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IFH Promptober 2021 (Extra edition)

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It was Honoka who came up with the idea to have hot chocolate, with everyone together. She made a call to all the group leaders, worked around their busy, busy December exam schedules, made three trips each to four different stores (everyone had their own preference for hot chocolate, she remembered, though she forgot to actually buy each different kind the first and second time). With so many bags and so many different kinds, however, there was no way she could carry them back alone.

It was Chika who helped her. It was a long way out from Numazu to Tokyo, but she came here before her friends, taking responsibility as leader to shoulder the burden of making the hot chocolate. As she walked back with Honoka to where everyone agreed to meet, they talked about how they wanted to make the hot chocolate. Chika found that every suggestion she made was different from Honoka’s. They smiled at each other. That was just fine with them.

It was Yu that greeted them when they returned to Nijigasaki’s dorms. She made the arrangements to use the dorm, got the baking supplies, and laid everything out for them. Honoka and Chika realized that, with everything Yu did, they could start making everything right away. When asked about how she managed to do everything by herself, Yu reminded them that she couldn’t have done it without the years of practice she had in the kitchen with Ayumu and the years more she had with the rest of her club.

It was Kanon who had the idea to make marshmallows. It was tough, she admitted, starting from scratch and she knew that the three might balk at the idea of putting in so much effort for something that might not make a difference. But Kanon knew just how important it was to add that extra personal touch, that final step that could take something from just pleasant to truly unique. She wouldn’t skip out on the things that made life special anymore, especially when it was something that brought them all together.

When they laid out everything they had to do, however, they realized that making hot chocolate for 36 people with all the extras wasn’t something that the four of them could do alone. Just as they’d started to regret aiming so high, they heard a shout from just outside the kitchen.

It was Umi! And You, and Ayumu, and Keke… as they looked further on, they could see all of the girls filing in, far earlier than any of them had expected their arrival.

One glance between them was all it took to make their decision. They’d make the hot chocolate together! It may have been impossible with just the four of them, but with all of their friends helping out?

There was nothing that they couldn’t accomplish.