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From The Bottom of Their Hearts

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She had walked behind him a thousand times before. But never before had she done so with her hand in his. Her Lord led the woman he named “Violet” to his home. Violet felt an odd twinge of jealousy for this building. It watched over and protected him when she could not. Though she normally voiced her strange thoughts openly, the opinion of her Lord was the only one she valued and feared. Perhaps that was why she couldn’t find her voice. Not then. Not now. Nothing but whimpers of her favorite word, “Major,” could leave her lips. 

The Major brought the hearth to life and instructed her to rest beside its crackling flame. She crouched in front of it, the heat radiating into her face. Only then did Violet realize how cold she was. The Major must have noticed the subtle trembling of her body. 

“Let me take this off,” he requested, touching the lapel of her jacket. She nodded and aided him in pulling it from her shoulders, the wet fabric clinging to her body. “You... should probably take off the rest, as well.” 

She looked to him. 

“Uh, only if you’re comfortable. I just don’t want you to catch... a...” 

His voice trailed off as she rose up. Violet wanted him to see. She needed him to see. Even if the Major didn’t like what he saw. Especially if he didn’t like what he saw. Because, if her Lord was going to take back his words--the words that had been her guiding light for four years of her young life--then she’d rather take that dagger to the heart then and there.


Any other woman would modestly cover their bust, or between their thighs. She didn’t dare. She didn’t dare draw attention to those sleek metal arms. Did he think they were disgusting? She couldn’t bring herself to look at the Major’s face, fearing his reaction. She kept her eyes on the fire before her. 

She heard nothing from him. Not even his breath. Suddenly, his footsteps echoed around her. Violet soon felt the warmth of a blanket around her shoulders. 

“Crouch down again. You need to keep warm.” 

She did as he asked. It sounded like he settled down behind her. Violet then felt his hand upon her upper arm, the blanket between them. His grasp slid down until it found her metal arm. 

“I want to keep you warm...” he whispered. And just like that, with some sweet words and the slightest pull of his hand, Violet collapsed into the Major’s lap and chest. It was as if he brought home a handful of sand from the beach, rather than the girl that washed up onto it. 

“Comfortable?” he asked with a bit of a laugh in his voice. As if Violet wasn’t stretched across his chest like a kitten that found a warm spot. Her head laid against his shoulders; eyes closed as she savored his embrace.  

“Mm,” she answered. 

“Good. I know it isn’t much, but...” 

“Stop. I will not hear another unkind word about my Major.” 

“Heh. Not even from ‘your Major?’” 

“Especially not from you. No one is more unkind towards you.” 

“You’re not wrong.” 

She tilted her head, face toward the Major. Her eyes opened, meeting that beautiful emerald. On her life, she couldn’t recall who moved first. But their lips touched all the same. 

She’d never been bold enough to imagine what this moment would be like. If she had, she’d like to think reality would put her imagination to shame. The mere touch of his lips upon hers made her tingle from head to toe. The love she felt for him welled up in her chest. She knew this feeling. But, in that moment, it came to her with an added flavor. A yearning she’d never felt before. She dared to wonder if her Major felt the same. 

No, certainly not. Yes, his body was seemingly reacting to her. Since she was sitting in his lap, she most certainly noticed that. But there were many reasons for a man to end up in such a state. Surely it was the mere flow of blood. 

“May I...?” His lips were close enough to her own to to feel their faint trembling. The words didn’t leave his lips, but the way his fingers brushed along her collarbone made his intentions clear. 

“Please. Major, please.” The question of whether she was worthy of such an honor crossed her mind, but it was promptly drowned by this new feeling. A feeling that grew ever stronger when his fingers dipped beneath the blanket and traced over her breast.  

A heavy breath from Violet pushed the soft mound into the Major’s palm. Violet had no frame of reference for how the Major was touching her—whether he was unusually gentle, or unusually rough, or somewhere in the middle. But she knew that her body approved. It felt as though every nerve in her body was set alight.  

She found out how wrong she was about that once the Major kissed her slender neck. Now every nerve was set alight. 

