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Baby Star Candy

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규칙 - rule

It’s barely sunrise when Jimin collapses on the bed, coming untouched on his stomach, a sweet good prostate orgasm purely from the pleasuring touch of his short chubby fingers. He trembles as he eases himself from his climax, his breathy noises loud in the room, shortly before the alarm goes off. Fuck, he didn’t sleep at all. He spent his night studying for exams. Jimin had been touching himself for hours.

He gets out of bed and into a warm shower, reducing the soreness of his muscles he caused himself. He opens his jewelry music box to pick out his rings, the mechanical ballerina rotating along with the song. He’s had it since he was a child when he stole it from his step-sister and hid it ever since. He loops the song for background noise as he gets ready. He does his makeup and grabs his black cardigan and beret, matching with the darker shade of black of his jeans. 

He feeds his calico cat, Ippi, and skips breakfast to avoid missing the subway. He meets Taehyung at the station 7 on the dot. He lives on the other side of the street, and neither of them owns a car. They’re broke college students that waste their money on expensive outfits and stuff they don’t need. But they’re happy.

Taehyung turns around at the echoes of Jimin’s Chelsea boots click clacking on the floor. A shit-eating grin plastered on his well-sculptured face. 

“Hello, stranger.” His mischievous tone annoying Jimin so early. “Called you more than ten times and couldn’t reach you once. If you hadn’t down up today I would’ve thought you were dead. Was the sex that good?”

“Getting fucked by school it’s the only action I’m getting.” Jimin rubs the back of his neck, alleviating the strain. 

“Same, kid.”

“Please… you went on a three day business trip with Seokjin-hyung and you’re going to act like nothing happened?”

“Believe it or not, Seokjin-hyung didn’t touch me at all.” Taehyung plops down on one of the benches, “He just wouldn’t. No matter if it was just us alone in the hotel room, where no one else would know what we did, he fucking wouldn’t. He was strictly professional, much more than he already is.” 

Jimin sits beside him, “Isn’t that the game you play? The ‘I like you, you like me but one of us has to break the ice and it’s not gonna be me’ game?”

“Whatever the fuck we’re playing then we’re both losing.” 

Jimin places his head on his shoulder. He’s witnessed Taehyung getting his heart broken throughout his college years that he’s ran out of words of comfort. Love isn’t something Jimin does or likes talking about. If he loves, then he loves his friends and himself, maybe even strawberry soju... and success. 

“I like your new hair by the way,” Taehyung rests his chin on top of Jimin’s head, “Pink definitely suits you.”

Jimin smiles at him, and he can see Taehyung smiling back at the reflection in the glass doors. 

“Thanks. I dyed it myself.”

The subway comes up fast, then slows down it’s speed as it arrives. They get up and wait for the doors to open.

“Do you really think Seokjin-hyung likes me?”

“Have you ever noticed how his ears get red whenever you stare at him?” Jimin moves to the side when the doors open, everyone in the subway walking out in a hurry. “If he hasn’t made a move yet it’s probably because you’re an intern. And who would risk losing a job because of an intern?”

They enter the subway, grabbing the handle above their heads. It’s an empty ride today, a couple of more people join them but sit far away.

“Stupid internship, such a cockblock.” Taehyung whines. 

Jimin laughs. “You are pathetic.” 

“Thank you, Jiminie.” He says, “I’ll make sure to call you that when you fall in love.”

“That’s never going to happen.”



The temperature drops a couple of degrees on their way to the office. It’ll rain a lot and it’ll snow if it goes below zero. Seoul might have the first snowfall of the year and it should happen soon. It’s what Jimin is looking forward to… the cozy nights with his cat and movie nights with Taehyung. Those upcoming days are the only thing that’s making him push through work and school. 

Jimin licks his lipgloss away by the time they reach the building. His lips are chapped, slightly white, prone to breaking in the cold. He digs for a chapstick in his Chanel bag despite knowing he doesn’t own one. He’ll have to lick his lips until he gets ahold of one. 

“Oh,” Seokjin walks out of the elevator, startled by Taehyung. They stare at each other for a couple of seconds until Jimin clears his throat. “Jiminie, how are you this morning? You dyed your hair.”

Jimin nods with a small smile, “Grant. How about yourself, hyung?” 

