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Prompts of BL couples

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Hi ! Welcome in the BL world !

I’m going to take prompts from you about BL ships (mostly from thai BL, but as you can see in the tags, there are some from South Korea, Philippines, Taiwan...)

It’s the first time that i’m posting fanfictions so please be indulgent with me (._.)


Sorry in advance if i made some mistakes, english is not my native langage (i’m french ◕‿◕ bonjour !)


If I receive too many prompts and/or if I have a lot of them in my waiting list, i’ll temporarily close them. When they are closed, I will indicate it on the «Summary» part. But don’t worry, they will be reopened as soon as i have finished writing those in progress)


I’m a student and sometimes i’m really busy (somebody save me from my evil teachers please), so I really don’t know what the regularity of the posts will be. But I will try my best !



You can ask prompts for all the relationships and fandoms present in the tags. The actors are in the "Relationships" tags, the characters of the series are included in their BL in the "Fandoms" tags (I could not put them directly because of the tag limit).

If you have an idea about a couple or a BL that is not in the tags, you can ask it. But please understand if i refuse because I haven’t seen the BL, or if I don’t particulary like the couple or the story :)


I accept polyamory and crossover

I can write NSFW, explicit or mature scenes, but not everytime if that’s possible, i would like to write some fluff sometimes (because fluff is life !)


Here are the tags that i will not write about, because i’m not comfortable with them : Major Character Death / Gore / Harm to children / Mpreg / Pregnancy / Boypussy / Age Play / Torture / Rape («Attempted rape» is accepted)

For now I will not write "Sad ending" because I am not good at it ('Sad with a happy ending" is accepted, "Angst with a Happy Ending" too )


That's all, I hope you will like my writings, and that you will have a good time of relaxation !

( ˘ ³˘)♥

Chapter Text

Bai Xiao Qian sighed loudly while looking at her work papers. She had to complete and send them before the end of the day but she was struggling with some managment topic. She looked at the other employees present in the room but she quickly understood that she will not going to have any help from them.Her fiance, Wang Jing, looked like he was going to pass out in front of his computer, and she knew that Shi Lei was working for another important case since a week.


Then, she decided to ask some help from the director of the SheiShei Studio. She knocked on the door of the office before entering.


‘’Excuse me sir, could I have your attention for a second ?’’ she asked while taking a step in direction of the director’s desk


The silence answered her question. Jin Yu Zhen was writing something and it didn’t looked like he had heard her.


‘’Sir ?’’ Bai Xiao Qian tried again ‘’I’m sorry to disturbing your work but…’’


‘’What is it about ?’’ asked the director without even looking at her


‘’Oh… well as you know, at the moment I’m working on the new product papers but I have some struggle, and I would like your advice’’


‘’I see’’ he said while looking up at her ‘’But i’m a little busy right now. Could you come back in some hours ?’’


She grunted internally but she knew it wasn’t really a question.


‘’It’s a little urgent but I guess I can wait a…’’


She was finishing her sentence when the door was suddenly open.


‘’Yu Zhen ! I really need your help with…’’ He saw his friend in the office and stopped himself. ‘’Oh i’m really sorry for interupting !’’


‘’Shi Lei !’’ His boyfriend smiled and gave him his attention istantly. His cold face was completly inexistant, and his eyes were sparkling at the simple sight of him ‘’It’s okay, there’s no problem ! What can I do for you ?’’


‘’Well could you come with me at the bank, they just called me and…’’


‘’Yes absolutly, I have time right now, let’s go’’ he said while getting up.


Bai Xiao Qian did a little startled sound but she didn’t had time to say something, the others two were already leaving the studio.


‘’But ! He said ! I just...’’ She stuttered while looking at the door left wide open ‘’What the hell ! Am I a stupid joke ?’’ She got out the studio while grumbling ‘’I can’t believe it !’’


Devasted, she came back to her desk and put the papers down. After some minutes for calming herself, she thought about the precedent situation. She did a little smile and made a discret laugh. Even if she was outraged by the absolute non-respect she had suffered, she had to confesse that the situation from the couple’s point of view was quite cute. Her boss, known for being cold and a little distant with his employees, didn’t even hesitate a second to devote himself for Shi Lei.


‘’I guess that now, Shi Lei have someone to help him and give him attention constantly’’ she mumbled quietly ‘’He’s not alone anymore I don’t have to worry for him….. a bit though, he’s still my weddind witness, I have to conserve him ! … Talking about wedding !’’


