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Giggling like the lovestruck kid he was, Yoongi watched with sparkling eyes as Chanyeol handed the crumpled bills and loose change to the teenager behind the register. They'd swiped the change along with the small plastic bag out of her hand much too eagerly, but they just couldn't help it.

It was spontaneous– fueled by the rebellious theme of the day overall– but they loved each other.

They were nineteen at the time; a year out of high school with no plans to go rushing off to college. They'd known each other for five years, two of which they had actually labeled themselves as boyfriend, and they knew how they felt about each other.

Contrary to what Yoongi's parents would argue, they did know what love was. And no matter what, they were going to be together. They planned on having a future. On moving out from under their parents' thumbs and making something of themselves and a fight between Chanyeol and his father was the last straw, making them put the plans into motion a bit sooner than originally planned.

It was the push he'd finally needed to show up at Yoongi's door, dripping wet from his walk from the driveway to his front door in the pouring rain. He was so fired up with adrenaline and anger that he'd been for the most part incomprehensible with his ranting and retelling.

But after explaining that he'd gotten into a fight with his father– the both throwing a few punches– he'd finally told him to fuck off and that he would do things on his own from now on. That he was leaving and they wouldn't be seeing him again.

He was going to Seoul that night, his car was packed and he'd come to take Yoongi with him. He'd had only a few hundred thousand won in the bank, but he didn't care. He was done with Daegu.

Besides, Yoongi's parents were more wealthy than he were, so he had a bit more of a cushion when it came to money. Yoongi's parents were out of the city on a trip so it would take time for them to realize he was gone. By the time they did, his account would be emptied. They'd be long gone starting anew together.

Yoongi only hesitated a moment before giving Chanyeol's hands a squeeze as he nodded, wide grin on display. Reaching his hands up to duo Yoongi's cheeks, he places a tender kiss on his lips.

Yoongi doesn't know why he seemed so relieved. How could Yoongi ever say no to being with him? Chanyeol was his whole world. His everything.

They'd been on their way out of town– the trunk as well as back seat of the old Sedan piles high with their things and Yoongi's backpack filled with what cash he had stashed in his room– when Chanyeol noticed a sign informing that the next exit would take them to the mall.

When he unexpectedly began exiting the freeway, Yoongi was confused. When he'd asked, Chanyeol had answered "Do you trust me?" with a mischievous lilt in his tone.

"Always," Yoongi answered honestly, although he still felt a bit suspicious of what his plan was.

"Just go with it. I promise you'll like it," Chanyeol chirped back.

After stepping out of the costume jewelry store, Chanyeol took his purchase out of the bag with shaky hands. A thin, sterling silver band. Even though he knew what was about to be asked– he'd picked the budget friendly ring right there with Chanyeol for God's sake– but watching him drop down on one knee was still a sight he will never, ever be able to forget.

They'd stared into each other's tear filled eyes as Chanyeol asked if Yoongi would stay by his side, be patient while he worked as hard as he could to give him the life he deserved– to provide for him like he deserved– and marry him. At the time, the words were beautiful and heartfelt, making him sob right there across from the pretzel stand as relatively uncaring strangers bustled around them.

He didn't think he'd ever been happier or that he could ever be happier. He was going to marry the love of his life– his best friend– and be with him forever.

But– But– Yoongi didn't know that their forever would have an expiration date.





*Ten Years Later*




After running his thumb across the cold metal of the ring hanging from his necklace, Yoongi tucks the delicate chain inside his collar. His body is vibrating with nerves and he can't decide if he's nervous or excited. Probably a bit of both.

Walking to the tall mirror hanging in the corner of his master bedroom, he runs a hand through his hair before putting in the new earrings Taehyung had gifted him to celebrate the occasion. They were a bit more flashy–with tiny diamonds that dangled from his lobe– than he'd normally wear, but they were pretty and caught the light beautifully.

Plus, they came from Taehyung and seeing the look on the adorable man's face when Yoongi wears his gifts is reason enough to wear them. Hopefully they can serve as a conduit for positivity, aiding in helping Yoongi keep his nerve up. To keep his end goal in mind and not waiver or fall under any spells or manipulation.

He takes the scarf that had been hung over the mirror and begins putting it in place when there's a knock on the door. Shortly after, a familiar pink haired man leans his head into the room.

"You about ready?"