“I’m good, too. I was about to get some breakfast. Do you both want to join me?” He asks, spinning his car keys around his finger.  

“I can’t. I need to be at work now, but Taehyung doesn’t clock in for another thirty minutes. I don’t think he’s eaten yet. Have you?” Jimin squeezes his shoulder, pulling him closer.

“Is that true?” Seokjin half smiles, tilting his head close to a bashful Taehyungie. “We should get going now, then. See you later?”

“Bye, you two.” Jimin winks. He walks into the elevator, ignoring his own stomach grumble. If it weren’t because they want to be alone he would’ve gone for a coffee and a kimchi toast. 

He’s too busy staring at his friends walk out of the building to notice the tall figure running towards the elevator, attempting to stop the doors from closing. 

“Hold the elevator!” 

Jimin’s eyes make eye contact with Jeon Jeongguk and without hesitation, he presses the button repeatedly, hoping it doesn’t give him a chance. But the latter is too quick, stopping the doors from closing with his large tatted hand. He glares at Jimin as he makes his way inside, resting his back against the wall as he catches his breath. Jimin has no choice but to push the button to the top floor and stand far away as possible. 

“Good morning, Jimin-ssi.” 

Jimin doesn’t reply, looking down at his phone to ignore him and the smell of baby soap filling the air. It’s the first time he encounters his boss in the elevator, that would mean he’s running late. He’s always late but today he’s later than usual, but that’s not a problem when you’re the founder and CEO of your own media company. 

“Is there a reason why you’ve dyed your hair almost every color of the rainbow in less than a year?”

Jimin grips the strap of his bag, “No reason. Are you keeping tabs on me, Jeongguk-ssi?”  

He looks at him over his shoulder and Jeongguk is giving him a lazy smirk, hands pushed into his damier cigarette pants. He’s wearing a black long-sleeve shirt, rolled up and barely buttoned. He never buttons up his shirts, his chest is in full display and Jimin wonders what’s the point of wearing one.

“How many verbal warnings do I have to give you until you understand you’re not supposed to dye your hair at work?” 

“You have tattoos and piercings, and you’re going to tell me pink hair is breaking the rules?” 

“Um, the rules don’t apply to the ones who make them?” His cocks one of his thick brows.

Big round nose, twinkly eyes, cupid’s bow sitting atop of his pink lips, glowing skin in juxtaposition with his sharp jaw. It’s a shame all that beauty belongs to someone obnoxious. 

Jimin faces the doors again, licking the inside of his cheek. He shakes his leg as it would help any way to reach the floor faster, “I’m not dyeing my hair back to black.” 

“Should we go over the policy once again?”

“God… Who the fuck do you think you are?” Jimin gets close to his face, “How come everyone can do whatever they want and it’s a problem when it’s me.” 

“Watch your tone.” He steps off the wall. Fuck, he’s tall.

Jimin’s two inch heels don’t help, so he raises himself on his tip toes, raising up his chin to show him he’s not intimidated by him.

“How does pink hair affect my job in any way?”

“It’s just… it’s not very professional.” He rubs the back of his neck, tinted pink cheeks. 

“Oh I am very professional. More than you could ever be.” 

“Expect a written warning tomorrow if your hair isn’t back to natural colors.”

“You can’t do that!”

Jeongguk backs away, "Don't fight me on this." He pulls a chapstick from his pocket, banana flavored. “By the way, you need some.”

“Funny.” Jimin licks his lips as he turns his back on him.

"Come on. Take it."


“Why not?” 

“Do you know sharing chapsticks is indirect kissing, Jeongguk-ssi?”

The elevator arrives with a beep before Jeongguk could say anything else. Jimin walks out and finally breathes. 

So infuriating he is.

Jeongguk has made a successful career on his own in the media industry, being the “The King of All Media” and the title has gone to his head. He thinks because he’s the boss he can treat his elders however he likes. Although, the only person Jeongguk seems to treat that way is Jimin.

Jimin has earned it. 

He met Jeon Jeongguk in his internship interview. He remembers walking into the building, immediately getting lost in the hallways, overwhelmed by the silence and gray monochromes on the walls and furniture that intimidated him. Now he walks like he knows the place inside and out. 

