replied and his eyes gleamed at hearing that. He then quickly "corrected" his mistake by saying his mother was a witch and he was a wizard. Petunia screeched about how he was a freak, pulling her sister away from him. Where in another world, Lily would've glared at him over her shoulder, she gave him a smile here

"This was the best you could do?" He asked later as they met again. "I didn't know she'd react like that about my magic, alright? Spirits" She muttered with a roll of her eyes and he grinned as he nuzzled her temple. She smiled at this. "How do you always do that?" She asked. "You just never can stay mad at me." He replied with a smile on his face, before Petunia accidentally revealed herself and a branch fell on top of her and she ran away. That wasn't me." He immediately said. "No, that was me. From last time." She replied with a grin, before it fell

"What is it?" He immediately asked, looking down at her in worry. "I'm just.... tired, Sev. Tired of doing the same thing over and over again. Tired of trying not to get too attached to my new family, even if petunia is making it rather easy right now. Tired of not getting many friends. Even the sorting hat is getting tired of seeing me. I bet he will do something different next time just to mess with me." She answered with a sigh

"I see what you mean. I mean, it's not like we can call our old friends. I hear Ric is still not talking to Sal after that situation of 1926." Severus muttered. "Oh yeah. That was a mess." She immediately agreed. "Incredibly. What was he thinking?" He asked as he fell onto his back in the grass.ย  She joined him and laid on his thin chest. "Something about him not being appreciated and considering what happened, he wasn't entirely wrong." She said

"It honestly did take them more than six months to actually realise something was wrong and only because his husband came back after literally being warned." He agreed and she laughed. "He's not all bad. Deep down, they still care about each other and he'd never go too far. Not that he really can right now." She said. "I'm surprised he's still there. Do we need to bring him a visit before he gets his ass back into gear?" He asked. "Went to see him before coming here. Said he went too far and this was his self-inflicted punishment." She explainedย 

"Yeah, that sounds like him." He agreed and she smiled, before getting serious. "Can't we just do something different?" She asked. "Like what? Move to a different country? We tried that with King Henry, remember? We came back to an incredibly messy Wizarding World." He replied with a raised eyebrow. "I do and I'm not saying we'll do that, but I want to do something that isn't the same as the past few times." She explainedย 

"We separate for a while, choose a nice family to live with for about ten years while pretending to be a normal wizarding child and after making everyone in their surroundings think we've always been there, although we both screwed up on that one this time. We go to Hogwarts, pretend to slowly become friends, enter a relationship in our final year, marry after school, get a new job and do that for a while, pretend to die and repeat." She continuedย 

"I can see why you're frustrated. There hasn't exactly been much excitement for us, has there?" He asked and she shook her head as she sighed again. "Well, we'll find something different. We always do. Didn't you say Sal warned you about this old friend of his?" He asked her and she nodded. "Yeah, but I want to make my own opinion about him, before I decide he's worth my time." She replied and for a second, he could see the old her once more, the one he fell in love with and never stopped. They stayed like that for a while, before going home

"That Potter is so annoying!" She hissed through gritted teeth months later at Hogwarts as she helped cancel a spell on Severus that turned his skin red and gold. "Stupid posh prat! Thinks he's all that." She kept muttering. "I'm fine, love. Really." He reassured her as he covered her hand with his and she looked at him as her anger disappeared just slightly as she took a deep breath. Not long afterย the Marauders found themselves with green and silver skin

The sorting hat had indeed done something incredibly different as it had sorted Lily into gryffindor instead of Slytherin, but that didn't stop them. It did warn them both about the headmaster Albus Dumbledore, telling them that he wasn't up to anything good. They promised to keep an eye on it and were sent on their way. In their second year, both Severus and Lily got both detention with professor Mcgonagallย 

"Why did you have detention?" He asked when they were done. "Pranked Potter and his little crew again. Got caught on purpose after I heard you had detention. What did you do?" She asked. Normally, he was a rather model student. "There's this new girl, Dolores Umbridge and she acts like she's all that and has a hatred for anything that isn't pure wizards. Muggles, muggleborns, half-blood wizards, half-creatures. I told her she was a spoiled, arrogant brat with the brains of a donkey and the face of a toad." He replied and they both cracked up

"Now, why does that sound familiar?" She asked. "To be fair: he was a spoiled brat until I came along." He piped up. "Yes, but I also remember him beating your ass at your first meeting until you cheated....and almost peaked at my bare ass when we first met." She replied. "Hey, I didn't know you were dressing up. Not my fault you thought I was your maid." He defended himself and they laughed again as they had to separateย 

This went on for several years and a dark wizard named Voldemort slowly gained notoriety in the Wizarding World and many people in Slytherin agreed with his view. "Maybe, deciding to be a muggleborn was not a good idea. You should see the looks some of the others give me" He muttered. "I get looks as well as I don't take Albus Bloody Dumbledore's words as gospel. I can handle myself." She assured him

"Lupin is a werewolf!" He breathed not long after as he pulled her from where she was talking to Alice. "What are going on about? Don't tell me you've been experimenting with potions again." She said in concern. He shook his head and explained what Black had done and how James Potter had saved him, but not before he had seen the transformed werewolf at the end of the tunnel. "That's it. I'm going to kill him." She hissed as she grabbed her wand and began to march away. He actually had to stop her as he didn't want her in Azkabanย 

After their O.W.L exams, James and his gang bullied Severus again, until James suddenly found himself with a face of a donkey and braying every time he tried to talk. He quickly ran away to the hospital wing with Sirius, Remus and Peter as Lily helped Severus up from the ground, a satisfied smirk on her face. "How long will it stay?" He asked quietly. "A day or so." She replied and he smiled at her as they walked away together

Like they had done before, they began a relationship in their seventh year, although they were careful this time because of the sentiment against muggleborns in Slytherin and despite Potter's crush on Lily. "Lucius is actingย odd ever since Christmas break. I think his father put the imperius curse on him." Severus muttered one day, incredibly worried about one of the few friends he had in his life. "We'll help him. I promise." She replied

After school, they joined the war. Severus joined the Death Eaters as a spy and Lily did the same in the order of the phoenix as they realised Voldemort and Dumbledore were two extremes and neither of them meant well. They married each other at "19" years old, keeping it small and simple with only family That was the last time the Evans sisters saw each other. Severus tried to help Lucius, but it was impossible without Voldemort noticing. Even for him. Less than a year later, the new challenge Lily wanted came as she woke up one morning feeling weird.

Something was different. She checked all around the house she and Severus had bought and warded, but came up empty. She then checked herself and her eyes widened as she felt a new bit of magic inside her. A newly created core which meant... Lily quickly ran back upstairs. Nine months later, she gave birth to a boy with black hair and blue eyes, which she glamoured to look green. She was overjoyed as she held the little life in her arms.

Severus couldn't make it to the birth as Voldemort needed him, but he soon arrived. "Did he do anything?" She asked. "The usual." He answered and she shook her head. "This can't continue on. We need to stop him. " She muttered. "We will." He promised, before kissing her temple. "I love you Morgana." He breathed to make sure no one heard them and she smiled at him. "I love you too, Merlin." She replied, before they looked at the new baby in their arms

They didn't know it yet, but their time watching from the shadows was almost over