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My Next Life As A Planeswalker: All Routes Lead to The Multiverse!

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A few hours later, Catarina woke up. It was early evening, and the sun was setting. She sat up, and after taking a few moments to get her bearings, the events of earlier in the day popped into her head. She had been greeting the new students at the Academy, when a young man who appeared to be ill came up to her. His behavior had been strange, but she had attributed it to him being sick. As it turned out though, he was a trespasser, and Prince Geordo had brought in guards to arrest him. The young man then turned into a biomechanical monstrosity and began wreaking havoc, in the process injuring Geordo. It then sought to kill her, but Geordo drew its attention. Then, using the opportunity, Catarina went to cast an Earth Bump to try and trip the terrible thing, but she instead debilitated the half-flesh, half-machine horror with spheres of lightning, then cast a spell to turn it into a tree. Afterwards, she’d then healed Geordo with a spell.

She sat on the bed, not able to comprehend what had happened, when she then came to a conclusion about everything.

“A monster on campus? Summoning lightning? Healing Prince Geordo? It couldn’t have happened. What a wild dream!”

A few moments later, she heard a knock on her bedroom door. Catarina then called out, “Come in!”

The door opened, and Anne walked in. “Good evening, Lady Catarina. You slept a decent amount.”

“Yeah, I did.” Catarina then spoke further. “I had a crazy dream. I dreamt that some sort of mechanical monster attacked us while we were having lunch, but that I destroyed it with some sort of strange magic. It was so vivid, but I know it didn’t happen. Magic doesn’t work that way!”

Anne stopped and stared at Catarina. Seeing her mistress in denial, Anne spoke up. “Milady, that was no dream. You actually did do that. Your brother, Prince Geordo, and everyone else told me it did happen.”

Hearing this was a shock to Catarina. “It…..It did happen? That wasn’t a dream?!”

“No it wasn’t, Milady,” Anne confirmed. “There was quite a commotion about the incident, but you prevented things from getting worse.”

Catarina had a faraway look come to her eyes. “But…..magic doesn’t work that way! At least not from what I remember from my previous life!”

Anne raised her eyebrows at Catarina’s words. “‘Previous life’?”

“Oh! Haha! I misspoke Anne! I meant magic doesn’t work that way in reality!”

Anne paused a minute, then spoke up. “I don’t know much about magic myself, but I have been assured that you did do whatever it was that you did.”

Catarina was still in disbelief that what happened wasn’t a dream, but decided to concede the point. She then remembered Dean Larry’s announcement. “Is it okay for us to leave our dorm rooms?”

“Yes, it is. A school official said it is okay for students to leave the dorms. In fact, your friends said they would be by in a few minutes to take you to the dining room for dinner.”

Upon hearing that, Catarina felt her stomach growl. “Perfect timing! I’m getting hungry!”

Catarina then stood up from her bed. Anne then walked over to her. “Allow me to tidy you up a bit Milady, so that you’re at least presentable in a public setting.” Anne then proceeded to smooth out the rumpled parts of Catarina’s dress, then had her sit in a chair so she could rebrush and restyle her hair. Just as she finished, a knock was heard at her door.

Catarina stood up and followed Anne to her dorm room door. Anne then opened it, revealing Catarina’s friends. “Good evening everyone! I’m glad to see you all!” Catarina greeted them.

“Good evening Catarina!” Geordo greeted her back. “Are you feeling better?”

“I am. I woke up thinking everything was a dream, but Anne told me that it actually did happen.”

“Yes, it did. The Ministry of Magic has been informed of it, and they’re certainly curious.”

“I think we all are,” remarked Alan. “Magic shouldn’t work like that. But yet Catarina did it.”

“I heard some other students speculating it’s not magic,” added Keith. Catarina heard this and got nervous. “What do they think it is?”

“Some think it’s some sort of divine power,” Keith answered. “Consider me skeptical, because I’ve never heard of any sort of divine powers.”

“There are legends about that sort of thing,” Sophia intervened. “But that’s all they are. Some of the legends in the Church are based on historical occurrences, but it’s all fantastical and consensus is that it’s an embellishment.”

“I’m sure we’ll get an answer one way or another. But for right now, I’m sure Lady Catarina is hungry. Let’s get going!” declared Mary.

The group walked down the hall, descended the stairs, and left the dorm room. As they exited the dorm, a group of students spotted them and began converging on Catarina. Seeing this, Maria turned to everyone. “Same thing as before?” The group nodded and formed a circle around Catarina. “Don’t worry Lady Catarina. We’ll make sure you don’t get bothered too much,” Maria assured Catarina. They then continued walking, with Geordo and Alan turning away students who wanted to speak with Catarina.

Eventually, the group reached the dining room. Mary pulled up a chair for Catarina to sit down on. Catarina took the invitation and did so. She then spoke up. “Lady Sophia and I will go up and get dinner for you. Just sit here with everyone else and we’ll take turns going up.” With that, Mary and Sophia went up to get dinner for themselves and Catarina.