He was sat in Jeongguk’s office for a painful thirty minutes. Jeongguk seemed bored, conducting interview questions and barely even meeting Jimin’s eyes as the older spoke. He had been practicing answers along with Taehyung for six nights straight just to sit down across Jeon Jeongguk, a twenty four year old brat who thought Jimin didn’t notice his eyes landed on his secretary’s ass ten times when he walked past the office. An ass guy. Jimin thought.

“Where do you see yourself in five years?” 

Jimin knew Jeongguk wasn’t listening. “I see myself sitting where you are hating your job.”

Jeongguk listened this time and Jimin tilted his chin up, defiantly.

Jeongguk’s eyes slightly widened, finally taking a look of Jimin’s face. His eyebrows furrowed. 


“I’ve been talking  to you and you haven’t been listening to a word I’ve said. That’s so disrespectful, I’m trying to get a job.”

“Well, I don’t hate my job… Park Jimin.” He glances down at Jimin’s resume to read his name, “Do you know I am? I founded this company you want to work for. You can get out my office now and never set a foot in this building.” 

Jimin ranted to Taehyung about him that night. How he wanted to punch his face with his tiny fist, knowing his rings would do the most damage. Jimin’s too haughty to let people like Jeongguk step on him. Even so, Jimin had to go back to his office when he was turned down by three other companies. He needs to do his internship or else he won’t graduate, so he had to swallow his pride and beg Jeongguk for another chance. Jeongguk enjoyed it all, and made Jimin beg for it. So much Jimin once thought he needed to suck his dick for it but Jimin would’ve chosen not to graduate if that were the case. 

Jimin hates him even if it’s been a long time since then. Jimin’s ego still hurts.

“I like your hair,” Namjoon compliments, stopping at Jimin’s desk, sitting on top of it. “What did Jeongguk tell you this time?”

“He’s going to fire me tomorrow.” 

He rolls his eyes, “No, he won’t. He’s all talk.” 

“He should try. Maybe I can finally tell him all the things I’ve been swallowing for the past year.” Jimin opens his bag on his lap, pulling out a granola bar. It’s been there for weeks and it’s all crumbs but he eats it anyway.

“No, he won’t.” He says. “He’s had far more reasons to fire you and he hasn’t yet.” 

“What do you mean more reasons?”

“Uh… well, for instance, you treat him like shit.” 

“Because he treats me like shit.”

“And also because you’re a potential journalist. Not all interns last here.” 

Kim Namjoon is Jeongguk’s assistant. Right hand and best friend. He’s been working with Jeongguk ever since the company was born. He’s smart and handsome, a personal trainer and also Jimin’s favorite gentle giant. 

“Of course they don’t. I hate him. I want to—” Jimin strangles the air, and Namjoon’s eyes widen. “Sorry, I forget you two are best friends."

“You scare the hell out of me sometimes.” He laughs, “You know you should get over it and get to know Jeongguk instead. He’s full of love.” 

Jimin laughs, dryly, “That’s because you know him, hyung. You should’ve seen him in the elevator.”

“He’s just doing his job.” 

Jimin blows out air. He hates the fact that Jeongguk has authority over him. He should start applying for other offices, even though it’d mean he’ll be leaving his friends behind.

“He smells like baby soap.” 

“Yeah, he does.” He agrees. “I guess he showers with his little daughter’s soap and he hasn’t noticed?”

Jimin chokes, feeling the granola crumbs getting stuck in his throat. He can feel himself turning red as Namjoon panics, slapping his back. Jimin recovers, reaching for the water bottle beside his computer. He forgot to throw it away last Friday night.

“Jeongguk has a daughter?” He twists the cap on.

“Do you not read Naver articles or?”

“Fuck no. I don’t read those stupid articles.” He drinks the rest of his water and clears his throat.

It’s stupid how people treat him like a celebrity or a KPOP idol. He’s literally Korea’s heartthrob. 

“Okay, well he has a five year old. The media calls her a product of cheating and a drunken night,” Namjoon crosses his leg over his thigh, “Although it’s true, it's also the best thing to happen to Jeongguk. I mean, everything he’s achieved was inspired by her.”

Jimin almost feels soft until he remembers who they’re talking about.

“I can’t imagine him being a father.” Jimin taps his empty bottle against the desk, “Hm.”

