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Readjusting to Life Together

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March 12, 2005


The town was small and everybody knew everyone. There wasn’t a secret that didn’t get out one way or another by prying nosey ears or eyes and Spring Salvage strongly preferred it that way. He had two younger brothers and he needed to keep tabs on them as much as he could.

Don’t get him wrong, he gave them plenty of freedom and roaming long as they were responsible with it. Which they typically were so any rumor's he heard about them were most likely fake but he brought it up with his elder younger sibling just in case, they never lied to each other.

He was the sole guardian of two children and he had a responsibility that he would fulfil. He was just thankful for their small towns understanding and help. He couldn’t wait until next week Blu would be turning fifteen and starting his first year of high school.

‘How time flies…’ He thought as he made his way home.

January 30, 2005 (Night)


A lone male walked out of Fazbear’s Family diner, his short yellowish-green hair ruffled from that day's activities. A warm coat was wrapped around him, hiding the upper part of his uniform as he locked the door, the cold causing his fingers to shake and his rabbit ears to huddle down to try and block the slight snowfall in front of his face as he finally finished locking the damn door.

With a smile and an adjustment of his scarf, he turned beginning to make his normal fifteen minute walk home. Shouldn’t be too long before he was home and cuddling his two favorite bunnies before bed. His rabbit ears shuddered once more but...for some reason the young adult didn’t think it was because of the cold. He felt like someone was there.

Just watching him.

He quickly made his way down the pavement, now in a rush to get home before being stopped by someone in a purple security guard uniform. “Huh? XXXXXX, what are you doing here?”

“Ah, XXXXXX, I was told I started working as the night guard here and was on my way over.” The brunette smiled, his hair covering a majority of his face and even his eyes.

“...Mr.Fazbear never told me that we hired a new security guard…” A small frown marred the younger's pale face. “Why do we even need a security guard? I thought Mike was still here?”

“Yeah but he called out so Scott thought it’d be best I start tonight.” The purple suited male smiled as the younger relaxed a bit more around him.

“That makes sense...I guess.” Another frown took over immediately. “But then who would help you with your first night’s training?”

“Could you?” A dubious look. “No?”

“You know I can’t.” A shake of the head. “I have two bunnies to get home to. You know XXX worries about me getting home already thanks to the recent attacks and XXXXXX needs me there to help him with the nightmares from watching too much News. If I’m not home could cause trouble for the neighbors and XXX.”

“Too true.” Something passed through narrowed brown eyes. “Mind unlocking the door for me then?”

“No problem.” The rabbit turned back to the door before something knocked him over the head, causing him to gasp out and fall to the floor, bag dropping down and scattering his items. “XXXXXX?”

“Shush now little bunny.” The purple suited man leaned down and gathered him in his arms tightly as the disoriented male tried to piece together the events that just took place. “You’re gonna come with me and we’re gonna get along just swell.”

The last thing the young rabbit saw before his vision failed him was his phone lighting up with Fredbear’s contact photo and it vibrating uselessly in the snow.

‘Please take care of them…’

Then all went black.


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January 25, 2005 (Past)


“Big Brother please! Bonnie wants to as well, right bud?” The blue haired bunny turned his big green eyes from the patiently smiling older teen to the little toddler sitting on the couch, who turned wide red eyes his way. “Don’t you wanna go watch a movie with Big Brother?”

“Ya…” The purple haired bun giggled and Blu had to stop a small frown from settling on his face. He was fifteen now and knew that his brother wasn’t speaking or learning like the other kids his age but their other brother didn’t want them to get them checked since he might have a hard time making friends with others since it was such a small community so he wanted to wait until he was older.

“See big brother?” The blue haired bunny grinned at his older brother who sighed with a fond smile before finally grinning at the other.

“Fine you win Blu~,” Then the grin turned devilish. “But Bonnie and I get to choose!”

“Aw man,” giggled the younger tugging one of his long pigtails. “Okay!”

“Yay!” cheered Bonnie at last throwing his tiny arms into the air and causing both teens to snort at his cute antics.

"By the way Blu," His older brother chuckled. "You're gonna need to get a haircut soon."

"Not unless Big Brother grows his hair out," The blue rabbit laughed.