She turned to Wang Jing, who was still almost sleeping in front of his computer. She went behind him and slapped the behind of his face


‘’And you !’’ she exclaimed


‘’AHH ! The sky is falling !’’


‘’You ! You ran away like a coward the day when this stupid single rule was created ! What did I ever do to deserve that !’’ She fakely cried while simulating sobs and leaving the place.


‘’But… What’s going on ? What did I do ? Hey ! Bai Xiao Qian !…. Baby ? …. Hey, is there someone in here ?’’




Yan Zhao Gang was laying out the last ingredients in the plate for his boyfiend’s meal, who was patiently waiting at the bar. After putting it in front of him, the youngest made an excited face.


‘’Ow it looks like a cat face ! That’s so cute !’’


‘’Not as cute as you’’ Answered the cafe’s owner with a flirting wink


‘’Stop it ! Don’t say things like that in front of Cheng Luo !’’


The waitress, who was cleaning a table behind him, laughed. ‘’No way, I need to see this everyday to cheer me up !’’


The cofee’s doors opened and Jin Yu Zhen came in. Yan Zhao Gang greeted him.


‘’Hi, I thought you were supposed to eat at the studio today, how come you’re here ?


‘’Hi, I’m not really here to eat, I’m…. Could you…’’ A redness appeared on his cheeks, it was something the cafe’s owner didn’t have the use to see ‘’Would it bothered you to make me a takeway for two people ? Shi Lei is really tired these days, he works hard, and I want him to rest at home. That’s why I was thinking about warming up one of your meals. He won’t have to cook and he really love them.’’


‘’I see how it is ! That’s very king of you, taking care of your boyfriend like that’’ Said his friend, insisting on the word ‘’boyfriend’’.


‘’Oh come on, don’t be like that, and it’s not like you were doing the same thing’’ Said the director with a ironic tone and pointing at Wu Si Qi.


The latter began to cough, having swallowed askew. ‘’I wasn’t even in the conversation, I was just mindind my business !’’ He whined while taking the glass of water that Yan Zhao Gang was handing him.


‘’Okay okay, calm down, I will prepare your takeway. It’s going to be ready in 20 minutes, is that okay ?’’


‘’Yes, thank you. I’ll come back in fifteen, I have to pass a professional call’’ He said while going out, the redness still present on his face.


Zhao Gang smiled while looking at the now closed doors. He then heard a throat clearing and turned to his boyfriend.


‘’Why were you smiling like that ?’’ He asked with his cheeks stuffed.


‘’Why, jealous ?’’


‘’No way, I'm just curious’’ He answered with a little pout


‘’Cute’’ mumbled the barman ‘’I was just happy to see Yu Zhen like that. After his breakup with Yi Zi Tong, and his accident, I had the impression that my friend was no longer alive. But now it’s like he had a reborn, he’s no longer suffering from loneliness. And I can see him express emotions again.’’


‘’That’s right, Shi Lei is more open to people now. I guess that they were meant for each other, and they can move forward together.’’


‘’Wow… that’s really deep, what’s going on ?’’


‘’Could I have more ?’’ Si Qi said, holding out his plate.


‘’Yeah okay, that’s my boyfriend’’

Chapter Text

Tee was typing on his computer, leaning against the headboard. He had to finsih a work before the end of the week, and it was already wednesday night. A dry cough interrumpted his train of thought. He turned to the limp body rolled up in a blanket next to him. Here laid his boyfriend, who just let his eyes stick out from the cocoon.


‘’Oh Mork, you’re awake. How are you feeling ?’’


‘’Like i’m dying’’ Complained the other


‘’Come on, it’s just a flu, it’s not going to kill you’’ Chuckled Tee while returning to his work


‘’But I don’t feel my muscles anymore...I have stifness everywhere’’


Indeed, the sick boy were not able to move his members, it was like they weighted a ton. He could go back to sleep, but his mental state was so bad that he needeed Tee to be more close to his body. He took all the strenght that stayed in him, and crawled up to the working boy’s lap.


‘’Oy Mork ! How am I supposed to type on my computer like that ?’’


‘’By not doing it’’ Mumbled Mork, closing his eyes.


Tee did a little smile while looking at his boyfriend’s face. Even if he was a little pale due to the sickness, he still had the beautiful features. But the work return in his mind, especially the deadline.


‘’Hey, come on, I have to continue working, you wouldn’t want me to fail this course right ?




‘’Good, so move your head a little, I have to…’’


‘’I wasn’t responding to the question’’


‘’Sorry ?’’


‘’No as <<No you can’t get back to work>>’’ Answered Mork while turned his head to stick his face in Tee’s belly.