“I know. He’s a baby himself. A baby in a suit, like Boss Baby.”

“So he's a dilf. At least that's what people say?"

“He hates that word.” 


“I don’t know. He doesn’t like being called a ‘dilf’ or ‘daddy’, he doesn't like those sexual terms... he’s too soft.” Namjoon says, "I don't think I should be telling you this. It's like I'm giving you power."

"Yeah I don't think I should know my boss is innocent and has vanilla sex."

"That's not what I was implying and no, he's far from innocent." 

Jimin hits Namjoon’s forehead with his bottle, “That’s enough Jeongguk talk for the day. Get your ass off my desk.” 

“You're so rude."


The next day it rains and it looks like it’s about to snow although the weather forecast says it won’t. It’s the blood in Jimin’s bottom lip that makes him stop at a convenience store across the street to buy a chapstick. Watermelon, cherry, strawberry - they’re all out of banana flavor. He grabs two of the strawberry flavor for Taehyung and himself.

“I love strawberries.”

“I know you do, silly.”

They enter the building, the air is warm but not enough for Jimin to take off his coat. They head into the elevator and like yesterday, Jeongguk is rushing towards it. Taehyung almost goes his way to stop the doors but Jimin stops him.

“Oops, sorry, too slow.” Jimin toothy smiles, biting his bottom lip as he does. 

“Jimin-ssi…” Jeongguk scowls. And the doors close.

“You love pissing him off.” Taehyung chuckles, “You’re going to get us in trouble.”

“Just me.” He grins.

Jimin turns on his computer and takes a sip of his coffee and sighs. His life is a loop just like his music box, and Jimin is the mechanical ballerina, unable to break out. He remembers the times when becoming a journalist wasn’t in his plans. He doesn’t hate his job, but it’s not his favorite thing in the world. He’s good at it, at least. He tries to make a lot out of it. Jimin’s real dreams stayed as dreams and he’s over it now. There’s no reason to feel melancholic about them.

Like expected, Jeongguk is angry. But he’s calm and collected. He walks out of the elevator and approaches towards Jimin desk.

“What do you need, Jeongguk-ssi?” Jimin bites on his pen, eyeing his long sleeve polka dots shirt tucked in his black tight jeans. He's wearing a belt with the Louis Vuitton logo on the buckle.

“Come to my office after lunch.” 

“Why not now? If you’re firing me, do it now.” He challenges.

Jeongguk runs his fingers through his bangs, most of his hair in a bun. He takes a deep breath and leans on his desk. “You’re so immature. Just meet me after lunch.”

“Did you just call me immature?”

“And what about it?” Jeongguk flicks Jimin’s chin, and Jimin’s blood turns to fire. Oh, he’s definitely ripping his limbs off little by little. 

Once Jeongguk disappears into his office, Jimin turns to Taehyung who’s typing onto his computer with pursed lips. He’s trying not to laugh. 

“Fuck you.”

“I’m not the one who called you immature.”

“If he fires me then what’s going to happen to me?”

“Well, don’t you have his rival company trying to steal you away from him? Didn’t Jung Hoseok or whatever his name is called you because he liked your writing?”

“Well yeah but I’m… loyal.”

“To Jeongguk?” Taehyung’s eyebrow raises. 

“No, to you.” Jimin rolls his eyes. “We would be rivals if I work for Hoseok.”

“Come on, we’re friends. I don’t give a shit about that.”

Jimin nods. He might have to call Jung Hoseok.



He meets Taehyung, Seokjin, and Namjoon at the coffee shop down the street for lunch. It has become an habit. It’s their safe place to talk about anything else other than work and cleanse their souls from their jobs at least for awhile.

“You losers are invited to my birthday party by the way,” Namjoon says, “But don’t tell the other interns.”

“Should we feel special?” Taehyung chuckles.

“Where is it gonna be?”

“At a jazz club. My birthday is on Friday but I think it’d be better if we celebrate it on a Saturday night.”

“Sounds good.” Seokjin says. 

“I don’t think I’m going if Jeongguk is. Who the fuck wants to go clubbing with their boss?” 

“Me, the fuck. It’s Jeon Jeongguk.” Taehyung says. 

“He probably won’t be your boss at the end of the week.” Seokjin points out.

