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It only took a moment for Pyramid Head to realize he didn’t know as much about humans as he thought.  He knew how to punish them, how to hurt them. How to pick them apart piece by piece while they cry and beg for mercy at his feet. 

Yet he didn’t know how to… Reward them? If that was even what he was meant to do. 

Sage wriggled in the arm that held them, their small form far too weak to be able to escape. They did not consider what they would do if they managed to break free. They were about to give up when they were placed on their feet.  Before they could do anything in some form of response, hands were placed on their shoulders and they were spun around. They had been put into what could barely be called a bathroom. Before they could turn back around, the door was shut.

Not wanting to face the towering figure on the other side of the door, they opted to shower. They peeled the clothes from off of their skin, folding them neatly and setting them on the toilet lid. They walked carefully, but quickly enough so they didn’t have either foot on the rusted metal floor longer than it had to be. 

Pyra stood outside, listening to the sounds coming from the bathroom. He hoped they knew what he wanted. He felt a little bit of weight come off his chest when he heard the muffled screeching of curtains and the sound of the showerhead creak before coming to life. Hopefully, the entity would be kind enough to provide a towel and maybe even some fresh clothes. But that seemed doubtful, as it was probably unhappy with the fact that one of its new pawns had been stolen. Pyra waited outside in the hallway, arms crossed with his blade resting against the wall beside him. 

He wondered what else humans enjoyed and what he could provide. He was allowing the human to wash, which was one thing. They also enjoyed food, which currently was only obtainable from the entity. Humans enjoy being unharmed, which was something he planned to avoid doing regardless.  So far, he couldn’t provide much. 

He repeatedly went through his mental list of what humans enjoyed, trying to remember another one. Though the entire list was based upon what he knew humans didn’t like.  Pyra remembered sleep was something the mortals enjoyed, but only because he knew they suffered more when they were deprived of it. Most couldn’t sleep when they were uncomfortable. 

He was brought out of his thoughts when he heard the shower creak again and the bathroom went silent for a moment. Sound only came back for a moment when the curtains screeched.  After a few moments, Sage opened the door with a fresh towel in their hands and clothes free from dirt or blood. They were startled when their captor was standing right there, across the hall. 

Pyra stood up straight, glancing down at the human. As he stood forward to get a closer look, he could feel the entity’s energy doing the same. 

“If you’re gonna have your way with me, better just have your way,” Sage spoke, drying their hair with the towel. “Dunno why else you’d bring me back.” 

Pyra hadn’t considered what implications stealing the survivor would have on their end. Of course, this wasn’t that far of an assumption to make. 

He shook his head at them, pulling the warm fabric from their hands and wrapping it over their clothed shoulders as if it were a blanket. 

“… Thanks?” Sage didn’t know what to make of this but was glad that it didn’t seem to be what they originally thought. 

However, the warm fabric was also damp, so they were quick to remove it from their dry clothes. They did so watching the other consciousness closely. 

Pyra decided it would be best if they were brought to one of the main rooms, so he started walking away, motioning for the small human to follow.  They followed at a distance, watching scratch marks form in the metal floor and give off occasional sparks when the blade was drug over it. 

The transition from the gritty, industrial metal hall to the clean, maintained hotel hallway was so smooth that Sage didn’t realize that there was a change until they arrived at the destination. 

Pyra turned and stopped across from a seat in the main room. He rested his hands on the handle of the heavy blade, keeping it upright. Sage fidgetted with their sleeve as they glanced up to the ceiling light, then down to the pyramid-headed figure. They spoke up after a few moments of silence. 

“If you’re talkin’, I can’t hear what you’re sayin’,” they say, pointing to one of their ears. “Can barely even hear myself talk, I’m deaf. Least for the most part.” 

Pyra shook his head in response but didn’t know how to communicate that he couldn’t talk otherwise. 

Sage took a moment to consider what that might have meant. “You quiet or are you just not able to talk?” 

They got a nod in response. 

“Both?” They asked. 

Another nod. 

“Well, ain’t that convenient,” Sage mumbled under their breath. 

Sage happened to glance down to the coffee table in front of them, which a meal that wasn’t there moments prior sat upon. 

“You know why the entity is bein’ strangely nice to me?” They ask.  

Pyra glanced down to the plate of food and was equally as surprised as Sage was. 

He shook his head to answer their question. It was highly unlikely that the entity wanted them to be comfortable. Perhaps she was just as curious about them as he was? Maybe it was simply intrigued by the situation.  Sage accepted the food regardless, taking the plate onto their lap. It was a simple meal, composed of a single baked potato. There was no silverware provided, but they were quick to dig in with their hands. 

“Pretty good for a cold potato with nothing on it,” They say when they had eaten their fill, wiping their hands and mouth on the towel they had set next to them. “Think I’ll save the other half of it for later. In case the entity decides to stop bein’ so kind.” 

They glance down to the food, then back up to the figure standing still and silent. 

They put their right hand out in front of them, their left turned into a fist but with two fingers bent slightly. They poke at their right fist with their fingers out. 

“This is how to say potato,” they say vocally. “It’s sign.” 

Pyra tilted the sword to the side a bit, the hand holding it already close enough to a fist. 

“Potato,” he signed, movements far more jagged than Sage’s. 

“You’ve got it,” they say, smiling a little. “‘Name’s Sage, by the way. What’s yours?”

Even The Executioner himself didn’t know if he had an official name. He never cared to give himself one, either. He simply let those who he came across decide what it was for themselves. 

So in response to the question at hand, he shook his head. 

“Well, in that case. Is there anything you’d like to be called?” They ask, their southern drawl particularly strong. 

Pyra had to take a moment.

Did he?

He never really cared before, he never even stopped to think if he did in the first place. However, he came to the conclusion that while somehow unique, this human’s label for him wasn’t much more important than any of the others. 

He shook his head again. 

“Well… The others call you The Executioner. Dunno why. But unless you can write it out to correct me, and I also have the liberty to choose... ‘Think I’ll call you Pyramid…” they trail off in thought, wondering if they should call him Pyramid Guy, Pyramid Helmet, or something else, “… Head? Maybe just Pyramid,” they say, “if you’re okay with it.”

He nods in response. 

“Good,” They say before stretching their arms and letting out a yawn that couldn’t be held, “Good. I’ve never really been good at naming things. Aside from myself at least. Glad it’s bearable at the very least.”

They let out another yawn and stretched.

Tired? Pyramid Head pondered. Better safe than sorry. 

He had to squat to get low enough to grab their arm. Sage flinched at first but relaxed as the touch was gentle. They let him pull them onto their feet, and they followed when he started walking.
He took them to the door at the very end of the hall. Upon arrival he moved aside, letting Sage open the door and head in first.  He ducked under the doorway to follow, standing by the entrance as the human explored the room. 

“Wonder how much you’d have to pay to get a room like this,” They comment, laying down on the bed that could fit a small family on it. “$300 per night? Kinda forgot how much things cost anymore.”

They let their eyes grow heavier and didn’t care about the soft light that came through the windows on the opposite side of the room. 

“It’s a nice view,” they mumbled, before succumbing to sleep. 

The Red Pyramid Thing stood by the entrance, holding his blade upright and ready. He didn’t think there would be any harm that could come here. 

He just started to think that he didn’t want to be proven wrong until he felt certain energy. He recognized it as the entity’s. 

But there was something different, something horribly wrong about the energy he felt from it. 

The entity was afraid.