The latter grunted desperately. ‘’I can’t believe you… The deadline is in two days’’


‘’You said this morning that you just had some complements to add. You can finish it tomorrow’’


‘’Mork don’t be a baby’’ Said Tee while ruffling the other’s hair


‘’Come on Tee… I’m really tired and I want to feel you against me. I promise that i’ll leave you alone tomorrow, I won’t be a bother !’’


Tee said nothing, he just slowly continue to caress his boyfriend’s top of head.


‘’I feel so awful… Please my Tee..’’ Cried Mork, rubbing his face against his pyjamas


The student let out a big sigh ‘’Okay you know what, you’ve won’’. He moved the head on his lap and put it on the mattress before leaving the bed.


‘’Tee ?’’ Called a worried Mork, because his boyfriend was leaving the room ‘’Tee where are you going ? I’m sorry I’ll stop ! You can go back to work’’ The silence answered him during two long minutes‘’… I just wanted some affection’’ He said with a sad face


But before bad thought had time to come in his brain, Tee came back in the room with a jar and a glass of water.


‘’Come on handsome, eat some honey, your throat will get better’’ He handed him a full spoon from the jar ’’Do you want some water after that ?’’


Mork ate the bite of honey, before looking up at Tee with glassy eyes ‘’Yes please’’


‘’Oh Mork what’s going on ? Did you think I was gone ?’’ He received a nodding head as an answer ‘’I’m really sorry, I should have told you I was going to the kitchen. Come here, let me hold you’’


He took the boy in his arms and rubbed his back gently.


‘’It’s going to be okay. I will take good care of you and this stupid flu will leave you alone. Here, you can sleep, I’m not leaving you’’


Mork laid himself on his boyfriend and smiled, relieved that he wasn’t angry or anything.


‘’Thank you my Tee… Rak na~’’ He said while yawning


‘’I love you too’’ Answered Tee, laying the blanket on the sick boy who was already falling asleep.

Chapter Text

Tian was listening to his professor’s class ending speech, when someone tugged at his sleeve. He turned to his friend Cheryl, who seemed too excited for a normal student since the begggining of the day.


‘’Tian come on let’s go !’’ Said Cheryl while collecting her things


‘’What, but we can’t leave like that, Mr.Parker didn’t allow us to go out’’


At the exact same time, the professor was saying goodbye to his classe, and the first rows were already leaving the amphitheater.


‘’Okay he did now, can we leave ?’’


‘’What’s going on with you today, this is the first time in a year that I’ve seen you this excited on campus !’’


‘’But today is a special day ! Ouch !’’ She exclaimed while rubbing her elbow


Will, their other friend and the author of the nudge, gave her an insistent gaze. Tian was a little lost, but he knew that his american friends can be strange sometimes, so he decided that it didn’t matters.




The three friends was walking towards the rest area of the campus, a vast field of grass where students and teachers can come clear their mind or study under the sun. Tian was between Cheryl and Will, and the latter was constantly typing on his phone.


‘’Hey mate, are you talking again with the man that you met on the bar last month ?’’


He leaned down to pretend to watch the texts, but without doing it on purpose, he saw the last message and the sender’s name.


TUL (Thai boy)

The meeting place has been foud 👌


‘’What ! Tul ? MY Tul ? Like in MY best friend Tul ?’’ He shouted while clenching his friend’s arm


‘’Hey mate, calm donw, what are you talking about ?’’ Said Will, turning off his phone ‘’Are you missing your country that much to the point to see your friends everywhere ?’’


‘’I’ve seen the name ! And the ‘’Thai boy’’ !


Cheryl put a calming hand on his shoulder ‘’Hey Tian, don’t shout that loudly ! And think about the situation, how could it be possible that Will is talking with your thai friend ? We didn’t even see him when he came to visit you last hollyday’’


Tian was septical, but he began to believe her, maybe Will was right, he was just missing his friends so damn much.


‘’I’m sorry’’ He said, devasted ‘’I just really want to see them’’


‘’The people of your mountain village ?’’ Asked Will


‘’Yeah… I miss the kids, they must have all grown up now. And the adults, I miss talking to them and helping them while going around the village at the end of the day class. And…’’


‘’He’s going to talk about his super ranger’’ whispered Cheryl with a grin in Will’s ear.


‘’And my Chief… Shit I know he’s waiting for me, and i will see him in two years, but it’s so damn difficult. I send him letters, and he answers them when he has time, but’s it’s not the same thing. I just want to see the man I love in front of my eyes’’


Cheryl opened her mouth, but after a quick look at Will, she just gave a comfortful pat on Tian’s back.


