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Old souls: out of the shadows

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"It's obvious, Isn't it?"

Lily Evans jumped a mile in the air with her sister. Petunia ran towards the swing as she turned to face the newcomer, a boy with the oddest set of clothing she'd ever seen and that was saying something. "What's obvious?" She asked and the boy's dark irises glowed gold for a moment, her irises immediately doing the same. She could see him relax just slightly "Well, I know what you are." He whispered, acting as if it was a secret he was about to impart.

She could barely contain her grin "And what am I?" She asked with a raised eyebrow. "You're a witch." He said. "That's not a very nice thing to say!" She replied and his eyes gleamed at hearing that. He then quickly "corrected" his mistake by saying his mother was a witch and he was a wizard. Petunia screeched about how he was a freak, pulling her sister away from him. Where in another world, Lily would've glared at him over her shoulder, she gave him a smile here

"This was the best you could do?" He asked later as they met again. "I didn't know she'd react like that about my magic, alright? Spirits" She muttered with a roll of her eyes and he grinned as he nuzzled her temple. She smiled at this. "How do you always do that?" She asked. "You just never can stay mad at me." He replied with a smile on his face, before Petunia accidentally revealed herself and a branch fell on top of her and she ran away. That wasn't me." He immediately said. "No, that was me. From last time." She replied with a grin, before it fell

"What is it?" He immediately asked, looking down at her in worry. "I'm just.... tired, Sev. Tired of doing the same thing over and over again. Tired of trying not to get too attached to my new family, even if petunia is making it rather easy right now. Tired of not getting many friends. Even the sorting hat is getting tired of seeing me. I bet he will do something different next time just to mess with me." She answered with a sigh

"I see what you mean. I mean, it's not like we can call our old friends. I hear Ric is still not talking to Sal after that situation of 1926." Severus muttered. "Oh yeah. That was a mess." She immediately agreed. "Incredibly. What was he thinking?" He asked as he fell onto his back in the grass.  She joined him and laid on his thin chest. "Something about him not being appreciated and considering what happened, he wasn't entirely wrong." She said

"It honestly did take them more than six months to actually realise something was wrong and only because his husband came back after literally being warned." He agreed and she laughed. "He's not all bad. Deep down, they still care about each other and he'd never go too far. Not that he really can right now." She said. "I'm surprised he's still there. Do we need to bring him a visit before he gets his ass back into gear?" He asked. "Went to see him before coming here. Said he went too far and this was his self-inflicted punishment." She explained 

"Yeah, that sounds like him." He agreed and she smiled, before getting serious. "Can't we just do something different?" She asked. "Like what? Move to a different country? We tried that with King Henry, remember? We came back to an incredibly messy Wizarding World." He replied with a raised eyebrow. "I do and I'm not saying we'll do that, but I want to do something that isn't the same as the past few times." She explained 

"We separate for a while, choose a nice family to live with for about ten years while pretending to be a normal wizarding child and after making everyone in their surroundings think we've always been there, although we both screwed up on that one this time. We go to Hogwarts, pretend to slowly become friends, enter a relationship in our final year, marry after school, get a new job and do that for a while, pretend to die and repeat." She continued 

"I can see why you're frustrated. There hasn't exactly been much excitement for us, has there?" He asked and she shook her head as she sighed again. "Well, we'll find something different. We always do. Didn't you say Sal warned you about this old friend of his?" He asked her and she nodded. "Yeah, but I want to make my own opinion about him, before I decide he's worth my time." She replied and for a second, he could see the old her once more, the one he fell in love with and never stopped. They stayed like that for a while, before going home

"That Potter is so annoying!" She hissed through gritted teeth months later at Hogwarts as she helped cancel a spell on Severus that turned his skin red and gold. "Stupid posh prat! Thinks he's all that." She kept muttering. "I'm fine, love. Really." He reassured her as he covered her hand with his and she looked at him as her anger disappeared just slightly as she took a deep breath. Not long after the Marauders found themselves with green and silver skin

The sorting hat had indeed done something incredibly different as it had sorted Lily into gryffindor instead of Slytherin, but that didn't stop them. It did warn them both about the headmaster Albus Dumbledore, telling them that he wasn't up to anything good. They promised to keep an eye on it and were sent on their way. In their second year, both Severus and Lily got both detention with professor Mcgonagall 

"Why did you have detention?" He asked when they were done. "Pranked Potter and his little crew again. Got caught on purpose after I heard you had detention. What did you do?" She asked. Normally, he was a rather model student. "There's this new girl, Dolores Umbridge and she acts like she's all that and has a hatred for anything that isn't pure wizards. Muggles, muggleborns, half-blood wizards, half-creatures. I told her she was a spoiled, arrogant brat with the brains of a donkey and the face of a toad." He replied and they both cracked up

"Now, why does that sound familiar?" She asked. "To be fair: he was a spoiled brat until I came along." He piped up. "Yes, but I also remember him beating your ass at your first meeting until you cheated....and almost peaked at my bare ass when we first met." She replied. "Hey, I didn't know you were dressing up. Not my fault you thought I was your maid." He defended himself and they laughed again as they had to separate 

This went on for several years and a dark wizard named Voldemort slowly gained notoriety in the Wizarding World and many people in Slytherin agreed with his view. "Maybe, deciding to be a muggleborn was not a good idea. You should see the looks some of the others give me" He muttered. "I get looks as well as I don't take Albus Bloody Dumbledore's words as gospel. I can handle myself." She assured him

"Lupin is a werewolf!" He breathed not long after as he pulled her from where she was talking to Alice. "What are going on about? Don't tell me you've been experimenting with potions again." She said in concern. He shook his head and explained what Black had done and how James Potter had saved him, but not before he had seen the transformed werewolf at the end of the tunnel. "That's it. I'm going to kill him." She hissed as she grabbed her wand and began to march away. He actually had to stop her as he didn't want her in Azkaban 

After their O.W.L exams, James and his gang bullied Severus again, until James suddenly found himself with a face of a donkey and braying every time he tried to talk. He quickly ran away to the hospital wing with Sirius, Remus and Peter as Lily helped Severus up from the ground, a satisfied smirk on her face. "How long will it stay?" He asked quietly. "A day or so." She replied and he smiled at her as they walked away together

Like they had done before, they began a relationship in their seventh year, although they were careful this time because of the sentiment against muggleborns in Slytherin and despite Potter's crush on Lily. "Lucius is acting odd ever since Christmas break. I think his father put the imperius curse on him." Severus muttered one day, incredibly worried about one of the few friends he had in his life. "We'll help him. I promise." She replied

After school, they joined the war. Severus joined the Death Eaters as a spy and Lily did the same in the order of the phoenix as they realised Voldemort and Dumbledore were two extremes and neither of them meant well. They married each other at "19" years old, keeping it small and simple with only family That was the last time the Evans sisters saw each other. Severus tried to help Lucius, but it was impossible without Voldemort noticing. Even for him. Less than a year later, the new challenge Lily wanted came as she woke up one morning feeling weird.

Something was different. She checked all around the house she and Severus had bought and warded, but came up empty. She then checked herself and her eyes widened as she felt a new bit of magic inside her. A newly created core which meant... Lily quickly ran back upstairs. Nine months later, she gave birth to a boy with black hair and blue eyes, which she glamoured to look green. She was overjoyed as she held the little life in her arms.

Severus couldn't make it to the birth as Voldemort needed him, but he soon arrived. "Did he do anything?" She asked. "The usual." He answered and she shook her head. "This can't continue on. We need to stop him. " She muttered. "We will." He promised, before kissing her temple. "I love you Morgana." He breathed to make sure no one heard them and she smiled at him. "I love you too, Merlin." She replied, before they looked at the new baby in their arms

They didn't know it yet, but their time watching from the shadows was almost over

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Lily was trying not to laugh

She had managed to keep the identity of her son's father a secret from the rest of the order as she knew they'd immediately try to put her in jail for "conspiring with the enemy." Some members sure made their opinions known about her being pregnant with no father seemingly in sight, but this was her very first child in her very long life. They could all go screw themselves for all she cared. The upside was that James had finally given up on trying to date her

At least, that was the plan for them until Dumbledore called the two of them and Alice and Frank Longbottom to a private meeting in his office to let them know of a prophecy about how a baby born at the end of July was destined to defeat Voldemort and he thought that it was either Harry or Neville. Lily immediately tightened her grip on her baby as she shared a dreading look with Alice, knowing they both thought the same thing: 'Not our baby.' 

As Lily seemingly lived alone with just Harry for as far as they knew, Dumbledore quickly suggested that she'd live with James so he could protect her and her baby and she glowered at him. "I'm perfectly capable of protecting myself, thank you!" She bit at him. "My dear girl. I have no doubt of your abilities, but the fact is that you're a muggleborn and therefore one of the things he hates the most. It would be safer if you stayed with James." Dumbledore tried to convince her, throwing a compulsion spell to her from underneath the desk

With Lily being who she was, it didn't stick and only worked to make her angrier. She hated having chosen to live with muggles this time "I said no! I'm safe where I live and I still haven't forgiven James for bullying Severus." She hissed. Obviously, Severus had let himself be bullied and pranked as he'd easily defeat James otherwise, but only the two of them knew about that. "I said I was sorry!" James protested and she looked at him with a deadpan look

"Oh yes. Because one apology is enough to make up for years of bullying." She snarked, rolling her eyes as she started to bounce Harry as he began to grow fussy. Dumbledore then told them that one Death Eater, Dolochov had heard part of the prophecy and had no doubt relaid what he heard to his master. "Darling, has Voldemort talked about a prophecy?" Lily asked her husband mentally while continuing the verbal conversation. 

"He has ordered us to help find him the location a couple of babies not too long ago. Wait, are you saying that...." Severus asked, a tone of dread slowly growing. "According to Dumbledore, there is a prophecy about either our son or Alice's son defeating him. He wants me to move in with Potter of all people." She replied and she heard him growl. "And to make matters worse, he has told us that there is a spy in the order, but has refused to tell us who it is. I think he's either paranoid or suspects one or us from giving info about his actions to the DMLE." He said

"But you are." She replied, him saying it wasn't the point and she shook her head. She and Severus discussed this new development later that night with Harry peacefully sleeping in their arms. "I've faced him three times, my darling and I managed to survive every time, but so have Alice and Frank. We both have pissed him off incredibly. I don't want to think of him going after them." She muttered. "What are you saying?" He asked, not liking this

"Maybe, I should agree with Dumbledore's idea and actually go into hiding with James, but make sure that he focuses on us, chooses us to be the ones he attacks. We both know I'll live and I know a spell that can protect James and Harry from the killing curse. It might even defeat him for a short while and give us time to figure out what the source of that vile, dark magic we sense around him is." She said, but he stubbornly shook his head

"Merlin, this war has already gone on for far too long. We already lost Gideon and Fabian and who knows how many more will follow. This needs to stop and fast." She insisted. "What am I supposed to do then? Sit around in this empty house and do nothing?" He asked. She bit her lip in answer, knowing he was going to hate the next bit. "No, you'll make sure Alice and Frank are safe with their son... and you'll make sure he focuses on us." She told him. He immediately protested as she had expected, but she managed to convince him with great effort

Dumbledore's happiness when she agreed with the plan made her feel sick. She realised that she, James and Harry as well as Alice, Frank and Neville were nothing but bait for him "It it makes you feel any better, I swear on my magic that I won't try any funny things with you. I see the look in your eyes whenever you talk about Harry's dad. I'm not going to come between that." James promised. She could tell he was sincere and appreciated it. 

They used the Fidelius charm to hide in Godric's Hollow of all people and chose one of James's friends Peter as their Secret Keeper at the insistence of Sirius as the latter thought he'd be the obvious choice. Hiding with someone she used to loathe wasn't easy, especially when the months went on and Harry learned how to walk and talk without Severus being there. She sent mental images of the moment to him, but it wasn't the same

He even missed his son's first birthday, although an anonymous present arrived, turning out to be a children's book about Merlin and Morgana after James inspected the gift. Behind his back, Lily rolled her eyes."Typically daddy." She whispered to her son. Peter was there as well, but he seemed pale. He told them about how a friend of theirs, Marlene had been attacked and how a Phoenix had flashed in, had killed many Death Eaters and had severely burned Voldemort, forcing him to retreat  Marlene and her family were now deep in hiding and Lily sighed in relief.

James thankfully proved true to his word as he was quick to correct Harry when the baby called him Dada. Very soon, Harry called him "unca James" instead and both adults were completely content with that. Around October 1981, Severus sent his wife two words that changed their lives forever: "He knows." Now knowing Peter was the traitor, Lily set about to drawing runes of an ancient spell she had made herself in and around the house.

It had taken almost all her magic to create it and Merlin had been so angry at her, but it was worth it as the runes would protect everyone from the effects of the killing curse, apart from the one casting it. They would just be in a frozen state that could be broken in two ways. Severus had offered his services to Dumbledore as a spy as well as insurance as he felt the war was almost over and he really didn't want to have to break out of Azkaban.

Voldemort arrived on Halloween 1981. Lily sensed him coming as the vile magic preceded him. She felt several anti-apparation wards activate, hurried downstairs where James was entertaining Harry and told him it was his bedtime. James gave Harry to her and she tried not to look panicked as she went back upstairs. She heard the front door slam open as she put her son in his crib and activated the extra runes around it. These had been created by Merlin and only worked if the caster loved whoever was inside the circle with all their hearts

With that requirement there, she dropped her blood on the runes as she heard Voldemort "killing" James. She whispered the right spells and looked at her son as she mentally told Severus he was there. "Harry, the next few minutes are going to be very scary and I need you to be a brave boy for me okay?" She asked. Harry of course had no idea what was going on and just babbled as the door was blasted open. She whirled around and put up a pleading face.

"No, not Harry, not Harry. Please, not Harry!" She begged desperately, spreading her arms to look even more pathetic. "Step aside, stupid girl. Step aside, now!" Voldemort ordered her. Like she was going to do that even without the runes. "No! Not Harry, please! Take me! Kill me!" She shouted, continuing to plead with him even as he warned her for the last time. She saw the green light coming and hoped the runes would work

After that, everything went black

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Her husband's lips gently kissing her awake were the first thing Lily felt as she woke up from her unconscious state. She immediately smiled at the familiar feeling and kissed him back, hearing a loud squeal right next to her as well. She broke apart and quickly whirled her head around to see her sweet, innocent baby staring at her, his eyes red from crying. "Mama!" He called as Severus helped her sit up.

"Oh, my sweet baby boy." She whispered as she immediately pulled him into her warm arms and rocked him back-and-forth. "You have been so very brave for me, my little one. Everything's alright now. Mama's here and I'll protect you." She promised him, even though he didn't know what she was saying, but her holding him calmed him down as she held him closer and checked him over with magic

She stiffened up at feeling a dark piece of magic stuck in Harry's forehead. "Merlin, his forehead." She whispered, giving their son to her husband, knowing that he was better equipped to destroy dark magic than her. She walked down the rubble of the now broken house. "You didn't wake up James?" She asked. "I was more worried about you and Harry!" He shouted back and she rolled her eyes as she kneeled down. There were two ways to wake up from this. One was a kiss of pure love and the other.... well.... With a smirk, Lily raised her arm


"OOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!" James screamed as he was slapped in the face and woke up. "Oh, that hurt." He muttered, before realising one important thing: he wasn't dead. "Wait... what?! How am I not dead?!" He asked. "As much as I'd love to explain everything to you right now, we don't have time. Listen James, I trusted you to take care of Harry and I. Now, I need you to trust me, alright?" She asked urgently 

Sensing how serious she was, he immediately nodded. "Dumbledore is not the kind old man everyone thinks he is. Once he finds out we survived and how, he will try and hunt us down. Harry and I need to hide, but for your own safety, I need to alter your memories just a bit. Not for long." She hurried to assure him at seeing his panicked look. "It's just until things have calmed down." She said and he relaxed again.

"This way, Dumbledore won't be able to see where we've gone. I'll contact you once it's safe and that letter will restore your memories. Try and make sure Sirius stays out of trouble. We're may need him later." She further explained and he nodded in agreement now. She carefully knocked him out for just a minute and altered his memories to make him think Voldemort used a stunning spell on him and that she and Harry were gone when he woke up. She then heard someone coming and Severus joined her with a completely healed Harry

"It's Hagrid. We need to go." He whispered carefully as Harry reached out to his mother. She took him over and they disappeared just as James started to wake up again and Hagrid walked in. "James! Yer alive?!" The half-giant asked in utter shock. "I think so. I think You-know-who used a stunning spell on me. Perhaps to torture me later when he killed..." James began, before remembering Harry and running upstairs 

"They're gone! Lily and Harry! They're both gone!" He shouted as he ran downstairs again. "Where can they've gone to?" Hagrid asked in worry. "I don't know, but Hagrid, I need you to listen to me. I need you to tell all our friends that Peter is the traitor. We switched Secret-Keepers at the last minute and he betrayed us to him. I need you to make sure everyone knows and looks for him." James said in all seriousness

"Of course. Ye can count on me!" Hagrid immediately promised, already planning to make that little traitor pay. That's when Sirius arrived on his flying motorbike. "James! Lily!" He screamed. "You don't need to shout, Padfoot. I'm right here." James said as he walked out and was immediately tackled into a hug by his best friend. Hagrid then said he had orders from Dumbledore to bring Harry to Lily's sister and James frowned, feeling something wasn't right here. How in Merlin's name did Dumbledore know harry would still be alive after that?

"Lily's sister? Hagrid, you've heard her complain about her often enough. Why on earth would Dumbledore bring Harry there?" Sirius asked, which was also a good point. Hagrid replied he didn't know, but that he'd leave immediately to tell of the new situation and Peter's betrayal. After James told him of Lily's and Harry's disappearance, Sirius immediately wanted to go after the rat and make him pay, but James stopped him.

Something inside him told him to keep him safe. "People might think you're the traitor and lock you up. We both know how Crouch is and how he has been sending people to Azkaban without a trial. I don't want you to be one of them." He said and Sirius realised he had a point. They went to Remus instead and explained everything. The werewolf cried in relief at still having two of his friends, but worried over Lily and harry

Far away, Severus and Lily landed in the living room of their actual house "Home, sweet home." She muttered, bouncing a crying Harry as he really hadn't liked apparating. "Oh, I know, my baby boy. It's not nice, but it's the fastest way for mama and dada to get out." She soothed him. "Dada?" He asked as he rubbed his eyes and Lily turned them both so he could see Severus properly. "Say hi to dada." She said and the boy stared at Severus for a second, before squealing and reaching out to him. "Dada!" He shouted and his father took him over

"Hello, my sweet boy. How I missed you and your mother." He breathed as he held his son. Lily snuggled closer to them, before she grabbed her cloak. "Where are you going?" He asked. "To find a rat." She answered. "Be just. Harry needs you." He reminded her and she gave him a look, before she disappeared. Just a day later, Wormtail was in an Animagus-proof cell, forever looking like a human/rat hybrid and never able to speak again

Dumbledore tried to look for Harry and Lily to use the boy, but the wards that the new parents had made around their home were too powerful for him to break or find. James being alive stopped him from using the vaults Not long after Halloween, Bellatrix Lestrange, her husband, brother-in-law and Barty Crouch. Jr captured Frank and Alice longbottom after they thought they were safe from harm and had come out of hiding.

They had just started to use the cruciatus curse on them, when with a flash of fire appeared. Not long after that, a heavily burned foursome were on trial for their attempted torture on the couple. The burns wouldn't heal. Frank and Alice were treated for slight nerve damage, but would make a full recovery. Lily smiled as the phoenix responsible preened her hair, before looking down at her son and sighing. Within a second, her husband was there and giving her a concerned look. "What is it?" He asked as he reached out and cupped her face

"I was just thinking ahead about the dangers ahead for our son." She said. "He's gone, my love. Temporarily, I'll admit, but we now know how he's done these things. We now need to fund those abominations of nature and destroy them. That way, he won't be a danger to our son anymore." He tried to comfort her. "Yes, but he's not the only danger out there, is he?" She asked and he reared back as he realised who she meant

"If she hears about this... if she actually finds out we're not each other's only weakness anymore and that we have a son, who knows what she will do." She breathed with a pleading face to try and make him understand why she was saying this, her grip on her peacefully sleeping son tightening and her blue eyes full of fear. He immediately wrapped his arms around her. "We'll protect him and each other." He breathed

"Maybe just us won't be enough." She muttered and he looked down. "We may need to bring the others together again." She continued. "Darling, did you forget that two of them are still not talking to each other." He reminded her. "We don't exactly have much of a choice. The only ones coming even close to her apart from our friends are either an insane wraith right now or a manipulative old man. She has been quiet for now, but she'll come back. She always comes back." She replied and he looked down at his son, realising she was right

"Fine, but I'm not the one who has to tell Ric he has to work with the guy who kidnapped him again." He said. "Fine, but then you're getting a certain someone out of jail. Now, we just need someone to find the women. I know that one of them has been in France for a while now, so she won't be hard to find. The other one on the other hand.... never thought I'd hand trouble finding her." She confessed and he laughed at that

"She's a true badger, love. Capable of staying underground." He replied and she smiled. After that, they just held their son. They realised that once they put their plan into motion, things would never be the same. They wanted to have one more calm day before everything went crazy. They looked down at Harry and knew that it would be worth it if he was safe, but that didn't stop a question from popping up in their minds

What comes next?

