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What We Hide, What We Find

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Rest your weary head

To the bastard who said pregnancy was a blessing. Porsche had a bullet awaiting its new owner.

There was nothing glorious or magical about being a victim of some parasitic creature.

Don’t start with me, Chè

For months Kinn’s bastard had been making his life a hell as if the creature had to make up for the lack of its father’s presence.

He should have known this kid would be as needy as its father.

If Porsche didn’t need to pee, he had to vomit.

It was a never-ending cycle. One he would not be sad to see go once he held his child.

If it wasn’t only physically draining it was also financially burdening. Porsche was slowly going grey wondering where he would get the money needed to support his child.

A large number of items, Porsche had not been able to afford. One of which was a crib but Porsche figured he could share his bed with his baby.

His landlady said she could buy it for him but Porsche forbade her to do so. He did not want to accept more of her charity. He knew she was allowing them to pay the cheapest rent and with Che just now working, there was some money they could save. Why bother wasting so much money when the kid was going to be sleeping in a bed anyway.

Porsche had been looking over their savings as he sat at the table. A cup of tea beside him.

He missed liquor and his cigarettes.

Withdraws sucked ass.

He heaved a large sigh as he saw how much they would be losing as he quit his job next month.

He was already so large and he didn’t want to risk his child being harmed by a drunk or being seen by someone.

Kinn had spies and informants all over the city, awaiting to sell their info. Porsche refused to be discovered. No one had taken his life yet and no one was going to take his child’s.

As much as Porsche bitched about his soon to be born child, he did love them. Spending hours imagining what they would look like or act like.

He hoped they would have a gift for music.

More bills and less money. Wasn’t that a constant problem in Porsche’s short life?

He placed his hand on his extended stomach. He felt the tiny foot kick.

“What a good little fighter.” Porsche whispered to his child and to himself. To remember what to fight for.

“Big Bro, come here.” Chè called as he tried to enter through the door.

Porsche used the table to get to his feet. And waddled his way to his younger sibling.

Chè had in front of him a large embellished cradle, honestly Porsche would have slept on the thing if he could.

An emerald green bedding, pillows and fine smooth wood.

It was beautiful and Porsche knew it cost a pretty penny. Pennies they did not have.

“Take it back!” Porsche ordered, inside he was freaking out.

How much had Chè spent on this?

“I can’t the boss said it was a reward for working so hard.” Chè said as he pushed the baby bed to Porsche’s room.

“What? Why?” Porsche questioned. What kind of boss did this?

“The family said they weren’t having another baby and I mentioned my sister was pregnant.” Chè wasn’t looking at his older brother but Porsche didn’t notice.

He was still panicking but Chè was there to smooth his feathers.

“I told them I would work this off, so now I will be gone for a little longer during the day. Maybe a few nights.” Chè babbled but Porsche half heard him.

He went to help his brother carry the needed item.

When his son was born it had taken him a week to use the donated crib, choosing to keep his infant in his own bed. His irrational fear of Kinn appearing like a mythical monster too strong with the many fresh waves of hormones. Making themselves at home in Porsche’s body.

Chè took a few photos of the baby sleeping in his own bed after lecturing his older brother about the danger of his son smothering in an adult bed.

Porsche let Chè have his victory. But only this once.

Miss, please stop crying

Porsche had worked at this bar for a short while. A little under a month if he were to count the days. The outside was rundown and the clients left much to be desired but the staff was friendly and he made good money.

So, Porsche kept his mouth shut. He took out the trash when asked both the literal and human kind. It wasn’t the first time he had done this, on top of being a bartender.

The staff found it odd that he didn’t drink on the job or after. Then again, they weren’t the ones feeding a new born.

His scent was more perceptible than it normally was but as it was not a traditional omega scent, he was able to excuse it.

People believing, he was advertising his singlehood.

Like he had time for a fucking relationship.

He wasn’t one to be picked as an omega and due to this many approached him as they would an alpha.

Including the crying girl in his arms. She was a regular, spending hours at Porsche’s side of the bar and flirting with him. She was a gorgeous girl and she knew it too.

As did her boyfriend who had caused a scene earlier tonight.

The man had stormed in shouting about how she was a whore and demanding to know who she had been cheating on him with. It had intensified from there. The girl looking briefly at Porsche and her man had seen it.

The man was posturing and threw a swing at Porsche’s head.

It wasn’t a challenge to best this man.

Porsche was a mafia boss’s personal bodyguard. An angry boyfriend was child’s play in comparison. Porsche had struck the man once and the fight was over.

The man’s nose broken. The other bouncers pushing the man out the door while Porsche went to wash his hand. The blood staining it and bringing out memories for Porsche.