The sounds that left her lips were embarrassing. Yet the more sounds she made, the more impassioned the Major’s actions became. So, she made no attempt to silence herself—even as she felt her cheeks grow warm. 

“Violet. Violet, I love you. I don’t know if I deserve-” 

“You do.” 

“I want you.” 

“I am yours.” 

“Violet, I mean...” 

“I understand, Major. I want it, too. I want you.” 


His bed. How long had it been since she shared his bed? Perhaps it didn’t matter. When they shared a bed before, it was under vastly different circumstances. They were vastly different people.  

Back then, they were merely two soldiers staying warm, staying safe. She was a mindless beast staying close to its master. 

This, however? This was two lovers, about to express the love between them. It was a man approaching a woman— his woman—his scarred body bared to her, his intentions clear from the gentle passion in his emerald eye. Violet’s toes curled against the sheets below. The sight of a man had never made her feel this way before. 

He joined her. She draped slender arms of steel around his shoulders. He kissed her. She parted her thighs for him. He touched her. She mewled for him. He joined her.

She gasped sharply, then exhaled a shaky breath. 

“Are you okay?” Major asked.  

Words evaded her again. She squeezed her eyes shut and nodded her head, feeling her bangs flutter around her face. She was merely overwhelmed by this new experience. He was big. She had no frame of reference, so she couldn’t judge objectively. But he certainly felt big. Very big. And she felt more of him sink into her depths. She pressed her lips together and endured the assault on her senses. 

“I’ll slow down if you need me to. Just say the word.” 

Violet answered with another nod. Her back arched when the Major drew back. She lowered her hands from him, touching the back of one of her lips. Her hot breaths left a faint mist upon the cold metal.  

She opened her eyes and looked up into that emerald. Violet was more entranced by its beauty than ever. His lips were parted. His chest heaved with the heavy breaths that blew between those lips. His frame was slender, yet strong. His muscles flexed as he dragged himself through her. 

Beautiful. He truly was beautiful. 

“Major... Major...” Violet whimpered her favorite word. She felt his warmth as he leaned further forward. She buried her face into the curve of his neck, her arms winding around his waist. She worried her limbs were too cold, too hard, but the need to hold him outweighed that fear. 

“Violet... Oh... oh sh-” 

His hips lurched against her, held tight to her body. He groaned beside her ear. A sound she’d never heard from him before, but one she already wanted to hear again. And again, and again. 

“Shit...” Major cursed under his breath. 

“Did... Did I do something wrong?” Violet asked, breathless. 

“No. No, you’re perfect, Violet. I’ll... I’ll take care of it. I promise.” 

Violet considered his words. When she felt him withdraw, she realized what had happened. 

“For now,” the Major laid on his side, beside Violet. “Let me take care of you.” 

Before she could wonder what he meant his thick, slightly rough fingers caressed her lower belly. They dipped lower still until they found the top of her slit. From there, she couldn’t describe the way he touched her, other than to say that it made her mind go blank. It was as if her thoughts were slowly being eclipsed, until her mind was completely, utterly consumed. 


Violet returned from what felt like a brief visit to heaven. It took her a moment to realize she had only blacked out for a second or two. She could feel the beads of sweat on her skin, which was all too sensitive after all that stimulation. The Major’s warm lips gifted her kisses upon her forehead. 

She settled in to remain with her beloved Major for the rest of the night. The worry he expressed came to mind. She felt too weak to utter a word. She would have to remember to tell him that she was unlikely to become pregnant on that day; something she was thankful for. Not because she didn’t want the honor of carrying the Major’s child—far from it. But she wanted to keep him to herself. Just a little longer. 

“I didn’t think our first night back together would be so... Eventful,” the Major remarked. 

“Do you...?” 

“I don’t regret this. Not for a second.” 

Violet smiled. “Yes, Major.” She felt his kiss upon the back of her head. 

“I love you, Violet.” 

“Major, I...” She still struggled to speak the words. Even though she felt it, from the bottom of her heart. 

“Shh, don’t force yourself. Until you’re ready, I’ll say it enough for the both of us.” 

Her cheeks burned. “Please do.” 

“I love you, Violet. From the bottom of my heart.” 

Those words saw her off to a peaceful sleep.