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Not long after that, the Malfoy family, Abraxas having "mysteriously" died James, Sirius, Remu, Marlene and the Longbottoms received an invitation to meet an old friend at gringotts. The letter that James got immediately restored his memories as Lily had promised and he was quick to tell his friends how Lily had somehow saved him from the killing curse. The three of them were in from that moment on and so were the others

Marlene, Alice and Augusta Longbottom almost fainted at walking into the room and seeing Lily waiting for them in the meeting room with Severus and Harry. "Lily?!" How's that possible? You're dead!" Alice breathed. "No, I disappeared. There's a difference." She replied. "Care to tell me now how you managed to create a counter to the killing curse and what exactly you meant by saying Dumbledore isn't the kind old man we think he is? Oh and why Snivelus is here" James asked as he sat down with Sirius and Remus. She narrowed her eyes at him

"First of all: i want you to never use that stupid nickname again. I saved your life and the least you can do is act like a mature adult, even if my husband is here." She replied and they all stared at her, before looking at Severus. "You're her husband?!" Remus asked. "Have been for a long time and before you say anything about me being a Death Eater, how do you think Crouch got all that info?" The secretly ancient wizard asked

"Speaking of which, Lucius, could you hold out your arm for me?" He asked and Lucius did so. Severus walked towards him, rolled up his sleeve and the faded dark mark was there for everyone to see. Frank, Alice, James and Sirius, who were aurors, immediately stiffened up at seeing this, but a held up hand from Severus stopped them. "He meant it when he said he was put under the imperius curse. By his own father no less." He said

They reluctantly calmed down at this as Severus put his hand on the mark. Everyone stared as white light enveloped the limb and when Severus pulled away, the mark was gone. A relieved Narcissa hugged him with tears in her eyes, relieved that he was free. She had been put under spells as well. Spells that had been so dark that she'd never have another child again. Suddenly feeling her stomach warm up, she looked down to see it glowing just a bit. Looking up, she saw Lily holding out a hand in her direction, having received that thought

"Thank you." She breathed and Lily nodded, before turning back to James. "As for your other questions, it was a rune spell I created three centuries ago and I meant that he's a manipulative old goat." She answered. "There's no way you're three hundred years old, Lily." Sirius scoffed. "No, you're right..... I'm about a thousand years old." Lily replied and everyone stared at her as if waiting for her to tell them it was a joke

When neither she, nor Severus burst out into laughter or even smiled at them, they all took shaky breaths at realising they really weren't joking. "But we went to school together!" Alice protested. "A de-aging spell. I think this is at least the ninth time we've used it if you don't count our first time growing up. Only scenario others share the same fate. Well... maybe eight now." Lily explained as she looked down at the sleeping Harry

"Who are you?" Frank asked slowly. "Morgana Le Fay." Lily answered, ready for the shouting to begin. This time, Alice, Marlene, Augusta and even Narcissa did faint while the others had their jaws on the floor. "Wait... does that name you.....?" Remus asked, looking at Severus. "Merlin? Why, yes it does. Why do you ask?" Severus asked and the marauder joined the women on the floor as they realised they had bullied and pranked Merlin. Lily cackled at their reaction, sounding like the evil witch legend portrayed her as, before waking them up

"You also said there were five or six other immortals if you count Harry." Marlene asked a few minutes later as they all drank a small bit or calming draught at the realisation that two people they had known for many years were actually the most famous wizard and most infamous witch in history. "Yes. Four of them were granted the secrets of immortality with us and allowed to share those with the ones they love." Severus explained 

"One of them stole the secrets and has been creating chaos in the world ever since then. From the assassination that started world war 1 to kicking Hitler out of art school and putting him on the path that started the second one. England has been mostly safe, apart from Riddle because of the two of us, but the minute she finds out we have a new weakness in our son, she'll never rest until she destroys him to hurt us." Lily took over

Everyone saw that she was genuinely scared of the idea and the fact that Morgana Le Fay was scared was enough for them to realise how serious this was. "What do you want us to do?" Lucius asked. "Dumbledore is of the opinion that all dark magic is evil and he wants to create a world with only light magic, not understanding how this will turn the balance upside down. He's been slowly banishing rituals, traditions or even classes from our country. Samhain? Halloween. Yule? Christmas. Alchemy classes? Wizard relations classes? Gone." Lily explained 

"She's right. These rituals were there for a reason. They help keeping the magic in this country fresh If they remain banned, then more and more squibs will be born and Morgana and I will eventually be the only witch and wizard left as magic dies out. And before you ask: the reason you are not aware of this is because he has been trying his hardest to keep you dumbed down so you will have to rely on him." Severus continued 

"What do you mean?" Narcissa asked, not liking the sound of that. "Well, we already mentioned two classes he cut for supposed "lack of funding." There are literally four vaults filled to the brim with gold for the school to use, but because he refused to keep himself to the stipulations of using those vaults and tried to put it all into his own, he was refused entry until he has agreed to keep himself to the rules." Lily explained

"Not only that, but who here has fallen asleep during history of magic?" Severus asked and everyone raised a hand, even the Malfoy couple. "If we don't know our history, then how should we be able to prevent it from happening again?" Lily took over and they all kept silent. "Muggle studies hasn't been updated in fifty years. Arithmancy is honestly only the basics. Defence has slowly getting worse and worse teachers, although that's mostly Riddle's fault." She then summed up. "Riddle?" Marlene asked in confusion as she heard her use the name before 

"Voldie." Lily told them. "Oooooooohhh." Everyone said in understanding. "What do you want us to do?" Augusta asked. "I need your help and support in the Wizengamot. Dumbledore has been able to cro this as almost no one opposes him there. Only the dark faction protests his actions and after Riddle, he's been saying today they just want him back. I need you to start protesting as well, move to the neutral faction if you have to." Lily said 

"As much as I want to help and I do, I promise, I'm not sure if our small group will be enough to stop him." Sirius spoke up hesitantly and they both could sense he was... well... serious. "We know. That's why I also need your help to get two of our friends here while Severus and I go to the other two. I also need someone to watch Harry while we're gone." Lily explained and Alice offered to do the last part as she was still Harry's godmother

Lucius and Sirius both offered their services as well. Severus gave his friend a letter to someone in France and Sirius one for someone in Austria. A goblin walked in with international portkeys and after Lily took the others to their home to be safe, gave a still sleeping Harry to Alice, kissed his tiny forehead and promised to be back soon, she went back to the bank and the four of them took the items and were taken away all across the world. Lily went to America while Severus went to one of the most infamous places in the Wizarding world of Europe. 

Lucius knocked on the door of a rather odd house in Paris and an old, frail looking woman opened the door with narrowed eyes. "Who are you?" She asked slowly in French. He silently gave her the letter. She took it over with a suspicious look and read it, glancing at him several times. Her eyes widened as sure teased the context. "Spirits. Nicholas! It's time!" She shouted in English, pulling Lucius inside with surprising strength

Sirius had a slightly better experience as the woman who opened the door immediately welcomed him warmly. "It's been a while since I've had visitors." She commented in German as he gave her the letter as well. Reading it, the smile fell off her face and a frown quickly replaced it. "Oh, dear. It must be serious if they're calling us." She muttered in English as well, before inviting Sirius inside and grabbed a wand to pack her stuff 

In America, Lily knocked on the door of a large mansion in New York, having dropped her glamour. A man opened the door and widened his eyes. "What are you doing here?" He asked Things are escalating in England. I need all four you to come back." She answered. "You mean three of us?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. "Nope. When i say all four of you,  I really mean all for of you" She replied. "You expect ne to work with him after last time?" He hissed. "I wouldn't do it if I had no other choice okay?" She snapped and he sighed

"Oh, how the mighty have fallen." Severus muttered as he walked into the right room in the almost empty fortress, having confused the wards around it to let him in without alerting anyone. "If you're here to gloat, your wife already did that." The man on ther ground said. "Actually I'm here to get you out... and bring Albus down." He said and the man looked up. "Wel, why didn't you say so?" He asked with a smirk

The others all nervously waited in Lily's home, before the group returned with either one or two people with them. The man with Lily glared at the man with Severus. "Oh boy. Here we go again." The woman with Sirius sighed and Lily snapped her fingers just in time for the shouting match to go on after silencing wards. "Lily, who are these people?" Alice asked. "These are our old friends." Lily said, before introducing them

"Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin."

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They started their plans the next day

The reason for that was because practically everyone fainted at hearing the names of their friends and they decided they had received enough info for the day and because it took the rest of the day before Godric eventually tired out of shouting and throwing things at Salazar in the magic proof basement. As bad as that sounded, it was rather touching that most of his anger stemmed from how the situation had scared his partner

Out of the four founders, only two were married. Helga had been married to a muggle emperor about a hundred years before that, but had been forced to fake her death after a muggle stabbed her. "He did not do that of his own free will. I felt her magic." She told Severus and Lily. They both nodded in understanding. "How did you find me?" She then asked. "Goblins." They answered in unison and she hummed in return

Rowena's husband of a thousand years, known to the Wizarding World as Nicholas Flamel and Godric's husband of six-hundred years, now known as Newt Scamander, arrived the next day as well as they had business to take care of before joining their spouses. Because Severus had disappeared on the same night as Harry and Lily, Dumbledore had told the entire Wizarding World that he had kidnapped them, which obviously couldn't be farther from the truth, but the public didn't know that and a manhunt for him was still going on

However, because "Severus Snape" had technically never existed to begin with and had been created by Merlin through glamours and several memory spells, no one took any notice of the six people walking down Diagon Alley the next day towards the shop of a certain wandmaker, four of them underneath new glamours, one of them looking like her young self again and Alice and Frank looking after Neville and Harry.

Merlin and Morgana had realised that if they needed to fully make sure that Dumbledore didn't recognise, they needed new wands. Walking inside, they were quickly greeted by Ollivander himself and the old man looked at two people in particular. "I do hope the rumours I have heard about you aren't true, Mr Snape." He said and Severus smiled at him. This guy always just seemed to know things somehow. Maybe he was psychic

"As if I'd actually kidnap my own wife. We went into hiding to protect our son from Dumbledore and Riddle both." He explained as Lily leaned against him and the wandmaker nodded, completely satisfied with that answer. "Very well. I suppose you need new wands to make sure they don't find you." He said and they nodded, Lily had left her latest wand back at the cottage and had used one of her older wands ever since then, Severus having done the same thing by leaving his wand at Hogwarts, but it was time to have a wand that fitted the true them

The ladies went first and Lily or Morgana quickly tried a few wands at first. It went very wrong several times, before Ollivander noticed something shaking in the back of the shop. Pulling a few boxes away, one wand box shot towards the witch and she caught it with the reflexes of a professional seeker. "Ah. Vine and dragon heartstring 12.5 inches. Quite solid. That is one of the oldest wands in my shop" Ollivander explained 

Morgana carefully tried it and streams of silver smoke immediately came out in the shape of a dragon. Not since her very first wand had one felt so comfortable, the old thing having broken many centuries ago. The reason for this was because she kept changing her personality and magic just a bit so she wouldn't always get the same wand over and over again in all her lives. Her husband smiled at her and she smiled back at him

Helga eventually found her wand match in a lovely cedar wand with the core of unicorn hair of 14 inches that was rather stiff. Rowena was after her and soon found a match in a slightly yielding walnut wand with a Phoenix feather core. Of the men, Godric got an unbending fir wand with phoenix feather, Ollivander looking at him with respect as fir wands were known as the "survivor's wands" for a reason. Salazar got one of elm with dragon heartstring. However, it was the wand of Severus or Merlin that really got the attention of the wandmaker

"Cherry and dragon heartstring. 15 inches. Unyielding." Ollivander said after several failed tries of the ancient wizard to get a new wand. While all six wizards and witches were powerful enough not to even need a wand, they knew that it was better not to arouse suspicion. A stream of fire came out of the wand as its new owner waved it. "If I may give a word of caution." Ollivander then asked carefully and he was given permission

"This particular combination is one of the most dangerous in existence and I do hope that you really have a firm control over yourself and your temper, otherwise, you might burn down everything around you." Ollivander warned. "Hmm, maybe I should call my wand "Kilgharrah" in that case." Merlin said. "What?" Ollivander asked. "Nothing. It's an inside joke." The ancient wizard replied, before they thanked him and left the shop.

The founders stayed at the Leaky Cauldron and after agreeing to meet up soon to discuss the Wizengamot, the couple went home. "Mama! Dada!" Harry loudly called as soon as he saw them and Morgana immediately took him over with a grateful nod to Alice. "Hello, my sweet boy. Have you been a good boy to aunt Alice and uncle Frank?" She asked and the other couple once again had to remind themselves that Morgana Le Fay was cooing to a baby. "Does this mean that Harry is immortal as well?" Alice asked, the question having bugged her for a while

"We're not sure. There's a reason Riddle calls himself the Heir of Slytherin. Salazar had children with the sixth immortal while drunk of his A.R.S.E one night. It was twins, but they were both mortal and eventually died. That's why we decided not to have any until now as we didn't want to go through the heartache of burying our children over and over again." Merlin answered and the other couple immediately nodded in understanding 

"And those secrets you told us about? Won't they work? How did you even get them?" Frank asked. "They're supposed to be for spouses only. At that point, Merlin and I weren't married yet and therefore never needed it. And we got them from the Tuatha Dé Danann after Arthur saved their King. They first swore loyalty to Arthur's line and offered the secrets, until those got stolen. Then, it was just our friend and him alone" Morgana explained 

"So, when Arthur died...."  Frank said, realising how bad that was. "Bye-bye alliance." Merlin confirmed and they looked down. "Isn't there any way we can regain it? With Riddle still in the world and that last immortal you keep talking about, can't hurt to have more allies." Alice said. "They did enchant Exalibur so Arthur could summon them whenever he wanted, but it will only work with him and the sword was buried with him on the unplottable island of Avalon, guarded by the Lady of the Lake. It will take a miracle for that to work." Morgana replied

There was a small scowl on her face as she talked about the famous Lady of the Lake and Merlin smirked as he very clearly remembered Morgana's growing jealousy of Nimuë when they first met as the enchantress had a crush on him that had been obvious to everyone except him. The two of them both had their crushes on each other in that time, but neither had dared to do anything about it as they had been convinced it was unrequited.

He had also been quit certain Arthur would immediately and genuinely kill him without a second thought for courting his royal half-sister, let alone trying to do soas he had no title whatsoever. When Arthur had eventually asked why on earth or more how on earth he had not noticed her frankly obvious crush on him, he had simply replied that with all due respect to both him and Nimuë, while she was most certainly beautiful, she wasn't Morgana.

He hadn't known that Morgana had actually been standing right behind him until Arthur grinned in satisfaction and looked at her, making him turn around. She had asked if he meant it and he had confirmed it, making her smile as she gave him a gentle kiss. They only broke apart at Arthur's cheer of "finally!!!" Turned out he had been trying to get them to confess for a year at that point and that he and the knights had a long ongoing bet running on when they'd finally confess. That day still stood in his memory as one of the happiest days of his life.

"So, that option is out." Alice muttered in slight disappointment and the ancient witch and wizard made faces that said that they really didn't like it either, but what could they do about it? "You keep mentioning a sixth immortal, but who is it and what makes them so scary?" Frank then asked them. He immediately regretted asking the question as they both tensed up in answer, clearly not liking even thinking about this person 

Morgana let out a very deep sigh as she forced herself to relax for her son's sake at feeling him squirm. "What makes her so scary is her complete ruthlessness and callousness. Even at my worst, I always had Merlin to keep me sane and on the straight path. She happily jumped off that path without a care and has no regard for human life. If you thought I was bad, she's much worse." She said. "Who is it?" Alice asked and Morgana looked at her

"It's my sister, Morgause."

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Not long after that, it was time for the next Wizengamot meeting and time to start their plans. Morgana, Merlin and the others had prepared for a few weeks for this. "Why do I feel like I know you?" Sirius eventually asked Salazar not long before the meeting. "No idea." Salazar answered casually and he hummed. Godric gave him a glare, but didn't say anything yet. He didn't feel like having people fainting once more

"You do realise that once people realise you're Gellert Grindelwald, you will not get a single moment's rest once we're together as a group." He had muttered later. "Just like you right now?" Salazar asked with a smirk, referring to the fact that the marauders were usually following Godric around in awe. The glare he got in return made him smirk. He so loved getting a rise out of him. Granted, he had gone to far in 1926 and he was willing to admit that, but his old friend had been underappreciated there anyway and he had proven it

He had been impersonating Godric for five months until even he got tired of waiting to see if they'd realise it and had written Newt. The man had immediately gone home to America and had exposed him. Sure, he had been in prison for a few weeks, but he had escaped. "How did it go with Credence after I left?" He asked as that had been Godric's/ Percival's one condition before he simply broke out of his imprisonment 

"He died 15 years later. Newt and I took care of him until the end." Godric answered, sensing he was genuinely curious and concerned despite their history. "I'm sorry. He was a strong young man." Salazar replied. "That he was." His old friend agreed, before they both fell silent. "Last time we ever took care of a child/ young man. We both know the secrets won't work in them and it will eventually result in heartbreak." Godric muttered 

"But happiness as well. Just Newt or Edward won't be enough and we don't really see each other often." Salazar advised him. "Wonder why that is." Godric snarked sarcastically and Salazar rolled his eyes. "How many times do I have to apologise for what I did almost 60 years before?" He asked with a sigh. "When I'm satisfied." His old friend replied. "Alright, but just try to imagine what kind of captivity you would've had if we hadn't been who were were." Salazar replied and Godric immediately shivered in horror and fear.

"Aren't you taking your own seats?" Remus asked quietly as they carefully sat down in the visitor's stands of the usual Wizengamot room. Alice and Narcissa were currently looking after Draco, Harry and Neville and James, Sirius, Frank, Marlene and Lucius were taking their seats. "Because the second we do so, my sister will know it is us and she will very likely figure out that we have a good reason for it." Morgana whispered

She had told the others about her sister by now and they had paled in fear as they tried to imagine just how bad Morgause was."That's also why we're not giving harry either of our true last names. While normal witches and wizards will think he's a far-off descendant, she will immediately know the truth as she knows we never even had children until now and these seats can only be used by us or our lines." Merlin continued 

Remus nodded in understanding as the meeting began. James stood up when the minister asked if anyone had something to say. "I would like to introduce four lords and ladies to the chamber. Colin Peverell for the Gryffindor seat. Jonathan Torrow for the Slytherin seat. Kelly Merida for the Ravenclaw seat and Elisabeth Smith for the Hufflepuff seat." He announced and chaos erupted. "I'm so putting his face into the pensieve later." Morgana snickered at seeing Dumbledore's face at hearing the titles once things calmed down

The man looked like his brain had suddenly short-circuited as he stared at the four disguised founders as a goblin confirmed they had been accepted but the lord- and ladyship rings and the door of them took their seats. Lucius moved his seat to the neutral section and Sirius, James and Frank did the same, making Dumbledore look like he was having a heart-attack. Some called James and Frank traitors to the light because of this

"For... goodness sake! It's not like we branded ourselves with the Dark Mark like actual Death Eaters." James spoke up with a roll of his eyes, barely refraining himself from saying "for Merlin's sake" as he's looked right at the man in question. The four founders did the same. "We're new to this room. We will watch from a distance before we decide who we side with." Rowena explained at the outrage that once again happened 

"She's right. We do not know the political situation right now apart from you just barely coming out of a war." Godric agreed. The people grumbled, but they remained steadfast in their opinion and refused to sway. The meeting went on and James spoke up again. "How is it that when Sirius I want to buy things for our traditional yule rituals in the way our families always taught us, we can barely find anything for that or samhain and have to order it from france?" He asked. Once of Dumbledore's followers immediately said those rituals were evil

"Since when is refreshing magic evil?" Sirius took over. "Rituals are dark things! They don't refresh magic!" Another wizard shouted. "Yes, they do. Every single pureblood knows this. I never understood why we now only celebrate Halloween and Christmas." Frank replied coolly. "Well, we should make the muggleborn feel at home in our world." Dumbledore excused his actions and several eyes were subtly rolled at this

"And I don't mind that, but I do have several friends who feel like they can't celebrate what they believe in. I was friends with Lily Evans and several other muggleborn witches and wizards at school and even now, but everyone should be free to believe what they prefer without feeling like it's wrong. Not to mention that if we stop those refreshing rituals, magic will slowly die out and I think no one wants that." Frank calmly said

The vote to bring back the rituals was offered and passed, especially when the disguised founders voted for it as well. Lucius then brought up the lack of classes and Dumbledore immediately used the "lack of money" excuse. Lucius brought forth a goblin acquaintance of Morgana and Merlin. "Lord Gnartooth, is there any money for the education of Hogwarts?" He asked politely as a goblin deserved the utmost respect. "There are four vaults, refilling every year and holding over a billion galleons." Gnartooth immediately answered

He had been all too happy to put a spanner in Dumbledore's works as his father had been the goblin who had refused him entrance in the first place. "I looked over the ranks of national schools in the world and I think you have to see where Hogwarts ranks." Lucius continued, spreading copies of the list to every lord and lady. Outrage erupted once again se they saw Hogwarts was at the bottom, demanding how it was possible

It was then decided that the vaults would be opened again with Rowena and Helga being the ones to keep an eye on how it was spent and on what exactly. Motions to being several classes back then were passed as well as they wanted Hogwarts to be on top again. Merlin and Morgan's shared a secret high-five to the amusement of Remus as they watched Dumbledore look like he has eaten too many of his beloved lemon drops

Going home, Morgana immediately lifted her beloved Harry into her arms and quickly spun him around in utter happiness and ecstasy with Merlin smiling at them both from the doorway. "We got him, Harry. You should've seen his face!" She cheered and Harry simply squealed in reply as his mother held him close to her chest then, immediately snuggling closer to her as Merlin joined them and wrapped his arms around his little family. This was his entire world and he was going to protect it with all his life. 