Memories he didn’t want to watch or relive.

The girl was waiting outside the men’s bathroom. She was using her phone as a mirror. Brushing her hair back from her eyes. Her make up was perfect giving the illusion to her indifference of her recent breakup.

When her eyes left her phone and saw he had been making his way silently passed her. Her eyes started to water. Not in the natural sense of a strong emotion and her brain finally connecting her fate. The tears a sign of her distress and her liquid sadness ruining her mask of her perfection.

Her tears were as if someone had dropped the correct amount of tap water on to her face to mimic a human sign of unhappiness.

Her soft sniffles were a practiced act as she rushed into Porsche’s arms.

Burrowing her way to the center of his chest. Her fragrant hair causing his nose to wrinkle.

It unnerved him, how quickly this woman could turn her emotions on and off.

He didn’t even know her name.

Why was she seeking ‘comfort’ from him?

Porsche had his arms at his side as he tried to plan how to remove her from him.

Her fake sobs were making him feel weird.

One might wonder why a crying girl did not stir an emotional reaction from him?

To be honest he had only cared if Chè cried before and now with his newborn son; whose form of communication was cries and hiccups.

This girl’s weak imitation of helplessness and anguish. He could not give her the desired response.

For he had to save his real feelings for those who mattered.

Not for her. Or asshole mafia bosses who wouldn’t return his love or concern.

No Porsche don’t think about him. Don’t give him the pleasure of angering you.

Porsche looked desperately around for anyone to take her away from him.

However, no one came to his rescue; believing him to be an alpha who had taken his prize for defeating another in a fight.

Fucking hell!

Her useless tears were wetting his shirt.

His shirt was getting wet…

Wet Shirt?


Porsche’s body was tuned into hearing his son cry for food and with a sobbing weight resting against his chest who else could it have been other than a hungry baby?

This woman had yet to discover she had set Porsche’s body’s natural response off. He needed to get rid of her now.

Not wanting any of his co-workers to know he was an omega. If they knew, some one else could learn this as well.

Kinn might already be on his hundredth pretty boy by now but he still couldn’t take this chance.

The ex-bodyguard shoved her away from him, causing her to stumble backwards. Landing on her butt against a wall. Porsche moved passed her and went to the break room. He locked the door behind him.

He did not leave for a half hour after making sure he had no visible clues of what had commenced in front of the men’s room.

Weeks later Chè would come to the bar. He was panicked and holding his son. It was a slow night and few patrons wandered the bar. Porsche ducked under the counter to get to his brother.

Fearing that their home had been compromised. Chè’s messy appearance did not stop his imagination from conjuring the horrors. Of Kinn’s arrival in their lives.

Kon’s sweet short life.

Porsche dragged his brother to the back alley to talk about their options.

The warmth of his brother’s wrist was grounding Porsche in the moment.

Once away from prying eyes, Chè thrust Kon at him.

Having unzipped him from under his jacket.

“Please hold him, feed him, I don’t know just do something.” Chè begged tears in his eyes. The long hours of hearing his nephew wail but being unable to stop them. Had taken its toll on Chè.

Porsche held the baby, feeling his soft baby hairs and the warmth that came from the small body.

Kon did not have his own scent yet but the milk that hovered around him steadied Porsche’s worries.

The baby drank deeply after Porsche had unbuttoned his shirt. The feeding took longer than normal, mostly as Porsche did not want to give Kon back.

Finally, reality came back to him. A few dozen more kisses and Chè was leading him back through the bar. Porsche telling him to take a cab and his brother waving his hand back at him.

Porsche went back to his station, his co-workers stared at him.

One was brave enough to say.

“You could have told us you were mated.”

Porsche had dropped the knife he was using to cut a lemon.

His hands shaking as he laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

The notion of Kinn mating with him was humorous. A man who prided himself in his cruelty and untouchability.

Why would he chain himself to another?  

To someone as disappointing as Porsche, no Kinn would mate with one of those rich pretty boys.

A boy who was bred to be Kinn’s type and not challenge him.

Porsche was Kinn slumming it. Nothing more.

His workmates said no more at his response but the rumors of Porsche having a family did spread.

His boss asking if he would need time off, with his little family.

Porsche did not know what to say and then the flood gates opened.

In the quiet of the old man’s office. Porsche blubbered.

He brought his palms up to his eyes as he put pressure on them to stop the liquid but it was no match for his hormones.

The old man placed a hand on his shoulder.

“You can cry Porsche, having children is hard. Working away from them is harder still.” The old man comforted as he waited for his employee to calm down.

Porsche got his breathing under control as he was questioned if he was still with his son’s father.