"So, never is what I'm hearing." The older teen deadpanned, earning giggles from his brothers.

January 25, 2015 (Present)


Green eyes blinked open, stray tears making trails down a cherub-like face as he sat up, wiping them away forcefully. That was supposed to be a happy memory…

‘And he’s gone so it’s no longer a happy one…’ Standing up, he glanced at his bed where his boyfriend laid on his face. ‘Hope he can breathe like that.’

Making his way to the connected bathroom, Blu grimaced at the bright light the minute he turned it on. Too bright . Considering he came back from a night shift and then got up at ass-crack in the morning everyday, it was no surprise that the light would annoy him this early.

The tiny rabbit jumped as he felt arms wrap around his waist and a head nuzzle the junction between his neck as he purred in contentment from the warmth behind him. “Morning Frederick.”

“Ugh...that name makes me cringe every time…” The brown bear groaned, lifting his head and showing off his ruffled hair with his middle bang being a lighter brown than the rest of his hair. “Makes me sound old…”

“Yeah well, your brother has the name Freddy, legally.” said Blu, grinning in satisfaction at the other’s whine. “Mind doing me the favor of waking Bonnie?”

“Sure,” agreed the taller as he turned to exit the room only to be stopped by the blue haired rabbit. “Hm?”

“Put a shirt on please...don’t need him claiming that you scarred him.” Blu chuckled at last.

“That...would make sense.” Frederick joined his laughter, his own baritone mingling well with Bonnie’s high-pitched laughter.

“No need to wake me.” They heard a voice yawn. “Couldn’t sleep...Nightmare was back.”

Blu had perked up before deflating at the word Nightmare. He never knew where his younger brother came up with the man in his nightmares but since he couldn’t ever remember more than a black bear with red eyes. Then again, since their brother disappeared, Bonnie never really opened up as he got older. He didn’t want to bother Blu so he went out of his way to get a job and even started trying to open up to his friends in the least.

“Please tell me you haven’t been up since his nightmare woke you.” pleaded Blu, green eyes glazed over with worry for his younger brother. Ever since the Nightmare man appeared in his dreams, Bonnie had taken to not sleeping and even skipping meals since he couldn’t keep it down afterwards.

“I won’t tell you then,” the lanky rabbit yawned, returning to his room to get ready for his day. “I’ll be out in a little.”

“That translates to he won’t be out until seven,” Frederick joked weakly, obviously trying to lighten Blu’s already dropping mood. “Look, Blu, this is just a phase that he has to get through. He is fifteen ya know?”

“I know that Fredrick ,” The small rabbit spat out, green eyes flashing towards his boyfriend before softening and turning back to his brother’s room. “I’m twenty-five now ya know? He’s been gone for ten years and we’re still waiting for him over here.”

“Maybe the other’s are right though,” Frederick scratched the back of his head, face grim. “Maybe your brother really did just take off since he wasn’t ready to be a full time parent of his two siblings-,”

“My brother isn’t like that!” snapped the smaller adult. “He never was and never will be! Maybe back then I would have believed it if he didn’t come home with a smile every time he saw me and Bon! Maybe I would have believed it if I never got to know him the first fifteen years of my life! If I didn’t know all the pain he went through raising us!”

“Blu...bunny…” The brown bear looked sad as he glanced at his boyfriend. “I didn’t mean anything by that but don’t you think he would’ve come back by now?”

“If he could!” The blue rabbit hysterically cried. “I’m sure something happened that night. I don’t know what but something took my brother from me! I know it!”

Frederick bit his lip as Blu’s hand tugged his pigtails harshly, a self-destructive coping mechanism he started whenever he thought back to his big brother’s disappearance or when it was questioned in a dark light. “You’re right, sorry.”

The room was so silent you could hear a pin drop. Blu went back into the bathroom both to calm himself and to finish getting ready for the day. Frederick made his way to the kitchen, sending Bonnie’s room a sad glance as he passed on his way. He wanted to believe that something else had a play in Spring’s disappearance but it’s been ten years and nothing showed where the yellow-green rabbit had gone except for his phone being on the floor and the keys to the diner still being in the door.