Not long after that particular meeting, the marauders asked if they could learn any tricks from the couple. "We're not sure. You first need to get permission from an old spirit in a certain forest hidden far away from muggles. He taught us many things as well. You need to get his permission, before we can teach you anything." Morgana answered with a solemn face. "Where is this spirit?" Remus asked and she smiled in answer

The next day, the three marauders were walking through a thick patch of forest after Morgana sent them on their way. They eventually saw several little lights slowly appearing and going into one direction. They followed it and found an old man in a robe standing in the middle of a clearing. They briefly thought it was Dumbledore, before seeing it was a different man. "Who are you?" James asked suspiciously and the man raised his head

"I am Dragoon the Great." He introduced himself

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Albus Dumbledore was furious. He had spent years slowly taking away the dark classes and traditions away and now, they were returning again. Didn't they understand that those dark and filthy classes had to be removed for the Greater Good of the Wizarding World? These classes would only confuse the children and he had to keep them on the straight path. He didn't even have access to the money for those classes

He had tried to go to the new lady Ravenclaw to convince her to hand over complete control over the vaults to him, but she had refused to listen or even let him into her home. "It's your fault that we're in this incredibly bad and messy situation in the first place, professor. Now, if you'll excuse me. I really need to look over potential candidates for the classes and because those classes have been gone for so long, I need to look for them in other countries so I need to make sure they even know English. Thank you and goodbye!" She had snapped at him, before slamming the door in his face

That was even worse news to him as almost all his staff were loyal to him in some way. If she went to get foreign teachers, then they would not have that loyalty. He also couldn't believe that some of his pawns like James, Sirius and Frank had been the ones to start the subject on the traditions and old religions. He had hoped to challenge Neville as well by telling Frank and Alice that it was age to come out if hiding

Bellatrix in her incredible insanity and her little group had attacked them as he had hoped, but they had been attacked in return and Frank seemed to have lost his trust in him because of this. He had recognised the burns and wounds of their bodies as those from a Phoenix, but Fawkes had been right there with him the whole time. He had gone to the place of the attack, but it had been completely burnt down to the ground

It was honestly a miracle that the Longbottoms hadn't been injured at all from the fire, but all he could get from them before the impatient healers sent him out of the room was that something cold had surrounded them and had protected them from the heat. On the ground of the burned site, he had found a single scale, white as snow. He had never seen anything like it in his life as it created rainbows in the sunlight. Fawkes ignored him when he tried to ask the Phoenix if he knew what kind of scale was. He was loyal to Hogwarts, not the headmaster, no matter what the old idiot said

That reminded him of the situation of the missing Boy-Who-Lived. He had absolutely no doubt that Severus had him somewhere as he had disappeared at the exact same time, which unbeknownst to him was one of the very few things he was completely right about. It just didn't make any sense that he'd take Lily's body with him. He knew Severus had a crush on her, but taking her dead body would go to far even for him

He had hoped that telling the public that Severus had kidnapped their precious saviour would result in him being found, but despite a massive search still going on, neither says nor ther boy had been found. He needed to have that boy where he wanted so he could eventually lead him to his death and be everyone's hero once he had killed Tom himself after the boy died. He grumbled, before wondering where his pawns were right now

Sirius, Remus and James were currently in the thick forest, looking at the old man in front of them and wondering if he was actually in his right mind. After he had pulled an entire vine filled with colourful flowers out of his mouth like a muggle magician and had given James donkey ears and brays for a few minutes, he had ordered them to do them do the silliest chores. They had to stand on one leg and crow like a rooster and they had to run as fast as they could for as long as they could... while also carrying the old man on their backs. After seven such things, Dragoon finally said they were done. 

"Will you teach us then?" Sirius asked, feeling tired and frustrated right now. "Well, I'm not sure." Dragoon answered and they groaned in answer. "Why not?" Remus growled. "I have to ask my wife." The old man answered, gesturing grandly behind him. Shadows were slowly formed and grew, rising up from the ground and retreating down again, leaving behind a figure with hair as dark as night as she stood with her back towards them

She then slowly turned around and the three Marauders stared at her. "Lily?! I mean... Morgana?!" James shouted and the woman immediately cracked up, laughing hysterically as she leant against a tree for support. "Oh, you should've seen yourselves. I genuinely thought you'd give up when he made you fart every other word, but you kept going on." She laughed as the men realised who "Dragoon" really was and glared at him

"Snivelus, you better run." James growled at him. "No, I don't think I will." Merlin said, still with that old man voice. He hadn't really wanted to do the painful part that came after this, so his wife had enticed him with the idea of pranking the Marauders. Morgana eventually calmed down, but still snickered. "Guys, please don't tell me you brought us all the way here just to prank us." Remus muttered and the couple shared a look. "There's another reason. Follow us." Morgana told them as she walked further into the forest, Merlin following her after cancelling the glamour to make him look old

This piece of forest was hidden by magic wards that kept muggles away so they wouldn't cut down the trees, but the was another hidden part, hidden by incredibly strong in wards created by the immortal couple themselves to protect and preserve what was behind it. As they walked onwards, the marauders felt the magic in the air, before the couple suddenly grabbed their wrists and pulled them through the second set of wards

They all simply stared at the enormous castle standing in front of them, a completely abandoned town surrounding it. "Is this what I think it is?" Remus asked carefully. "It is. James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin. Welcome to Camelot." Merlin stated as he held onto his wife. They slowly walked further and into the abandoned town. They reached the courtyard and Merlin remembered the execution that had started it all

Walking into the empty and silent castle, the three men saw how tense the couple was and it honestly only got worse for them as they eventually came to a huge room with a big, round table inside, several fancy and empty chairs surrounding it. "The round table! It's real!" Remus breathed in awe, having grown up on stories of the famous knights that had once sat at this very table. Melin slowly walked forwards and put his hand on one chair that was just a bit fancier and Morgana rested her head on his shoulder as she hugged his arm. "I miss him too. Infuriating and stubborn as he was at times." She breathed

Thankfully, the Marauders noticed that this was hard for them and had kept silent apart from Remus gushing over the table. "Why did you bring us here?" James eventually asked. "Our group is small to medium right now, but we're planning to slowly extend it as we turn more people against Dumbledore. The founders have made many friends in other countries who are ready to help." Merlin began, his voice strained just a bit

"However, we can't keep meeting in our home. We barely fit as it is. So, we decided to begin to use this again to meet. But, as you can clearly see: this castle has so many memories for us that it is actually painful for us to be here. There's a reason we eventually hid it behind those wards. It just hurt too much to be where so many of our old friends had lived their lives and were now gone forever." Morgana took over from her husband

The three men immediately nodded in understanding as they could see how much of an impact being here had on them. "Despite you three bullying my husband for years, you were always very creative. Even I have to admit that. I want you and a group of goblins to redesign this castle in a way that will suit our future needs, won't give us several flashbacks every time we walk into the doors, but will still be respectful for the history of it and the things that have happened here." The dark witch continued and they nodded again, James even swearing on his magic that he'd do his best

"There's one more thing. I walked into Knockturn alley and saw several children of school age and younger running around. When I asked around, I found out that they're either not allowed to go to Hogwarts because of them living there or simply because their parents are too poor to afford it. These are innocent children and they're not even given a chance to learn. I want to change that." Morgana said and even Merlin was surprised 

"But aren't all people there like Riddle?" James asked. "That's the exact same logic Dumbledore is using on the Slytherins." Morgana replied rather coolly and James lowered his head. "While there are definitely witches and wizards that are like Riddle and I wouldn't let close to Harry if they paid me a billion galleons, there are plenty if nice ones there to who live there because they have no other choice." She continued

"I actually met a lovely young lady last time I was there who lives on the streets because she got pregnant at sixteen and Dumbledore immediately  kicked her out of the school, followed by her parents kicking her out of the house. She really deserves a better life and many others do too. I want your help updating the town so that they have a place to live in peace. Maybe, we can even start a school here for the pre-school children and you can help us getting the older children into Hogwarts. With the new money, it shouldn't be a problem." She went on and they promised they'd try their hardest

While they were talking to each other, Merlin had silently left the room and Morgana quickly went to find him after sternly telling them not to break anything. She found him in the physician's room and leaned against the doorway as she watched him looking around with such a lost expression that it broke her heart. It reminded her of the time the mist famous owner of this room had died after living a long and well-lived life

"Do you think he's proud of me?" He asked, having heard and sensed her coming. "I know he is." She replied with certainty in her voice as she joined him and grabbed his hand. He looked at her and despite being over a thousand years old, she only saw the insecure young man he had been once. "I miss him. I miss them all so much." He breathed and she immediately hugged him instead, rubbing his back to comfort him

"I know, my amazing Merlin. I miss them all too. Gwen was one of my only friends before you finally came along and seeing her slowly grow old and die, without her husband no less, while I always remained the same, broke my heart in ways from which it still hasn't recovered from." She whispered, knowing that she might be the only person to see Merlin himself like this. The founders saw some parts of it, but she was the only one still alive whom he dared to be completely vulnerable with. Gaius, Arthur and Guinevere were all gone and it didn't seem like they'd come back soon

"Let's go before the guys actually break something important." She muttered after a few minutes and he nodded as he slowly let her go and let her pull him to the door. He looked back one more time and imagined Gaius sitting there at the table, giving him advice and teaching him lessons he had never forgotten. He then finally walked out with his wife and hid the door with magic so the room behind it would be left alone

"If it makes you feel any better, James, I ran away the first time I saw Merlin as an old man." Morgana said as she walked into the throne room and saw the three men examining things. "You did?" The man asked. "Yes. What was I supposed to do? An old man is in my chambers and magic wasn't allowed yet." She defended herself and Merlin smirked as they grabbed their newest allies and disappeared from the castle once more

A new beginning for Camelot was on the horizon and they hoped it would go better this time

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To their credit: the Marauders went to work immediately 

Several goblins as well as some wizards that the founders knew and had sworn to secrecy arrived to help change the abandoned town and Castle so it would fit the upcoming new population of wizards and witches. The houses were updated as they were still like they had been in about the 1400s. Several rooms in the castle were redecorated as classrooms as this was the biggest building in the area

"Okay, how about we do try to keep the same classes for each year on the same floor. Like seven year old children will go to the third floor. I'm not letting five year old children climb a huge amount of stairs every time they have to go to a new class like in Hogwarts." Remus said as the men and some of the leading goblins looked over a map of the building and they all immediately agreed with that notion as the floors were selected for each year

"And maybe, we should start easy with the younger generation with only a couple of classes in either the mornings or afternoons as they don't have much of an attention span and slowly build it up until they're ready for hogwarts." Sirius piped up and they nodded again. "But what do we do with the room with the round table? If clearly hurt them to be there, but I'm not sure if I dare to change it considering its history." James muttered. "We should probably ask them next time we see them." Remus said and they agreed as they went back to work

"A certain King would have a heart attack if he knew what we were doing." Morgana whispered to her husband as they were walking to Knockturn Alley and he immediately snorted. "He honestly deserves it. Stupid, arrogant, old tyrant that he was." He commented and she smiled as he pulled her to his side. They had visited Ollivander and the man had been ecstatic about the plan, immediately agreeing to help in any way he could

The couple was now going to select the very first group of witches and wizards who were going to live there, obviously starting with the young woman Morgana had met last time. Walking into the alley, they quickly found her with her three year old daughter, looking incredibly desperate. "She's very sick and no one wants to help her." She whispered, true fear in her voice as her daughter coughed pitifully and groaned in pain

Merlin gently put a hand on her hot and wet forehead and whispered a healing incantation to make the girl better and she slowly relaxed as the fever left her. "Thank you." The woman whispered in the utmost gratitude. "You're very welcome, Ms..." Merlin began, trailing off as he didn't know her name. "Call me Katie." The woman, Katie, replied. "Well, Katie. How would you feel about living somewhere else. Not surviving like you do here, but actually living?" Merlin asked her and she stared at him in answer. "Are you serious?" She asked in a tiny voice

"Deadly." Merlin replied. Katie then looked at Morgana and the incredibly warm smile she had told her that they really were serious about this. "We're building a new home for those that deserve it. Could you help us find such people?" She asked and Katie immediately nodded as she stood up with her daughter. "What's her name?" Morgana asked as she gently caressed the girl's cheek with her finger and made her giggle

"Morgan. I named her after Morgana Le Fay." Katie answered and the couple refused to look at each other as they knew they'd burst out into laughter if they did. Oh, the very sweet irony of that name. "That's a very beautiful name." The dark witch said instead, smiling at the mother. Katie smiled back and started to lead them through the alley. "We do want to make sure none of the wrong people know about this, so be subtle." Merlin whispered 

Katie immediately nodded in understanding as she stopped walking and knocked on the door of a run-down house first. A very nervous and shifty woman opened the door, relaxed at seeing Katie and tensed up at seeing Merlin and Morgana standing there behind her. "It's okay. They're friends. They can help us." Katie immediately told her in a whisper. They were allowed in at that and saw two young boys huddled in a corner. They also saw scars on their faces and realised it was the same kind of scars that they always saw on the face of Remus

"How can they help us? No one wants to. Not after that vicious monster attacked us." The mother wanted to know from them. "Greyback?" Morgana guessed and Katie immediately nodded. "They were kicked out of their homes after that." She explained. "We're busy building a new home to create a second chance for witches and wizards Albus bloody Dumbledore decides are not worth his time and effort." Morgana told the mother

"You'll have a stable home. We'll make sure your sons and others are safe and we know three men who are very experienced in how to handle your children during a full moon. One of them is one as well, you see? It's better than to stay here where you'll never have a chance." Merlin took over and they could see the hope growing in her eyes "What do you want in return?" She asked. "Is there any particular skill you're good at? Or a profession?" Morgana asked.

"I did apply for History of Magic several times, but Dumbledore refused to let go of Binns. Then, Greyback attacked and we had to move here." The woman said. "Oh, that's perfect! You see, we're also planning to start a school for children below Hogwarts age so they won't have a major disadvantage once we force Dumbledore to accept them into Hogwarts. You can be a teacher there" Morgana explained. The woman asked if she could think about it and they agreed as long as she didn't tell anyone. Katie then led them to other people and most of them agreed to give it a shot

Many of them had professions or skills that they could use in the village and were willing to help in exchange for a home. "I'm so proud of you." Merlin whispered as they gave Katie money to stay at the Leaky Cauldron until the new Camelot was finished as a "thank-you" for her help. "Of us, my darling. We both created this hope." She replied. "Indeed. Now, let's go to the one thing we also created both." He said and she laughed as they disappeared 

A couple of weeks later, the first witches and wizards were sent to a room of the Leaky Cauldron. They'd arrive in small groups to avoid suspicion from both the people in the alley and Tom the barkeep, either as family or friends and sometimes alone, go upstairs to a certain room where Merlin was waiting, get a portkey given by the goblins and be transported to Camelot where Morgana was waiting for them and directed them to their new house

The mother with her bitten sons eventually arrived as well with her husband and they were immediately greeted warmly by the Marauders. The sons, named Bradley and Peter, immediately recognised the long scars on Remus' face and the man quickly confirmed that he was like them. Some of the people arriving were also squibs and while there were several classes they couldn't do because of that, they could always learn the theory and there were classes that didn't need the use of a wand. It was much more than Dumbledore ever gave them

The Marauders had done wonders to the castle with help from the goblins and other wizards. The floors were divided by year, some of them having two years together if they had the same classes and the library was updated to contain the appropriate books for the classes, now having a muggle section and a magical section. It was decided that the youngest children would get the ground floor and the old throne room was changed into a daycare.

It wouldn't be until they were six that the classes would start and gradually become more as they got older. They had asked Merlin and Morgana about what to do with the room with the round table. The couple was touched that they had waited for their opinions as it was a far cry from how they had been. They had decided to lock it now and make sure the other witches and wizards stayed away. They didn't want to get rid of it, but didn't want to see it either

"Imagine Uther and Dumbledore seeing this." Merlin muttered with a grin as he held Harry in his arms, the boy slowly growing each day. Morgana smirked as they and the founders put up new protection spells around the town. Now, it would be impossible to get in by any means if you had bad intentions. Sirius approached the six of them. "Are we going to give this school a name or are we just going to name it the "Camelot school" or something?" He asked and they shared a look. "How about the "Farys Academy of magic?"" Rowena suggested.

"Farys?" Helga asked. "A mix between Fay and Emerys. It was their idea after all." Rowena said and they agreed with that as the couple blushed. Conferring with the teachers they had now, which included the founders themselves, they all agreed with the name and the Farys Academy was a fact. Because all the children lived in the same town, it wouldn't be a boarding school like Hogwarts. The dining hall would only be used for lunch.

Walking onto the courtyard where the people were waiting for them, Morgana put up one finishing touch and created a banner hanging from the King's balcony: a red Phoenix and a white dragon encircling each other on a dark purple field forever. A red lion, a blue Eagle, a yellow badger and a green snake were depicted in the corners and a stag, dog and wolf underneath the encircling animals. Everyone cheered as the banner waved in the wind

A second chance was there and they were not going to waste it

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Sometimes, Albus Dumbledore likes to go out of his school in disguise and visit Knockturn Alley for a few hours or so, look at all the pathetic people milling around there homeless and know that they only have themselves to thank for that and that he was so much better than them. It always stroked his ego in the right (wrong) ways and made him feel better about himself. If only he knew what was waiting for him

He had thought about "saving" these people from their predicament and make them and the general public look towards him as a hero through his actions, which would've been a huge boost for his image. He had thought about it several times but that would've meant that he would have had to allow these dark people into his school for seven years and the idea of them corrupting the good and pure students wasn't worth the time and effort this would bring with it. He'd rather have them stay where they belonged and never bother proper wizards like him with their dark and evil tendencies

When he finally arrived and walked into the disgusting alley, he immediately noticed something was very off. There were many houses that had a "sold" sign on the windows, houses he was sure had been inhabited by the scum of the earth before and there weren't as many homeless people milling around. He caught whispers about how several residents had just up and left, never returning to the alley. That wasn't good

He went into Borgin and Burkes as soon as possible. "Rather quiet in the alley, I noticed." He commented, knowing Mr. Borkin was always good for now information and he didn't disappoint. "A lot of people have been leaving, I'm afraid. There are rumours of a new home for the poorest of people, but no one knows where it is." He told the disguised headmaster. "How did they come up with this idea?" Dumbledore asked

"Not sure myself to be completely honest, but a few weeks ago, I saw the McGrath bitch walking around the alley with a witch and wizard I've never seen before in very plain robes. They were acting rather odd as they were talking to people, including those useless squibs, but no one knows exactly what they talked about. A few weeks later, several people cancelled their rent and simply left. I caught one of them as they were leaving and asked where he was going. He said he found a new home and a better place for his half-breed sons. I tried to ask where, but he couldn't tell me." The shopkeeper said

"Any idea where they went?" Dumbledore asked, slowly starting to pale the more he listened. "I had a boy who works for me follow them to the Leaky Cauldron. He told me they went into room 1, but when I went there, I was unable to even come close to it. Someone warded that room, but I don't know why." Mr. Borkin said. Thanking him with a small tip, Dumbledore went to the Leaky Cauldron himself and straight to room 1

Finding himself able to walk towards it, he walked right in, uncaring that someone might use it. It was thankfully empty and as he looked around. He used several spells to try and find anything, but they came up empty, Merlin having cleaned the room of any magical traces when the last person had left and leaving after doing so. Growling in frustration at not finding the answers he wanted, Dumbledore went back to Hogwarts

Arriving to his office without anyone noticing him, he let his magic go wild in what could only be described as a magical tantrum. How could things go so wrong? He had thought that Halloween would be the start of his masterplan with Voldemort temporarily defeated and Harry with his aunt where he'd be abused. Instead, his spy, Harry and that mudblood bitch of a mother of his disappeared into thin air and nothing he did could find them. Then, he was forced to accept new teachers and classes and now this happened. One thought constantly went through his mind: 'Who's responsible for this? 

"But...a farmer's horse.... goes... hop, hop, hop, hop. Whoah! Hole in the road!" Morgana cheered as she opened her legs and pretended to drop Harry, who had been bouncing on her legs, between them, her holding him tightly the whole time and he squealed and clapped as they sat on the couch. Smiling at his reaction, she then wrapped her arms around him and started to rock him a bit more gently and slowly to calm him down

One thing they had already noticed about their son was that Harry was fast to accept when it was play time and when it was time to be a bit calmer and barely threw any tantrums when his parents switched from playing with him to simply holding him calmly. Merlin quietly smiled at them both as he was busy with some paperwork for the Farys academy at the kitchen table, absolutely loving the sight of them playing together.

He really wouldn't have believed he'd actually have this a century ago. Hell, he wouldn't have believed he'd have this a mere decade ago either but here it was, right in front of his very nose and he honestly couldn't imagine his life being any other way now. With the both of them having been incredibly busy setting up the new Camelot and the Farys Academy, they had been kinda neglecting their son in the past few weeks, although they knew Alice was simply an excellent babysitter with Narcissa and that Draco, Harry and Neville were already the best of friends, so they were making it up to him now. 

Little Harry yawned widely now that the excitement of the little game was over and he was safely snuggled against his mother's warm chest. She hummed a rather ancient song underneath her breath as Merlin finally decided to leave the paperwork for what it was for MPs and joined them on ther couch. Slowly falling asleep as he was, Harry just gave him a smile at seeing him as Morgana began to sing the lullaby

Where the North wind meets the sea

There's a river full of memory

Sleep, my darling, safe and sound

For in this river, all is found


In her waters, deep and true

Lie the answers and a path for you

Dive down deep into her sound

But not too far or you'll be drowned


Yes, she will sing to those who'll hear

And in her song, all magic flows

But can you brave what you most fear?

Can you face what the river knows?


Where the North wind meets the sea

There's a mother full of memory

Come, my darling, homeward bound

When all is lost, then all is found

At the end of the song, Harry was already fast asleep, safe in the arms of his mother and a bit of drool slowly starting to drip out of his mouth. Merlin and Morgana both smiled down at their sleeping baby boy, feeling so much love for him. At one-and-a-half year old, he was already growing so much and they both knew they'd do anything if it meant he was safe. "What are we going to do when it's time for Hogwarts?" Merlin asked

"We can always use my most recent maiden name to introduce him as when it's time for that. Not many people in the Wizarding World know that you're actually his true father and I can always pretend to have gone to live in France for both our safety. If anyone says anything about that, I'll just remind them that a mother's first concern should always be her child's wellbeing, not about whether or not she's loyal to a certain group of vigilantes." Morgana answered and he quickly agreed with that as they kept looking at Harry, Morgana gently wiping the drool away from his chin without waking him up

"I wonder where she is now." Merlin then muttered and Morgana immediately took a deep breath at the harsh reminder that her sister was still out there in the world. They had kept themselves very quiet for so long that the minute they stepped out of the shadows, she'd know something important was going on. The flounders were a bit easier to explain as they had made a view to return when magic was in danger in England

That vow would've eventually brought them back, but they had done that just a bit sooner. "I hope she's somewhere far away where she can't hurt us. Where she can't harm our son." The protective mother replied, holding her son tightly as he smacked his lips and slept on, unaware of the things his parents were going through. "I know, love. I hope so too and that when she returns, our son will be old enough to defend himself." He said

"The fact that we both already know that the question is about "when" she returns and not "if" she returns to England is honestly the worst part of it all. She always comes back to wreak havoc and only the Tuatha Dé Danann have ever scared her into completely leaving the country and with them all out of the picture until Arthur somehow returns..." Morgana whispered, slowly trailing off to show her point. Even all the combined forces of the six other immortals hadn't really scared her sister as much as they had fended her off for now. She would return and hell would be unleashed onto Britain in the process 

Merlin immediately held his wife close to his chest to try and comfort her and she quickly rested her head on his shoulder as she tried not to think what Morgause would do if she found out they had a child and were parents. She probably wouldn't rest until she had Harry in her claws and would hurt him just to torture them. She looked at her sleeping son. He was just a defenceless baby right now. Anything could happen to him

"Don't think too much about if, Mor." Merlin whispered, knowing his wife well enough to know her mind had gone down they dark rabbit hole of what could happen if Morgause came back to England now that they had Harry. Before, they had been each other's only weaknesses and only a select few things could kill them. Now, things were different. She just snuggling closer to him as they kept watching their sleeping son

Outside, snowflakes were starting to fall out of the sky, promising a white Christmas 

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It was Christmas time 

This was going to be a very special Christmas for them as this would be the first time in centuries that Merlin and Morgana would actually celebrate it again in Camelot with their friends and all the people from Knockturn Alley. This would also finally be the first time they'd celebrate it as a full family as Morgana and Harry had been in hiding with James during the other Christmas thanks to Dumbledore's actions and stubbornness. 

