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In This Lifetime

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Inside the church, a few people and, concerningly enough, several of the undead occupy the space. One of them— a skeleton— sighs as he closes the bottle of suspicious red liquid with a skull drawing plastered on it.

Three of the occupants were on the younger side. One of them, a tall and handsome man with dark brown doe eyes wearing a formal suit is seen fretting over a beautiful maiden.

The third one stands behind them, sadness and adoration in his dimmed eyes. He would look handsome if it wasn't for his decaying body, parts of his body and face caved in. His supposed white suit, dirtied by soot and years of being underground. His blue lips curl into a bittersweet smile. He clutches the bouquet of dead flowers tighter in his hands.

It's time.  The undead man realizes. His heart feels lighter with the knowledge.

The wind blows into the church past the entrance and hits his face. It's comforting, like the deities above are calling for him.

He walks forward, away from the altar he was standing by and towards the church doors.

'Suppasit?' A voice calls him.

He looks back, his dark eyes meeting hazel. Concern etched in those irises.

'I made a promise to you.' The hazel eyes boy tells Suppasit.

'And you've kept it, through and through you have fulfilled your promise to me.' Suppasit smiles, teary eyed. 'Now it's time for me to go.'

'Go? go where?'

'It's time. It's my time.'

'What does that even mean?' The hazel eyed man doesn't understand.

'In fulfilling your promise, you have also given me my peace. I can move on, I can go.' Suppasit walked towards, hands hesitant but nevertheless reached out to lightly touch the man his heart (albeit no longer beating) now belonged to. 'I have no reason to stay.'

'What about me?'

'I love you, Kana.' The man smiled, his cold bony fingers cupping the other man's cheek. Silent tears falling down his caved cheeks. 'But you're not mine, you never were.'

'I...' Kana trails off and Suppasit understands. He always does.

'Thank you for loving me even if it was just for a moment, it was a beautiful and wonderful moment I will cherish forever because even if it is just a moment, you gave me a taste of what it could have been, i have no regrets for that, you promised me devotion and love despite its beginning not being ideal.' Suppasit feels tears, he never understood how he, an undead, can still feel these emotions. It is both a blessing and a curse. 'I was a groom; that was stolen from me and I almost stole that from someone else, that's not fair.'

The undead man looks past Kana, the beautiful maiden that was dressed in a wedding gown, watching them silently.

'Take care of him for me?' Suppasit asks her. 'Listen to him when he goes off on tangents that you don't particularly understand but adore because it's endearing how happy he sounds? Ngor him even when he's trying to play hard to get and please, just love him.' Suppasit looks back at Kana, his own eyes shining with unshed tears. 'Love him for me...please, Bow?'

Bow looks at them, eyes flitting to the almost lovers and simply nods. Suppasit nods back a grateful smile on his lips.

Another gust of wind blows, a bit stronger than the first one and Suppasit understands his time is almost up. How bittersweet to leave the love of your life. How bittersweet knowing they will be loved and cared for like they deserved– just not by you. It never was meant for Suppasit, he believes.

'We are not meant for this lifetime but maybe perhaps.....' Suppasit begins, 'maybe the next lifetime will be kinder to us, maybe the fates will let me love you and let you love me back, perhaps.'

Kana doesn't reply and Suppasit thinks maybe it's for the best. Laughing, he draws his hand away from Kana's cheek.

'Maybe that's just wishful thinking, indulge me will you?' Suppasit tries to tease. He pulls off the wedding band wrapped around his wedding finger. He gently takes Kana's, placing the ring on his palm, curling it to hold it in place. 'Find me in the next life, maybe that'll truly belong to me there.'

Kana smiles, a wet chuckle leaving his chestnut lips. Suppasit doesn't say anything, stepping away, he turns around and walks away. Walking farther away from the love of his life and the woman, along with the family he made in his time in the afterlife, his chest lightens and aches at the same time.

Kana watches as the undead man walks away and then feels a warm hand holding his own. Dainty smooth hands comfortingly intertwining to his, a complete contrast to the large, bony, cold ones that gently held his cheek with the utmost affection. He watches as Suppasit looks back again, he smiles, flinging the dead bouquet back.

Bow catches, their eyes meet. Bow gives him a small smile. Kana and her look back again to Suppasit to see his chest begin to glow.

A white light engulfing Suppasit, a white wisp curling around him. The light becomes a beam and bursts into a swarm of baby blue butterflies. Kana and Bow walk to the entrance.

Most fly towards the moon. A stray one hovers, it flies landing on Kana's nose, sitting there for a few seconds and then follows the rest of the swarm.

Kana stares at the butterflies flying away.

Find me in the next life, Kana.

I will.  Kana promises the moon.


Gulf's body jolts awake. A cold sweat, hazel eyes wide and disoriented, the dream still fresh and vivid in his mind. Taking a couple seconds to steady his breathing, he can't help but feel shaky. His heart aching and longing in tandem with the Kana man in his dream.

He rubs his face. The dreams revolving around these people have been existent since he was a child. Usually they were mundane, well, after the initial shock of the undead factor. But this has been repeating for the past weeks.

'I'm going crazy.' Gulf thinks.

He looks to his left, his dorm room window giving him a clear view of the full moon. He feels a twinge in his chest.

'Find me in the next life.' Gulf whispers.

He stares at the night sky, wondering what it all means to him. He hums, a soothing melody that feels ingrained in his entire being, to soothe his nerves.

'I really hope he does, Suppasit.' Gulf tells the moon.