‘’I’m sorry guys, I’m ruining the mood. It’s weekend, we should be happy for that.’’


‘’Don’t worry mate, we understand’’ Will smiled gently ‘’You know what, to cheer you up, we’re going to go buy some drinks at the cafeteria.’’


‘’Okay let’s go’’ Answered Tian while beggining to go on the cafeteria’s direction


‘’Oh no ! We don’t all need to go ! You can wait on this bench, can you keep our bags ?’’


Surprised, Tian took their bags and watched his friends walk away. He went to the bench and sat on it, his mind busy thinking about Pha Pun Dao. He thought about his Chief’s face. Even if he hadn’t see him since one year, he remembered each one of his features. Above all, he remembered his sweet gaze and his calm voice when he was saying…


‘’Tian ?’’


With a startl, Tian tourned around towards the voice calling his name. Behind the bench, at just 10 meters from him, stood Phupha, a little smile on his face, but with a slight worry in his eyes, as if he was apprehending Tian’s reaction.


Slowly, Tian got up and began walking in the other’s direction.


‘’Chief ?’’ He called, both hope and incredulity in his voice ‘’Chief is that really you ?’’


‘’Yes Tian, it’s really me’’ Said the ranger ‘’I couldn’t wait… OW’’ Huffed the ranger, collecting a jumping Tian in his arm.


‘’I missed you so much !’’ Cried the ex-teacher ‘’I can’t believe you’re here, if this is a dream i never want to wake up ! How is that even possible ?’’


Smiling, Phupha put him down, but didn’t let him leave his arms.


‘’I organized myself to have some free time, I asked your friend Tul if he could help me surprise you. If I understood correctly, your friends from college are accomplices too.’’


‘’Motherfuckers’’ Mumbled Tian without looking away from his boyfriend eyes for a second ‘’Fo how long are you there ?’’


‘’One week’’


‘’Wow it’s a long travelling for a few days’’


‘’Yes but it’s for seeing you. It’s worth everything’’ He kissed his forehead tenderly


Tears escaped from Tian’s eye. The Chief quickly wiped them away before continuing to speak.


‘’I'm looking for a place to sleep during my stay, do you have any idea?’’


‘’Dumb of you to think that you have a choice. You stay in my apartment, no discussion possible’’


‘’I’ll be happy with that’’ Phupha caressed Tian’s cheek before taking him back in a hug.




A little further from the scene of the couple's reunion, stood Cheryl and Will, the latter filming the scene. He cut the video, and did a little jump of satisfaction before sending it to Tul.


‘’Well, that's it. Come on, let's leave them together, let's go home, we'll do the introductions later. ''


‘’Shit’’ Hiccuped Cheryl ‘’How are we supposed to pick up our bags now’’


‘’Oh fuck’’

Chapter Text

Pi was running towards the bus station to going back home. He was supposed to meet Mork there and he was late because of one of the professors. They’ve decided to stay in his house for the night to spend some time together.


However, he stopped himself when he heard someone say his name. There was a group of students , two girls and one boy, who was sitting on a table and chatting while watching their phone


‘’This noon’’ Began the boy ‘’I saw Pi at Mork’s table’’


‘’When does this boy will understand that he should have nothing to do with him’’ Answered one a the girls.


‘’Yeah’’ Said the other ‘’When I see them walking next to each other, he seems sooooo ridiculous compared to Mork. He’s sooo not worth it, he doesn’t deserve him’’


Pi rushed out before hearing more harsh words. He didn’t want to think about it and tried to expelled them from his head. He just wanted to see Mork and go to is place.




He was sitting on the bench at the bus stop, his headphone playing some relaxing music. But internaly, he was anything but relaxed. The sentences were repeating in his mind.

Suddenly, one side of his headphone was lift up.


‘’Missed me ?’’ Whispered Mork in his ear


‘’Shia Mork ! You scared me !’’


‘’It doesn’t answer my question’’


‘’No ! We’ve seen each other during lunch, why would I miss you for just some hours ?’’ He mumbled, but the redness on his cheeks proved that he was lying


Mork didn’t have time to say anything because of the bus’ arrival.




The couple was lying on Mork’s bed, with the head of the latter on Pi’s lap. They were comfortably talking about their day and some random things. They let a blank settle in during some minutes, Pi was on the verge of falling asleep, when Mork’s voice brought him back to reality.


‘’I have a family party next week’’


‘’Okay ? And what, you don’t want to go ?