"Who is ready for Christmas with his family?" Morgana asked her son in a baby voice as she put him in a onesie and he cheered as he quickly clapped his tiny hands in happiness. "I'll probably never get used to the fact that Morgana Le Fay is really talking like that to a baby." James muttered downstairs as he, Merlin,  Remus and Sirius waited. "I'm married to her and even I have trouble believing it." Merlin replied. "I heard that!" Morgana called down and they grinned

Morgana then walked into the room with Harry in her arms and Merlin immediately stared at his wife as she wore a very familiar green dress with her hair down. "I thought that since we're going back to Camelot again, might as well wear an old dress of mine." She explained and he smiled as he took them both into his arms and kissed her, ignoring James and the others for a moment and even the Marauders didn't tease them about it. To be together for several centuries and still love each other so much even now. That was deserving of respect 

Camelot was thriving under the care of the Founders with help from the couple. The werewolves either had secured houses to keep them inside or had had acres of ground to run around, wards around both the forest and the town that activated the moment the full moon came up and made sure no one got hurt. Despite this, the citizens of Camelot were ordered to stay inside during the night of the full moon and everyone kept to that

The McKinnons, Longbottoms and Malfoys had all been so impressed and in awe at first seeing it. Pretty much all of them were purebloods, but even they knew they were entering a historic place. They were all coming as well, the Malfoy family having had to make excuses as they usually held their own ball on Christmas day and obviously being unable to do now. They had said they would be in France as a family during this time

Once Merlin and Morgana had broken apart from the warm kiss and he had greeted an impatient Harry, they were finally ready to go and quickly apparated all to Camelot. They were immediately welcomed by Katie, who James swore looked a lot like Morgana and little Morgan. Katie was now very aware who her saviours exactly were and had quickly laughed in disbelief that her new friend was actually the very witch she had named her daughter after. Still, she couldn't be more thankful for her or Merlin for getting her out of that hopeless place

She hadn't felt this content since before the guy she had been dating refused to have anything to do with their baby and Dumbledore kicked her out of the school as he couldn't have a pregnant teenage mum in his precious school. 'Maybe, I should ask Merlin and Morgana to add sex education to the list of classes to be put in the schedule. Wizards clearly need it.' She thought bitterly, before getting distracted by James kneeling before her daughter

"My lady, may I have the sacred privilege of escorting you and your lovely mother to the dining room?" He asked dramatically. "Yes!" Little Morgan quickly cheered as she jumped into his arms. James had become a familiar face around Camelot with Sirius and Remus as the werewolf lived here as well and the sweet girl had quickly grown attached to him and if he had to be really honest, he had grown attached to both her and her mother

Lifting little Morgan up with one arm with a grunt, he then carefully extended the elbow of his free arm towards Katie, who immediately put her hand in the crook of it as they walked to the castle together. The others all shared significant, excited and knowing looks and smiles with each other behind their backs and Sirius let out a soft wolf-whistle when they were out of hearing range. "Oh, hush up, Padfoot. They both deserve happiness." Remus commented as he gently cuffed his friend on the back of his head. The others then soon arrived as well.

Now that James knew that Lily was not only been married, but had also been married for a very long time and was actually an immortal and very infamous dark witch, he had immediately let go of any crushes he used to have on her, but it seemed that there was still hope for him yet relationship wise and spirits knew that Katie really deserved better than whoever decided to leave her to her fate while pregnant with his child 

Because of all the chaos and confusion that would come if all the children in Camelot unwrapped their presents all at once in the same room, breakfast and presents had been done by everyone in their homes. There had been quite a couple of orphans caused by the war, who had been quickly given a home in one of the biggest houses of Camelot. Its matron? Why, Katie of course and she was doing an amazing job

Merlin, Morgana and the founders had spared no expense to make sure every child, even those without parents, had at least a couple of presents. The Malfoys had helped with this, especially Narcissa. Seeing the smiles on the faces of the many children running around with their new toys, they all knew that they had done well and that this would be a Christmas none of them would soon forget. Harry squealed from his mother's arms. "P'ay!" He shouted as he reached out and Morgana kneeled down in the snow so he could touch it

Harry happily touched the cold snow once and then squealed in displeasure, immediately turning back into his mother's warm chest. "I know, sweetheart. It's very cold." She soothed as she stood back up and rubbed his back. Merlin took him over and held him as well as they went inside the castle. For obvious reasons, school was out this week and the couple was going to have a lunch with everyone living in the city now

They walked in to see Morgan tell James all about the presents she had gotten that morning while the orphans were running around, being watched by volunteers and some house-elves. "He really is quite taken with her." Merlin whispered to his wife as he saw James actually listening to every single word she was saying and not pretending like some adults. "Not just her, I'm sure." She replied as Katie was smiling proudly at her daughter 

He immediately smiled at her as they sat down for lunch. Katie and the others managed to make the orphans sit down as well as everyone slowly streamed into the dining room. The immortal couple with their son, their newest friends and the founders with Nicolas and Newt were sitting at what could be the head table and Godric stood up once lunch had been underway and tapped his glass with his knife. "If I could have your attention for just a few seconds please?" He requested and things quieted down as everyone immediately focused on him

"This Christmas is special for all of us. It is a Christmas that stands for new beginnings in many ways. Not just for us, but for the Wizarding World. Camelot has begun again. We have begun again and you have begun again and we have two people to thank. So, if you don't mind, I would like you to join me and give a very deserved applause for Merlin and Morgana, who have made this possible and who will continue to do the impossible for us." He said

Everyone immediately started to happily clap and cheer loudly for the extraordinary couple as the cheeks of both Merlin and Morgana immediately turned bright red in answer and lowered their heads although they couldn't fully suppress their smiles even if they tried to. The founders were applauding the loudest out them all and Morgana was pretty sure someone (Sirius) let out a few whistles during the cheering

"That really wasn't necessary." Morgana whispered to her friend once the applause had died down. "And I say it is." He replied with a smirk, very maturely sticking out his tongue at seeing her scowl. Harry squealed then and everyone chuckled as the baby wanted attention. Morgana looked at the crowd once she was done and suddenly noticed Narcissa was drinking water where everyone was drinking wine. She sent her a small, magical note and the incredibly happy smile the witch gave her in return told her everything she needed to know

They spent the entire afternoon in Camelot and for some reason were never really troubled by flashbacks. It seemed that having so many new and some old friends around them helped make up for the ones they lost. Eventually going home, the couple shared a quiet dinner together with their son, before they tucked him in and went to bed as well. "Merry Christmas, my love." Merlin whispered. "Merry Christmas." She replied, before they fell asleep

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Frank brought up up the children of Knockturn Alley in the next Wizengamot meeting

Most of Dumbledore's followers shouted about how they were dark and evil, but James interrupted. "They're children! Young, innocent children who have only basic control of their magic because some narrow-minded people can't look past the end of their nose and help. They can't help who their parents are. I actually know someone who used to live there and she's without a doubt one of the loveliest women im know." He said

Everyone who knew the secret smiled as they knew exactly who he was talking about. "Used to live there, Lord Potter? Where does she live now?" Dumbledore immediately asked, needing time know that information. "I'm not sure. She told me that a lovely couple were giving several people in the Alley a new home, but I think they put it under the Fidelius charm as she was unable to tell me where it was." James lied

"Well, considering the reaction of our fellow Lords and Ladies just now, I honestly cannot say I blame them. We're supposed to help better the entire Wizarding World and help everyone inside it, but when Frank offered to give a bunch of children the chance of getting the education they deserve and were robbed from all this time, you reacted like he was saying "let's bring Voldemort back."" Sirius agreed and he rolled his eyes at the gasps and flinches around the room. "Oh, come off it! Voldemort isn't even his name. Ask the goblins." He said

"Then what is his name?" One person asked. "Tom Riddle. And before you say something about never having heard that name before, it's a muggle name." Sirius answered and now, it was the dark faction that shouted out their protests. He simply sent out copies of Riddle's birth certificate and everyone could see he was telling the truth. Merlin and Morgana smirked in satisfaction as the motion to allow the other children at Hogwarts was passed

Dumbledore looked like he was suffocating on his own anger as he was forced to take in "dark" children. Sharing a subtle high-five as they walked out of the room once the meeting was over, they went back to pick up Harry from Camelot where Katie was looking after him and the other children. Harry turned out to be an incredibly social toddler and his parents were slowly considering to eventually move back so he could see them everyday

Walking inside the colorful toddler part of the daycare, Morgana and Merlin immediately smiled at seeing Morgan, who was about a year or two older than the other three, playing with Harry, Draco and Neville with a house-elf watching over them to make sure they kept playing nice. They always liked to see how long it took for Harry to notice they were back and it seemed shorter and shorter each time. This time was no exception as an almost two year old Harry looked up and saw the people he knew were his parents standing there, smiling at him

He immediately stood up from where he was playing with his friends and ran towards them as fast as he possibly could with his tiny arms reaching out to them. Morgana kneeled down and spread her arms to catch him. He ran into them and she held him tightly. "Oh. My sweet boy." She whispered as she stood up with him in her arms. "Issed you, mama." Harry said. "We missed you too." She assured him

Merlin ruffled his son's hair and their friends came to pick their children up.Despite Harry being their very first and only child until now, both Merlin and Morgana quickly made sure not to spoil him too much as they both remembered how Arthur had been because of that and neither of them wanted their son to turn out like that. They sometimes treated him to something nice, but weren't afraid to scold him either if he was naughty

Looking at the other children that were playing around in the daycare while her husband carefully took over their precious son from her and tickled him to make him laugh hysterically, Morgana immediately noticed the looks some of the older orphans were giving him. While Katie and the others most certainly took very good care of them, it was obviously different to see a child be picked up by their actual parents and know that you'll never have that again. She looked down as they thanked Katie for looking after their son and went home. 

'What's wrong?' She heard Merlin's voice in her head. It had taken them quite a bit of effort to combine legilimency with occlumency to be able to talk to each other. 'I just feel sorry for the orphans. They want a family too, but how can we give them one without advocating where they live?' She asked and he hummed. That was a good question. One that he unfortunately didn't know the answer too at the moment. He just held her close

Not long after that was Harry's second birthday and this time, they celebrated it as a full family as Merlin and Morgana carefully woke him up with many kisses, making him laugh as his father lifted him up in his arms and carried him downstairs for presents. The goblins had sent several checked over presents from well-wishers and people wanting to thank their saviour after Dumbledore told them "Harry Potter" had stopped the dark lord. 

James had immediately put an enormous wrench in that plan by giving an interview and swearing on his magic that Harry was not his son, that he himself had been stunned and that Harry and Lily had been gone when he woke up. "For all I know, it was Lily who did something. She always was the smarter student. Just ask Horace Slughorn." He said, knowing that it really had been her who had saved them. "Do you have any idea where they could be?" The interviewer asked. "No, but I hope they're alive and safe wherever they are." James lied

Harry's birthday morning was spent tearing wrapping paper and clapping at each gift he had gotten with his parents watching him and making pictures of practically every moment. He reached up to them once he was done and Merlin put him on his lap, holding him close. Harry happily showed him the new stuffed dragon he had gotten from Sirius and he obediently admired it as his son wanted 

"You're one lucky young man, do you know that?" He then asked teasingly as he carefully tickled his son. Harry immediately squealed and laughed as Morgana made more pictures of the moment for later. Merlin stopped his attack and smiled at his son with love in his eyes. He had missed his son's first birthday, his first steps and his first words, but he was going to be there for every other firsts that were still to be had

Like he had been waiting until his father was finally there with them, Harry had performed his first bit of accidental magic not long after they had been reunited once more by suddenly summoning his favourite  stuffed toy to his hands much to the joy of his parents. He had squealed then as he had been covered in kisses by his proud mother and even getting  some from his father. "Like there was going to be any doubt that a child of yours was going to have magic." Salazar had teased them later, making them roll their eyes

The afternoon was spent with friends in a sunny Camelot where a picnic had been set up in the fields surrounding the town and everyone who wanted to come was welcome. Alice and Frank had celebrated Neville's birthday with family only after the War and they had been understanding of that. Harry was hugged countless times until he got of it and ran to his mother to make them stop. His hand was shaken after that and he was okay with that.

After the cake had been brought out and "happy birthday" had been sung, the children played around as they were now on the infamous sugar-high. Morgana was so busy watching Harry to make sure he was having fun that she didn't even notice her husband walking away and returning later, until he put a flower crown on her head. "Merlin!" She sighed as everyone laughed and he simply grinned at her, not guilty at all.

The afternoon was honestly the most fun many of them had in a long time. It was chaos, but a very happy chaos. Merlin looked to the left of him and saw James carefully braiding Morgan's hair with gentle instructions from Katie who was sitting next to him and the tip of his tongue peeking out  as he didn't want to screw up and accidentally pull on the girl's scalp. The warmth in both their eyes made him smile. They had only grown closer in the past few months and he could already see the next headline of Witch Weekly "New lady Potter?" 

The children eventually crashed and the adults all carried them home, including the orphans. The families who lived somewhere else said goodbye and went home, although they could see James left with reluctance. "Did you have a good day, Harry?" Morgana asked and a sleepy Harry nodded from her arms. "Best day ever." He slurred and they both chuckled as they went home. They gave him a small dinner and put him to bed after washing him

Going to bed, Merlin looked at his wife. "What do you think?" He asked. "I'm not sure. I like living here and I'm not sure if I'm ready to live there again. On the other hand, it is rather isolated isn't it?" She asked. "It is. We'll talk about it tomorrow." He said and she agreed. "I love you Merlin." She breathed as she started to fall asleep. "I love you too." Merlin whispered, before it was silent. "What about having muggleborns live in Camelot with their families?" He suddenly asked. 


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A knock early in the morning would make everyone grumpy, especially if they had a hyperactive three year old that had kept them awake a big part of the night. However, it made Merlin and Morgana a bit suspicious as not many people knew where they lived. With her wand floating behind her back, Morgana opened the door to see a slightly frantic Katie standing there with a sleeping Morgan in her arms, asking for their help

After carefully verifying her identity, Morgana let them in and sat the adult woman down on the couch to calm down as she quickly carried little Morgan up to the guest room that they honestly almost never used and tucked her in before she woke up cranky. "Now, what's going on?" She asked gently as she and Merlin sat down on the couch to listen to what Katie exactly had to say. "James asked me out for a date last night." She admitted slowly in a soft tone as she looked down. "That's great! Isn't it?" Morgana asked after first being very enthusiastic and then seeing Katie's solemn face

"What if he's like Morgan's father?" She asked quietly. "Katie, take it from someone who was literally bullied or actually let himself be bullied by James when we were back at school: he may be a bit boastful and loud at times, but he's also brave and loyal to a fault to those he cares about. If anything, he'd punch Morgan's father in the face." Merlin told her, understanding of her fears, but also knowing it really wasn't necessary

"He's right. James may have been a bully, but his heart is in the right place. If I was a normal witch and my heart hadn't already belonged to a certain wizard sitting next to me, I think I may have gone on to date him. I would've died very young as i wouldn't have the protections against the killing curse, but that's not the point right now. The point is that James is not at all like the bastard that left you to be expelled." Morgana agreed

Katie let out a small smile show on her face, before looking down again with her cheeks turning red in slight embarrassment. "I don't have anything to wear." She told them. "I do and we can always go out. When and where is it?" Morgana asked, already making plans in her head. "Tonight at seven in "The Golden Dragon."" Katie answered, trying to protest it wasn't necessary. "No, no. I insist. This restaurant is very private, but very expensive as well. It wouldn't look well if you walked in in your everyday clothes. I hope that you called in sick today, because we're going shopping!" Morgana grinned

After sending a note to the orphanage that she had personal business to attend to and after waking up the young children as well as having breakfast, Morgana took Katie dress shopping while Merlin watched the two children. Katie expected them to go to Madame Malkin's, but Morgana surprised her yet again by pulling her into a more expensive clothes shop. "Morgana, this is too much!" She protested in a small hiss 

"Oh, nonsense. Do you know how many years it's been since I've had a true friend to go shopping with?" Morgana asked. "I honestly lost count." She then continued at Katie's silent shrug. She believed that the last real time she had a friend like that was either Rowena and Helga last time they were together or even Gwen. Spirits, she missed that cheerful girl turned Queen. She had been such a good friend when she needed it

An assistant quickly walked towards them as soon as they went in and Morgana gently nudged Katie forwards. "My friend here needs a dress for her date at "The Golden Dragon."" She said, knowing today said restaurant had some strict clothing guidelines for their guests. The assistant nodded and took her friend over as Morgana sat down to read some letters. Some witches and wizards had started to send letters to harry that were covered with tracking charms and threw like. The goblins checked all their mail and the wards stopped those spells from working, but they made for a fun read

Especially one Molly Weasley was very insistent that Harry revealed where exactly he was. It had been about two years since that Halloween night and several of the school-age children had already gone to Hogwarts, having been sorted in all the different houses. Many, including the press had been very surprised that children who shoulde come from the lowest of society were wearing rather expensive robes on their first day

Hearing Katie clear her throat, she immediately looked up and smiled at seeing her wear a lovely green gown, her hair in a bun. One thing that Morgana really loved about the shop was that they tied out different hairstyles as well to see what would fit the dress best. "That's lovely." She immediately commented with a smile and Katie smiled as well as she loved the dress as well. They tried out a few others, but it became the first one

The rest of the day was spent shopping some more and simply hanging out together. Ollivander was very happy to see them, having been absolutely ecstatic to give the knockturn people their proper wands. With Katie not looking like she just crawled out of the gutter anymore, no one blinked an eye at the two witches shopping together. Morgana subtly scowled at seeing some shops still exploiting her son while also using the "Harry Potter" name. While many shops had quickly stopped using that name, there were some that stubbornly persisted and she knew it was likely on Dumbledore's orders 

Going home, they saw the two children peacefully napping in a pillow fort while Merlin was doing some important paperwork. While he had half-jokingly suggested bringing the muggleborn children to Camelot, it wasn't as easy as the people from Knockturn. Those people usually didn't have much of a life and were mostly without a job or home. Most muggleborns had parents with jobs that they couldn't just give up out of nowhere

Katie had also sent a small note to James about where she was and he knocked on the door ten minutes before seven. Morgana opened the door and first made the "I'm watching you" gesture towards him. Fully aware who she was, he immediately nodded in understanding and she let him in. At seeing Katie all ready, he just stared at her in wonder. Merlin and Morgana smiled at each other knowingly as Katie blushed at seeing his gaze

With the ancient couple happily watching Morgan for the evening, they gently nudged the both of them out before they were late for their appointment. "Be a good girl for your uncle Merlin and aunt Morgana, alright?" Katie asked quietly as she hugged her daughter. "Yes, mummy." The girl immediately replied before they left. They soon arrived in front of the restaurant. "I used to hear about only the best of the best got to dine here and now, it's my turn." She confessed with a nervous smile and he chuckled as he led her inside and gave his name to the hostess as Katie looked around the place in wonder 

Several colourful fairies flew around the large space filled with candlelit tables underneath a spell that kinda looked like the spell at the ceiling of the great hall, only instead to fit the sky outside, it was like the northern lights were shining above their heads and the rest of the ceiling was a beautiful night sky. Just two years before, she couldn't ever have imagined actually dining here. Hell, she wouldn't have imagined it a month ago

Sitting down at the right table, Katie really wanted to make one thing clear before they even began this entire journey. "James, can you promise me that no matter how this works out either tonight or in the future, we won't let out friendship or my little Morgan suffer." She said. "I promise." He immediately replied with a smile and she smiled back, before they started eating and talking to each other, eventually having a lot of fun

With Merlin and Morgana having promised to look after Morgan for the entire night so her mother didn't have to pick her up, James eventually brought Katie home after a few hours and kissed her knuckles with a smile. "I hope you'd like to repeat this after tonight." He said and she nodded. "Maybe go fly next time. I haven't flown since I was kicked off the slytherin quidditch team." She replied. "I'd like that." He told her, before he gave her a nod and disaparated. Unbeknownst to either of them, they both leaned against the inside of their front doors, trying to calm their racing heartbeats

Merlin and Morgana had a lot of fun during the evening as well as Harry and Morgan saw each other as honorary siblings/cousins and played together nicely for a while until it was finally time for them to go to bed. Especially Morgana herself paid incredibly close attention on how her sweet son reacted to having to share his parent's attention the entire time. He seemed rather okay with it, but this was just for one evening

Putting the children in the bath and tucking them into bed, the adults went back downstairs once they were asleep. Merlin was about to pour two glasses of wine, but his wife declined. "I have to get up early tomorrow." She said and he conceded. Going to bed, Merlin checked his surroundings with magic. He sensed nothing out of the ordinary. His wife, two sleeping children and six magical cores in his home. Wait...