“How do you know I’m not the father?”

“Porsche, I saw how you looked at your son and you take private breaks. It was pretty clear to anyone who looked.”

Porsche nodded, not knowing what else to say.

“No, I’m not with his father. We weren’t a couple and I don’t think we ever will be.”

Kinn had no place for Porsche at his side or in his bed. He certainly did not have a place for their son.

Both men were an accident in Kinn’s worldview.

An unhappy accident.

Kinn had killed for less.

Rain and Thunderstorms

“Kinn stop it.”

Porsche groused as Kinn teased him.

The alpha was under the covers. Licking at his slick as he was prepared. The two had put their sons to bed and retreated to their own.

That was hours ago.

Kinn had not stopped torturing Porsche since.

Their clothes were strewn around the floor. The windows were the only source of light as the rain poured. Lightening flashing across the sky. Illuminating their bodies.

Finally! Kinn decided Porsche was ready, sliding his cock into Porsche’s tight channel.

The sounds of rhythmic panting echoed the soundproof room as did the slapping of skin. Porsche’s moans grew louder as he reached his high. Kinn was leaving the largest hickey on his neck as he chased his bliss as well.

As a loud crack of thunder broke the night. They moaned out their completion. The sweat soaked Kinn collapsing on his lover.

The two kissing and cuddling under the covers. Enjoying their adult time together.

Kinn was staring at Porsche’s dark eyes. The burning passion radiated in the orbs. His omega’s nose nuzzled behind the alpha’s ears.

Kinn was happy.

Simply happy that he had his lover and mother of his children at his side. He had once worried that he would never find Porsche again. To now have him at his side and to be in Porsche’s heart. Kinn had nothing left to gain. He was now the pinnacle of power in his life and within the mafia families.

No one could touch him.

Porsche was his bodyguard and his mate. He might not have a mark but he was bond to Kinn and vice versa.

The door creaked open. The darkness adding to their instant reactions.

Porsche tensed and Kinn leaned over to the nightstand drawer and removed the gun from it.

Laying on top of his lover in case things turned worse.

Kinn couldn’t see an attacker.

A few light footsteps were heard on the plush carpet.

“Daddy?” A little voice whispered.

His son.

A lamp flipped on. Kon was shadowed by the light. His frightened face turned to the bed. Kon was wearing his pajamas covered in little red koi fish. His bare feet wiggling in the carpet.

In his oldest child’s arms was his little brother. King had his face hidden in Kon’s neck as he whimpered in fright.

His little hands clasp the shirt of his older brother.

King’s soft green pjs were nearly camouflaging his small body.

Kinn put his gun away as Porsche let out a short laugh.

Well, this was awkward.

His sons needed him but he was currently… occupied.

He had yet to leave Porsche’s body and he did not want to explain to his children what their parents had been doing.

“Boys can you wait outside for a second?” Kinn asked. His mate was not helping him as he floundered.

 Kon took a calming breath and slowly moved to the door.

Kinn kept his eyes on the door as he pulled out of his omega. As he left the bed, Porsche smacked his butt.

Rolling away from the offended alpha.

“Laugh it up Porsche, you’re the one who has to change the sheets.” Kinn clothed himself and left his unhappy mate.

Kinn prowled his way to his children, snatching them up into his arms. Kon on one hip and King on the other.

His toddler’s pjs bottoms were wet.

Kinn sighed.

The joys of parenthood.

He went to King’s room and saw the ruined bedding. That could be solved in the morning.

“Kon go change.” Kinn ordered as he went about taking the clothes off his squirming youngest. Kinn then took the urine covered boy to the bath, washing away the filth.

Kon returned to the bathroom, and saw Kinn being splashed by the now happy baby.

King giggling as he saw how wet he had made his father.

Kinn trying to dry the creature but his son kept running from him.

Great his baby was growing up to be a nudist.

When he tracked down his quick footed youngest, King was corralled into his new pajamas. His son pouting at his new outfit.

It did not stop him from making grabby hands to be carried.

Kinn did so.

He looked at his older son. The one who would sometimes behave as if he were older than his tender years.

Kon wouldn’t return his stare as he had his arms open; wanting to be carried as well.

Kinn’s pride was fully stroked as he went back to his den.

Porsche was laying in bed on his phone. The sheets changed and his lovely lover freshly showered.

Kinn felt disappointed at this little revelation.

Porsche had no one to wash his back. A true tragedy.

Porsche lifted the top cover.

Kon slipped under it and King was moving. Wanting his daddy’s safe hold.

Kinn was the last one to be in bed. Kon beside him and then King. Porsche was the farthest from Kinn’s arms.