‘’I do ! But I was thinking about going with you.’’


‘’Eh ? Why would I go to one of your family party’’


‘’I want to introduce you to everyone’’

Pi didn’t say anything right away, he needed some time for the information to reach his brain


‘’What !? What do you mean by ‘introduce me’ ?’’


‘’What do you think ?’’ Mork chuckled ‘’Introduce you as my boyfriend of course’’


‘’Have you gone crazy ?’’ Pi said with desbelief on his face.


‘’Why ? Meen is bringing Duean.’’


‘’But Duean is Duean. We’re talking about me !


Mork sighed and got off the other’s lap


‘’I don’t get what is the problem Pi ! We’ve been dating for seven months !’’


‘’Okay and ? I’m not going !’’


‘’Why ?’’ Mork was beginning to lose his patience ‘’It’s important for me !’’


‘’And have you thought about me ?’’ Screamed Pi ‘’I don’t want to be seen by your family’’


‘’What the hell Pi !’’ Screamed back his boyfriend ‘’Do you hear yourself ?’’


‘’Mork have you seen me ? I have no prestance at all, I will be ridiculous among all the guests !’’


Mork exhaled deeply, and tried to calm Pi down.


‘’No you won’t, and i’ll stay with you all night’’


‘’ Exactly ! I’m not… You’re so… You don’t understand !’’


‘’Well explain me, Pi please, I just want to understand !’’ Begged Mork


‘’ I must not go to this party, I don’t want to !’’


‘’Oh so that’s it ! You just don’t want to go ! Even if it’s an important thing to me, you won’t make an effort for me right ?’’


‘’No listen to me, i’m thinking about…’’


‘’About yourself !! You’re always thinking about yourself, you always do things for yourself !’’


‘’Mork…’’ Pi’s eyes were fulled of hurt ‘’I…’’


‘’You said that you had no friends, well it’s normal !’’


A heavy silence followed this sentence. Mork looked like he realised the words he just said. And Pi were completly tetanized.


‘’Pi, I’m sorry’’ Tried Mork, but the other left the room ‘’Pi wait please ! Shit !’’




Once down in the garden, Mork went to the street and looked everywhere for Pi. Not seeing him, he panicked and pulled out his phone to call him. However, he was surprised to hear his boyfriend ringing from his garden. When he returned to his house, he saw Pi, sitting curled up against the hedge, his head in his arms.


'' Pi ! What are you doing here, I thought you were gone’' said Mork, kneeling beside him


'' I left my things in your room '' Sniffed Pi


Mork began to reach out to hug him, but hesitated.


'' Pi? I'm so sorry, I didn't mean what I said ''


''Oh yeah ? You seemed to think so though, it came out so easily. '' Pi replied wryly.


'' No I promise you, I just said that to hurt because I was upset. You are an amazing person Pi. ''


"It's not what other people think."


‘’We piss them off! Most are jealous or just do it out of sheer meanness. They don't even think so and then even if they did, we don't care. It's only a ridiculous majority and you owe them nothing ''


Mork saw his boyfriend looking away. He frowned.


'' Pi? Did something happen today related to this? '' He saw him nod his head. "Is that why you don't wanna come to the party?" A second nod "Shit, sweetheart what happened?"


Pi sniffled and snuggled up in his boyfriend's arms as he sat down against him. ‘’As I walked to the bus this afternoon, I heard juniors talking about me. They said I wasn't worth you and that I looked ridiculous around you. So I didn't want you to take criticism because of me, or your family to blame you for dating me. ''


“Okay, so first of all, as soon as you meet this group again, you tell me, I'll have a little chat with them. Secondly, we have already spoken about it : as long as I am with you I am happy. I don't care what other people think. I care about you Pi Pattawee ''


Pi hugged Mork tighter before the latter continued.


‘’And you know, that my dad doesn't care about who I date as long as that person makes me happy. And my mother will be happy to meet you. As long as you don't criticize her Phaey Dok Mali , at least not in front of her, everything will be fine. '' Joked Mork


The other chuckled as he pulled him back slightly to look him in the eye.


“I'm not asking you to forgive me, because it's hard to forgive, and it would be too easy. I just want you to promise me that if this happens again, whether it's me or someone else, you won't let it go.''


"Okay I promise...I'm sorry, this is a ridiculous reaction" Pi whispered wiping away her last tears ‘’It’s just that I was so tired and...’’


"No don't," Mork said firmly, "Never apologize for feeling emotions, and especially don't let someone use your insecurities against you. No one has the right to do this whether it's a stranger, or your stupid boyfriend. Understood ?''


