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Every human had guilt. The guilty needed to be punished. These two simple facts always held true to The Red Pyramid Thing.  He could sense it. Their unpunished wrongdoings flowed from their bodies and into his consciousness like a tea steeps into hot water. 

The trial had recently begun, and he was glad to perform the job that the entity provided for him.  From the start, the mortals were no match for him. 

A survivor was on the first generator he encountered and was an easy hook. He turned and left the direction he expected help for the first to arrive, and guessed right. Another easy catch to be put on a hook.  Of course, leaving the first unattended meant help would come. The entity was kind enough to alert him that his victim had been pulled off of the filthy metal curve.  He would leave it, healing the guilty would have its own form of punishment. 

Walking away from the hook, he found another human walking in the direction of a generator. As they moved, the hum of a happy tune emanated from between their lips.  He got close enough for an easy attack and walked behind the person. They did not react, not even so much as walk faster. Did they know he was here?

Pyra followed them, waiting for them to realize he was there. Something about them felt different, but he couldn’t place it.  It wasn’t long before the survivor glanced over their shoulder and saw the towering being behind them. 

They started to run, but they looked back ahead only to see their foot catch on a protruding stone. They fell face first, catching themself on their elbows before flipping to face the figure.  They didn’t bother trying to scoot away as there was no escape. They simply stared at the metal head of the being that towered above them. 

Pyra, on the other hand, was filled with sensations he had never felt before. 

Never before had he encountered a human that emanated overdone punishment rather than unpunished guilt.  However there was guilt, but it was far overshadowed by punishment already dealt. 

For the first time in his existence, Pyra didn’t know what to do. He only stood, he felt warmth hit his skin and his core felt like it was filling with warm water. 

He lifted his blade and slid it under the chin of the survivor to tilt their face up further.  They didn’t close their eyes of different colors, yet fully expected death that didn’t come. 

Pyra decided they would live, he would worry about the others first. So he took his blade and dragged it behind him, leaving this human behind. 

This human, named Sage, was left with eyebrows pressed together as they watched the killer leave them. However, they didn’t have the time nor the energy to dwell.  They simply went to the broken machine, carefully taking mental note of the purpose of each wire.  They weren’t very familiar with how to fix the generator, but they were familiar enough to be able to do it alone. They just needed to take it slowly and carefully. 

Sage told one of the others where to find them if they were needed. They stayed committed to the generator, wanting to contribute at least that much to the others.  After careful work, the machine soon came to life, lighting the area. 

Sage had a moment of pride in themself until they realized how long it must have taken them. They had felt shockwaves hit them while doing their repairs but were too foolish to realize what they meant. 

They started to sprint, hoping to stumble upon another life despite knowing that there was only one other being left.  They tripped over something that was laying on the ground, catching themself before they could fall. They turned to see what it was. 

It was an arm. Attached to the arm was an empty vessel of a soul cut in two, blood and organs seeping out of each side. 

Sage was quick to turn around, to avoid nausea and feelings of betraying the others.  Their eyes were met with the form that held the bloodied weapon that had sliced through the body behind them like a hot knife through warm butter. 

They prepared for the same fate, hoping such death was as painless as it was quick. 

But for a second time, that death did not come. 

Pyramid Head took a hold of their form, throwing the human over his shoulder.  He began to walk and the ground became like burning paper, coming apart and floating into the air, becoming hotel walls. His current location turned into his destination as he moved forward.

This survivor was now his, and his alone.