Had this been any other situation, Kinn would be pissed to be so far from his sweetheart.

However, with their children, Kinn could excuse the distance.

The mobster was on his side as he threw an arm over his sons. His hand rested on Porsche’s waist.

Where it belonged.    

The soft sleeping breathing of his family could be heard as Kinn stared into the flashing lights.

Yes, power could provide so much to him, however his arrogance had nearly taken everything from him.

But Kinn was a planner and adaptable. Once he had loved someone, that person could not escape from his caging power.

A prowling alpha

It wasn’t the first time Ram and his friends had come to the bar after the seniors. As they had differing exam schedules it was to be assumed.

Ram was not a big drinker but it made King happy and his friends were funny when drunk. The first years were walking through the bar as they spotted the seniors’ table. It was already loaded with empty glasses. Duen went to Bohn side.

When King saw Ram his eyes shined, a “Cool Boy” shouted in his direction with a friendly wave.

 Ram was slightly behind Duen as he made his way to his boyfriend. King the senior he had been drawn to since he had first laid eyes on him. The captivating smile and natural air of kindness that surrounded the older boy, was one Ram had noticed right away.

That and King could be brave regardless of the situation. Many would fault Ram for saying this.

How can one be brave when their scared of a dog? Man’s supposed best friend. Well even with King’s fear of dogs, he never let that stop him from going about his life. Sure, he might keep an eye out but it didn’t hinder him from living.

Ram was afraid of many things: children, strangers, public speaking, small talk…

Yet with King, Ram didn’t feel frightened. In silence he felt understood and heard. A feeling he had only previously had with his pet dogs.

Yes, the lovely omega handing him a shot was the omega he would marry and mate.

The one who understood him.

Ram as he looked around saw this was not a college bar but none of the clients were over thirty. It was on the rougher side. The people dressing in a more provocative or intimidating manner than he was used to.

If he listened closely; he could hear how people whispered this bar was owned by the mob. The family in charge of the crime syndicate.

Ram scoffed.

He had heard such rumours about the bar on campus as well. He did not see why criminals would manage that bar let alone multiple ones.

It was most likely a bit of gossip that had grown its own life.

King kissed his cheek as he got up from the table to dance with the other omegas. Ram was not big on dancing, having King in his arms and feeling the other move against him yes. Dancing with a group of people no.

As King swayed, Ram observed many hungry eyes following his soft movements.

One man stood out. He was older but still a young man. Dressed richly with an entourage of people at his table in the VIP section. His eyes tracked King’s every breath.

Ram watched this would be hunter.

Had this been a month or two ago, Ram would have worried for his senior’s safety. However, King was no wilting daisy. He was a true rose. Thorns and all.

King and Ram had gone out to get a drink and someone had thought Ram was hitting on their girlfriend. Getting in the alpha’s face and shouting at him. King had disappeared to the bathroom. At the time Ram was glad as King did not need to witness this.

Ram had started to get angry as he had already told the other alpha, that he had in fact not been flirting with their partner. It hadn’t made a difference.

Ram was pinned to the bar top by the shouting alpha and thought he might need to fight his way out of the confrontation. When a finger had tapped the yelling lunatic drawing his attention away from Ram.

Standing proudly was King and he was pissed. A hand set on his cocked hip.

The alpha opened their mouth to shout at King when they were brutally punched in the face. A resounding crack of bone was audible.

The alpha fell to their knees, holding their broken nose.

“Do you know who I am?” The alpha growled. A threat clear in his voice. This person thought they were someone.

King knelt to whisper in their ear and Ram could barely make out the first half of the sentence. Watching as the alpha paled as King spoke.

“Do you know who I am? I am …”

The alpha looked like they would wet themselves as they ran, abandoning the couple. One in satisfaction and the other in confusion.

King did not need a knight to save him but a general to stand beside him.

The two had been living together for a little while and Ram could still not believe King had chosen him. He had witnessed first hand how King had many suitors. The fresh flowers that were delivered bi-weekly to the condo was proof of King’s desirability.

Ram once had seen the card; he had thrown them out. The flowers were addressed to the sender’s “sweet gardener” and a few other cards had said sweetest boy. Ram was over come with jealousy. The beautiful flowers dumped down the garbage disposal shoot.

King was visibly unhappy at the loss of his flowers; he had questioned Ram if they had been delivered.

It made Ram feel like he had swallowed ash as he watched the omega text on his phone and mutter to himself that they had been sent.

Ram had gone to the flower shop to replace them himself. Not able to separate the shame he felt at the way King lit up at their arrival.

The alpha found out later they were flowers from his parents. It was a way they communicated with each other. King had not elaborated farther than that.