Yoongi looks at him through the mirror, observing him closely. He's nervous. He looks gorgeous– wearing one of Yoongi's over-sized sweatshirts and a pair of lounge pants shouldn't look so good, but on him, he looks perfect– but also noticeably nervous.

Yoongi pulls the scarf off as he turns towards him, deciding it's a bit too much. Tossing the accessory on the bed as he passes, he stops just short of the delicate man standing in his doorway. He isn't looking at Yoongi, staring at the floor as he tangles his fingers and worries his lip instead, but when Yoongi gently takes his hands in his, he looks up to meet his gaze.

"What are you so worried about, dove?"

He brings his hand up to cup his jaw- running his thumb over his cheek lightly- as the other leans into his touch.

"I don't know... I just don't want anything to go wrong, I guess. For him to get too angry and go off the handle. I don't want him to–" he gulps, stopping himself from finishing, but Yoongi understands.

He's seen what Chanyeol's capable of first hand. When Taehyung takes a shaky breath at the same time he squeezes his eyes shut, Yoongi tilts his head with a fond sigh.

"You don't need to worry about me, baby," he chuckles lightly, trying to assure to the younger that he isn't afraid. "I've known him a long, long time. I can handle him."

"But what if-" Taehyung begins to argue but Yoongi leans forward, capturing his lips in a gentle kiss.

Taehyung whimpers against his lips, responding instantly to the kiss. He wraps his arms around Yoongi's shoulders and pulls him in to deepen the kiss. Taehyung sinks his teeth into Yoongi's lip pulling a low moan out of him, the sound of it causing a higher pitched moan to leave Taehyung.

He trails his fingers down Yoongi's chest then over his taught stomach before slip of them under his sweater. Yoongi pulls back with a small gasp when Taehyung's blunt nails scratch lightly across his skin. Taehyung let's out an unhappy whine at the distance as he chases after his lips.

"What time is it?" Yoongi asks lowly, eyes already darkening. 

"You should leave soon," Taehyung answers, biting his lips as he slips a hand over Yoongi's shoulder, pushing his coat off of his shoulder.

His fingers then trace lightly down the shell of Yoongi's ear before he touches the earring, making it dangle.

"So pretty..." he says, voice barely audible. 

When he looks back up through his lashes and they lock eyes, a smirk graces his lips as he sees Yoongi's eyes dark with his pupils blown wide.

"I can be a few minutes late," Yoongi exhales before placing his hand against Taehyung's shoulder to nudge him back against the wall beside the door.

Yoongi smashes his lips on Taehyung's as their hands work swiftly to remove his puffy coat. He slides his hands down Taehyung's body, all the way down to his groin. Taehyung takes a sharp intake of breath as Yoongi's fingers brush across his hardening cock.

"You– the time," he breaths out. 

"That fucker can wait," Yoongi mumbles against Taehyung's lips before taking them again, a little softer this time.

Taehyung giggles as he tangles his hands in Yoongi's hair while they continue to kiss. He thrusts his hips forward, rutting himself against Yoongi's hand. When he's fully hard, and Yoongi gets his pant underwear pushed out of the way, he pulls away from the kiss. He watches Taehyung's expression contort in pleasure.

Nipping across his jaw, he strokes him a few times, running his thumb over the tip, spreading the pre-cum that's beginning to gather there.

"The invitation's still open for you to come along," Yoongi offers, to which Taehyung shakes his head.

"I would be even more of a wreck I think. At least here I'll have distractions."

"Okay, whatever you want. Yes find some distractions. Call Jin or Hoseok if you need to, but it would be nice if the house was empty when we get back so we can celebrate the evening properly with you," he requests as he kisses down his neck.

Taehyung nods his head quickly, panting as his hips continue to move.

"Yeah– fuck– Okay," he heaves, hooded eyes widening and a fresh wave of heat rolling over him as Yoongj drops himself to his knees in front of him.

Yoongi sticks out his tongue, keeping hold of Taehyung he licks from base to tip at a teasingly slow pace. He smiles with his tongue still out when Taeyung makes another displeased whine at the slowness. He swirls his tongue around the head, leaves a kiss before pulling away.

"And remember, it won't just be Chanyeol and I. Minnie will be there too," he smiles up at him.

Taehyung gives another nod.

"Now, hurry and fuck my mouth so I can go," he smirks before sticking his tongue out, mouth open wide, ready for Taehyung. The younger immediately complies.