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Albus Dumbledore was livid

Dark children! In his school! They didn't deserve the privilege to be educated next to the good and pure students! They had been evil from the moment they had been born. They had lived in Knockturn Alley and they were supposed to stay there, out of the way of the people of the light who were much better than they'll ever be. And yet, here they were with several students of all ages about to be sorted as well

He had learned that the oldest students had done a crash course over the summer to catch up as much as possible and those who should officially be in their seventh year, had chosen to do their sixth year and do their final year at 18. The students of 16 would do some O.W.Ls over winter break and the rest next summer, getting only the basic classes for now and they'd learn about what they had missed during the weekends.

It was an incredibly busy schedule for the students this year, but very necessary since a certain old goat had robbed them of what already should have been rightfully theirs in his ego, prejudice and narrow-mindedness. Luckily for the students and unfortunately for Dumbledore, the founders were secretly planning to bring back apprenticeships to the school as that was something else the old asshole had taken away in his need to be the best of them all, regardless if he dumbed the students down and slowly started to kill magic 

He also noticed that the children weren't wearing second-hand or even third-hand robes one he had expected and that those despicable children deserved, but rather expensive robes. He had already figured out that James and the others hadn't been the one to come up with the plan, but were merely the ones suggesting it. Whoever was behind this, seemed to be determined to piss him off. Little did he know how right he was

A few chairs further, Horace Slughorn was watching the man with worried eyes as the children were sorted. Some were actually sorted into Gryffindor and seeing the thunder in the man's eyes, no matter how much he tried to hide it, made him worry. He'd have to talk with the other heads about this. He wasn't going to let anyone be bullied because of who they were or where they came from. He'd already seen enough of that in one lifetime

Dumbledore's opinions about everyone with a darker core honestly reminded him of the opinions of a very old friend of his and it was not exactly a very nice comparison either as he was very glad that arrogant man was gone. He had done his best to protect his own students from the headmaster, but he wasn't exactly the youngest anymore either and Tom didn't help matters. He was still incredibly sure he had been the victim of a compulsion potion or spell when he told him of the horcruxes. He sighed and rubbed his face tiredly 

Where the Horace of another universe was enormously fat and rather shifty after telling the infamous monster that Riddle had become about those terrible things, this one was completely different. You most certainly couldn't call him lean and fit, but he didn't threaten to knock things over every time he turned. He was far more self-assured too as he had seen many things in his long life and would be ready if Riddle ever came back.

Looking at the list of prominent students, he sighed again as hope dimmed.It was true that he had created the Slug Club to make connections across the Wizarding World, but not for the reasons people thought. When they mentioned that they thought it was to help himself get favours or get himself higher up, he just let them believe that. No one would understand the true reason behind it and after so long, he doubted that he would find what he was looking for

Once dinner was over, he quickly went to greet his snakes, including all the new ones. He warmly told the new students, both young and old, that his door was always open when they needed it as he knew the bullying of his house would probably get even worse now and it was already bad enough since Riddle really became infamous. Dumbledore of course turned a blind eye, but the moment someone from his house hurt someone else, he was almost jumping at the opportunity to get them, detention, suspended or even expelled

Like that poor girl from just a few years ago who had been impregnated by that idiotic Ravenclaw boy. How that little prick had ever been sorted into that house, he'd never know. He at least hoped the guy had loved his purple skin for a month. That potion had been fun to make. He'd done his best to help, but Dumbledore had told him that he would let everyone know he helped Riddle and there'd be no one to protect his students from the old man

He had been forced to stand aside and do nothing while poor Katie was harshly kicked out of the school and later out of her house from what he had heard. He really hoped the girl had found a nice and stable home wherever she was. He had been given a card from her with the baby's name and how she didn't blame him, which had been an enormous relief. He would try even harder to keep everyone safe from Dumbledore and his actions 

The next morning, he spoke to Pomona first thing about the new students as he knew that she actually wasn't very fond about how Dumbledore treated the students in both their houses either. If you had to believe him on his words, then Hogwarts only had two or three houses, while Hufflepuff was mostly ignored. Ravenclaw didn't really interest him either, unless there was a very smart student he could manipulate help. Pomona thankfully had seen the look as well and promised to look after her newest badgers

Fillius Flitwick was easy as well as he was incredibly fair and wanted to give everyone a chance. Horace didn't know that the other professor had been contacted by his goblin kin and had been told some of the situation, mostly about how Dumbledore wanted to keep the people in Knockturn Alley there and how he was slowly killing magic. That had gotten rid of all the respect the little man had for the headmaster, only staying to keep his students safe

Horace had thought that Minerva would be the difficult one as she was the most loyal to Dumbledore out of all the heads, but she surprised him by immediately agreeing with him on the matter without a single protest. "He could've helped them long ago. He has no right to complain now." She hissed, before forcefully calming herself down and telling him he could count on her. She had turned a blind eye to the bullying before, but no more

And that's how the four heads of houses quickly worked together to protect the newest students. Every detention and point loss they gained was reviewed at the end of each week and one particular harsh Gryffindor perfect was called in by Minerva after his umpteenth point removal and was asked why he took so many. "They're from Knockturn, professor. They can't be up to anything good. The headmaster agrees with me." He protested as if it was the obvious answer. "I'm afraid the headmaster can't stay unbiased in this situation." Minerva said

"They cannot help where they come from just as much as you can't help it, but take it from someone who has seen this multiple times and has been unable to help, if you continue to treat them as evil scum that isn't worth to lick the dirt from your shoes, then that's what they will eventually become and will no doubt retaliate. It's called a "self-fulfilling prophecy" and it isn't pretty." She continued, before giving him two weeks detention and sending him out

Dumbledore obviously tried to protest the detention as the prefect had been the only one to listen to him as the others tried to be a bit more fair, but Minerva gave him such a rant in her native tongue that for once in his life, he actually backed off. The prejudiced prefect had been good for one thing though as the other heads used him as an example for the others and the students from Knockturn didn't receive much unfair treatment anymore 

The rest of the school year went by peacefully, although Minerva noticed that Horace looked more and more solemn. The other teachers had noticed it as well, but none of them had been unable to find out exactly what was bothering him as for such a jovial man who liked a drink or two, Horace could be quite tight-lipped when he wanted to be. They also noticed his parties weren't as joyful as they once were as its host usually disappeared halfway through after talking to everyone. It was quite honestly rather confusing, but no one knew how to help him. 

One morning, however, Minerva was happy to see him smiling as he read the newspaper. "Anything interesting?" She assured "A couple of things. Remember that pregnant girl from my house who was kicked out" He asked and she nodded. "She's been seen at the arm of James Potter and things seem pretty serious between them." Horace told her, showing her a picture of them kissing. "Oh, good for her." Pomona squealed from where she was listening.

"The other thing is that the store that are still pushing the "Harry Potter" nonsense are getting sued." Horace continued. "Good. That poor thing shouldn't be exploited wherever he is." Filius said and they immediately agreed. "Not the mention the ridiculousness of it all. "Quills recommended by Harry Potter?" He's three or four now. He probably can barely write, let alone recommend a quill." Minerva scoffed and they snickered 

Little did they know that a certain headmaster was pretty much getting a heart attack at reading the same articles 

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The witch in question smirked at hearing her husband's voice behind her as she laid on her side in bed. She had been wondering when Merlin would finally figure out what was going on. "Yeah?" She asked innocently. "Are you.... are we.... are you?" He stammered and her smirk turned into a genuine smile as she turned to face him, her eyes alight with happiness as she nodded in answer, deciding not to torment him any longer

One moment later, his lips were on hers as he kissed her passionately and after letting out a muffled squeak of surprise, she immediately returned the favour as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Breaking apart, she giggled as he kept pressing little kisses all over her face. When she had told him that she was pregnant with Harry, he had just stared at her in utter shock for a few minutes, unable to comprehend what she was saying

This time, with the proof that they could conceive lying in bed just a room away, he was a lot more enthusiastic in his reaction as he held his wife close to his chest and kept pressing kisses to the top of her head. Morgana was beaming as well as she felt him put one hand on her still flat stomach as he looked down, unable to believe he was going to have magic father again. "I'll be there for them this time. I won't leave again." He breathed and she smiled at him. "I know you won't." She replied as she cupped his face and he kissed her palm

"We may need to move to Camelot anyway." He then said and she knew he was right. While the small house they lived in now had been more than enough when it had been just the two of them and was large enough for them with Harry, things were going to be difficult now that they were going to have two more additions to their family. They could put the nursery in the spare bedroom while they were babies, but after that was going to be harder

They deserved to have their own bedroom when they grew up and the 3-bedroom cottage they lived in couldn't provide that. She supposed they could expand it, but as they had already noticed with Harry, it was rather isolated. She was reluctant to leave as this was the first time in a while she had felt herself at home. "We don't immediately have to go. We can wait until they are older and we can always keep it as a safe house or something." Merlin soothed her

She smiled at this. He always did know what to say to make her feel better. "What are we going to tell Harry?" She asked. Having a new sibling always was a huge change in the lives of children, let alone having two at the same time. They were going to have their hands full with the twins, but didn't want their son to feel neglected and alone. "We'll find something. I promise." He whispered, kissing her forehead. She smiled again, before closing her eyes and falling asleep. Merlin soon followed her example, one hand still covering her stomach

The next day, Katie came to pick up Morgan and thanked them for looking after her. "No problem. How was it?" Morgana asked. "It was... amazing!" Katie gushed and they both smiled at her, before she left. "Mama, why were you sick?" Harry asked later as he had seen his mother throwing up in the toilet as even witches weren't immune to morning sickness. His parents shared a look and sat him down on the couch in-between them

They carefully told him that he was going to be a big brother and that it wasn't always a nice thing to be as they were going to be very busy, but that it didn't mean they loved him any less. They doubted he fully understood, even if he was rather smart for his young age, but he'd eventually see what they meant. Both parents were already planning to keep him as involved as possible in the whole process, so he wouldn't feel left out

As luck would have it, Morgana actually met Arthur Weasley the next time she was out in Diagon Alley with a magically disguised Harry and immediately went to talk to him. "Mr. Weasley. Can I ask you a question?" She asked. "Yes, of course Ms...." Arthur started, trailing off as he didn't know her name. "Farys. My husband and I recently found out I'm pregnant with twins." Morgana began, deciding to use the name they had given the school in Camelot. "Oh, congratulations." Arthur immediately told her sincerely and she thanked him. 

"However, we have this little rascal over here as well. I wanted to ask how you spent your time whenever there was a new baby." She continued. She knew the Malfoys had a newborn daughter named Amalthea, but they were still trying to figure things out with two children as well, so she had decided to ask Arthur as he had more experience with this. "Well, one thing Molly and I did was trying to make a schedule." Arthur began

"This way, there was someone for the babies and someone for the other children. We also had help from the Diggory and Lovegood families as they offered to watch them at times. Do you have any friends like that?" He asked. "We got a few." Morgana confirmed. Even if they had been together for a ruse, she and James and by extension the Marauders had gotten closer over the years and Harry saw them as uncles. She thanked him and went on

They eventually invited all their friends to Camelot once Morgana had started to show. She was hiding it behind glamours now, but would eventually reveal it. The group had a lot of fun as they came together for the first time in a while. Somewhere during the meeting, Morgana dropped the spell hiding her bump and Rowena was the first one to notice it. "No way!" She shouted in excitement, making everyone look up and follow her gaze to the witch's stomach. It didn't take long for them to connect the dots, helped by Morgana refusing to drink alcohol 

They were immediately congratulated by everyone and Morgana quickly surprised everyone again by saying it was going to be twins. James and Katie, now officially a couple, happily clapped their hands, absolutely ecstatic for them both. "You better not go in hiding with my wife this time, Potter." Merlin mock-threatened and James immediately held up his hands in complete surrender, making everyone around them laugh 

As the extraordinary couple had promised themselves, they kept Harry involved during Morgana's pregnancy. He helped pick out a nice colour for the walls of the nursery and even some of the furniture that would be put inside of it as he checked if it was nice and soft enough for the babies. During the shopping trip Merlin saw many attendants smiling at them when his son picked out a fluffy carpet with all the seriousness a four year old could have

Merlin also took his son to the magical toy shop once they had found out they were going to have twin girls to help pick out toys for his unborn sisters and Harry genuinely did his very best as he picked out as he bought a plush pegasus and unicorn and some other things that were for babies. As a reward, Merlin also allowed him to pick out a toy for his own and he quickly came back with a plush occamy in his hands. Holding his son's hand, the ancient wizard paid for the toys and went back home to a very proud Morgana

The women soon threw Morgana an extravagant baby shower, courtesy of Narcissa and gave her many gifts that were both lovely and very helpful for the first few months of her second motherhood. A six year old Morgan even had a present of her own, which was a storybook with both magical and muggle stories. Morgana thanked her with a kiss on her forehead. She had a lot of fun while the men were looking after the children 

Eventually, after about eight months after Merlin sensed six magical cores in a house with only four people inside, it was time. Morgana had been feeling weak as much of her magic went into protecting and nourishing her unborn children and since she was carrying two now, it required even more magic from her, making her feel even more tired and even a now four year old Harry noticed it as only Merlin mostly played with him now

The moment that she finally felt her water break on the 15th of October 1984, Morgana immediately notified her husband about it. He called Alice through the Floo. The woman quickly arrived to watch over Harry while his parents went to St. Mungo's. Poor Harry had no idea why he suddenly had to go with his aunt Alice, but his confusion soon faded as soon as he saw Neville waiting for him. They immediately went to play as Alice went to tell everyone that Morgana had gone into labour, resulting in a lot of cheers and excitement 

At the magical hospital,  Morgana was having a less fun time as she tried to bring her daughters into the world. She was sensible enough to call Merlin by his fake name and when she accidentally did use the name Merlin, the healers thought it was just an exclamation. She sagged in relief when it was over and her daughters were handed to her and her husband She rested her head on his shoulder as she looked at their daughters with love in her eyes.

The others soon arrived and Harry jumped up-and-down to try and see his sisters. Frank lifted him up on the bed next time his parents so he could see them better. "Here they are, Harry. Your little sister." Morgana said and he beamed at them"What are their names?" Alice asked as she held Neville and the couple shared a look as they nodded. They had decided to choose original names for their daughters and not name them after anyone

"Melody and Sapphira." They chorused

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Harry was confused

Ever since his little sisters were born, everything had changed. His parents were incredibly busy with them both, even though they didn't do much more than eat and sleep. They did spend time with him obviously, but it wasn't the same. They had told him that they would be busy, but he hadn't expected them to be so busy. Draco told him that his parents sometimes put him with dobby so they could spend time with his sister

He was very glad that his parents didn't do that, although he did notice that his father now went out with him while his mother stayed home with the twins. While he had a lot of fun with his father, he wanted to spend time with his mother as well. One morning, he woke up and jumped out of his bed to greet Morgana, only to see her busy with the twins. "Why don't you go downstairs, Harry? Your dad already made breakfast." She said and he drooped off

"What is it, Harry?" Merlin asked during breakfast at seeing his son's grumpy face and pout. "Nothing." Harry muttered as he crossed his arms. Merlin frowned in confusion and concern, just as Morgana came down with Melody and Sapphira and sat down too. Merlin immediately noticed the dark look that Harry gave his sisters before he went to eat. 'I think that I already know what is going on.' He thought, before he ate as well and went to bring his son to daycare "It's about your sisters, Isn't it?" He asked as he walked through Camelot.

"Mama is always busy with them." Harry muttered. "That's not true." Merlin tried to assure him. "She didn't even give me my morning hug and when was the last time she spent time with me? Just me?" Harry asked and his father realised he didn't know. While they did make sure to spend time with their son, they now always did it together in the evenings and when the babies cried, it was always Morgana who went to check on them

She was also always the one who stayed home while they went out. "See?" Harry muttered and Merlin gave him a hug, before they arrived at the daycare and he went off to play with his friends who were already there. "Harry is in a bit of a bad mood today. Best leave him alone." He told Helga who was one of the people in charge of the daycare. She nodded in answer and after giving his son a final hug, Merlin reluctantly left

"What was going on with Harry?" Morgana asked when he returned back home. "When was the last time you spent time together?" He asked. "Last night." She answered with a rather confused frown. "No, just you. Not the two of us together. When was the last time you went out with just Harry instead of looking after Melody and Sapphira?" He asked and she thought for a moment, before immediately realising what was going on. "He's jealous." She muttered. "And we didn't even realise it." Merlin replied, feeling just as guilty as his wife did

That afternoon, Harry was surprised to see his mother come and pick him up. "No twins?" He asked as they walked out and Morgana mentally hit herself again. Yes, this was the very first time she had three children or even had children in general, but that was no excuse for not going out with her son more often. "No, Harry. No twins. Just you and me, but first, I really want to apologise to you." She said as he kneeled down in front of him

"I really am sorry for being so incredibly busy with your sisters in the past few weeks ever since they were born, my little one. This is incredibly new for all of us, especially for your dad and I, but that's honestly no excuse for always staying with your sisters when you go out with your father and never spending time with just you again. Can you forgive me?" She asked quietly. Harry slowly nodded in answer and his mother smiled in relief.

"Thank you so much, sweetheart. Now, I do believe that because I was giving your sisters their own breakfast, I actually didn't get my daily hug this morning." She said as she opened her arms and he immediately ran into them without a single doubt. She laughed as she was almost knocked on her ass. "Oh, sweetheart." She whispered as she gently kissed his temple, holding him close to her. "Now..." She began as she gently pulled back. "What would you say about a visit to the quidditch store?" She asked and he immediately cheered

A few minutes later, they were walking through the quidditch store. Underneath the influence of Sirius and James, he was a big quidditch fan. Not as obsessed as the two men were, but still. The wide eyes as he looked around made her heart melt. She got an idea and took him to the pet shop once he was done. "Maybe it's time we got you a buddy. Someone to keep you company when we're busy again." She said. He smiled at her, before looking around.

She let him look for a second as she tried to find something he might like. When she found him again, she panicked at seeing him talking to snakes. "Harry, stop talking." She hissed as she looked around. If people heard him talking parseltongue, they'd immediately think he was an evil wizard like Riddle. "Did I do something wrong?" Her son asked in a small tone and she hushed him as she kneeled and pulled him into a hug

"No, sweetie. However, you were actually talking in parseltongue. People don't like that." She explained as she held him close. "Why not?" He asked. "You'll learn when you're older. Long story short, there was a bad guy not too long ago and he could speak it as well."  She explained. "Even we snakes know about him." One snake said from his enclosure, several other snakes agreeing with him. Morgana looked at them, before getting an idea. "Are any of you venomous?" She asked after looking around to see if no one was listening 

A few minutes later, she was walking out of the animal shop with Harry and tightly holding the enclosure with a dark green snake inside as Harry held his quidditch stuff. She had told the snakes that her son might be in danger when he grew up and she wanted something that could protect him in case there were moments when they weren't there to protect him themselves and one young snake had immediately offered her services.

She was a Firena, a smaller cousin to the infamous basilisk and just as venomous when she grew up, but without the deadly eyes the other snake was known for. Harry immediately loved her and the snake really liked him too. They then quickly went home before Harry could slip up and talk in parseltongue again and Morgana sighed in relief once they were there. "Is everything alright? Is that a Firena?" Merlin asked in surprise.

"Yeah. It turns out Harry inherited my ability to speak parseltongue and I found him talking to several snakes in their enclosures. It was a good thing no one was around." She explained. Merlin sighed in relief as they carefully let the snake out. "Don't hurt each other." Morgana whispered in parseltongue as the Firena and Harry got to know each other while she held the snake in her hands. That's when Melody and Sapphira started to cry. "I got it." Merlin said before Morgana could do anything and he immediately walked upstairs 

"What's that noise?" The Firena asked as unlike normal snakes, magical snakes actually could hear things. "Those are my youngest children, Melody and Sapphira. They were only born three weeks ago." Morgana explained and the snake quickly accepted that as she slowly slithered onto Harry's arms to rest on his shoulders and around his neck. "This is nice." She commented, making mother and son smile as Harry carefully stroked her back

That evening, the family spend time together and when the babies cried, it was now Merlin who went to see what was going on. "You know, I think your new friend needs a name. Unless you already have one." Morgana said, looking at the snake and when she replied she didn't, the witch conjured up a list of name suggestions and both Harry and the snake looked over it, the latter pointing at one with her tail. "That one?" Harry asked and she nodded

"Well then, welcome to the family, Nilsa." Morgana said with a smile

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May 1987

"What do you mean, you've never seen it before?" Sirius asked loudly, only to be shushed by Merlin and Morgana. "Just as I say it, you mutt. Now keep it down. We have two one year olds babies sleeping." Morgana hissed. "Unbelievable. A whole movie about that friend of yours and never in more than a decade did you see it?" Sirius asked. "We were kinda busy with other things. Education, a war. The usual." Morgana snarked

"Fair enough. Tell you what, what if we hold a movie night and everyone who wants to see it can join?" He suggested. "Just because it's about a friend of us, doesn't mean that others will be interested." Merlin said. He insisted that they could at least try and they finally conceded on the condition that he'd ask everyone and that he'd allow them to choose about whether or not they wanted to come. Sirius immediately agreed with those demands and quickly went to work.

He was currently dating Marlene and things were going surprisingly stable between them. Remus confided in them that it was mostly seeing how incredibly happy James still was with Katie and Morgan that had made Sirius want to try and find that happiness as well. He had liked Marlene in school, but because of his pranks and flirting with pretty much every girl, she hadn't wanted to do anything to do with him. Helping to set up and take care of Camelot had made him mature a bit and while it had understandably taken him a while to convince her that he was... well, serious about this, she had given him a chance

"When is it your turn, Moony?" The former bachelor had asked his friend and Remus had blushed. "Probably never. I don't know a single witch who would willingly marry a werewolf." He had muttered in a pessimistic tone. "I wouldn't be too sure about that. I have actually seen a witch who seems to fancy you" Sirius had said. "Who?" Remus had asked, but Sirius had turned into Padfoot and had run away. "Padfoot!!!"

To the rather big surprise of Merlin and Morgana, quite a few people eventually gathered in the biggest sitting room of the castle in the next week to see the movie, most of them being their friends. They had changed the wards to allow electricity in and Sirius had actually managed to put up a projection screen. Harry was holding his mother's hand and Melody and Sapphira were being taken care off by the Malfoy house-elves. 