King and Boss were dancing with Ting Ting, they were losing themselves to the beat of the music. Ram felt as if he was watching the nymphs dance to Apollo’s lyre. It was moving art and Ram didn’t want to move his eyes away from the sight for even a second. A second of King smiling was worth years without King in his life.

The omegas tired and went back to the safety of their table. King all but falling on Ram’s lap. Ram’s arms came up to steady him. Inhaling his scent which had a touch of preheat.


No wonder King had been so affectionate the last few days.

The genius was kissing the alpha’s neck and his hands mischievously groped at his chest.

Time to go home.

Ram supported King’s weight as he waved goodbye to their friends. Ram took one last look around the bar.

The alpha from earlier was still staring at them. A rage boiling in his eyes. He stared Ram directly in the eyes. Not blinking.

King pulled him down for a deep kiss.

Ram walked them to the sidewalk. A little away from the bar so no one would interrupt them as they waited for Ram’s uber. The omega was the one driving or paying for things. Ram decided it was his turn now.

So, in the privacy of their own world, the two lovers made out in the shadows.

King’s lips were the best tasting thing he had ever devoured. The omega chasing his tongue and attempting to push him against the wall.

Ram pulled his omega closer. The two trying to merge into one being. As man had once been.

A snap was heard.

Ram was ripped from King’s embrace and his arms were forced behind his back. His knees screaming in pain as they hit the unforgiving ground.

A group of men surrounded them. Ram didn’t recognize their faces. Although he did not remember the followers, he knew the leader.

The alpha from the bar, had the plant lover in his arms.

King’s face was hidden in the alpha’s neck.

Ram snarled; he knew he was behaving like a dog as he fought the hold he was forced into.

He would not let anyone steal his mate, his senior, his King.


Kon was unbearably bored.

The sycophants who littered his table were adding to his displeasure. Their words dripped in honey but the substance was that of rotting flesh.

He knew their types, those who were drawn to power but offered none of their own.

He had wanted to drink in peace but had found his brother and friends were also taking refuge within these walls.

Watching as his brother got drunker and drunker was amusing. Kon’s bodyguards were already anticipating his orders to get the engineers home safely.

Kon would carry King home.

Kon had carried King to safety since he had held his brother for the first time.

King was a small budding seed and seeing him as an adult he had bloomed. As beautiful and lively as their dad. But he retained his soft nature. His roots ran deep as did his forgiveness.

That’s why King needed his older brother to protect him.

In their family alphas protected their omegas. Kon would protect Frong and King till his last breaths.

However what Kon forgot was in this family omegas protect their alphas.

Kon downed his drink wondering if he should head over to his brother’s table.

“Cool Boy!” King shouted. A drunk grin on his face.

The “Cool Boy” was a boy younger than his brother, with a tattoo on his neck. The unknown alpha brought his friends to King’s table.

Who was this punk?

To sit with his brother, the alpha said nothing but supplied King drinks.

Not going to happen you little bastard.

Kon thought as he saw the little alpha separate his brother from his friends.

The two alphas locked eyes.  Kon shared his plans for murder with the younger man.

Their contact broken by little King.

Kissing the alpha.

Fuck No!

Kon ordered his men to follow them.

When he arrived to interrupt them, the alpha was molesting his brother.

Tearing the two apart Kon took his brother to safety. He had failed his brother once; he would not make the same mistake again.

No, this dog needed to be put down before he bit.

The alpha fought his men as Kon made King take in his scent. Their bond calming King, his brother relaxing in his hold. In a few seconds they would leave.

One dead body would be the reminder of tonight.

The cur snarled, Kon growled back.

Who was this pup to challenge him. Caught red handed about to abuse his brother.

King whimpered.

Struggling in Kon’s hug.

He purred a familiar noise to put his brother to sleep.

King wrestled against him, awaking from his previous state.

Seeing the unknown boy on the ground he elbowed Kon. Knocking the air from his lungs.


“Let him go!” King ordered. His men showed worry, not knowing what master to obey.

“Hold him!” Kon reordered. Kon would do what was best for King.

“Let him go! Why did you grab Ram?” King fought with the bodyguards trying to get to the fallen man.

Ram now he had a name to place on the tombstone.

“He was going to force himself on you. I’m going to kill him unless you want to?” Kon would not take that from King if he wanted revenge.

“Are you fucking insane Kon? Get off of him.” King reaffirmed as he broke through the bodies acting as a wall.

King growled; his men let go of Ram. No one wanted to hurt their boss’s darling son.  


“What if I don’t?” Kon had his gun pointed at the alpha, waiting for him to make a blunder.

“I’ll call dad…” King threatened.

Kon drew a breath.