"Nice of you to show up," Chanyeol grunts when Yoongi makes it to the table.

"Sorry," Yoongi answers back, trying to sound as genuine as he can. "Thank you for agreeing to meet with me."

"Mind telling me what the hell this is about? You already signed the papers so if it's more money you're after–"

He quiets when the waiter comes to see if they'd like to order. Chanyeol waives the man away without a word while Yoongi orders a glass of whiskey. When he levels his gaze back at Chanyeol, he doesn't look amused.

"As I was saying. If it's more money you want, it's not happening. The amount you got is more than fair. Plus you get to keep the house."

"Ah yes, that was unexpected. I appreciate you doing that for me." He comments solemnly and the condescending tone in which Chanyeol speaks next is enough to make Yoongi want to throw him through a wall.

"I had no need for it or anything inside."

Yoongi takes a deep breath through his nose as he tries his best to keep his expression neutral. If he shows any sign of confidence or anger now– anything other than weakness– this whole operation will be at risk.

Thankfully, the waitress approaches the table– this time a woman– with his drink, giving him something to busy his shaking hands. He swirls the amber colored liquid in his glass casually, watching slyly as Chanyeol's eyes trail after the woman shamelessly.

"To answer your question from earlier," Yoongi begins, "I asked you to meet me so I could give you my ring back."

"All of this was just to give me the ring?  I don't want it. Pawn it and take the money! It's solid gold, it's got to be worth-"

"Not that ring," Yoongi says curtly before bringing his glass to his lips.

Chanyeol furrows his brows. Yoongi watches with amusement, knowing that Chanyeol is doing a mental inventory of all the jewelry he knows Yoongi has to maybe figure out what the hell he's talking about. He lowers his glass before reaching both hands around his neck.

"I have two to for you actually," he unclasps the silver chain around his neck, removing the necklace he'd been wearing.

"But this one comes first."

He slides the metal ring off of the chain into his palm before outstretching it in Chanyeol's direction for him to take. Chanyeol's face pales as he stares from the ring to Yoongi's face.

At least seeing that Yoongi kept the ring Chanyeol thought had been tossed out as soon as Yoongi had gotten his "real" ring seems to have some sort of effect on him.

He doesn't need to verbalize it, Yoongi can see the question in his eyes.

"I threw the gold ring into the river the day you served me the papers. This one..." Yoongi moves his eyes from Chanyeol's down to his hand.

A sudden image of Chanyeol on one knee all those years ago flashes through his mind and throws off his train of thought.

"To be honest, I couldn't bring myself to get rid of it."

He lowers his hand– keeping it palm up– onto the table. His arm suddenly felt like the weight of the world was resting on it. They both stare at it remembering before Chanyeol speaks in a much softer voice than he has all night.

"I'm sorry."

Yoongi's head snaps up. He's sorry? Not once during this whole ordeal has He once said that. He’s briefly seeing a glimpse of the old Chanyeol and it’s caught him off guard.

"W–what did you just say?"

Chanyeol sighs. "I'm sorry that I don't love you anymore. That I found some–"

Yoongi wipes his expression again.

"Finish that sentence."

Chanyeol stares blankly at him. Yoongi clenches his jaw and keeps his eyes locked with Chanyeols. He then opens his hand, tilting it and dumps the ring on the table, before leaning back in his seat.

"It's been ten months and you've given me no explanation– no reason– for what happened. So be a fucking man and say it."

Chanyeol's eyes widen at Yoongi's tone.

Yoongi had let a little more of his anger– his dominance– into his voice than he's intended, but he isn't hating the reaction. Chanyeol's looks as if he's about to turn in on himself, but he keep his head held high.

"I don't know what you mean."

"Just say it!" He raises his voice.

He's glad he has the foresight to book them a private room in the nice restaurant. They One They used to frequent when Chanyeol wasn't "busy."

"Why? It sounds like you already know what I'm going to say."

"I do," Yoongi nods, "but I want to hear you say it. I want you to look me in the eye and tell me why you gave up. Tell me why you chose to rip my heart out of my chest like it was nothing. I deserve to know."

Chanyeol leans back in his seat, crossing his arms over his chest. He has a smirk on his lips that Yoongi used to find sexy, but now it just makes him want to rip the man's head off. It's truly incomprehensible to him that this is the same person he'd grown up with. The same person who used to be the source of his happiness is now sitting in front of him practically laughing in his face, amused that he'd royally fucked Yoongi over.