They sat down on the clutch in the middle of the room and put Harry in-between them, Nilsa travelling on his shoulders. The snake had made herself quite at home un the last year and honestly loved living with them. "This better not have any vulgarity in it, Sirius." Morgana said threateningly. "Well, there are some swear words, but will light up my wand in advance to warn you." The man quickly offered. "I have a better idea." Merlin said as he put a spell on the fea children that were in the room, harry being one of the youngest. They wouldn't hear the swear words, but the adults would. The movie then began

""A moose bit my sister once?" What kind of sentence is that?" Merlin asked in a whisper. "If you look for logic, there's none in this movie. Just go along with the flow." Sirius told them and they conceded as the movie went on. They then heard the sound of hooves and over a hill appeared King Arthur.... pretending to be on a horse while a servant banged two coconut halves together. The first snorts were heard then

"What? Ridden on a horse?" "Yes." "You're using coconuts." "Well, at least they're self-aware enough to admit it immediately." Morgana muttered and Merlin snorted at hearing it. "They didn't have the money for real horses." Sirius explained as the soldiers on-screen wondered how Arthur had gotten the coconuts, eventually talking about the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow (both European and African) as Arthur "rode" off 

"Bring out your dead!" "Ugh, I know this is just a comedy, but this is very accurate to when the plague was running rampant." Merlin said with a look of disgust on his face at the memory, before quickly being hushed by his son as he wanted to watch. Morgana absolutely loved the next scene. "I am your king." "Well, I didn't vote for you...." "You can't expect to wield supreme executive power, just because some watery tart threw a sword at you." Morgana was practically doubled over at the latter part, especially when they went on to call the Lady of The Lake a "moistened bint." Merlin just gave her a look in return

"At least, they got the bit about excalibur right." He muttered as the movie continued. "Sirius!" Katie hissed as the next scene showed a man's arm getting cut off. "Oh, come on. That's as fake as can be." Sirius defended himself. It eventually became funny anyway as the knight refused to give up, even as his other arm was cut off. He then kicked Arthur in the face and kept kicking him until a fed-up Arthur cut his leg off

"Right, I'll do you for that!" "You'll what?!" "Come here!" "What are you going to do? Bleed on me?" Snickers were heard again as even with all his limbs cut off, the black knight offered to "call it a draw." The next scene gave the ancient witches and wizards a bad feeling as even though it was an exaggeration of the witch hunts, they remembered trying and sometimes falling to save innocent people to the real witch hunts 

During the introductions of the knights, morgana had some quiet commentary about most of them"Sir Lancelot, the brave." "Guinevere's boy." "Sir Galahad, the pure." "Never spend much time with that guy to be completely honest." "An then Sir Robin, the not-quite-so-brave-as-Sir-Lancelot, who had nearly fought the dragon of Angnor, who had nearly stood up to the vicious chicken of Bristol and who had personally wet himself during the Battle of Badon Hill. And the aptly named: Sir, Not-appearing-in-this-film." "...... no comment." Many snickered at that as Morgana was too busy laughing to think of that

"Is that supposed to be Camelot?" Katie asked with a sceptical raised eyebrow at seeing the rather ugly thing rather than the incredibly beautiful castle she worked in and lived around. "It's only a model." The servant Patsy said as if answering her question. "Oh." She said with a nod as that explained a lot. "knights, I bid you welcome to your new home. Let us ride to Camelot!" Arthur announced. That's when the music started to play. 

We're Knights of the Round Table.

We dance whene'er we're able.

We do routines and chorus scenes

With footwork impeccable.

We dine well here in Camelot.

We eat ham and jam and spam a lot.


We're Knights of the Round Table.

Our shows are formidable,

But many times we're given rhymes

That are quite unsingable.

We're opera mad in Camelot.

We sing from the diaphragm a lot.


In war we're tough and able,

Quite indefatigable.

Between our quests we sequin vests and impersonate Clark Gable.

It's a busy life in Camelot.

I have to push the pram a lot

"On second thought, let's not go to Camelot. It's a silly place." Arthur's solemn words as they "rode" off quickly were the final nail in the coffin that was Merlin's and Morgana's self-control as they cried tears of pure laughter. "Oh, if only the guys could see this." Morgana laughed as she held her stomach with one arm and her son with the other. Next was a conversation with God and the quest for the holy grail had begun

The next scene with the French knight honestly made Morgana regret not watching it before. "I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elder berries." "If I ever need to insult someone and there are children nearby, I'm using this." Salazar decided. "Sounds like a plan." Rowena grinned. The wooden bunny and its epic fail made them all laugh. After that, the knights split up and they focused on Sir Robin first. "Wow, that sounds like everything I want to do to Dumbledore." Morgana muttered underneath her breath as the minstrel mentioned several ways for the knight to die

"Wow, they're really laying it thick with the temptation." Merlin grinned at the next scene with Galahad in castle Anthrax. "What's that?" Harry asked innocently. "You'll learn that when you're older." Both his parents immediately said, Nilsa hissing the same thing. He pouted, but eventually conceded as he leaned against his mother's side. Knowing that he probably would soon grow out of this, she enjoyed every single moment of this

"Are they seriously afraid of knights who say "Ni" all the time?" Frank asked sarcastically, only for Alice and Neville to jokingly cover their ears. "Haha." He said dryly. "Seems like the guards of this castle can join Dumbledore's closest followers. Their intelligence is just as high." Remus snarked during "the tale of Sir Lancelot" bit and Morgana giggled. "But they're idiots." Morgan protested. "That's the point, sweetie." Katie whispered 

Seeing the very over-the-top way Lancelot slaughtered everyone in his way was far more hilarious than it should've been in real life, even if Lancelot would never have done this. "Arthur would never have lived this down if this had actually happened." Merlin chuckled and Morgana giggled. "Is he ever going to sing?" Harry asked. "Don't think so." His father answered as he ruffled his hair and he chuckled. Next was Arthur and Bedivere finding a shrubbery and appeared, the Knights of Ní couldn't stand the word "it." "This is just ridiculousness of the highest order and I'm honestly loving it." Alice commented

"Well, those seasons changed quickly." Neville said as summer went straight to winter and winter gave spring and summer a miss. Next was a wizard, a killer bunny and a holy hand granate. It made just as much sense as the rest. Even the animated monster they met in the cave was defeated because the animator "suffered a fatal heart-attack." Three of the knights were killed by not answering the questions at the bridge of death

Lancelot was arrested by modern police who had been following the group all through the movie Arthur and Bedivere made their way to a new castle, only to find out that the French knights were already there. Hundreds of knights suddenly showed up at Arthur's command and went to storm the castle, only for the police to show up, Arthur to be arrested and the movie to end. "Wait, that's it?" Alice asked in utter surprise 

"Money ran out." Sirius explained. "Seriously?" Morgana asked and he shrugged. "It was just getting exciting." She muttered as she stood up and stretched her limbs after at least one-and-a-half hours of sitting. "Any regrets, though?" The dog Animagus asked her. "No. Not really. It was fun and if Arthur ever returns, I'm so going to show him this." She replied and Sirius cheered, making her roll her eyes at him. Merlin then lifted a sleepy Harry in his arms and they all went home. Thanking the house-elves as they went home, the couple put Harry to bed and waited until he and Nilsa in her enclosure were asleep

"That was more fun than I thought it would be." She confessed. "Yes and it was nice to see a movie where Arthur was the clotpole he really was." Melin replied with a grin and she rolled her eyes again. They went to bed then and snuggled close to each other. "I do miss that idiot, though." He muttered. "I know you do." She whispered, kissing his cheek, before they closed their eyes and fell asleep. Soon everything was peaceful

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Harry was ready

He had a very important job to do today and he was more than ready to do it. "Hold still, Harry. I know you're incredibly excited. We all are, but I swear that if you make me ruin your tie again, you're grounded after today." Merlin said with a warm chuckle as his son was practically vibrating in happiness and excitement. "Sorry, dad." The eight year old said as he tried to stay still. He just couldn't help himself. He was so excited 

To find out the reason for his incredible excitement, we have to go back in time to about a year before that day. It seemed to be a day like any other. Both Melody and Sapphira were growing each day and Harry was at school in the Farys Academy with Nilsa and Morgan. After the jealousy mishap a few weeks after the girls, Merlin and Morgana did their best to share their tone between their children more equally 

Now that Harry was at school anyway, it was a bit easier as Merlin and Morgana had both become basic potion teachers and switched days with each other so one would look after the twins and the other would usually have Harry in their classes for now. They had also officially moved to a larger home in Camelot around that time as they had decided it would eventually be better for their children than the rather isolated house they used to live it. They did keep it as a safe house like Merlin had suggested, but it wasn't their official home anymore

That evening, Katie had dropped off Morgan at their home as she and James were going on another date. They had been dating for a few years at the time and James had helped her get used to being photographed by the press and having her nam be at the front page of both the Daily Prophet as well as Witch Weekly. This date didn't seem any different than others as it was a beautiful summer night with the stars shining in the sky

When James came to pick her up, Morgana gave him a last, warning look, having taken on the role of the young woman's protector as her parents clearly didn't want to do so as they kicked her out. He immediately nodded as he let her out. "Where are we going this time? A restaurant? A movie?" She asked excitedly as they walked through the streets. "Actually, our destination is not far from here." He answered with a grin

Their destination turned out to be a picnic blanket and basket in a large, open spot not too far from Camelot, safe within the bigger circle of wards and with an amazing view on the stars. "James. This is beautiful!" She immediately gasped and he smiled as he gently led her to it and they sat down. "Merlin helped set it up. He made sure the weather would be good and that no animal can ruin this." He admitted, a far cry from the boy who had refused to even consider the disguised Merlin an ally, let alone ask him for his help with this 

"Well, it seems like he succeeded." She said with a smile and he chuckled as they started to eat. They had a lot of fun until the food was gone and he had an idea. "How about we play a guessing game?" He suggested. "Oh,  I love guessing games!" She said happily and he smiled, before conjuring up a blindfold and explaining that while blind, she had to guess what kind of items he was giving her. She agreed and was blindfolded 

About five items later, he put something cold and round in her palm. "It feels like a.....James?" She breathed in uncertainty as she realised what this could mean. With a nervous chuckle, he undid her blindfold, allowing her to see the ring in her hand. It was a beautiful emerald set in a gold band and surrounded by rubies. "Green and red. Slytherin and Gryffindor" She realised and he nodded, before kneeling in front of her

"Katie, I know that you've been hurt in the past and I know my past isn't exactly squeaky clean with my bullying, but I want to prove to you that I will never hurt you. Katie McGrath, will you marry me?" He asked, nerves visible on his usually confident face and she immediately nodded as she held on tight to her new ring and tackled him into a hug, making him fall on his back as he laughed and hugged her back. With his fingers tangling in her dark hair, he kissed her temple. She then pulled back and kissed him deeply underneath the starry sky

And that was why Harry was excited as they had chosen him to be the one to carry the rings and he was going to do his best to make his uncle James and aunt Katie proud. Morgan was her mother's flower girl while the witch she was named after was her mother's maid-of-honor. Although she had actually invited her parents and they were coming, Merlin was going to be the one to give her away as he and Morgana had looked after her during her worst 

To everyone's surprise, Katie had also asked them to invite famous up-and-coming writer Gilderoy Lockhart to the wedding, the man having sold a couple of bestsellers. "Do have the goblins check in on that after our wedding. He was a terrible wizard at school. Unless he had a complete change in personality and magic levels, there's no way he did all of that." She commented and James promised to do so after the honeymoon

With this party being called "The wedding of the century" by Witch Weekly, many people were incredibly desperate to get invited to it, but they decided to only have the people from Knockturn, the Marauders naturally, the disguised founders and their partners, the disguised Merlin and Morgana with their children and just very good friends. Not even Dumbledore was invited to the wedding as James was sure he honestly wouldn't survive the day if he did come. His parents had been killed by Death Eaters when he was 19, so they were definitely out

Right now, he was standing in front of the altar the garden of Potter Manor with Sirius as his best man next to him and Morgana at the other side. "Here come Harry and Morgan." Sirius announced when most people had taken their seats. He turned and smiled at seeing how adorable Harry and Morgan looked in their tiny dress and suit. That's when Katie walked out at Merlin's arm and his poor brain suddenly forgot to work

She looked radiant. Her hair was in a simple, but beautiful updo and her dress was a ballgown fit for a princess. Sirius jokingly waved his hand in front of him, but stopped at Morgana's look. Merlin walked her down the aisle and noticed her smirking at this lockhart person and how uncomfortable he was at seeing it. Once he had given Katie's hand to James and sat down, he used a spell to keep the other guy in place just in case he tried to run

James eventually had to say something and he took a deep breath. "Katie, when you came into my life, you gave it the breath of fresh air that it really needed. You and Morgan cheered me up more than anything ever could. Whenever I felt down, the thought of your face and our Morgan's smile was enough to cheer me right back up, even if you weren't actually there with me." He began. Just a few months ago, he had officially adopted the young girl as his own daughter after the girl came to him with the papers herself with help from her mother

"You are the light of my life and wherever you are, I promise that I will be near. I promise that I will always protect you and our daughter from any danger that may come our way. But most importantly, I promise that I will love you until the end of our days and nothing will ever change how I feel about you." He swore completely serious, gently wiping away a tear rolling down his bride's cheek. Morgana was nodding in approval behind her

It was Katie's turn to speak then. "James, I was at my lowest when I met you. I had no friends and I had to look after my, now our daughter without barely any help. You and your harmless pranks and jokes brought happiness and laughter to a life empty of it. You never judged me for everything that happened in my past and just cared for who I was and nothing else." She started as well, looking into his warm eyes as he smiled at it.

Many of the other couples were smiling at each other as she continued again "James, today, I promise to always stand at your side and support you. I promise to cheer you on, but to also reign you back when you go to far. I also promise that my heart will always be yours until our time runs out." She promised and he beamed at her, before Harry proudly gave them their rings and he was told that he could kiss the bride. To everyone's surprise, she kissed him first and the crowd cheered for them, some more reluctantly than others

At the back-door, the newlyweds were greeting everyone. Morgan was standing in-between her parents, beaming in happiness while Morgana and Sirius were standing slightly behind them. Harry happily tackled them into a hug and they chuckled at this. "You were amazing, Harry. We couldn't have asked for anyone better to carry our rings." Katie praised him and he beamed at her, before he went inside with his father and sisters 

It wasn't until Katie's parents came forward that Morgana took a small step forwards. "Mother, father." Katie greeted them, holding onto James and he did the same, giving the two people a cold look. 'Introduce me.' The new lady Potter heard Morgana say in her head and she did. "This is my friend, Morgana." She said, gesturing to the woman and Morgana gave them a tight smile. "Yeah, we met." Her father Anthony said nervously. 

--------------------- flashback ---------------

"So, our Katie is actually getting married? That's great." Anthony commented as they sat across Morgana in their living room. "Well, let's talk about Morgan first." She replied. "Who is Morgan?" His wife Emilia asked. "She's only your granddaughter. The pregnancy because of which you decided to kick your only daughter out of the house." The ancient witch said, her voice growing colder and colder."She kept it?!" Anthony asked.

"You didn't give her much of a choice as she didn't have any money for an abortion and even then, I doubt she'd have done it." Morgana snapped. "Let's just skip straight to the matter at hand. Yes, your daughter is getting married. She's getting married to a rich and powerful lord which she most certainly won't have to thank you for and yet, despite all the hurt you have caused her by kicking her to the curb, she wants you to be there for some strange reason. I would've been like "See you never," but that's me. But let me make one thing clear." She hissed as she leaned forwards

"I was the one to get your daughter out of the gutter and into a better place. I'm the one your daughter looks to for advice. I'm the one who saved your daughter when you were too busy being concerned about your own image and ego. I will take your wands on the day itself and if you still do anything to ruin it,  you will find yourselves looking like the stubborn, stupid jackasses you are. I know the spell. I have done it before." She said.

"No wonder she's friends with you. You're a bloody psychopath." Anthony hissed "High-functioning sociopath. Who knows many curses." Morgana replied casually, before giving them a smile that was all teeth and had nothing sincere about it. She was sent out then and left without complaint. When the couple looked in the mirror next, they screamed at seeing the donkey ears on their heads. A note appeared then "my first and only warning." The ears disappeared soon enough

--------------------- end flashback -------------

Anthony and Emilia quickly left again and Katie gave Morgana a look, having the feeling that she had done something. Gilderoy was next. "Gilderoy, my old friend! Did you enjoy the ceremony?" The bride asked. "Yes, yes. It was very lovely. Now, I'm afraid I really have to go." He said as he tried to walk away, but she grabbed his arm. "Oh, do stay a bit longer. I do want a dance with you." She requested and he reluctantly agreed"What's with you and him?" James asked when everyone had come to congratulate them and she smiled as they walked inside.

"You will see soon enough." She promised and he conceded as they walked into the ballroom of the manor. Everyone immediately applauded them with someone (Sirius again) whistling loudly, although it didn't escape Katie's notice that her parents kept looking at Morgana. James then led her to the dance floor and she forgot everything as she focused herself on him and began to dance as the music started to play 

When I look into your eyes

It's like watching the night sky

Or a beautiful sunrise

Well there's so much they hold

And just like them old stars

I see that you've come so far

To be right where you are

How old is your soul?

Well, I won't give up on us

Even if the skies get rough

I'm giving you all my love

I'm still looking up

And when you're needing your space

To do some navigating

I'll be here patiently waiting

To see what you find

'Cause even the stars they burn

Some even fall to the earth

We've got a lot to learn

God knows we're worth it

No, I won't give up

I don't wanna be someone who walks away so easily

I'm here to stay and make the difference that I can make

Our differences they do a lot to teach us how to use the tools and gifts

We got yeah we got a lot at stake

And in the end you're still my friend at least we did intend

For us to work we didn't break, we didn't burn

We had to learn, how to bend without the world caving in

I had to learn what I got, and what I'm not

And who I am

I won't give up on us

Even if the skies get rough

I'm giving you all my love

I'm still looking up

I'm still looking up

Well, I won't give up on us (no I'm not giving up)

God knows I'm tough (I am tough) he knows (I am loved)

We got a lot to learn (we're alive, we are loved)

God knows we're worth it (and we're worth it)

I won't give up on us

Even if the skies get rough

I'm giving you all my love

I'm still looking up

At the end of it, James pulled his new wife into another kiss, much to the cheers of everyone around them. "Now, if you'll excuse me, lady Potter. I need to dance with the future lady Potter as tradition demands." James said dramatically and she giggled as she knew what it meant and watched as he went to dance with Morgan as she pulled Gilderoy to the dance floor with a big grin on her face

As soon as that dance was over (and Katie's feet could rest from Gilderoy continuously stepping on them) she pulled him to James. "Darling, you know Gilderoy right?" She asked. "Of course, but how do you two know each other?" He asked. "We were friends." Gilderoy said quickly as Katie walked closer to her new husband. "Who do you think Morgan's father is?" She whispered into his ear and he slowly looked at the other guy, eyes spitting fire

Just a second later, Gilderoy Lockhart was lying on the ground, blood streaming from his broken nose

Chapter Text

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Not long after the wedding of James and Katie, the two of them still on their honeymoon while Morgan stayed with Merlin and Morgana, the ancient couple decided to go out shopping with all the children. Morgan would start Hogwarts in a year and would often listen to her step real father's stories about his time at the school, although James did make it first he had been a bully and that he didn't want her to follow in his footsteps 

"What if I'm in Slytherin?" She asked hesitantly as she knew about his old feelings about the house. "Then your Uncle Sal will have a year's worth of bragging rights." Her father replied with a shrug and she immediately giggled in answer. "In all seriousness, if you do actually get sorted there, then that house has gained an amazing young witch, just like your mother." He said as he kneeled down to her height and she beamed at him as she hugged him tightly. Katie smiled at the adorable sight, before James reached out and pulled her into the hug as well as they held onto each other for several minutes without a care

Morgan had heard the whisper from Katie about who her biological father was and after James had punched him to the ground, having to be held back by his new wife so he didn't kill him, she had grabbed a heavy pitcher filled to the brim with wine from the nearby table and had dumped it over him, much to the shock and amusement of everyone around them, before returning to her real parents. Morgana had kicked him out after that

Getting their three year old twins dressed for their day was still quite a feat as they were incredibly energetic and often tried to wiggle themselves out of their mother's or father's grip. "And I thought Harry was bad." Morgana muttered as she braided Melody's hair. Even though both twins had dark hair, Melody had her soft features and Sapphira had a smaller version of her father's big ears that her mother loved so much

"Up, mama. Please." Melody said as she reached up as soon as her mother was done, blue eyes looking at her pleadingly "Only because you said please." Morgana conceded with a sigh as she lifted her daughter up in her arms. Merlin was already downstairs with Harry, Morgan and Sapphira. One enormous disadvantage of having two children at the same time, especially at this age, was that if number 2 saw number 1 getting something, chances were number 2 immediately wanted the same. Sapphira had already thrown a tantrum when her mother couldn't pick her up with Melody already in her arms

They naturally dealt with it as best as they could, but it was tiring at times, even with help from their friends. They still had Harry to spend time with too after all, even if he now had all his friends and Nilsa to play with him now that they finally lived in Camelot. Only Neville and Draco still lived outside of Camelot with their families and the former's parents were considering moving as well since they really liked the safety of it

James had shut down the wards on Potter manor as he was going to live with Katie and Morgan. The manor held just too many memories for him and all the mail directed to him, were now sent to ther goblins, who checked it for spells for a yearly fee and sent it through. The adults had a good laugh when Dumbledore wrote him a letter, demanding to know why he wasn't invited to the wedding like a child that didn't get his way

"Sometimes, I wonder if he was ever scolded as a child. Would explain a whole lot to be completely honest" Morgana muttered and Merlin snorted as they looked at each other and started to laugh. Eating breakfast with the six of them, or was a small, but happy chaos as four children ate at the same time. Morgan and Harry now mostly know how to keep themselves clean, Melody and Sapphira did not and tried to Harry the breakfast everywhere on the table. Mellin and Morgana were teaching them not to do that, but until they point, they kept several cleaning spells at the ready