“You wouldn’t dare…” Kon challenged back. Both brothers knew their parents were ‘working’ tonight.

King pulled his phone from his back pocket. Before Kon could grab it, King had hit their dad’s number and the speaker button.


“Hello?” Gun fire could be heard through the speakers. A moment of silence before someone cursed.

“Dad! Kon threatened to kill Ram.”

“King is protecting the man who was molesting him.”

Tattling never disappears from a sibling’s behaviour it does not matter how old one gets. They must rat out their sibling first, otherwise their parents might focus on them.

Porsche could be heard releasing a sigh.

“Have kids they said… it’s a blessing they said….” More shots rang out.

“I’m on the phone! Rude fuckers” Porsche growled at someone.

“Speak.” The command given.

King went first.

“Kon’s just jealous he’s not getting any so he decided I shouldn’t either.” That was not what he was doing what so ever.

King was lying.

“Is Ram the alpha I met at your condo?” Porsche started to give orders as the gun shots stopped.


Porsche was talking to someone.

“Handle your children.”

The phone was given to their father.

“Why do I have to handle this?”

Kinn asked, amusement clear.

“Alpha stupidity is something he got from you.” Porsche said.

“Kon leave your brother’s boyfriend alone.” His father ordered.

Boyfriend? When had this happened? Kon hadn’t even thought of how he would kill the other if he attempted to betray his brother.

“I already threatened him, anymore and it will look like we don’t talk.” His father mused.

A bang echoed in the speaker.

They were still working.

Ram pulled King closer as if to shield him from the bloodshed.

Okay one plus for the alpha. King didn’t look good in the blood of trash.

Kon wondered if he should let this alpha go?

Ram was protecting his brother and he wasn’t raised in the mafia.

That could be a plus. Afterall their dad hadn’t been either and look how that had turned out.

There in King’s eye was a promise of murder or mauling. King would hurt him for this boy.

Kon waved his men to return home.

The boy could live for now but if he got a toe out of line.

Kon could use him as candle light as he practiced his music.

An heir and a spare.

Porsche was feeling off. He didn’t know if it was from the stress of being the head of security or if it was parenting fulltime. Regardless Porsche was tired and, in some moments, felt like he was a second away from vomiting.

It was exhausting.

Kon had recently started to go to school, which meant Porsche was the one to take him and he mostly picked him up. Porsche would not allow anyone to raise his son. Kinn might have been a product of nannies or tutors but his child would not be.

If Porsche could not get his son, then Chè would.

Once again, the two were confused for a couple.

Really could no one see the family resemblance or were they purposely ignoring it?

For two months now Porsche had to deal with mothers of his son’s classmates coming up to him and ‘praising’ him for being such an involved father.

For anyone asking the correct response to such a statement was not.

“I fucking made him, of course I can drop and pick him up.”

Who knew?

Kinn was the only one who laughed when he told this story to.

Porsche was staring at his reflection in the mirror, noticing that his stomach was once again losing its sharpness.

He would need to spend more hours in the gym. He needed to hurry up, as they were running late and if Porsche wasn’t in Kinn’s sight for enough hours. He got grumpy.

Grabbing the first pair of pants and a shirt. Porsche put them on.

He sat at the table watching his son eat his breakfast. Kinn would be out in a minute and then they would leave.

He could enjoy his cup of coffee and listen to his son tell him his dreams from the night before.

This was what Porsche wanted his life to be like.

Kinn left their bedroom, dressed impeccably in his standard suit and his hair was slicked back.

A cocky smirk as he made his way to Porsche.

That’s when everything went to shit.

Kinn had kissed him on the cheek and instead of smelling his usual scent. Today’s had hints of evergreens.

 In the few seconds it took for Porsche to inhale, his stomach exhaled onto Kinn’s clothes.

Kinn was not impressed and Porsche mourned for his coffee.

The doctor had a different take on their morning.

One pregnancy test later and the results showed Porsche was with child again.

Kinn had picked him up from his seat and swung him around in elation. Kissing him on the mouth to convey his joy at the news.

Porsche did not yet know how to feel. He didn’t have a sense of dread. Like he did at Kon’s results but not complete joy either.

A year after living together, the lovers had tried to have another child.

Ruts and heats spent together, the result negative.

It had been challenging over the news. Or rather the lack of news.

Porsche was in his second month but didn’t want to get his hopes up. The four times he had done so, had killed a part of his soul.

His longest pregnancy was one he hadn’t known about at the time.

Kinn had needed his help dealing with some upstarts and Porsche would not let him go alone. Of course, a fight broke out and he had been tossed around. Landing hard on the ground, an excruciating pain radiating from his stomach but Porsche at the time couldn’t spare it a thought.

