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5 Things

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Win has five things that he loves. 

  1. Team (obviously)
  2. His family (his mother would shank him if Win put her any lower)
  3. Swimming 
  4. Dean (and Pharm...they’re a package deal as much as Team and him) 
  5. Team’s face when he orgasms. 

….okay so it’s a weird thing to put at #5 but the fact still remains that when Team comes under Win’s ministrations, it might be the most beautiful thing on earth. 

Win had fallen in love with that face that very first night on the beach. Young, inexperienced and still so defiant, Team had succumbed to his touches so sweetly, fingers digging into Win’s shoulders as spit-slicked hands jerked him nice and slow. 

The face that Team had made, eyes scrunched shut, lips parted, back arching as he came with shuddering had cemented itself in Win’s mind, an image he used to bring himself to the edge for many nights after. 

And then Team sought him out on campus and Win found more reasons to love this ornery boy, so quick to snap back and shove Win but yanking him closer and needing soft reassuring touches when nightmares found him in the dark. 

Their relationship may have begun with sex but it’s slowly turned into something that they can proudly display to their friends and to the world. It’s taken them time but now in public, Team will hold Win’s hand and they’ll enjoy the good-natured ribbing of their friends and both boys will laugh when someone tries to get too bold and ask who tops. 

They all seem to assume it’s Win but the blonde has never had a preference. It meant having a conversation one day, cross legged on his bed and letting Team know that the option was available to him. So while it really is none of their business, Win feels the utmost vindictive pleasure when his boyfriend cocks an eyebrow and lets the idiots on the team know that they go both ways. He also sincerely loves how they look at Team with something akin to awe. 

Win loves it when Team tops him but right now, watching as his boyfriend writhes under him, bound fingers curled into the pillow above, cock red and leaking...Buddha above there is nothing he loves more. 

“You close baby?” he asks, smiling as Team whimpers below him, frantically nodding his head. There’s sweat beading the younger man’s forehead and his lip looks red and puffy under the abuse from Team’s teeth. 

“Please hia, come on. Just let me cum! You promised!” Team begs, bound wrists reaching for his neglected cock. He’s been hard ever since Win unwound the tie from his neck and pushed him down onto the bed an hour ago.

Team cries out when Win slaps his hands away and the speed of his thrusts decreases, “What did you think I meant when I promised to punish you for that stunt today? I wasn’t kidding sweetheart. You’ll cum on my cock and my cock alone. You even think of touching yourself and I’ll leave you wanting for the entirety of the week.”  

The threat is more than enough to bring Team’s hands back above his head and the ease in which Team listens to him brings such a wave of affection in Win that he rewards the younger by leaning down and pressing their lips together. 

It’s a harsh kiss, one that Team deepens by tugging Win flush against his bare skin, his fingers coming back to wind themselves into the blonde hair and tongue licking into Win’s mouth. 

They break with a pant and Win grinds his hips upwards with a groan, “ Fuck ! So good. You feel so good!” 

Seeing him with tied wrists, thighs splayed, spit slicked lips and tears in his eyes...the trust that Team has in him is monumental and one that Win knows he’s earned. In the beginning, Team would have never consented to being bound. He had every hackle up, unwilling to give Win more than the bare minimum and unable to express what he’d want. 

But after a certain night in Kanchanaburi where Win laid his own feelings bare, Team has blossomed. He’s pliant and sweet, unashamedly pleading and absolutely willing for Win in the safety and privacy of their bedroom. The level of trust and affection between them is not a thing that the older takes lightly and he is ever humbled by it. 

Win decides to prolong Team’s suffering just a bit longer. He thrusts forward again, hard but knowingly missing that sweet spot. He knows Team won’t hold out much longer, having been brought to the brink several times in the last hour. 

Their sheets are a mess of lube and pre-cum, Win having opened Team up so slowly and so thoroughly with his fingers and then flipping him onto his stomach to pull apart his cheeks and lick into the boy. 

Team cries now, thighs straining as he tries to make Win hit his prostate but Win is careful, his fingers trailing up Team’s sweaty skin to flick his nipples. The hint of pain makes the boy gasp, back arching. 

He clenches around Win so hard that the man has to bite on his own lip to stave off his pleasure. He may have been edging Team but Win is all about equality; this is his punishment too for having a bratty little boyfriend he loves. 

Fuck baby, you’re tight. Shit, I’m close!” Win pants out, running a hand through his sweaty hair to push it back. His elastic has been lost in the mess of their sheets, having been yanked out by Team while Win’s tongue licked a stripe over his cock.  

Team reaches for one of Win’s hands then, bringing it to his mouth and taking two fingers deep in. He suckles at the sweat gathered there and when he speaks, it’s garbled but Win understands him anyways. It’s no different from when Team tries to speak with a mouthful of chips. 

“I know you're close too, hia. If you let me cum, you can use me to cum. You'd like that, wouldn't you?” Team asks, hair falling over his forehead, lips red and eyes half glazed over. 

And fuck, Win is only human. He’s been on edge as much as Team and his boyfriend’s heat around his fingers and cock is far too much pleasure. 

So he moves. Just not in the way that Team is expecting. 

Rather than thrusting forward, Win pulls out and in one quick move, flips Team onto his stomach and then yanks the boy’s hips up. Face still pushed down into the mattress, Team cannot see when Win lands two swats onto his ass and he moans, hips twitching.