Disguising themselves and their son again and putting their youngest two in a twin stroller, they went out and apparated towards Diagon Alley. Walking through the narrow street with Nilsa hiding underneath Harry's shirt, Merlin went to the apothecary first as he needed to buy some things for new potions he was planning to make. The others went to the book shop, but harry was almost knocked down when he went to enter

"Watch out, you little brat." The eleven year old boy snapped at him as Morgan quickly caught her friend before he fell. "Maybe, you should watch where you're going and not knock innocent kids down. Oh, dear. Did we step into your royal way, your majesty?" She snarked. The boy glared at her. "You better watch out too. When I become prefect in my fifth year, I might just give you detention." He said, before walking away

"I'm so sorry. I'm afraid my husband has been constantly filling my son's head with everything he did as a perfect when in school and how he is most certainly going to be one as well and nothing I do stops him." The boy's mother immediately apologised as she hurried outside as well. "That's alright, ma'am. My brother was like that as well when we were younger, so I grew up around it." Morgana replied and she sighed in relief. "He's not getting away with it though. James Harris! Come here this instant!" She shouted as she grabbed her son's arm and pulled him away from the family, ignoring his protests

"What a giant.... uhh..." Harry started, before remembering who was with him and looking up at his mother. Morgana raised an eyebrow in anticipation to what he was hoping to say and if she was going to have to scold him. ".....prat." He settled on instead as he didn't want to get in trouble. He had been waiting weeks for this trip as his parents had been busy planning Katie's wedding. He was not going to ruin it

Once Merlin had joined them, they went to visit Ollivander. Despite Morgan not needing a wand they wanted to see how he was doing. The man thanked them for giving less fortunate children a chance, knowing it had been them. I really like your necklace." Harry commented, pointing at a red stone hanging from the man's neck. "Thank you, little one. I have had it for a very long time."Ollivander replied. His parents smiled, before they left

Morgan really wanted a pet as well, but she also wanted to wait until her parents were back, so they went to the quidditch shop instead. Morgan absolutely loved to fly on a broom, courtesy of James taking her on flights since she was four, but wasn't that big of a fan of the sport. She liked to watch it, sure, but she drew the line at playing it and James had immediately accepted that. Still, her broom had seen better days, so Merlin and James had agreed for the former to go and buy her and Harry a new broom and both ecstatic children tackled the adults into hugs, making them laugh

Returning to Camelot, the children immediately went to try their new brooms out under the watchful eyes of Morgana while Merlin went to put the twins down for their daily nap. They had a lot of fun as they flew around, some other children joining them as well as they played pretend games the witch could only guess what they were about. They were having fun without endangering themselves. That was the most important thing 

The sky eventually started to darken with promise of a summer storm and all the children were called down. One-by-one, the brooms went down for the day and those of Harry and Morgan were no exception as Morgana led them inside once everyone was down. She had just put the brooms away when the first drops started to fall. With going outside not an option anymore, the 8 and 10 year old had to do something else

Thankfully, they were very creative in finding other things to do and were soon doing a muggle thing Helga had taught them which was called "paint by numbers," both their tongues peeking out in utter concentration as they made sure the right colour went on ther right. Morgana and Merlin smiles at the sight as it looked utterly adorable. With them entertaining themselves and with the twins napping, the couple snuggled together on the couch with a good book, keeping a slight eye on the older children to make sure it didn't go wrong between them as the rain continued to fall

There was peace and quiet for about an hour or so, before the first thunderclap was heard, followed by the twins crying out in fear for the loud noise. Merlin quickly went to get them and brought them down. Morgana took Sapphira over as her husband held onto Melody. "It's okay, my darling. It's just the weather. It won't harm you." She whispered. "Was I ever scared of thunder and lightning?" Harry asked from the table

"Don't think so. If anything, you clapped at every flash you could see." Merlin answered with a grin and Harry smiled back, before chuckling as Nilsa complained about the dreadful weather and how she couldn't possibly hurt like this. Morgana conjured up a mouse for her and she was immediately on her way. Everyone chuckled at this, before they went on with what they were doing for a while until it was time for dinner

Despite the bad weather, things were peaceful

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Camelot was shaking on its vestiges

Katie immediately got all the children together and called Helga. "Is this an earthquake?" She asked in panic. "No, I'm afraid Merlin and Morgana are fighting. They may be an extraordinary couple, but they're still a couple. The others are already on their way to help." The other woman explained and Katie looked up at the shaking castle. Sometimes, she almost forgot who she was friends with and then came things like this to remind her

"I refuse to let you go into his territory!" The other three founders heard Morgana shout as they carefully approached the home of the couple. A four year old Melody and Sapphira ran outside and immediately into Rowena's and Godric's arms as they had seen them coming. "Auntie Ro. Please make them stop." Sapphira begged. "We're planning to, little one." She promised as they walked in and saw them fighting

"What's going on in here?!" Godric asked loudly as he carefully Melody in his arms and the extraordinary couple immediately whirled around to face them, several things that had been floating in the air because of their magic falling to the ground. "Nothing. Merlin just had a ludicrous idea." Morgana explained as she crossed her arms and glared at the wizard himself. "It's not ludicrous. Harry has to go top Hogwarts in two years and there will be no one to keep an eye on him during that time. I heard Horace is planning to retire and want to take over to keep our son safe." Merlin shot back at her

"Well, ludicrous idea or not, you're making Camelot shake with your argument and pent-up magic. You're also scaring everyone inside, so you better calm down unless you want to traumatise the children, including your own." Salazar said bluntly as he gestured to Melody and Sapphira and seeing their scared faces, the couple immediately changed from angry to calming as they went to comfort their daughters 

"I'm so sorry, my little jewel. We didn't mean to scare you." Morgana whispered as she gently stroked her daughter's hair. Sapphira reached out to her and she quickly took her over from Rowena as Merlin did the same with Melody. Both parents spend the next few minutes calming them down after thanking their friends for snapping them out of their anger. Ther for opened then. "Is it over?" A nine year old Harry asked

He had been happily playing in the forest with Morgan before she left for Hogwarts that September, when everything had begun to shake. Knowing that his parents were capable of doing this if they were angry enough, they had immediately ran back to see what was going on. Morgana reached out to him with her free arm and he quickly walked towards her, burying his face in her side. "Yes, sweetheart. We're done. Sorry that we scared you." She whispered, gently rubbing his back. "Worst feeling ever." Nilsa hissed from Harry's shoulders as she had felt the shaking even worse than the humans

Now that she was actually holding her son in her arms again, she realised that maybe, Merlin had a point. They didn't have anyone in Hogwarts, apart from Helga and Rowena keeping an eye on the vaults, but she still didn't like it. Dumbledore kept a very close eye on all the new teachers if they weren't completely loyal to him. It had been different when they had been students as they had mostly escaped his notice then

She also realised that if it meant that Harry was safe, she and Merlin would do anything, even it that included working for Dumbledore. She looked at her husband and gave him a reluctant nod, giving him permission to go and try to apply. With Helga and Rowena responsible for the vaults and who got hired, the was a big chance he'd get it. They had brought many new classes to Hogwarts, including some muggle ones

This way, those who wanted to return to the muggle world once they were done, wouldn't have a gap of seven years in their education because they only had a magic education. Merlin smiled and pulled her and Harry close as the founders left now that things had completely calmed down again. "I'll do my best to stay safe. He won't be able to do anything, my beautiful princess. I promise." He whispered as he kissed her temple while they held all three of their children in their arms. She hummed and pressed her face against his chest for a second, smelling his scent to calm herself down even more

Getting the job easily. Melin went to meet Dumbledore and Horace while Morgana went to teach the children of Camelot, the twins in daycare. When she came home with her children, she saw Merlin checking his face in the mirror. "Merlin?" She asked. "I don't have my Severus Snape glamour on, do I?" He asked in return and she shook her head. "Huh. Because when I met Horace, he looked like he had seen a ghost." He said

He had decided to use his original appearance as almost everyone now saw him as an old man anyway. "That's odd." She muttered, before they let it go for now. Not long after that, James and Katie went to Diagon Alley with their daughter to do school shopping. She came home and immediately showed them her new barn owl named Aurelia and her wand made of apple wood with a core made of unicorn hair

Ollivander had said that he expected many great things from her as this wand had been once of the first he had made and it had been waiting for its owner ever since. They all smiled at that and soon enough it was time to bring her to the station, James and Katie being incredibly proud parents as she stared at the Hogwarts Express. Merlin was already at Hogwarts where he would shadow Horace for a year before taking over. This way, he'd be prepared for teaching on his own, although Horace also made him do several chores as well as being a teacher didn't just mean that you only had to give classes

"Do your best at Hogwarts, alright? Although, I don't want to get too many letters about you being in detention." Katie said, giving her husband a look. After their wedding, James had done his best to bring Lockhart down, which turned out to be easier than expected than expected as the goblins found out that he had stolen his stories from people who heard actually experienced those things and had made them forget

Bringing out that news, the public opinion had turned against the guy and he had been forced to flee to America. Katie had thanked James later that night and he had absolutely loved it. "I promise, mum. I love you." Morgan promised as she hugged her parents and they smiled. "We love you too." They chorused as they held her tightly. The whistle sounded and they reluctantly let their daughter go to put her on ther train

They held each other close as they waved at their daughter as the train started to pull away from the station. "Let's hope her education goes better than mine." She muttered as she rested her head on his shoulder. Despite having done her N.E.W.Ts at the ministry not long after going to live in Camelot and managing to pass many of them, she was still bitter about being kicked out of school by Dumbledore all those years ago. James rubbed her arm and kissed her temple to try and comfort her. Seeing Molly Weasley walking towards them, he quickly took his wife and left the platform as the train was gone anyway

That evening, Morgan finally arrived at Hogwarts, happily chatting with her new friends, Fred and George Weasley who were first years as well. Professor Mcgonagall les them to the Great Hall and the girl beamed at seeing her uncle Merlin, now going by the name Colin Morgan, sitting next to Horace and he smiled back at her as the sorting hat did his song and Minerva started to call out their names in alphabetical order 

Morgan could pretty much see when the woman had arrived at her name as she raised both her eyebrows in surprise, looked out over the now much smaller crowd of children in sight disbelief that one of them actually had this name, before finally calling out "Potter, Morgan!" She quickly walked forwards at this, ignoring how a certain headmaster was suddenly very interested in her and got the hat put on her head

"Hmm, difficult. Very difficult. You have plenty of smarts inside yourself, a great load of courage, incredible loyalty and a good amount of cunning. You could fit in any of the houses." The hat said. "As long as I'm not in the house of that arrogant boy from last year, I'm fine. Although I'm not feeling much to be in the same house as my "sperm donor" as I heard uncle Sirius call him once, when if I'm not sure what that exactly means." Morgan replied and the hat let out a burst of laughter, shocking the rest of the hall. "Very well. You are very loyal and hard-working with hidden depths, so I guess it will be HUFFLEPUFF!!!" The hat said, shouting the last word out

Getting the hat pulled off from her head, Morgan immediately skipped to the Hufflepuff table, thinking about how happy her aunt Helga was going to be at the news. The four founders had playfully argued where the children were going to be. She knew the woman was going to be overjoyed to hear the news that she was in her house. Looking at her uncle Merlin, she got a proud nod in return as Fred and George were sorted in Gryffindor 

The next day, James and Katie anxiously awaited their daughter's owl and when it arrived, they read it together after giving Aurelia a piece of bacon. "Hufflepuff." Katie read in satisfaction, so incredibly proud of her daughter. "I remember how protective Pomona was over her badgers. She'll be fine." James reassured her and she smiled. That's when the mail checked by the goblins came in and meant were about that he had a daughter

Apparently, people didn't agree that he had adopted a girl as well as married her mother, most of them being witches who had wished to be lady Potter themselves anyway. James rolled his eyes at seeing their whining about how they would be much better wives and mothers than the woman he had been married to for a year now and immediately threw the letters into the fire. He then pulled Katie into their arms and held her close. "Stupid witches. They're just jealous." He whispered, having seen her read some of those letters as well.  She hugged him back and closed her eyes

A few days later, Horace was completely ready. He had performed a few tests to see if his theory was true, but it was time for a big one. He had given Colin many chores the day before to be completed immediately or at least as soon as possible.  Seeing how he was not in his quarters, he went to the office and saw him asleep on his desk. Seeing the leech tank was clean, he quickly dirtied it again with a spell.

"Morgan on your feet. Arthur may be away, but I'm not. And why is my leech tank still dirty? Where did you get the idea you can sit around all day doing nothing?" He asked as Merlin woke up. He saw the man's brain process what he had just said, saw the cogs turning, before the "younger" man narrowed his eyes. "Do you think I sit around doing nothing?!" He then asked. Horace let a grin show as Merlin jumped up to his feet and started to rant

"We haven't had the chance to sit down since you guys died. We've been too busy protecting the witches and wizards  "Protect us!" "Save us,!" And when I'm not protecting them, we're making sure Morgause stays away. Do you know how many times we saved the Wizarding world? We lost count. Do we get thanks? No. We've fought dragons, inferi, nundus. We have been hurt so many times. All the while, we have to hide who we are, because if Morgause finds out that Morgana and I have children, she'll destroy them. Sometimes, we feel so completely alone, we don't know who to turn to!" He finished 

"That was quite a different rant than last time." Horace commented with a smile as his suspicions were finally confirmed, but it was a sad one as he heard how much the boy he once knew had suffered and fought since he had passed away in his last life. "We have gone through a lot more since then." Merlin huffed. "I noticed. It hasn't been an easy millennium for you, has it?" He asked and Merlin shook his head

"Come here." Horace said and Merlin immediately walked into his open arms without a second doubt, holding him with all that he had. "Hang on, did you just say you and Morgana had children?" He then asked. "A boy and twin girls. I bet they'd love to meet their grandpa." Merlin replied. "I'm not actually your father." Horace protested. "More than my real one." Merlin shot back and he quickly smiled. "I missed you, Merlin." He said

"I missed you too, Gaius." Merlin replied, happy tears in his eyes

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"Ready to meet them?"

Absolutely." Horace replied with an excited smile on his face as he and Merlin walked down the path towards the gates of Hogwarts. Dumbledore kept an eye on every fireplace, so they couldn't go to Camelot that way. Instead, Horace had told the old goat that they would gather some ingredients for calming potions for when the fifth years and seventh years would have their exams. The astronomy professor would keep an eye on the Slytherins

Once they had walked past the borders of the school, Merlin grabbed his old mentor's arm and apparated to Camelot as that was the only way he was even allowed inside the wards as an outsider. Horace stared as he realised what he was looking at. "I.... didn't think you'd want to live here again." He admitted. "Well, it did take a long time and it isn't just us. Several people from Knockturn Alley live here too." Merlin explained as they walked in

"So, you are the ones giving Albus such an incredible headache. Let me guess, those people using the founder's seats are the actual ones?" Horace guessed with a grin and the smile Merlin gave him said enough. "Why not take your own?" He asked. "Morgause is still out there. The minute she hears two people have taken our seats, she'll know it's us and she will want to know the reason. The founders have made a vow to return, we didn't." Merlin explained and Horace conceded as they walked through the renovated town, getting many looks

It wasn't often that Merlin actually brought an outsider to Camelot as it required the utmost trust in that person. They then walked into the castle and timed it just right so that it was lunch time. First going to the daycare, he knocked on the door and Katie was incredibly surprised to see him. "Merlin!" She greeted and two tiny heads especially snapped up immediately. "Daddy!" Melody and Sapphira squealed as they quickly ran to him. 

"Hello, my precious girls. Did you miss me?" He asked in a whisper as he quickly kneeled down and caught them into his arms. Sirius and James had decided to give them their old distance mirrors before he left so they could still see each other every day during the evening, but it wasn't the same. Melody and Sapphira immediately nodded in answer as Merlin stood up with them still in his arms, kissing the top of their heads and making them giggle

"Professor Slughorn?" Katie asked in surprise in the meantime. "Hello, Ms. McGrath. Or no, wait. I believe it's Lady Potter now." Horace greeted with a warm smile on his face as he looked at his former student and Katie blushed as she smiled as well. "You have done very well for yourself. I just want to apologise for not being able to help more." He said with a chuckle and she grinned. "It's not your fault. It's that of lockhart and Dumbledore. Besides, it eventually turned out for the better for me and Morgan thanks to Colin, his wife and James." She replied 

He smiled, before he and Merlin went to see Harry and Morgana. "Girls, I want you to meet a very old friend of mine, Horace." Merlin gently introduced the "older" man and his daughters shyly waved at him. He just smiled and waved back as they walked into the dining hall. "You turned Uther's castle... into a magic school." Horace deadpanned. "Yeah. Yeah, we did." Merlin replied with a grin on his face as Morgana spotted them and walked towards them

"I don't believe it." Horace whispered, sounding so much like his old self that it made Merlin laugh as Morgana reached them "Darling, who is this?" She asked, playing dumb. Merlin never brought outsiders without her knowing. "This is my mentor, Horace Slughorn. He's to be trusted. I promise." He breathed and she looked at him, before nodding just as Harry came running up as well after seeing his father was back "Dad!" He called as he tackled him into a hug.

Morgana quickly took over Sapphira so he could hug his son. "Hello, my sweet boy." He whispered, gently caressing his son's hair. Horace was smiling at the sight. Merlin really had made a life for himself and he honestly couldn't be happier for him. With Harry taking his food with him, they went to Morgana's classroom to talk. "It's nice to finally meet you. Colin had told me all about you. Although I still wonder who gave him the idea he could sit around all day doing nothing." Horace said. "Do you think i suit around doing nothing?" Merlin asked

He then did the actual rant that he had done many years ago, all the while Morgana just slowly turned her head to stare at him like he was crazy as he freely talked about things like Arthur and using his real name. Even Harry didn't understand what was going on. At the end of it, Merlin and Horace looked at each other, before the latter snorted and they cracked up, laughing like crazy. Both Morgana and Harry just looked at them in utter confusion 

"Darling, I think you remember Gaius." Merlin then said and Morgana slowly turned to look at him. "Gaius?" She breathed and he bowed to her. "Lady Morgana." He greeted her, before she put Sapphira down and tackled him into a hug. He laughed as he quickly held her. "Now, I want to know everything about these three little ones of yours." He said as he pulled back and looked at the three children, who still weren't sure what to make of him

"Harry, Melody, Sapphira. This is Horace Slughorn, also known as Gaius. He used to be a father figure for me many years ago." Merlin explained to them and they relaxed a bit. If their mother and father were completely fine with him, then he should be alright. "I looked for you both, you know. That's actually the reason I created the Slug Club. To try and find you through my connections." Horace explained and both Merlin and Morgana shared a look and quickly chuckled at the irony at that?" What?" A very confused Horace asked

"Do you remember Lily Evans and Severus Snape?" Morgana asked with a grin. "Of course. Two of the brightest students I ever had. Shame they just.... disappeared." He answered, slowly trailing off as he saw the smirks on their faces. "You weren't!" He breathed and they put their old glamours on and his jaw fell. "I don't believe it!" He repeated, making them laugh once more. "But then, that makes Harry..." He realised and they nodded

"The one who "supposedly" defeated Riddle, yes. That was actually me with some powerful runes, but no, let's thank a one-year old baby instead of the "21" year old witch who actually might have known what she was doing." Morgana snarked and he smiled. They talked for a while longer, until lunch time was over. Giving his children a tight hug and his wife a kiss, Merlin put the girls back in the daycare and gave Horace a tour before they had to return

At Hogwarts, Morgan, Fred and George were already in trouble as they had been caught by Filch while setting up a prank. He was going on and on about how the old punishments were better, the girl suddenly noticed a certain drawer. Remembering stories about what was very likely in it, she nudged her friends and nodded towards it. They immediately understood what she was trying to say and George threw a dungbomb into Filch's face. While he was distracted, she opened the drawer, grabbed an old-looking parchment and they ran out

"What is this?" Fred asked curiously. "I don't know, but if filch was keeping it in a drawer labeled "dangerous," then it should be good." Morgan lied, hoping that she wasn't wrong. "Very good thinking." George commented. They quickly figured out that they needed some kind of activation phrase. "I promise I'm going to screw things up." Fred tried after stating their names and words appeared on the parchment, confirming it's identity to Morgan

"Mr. Moony would like to ask the Messrs Weasley and Ms. Potter if such choice of words is really necessary." "Could be worse, Mr. Moony." Morgan muttered. Her heart warmed up at seeing the message from Mr. Prongs. "Mr. Prongs would like to have a pint with Messrs. Weasley and Ms. Potter as they seem like his kind of people as long as they solemnly swear it. He also hopes Ms. Potter got the dashing looks of James Potter." The map read

"Blimey. Mr. Prongs had a crush on James Potter." Fred gushed and it took everything inside Morgan not to crack up right then and there as he was so completely wrong, it was genuinely hilarious. "Let me try." She stated with a grin, before pointing her wand at it. "I solemnly swear I'm up to no good." She said and the map finally revealed itself. "Whoah! How did you know?" George asked. "Something in the last message made me think." She said, not telling them that Mr. Prongs was her father and Messrs. Moony and Padfoot her uncles. She'd save that for later

They were eventually caught again and put into detention, but none of them cared as their new discovery was worth it. Morgan especially couldn't wait to tell her parents about it and wrote them a letter as soon as she was out of it. The next morning, Katie found the letter next to her daughter's resting owl. "She really is your daughter." She commented with a face as she gave the letter to her husband. A grin grew on his face as he read it 

Hi, mum and dad!

Hogwarts is amazing! I'm already learning so many things in the classes while getting into trouble in-between them. Fred and George are still very good friends even though we're in different houses now. They always come to sit with me during breakfast and lunch ( apparently, we're only supposed to sit at our own tables during dinner and feasts only. They asked their brother Percy to be sure)

Don't be angry at me, mum, but I got into trouble already. Fred, George and I were setting up dungbombs when Filch caught us and took us to his office. I saw he had a drawer labeled "dangerous" and may or may not have stolen something from it while George threw another dungbomb into Filch's face. It was nothing dangerous though, don't worry. It was just a ratty old parchment and nothing more

Come to think of it, it might be of good use as a map as long as Fred and George solemnly swear never to give it away. 

Write to you later. 

Love, Morgan. 