After the dust had settled. Porsche was alerted to the blood running down his legs.

His child was lost to his carelessness.

Kinn said nothing but would not let go of him that night. Or for the next week, it was as if he was afraid to lose him as well.

In his four miscarriages, Kinn knew about half of them. Porsche not wanting to speak on the others.

They had thought the two of them could have more, after all Kon was a product of their lust and stupidity.

Now they knew he was a product of pure luck.

A single moment they could not replicate.

In a family like Kinn’s it made sense to have multiple children as one could die but that wasn’t why Porsche wanted a second child.

Porsche had nothing after his parents’ deaths and had he been as alone as he felt, he would have followed them to the grave.

He didn’t because of Chè. His brother was the only light in his life and he had been blessed to have him.

Porsche wanted to give Kon, that feeling as well. Someone he could trust and understand.

He had thought he might have damaged his organs from Kon’s birth but the doctors had said that was not the case, so now Porsche did not know why. He was barren.

He was a desert that refused to sprout anything.

But this time would be different.

He might have hated every moment of someone treating him like glass but this time he chose to act like they were doing so to his baby and not him.

Porsche as he started to show received many looks both from other bodyguards and from the mothers at Kon’s school.

As if everyone had forgotten Porsche was an omega.

In their defense sometimes Porsche did too.

In his last month he couldn’t handle being in a car. So now it was Kinn’s first time dropping off their son.


Kinn had been on cloud nine for the last few months. Porsche was letting him do more in their son’s life and he was able to take care of his mate.

His darling was adorable pregnant even with his temper fluctuating. His wildcat was either in a cuddling mood or about to bite.

Pure perfection to Kinn’s mind.

He did question why Porsche dodged every mirror he saw. Kinn thought the softness he exhibited was rather charming but he could understand why his bodyguard disagreed.

Driving his son to school was different but manageable.

The boy wanting to tell his friends about his sibling that was soon to arrive.

Kinn was getting his son’s bag from the trunk when he heard the clicking of heels.

An attractive (Kinn guessed, women weren’t his thing) beta woman in a lilac pencil skirt and white blouse. She was watching him, her heel tapping away as she waited.

After a few seconds, Kinn realized he knew her from somewhere and as she smiled at him it dawned on him.

She was a girl who was the same age as him growing up. One of those spoiled princesses that were always throwing themselves at Khun.

If Kinn recalled correctly she had married an old politician. He hadn’t watched the girls when he was younger focusing on the pretty boys and later Porsche.

He didn’t even know she had a child.

“Kinn, it’s so good to see you again.” She beamed at him. A formal introduction and Kinn wanted her to leave.

Her voice was just as grating as he remembered.

He nodded along aimlessly as she prattled on. His son was currently refusing to leave the car.

He sighed as he fought with the young child.

“Oh, Is that Kon? I didn’t know you and Porsche shared custody.” The woman questioned as if she was making small talk and not trying to gain new gossip.

The fuck did she just say!

Shared custody!

Who did she hear that from? Kinn wanted a name… to put on the death certificate.

“You heard wrong-”

“Father, I want to go home. Dad forgot to sign my forms and his tummy is hurting. We should go check on him.” Kon interrupted him as he tugged on the mafia boss’s sleeve.

The woman was scandalized to hear his son’s words.

“Porsche? Is the boy’s dad? Then are you his step-father?”

“No! He’s dad’s mate and my father. Did you know I’m going to have a younger sibling soon?” Kon replied innocently.

She didn’t say anything as her face soured.

“Dad is housing them in his tummy right now but soon they can come out and I will get to look after and protect them.” Kon declared proudly.

Kinn watched in proud joy. His son was growing to understand just what family meant and he was going to do great things.

She gave a sickly-looking smile before making her excuse to leave. Kinn and Kon walking to the boy’s classroom.

“Will she leave Daddy alone now?” Kon asked as he held his father’s hand.

Kinn raised an eyebrow.

“She’s always touching him and calling him silly names. It’s yucky.” Kon made a face.

If it had been a few years earlier Kinn would have killed her out of spite. Well jealousy mostly but he wouldn’t have acknowledged the other emotion. Now as a mature parent and mate. He did not give in to such foolishness. This woman was unhappy with her own mating but they were not.

Kinn would hug his son good bye before returning to Porsche’s side.

He was extra affectionate, but Porsche did not know why his partner was acting so lovingly but secretly enjoyed the treatment.

You’re my brother

Kon was outraged!

His parents had forbid him to leave his uncle’s house. Sure, Frong was fun to play with but he wanted King to come home.

All day he had not seen him since the small family outing.