“Still wouldn’t make it any less awkward.”

“He probably won’t even show up. His daughter has been taking most of his time lately.” Namjoon steals a bite from Jimin’s cheesecake with his spoon. Jimin pouts.

“Is that why he shows up late for work?” Jimin asks. 

“Yeah… Seokjin and I help him as much as we can.” 

“What is she like?” Taehyung rests his chin on his fist. 

“Just like her father. A little bambi with the same doe eyes and mole under the lip…” Says Namjoon and Jimin zones out. Jeongguk has a mole under his lip?

“I’m going to go meet Jeongguk now.” 

“A deadman.” Seokjin says under his breath.

“Do not kill him.” Namjoon deadpans. 

“Good luck. You need it.” Taehyung says, grabbing Jimin’s coat from the chair and helping him put it on. “I do not want to be you right now.”

“Thanks for your support guys.” Jimin sarcastically says. 

It’s raining again, and Jimin has no choice but to run under his expensive bag towards the building. He’s cold and trembling like a wet puppy, his pink hair on his forehead. He heads his way to Jeongguk’s office, leaving a trail of wet steps on the floor. 

“Oh, Jimin-ssi, you’re soaked!” Seojun-ssi gasps from the counter, leaving her bowl of egg salad on the counter so she can run to him. Every time he looks at her, his breath gets caught in his throat. She’s beautiful. The prettiest thing that blesses his eyes every day at work. She’s wearing a pencil skirt, a flowery shirt tucked into it. If it weren’t for the ring on her finger, Jimin would’ve risked it all and asked her out. “Did you forget to bring an umbrella with you today?”

“Yes.” His lips tremble. Teeth chattering. 

“I’ll go find you a spare outfit…”

“No that’s fine.”

“Then coffee?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.” He shakes, “I-I’m here to talk Jeongguk.” 

“Uh…” She nervously glances at the door and steps in front of it, “He’s on a phone call. A very important one. He told me not let anyone in.”

“He wanted me to go see him after lunch.”

“I’m sorry, Jimin-ssi. I can’t let you in.” 

Jimin tries to glance inside his office, but the curtains are closed. 


“I’m sorry, Seojun-ssi. But I need to talk to him now.”

He swiftly - but gently moves her to the side, twisting the doorknob and pushing the door open. He didn’t expect Jeongguk sitting on his chair with his phone against his ear. 

Jimin’s surprised. And Jeongguk looks like a deer caught in headlights. 

Seojun apologizes to Jeongguk, bowing at him twice. She tries explaining how she tried to stop him but Jeongguk stops her.

“It’s okay, Seojun-ssi.” He mouths at her, covering the end of his phone. He gestures Jimin to walk in and Seojun to close the door on her way out. "Take a seat, Jimin-ssi."

Jimin looks around his office when he walks farther in. It hasn’t changed a thing. The walls are a light shade of gray, the black couch is still in the exact place beside the door. Across the room Jeongguk’s white desk is set, and behind his boss, the floor-to-ceiling windows are covered in raindrops, displaying Seoul’s gloomiest day. The office looks darker due to the lack of sunlight, setting an intense mood in the room.

He takes a seat in one of the chairs in front of the desk, the same chair he sat during the interview and he looks at Jeongguk. He hasn’t changed a lot since the first day he saw him except he’s buffer than before. Working out with Namjoon every weekend is starting to show in his arms.

Jimin has only been in his office two times, now three times. His office is empty except the pile of paperwork on his desk. There’s no photos, no decoration, nothing. His office has no personality. It’s just plain and dull. He wonders if it's because Jeongguk is that way too. 

He hangs up the phone.

“You can’t come into my office like that.” He gives him an annoyed glare and Jimin smiles, innocently.

“You told me to come see you. Didn’t you?”

“After lunch. Your break ended a long time ago, where were you?”

“I didn’t want to come.” He folds his arms on his chest, and crosses his legs, “Go ahead and fire me, already. You’ve been dying to do so for a long time. Do it so I can sue you, Jeongguk-ssi, the policy is outdated. So I encourage you to do it. You do not want to fuck with me and my future.”

Jeongguk’s lips part and closes them again. He clears his throat, “Are you done?”