“You’re a filthy little thing, aren’t you? Look at you begging for me and taking your spanks so well.” Win smacks Team again, hard enough that his face is pushed into the pillow. 

Team turns his face, panting as he manages a small grin. “ Your filthy thing. You love me like this.” 

And well… Win’s not going to argue that. He’s just not going to let Team see him softening or the little brat is going to be a shit about it. 

Before Team can even start gloating, Win takes hold of his hips and fucks into him hard, punching a gasp out of his boyfriend. 

If his thrusts before were slow and sweet, they are anything but that now. Win pounds into his boy, reveling in the whining moans and sweet gibberish Team makes as his prostate is pounded into. 

“Fuck fuck fuc- oohh hia please please I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna- fuck shit right there! Let me cum please!” 

“Do you promise not to be a little shit?” Win teases him one last time and Team cries out. 

“I promise!! Fuck I promise! Let me cum!!!” 

One hand winding into Team’s hair and the other around his waist, Win yanks him upright suddenly and the hand from his hair slides down to Team’s neck in a gentle chokehold, “That's my good boy.  Cum all over yourself.” 

He’s hardly finished saying the words and Team is coming with a wail, his entire body shuddering even as Win continues to fuck into him. Hot spurts of white coat the covers and Team’s thighs and he clenches so tight around Win’s cock that it wrenches his orgasm out of him too. 

Team falls forward as Win’s hands release him, body shuddering as he’s still lightly fucked by Win chasing the ends of his pleasure. When Win pulls out, the loss has Team whimpering softly but he quiets as Win lays next to him and runs a hand down his sweaty back. 

“You doing okay baby?” 

Team had both eyes closed but he turns his head to face Win and forces one eye open. Win doesn’t know how someone can say fuck you with only one eye open and sleep mussed hair but Team is quite talented. He tugs his bound hands out from under him and presents them to Win to be untied. 

“Next time, I’m putting that vibrating butt plug in you and leaving for class. Give you a taste of your own medicine.” 

Win can’t help but chuckle at his pouting boyfriend as he unknots the bind in a smooth move and then rubs the reddened wrists. Their forays into bondage haven’t been much but Win’s been careful with tying Team down, doing his research and ensuring that the binds would never hurt his boyfriend.  

“Deal. But I will remind you that you said you wanted to be edged.” 

“Yeah well, I’m also an idiot. You don’t always have to listen to me,” Team returns waspishly even as he’s scooting closer and wrapping an arm around Win’s waist. 

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Win says and he spends a few seconds just enjoying the warmth of the naked body, legs tangling together. The room is dark save for the desk lamp Win had switched on before and their fan hums loudly above them. 

It’s a calm that Win enjoys and he wishes that he could spend more time basking in it but there’s cum  and sweat sticking to him and a shower would be absolutely divine right about now.

Still, when he tries to get up, Team whines and lands a soft smack to Win’s chest. “Stop moving. I’m tired and you’re warm.” 

“We’re sticky, baby. You’re gonna hate it if we don’t get up now.” He tries to reason and Team groans, cursing under his breath. 

“Fine. Ugh...I hate everything.” The swimmer grouses as he lets Win set them upright. Walking to the bathroom means doing so on shaky legs and if it weren’t for the fact that Win is busy stripping their bed, he’d have laughed at his wobbly boyfriend. 

Win wraps the soiled sheets into a ball and chucks it into one corner of his room to be dealt with later and he quickly produces a fresh set that he makes the bed with. By the time he gets into the bathroom, Team is half slumped against the wall, warm water beating down his kiss-bruised body. 

With a soft smile and even softer fingers, Win shows off his efficiency by soaping and rinsing them both down and drying Team with a towel. Forgoing any clothing, Team all but collapses into the clean bed, arms instantly seeking Win. 

“I’m here, hold on love.” Win soothes him, hanging their towel to dry and slipping under the sheets with Team. He’s hardly allowed to switch off their desk lamp because Team clings to him like a limpet, wrapping their legs together and pillowing his head right over Win’s chest tattoo.  

“Stop adulting when I feel so tired. It’s rude.” Team mumbles into Win’s skin and the older man’s chest vibrates as he chuckles. 

Win presses a kiss to his ornery boyfriend’s head.  “I’m not that coherent when you fuck me. You have to carry me into the bathroom sometimes too.” 

“Oh...yeah, I do. I’m a good fuck, right hia?” 

Oh he loves this sleepy boy with his loose tongue. Hugging Team tighter, Win stifles his amusement and tucks the sheet securely around them both, “Yeah, baby. You’re an even better boyfriend.” 

“Mmmm…” Whatever Team might have wanted to say is lost as sleep and exhaustion pull him under. Win can feel sleep pull at him too and his eyes are on the verge of closing when he looks down on Team once more. 


Win was never able to sleep if his room wasn’t completely awash in darkness. But out of consideration for Team and his nightmares, Win had switched his blackout curtain for sheer ones that allow for some of the street light to spill into the room and erase the shadows. 

It now gives Win the gift of seeing Team’s face as he sleeps. Lips slightly parted, breathing even, fingers curled atop Win’s chest and nose nuzzled into Win’s is trust and love in its simplicity. 

Well, it would seem that Win needs to reorder the things he loves. 

  1. Team. 
  2. Team’s face as he sleeps happily in the circle of Win’s arms 
  3. His family
  4. Swimming. 
  5. Dean and Pharm (he doesn’t think either would mind since they’re still in the top 5)