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Soft Sex

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Tul opened the door to his house and trudged inside after a long day. It was his and Hin’s first wedding anniversary and before his husband had even woken up, he left for a string of impossibly long and apparently urgent meetings. To put it lightly, Tul felt like a failure of a husband to the man he loved so much.

He sighed while taking his shoes off and unbuttoning the first couple buttons on his white shirt. The house was dark and Tul sighed even deeper at the thought of Hin asleep, their special day wasted and all Tul’s fault. At least his son didn't need to see him like this as he was spending the week at his mother's place.

That was, until he walked upstairs to see soft light illuminated from under their bedroom door. He cocked his head before he opened the door and gasped at what he saw.

The room lights were turned off, the only source of light coming from multiple candles placed around the room. They gave the space a golden hue. The floor was littered with rose petals, starting as a thin line from the door and ending as a puddle circling the bed. They also decorated the soft, black and white sheets, forming a large heart in the center. But none of that compared to what laid on the heart design. Hin was on his side, his front half towards the door and a wide smile across his lips. He was naked with the exception of a lacy, black G-string thong that left nothing up to the imagination.

“Happy anniversary, Phi,” Hin said and in all honesty, it made Tul fall in love all over again. Tul practically ran to the bed so he could get his lips on the other man as fast as possible. He crawled onto the bed and straddled Hin, his hands caressing Hin’s face as he kissed him. Once they separated for air, they pressed their foreheads together.

“Thank you, baby. I love you so much and one of the happiest days of my life was one year ago, today.” Tul finished with a kiss to his husband’s cheek.

“I’m glad you like the set up,” Hin chuckled lightly.

“I love it. Is there anything else you’ve set up for tonight?” he asked with a smirk. Hin blushed, but nodded before pulling a bottle of lube and a new box of condoms from under one of the pillows. “Perfect, baby, such a perfect anniversary gift.”

“Where’s my gift?” Hin asked with a fake pout.

“You’ll get your gift all night long,” Tul whispered in his ear, causing his husband to shiver. Tul leaned down to kiss the other man again while he maneuvered them so he could kneel between Hin’s spread legs. He grabbed the lube and snapped the cap open before squirting a generous amount onto his fingers. He pushed the thong strap to the side, enjoying it on his husband too much to take it off so soon, before circling his hole to coat it.

“Kiss?” Hin asked and who was Tul to deny him? So he stretched up to kiss his lips, soon adding tongue to deepen it. Meanwhile, Tul pushed a slick finger into his husband’s hole, distracting him from the pain the best he could.

“You’re doing so good, love. Such a good boy for me,” he praised and Hin groaned at his words. After some time, Hin was able to take three fingers without pain, so Tul pulled them out. With quick work, he removed his clothes and dropped them on the floor. “Ready, baby?” he asked and Hin nodded.

“Make love to me, Phi.”

“Of course, angel. Anything for you on our special day.” They connected their lips once again and Tul began to push in his lubed dick. Hin moaned, the feeling of his husband’s cock inside him too much pleasure to handle all at once. His own hard cock twitched and throbbed from between his and Tul’s stomachs, the head pressed out from underneath the lace fabric. When Tul was halfway in, he pulled out slightly to thrust shallowly a few times. “You feel so good, Hin,” he groaned softly.

“You…you too,” he mumbled. “Ahh, there,” he whined as his back arched off the mattress. Tul had found his prostate and the head of his cock hit it perfectly. Tul pushed all the way in this time and it felt amazing inside Hin’s warm, tight hole.

“I love you, I love you so much,” Tul whispered into his husband’s neck as he thrust slowly in and out. Hin wrapped his arms and legs around him tightly, his fingers in his hair.

“I love you so much too, P’Tul. I’m so happy we could be together.” Tul nodded, tears beginning to collect in his ears from the immense amount of happiness coursing through his veins as he stared down at the love of his life. “Don’ cry, Phi,” he laughed wetly as his own tears cascaded down his temples. Hin placed an open hand against Tul’s cheek and Tul covered it with his own before moving his head so he could kiss the inside of his lover’s palm.

The emotions thick within both men helped turn them on further, and soon they both felt their orgasms approaching. “Hin, baby, cum for me. Cum for me, my angel.” Tul moaned as he wrapped his hand around the other man’s cock and began jerking it to his thrusts. Hin whined loudly and after a few more hard thrusts, he came thick ropes onto his stomach and Tul’s hand.

Tul followed almost immediately when Hin’s hole clenched around him, making him even tighter. He groaned as he came into the condom before his body went limp and he collapsed on top of his husband. They panted together for a while before Hin whispered, “Kiss?” and Tul smiled before leaning up to grant his wish.