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Maybe migraines aren't that bad when you are here with me

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Izuna groaned. He has been staring at the same page for the past ten minutes. He promised Tobirama to help with some of his paperwork. His rival had less time to spend with him due to the amount of paperwork that fell on his desk, and Izuna missed sparring with Tobirama. He would never acknowledge it, but when their families were still at each other’s throats, he loved fighting Tobirama. He really liked the soothing presence of the man, like a calm river in spring. While Tobirama on the battlefield was more like a treacherous sea than a calm river, his presence was soothing nevertheless. So, the fact that Izuna could now spar with Tobirama without the worry of dying was a welcoming gift.

Today, however, he would definitely not ask Tobirama to spar, because Izuna felt terrible. He rubbed the heel of his hand onto the pressure point between his eye socket and eyebrow for a tiny bit of relieve from the pounding pain in his head.

“What an absolute nightmare this is,” he groaned again, placing the paper he was reading on his desk and leaned back on his chair.

When Izuna had woken up this morning  he already noticed the slight ache behind his eyes. He had taken some painkillers to keep the pain from flaring up, but unfortunately, like always, it did not help. It was 10 o’clock, which meant that he had only been here for 2 hours, but he started to doubt if he could manage to make it through the day.

“Maybe some caffeine,’ he softly spoke, to actually no one. Tobirama was still at the meeting with the Hyuugas but he expected him to be back soon.  

Izuna stood from his chair and walked out of the office into the hallway.

“Izuna,” Tobirama called out.

Izuna turned to look behind, but he immediately noticed that that was a wrong move to make. He felt the crashing wave of nausea swept over his body. His body temperature skyrocketed and his breath pattern started to derail. Oh no, not now. He though while he braced himself against the wall to keep himself upright, for the dizziness nearly made him fall over.

Tobirama noticed straight away that something was wrong with Izuna. He saw how Izuna started to  pale and that his breathing changed. He quickly walked over to his friend and gently laid his hand on Izuna’s shoulder.

“Hey, are you okay?” he asked worried.

Izuna had gripped his shirt and started to hyperventilate as panic seized him.

“Easy there. Breath with me,” Tobirama spoke softly and rubbed soothing circles on Izuna’s back.

“Migraine,” Izuna managed to say through grinded teeth “Toilet.” He couldn’t get his breathing to even out with Tobirama’s.

Suddenly he felt, what would be the first wave of nausea trying to make its way up. He clamped his hand before his mouth and dashed towards the toilets. Which were luckily not far away. Izuna opened the first door and fell to his knees. Tobirama who quickly put the pieces together, was behind him and quickly grabbed Izuna’s hair to keep it from getting in the way. Izuna violently heaved his stomach contents into the toilet. Lucky for Tobirama that he didn’t have a problem with people who had to puke, because Izuna was having a bad case of it. Tobirama couldn’t really help, so he just waited for Izuna to finish while he rubbed his back.

After a while Izuna stilted and made a move to stand up. Tobirama gently grabbed his elbow to help.

“Fuck me,” Izuna groaned again. In his defensive, considering the situation he was allowed to groan as much as he wanted. He took hold of Tobirama’s arm while they moved towards the sink.

“I think now would not really be a good moment,” Tobirama joked softly.

“Ya think?” Izuna had turned on the water to cool off his wrists, “Sorry though.”

“What are you apologizing for?” asked Tobirama genuinely, while he kept a grip on Izuna’s arm because he kept swaying dangerously.

Izuna vaguely waved at himself, “I’m supposed to help you, not the other way around.”

“That’s what you are worried about?” Tobirama smiled softly, “Forget about that. Are you feeling a bit better?”

“No, I need nap,” Izuna said sluggishly. He splashed some cold water into his face.

“Let me take you home,” Tobirama gave Izuna a towel.

“No, silly. I can get back myself,” Izuna made a move to start walking but that proved to be hopeless, because the dizziness came back hard and he ended up clinging to Tobirama’s shirt. He blushed deeply when he noticed.