'' Very well‘'


"Alright sweetheart, come on let's go back to the bedroom" Mork said holding out his hand


Pi looked at him with a small smile and grabbed it. They walked towards the house.


"You better hug me tonight, otherwise I'll call Duean to come get me"


"He's on a date with my little brother, he wouldn’t come" Mork replied confidently.


'' I'll tell him that you made me cry''


"Oh god damn no, please I don't wanna die" he shuddered while his boyfriend burst out laughing.


Chapter Text

Tang Yi was running like crazy in the city’s streets. He had just received a call from Shao Fei begging him to come and help him. He barely had time to give him the address when the call ended.


When he arrived in the hangar, a heavy silence hung over the place. He started frantically calling for his boyfriend, while pointing his gun in front of him.


He walked over to what looked like a closet, and saw a note on the door that read "It's your fault, he paid the price for your actions."


With strong anxiety in his stomach, Tang Yi opened the closet’s door. Behind it was Shao Fei, lying on the ground, eyes open but lifeless, a bullet hole in his forehead.


Tang Yi gave a shrill, broken howl and fell beside his boyfriend's body. He was screaming his name and begging him to wake up and not leave him. Then his eyesight began to cloud and darkness engulfed him.




Tang Yi woke up with a start and shot frantic looks all around him. He was in his room, and seeing the little light in the room, it was still night, or at least very early in the morning. His first thought was to look next to him in bed. Here lay Shao Fei. Turned towards him, the ex-mafia could hear his calm breathing.


He realized this was all a nightmare, and let out a long, shaking sigh of relief. He hesitated to wake his boyfriend, but didn't dare disturb his sleep. Still needing reassurance, he snuggled up gently against him. However, he didn't expect that Shao Fei wasn't sleeping.


“Tang Yi? Are you okay?'' He waited for a simple positive response to return to his attempt to sleep, but no sound came to him. However, he felt that Tang Yi was trembling slightly against him.


Wanting to understand the situation, Shai Fei released an arm from the embrace and turned on the small bedside lamp to lightly light their faces. One look at Tang Yi's tense features and frightened eyes, and he understood immediately. It wasn't the first time this had happened.


"Come on, come here" he said, gently resting Tang Yi's head on his neck.


"I'm sorry" sobbed the latter "I just… I believed… I did… You were…"


"Shhh, everything is fine, I’m here, I’m alive, we are out of danger"


Tang Yi did a small cough, but Shao Fei heard a small hidden sob.


"You can cry, it's totally okay, just please remember I'm with you , I'm not leaving you"


This sentence was enough for his boyfriend to completely release himself, and he began to sob against his neck. So he began to gently stroke his hair and his back, humming softly.


After a while, he felt him breathe in his neck, he understood that he was trying to smell his scent. Tang Yi often did this during a post-nightmare or stressful period.


Then, he pulled his head back slightly, but not withdrawing from Shao Fei's arms. He looked up at the latter, who gave him a soft smile to continue to soothe him.


‘’It's completely natural to have nightmares, okay? And don't be upset about living them badly. If I have to hold you like this every night, I will. And it gives me a chance to have you in my arms '' He said, laughing softly.


‘’Shao Fei ?’’


‘’Yes ?’’


‘’ Wǒ ài nǐ ’


‘’Wǒ yě ài nǐ ‘’


That night, after the two lovers fell asleep again, no nightmare arose. However, they did not break their embrace until dawn.


Chapter Text

Everyone in the cheerleader group was in the meeting room. They had all been sitting for 2 hours trying to brainstorm ideas for the next choreography. Tine watched each member carefully. Green was talking, gesturing frantically as usual. Pear nodded, listening intently. Fang took notes and commented regularly. Phukong was smiling as he looked at his phone (not hard to guess he was talking to his boyfriend). As for the other members, they approved or argued from time to time the ideas proposed.


Everything seemed to fit together to look like an ideal reunion. But for Tine, it was quite the opposite. From the start, despite the diversity of ideas proposed, and the large number of people in the room, he was always given the task of giving decisions. For every idea, without exceptions, it was always the same.


‘’What do you think P'Tine?’’

‘’ Good idea, let's ask P'Tine ‘’

‘’No, Tine looks skeptical, it's true that it's not necessarily an ideal movement, let's think again ‘’

'' I’m okay with that if Tine is too’’


He was starting to be very annoyed with the situation. It was not his role to make final decisions, he wanted everyone to have a say. For him it was important that everyone was satisfied, at least the majority of the members.