"I met someone else," he shrugs his shoulder.

Anger bubbles within Yoongi as the words– the casual fucking way they were said, as if it was no big deal– impail his chest. Yoongi already knew he'd been having an affair, but Chanyeol didn't know that. And he didn't need to. Not yet.

Yoongi forces his bottom lip to tremble at the same time his eyes start to water.

"Were they worth it?" He stammers.

"Yes," he answers easily and shamelessly like the bastard he is.

"Tell me about them..." Yoongi asks in a small voice.

"Why?" He scoffs in disbelief. "Why would you want to hurt yourself like that?"

"I deserve closure!" Yoongi exclaims dramatically. "I want to know who was so fucking much better than me that you had to throw ten years of marriage away. I want to know who the fucking whore is that made you break every promise you ever made to me!"

Yoongi lets a few tears fall– admittedly a few becoming a bit more genuine– as he stares at him with an excess amount of hurt coating his features. Just like Yoongi knew he would, Chanyeol jumped at the chance to humiliate him.

"Alright. I'll tell you about him," he smiles meniacly. "He's easily the best thing that's ever happened to me. He brings my life purpose, something you haven't for years. He gives me a reason to wake up in the morning and makes me want to come home at the end of the day.

"He isn't annoying and clingy like you. He gives me my space when I need it, and attention when I want it. So yes, all of this is worth it, Yoongi. He is the love of my life. I picked him so move the fuck on."

Despite Chanyeol delivering his praises for his lover with the intent to hurt him, coating each word with venom, Yoongi doesn't miss the underlying truthfulness of his words. He really does feel this way. He can see it in his eyes.

He hates to admit, but it hurts him more than he'd expected to hear Chanyeol actually express how much he loves someone that isn't Yoongi. How he's the love of his life even.

"Move the fuck on," Yoongi repeats with a wet laugh as he allows himself to cry a little harder. "You're a fucking asshole. The second you started making your own money instead of mooching off of my success you've been a complete selfish asshole. You started drinking more, coming home less and your slaps turned into punches. I should have left back then." 

Chanyeol rolls his eyes. "See, this is the kind of shit I'm talking about. He doesn't break down and cry like a fucking spoiled brat over nothing. He has some self respect."

"Over nothing? You're unbelievable," Yoongi spits back. "I don't even know you anymore. And you know what, maybe you're right. Maybe I do just need to move the fuck on."

Yoongi wipes the last remaining tears, these ones being anger induced rather than hurt, as he bares into Chanyeol's mocking stare. He commits the sight to memory and watches him closely as he speaks again.

"And I think I'll take Jimin with me."

Chanyeol's smile disappears just as quickly as Yoongi's breaks free. Emotions start flooding Chanyeol's expression; confusion, doubt, anger, anxiety.

"What did you just say?" He inquires in a deathly calm tone.

Yoongi smiles a little wider.

"Jimin. I think I'll take him."

Chanyeol's eyes go almost completely black. He places both hands on the table with a thud and he has his lips pressed so tightly they've nearly disappeared. His eye begins to twitch as he repeatedly opens and closes his mouth, attempting to speak, but he's utterly speechless.

Yoongi sits back, enjoying the show with an arrogant smile.

Chanyeol knew Yoongi as complaisant, naive and vulnerable. Weak. That Yoongi is long gone. Chanyeol made sure of that. This Yoongi will not be leaving this table until Chanyeol is as devastated– as emotionally torn apart– as he was.

After a bit more huffing and puffing from Chanyeol he manages to grit put a question, asking how Yoongi found out who his lover was. It's Yoongi's turn to be silent. Without answering he picks up his glass for another sip. The anger in his glowering slowly begins to show small bits of fear snd anxiety, the sight making Yoongi feel even more invincible.

"You mother fucker," Chanyeol growls. "Tell me how!"

Still sipping, Yoongi casts his eyes over Chanyeol's shoulder.

His eyes immediately find his target. He smacks his lips on satisfaction as he lowers his glass, then nods him over. He's wearing an off-white sweater– the neck of it rounded just enough to show glimpses of his sharp clavicles and display his slender neck– with a red embroidered Chanel logo over his heart.