As far as anyone else in the community was concerned, the older rabbit had left. Had enough of playing parent and abandoned the two bunnies to raise themselves. Fredbear, the older rabbit's boyfriend, didn’t believe it and neither did Bonnie or Blu. Bonnie had claimed at one point that Nightmare had taken his brother, although it was crossed out as an option for there was no one named Nightmare in the town and later test showed that the purple rabbit had a few disabilities such as Dyslexia and being a high-function autistic, which caused all his words to be null. Blu didn’t have anything to say on these matters before the case went cold and the rabbit had simply been thought to have gone rogue.

Frederick himself didn’t know what to think on the matter. As far as he, Chii and Vivian had seen, the older male had been the epitome of a perfect role model. He made sure the little bunnies in his care had everything they needed or even wanted and constantly made sure that their friends were okay as well. Nothing had seemed amiss the last time they saw him at Fazbear’s Diner. He’d given them a free large pizza like always and a few arcade coins to splurge before they went to go pick their siblings up from school and head home themselves to do their homework. The green eared rabbit had even told Blu that he would see him later than night.

But he never came back.

After that, it seemed like Blu’s life had just been torn apart more and more. Slowly falling piece by piece; he’d lost one brother and almost lost the other if not for Fredbear claiming them as next of kin and continuing to pay the rest of the mortgage on the house that the little family of three had lived in. Adjusting to his younger brother’s autistic needs and trying to raise him right. The many arguments he got into with others who were simply concerned for him and the mood swings before he finally started getting it together.

But he was never the same either.

He picked up a small job as a cleaner during high school before going full time in order to help pay the bills. Finding a school that would account for his brother’s disabilities and got him a small job at Fredrick’s dad’s diner like his brother had. He even made sure his brother wasn’t letting the nightmares rule his life.

But they still were. They terrorized him and made being awake all day with no rest better than sleeping.

But as far as Frederick was concerned as long as the bunny was happy and okay for the time being, he could believe what he wanted. His blue eyes blinked as he looked down and realized he had made breakfast for him and Blu already as Bonnie routinely moved around the kitchen grabbing a packet of oatmeal and already boiling milk, the knob on the stove set to only a particular setting on the machine that only Bonnie could put it on and a small tune escaping the purple haired rabbit as he moved around, body relaxed at the steady schedule.

‘If you ignore all the uniqueness about him then he seems like he could blend in…’ The brunette frowned bitterly at his own thoughts. ‘Not that there's anything wrong with him...This town just makes it seem like there is.’

“You know...staring at me isn’t going to change the fact that I’m different.” Bonnie’s quiet voice hit the air and Fredrick gasped, hoping he hadn’t said anything out loud. “I know what I saw that day...I know no one believes me when I say Nightmare has my brother-”

The purplette stopped speaking instead, opening a cabinet and pulling out some tupperware, another part of his routine. Packing breakfast and waiting outside with it for his friend’s to come and get him for school. “Look, point being, if you truly don’t like me, then don’t but don’t lie to me or my brother about it. I won’t stop you two from dating and I’ll even stay away from you.”

“It’s not like that, Bon, come on.” He tried to say to the younger’s retreating back only receiving a door slam in return. “Damnit. Blu, where are you now?”

October 31, 2005 (Past)


“Trick or Treat!” Nine year old Blu cried out, holding his bag outwards.

“‘Ick or ‘Eat!” Little Bonnie cried out, one hand holding Spring’s hand the other clutching his pumpkin bucket tightly.


“Come on Big Bro! Say it too!” Blu looked at Spring whose face flushed pink.

“Don’t make me…”

“You promised. Right Bonnie?” It took a moment for the younger brother to realise he was being addressed and when he looked at his brother he furrowed his brow before simply following Blu’s head nod.

“Ya…!” Spring couldn’t help the small smile that graced his features, if a bit worried about the delayed response before sighing dramatically.

“Alright you little demons.” He looked over at the amused bear in front of them at the door, holding a camera. “T-Trick or Treat...god, that was embarrassing.”

“Nonsense,” grinned Fredbear. “I thought it was just the cutest thing out there Honeybun.”