For five minutes, he had been trying to be discreet. A junior had just presented a rather realistic and original idea. Green gave an enthusiastic sound and clapped his hands. Everyone else seemed to be satisfied and nodded.


'Ah there it is, they finally made a group decision' Thought Tine, greatly relieved


"This is awesome, Tine do you validate it?"


Well shit.




After coming out of this seemingly endless reunion, Tine was sitting at a table outside with his two friends : Fong and Ohm. The latter two were debating which outing they should do together on saturday night.


"But we already went to the bar last weekend Ohm" Fong retorted


‘’So ? It's not forbidden to go back there ''


‘’But we should change a little, we must do something a little quieter, why not a movie ? There is the last Avengers coming out ''


`` But the problem is that after 2 hours we will be finished, what will we do after that ? ''


`` Well the problem with the bar is that after 2 hours, you will be completely drunk ''


‘’You false friend ! Liar !’’ Ohm said, offended


'' Calm down kid ! Tine, what do you want ? ''


‘’ I don't know, I have no preferences, choose what you want '' Mumbled the latter


''The movie !''


''The alcohol !''


'' Alcoholic ! ''


''Boring !''


‘’Tine, choose !’’


‘’Yes ! We’ll go where you want’’


'' Raaaaaah '' Tine shouted as he banged his head against the table.


‘’ Dude what the hell !? ''


“Tine, are you dead ?’’ Ohm asked tapping on the back of his head.


No, but he would rather be.




Sarawat opened the front door of the apartment. He came home late because he had a rehearsal with his band. And P'Dim, with his eternal dissatisfaction, had released them much later than expected.

He had sent a message to Tine to warn him to eat without him.


'' Tine, I'm home ''


A human growl from the bedroom answered him. After putting down his bag and his guitar, he walked into the room. His boyfriend was lying face down on the blanket in the middle of the bed. Seen from the doorway, he looked like a beached starfish.


Sarawat smiled and walked over to him. He stretched out gently (to not hurt him) on top of him and plunged his nose into his neck.


"Hey you ... how was your day?"


''... Too long ''


Sarawat hummed softly in his neck. Tine turned, still under him, but this time facing him. They stared at each other for long minutes, giving each other an intense gaze filled with strong affection. Then simultaneously, they leaned over and gave each other a soft kiss. The cheerleader sighed in satisfaction and deepened the kiss, wrapping his arms around the other's neck. Sarawat smiled in the kiss, and ran his right hand behind his back under the shirt, his left hand stroking his cheek.


He felt chills appear where his hand brushed the skin of Tine's back. He tried to test the water by lifting the bottom of the shirt slightly. Feeling Tine stand up slightly to give him access, he understood that he was giving him permission, and removed it completely. He also removed his and smirked when he saw his boyfriend ogle his chest and abs.


Tine was completely mesmerized by the body of the musician standing right in front of his eyes. He felt the excitement slowly rising in his body.


"What do you want me to do?" He whispered


"What you want, what you decide" Sarawat replied with a smile


Freezing for a few seconds, Tine finally gave a cry of frustration and stood up, almost knocking Sarawat off the bed.


“Oh, damn it, what do you all have today, keep letting me decide? You know what, what I 'want' to do is NOTHING. Please I want to stop making choices today. I'm sick of having this power to make decisions and give instructions! ''


At first completely shocked by the sudden change of mood, Sarawat was completely immobilized and stared at Tine with wide eyes. The latter had lengthened and hid his face in his hands, ashamed to have raised the tone against his boyfriend who had done absolutely nothing.


Then, the musician figured out the problem. It was pretty rare, but it wasn't the first time it had happened. There were times Tine felt like he had too much power, too much hold over those around him. He then needed to let go completely, whether it was by letting Sarawat decide on the organization of their evening, or as now, in intimate moments.


"Okay I see" he said, resting next to the other's body


"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have ..."


''Take off your pant''


''...What ?''


'' Did I stutter ? ''


Tine paused, then gazing into Sarawat's gaze, he saw a mixture of understanding and seriousness. He then assimilated what the latter wanted to do, and gave him a grateful smile before obeying him.


''Alright, give me your hands '' When he did, he placed them over his head '' You're going to keep them here, okay? '' He saw him nod his head '' Good boy ''


Sarawat took off his pants and underpants before leaning over his boyfriend and giving him a deep kiss. Tine kissed him back and closed his eyes, letting himself be carried away by it. He let out a little cry when he felt the other boy gently bite his bottom lip.