“You have a bad mouth, Jimin-ssi.” He intently stares at him, amused, “Are you still holding grudges from the first time we met?”

Jimin’s eyes search for the mole under his lip. There it is. It’s small like a choco chip. 

“Did you hear me?”


“I said I’m not firing you.”

Jimin whines, “What?! Then why am I here?”

“I’m assigning you an interview with Min Yoongi.” He says. “He’s a former boxer who was involved with the mafia. He retired after he caused his opponent to have a brain injury after multiple illegal blows to his head.”

“Oh I’ve heard of him.” Jimin straightens his back, “Wasn’t there a rumor it was intentional? Like the mafia was paying him to kill his opponent…?”

“Yeah. We’re going to do some research first before we contact him. He’s in Jeju Island reinventing his life or some crap—”


“Yeah. I need you to work with me on this,” he grabs his pen and writes something on a paper, “Why? What’s the problem?”

“Why me?”

“Don’t feel special. Your coworkers are all busy working with something. Take this as me testing your abilities.”

Jimin clicks his tongue, “Fine.”

“Like I was saying, he’s in Jeju Island. It’s where he was last spotted a few years back, so a lot of people must know him. We can ask them a few questions that could help us contact him and get to know him better.”

“We’re going to Jeju Island?”

“Yes.” Jeongguk leans back in his chair, crossing his arms behind his head. “Tomorrow. Just for two days.”

Jimin’s jaw drop, “I-I can’t just leave like that. Who’s going to take care of Ippi?”


“My cat.”

“Can’t you ask Taehyung to take care of it?” 

“She hates Taehyung.”

“Then figure something out. You know your job requires to travel.”

Jimin groans. Traveling with Jeongguk for two days to Jeju Island? This is so much worse than clubbing with him. 

 “Is your contact information the same I have on file?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I’ll be texting you the details and everything you need to know.”

“Don’t you think it’s a bad idea?” Jimin bites his lip, and Jeongguk’s notices the movement, biting his own lips.

“What is?”

“Just you and me… in Jeju Island. We don’t get along.”

“Then I guess we have to be in our best behavior, Jimin-ssi.”

Jeongguk eyes Jimin, amused. 

“Can I go now?” 




“Ippi hates me!” Taehyung whines, “She’s locked in your bedroom for a reason!”

“It’ll be for two nights. Please.” Jimin pouts, “I cooked you ramen. Shitty ramen but made with love.”

Taehyung and Jimin are sat on the warm floor of Jimin’s apartment having a late night dinner after work.

“Two days.”

“Yes, two days. We’ll be back on Friday.”

“It better only be two days.”

“Now why would Jeongguk and I want to spend more time together?”

“Right, I don’t think both of you are coming back alive.”

Jimin grabs his chopsticks and slurps his noodles.

“On second thought, it’s Jeju Island. You’re literally going where people go spend their honeymoon.”

“Hilarious.” Jimin rolls his eyes, “So, it’s settled? You’ll take care of my Ippi?”

“Only because I love you.”

“You’re the best!” Jimin throws himself on top of Taehyung. “Since Jeongguk will be gone maybe Seokjin and you can fuck without feeling scared of getting caught.”

“Ah, Jiminie!” Taehyung blushes. “Be careful it’s not you who ends up tangled in the sheets with our boss.”

“I rather die…” Jimin almost vomits at the image of having sex with Jeongguk, he quickly stands up, “I’m going to pack. Do you want to help me?”

“No thanks. I'll come by in the morning to pick up your damn cat."



A cab drops off Jimin at a small airport.

Following Jeongguk’s instructions he meets him by the small N771BC aircraft waiting for him.

“Hi,” Jeongguk is standing beside it, wearing nothing but checkered sweatpants and a white hoodie. He looks younger than he is. Like a college student. He’s so used to seeing him in suits and formal outfits, he almost didn’t recognize him. 

Jimin didn’t have the energy to wear anything nice or wear makeup. He decided to wear his light blue jeans and a white shirt, a green cardigan that doesn’t work so much in the cold. He didn’t have time to put his contact lenses so he just wore his glasses instead. 

“I like your glasses.” 


“Do you own this plane?” Jimin looks up at the aircraft. Jeongguk nods. “Can’t you be normal for once in your life?”

