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Old souls: out of the shadows

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James Potter stiffened up at hearing the voice. "Dumbledore. Didn't expect to see you here." He said coolly without even looking at the old man. He was very aware of the many letters the headmaster had sent him to try and figure out where he lived as the goblins had to remove countless tracking charms from the letters, before sending it through. Even Morgan's owl had gone to gringotts once and they had found a tracking spell on her

James knew how much Aurelia meant to his daughter and he really wasn't pleased with how Dumbledore had tried to use her for his own plans. "Come now, my boy. You can call me by my first name." Dumbledore chuckled. "That would mean that we're friends and we're anything but that." James replied, still not looking at him. He had taught himself occlumency with help of Merlin, but it was better to be safe than sorry

"Since when?" Dumbledore asked, seemingly confused and James had enough. "Oh, I don't know. Maybe since you kicked my wife out of school simply for being pregnant. I bet Lockhart didn't get any punishments." He spat as he walked out of the quidditch store and Dumbledore followed him. "Come now, my boy. I didn't have a choice." The old man tried to protest. "Except that you did. You could've let her stay and accomodate her with her pregnancy. I bet you would've done that is she had been in Gryffindor, but since she was Slytherin, you kicked her out immediately and got her kicked out of the house." James hissed

"I did eventually meet her because of this, so not everything actually turned out completely bad, but you still did it." He huffed, sending a small signal with his wand to Sirius and Remus that Dumbledore was with him. "Well, then why don't you bring me to your home and I can apologise." Dumbledore offered, still desperate to know where they lived. James let out a loud and cold laugh that got everyone's attention 

"No. Bloody. Way. After what you did, Katie never wants to see you again. You're the one who didn't listen to her pleas to let her stay. You're the one who decided that your school's "reputation," which at the time was bad anyway because of all the classes you took away, was more important than the life of a student you as headmaster should've protected. Katie's lucky no one took advantage of her while homeless." He spat again

"As it stands at this moment, let me make one thing very clear: you keep saying that Riddle will return and if he does, I will fight against him, but not under your lead. That time is over." He growled. Melin, Morgana and the founders had been busy trying to find the horcruxes, but it was easier said than done. Sirius and Remus arrived. "James, your wife is getting impatient. You were supposed to be back ten minutes ago. Oh, look. There's Alastor." Sirius said as he waved at someone. Dumbledore turned and the second that he did, he heard the sound of three people disapparating. He growled at being foiled again

"Thanks, guys." James muttered as they landed back home in Camelot. "No problem. No way are we going to let you be bothered be Dumbledore longer than necessary." Sirius replied with a grin as he patted him on the back. The three men talked for a bit, before they all went home. James went to see Katie as it was a Saturday anyway and she immediately smiled at him as several orphans greeted him happily

With the people formerly of Knockturn now having an actual income, many had agreed to give several of the orphans a new home and of the two dozen children, there were only about ten now. Seven of them were at Hogwarts, so it was very quiet and easy for Katie to look after them at days the school and daycare were closed, although the daycare was a bit busier now many of the adults had actual jobs

Surprisingly many witches and wizards had been willing to give them a job when it was clear that just because they had lived in Knockturn alley, didn't meant that they were evil. It helped that Merlin with help of Salazar had created a potion that helped werewolves keep their mind and let an acquaintance of the latter bring it out at a reasonable price so that everyone could have it and make it. Because of this, the two children bitten by Greyback seems several others like them were allowed the same chance as Remus had as long as Horace and later Merlin himself gave them the portion before the full moon

James smiled back as he took her into her arms and kissed her deeply. "How are you feeling?" He whispered. "Impatient to have Morgan back with us. I hope Dumbledore didn't do anything." She whispered as Morgan was coming home next week for winter break. "Pomona and Merlin will protect her and she has threw Potter heir ring hidden on her finger. It will warn hear if there's anything in her food or drinks." He assured her

"I know, but I'm her mother. I'm allowed to worry." She said and he smiled, before kissing her forehead. "Morgan's smart and cunning. She'll be fine. And she hopefully has the map as the first Marauder heir and only if Sirius and Remus don't hurry up." He muttered and she chuckled. Sirius and Marlene were engaged now and Remus was surprisingly dating none other than Helga Hufflepuff herself. She smiled and nodded, before hugging him

The next week, Morgan got off the train with her owl and trunk and immediately walked towards her parents. Katie and James pulled her into a tight hug and held her close as Fred and George eventually joined them as well after greeting their own parents. "Mum, dad. This is Fred and George Weasley. They're my best friends." She introduced them. "Hello, Mr and Mrs. Potter. Mr. Potter. Is it true that you had a hidden relationship with someone named Mr. Prongs?" The twins asked, switching who was talking every few words. James stared at this, before looking at Morgan who was trying not to laugh out loud

"Who told you that?" He asked, knowing that Katie was also trying not to laugh. "Morgan did. We found this map and it said that Mr. Prongs hoped Morgan has your good looks." Fred explained and James bit his lip as. "Yes. I'm bisexual and I was in a relationship with Mr. Prongs at school." He somehow managed to say with a straight face and Katie actually had to turn around because she was laughing so much

"Wicked." Fred and George chorused, when their parents joined. "James Potter! What do you have to say for yourself?!" Molly Weasley immediately demanded of him. "I'm not sure what you mean." James replied coolly as he pulled a now serious Katie and Morgan close. "Talk to Albus like you did in Diagon Alley! You should be ashamed if yourself! He's the greatest wizard of all time and he deserves your respect!" She shouted

"He may be a powerful wizard, but he completely lost my respect when he kicked out my wife and then left her to become homeless. Also, in case you haven't noticed: you're not my mother and I don't have to explain my actions to you. This also means you have no right to demand that I should be ashamed because if I'm not. I protect those who I care about, no matter who I have to protect them from. Now, if you'll excuse me. We're going home." He replied in a low voice, before he took his wife and daughter, Morgan barely having time to wave at her friends before they disaparated to Camelot

"Sorry you couldn't really say goodbye to your friends sweetheart, but if that woman had opened het mouth one more time, I might have hexed her." James apologize and she shrugged. "I'll see them in a couple of weeks anyway. By the way, I believe this belongs to you." Morgan replied, pulling out the map. "Oh yes. My secret romance with Mr. Prongs." He deadpanned and both Katie and Morgan cracked up

"You could've just told them the truth." He said. "Where's the fun in that?" Morgan asked, before squealing as he turned into Prongs and started to chase her through Camelot. Katie rolled her eyes as she went ahead to their home and made sure her daughter's Christmas present was hidden away. It was a very simple shirt, but the biggest thing were the words printed on them, words she was sure were going to make Morgan squeal once more. 

"Promoted to big sister."