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Prompts of BL couples

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Hi ! Welcome in the BL world !

I’m going to take prompts from you about BL ships (mostly from thai BL, but as you can see in the tags, there are some from South Korea, Philippines, Taiwan...)

It’s the first time that i’m posting fanfictions so please be indulgent with me (._.)


Sorry in advance if i made some mistakes, english is not my native langage (i’m french ◕‿◕ bonjour !)


If I receive too many prompts and/or if I have a lot of them in my waiting list, i’ll temporarily close them. When they are closed, I will indicate it on the «Summary» part. But don’t worry, they will be reopened as soon as i have finished writing those in progress)


I’m a student and sometimes i’m really busy (somebody save me from my evil teachers please), so I really don’t know what the regularity of the posts will be. But I will try my best !



You can ask prompts for all the relationships and fandoms present in the tags. The actors are in the "Relationships" tags, the characters of the series are included in their BL in the "Fandoms" tags (I could not put them directly because of the tag limit).

If you have an idea about a couple or a BL that is not in the tags, you can ask it. But please understand if i refuse because I haven’t seen the BL, or if I don’t particulary like the couple or the story :)


I accept polyamory and crossover

I can write NSFW, explicit or mature scenes, but not everytime if that’s possible, i would like to write some fluff sometimes (because fluff is life !)


Here are the tags that i will not write about, because i’m not comfortable with them : Major Character Death / Gore / Harm to children / Mpreg / Pregnancy / Boypussy / Age Play / Torture / Rape («Attempted rape» is accepted)

For now I will not write "Sad ending" because I am not good at it ('Sad with a happy ending" is accepted, "Angst with a Happy Ending" too )


That's all, I hope you will like my writings, and that you will have a good time of relaxation !

( ˘ ³˘)♥