He's also wearing the pants Yoongi loves on him– the ones that hug the curves of his strong legs like a second skin– and boots. God, he and Taehyung are both so fucking otherworldly.

Yoongi pities the man who ever crosses his Minnie– more so of it wasn't the exact msn skiing across from him. Jimin isn't too far away, so his walk to the table is short. As soon as he is within view of Chanyeol, the man chokes, eyes going wider than Yoongi has ever seen.

"Jimin," he whispers, a throaty sound like he's on the verge of crumbling at just the sight of the younger man.

The anguish in his voice– the devastation and confusion in his eyes– almost makes Yoongi feel bad for him. Almost.

"Hi Chany!" Jimin beams– eyes disappearing in the ridiculously endearing way they do.

They let the silence aid in really pushing the weight of the situation at hand down on Chanyeol's shoulders.

"How?" he chokes out.

"Oh, it's one hell of a story," Jimin nearly squeals.

He waves his hand casually, signaling for Yoongi to slide his chair out, then he sits himself right across his lap.

"Can I tell it?" He pleads innocently, looking down at Yoongi.

"Of course," Yoongi coos.

Jimin turns back to Chanyeol and begins telling the story, gesturing wildly and wiggling in his spot, speaking with so much enthusiasm it's like he's re-telling some sort of fairytale adventure. He tells him about his best friend Taehyung whom he's been best friends with since before Jimin made it big in the modeling world.

"Guess you and hyung have your affinity for models in common," he winks cheekily.

He then continues on, telling how Taehyung started going on and on about this photographer he'd begun to work with. Told how Taehyung flirted his way into the sexy photographer's bed and then eventually convinced him to take Taehyung on a date. When Taehyung and the photographer started getting more serious Jimin insisted on meeting him.

"Guess who the photographer turned out to be Chany," he smiles excitedly. "It was Yoongi! He was so pretty and as soon as I saw him, I was a bit smitten, but he was with Taehyungie. And I could never stray from my boyfriend. Wouldn't dream of it."

Jimin begins going on about all of the time he'd spent together with Taehyung and Yoongi. How he'd found out about the pretty man's very sad love story about how his high school sweetheart broke his heart.

"He said that he'd suspected his husband had been having an affair before he wanted a divorce, but he wasn't sure and oh, that just made me sick," he wrinkles his nose, "You know how I feel about cheating."

Jimin went on to say how it made him so thankful for his boyfriend who constantly made sure he felt loved and appreciated. In fact, Yoongi's terrible stories about the abuse and neglect made Jimin love his sweet boyfriend– Chanyeol– even more.

"The more I got to know Yoongi, the more I liked him and the more sorry I felt that someone could ever hurt him so much. Then one day..." Jimin turns around for the first time and looks at Yoongi. "Then one day I asked to see a picture."

He turns back to Chanyeol.

"I don't know what made me ask. I think maybe I just wanted to see what kind of person– what type of asshole– would do that to someone he'd been married to for so long. Put a face to the stories, you know?"

Jimin suddenly begins to laugh bitterly at the memories of that day.

"I was so fucking upset! Completely inconsolable for hours and I made Yoongi confirm like a million times that you were his husband. Then I cried more when I realized we'd been together for over a year at that point."

As his laughter goes on, the humor starts to fade. Soon enough, he begins to sniffle and his shoulders start to heave. Yoongi had originally been looking passed Jimin to see Chanyeol's reaction to the story, but as Jimin got more into detail about when they'd connected the dots, he averted his gaze, resting his cheek against Jimin's shoulder.

The expression on Chanyeol's face was just getting to be a bit too much to handle. After that, he had to really focus on the words Jimin was saying– the emotion he put behind them– as he spoke. It was helping to remind Yoongi of his anger. When Jimin's shoulders begin to shake, Yoongi tightens his arm around his waist as he rubs his back soothingly with his free hand.

Talking about how distraught he was when he'd found out the truth about his relationship is what finally made him crack and show some vulnerability. Yoongi remembers well the days and weeks after Jimin found out that his beloved boyfriend was Yoongi's Ex husband.

And if that didn't shatter Jimin's world enough, he and Yoongi pieced together that Jimin was who Chanyeol was having an affair. He is who Chanyeol would spend his nights with, his long weekends, any and all spare time he had when he'd told Yoongi he was bogged down with work, with Jimin.

