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Prompts of BL couples

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Pi was running towards the bus station to going back home. He was supposed to meet Mork there and he was late because of one of the professors. They’ve decided to stay in his house for the night to spend some time together.


However, he stopped himself when he heard someone say his name. There was a group of students , two girls and one boy, who was sitting on a table and chatting while watching their phone


‘’This noon’’ Began the boy ‘’I saw Pi at Mork’s table’’


‘’When does this boy will understand that he should have nothing to do with him’’ Answered one a the girls.


‘’Yeah’’ Said the other ‘’When I see them walking next to each other, he seems sooooo ridiculous compared to Mork. He’s sooo not worth it, he doesn’t deserve him’’


Pi rushed out before hearing more harsh words. He didn’t want to think about it and tried to expelled them from his head. He just wanted to see Mork and go to is place.




He was sitting on the bench at the bus stop, his headphone playing some relaxing music. But internaly, he was anything but relaxed. The sentences were repeating in his mind.

Suddenly, one side of his headphone was lift up.


‘’Missed me ?’’ Whispered Mork in his ear


‘’Shia Mork ! You scared me !’’


‘’It doesn’t answer my question’’


‘’No ! We’ve seen each other during lunch, why would I miss you for just some hours ?’’ He mumbled, but the redness on his cheeks proved that he was lying


Mork didn’t have time to say anything because of the bus’ arrival.




The couple was lying on Mork’s bed, with the head of the latter on Pi’s lap. They were comfortably talking about their day and some random things. They let a blank settle in during some minutes, Pi was on the verge of falling asleep, when Mork’s voice brought him back to reality.


‘’I have a family party next week’’


‘’Okay ? And what, you don’t want to go ?


‘’I do ! But I was thinking about going with you.’’


‘’Eh ? Why would I go to one of your family party’’


‘’I want to introduce you to everyone’’

Pi didn’t say anything right away, he needed some time for the information to reach his brain


‘’What !? What do you mean by ‘introduce me’ ?’’


‘’What do you think ?’’ Mork chuckled ‘’Introduce you as my boyfriend of course’’


‘’Have you gone crazy ?’’ Pi said with desbelief on his face.


‘’Why ? Meen is bringing Duean.’’


‘’But Duean is Duean. We’re talking about me !


Mork sighed and got off the other’s lap


‘’I don’t get what is the problem Pi ! We’ve been dating for seven months !’’


‘’Okay and ? I’m not going !’’


‘’Why ?’’ Mork was beginning to lose his patience ‘’It’s important for me !’’


‘’And have you thought about me ?’’ Screamed Pi ‘’I don’t want to be seen by your family’’


‘’What the hell Pi !’’ Screamed back his boyfriend ‘’Do you hear yourself ?’’


‘’Mork have you seen me ? I have no prestance at all, I will be ridiculous among all the guests !’’


Mork exhaled deeply, and tried to calm Pi down.


‘’No you won’t, and i’ll stay with you all night’’


‘’ Exactly ! I’m not… You’re so… You don’t understand !’’


‘’Well explain me, Pi please, I just want to understand !’’ Begged Mork


‘’ I must not go to this party, I don’t want to !’’


‘’Oh so that’s it ! You just don’t want to go ! Even if it’s an important thing to me, you won’t make an effort for me right ?’’


‘’No listen to me, i’m thinking about…’’


‘’About yourself !! You’re always thinking about yourself, you always do things for yourself !’’


‘’Mork…’’ Pi’s eyes were fulled of hurt ‘’I…’’


‘’You said that you had no friends, well it’s normal !’’


A heavy silence followed this sentence. Mork looked like he realised the words he just said. And Pi were completly tetanized.


‘’Pi, I’m sorry’’ Tried Mork, but the other left the room ‘’Pi wait please ! Shit !’’




Once down in the garden, Mork went to the street and looked everywhere for Pi. Not seeing him, he panicked and pulled out his phone to call him. However, he was surprised to hear his boyfriend ringing from his garden. When he returned to his house, he saw Pi, sitting curled up against the hedge, his head in his arms.


'' Pi ! What are you doing here, I thought you were gone’' said Mork, kneeling beside him


'' I left my things in your room '' Sniffed Pi


Mork began to reach out to hug him, but hesitated.


'' Pi? I'm so sorry, I didn't mean what I said ''


''Oh yeah ? You seemed to think so though, it came out so easily. '' Pi replied wryly.


'' No I promise you, I just said that to hurt because I was upset. You are an amazing person Pi. ''


"It's not what other people think."


‘’We piss them off! Most are jealous or just do it out of sheer meanness. They don't even think so and then even if they did, we don't care. It's only a ridiculous majority and you owe them nothing ''


Mork saw his boyfriend looking away. He frowned.


'' Pi? Did something happen today related to this? '' He saw him nod his head. "Is that why you don't wanna come to the party?" A second nod "Shit, sweetheart what happened?"


Pi sniffled and snuggled up in his boyfriend's arms as he sat down against him. ‘’As I walked to the bus this afternoon, I heard juniors talking about me. They said I wasn't worth you and that I looked ridiculous around you. So I didn't want you to take criticism because of me, or your family to blame you for dating me. ''


“Okay, so first of all, as soon as you meet this group again, you tell me, I'll have a little chat with them. Secondly, we have already spoken about it : as long as I am with you I am happy. I don't care what other people think. I care about you Pi Pattawee ''


Pi hugged Mork tighter before the latter continued.


‘’And you know, that my dad doesn't care about who I date as long as that person makes me happy. And my mother will be happy to meet you. As long as you don't criticize her Phaey Dok Mali , at least not in front of her, everything will be fine. '' Joked Mork


The other chuckled as he pulled him back slightly to look him in the eye.


“I'm not asking you to forgive me, because it's hard to forgive, and it would be too easy. I just want you to promise me that if this happens again, whether it's me or someone else, you won't let it go.''


"Okay I promise...I'm sorry, this is a ridiculous reaction" Pi whispered wiping away her last tears ‘’It’s just that I was so tired and...’’


"No don't," Mork said firmly, "Never apologize for feeling emotions, and especially don't let someone use your insecurities against you. No one has the right to do this whether it's a stranger, or your stupid boyfriend. Understood ?''


'' Very well‘'


"Alright sweetheart, come on let's go back to the bedroom" Mork said holding out his hand


Pi looked at him with a small smile and grabbed it. They walked towards the house.


"You better hug me tonight, otherwise I'll call Duean to come get me"


"He's on a date with my little brother, he wouldn’t come" Mork replied confidently.


'' I'll tell him that you made me cry''


"Oh god damn no, please I don't wanna die" he shuddered while his boyfriend burst out laughing.