“Haha.” He sarcastically laughs, grabbing Jimin’s small luggage. Jimin follows behind and he places it in the backseat of the four seats plane. 

Jimin glances inside.

“Where’s the pilot?” 


“Where’s the pilot?” He asks again, and Jeongguk walks toward him. 

“We’re all set.”

“Where’s the pilot?” Jimin asks the third time, his stomach turning like he already knows the answer. 

Jeongguk rubs his chin and suppresses a smile. 

“You’re looking at him.”

Jimin scoffs, “You?”

“Yeah. I’m flying the plane, what’s the problem?” He cockily asks.

“Are you insane?!” Jimin yells.”You think I trust you enough to get on that fucking plane with you?!”

“I graduated from flight scho—”

“I don’t give a shit! Are you trying to get us killed?”

Jeongguk is fucking crazy.

“I’ve flown to Jeju Island so many times before. It’s a route I know by heart.”

“I’m not doing this. You can go fuck yourself.”

“Can you shut the fuck up and get inside already?!” Jeongguk yells back. Jimin jolts.

“Don’t yell at me!”

“I won’t anymore if you stop acting like a child!”

“I can’t believe you’re making me do this.” Jimin pouts, whining loudly. “You never fucking told me this. That was not in the details. How could you miss that?”

“I figured you would back out.”

“I am now!"

“Jimin-ssi,” Jeongguk breathes out. “It’ll only be one hour long. I’m a good pilot. Trust me.”

“Trust you?” 

“Yes. Trust me.” 

“Go to hell, Jeon Jeongguk!” He turns around to leave but Jeongguk maneuvers him, pushing him against the aircraft. His hands gripping on his shoulders to keep him in place. Jimin gasps at his strength.

“Stop making this so difficult. We need to go now.” 

The wind blows their hair, some of it sticking to each other’s faces and Jimin tucks a strand of hair behind his ear. Jeongguk's gaze is harsh, but there's a hint of worry in it. He's sure if Jimin doesn't get in that aircraft Jeongguk isn't never going to forgive him. If he was anyone else Jimin wouldn't give a fuck, but his job is on the line.

He can hear airplanes taking off and landing as they stand in that position, and Jimin thinks hard about it. Well he did graduate from flight school.

“If something happens…”

“It won’t.”

“Be quiet. If something happens I’ll meet you in hell and kill you again.”


Jimin knows he’s as insane as Jeongguk when he jumps to the co-pilot’s seat. The adrenaline begins to rush through his veins. Jeongguk hands him the headset. 

“I think I’m going to be sick.” Jimin puts on his headset and speaks into the mic. Jeongguk leans over to adjust it. He can smell his banana flavor chapstick. He's too close for his liking.

“Please don’t throw up.” Jeongguk says into his mic, his voice clear and tone deep in his ears. 

“I might.” He breathes into the mic and Jeongguk does the same. He doesn't look nervous because he needs to fly a plane. It's more like Jimin is causing him the stress.

They fasten their seatbelts and Jeongguk goes over the emergency procedures with him, panicking Jimin before jumping right into the controls. The engines start and Jimin’s stomach drops. Shit. He’s shitting bricks. Yet he can’t help but feel mesmerized at how confident Jeongguk is as he speaks to the ATC. He knows what he’s doing. 

Jeongguk glances at Jimin for a quick second as the plane moves slowly in the runway. 

“You okay?” Jeongguk asks, and Jimin feels like he’s talking into his ear. 

“Yeah.” Jimin chokes. He’s going to kill Jeon Jeongguk once he’s out of that fucking plane. 

“… Clear for take off.” A third voice say.

“…Ready for take off.” Jeongguk then looks at him, “You ready?”

“Shut up.” Jimin replies.

“60…70…80…90… That’s the bricks they’re coming up…”

Jimin must’ve blacked out because the next thing he knows they’re going up in the air and he grabs the seat. 

“Oh my God!” Jimin swallows. “Oh, my God…” 

"Chill, just try to relax."

Jeongguk continues communicating with the ATC while Jimin calms his breathing, daring to look out of the window. He almost screams to see how far from the ground they are. He has travelled before but never in the front seat or Jeon fucking Jeongguk as the captain. 

He pops his ears for the 5th time and turns to Jeongguk who seems focused.