The musician parted his lips and gently kissed his cheek, his jaw, his neck, his collarbone. He breathed lightly on one of his nipples before descending to the level of his stomach, which he covered with kisses.


He then put his hands on the 'boobs' he was addicted to. When he began to knead them, Tine had a reflex to open his eyes and move his arms, directing them towards Sarawat.


“No, what did I tell you? Hands above your head, baby '' He said with a tone of rebuke, but a slight mocking smile on his lips.


"Sorry," Tine apologized, placing his arms back as requested, and closing his eyes as he felt the kisses continue on his stomach, like a reward for his obedience.


After a while, Sarawat removed his hands from the chest, and gently spread his legs to position himself between them.


He bent his upper body to open the nightstand drawer and get some lube out of it. He opened the bottle and ran it over the fingers of his right hand. With the other hand, he gently stroked Tine's hip.


‘’Fold your legs, feet on the blanket ''


Tine was in heaven, he couldn't ask for better. His lover was in full control, while remaining gentle as much as possible. He did so, placing his legs as requested, and felt a Sarawat finger tickle his entrance. He then made a small moan of pleasure, but the dominant was not sure to interpret it as such.


‘’Is this okay ?’’


Being a little confused by the surge of desire, Tine did not answer right away. Believing to detect a hesitation or a fear, the gaze of his boyfriend automatically softened and he pulled his fingers back.


'' Tine? Do you want to stop? ''


'' What? No, no, you can continue! ''


'' Are you sure? ''


'' Yes '' he said with a soft laughing before giving a quick peck on the other's lips '' I want it, don’t stop please ''


He knew that if he changed his mind, at any time and without any exceptions, Sarawat would stop without hesitation.


Having received consent to continue, Sarawat gave a quick kiss on Tine's knee, then brought a phalanx inside. Tine opened his mouth slightly during the intrusion. After making sure everything was okay, he dug his finger deeper. He moved it slowly to begin to part the flesh. With his free hand, he passed Tine's right leg over his shoulder, in order to have more access. He then introduced a second finger little by little. He saw that the cheerleader was watching his cock intensely.


"Do you wanna touch?" He asked, receiving a frantic nod from his boyfriend, "Well no’’


‘’Why ??’’ Complained Tine


‘’Because I'm the one who decides baby" He chuckled


Tine pouted and whispered a little 'Saraleo'. But the pout quickly disappeared, replaced by a sudden moan, as Sarawat's fingers reached his ball of nerves. After long minutes of fingering and kissing on the legs, the musician felt that Tine was sufficiently prepared. He then gently withdrew his fingers and grabbed the bottle of lubricant to spread a necessary amount on his penis. Having been in their relationship for a while, they had both been tested for sexually transmitted diseases, so they no longer used condoms.


Without stopping for a single moment to look Tine in the eye, Sarawat slowly entered him. Once he was completely inside, he leaned in to kiss his boyfriend.


"I love you" he whispered against his lips


‘’I love you too Wat ''


Sarawat therefore began to make the movements while grabbing Tine's hands, which he pressed in his against the mattress, on either side of his head. The latter uttered little cries of pleasure, alternated with moans. After this mentally tough day, he could finally let go, while feeling pleasure, thanks to Sarawat.


Continuing to make love to his lover, the musician passed his arms around his neck, so that he had something to hang on. From their common experience, he now knew his boyfriend's body well, so he knew how to easily give him intense pleasure. It is also for this reason that, when he felt Tine twitch, he immediately knew that it would not be long before he came. He felt besides that he was also not far from coming.


“Tine, I want to come inside, can I?” He knew that Tine wanted to avoid making decisions, but he refused to take any action against his will.


'' Yes you can '' Tine moaned, on the verge of ecstasy '' Just, please, quickly ''


Sarawat then gave him a passionate kiss, and after a few thrusts, he came, moaning against his mouth. Just seconds later, Tine joined him, spilling onto his own stomach. He pulled away from him then and, in order not to hurt him, collapsed beside him and stroked his hip as they were both catching their breath.


"Thanks for that" He finally whispered, grabbing the hand on his hip.


"It's normal baby, are you feeling better?"


"Yes, that was perfect thank you" He replied kissing him softly, dozing off a little


`` Hey don't fall asleep, we have to go take a shower ''


Tine then stretched out his arms towards him, making grabby hands.


'' Okay I see, come on I'll take you there '' Sarawat laughed, hugging Tine and starting to walk towards the bathroom


'' Next time I'll ride you '' Tine said quietly, resting his head against his chest.


Sarawat choked, almost letting him fall.