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Ayutthayan period [Year 1521]


“Khun Mew..” soft knocks sounded on Mew’s room, however the person behind the door was tucked in a corner, with hands covering his ears, eyes squeezing shut as if he’s willing the sound and the person behind the sound to go away and for a moment it did.. Until “SUPPASIT JONGCHEVEEVAT” a loud male voice thundered across the hallway outside his room.

“SUPPASIT JONGCHEVEEVAT OPEN THE DOOR THIS INSTANT!” the person behind the voice continued banging on the door and demanding the person inside to come out of the room. Curling into a ball, Mew quietly sobbed, not daring to make a single sound but at the same time he feels like screaming in pain as though his heart and lungs have been ripped out of him. He couldn’t breathe and he couldn’t see anything else even though his eyes were open as the tears were blocking his vision. Just then, he felt something licking his eyes and for a moment he could see what was in front of him: his fluffy pomeranian was lying on its stomach in front of him and licking at his face to comfort him. He sobbed even harder and as if the pomeranian could sense his overwhelming emotions, it lay itself next to Mew and the panting of the petite dog slowly lulled Mew into sleep.




Upon hearing the sound of the door unlocking, Mew jumped awake from his slumber. He immediately curled into a ball again in the corner of the room, hoping to stay hidden from whoever had entered his room. “Mew.. my dear son.. Don’t hide away from mama” A woman dressed in rich green and gold cotton cloth carefully came to his side. Even with her tired face, she still somehow oozes elegance and gentleness in her mannerisms and speech. Mew looked at his mama and tears immediately started falling again, as if a water tap had been turned on. “Mama.. Ma.. Ma.. I..I..I..I didn’t” he broke down, ashamed to look at his mama, afraid to see anger or worse, disappointment in his dearest mama’s eyes. “Oh Mew, my dearest son.. Look at me” Mew looked up at his mama’s firm request before she continued “You will always be my pride. You’re my son afterall, I know you are feeling sorry towards the family but Mew Suppasit, remember that you’re not wrong. You were never wrong, you just trusted the wrong person that’s all. Don’t you ever dare think that everything is your fault. Everything will be over after awhile, don’t worry about it” Soft gentle hands stroked his hair as he cried upon hearing his mama’s words. Soon after, Mew fell asleep again on his mama’s lap.

When he woke up next, he found himself lying on his bed with his dog next to him. His mama must have requested for someone to carry him to the bed. He moved to get out of the bed until he heard his name mentioned by the servants coming into the room. He slowly laid back down and turned his face towards the wall so that he could eavesdrop on their conversation. After eavesdropping, he wished he didn’t and tears started flowing out of his eyes again. He has decided, he will not bring shame to his family and he will fix this to repay the love his family had given him. He went around his room, gathering the things he needed and by sunset, everything was ready. Kneeling down, Mew softly petted and kissed his fluffball.. “Chopper, be a good boy for mama, papa and nong Jom please? Take good care and protect them in my place, kay? I love you” As if sensing what his owner is going to do, the fluffball named Chopper started barking loudly, as if demanding its owner to stop whatever he was going to do.

At Chopper’s loud barking, Mew tapped at its nose. With a soft yellow light, chopper lost its voice and upon realising that its owner took it’s voice away from him, the fluffball stared at Mew in defiance. “Sorry Chopper, you were being too loud. After I’m done, you can have your voice back okay?” Mew booped Chopper’s nose and went up on the chair. Taking a deep breath, he looped the rope hanging on the ceiling beam around his neck. As tears filled his eyes, he kicked the chair away from him and immediately he felt constriction at his neck and on instinct, he kicked around to get oxygen into his lungs. As he struggled from the ceiling, he could feel his airway and lungs on fire and as if his body realised that no oxygen was flowing into his brain, he stopped struggling and laid limp, life draining out of his body.




The sound of running footsteps could be heard as the owners of the footsteps ran over to Mew’s room upon hearing the fluffball continuous barking. Entering the room, the remaining Jongcheveevat family stared at Mew’s body hanging from the ceiling in shock. The head of the family was the quickest to react as he screamed at a servant to bring down Mew’s body and the family tried all ways and means to force oxygen into Mew’s lungs again. After countless attempts, the family finally accepted that life is gone from their eldest son. “Mew, my baby.. You must have suffered so much..” Mama hugged Mew’s lifeless body tightly, as if attempting to preserve what’s left of the body warmth when one is alive. Peeling his wife away from his son, the head of the family lay Mew’s body down on the floor and gently swiped his hands across those once bright almond eyes, closing it in hope of his son being at peace now on the other side. Jom and mama sat across Mew’s body, sobbing and soon the head of the family could be heard by the servants sobbing by his dead son’s body as well.

Due to it being a suicide which was frowned upon in their country and the Jongcheveevat family being a family with status, Mew’s funeral was done in a quiet manner and soon it was over. As the family returned back to their house, mama looked at Chopper and tears filled her eyes again. “My dear, do you think we should send Chopper to accompany Mew?” mama looked at her husband, heartbreak evident all over her tired features. “We should. He must have felt so lonely and scared before he left and I won’t allow him to feel that way anymore, be it afterlife or his reincarnations. It’s my fault for making him feel like he doesn’t have anyone beside him.” The head of the family glanced at Chopper, guilt all over his face as he mourned over his son.

Late at night, when the servants were all asleep, the Jongcheveevat gathered in Mew’s room as Chopper still slept there. Pouring a vial of mixed herbs and powders into a small black cauldron mama had hidden there earlier, Jom took out a ball of fur obtained from Chopper from a small pouch and handed it to her mother. As the content in the cauldron hissed, mama took out a dagger and slit a line across her palm, collecting the blood dripping from her palm into a golden cup. Then, Jom and the head of the family followed what mama did and their blood too dripped into the golden cup, mixing it together. Once every drop of the blood had been collected, mama poured the blood mixture into the cauldron along with Chopper’s ball of fur. When the blood mixture and Chopper’s fur hit the bottom of the cauldron, a gold light flowed out of the cauldron and towards the sleeping Chopper. As the light hit Chopper, soft snores could no longer be heard. 

“Stay beside Mew at all times and protect him wherever he is okay? Papa, mama and p’jom had each placed a part of us in you in order for you to better take care of him when our physical bodies couldn’t. Thank you Chopper.” Mama kneeled down and whispered to the lifeless body of the fluffball.