“Is everything okay? Are we good?"

Jeongguk nods with a laugh, "Yes, Jimin-ssi. We're good."

Jimin throws his head back in the air, feeling faint.

“What else can you fucking do? You founded your own company, fly a plane, tell me, what else should I know? What else are you good at?”

“So many others things.” He replies and Jimin ignores the indescribable look Jeongguk gives him. “It’s not so bad, is it?”

“I deserve a raise.”

He laughs. “You’re so dramatic.”

The clouds look like cottons in the clear blue sky. The scenery never cease to amaze him.

“So you graduated from flight school and also from Seoul’s university?"

“Mmm... yeah. I studied journalism and after I graduated I wanted to own a small aircraft, but I had go to flight school to fly it, so I did.” He says, twisting a button and the plane picks up its altitude. “I don’t fly much unless is to Jeju Island and closer places when I go on vacations. Lately I'm only using it for business trips."

“And probably to impress your boyfriends.”

“That too.” He laughs, “I haven’t, though, brought an intern with me before."

“Aw should I feel special?” Jimin flutter his eyelashes.

“You’re so obnoxious.”

“You too.” Jimin says, adjusting his mic, “Does your daughter like traveling with you?” It's not like Jimin cares about his life but he was definitely impressed by his boss right now. 

“Uhm…” Jeongguk licks his lips, “She’s afraid of planes so I haven’t been able to take her anywhere yet."

“Ah…” Jimin nods. “I used to be like that as a kid. Maybe when she grows up she’ll change her mind.”


“I mean shit she’s smart not get on a plane with you."

“Oh shut up.” He rolls his eyes. They don’t speak to each other for awhile, Jeongguk goes back to pilot mode, communicating with the traffic controllers. Jimin watches his every move, listens to every word. Jeongguk has accomplished so much at a young age, it’s beyond belief. And now the silence takes over and Jimin shifts anxiously in his seat. Jimin is smart, so how come he made the stupidest decision of his life and get on an hour flight with Jeon Jeongguk. “Look out of the window… tell me what you see.” 

“The ocean…” Jimin’s voice is small. “The blue ocean.” He adds. And he forgets his fear for a brief moment thanks to Jeongguk, and his focus is back in the view. He's fascinated, feeling like a bird soaring through the sky. He doesn’t realize he’s smiling widely until there’s pain in his cheeks. 

The aircraft jolts and Jimin’s startles.

"What the fuck was that?!"

“It’s okay, Jimin-ssi. Just turbulence from flying through a cloud.” He says, calmly. “Do you need me to hold your hand?”

“Fuck off.”

“You’re so brutal.”

Jimin ignores him. But he can see Jeongguk's holding back a laughter. He can tell Jimin's so close to shitting himself. 

"Go to hell, really." 

"I haven't said anything!" Jeongguk laughs, scrunching his nose, revealing his two front teeth. Jimin would've found him cute if he didn't hate him so much.


They land safely in Jeju Island.  

The taxi cab drives them to a two story glass house surrounded by nature and the view of the beach. Jimin wraps himself in his cardigan as he looks around while Jeongguk takes out of the luggage of the trunk.

“A little help here?”

Jimin looks at him, “This is not the hotel?"

“I never said we were staying at a hotel.”

“Then where are we?”

“This is my house.” He carries his backpack on his shoulder, “My vacation house.” 

Jimin feels a little faint, “We’re… we’re staying at your fucking house?! This far from professional, Jeon Jeongguk.” 

“Oh and you are? You’ve been cussing at me for ages. A little respect here, Jimin-ssi."

“I want to stay at an hotel.” 

“Then go.” 

“You’re supposed to cover the costs.”

“Fine.” He shrugs, walking past him like it's no big deal. “But I can’t do that now so you’re stuck with me.” 

Jimin whines, grabbing his luggage lazily. He already wants to go him.

“Why didn’t you do it before we left? You know I would hate this idea.”

Jeongguk takes out the keys from his pocket and walks up to the door. 

“I thought you’d rather choose my house over an hotel, since not only we have the beach here—”

“It’s too cold to swim."

“—But because I have a hot tub.” He pulls the door open for Jimin with a smirk and fuck, a hot tub?

It's like Jeongguk knew what he wanted.