“Yeah, right. Didn’t think so,” said Tobirama while he put his arm around Izuna.

“hmmm” Izuna actually hummed in conformation. This is nice. He thought while he leaned into Tobirama’s touch.  

“Would Hiraishin be a good idea now?” Tobirama asked gently.

“No, but if it get any worse than this, I will probably puke again,” Izuna replied sleepily. He had his eyes closed already.

Tobirama hiraishined them into Izuna home. And as expected another wave of nausea hit and Izuna dashed towards bathroom. Tobirama was again close by and grabbed Izuna’s hair as Izuna throw up for a second time.  

“That really wasn’t a good idea,” Tobirama gently said. He was rubbing Izuna’s back again.  

“Quick home. It’s forgiven,” Izuna managed to say. Tobirama smiled at that.

After he was done, he flushed the toilet and sat down on the edge of the bathtub. He held his head in his hands and groaned painfully. “Do you have some cold water technique to make me cool down? I’m so hot.”

“Yes you are,” Tobirama sat down next to Izuna and called some water towards his hand and placed it in Izuna’s neck. Who would have thought that he would be trusted like this?

“Thanks,” Izuna leaned against Tobirama’s side and closed his eyes. Only the gods know to what Izuna said thanks. Tobirama held Izuna close.

After a while Tobirama asked, “It is always this spontaneously, these migraine attacks?”

Izuna hummed in conformation, “Yeah and no, when I was younger the frequency was higher….. but I…. managed to recognize the…. Uhm what’s called…. The… don’t know…. Triggers.” Izuna was very slow in his speech now. Something that was uncommon for the younger Uchiha.

“Ah, I understand. You have medication for it?”

“Yeah, in the cabinet… in the middle,” Izuna pointed at the cabinet on the wall next to the sink, “The big oval ones.”

Tobirama helped Izuna to stand up and guided him towards the sink. As Tobirama searched for the pills Izuna continued “These are the worst though, there is not much against it. The drugs only work against the pain. Not a lot to prevent this bullshit.”

Tobirama gave Izuna a glass of water with the medication, “Luckily I never experienced them, but our mother also had migraine frequently.”

“Urgh, poor woman,” Izuna swallowed the medicine and moved with caution towards his bedroom “Ridiculous right? A dojutsu user with migraines.”

“I rather call it ironic, to be honest,” he joked again softly. Tobirama stayed close to Izuna again, because he kept swaying and Tobirama was worried that his friend might fall over for real this time.

Izuna pressed the heel of his hands against his eyes again but knew it would give him the relieve he was searching for, “Ha. True.”

It was Tobirama who opened the door towards Izuna’s room because he had already walked twice into a wall.

“Why is there an actual hiraishin mark in my home?” Izuna asked while he walked over towards his bed. While he climbed into his bed he looked questioningly towards Tobirama.

Tobirama didn’t answer. Instead he got down on his knees next to Izuna’s bed and pulled the covers over him, “Don’t worry about it, nor about work. I shall make your brother work harder.” Tobirama smiled at him.

I should be sick more often. Izuna thought, if it makes him smile so gently like this.

“Hmm, if you say so,” Izuna closed his eyes, “You are the sweetest, you know?”

Tobirama was taken aback by the bluntness of Izuna’s words. For the amount of pain and agony Izuna was in he managed to put up a bright smile.

“Thank you,” Izuna said softly, “I am safe in bed now. I’ll be fine… I hope.” He pulled the covers over his nose.

“I’ll drop by with some food for lunch. Is that alright?” Tobirama was still at Izuna his side.

“Hmm yes,” Izuna was only managed to say as much as he was already falling into a deep sleep.

“Sleep tight. I’ll be back” Tobirama braided Izuna’s hair loosely so it wouldn’t get in the way. He went back towards the Hokage’s office, not to work, but to let them know he would take some time off this afternoon.

His friend was more important now.