“Please don’t call me that in front of the kids.” The yellow-green rabbit groaned, reaching up and ruffling his hair. “It’s bad enough that they have me wrapped around their finger without cutesy nicknames…”

Blu giggled and swung his arms around Fredbear’s midsection casting Bonnie a mischievous glance and a moment or two later the little purple bunny did the same to Spring causing him to trip slightly, before smiling at them.


January 25,2015 (Present)


Blu blinked his eyes as the, now cold, shower water ran over his lithe body. He’d gotten lost in some more memories it seemed. Stepping out, he dried himself quickly before dressing and doing his hair into his signature twin tails. Turning he was only slightly shocked to see Frederick standing at the door. “Hey love, you okay?”

“Yeah, just came up to tell you Bonnie left for school already.” The brown bear smiled at his tiny lover. “And I wanna talk to you.”

“O...Okay.” Green eyes narrowed in thought as he sat on his bed, waiting for the bear to join him. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong per se,” Frederick started. “I just wanted you to know if anything is wrong you could tell me, or any of us you know?”

“I know,” The blue headed adult responded immediately. “You guys are my closest friends. I know I can tell you anything.”

“ kinda don’t seem to trust us. You often put a smile around us, even when you’re hurting on the inside.” Blu looked down at the accurate description of him.

“I know. I don’t mean to, but I guess it’s how I’ve survived these past ten years.” He admitted. “I survive for me and Bonnie, I survive knowing my brother is possibly still out there and still trying to get back to me, to us. To our family .”

“But doesn't it hurt to still love a ghost who you’re not even sure is still alive?” Blue eyes met green, clashing in a battle of emotion now.

“I know he’s alive. I said possibly hoping it would make you feel better.” Green eyes looked away first. “Of course it hurts, it hurts more than you know. But I have to. Bonnie is so sure that he’s alive still and I refuse to take that away from him. I will never take his beliefs away from him. And, to tell you the truth...I do believe him about a black bear taking our brother. His name might not be Nightmare, hell, he might not even be a bear but I believe him nonetheless. It’s a clue.”

Frederick bit his lip. If something didn’t give Blu and Bonnie might just drive themselves insane chasing ghosts of the past was obvious that the little rabbit wouldn’t listen to him. “Just promise me you won’t do anything stupid, even if you somehow manage to get a lead?”

“I promise.” The little rabbit smiled and it was so pitiful that Fredrick wished that just this once it was another one of his boyfriend’s fake smiles but sadly it wasn’t. “Now, come on. Chii and the others are probably wondering where we’re at.”


January 30,XXXX (Past?/Present?)


“...and in other news, the remains of two local children have been found in an abandoned area that was most likely owned by the kidnapper and murderer.” A woman’s voice floated to his ears. “From the looks of the bodies, the kids were held for a very short time before being...killed.”

“The kids seemed to have been killed swiftly before being disposed of.” A man’s voice now came from the staticky radio. “The reason why none of the kids were reported missing is still unclear.”

“Authorities are still looking for clues, although it is believed that these murders may also have to do with the disappearance of Spring Salvage, who has yet to reappear.” Another woman’s voice, different from the first, floated over.

“Police suspect that Spring could either be an accessory to murder, kidnapped as well, or even the murderer himself.” A completely different voice sounded. “If you’ve seen this rabbit hybrid, police recommend you do not approach and call authorities instead. He could be highly unstable and dangerous, maybe even armed.”

“Enough listening to that nonsense,” A false suave voice cut into the never ending loop of reports going on in his head. “We still have more things to do, come on.”

A whimper escaped his mouth as two different hands grabbed him, one clothed in purple and the other, pitch black... nightmare black. Both hands grabbed his arms and hefted him up, his unhealthily skinny body, covered with scars and wounds, shook to the left and then the right before being steadied by the hands.

“Aw doll, are you all still tuckered out?” A different voice, this one gravely and quiet as it whispered in his ear. “Did you not rest after our... games last night?”

Quiet sobs shook him now, his once neatly kept hair, haphazardly kept out of his face by a hair tie at the bottom, the top bangs and fringe a mess as he slumped forward and backwards constantly.

“Come now Springtrap,” Both voices chuckled darkly all around him. “We still have things to do. We’ll play more when we come home.”

He wailed into the empty air.

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