"That's my girl!" James crowed proudly and Katie rolled her eyes, a fond smile on her lips as she went to work. James used to be an auror, but several people he knew were in Dumbledore's pockets had eventually started to bother him about the wedding, if he wanted to live with a dark witch in his home and where he lived now until he decided to quit. He was thankful that madame Bones had been very understanding about it

He was now flying instructor for the Farys Academy and it warmed his heart to see the young children take their first flights on child brooms and see them zip around the courtyard. They only came like three feet from the ground when they started, but that was enough for them. Katie sometimes watched from the window and smiled at seeing how incredibly happy he was as he taught the children about his favourite thing to do.

Life was finally good for them and there was no way Dumbledore could ruin it

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James Potter stiffened up at hearing the voice. "Dumbledore. Didn't expect to see you here." He said coolly without even looking at the old man. He was very aware of the many letters the headmaster had sent him to try and figure out where he lived as the goblins had to remove countless tracking charms from the letters, before sending it through. Even Morgan's owl had gone to gringotts once and they had found a tracking spell on her

James knew how much Aurelia meant to his daughter and he really wasn't pleased with how Dumbledore had tried to use her for his own plans. "Come now, my boy. You can call me by my first name." Dumbledore chuckled. "That would mean that we're friends and we're anything but that." James replied, still not looking at him. He had taught himself occlumency with help of Merlin, but it was better to be safe than sorry

"Since when?" Dumbledore asked, seemingly confused and James had enough. "Oh, I don't know. Maybe since you kicked my wife out of school simply for being pregnant. I bet Lockhart didn't get any punishments." He spat as he walked out of the quidditch store and Dumbledore followed him. "Come now, my boy. I didn't have a choice." The old man tried to protest. "Except that you did. You could've let her stay and accomodate her with her pregnancy. I bet you would've done that is she had been in Gryffindor, but since she was Slytherin, you kicked her out immediately and got her kicked out of the house." James hissed

"I did eventually meet her because of this, so not everything actually turned out completely bad, but you still did it." He huffed, sending a small signal with his wand to Sirius and Remus that Dumbledore was with him. "Well, then why don't you bring me to your home and I can apologise." Dumbledore offered, still desperate to know where they lived. James let out a loud and cold laugh that got everyone's attention 

"No. Bloody. Way. After what you did, Katie never wants to see you again. You're the one who didn't listen to her pleas to let her stay. You're the one who decided that your school's "reputation," which at the time was bad anyway because of all the classes you took away, was more important than the life of a student you as headmaster should've protected. Katie's lucky no one took advantage of her while homeless." He spat again

"As it stands at this moment, let me make one thing very clear: you keep saying that Riddle will return and if he does, I will fight against him, but not under your lead. That time is over." He growled. Melin, Morgana and the founders had been busy trying to find the horcruxes, but it was easier said than done. Sirius and Remus arrived. "James, your wife is getting impatient. You were supposed to be back ten minutes ago. Oh, look. There's Alastor." Sirius said as he waved at someone. Dumbledore turned and the second that he did, he heard the sound of three people disapparating. He growled at being foiled again

"Thanks, guys." James muttered as they landed back home in Camelot. "No problem. No way are we going to let you be bothered be Dumbledore longer than necessary." Sirius replied with a grin as he patted him on the back. The three men talked for a bit, before they all went home. James went to see Katie as it was a Saturday anyway and she immediately smiled at him as several orphans greeted him happily

With the people formerly of Knockturn now having an actual income, many had agreed to give several of the orphans a new home and of the two dozen children, there were only about ten now. Seven of them were at Hogwarts, so it was very quiet and easy for Katie to look after them at days the school and daycare were closed, although the daycare was a bit busier now many of the adults had actual jobs

Surprisingly many witches and wizards had been willing to give them a job when it was clear that just because they had lived in Knockturn alley, didn't meant that they were evil. It helped that Merlin with help of Salazar had created a potion that helped werewolves keep their mind and let an acquaintance of the latter bring it out at a reasonable price so that everyone could have it and make it. Because of this, the two children bitten by Greyback seems several others like them were allowed the same chance as Remus had as long as Horace and later Merlin himself gave them the portion before the full moon

James smiled back as he took her into her arms and kissed her deeply. "How are you feeling?" He whispered. "Impatient to have Morgan back with us. I hope Dumbledore didn't do anything." She whispered as Morgan was coming home next week for winter break. "Pomona and Merlin will protect her and she has threw Potter heir ring hidden on her finger. It will warn hear if there's anything in her food or drinks." He assured her

"I know, but I'm her mother. I'm allowed to worry." She said and he smiled, before kissing her forehead. "Morgan's smart and cunning. She'll be fine. And she hopefully has the map as the first Marauder heir and only if Sirius and Remus don't hurry up." He muttered and she chuckled. Sirius and Marlene were engaged now and Remus was surprisingly dating none other than Helga Hufflepuff herself. She smiled and nodded, before hugging him

The next week, Morgan got off the train with her owl and trunk and immediately walked towards her parents. Katie and James pulled her into a tight hug and held her close as Fred and George eventually joined them as well after greeting their own parents. "Mum, dad. This is Fred and George Weasley. They're my best friends." She introduced them. "Hello, Mr and Mrs. Potter. Mr. Potter. Is it true that you had a hidden relationship with someone named Mr. Prongs?" The twins asked, switching who was talking every few words. James stared at this, before looking at Morgan who was trying not to laugh out loud

"Who told you that?" He asked, knowing that Katie was also trying not to laugh. "Morgan did. We found this map and it said that Mr. Prongs hoped Morgan has your good looks." Fred explained and James bit his lip as. "Yes. I'm bisexual and I was in a relationship with Mr. Prongs at school." He somehow managed to say with a straight face and Katie actually had to turn around because she was laughing so much

"Wicked." Fred and George chorused, when their parents joined. "James Potter! What do you have to say for yourself?!" Molly Weasley immediately demanded of him. "I'm not sure what you mean." James replied coolly as he pulled a now serious Katie and Morgan close. "Talk to Albus like you did in Diagon Alley! You should be ashamed if yourself! He's the greatest wizard of all time and he deserves your respect!" She shouted

"He may be a powerful wizard, but he completely lost my respect when he kicked out my wife and then left her to become homeless. Also, in case you haven't noticed: you're not my mother and I don't have to explain my actions to you. This also means you have no right to demand that I should be ashamed because if I'm not. I protect those who I care about, no matter who I have to protect them from. Now, if you'll excuse me. We're going home." He replied in a low voice, before he took his wife and daughter, Morgan barely having time to wave at her friends before they disaparated to Camelot

"Sorry you couldn't really say goodbye to your friends sweetheart, but if that woman had opened het mouth one more time, I might have hexed her." James apologize and she shrugged. "I'll see them in a couple of weeks anyway. By the way, I believe this belongs to you." Morgan replied, pulling out the map. "Oh yes. My secret romance with Mr. Prongs." He deadpanned and both Katie and Morgan cracked up

"You could've just told them the truth." He said. "Where's the fun in that?" Morgan asked, before squealing as he turned into Prongs and started to chase her through Camelot. Katie rolled her eyes as she went ahead to their home and made sure her daughter's Christmas present was hidden away. It was a very simple shirt, but the biggest thing were the words printed on them, words she was sure were going to make Morgan squeal once more. 

"Promoted to big sister."

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"It's Christmas!"

That was the only warning many parents in both Camelot and outside of it got before their children jumped on them in utter excitement for the day ahead. Alice and Frank as well as James and Katie were lucky to only have one (for now.) The others had two or even three rockets hitting them and quickly groaned in pain as they instinctively wrapped their arms around them and pulled them closer to their chests

"It's still early, my sweet little ones. Can mummy and daddy lie in for just a bit longer?" Morgana asked as she held her son. Merlin was allowed to spend Christmas back home with Horace looking after the Slytherin children and one of his colleagues already having agreed to do so after he left after the ancient wizard had explained that he had family waiting for him and she immediately understood the need to be with family.

Dumbledore of course wanted to know more about them immediately when he heard why his newest teacher was leaving, probably for leverage later, but Merlin had asked why his family was any of the old man's business and he hadn't been able to answer. Still, as he held his twin daughters in his arms, he knew that he wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the entire world. Melody and Sapphira giggled at their mother's words, but settled down quickly, their older brother being a bit more reluctant, but eventually listened as well

A few hours later, they went downstairs to open the many gifts both children and adults had gotten from friends and family. Melody got many toys that had something to do with warriors and the likes, while Sapphira got many new books. Despite being twins, the girls were as different as night and day with Melody being the one who was always outside, always in motion, always trying to find new adventures with her brother

On the other hand, Sapphira was far more quiet and studious than her sister, preferring to stay inside with a good children's book and much more like her mother. Harry liked to do both, so now that his sisters were older and didn't need that much attention from his parents anymore, he liked them much more than he had at five years old now that he could do things with them too. Merlin, Morgana and the others had shared knowing looks

They all already had the sneaking feeling that Melody would go to Gryffindor like her "uncles Ric, Sirius, Remus and James," while Sapphira was almost definitely a true Ravenclaw. "With Morgan in Hufflepuff and Harry probably going to Slytherin, we'll have the jackpot." Morgana joked to her husband. "Except that Morgan will already have graduated when it's the turn of our girls." Merlin replied with a smile. "Dang it." She muttered with an exaggerated pout, making him laugh and hearing it made her smile as they opened their own presents 

In the home of James and Katie, Morgan had opened all her presents or so she thought. There's actually one more." Katie said as a house-elf Rowena had given named Nivy to them was making pictures. She gave her daughter one last present and it immediately was opened. At seeing the words on it, her head snapped up. "Are you serious?" She asked and her mother nodded. The squeal that followed was heard all across Camelot 

Katie laughed as she was tackled into a hug by her overjoyed daughter, before she was let go and James was the next victim of the dangerous missle Morgan. None of them cared though as they were incredibly happy as well. James hugged his daughter back, before ruffling her hair and she giggled as Katie joined them and they shared a family hug, Nivy still making pictures of the moment with a smile on her face

That afternoon, many of the girls and women came together in the mostly empty castle to get ready for the Malfoy ball that evening. "What's that strange smelling potion?" Morgana asked with a small frown as Morgan was doing her hair with help of her mother. "Just a bit of muggle products. Can't have you with flat liveless locks, now can we?" The girl asked with a giggle and the older witch chuckled as well. "That would be a terrible thing indeed." She agreed, before Katie twisted her hair in a simple updo and pinned it together 

Those who weren't invited as they unfortunately couldn't invite everyone, would have a banquet and feast of their own, so no one would feel left out. When she was done, Morgana thanked her little helper as she tried not to think of the last person who had helped her with her hair and wasn't Merlin or any of the families she had stayed with. Guinevere had been a true friend through thick and thin and she missed her every single day

"Mummy? Are you okay?" Melody's worried voice asked and she blinked out of her trance to see the others looking at her in concern. "I'm fine, sweetheart. Mummy was just lost in thought about a very old friend of hers who she hasn't seen in a long time." She explained as she sat down and pulled both her girls on her lap with a grunt. At four years old, they were slowly getting heavy. "The Queen from the stories?" Morgan asked 

Morgana immediately nodded in answer. "Well, to me and Merlin, she was just Gwen. I think that she would've slapped us if we started calling her "Your Majesty."" She quipped and everyone laughed at that. "Did she actually fall in love with Lancelot?" Katie asked. "I actually have absolutely no idea where those stories come from. Yes, Lancelot had a crush on her and I know she really liked him as well when they first met before she dated Arthur, but she deeply loved Arthur and she would never cheat on him or anything like that." Morgana explained 

"Well, nothing like a history lesson from someone who actually had been there." Rowena quipped and they laughed as they finished getting ready. They knew that one part of the Malfoy's ballroom would be a children's corner where they'd have fun with their friends and he watched by house-elves. Melody and Sapphira would already be in bed at the time, being watched over by Nivy for the evening as the ball wouldn't start until seven

Once it was time and with Melody and Sapphira under the watchful eyes of Nivy, the invited adults and the older children went to Malfoy Manor, the founders, Harry and his parents underneath several glamours for their protection. Morgan was ecstatic to tell everyone she was going to be a big sister after asking her parents of she could tell them. She had even sent a very small note to Fred and George with the words "I'm going to be a big sister!!!" 

Aurelia had been smart enough to directly drop it off at the bedroom of the twins. She had gotten an even smaller note back just an hour later saying: "CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!" Everyone in Camelot and the friends they had who still lived outside of it already  knew about James's supposed "affair" with Mr. Prongs during his school years and Sirius had immediately howled with laughter when first being told of it, quickly calling it a "Marauder worthy prank," making James facepalm and Morgan puff out her chest in pride

After the children were gently led to the children corner by their parents after greeting many of the adults and promised to behave, they immediately had a lot of fun together as they talked about many of the presents they had gotten. Some children were rather sceptical of Harry as they had never seen him before since this was his first ball, but they quickly grew to like him, especially after he introduced Nilsa to them

Morgana and Merlin smiled at their son as they danced. "Sometimes, I can't believe how much our lives have chosen. Just a decade ago, we assumed that apart from the war, this life would be the same as the others and look at us now." Merlin said and his wife smiled. "Things have changed, many for the better." She agreed as she looked up and gave him a small kiss. He immediately kissed her back, before dancing on

"My, where did you learn how to waltz?" Katie quietly asked, repeating her question from the first time they had danced and he smirked at this as he gave her a quick peck on the lips. "You're so incredibly lucky I love you and that you're carrying my child." He joked and she giggled as she remembered his reaction to hearing the big news. He had stared at her in utter shock, before falling to his knees, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her stomach. "I'll be there. I promise." He had whispered and she had immediately believed him

Both adults and children had a lot of fun at the ball, before it was eventually time to go home. Taking a slightly sleepy Harry with them after thanking the Malfoys, Merlin and Morgana soon arrived home and gently thanked Nivy for looking after their girls, the elf bowing before she went to her own home. Putting their son in bed and kissing him goodnight, Harry never complaining he was too old for it, they went to bed as well

"That was nice." Morgana commented and he smiled. "It was, especially without Dumbledore followers or Death Eaters." He agreed. "Lucius talked to me about that. Apparently, some of his and your "old comrades" have been sending threatening messages about how he has abandoned Riddle. He's worried about his family and planning to move here too." She said. "Well, they'll always be welcome here." He replied She smiled at this, before closing her eyes.

Soon enough, they were all asleep

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It's funny how fast time could go 

After Morgan returned home after her first year, she was in time to see her new sibling be born, Katie having been about two months pregnant at Christmas. It was a boy, who they names Gabriel. Morgan was a proud big sister as she carefully held her little brother. With her at Hogwarts for the biggest part of the year anyway, Katie and James didn't have to worry about having the same situation Morgana and Merlin had

Sirius and Marlene got married that summer as well, the man having a surprisingly small wedding ceremony as well since Marlene didn't want to go all out and he had agreed with that. In his opinion, his fiancee was already getting enough attention from the press as it was and he really didn't want journalists ruining their big day. As it was, they had Rowena make pictures for them as she actually had photography as a hobby. 

It still surprised Merlin how incredibly sincere Sirius was in planning the wedding as apart from James, he had been the biggest prankster during their school years. It seemed that dating Marlene had mellowed him out just slightly as dating Katie and becoming Morgan's stepfather had mellowed out James. He wasn't complaining as while pranks may be fun during your teenage years, you were expected to be a bit more... well... serious as an adult. James and Sirius still pulled off small pranks every once in a while, but these were genuine jokes between friends instead of the bullying they had done before

James actually had to quickly reach out a bit and close his friend's hanging jaw when he finally saw Marlene walking towards him on her father's arm. It was a beautiful ceremony as Marlene and Sirius promised to always love each other and be faithful to each other and everyone could see the Animagus was 100% sincere about his words. With no whispered parentage reveal this time, the reception went off without a hitch

In the same year, Camelot got eight more magical inhabitants in the forms of the Malfoy family, Horace himself and most of the Longbottom family. Augusta decided to stay in Longbottom Manor to keep it occupied in case Dumbledore came by unannounced and willing to live on her own with a peaceful heart as long as she knew that her son and his family were safe behind some of the strongest wards in the country

The morning of his tenth birthday, Harry went flying with his mother. The inhabitants of Camelot were now so used to this sight that none of them even batted an eye as they flew over them. In fact, many of the children wanted to have a go as well, but Morgana refused to let anyone younger than eight go with without their parents and this flight eased just for her son and him only as it was his birthday. Harry whooped as he held on tight, feeling the wind whipping in his face and felt the sun shine. Morgana turned her head left and he nodded as they turned left so they wouldn't fly through the wards

A Harry of another universe would be sleeping in a cupboard in his cousin's cast-off clothing and dreaming of parents he barely remembered as they had died when he was a baby, before a day of doing chores of his aunt and uncle even on his own birthday and wouldn't have any friends. This Harry was very happy with both his parents loving and protecting him, his younger sisters, a loving extended family and so many friends

Eventually landing on the ground again, Harry immediately hugged his mother and thanked her. She chuckled and hugged him back after a few seconds. "You're very welcome sweetheart." She whispered as Merlin, Melody and Sapphira joined them as well. Harry then quickly went to play with his friends as his parents watched. "We did good." She whispered, having seen a vision of what would've happened if they had actually died

The next day was a bit more serious as they had received a summons from the Department of Mysteries that a prophecy was waiting for Harry. They went there with their son and were greeted by someone who worked there, a cloaked and hooded woman named Unspeakable Emerald. She let them through rows upon rows of prophecies until they came to the right once and Harry carefully picked it up. Nothing happened to him, which meant that the prophecy really was about him, which filled his parents with both relief and dread as it meant he really was the child of the prophecy. They then carefully listened to it

"𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘰𝘯𝘦 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘱𝘰𝘸𝘦𝘳 𝘵𝘰 𝘷𝘢𝘯𝘲𝘶𝘪𝘴𝘩 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘋𝘢𝘳𝘬 𝘓𝘰𝘳𝘥 𝘢𝘱𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘦𝘴... 𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘋𝘢𝘳𝘬 𝘓𝘰𝘳𝘥 𝘸𝘪𝘭𝘭 𝘮𝘢𝘳𝘬 𝘩𝘪𝘮 𝘢𝘴 𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘦𝘲𝘶𝘢𝘭... H𝘦 𝘸𝘪𝘭𝘭 𝘣𝘦 𝘴𝘶𝘱𝘱𝘰𝘳𝘵𝘦𝘥 𝘣𝘺 𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘮𝘱𝘪𝘰𝘯𝘴 𝘰𝘧 𝘰𝘭𝘥 𝘢𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘰𝘳𝘪𝘨𝘪𝘯𝘢𝘭 𝘱𝘰𝘸𝘦𝘳𝘴 𝘰𝘧 𝘨𝘰𝘰𝘥 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘦𝘷𝘪𝘭 𝘸𝘪𝘭𝘭 𝘢𝘳𝘪𝘴𝘦 𝘧𝘳𝘰𝘮 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘴𝘩𝘢𝘥𝘰𝘸𝘴 a𝘯𝘥 𝘢 𝘯𝘦𝘸 𝘦𝘳𝘢 𝘸𝘪𝘭𝘭 𝘣𝘦𝘨𝘪𝘯 ... 𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘰𝘯𝘦 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘱𝘰𝘸𝘦𝘳 𝘵𝘰 𝘷𝘢𝘯𝘲𝘶𝘪𝘴𝘩 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘋𝘢𝘳𝘬 𝘓𝘰𝘳𝘥 𝘸𝘪𝘭𝘭 𝘣𝘦 𝘣𝘰𝘳𝘯 𝘢𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘴𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘯𝘵𝘩 𝘮𝘰𝘯𝘵𝘩 𝘥𝘪𝘦𝘴." The prophecy stated. "That old goat! He said it was a whole different thing." Morgana hissed

"What did he say?" Merlin asked, his hands holding onto his son's shoulders at seeing his nerves. "Something about how "either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives" or some other nonsense.... we really were bait for him. No wonder he's so invested in our Harry. He wants to know who those champions are." She muttered. "Well, I think we know who this prophecy means with that." Merlin replied 

Husband and wife shared a silent look as they knew that the "champions of old and powers of good and evil" part was very likely about them and the founders. Thanking the Unspeakable for telling them about it, they quickly left again and managed to get out without anyone noticing them "Dumbledore won't rest until the prophecy comes out. He probably thinks those powers are meant to be taken as literal powers and I wouldn't be surprised if he wants them for himself." Morgana later muttered as they got together later that evening with all their friends both old and new in the chamber with the round table

As much as it hurt Merlin and Morgana to actually be there without a certain clotpole sitting in the fanciest chair with his wife at his side and the knights happily joking around, it was the best room to get together in and discuss important business. They just left the chairs of Arthur and Gwen empty, having to expand the table as well as their group of friends was bigger than the group of knights had been all those years ago

"Albus has contacted me. Asking if he could borrow our stone next year for some kind of study. He has had all this time to do this for as long as we have seemingly known each other and he only chooses to do it in the same year our dear Harry has to go to school? There is no way that is a coincidence." Rowena's husband said. They all looked down at this as they realised that Dumbledore was definitely planning something

"We haven't found all the horcruxes yet. We don't even know how many there are. Lucius and Sirius have been able to give us two, but how many more are out there? Riddle is only a wraith right now. If he hears the Philosopher's Stone is at Hogwarts, he might go after it to get his body back." Merlin said. "He wants Harry to face Riddle." Alice breathed. "To test if he's really the chosen one." Salazar growled, not liking this one single bit. Despite the fact that Morgause had basically raped him when he was drunk off his ass, he just tried to keep his children on the right path, only for his descendants to go crazy anyway

Morgana slowly curled her hands into tight fists and the flames on the torches grew as her magic reacted to her anger. Merlin put his hand on her fist and she forcefully relaxed again. "He's not getting our stone. Not after everything he has done or tried to do." Rowena growled and it was decided that they'd give him a fake stone and that some of the founders would find a way to be in the school to keep an eye on things

The following year passed incredibly fast and the infamous story about how James had a secret relationship with Prongs was still going around at Hogwarts, Morgan happily fueling the fire as much as possible. In July 1991, Dumbledore told Minerva to warn him when Harry's letter was written. She eventually came to him with a letter and reluctantly gave it to him. He read it and frowned. This was not what he had expected at all

Harry Evans

The second bedroom

Chopin street 15

Den Bosch

The Netherlands

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