Jimin and Chanyeol had been together for just short of a year when Chanyeol served Yoongi the divorce papers. Chanyeol fell in love with Jimin and didn't tell him a thing– didn't give Jimin any sort of reason to suspect– that he was with anyone else, let alone married.

Jimin had cried and begged Yoongi for forgiveness– for him to believe that he had no idea about he and Chanyeol. It was all utterly unnecessary. At that point Yoongi knew Jimin fairly well, him spending quite a bit of time with he and Taehyung. He knew Jimin didn't have a malicious bone in his body.

He would have never knowingly allowed himself to fall into this sort of fucked up satiation. That sadness– the anguish and devastation– morphed into loathing shortly after. Chanyeol had played with both of them. So they decided to play back.

Yoongi and Jimin united in their heartbreak- fell in love because of it, both of them trying to comfort and heal the other– and came up with a plan. Jimin would continue to date Chanyeol. He'd work his Park Jimin charm like never before and make the man fall even more head over heels for him.

Eight months is what it took, but he'd finally gotten the man to propose. Now, he's here to give that ring back. To break his heart– shatter his world around him – just as he did to he and Yoongi.

With a deep breath, Jimin peeled himself away from Yoongi– the older placing a supportive kiss on his temple– as he stands up to walk around the table. With every step, he works to slide the platinum band off that had been given to him just weeks before.

Jimin never once took his eyes away from Chanyeol's. The betrayal was permitting off of him and Chanyeol could feel it just as tangibly as Yoongi could. Chanyeol's face was as white as a ghost and he had a plea in his expression that screamed for Jimin not to do that to him.

Not to leave him. To love him.

"I believe this is yours," Jimin says matter of factly, unable to keep his lip from twitching with amusement, completely satisfied with the reaction.

When Chanyeol makes no move to take the outstretched ring, Jimin leans forward and drops it into his glass of water instead. The sound of it hitting the bottom of the glass is deafening. Chanyeol stares in disbelief at the glass while Yoongi and Jimin watch him.

When the man begins to cry, that's when the two decide their work is done. As Chanyeol's shoulders begin shaking with every heave of his chest, Jimin wordlessly offers his hand to Yoongi.

The two walk hand in hand to where the driver has been waiting near the curb. After climbing into the back seat of the SUV Jimin pulls Yoongi into an instantly heated kiss the second the door is shut behind him. Shortly after this, the car pulls away from the curb.

Fueled on by the adrenaline– the intoxicating feeling of power– they both feel in that moment, Yoongi immediately crawls over Jimin, grinding his hips down as Jimin fumbles with his pants, but somehow in his horny daze, Yoongi manages to grab his wrist, stopping him.

"Minnie, we have all night to celebrate. The three of us," Yoongi pants against his lips.

"That's bullshit," Jimin whines, thrusting his hips up into Yoongi's forcefully before rotating them slowly.

Yoongi shivers, his breath hitching and his eyes closing tightly.

"I know what you and Tae did before he left," Jimin smirks–raking his hands up the nape of the older's neck– and Yoongi isn't even surprised. His boyfriends practically share a brain. They know anything and everything about each other.

"Be a good hyung and take care of both of your dongsaengs. You helped him, now you'll help me, then we'll both help you when we get home."

Yoongi groans before it morphs into a gasp, due to the surprise of Jimin pushing him up so he's seated on the seat, facing the front. Jimin then quickly climbs onto his lap, immediately lining their hardening cocks up. He then starts rocking his hips smashing his lips on Yoongi's.

Yoongi moans and whimpers into the younger's mouth, letting Jimin take control.

Taehyung gladly lets Yoongi take control in the bedroom, wanting to be told what to do rather than initiate more often than not. Jimin though, Yoongi learned real quick that he likes a man to submit to him. Likes to feel a man rendered powerless by his sex appeal and will listen to whatever he requests, fucking him just how he wants.

A power bottom doesn't even begin to cover it, but it's close enough. All Yoongi can do is pant and get lost in the force of nature– the completely fucking dream– that is Park Jimin. He knows he's going to be tired as hell when he gets back, but Jimin's going to hold him to spending quality time with he and Taehyung both.

Truthfully though, Yoongi wouldn't have it any other way.

At one point in his life he thought he'd never be happier than he was with Chanyeol, but he was wrong. He has two reasons for the overwhelming amount of joy– of love and appreciation– he feels everyday.

Their names are Jimin and Taehyung.