As Catarina sat down, she saw other students looking at her in the cafeteria. Some had looks of admiration. Some had looks of curiosity. A few students, mostly those that were not fond of her, looked at her suspiciously. Catarina began to sink down in her chair. Seeing this, Keith asked, “Sister, what’s wrong?”

“Everyone’s looking at me. I’m uncomfortable being the center of attention like this.”

“That’s understandable,” replied Geordo. “But given what happened, it’s a given that you would draw their attention. Don’t pay the students any mind. Just talk with us.” Catarina did so and began making conversation, avoiding talking about the incident and talking about how orientation went prior to that.

Mary and Sophia eventually came back with dinner for themselves and Catarina. Keith and Maria went up next to get their dinner. Mary and Sophia picked up the conversation and joined in. After Keith and Maria came back, Geordo and Alan went to get their dinner, while the conversation continued. Eventually, they came back, and the group was ready to eat.

Before they could, the Dean and two Ministry of Magic officials walked up to their table. The group’s attention was drawn to them when they walked up. After a moment, one of the officials spoke up.

“Miss Claes, Doctor Cope told us about the incident that occurred, and based on what happened, we would like to speak with you regarding this and also have you demonstrate the magic you used. We ask that you, along with Prince Geordo and Prince Alan, please follow us to the Ministry Headquarters.”

“Oh, sure! That won’t be a problem! I’ll do so after I eat my dinner-”

“We’re asking you to come with us now,” the other official interrupted. Catarina looked pensive. She was hungry, but didn’t want to displease the officials. But before she could say anything, the Dean spoke up.

“Wait a minute! Can’t you see she’s just gotten dinner? Why can’t she eat her dinner first?”

“Well, we are eager to get answers as soon as possible about the magical anomalies from Miss Claes.”

“Yes, but it’s dinner time and she needs to eat. Surely you can wait for her to have her dinner.”

“Need I remind you Doctor Cope that this school is under our jurisdiction?” one of the officials asked the Dean.

“The school is, yes. But not the individual students. I am responsible for them, and I say Miss Claes can have her dinner first.”

The officials shot a look at the Dean, but then conceded the point. “Fine. We only ask you to please expedite your dinner, Miss Claes.” With that, the group set to eating their dinner. As Catarina ate her first forkful, the Dean leaned over to her. “Take your time.” Catarina smiled and continued to eat her dinner with everyone.



After about a half-hour, Catarina and her friends had finished their meal. The officials, who had gotten impatient as time went on, then spoke up. “Miss Claes, Prince Geordo, Prince Alan, please follow us.” With that, the three of them said their goodbyes to Keith, Mary, Sophia, and Maria, and followed the officials to the Ministry Headquarters on campus.

After entering the building, the three of them were led to a room in order to discuss what had happened with the abomination’s attack and Catarina destroying it. After the three of them sat down, the two officials walked out. A few minutes later, another official walked in. The three of them stood up to greet the official, who then introduced himself.

“Good evening. I am Algernon Palmer. I am the Director of the Theoretical Magic Department at the Ministry.” Catarina, Geordo, and Alan shook his hand, at which time everyone present took a seat. Director Palmer then spoke up. “Miss Claes, as you can imagine, we are very curious as to how you did what you did in stopping and destroying that abomination. What can you tell us?”

Catarina took a moment to think before she spoke up. “Well, I don’t know how I did it. But I can tell you what I felt prior to doing it.” Director Palmer then leaned in. “And what was that?” Catarina took a deep breath before she began explaining.

“The monster pinned me down and said it was going to kill me. It had some sort of noxious vapor coming out of it and it made me sick. Prince Geordo then shot out a gout of flame at it, and it turned its attention to him. I decided to try and use my Earth Bump to trip it, but as I went to cast it, I felt something inside me, like an explosion. I then felt a burning sensation, but it wasn’t painful. It kept up for a while, and then it faded. After it faded, I felt a power running through me suddenly. I continued casting, but then I drew on that new power I felt. And that’s when I fired that lightning sphere at the monster.”

“I see,” remarked Director Palmer. “What else happened?”

“Well, after I injured it, I suddenly felt another surge of power run through me and had something else come to mind. I cast the spell and drew on that power, and that’s when the vines and roots erupted from the ground and ensnared that thing. I then felt like I needed to put more power into the spell, and I did, and after I did so, the monster was completely enveloped by a green light. After I finished, the monster had been transformed into a tree. It was then that I noticed Prince Geordo was injured. I ran over to him, and Prince Alan was going to get a doctor, but I felt another surge of power course through me, and I suddenly got the idea that I could help. I then drew on that new source of power, and managed to heal Prince Geordo.”

Director Palmer then turned to Geordo. “What did you see when Miss Claes healed you?”

“Well, whatever it was, it wasn’t light magic. It felt like a soothing balm was being applied to my wound, and it began mending. After a few moments, it was completely healed, like I’d never been hurt in the first place.”

“Did you notice anything else?”

“I was looking at my wound the entire time, so I didn’t see anything else.”

“Actually, I did notice something,” Alan interjected. “When Catarina was healing Geordo, her eyes turned completely white.”

Hearing this, Geordo then recalled something. “That reminds me! When Catarina cast the spell that ensnared the abomination, her eyes turned into orbs of green.”