His dad had panicked when King had not been found in their game of hide and seek. But they had sent the bodyguards to look for him.

Kon didn’t like the fear in his dad’s eyes and his voice for calling for his younger brother. It made his heart break and beat faster.

After the park turned out empty, Kon had been sent away.

He wanted to find his brother.

He was King’s big brother, who else could comfort the little boy and chase away his nightmares?

King could be alone. King could be alone in the dark.

He needed to find his little brother.

His uncle Kim, had arrived home and his other uncle had raced to greet him. Arms thrown wide as he hugged him.

Kon noticed his parents were with him. Kon hid on the stairs watching the scene.

“We found them. Those fuckers will wish they had not drawn breath when Kinn’s done with them.”

“What happened?” Uncle Chè asked, his tone hushed.

“A kidnapping attempt and King was hurt. Those assholes released some dogs on him.” Father had a look of anger in his face as he smoked. His hand aggressively stroking dad’s back.

Dad didn’t utter a word, his face meeting Kon’s and telling him to come.

“Will he be… okay? Who’s dead?” Uncle Chè asked.

“The dogs are dead and soon the bigger mutts will be too.” Porsche promised as he carried Kon away.

Hours had passed since Kon had returned home but he still couldn’t go to King.

He had even gotten the medical kit in case King was still hurt.

He had heard his parents arguing as he snuck out of bed, making his way to the hospital wing, where King was sleeping.

He would save his brother from the monsters.

Kon quietly opened the door after telling the guards, his father had sent him.

If Kon wanted something he would just mention his father and it would appear.

King was sleeping on the hospital bed and his arms were wrapped in bandages. He had an iv in his arm.

King was so pale.

Kon closed the door.

He gently crawled into bed and brought his brother’s sleeping form into his hold.

“I’ll protect you King. This will never happen again.” Kon kissed King’s brow.

The two future mafia bosses slept soundly that night.

As King recovered Kon was with him every step of the way. Helping him water his growing plant collection or reading out the names from the plant book.

King even let Kon name a few of his ‘children’ but mostly Kon watched over King.

When the doctors tried to give him a shot and King screamed. Kon was there to growl and force them away.

Until his father had lifted him up and taken him away.

King was a baby so it made sense that dad would let him sleep in his bed once King left the hospital and he did not feel jealous of his sibling having more of their parents’ attention.

It was understandable as King had been hurt and was now recovering but he didn’t like how his parents acted like Kon wouldn’t understand what had happened.

He was twelve. He knew someone had targeted King.

When he was boss, no one would mess with his family.

If they tried, he would burn them to the ground. No one would remember their names.

 King was recovering his voice and had stopped being so unnervingly quiet.

Kon hated when King was silent, it meant he was afraid.

It was in the silence when Kon would protect his brother once again.

It was a year since King’s attack as it was called and although the young boy was back to his normal self. It had left a mark on everyone and Porsche now wouldn’t let his sons go out alone or be away from him.

Today the boys were in the garden, playing hide and seek.

An easy game in the lush backyard as King was prone to talking with the vegetation.

Making Kon’s victories simple.

Today King was silent and Kon worried.

A large tree branch lay on the ground. Kon grabbed it and made his way through the trees.

His footsteps leaving no sound or trace on the ground.

Kon was on the hunt.

He observed a woman, crouching before a tree, her voice soothing as she tried to lure someone.

Kon knew that tree. It was one of King’s favourite spot as the trunk had a dug out that he could fit in but no one else could.

Kon had shown him that hiding place when the boy was younger.

“Come on kiddo, won’t you come out? Your mom wants me to take you back to the house.” She said to his brother.

Kon knew it was a trap.

The woman was not dressed as one of their servants or bodyguards.

She had referred to one of their parents in the term of mother. Porsche did not respond to such a title.

She was an outsider.

She was getting more frustrated as King refused to budge and her window to escape closed further.

Kon made his move.

He slowly moved behind her, she was only paying attention to King. He carefully lifted his arm and swung the branch with all his might at her head.

She fell forward. Face smacking into the soft dirt. He took in her features then went to King.

He shoved the unconscious woman away and held his arms out to his brother.

King crawled out of his safe hiding spot.

The younger boy wrapped his arms around his sibling’s neck and did so with his legs to the older boy’s waist.

King’s face was in Kon’s neck.

Neither spoke.

“Thank you, Kon.” King whispered, his breath tickled Kon’s neck.

“You’re welcome, King. I’ll always protect you. No one will ever be able to hurt you again.” Kon vowed as he went to the nearest bodyguard to report the woman.

This would not be the last time Kon protected King or a member of his family but it was the first time he did so with violence.