Director Palmer took all of this in. “Magic doesn’t cause changes like that.” He then thought some more. “I think at this point, it would help if Miss Claes demonstrates what she did. Miss Claes, would you be able to do so?”

Catarina replied hesitantly, “Well, I can certainly try. But I don’t know how to do it exactly.”

“Please try for us, just to see if we can figure anything out.”

Catarina then nodded her head and said, “Alright, I’ll try.” Director Palmer then stood up. “Follow me to the outside. We have a casting ground which will allow a safe demonstration.” Catarina, Geordo, and Alan stood up and followed Director Palmer outside. After a decent walk, they arrived at the casting ground. Other Ministry workers and officials were present to watch the proceedings. Director Palmer led Catarina to a spot on the ground and pointed towards a wooden target. “See that target? I want you to try and cast that lightning sphere spell and hit the target with it.” Catarina nodded and faced the target.

She looked at it, wondering what she should do. She held her palm out in front of her. She then closed her eyes and began thinking about the spell she’d cast, and began visualizing it in her mind. Suddenly, she felt something flowing into her body. She gathered the power that was flowing through, and after a moment, opened her eyes. She then thrusted her palm out, and the same lightning sphere she’d fired out before emanated from her palm and flew towards the wooden target, striking it and blowing a hole into it. The gathered officials gasped, and then murmured to themselves about what had happened. Director Palmer quickly walked up to Catarina. “What happened when you cast it?”

Catarina described exactly what she did. “I began thinking about that spell, and I then felt a power flow through me. After I gathered it, I then thrusted my palm out and the lightning sphere flew out.”

“I see,” remarked Director Palmer. “I noticed when you cast the spell, your eyes turned completely red.” Hearing this unnerved Catarina. “Red?! Did…..did my eyes look evil!?”

Director Palmer flinched at that. “No! You didn’t look evil! They just turned red for whatever reason. Why does that have you so worried?”

“Well, I don’t want anyone to think that whatever I did came from some sort of evil source or anything.”

Director Palmer was bewildered at Catarina’s words, when Geordo then spoke up. “Director Palmer, don’t mind Catarina. For whatever reason she worries about looking evil and has said she doesn’t want to be a villainess. I don’t know why she’s so worried about that, but that’s just Catarina.”

Director Palmer took this in, and then went to reassure Catarina. “Miss Claes, you did not look evil. And we don’t think your powers are evil. It’s just…..well, we’ve never seen anyone do what you just did.”

Catarina was calmed down by Director Palmer’s words. Suddenly, she felt something in her head and had a thought come to her. “I’m going to cast another spell. But this one is going to be different.” With that, she closed her eyes and raised her splayed palm upwards. She then drew on the mysterious power, and had another vision come into view in her mind, one she hadn’t had before. She then opened her eyes and swung her palm downwards.

Without warning, a bolt of lightning struck the wooden target, obliterating it into splinters. The officials then gasped at the demonstration, and were in awe at what Catarina had just done. She looked at Geordo and Alan. “I don’t know why, but I just began thinking of lightning shooting out from the sky and striking the ground below.”

“Your eyes turned red again,” remarked Alan. “I wonder why your eyes change color like that.”

Director Palmer thought about what he’d witnessed. He then turned to a researcher. “Did your instruments detect anything?”

“Yes sir,” remarked the researcher. “It detected what Miss Claes did, but it didn’t register as arcane exactly. It seemed…”

Director Palmer then asked Catarina, “Can you try doing that again?”

“Uh, sure.” Director Palmer pointed towards another target. “Try directing it at that.” Catarina nodded and repeated the process. This time, she went through the motions more quickly, but the end result was the same: lightning striking the wooden target and causing it to splinter into numerous pieces. Director Palmer looked at the device the researcher was holding and saw the readings. “It’s detected arcane presence, but these readings are off. It’s registering as far more powerful than previous magic it has monitored.”

“That seemed much quicker than the first time Catarina,” remarked Geordo.

“Yes, it was. Almost like since I’d cast it before, I could do so again.”

Director Palmer then turned to Catarina. “We’ve gotten plenty of data for now. We would like you to be back here tomorrow sometime in order to have you try to cast more spells.”

Catarina nodded. “I will come back tomorrow.” With that, Director Palmer bade the three of them farewell and they exited the casting ground. As they did, they saw Keith, Mary, Sophia, and Maria waiting for them.

“Lady Catarina, how did it go?” asked Mary.

“Well, I was able to replicate the lightning spheres. But then I suddenly got the idea that I could throw lightning, and I did.”

Keith and the girls had their eyes go wide when Catarina described this. “Um, you just got the idea?” Keith asked.

“Yeah. I don’t know why, but I got the sense I could do that, and I did.”

“Summoning lightning, turning a monster into a tree, healing Prince Geordo…..Is it really magic?” asked Sophia.

“I’m sure the Ministry will figure it out,” said Maria. “It’s been a long day. Let’s all go back to the dorms.” WIth that, the group walked to the dorms, escorting Catarina so she wouldn’t be bothered. They walked her up to her room, at which time they said their goodbyes and went their separate ways for the night.