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We’re Still Young

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Hogwarts Academy. An elite school founded in the 17th century, known for producing the finest young individuals. Politicians, doctors, lawyers, scientists: these are the kind of people that graduate from Hogwarts.

There one thing you need to know about Hogwarts:

While there are a variety of different groups and cliques that exist amongst the student cohort, there are two that stand out above the rest: The Seekers and the Snitches. These two groups, as you can probably guess, are enemies. Okay, “enemies” is a bit dramatic. Essentially, they just don’t like each other all that much. Why is that? No one really knows. It’s just the way it is. The Seekers and the Snitches are two separate groups; no merging, no hanging out, no becoming friends.

The Seekers are composed of four individuals: James Potter, Sirius Black, Marlene McKinnon and Dorcas Meadowes. They are a group of troublemakers, their sole goal at Hogwarts being to break any and every rule to ever exist. They are widely known, and widely popular, among all students (and teachers), and are particularly notorious for their pranks. Now, these pranks range from your everyday changing all the clocks to run an hour late pranks, to your more extreme clogging every (and I mean every) toilet at Hogwarts or managing to slip Carolina Reaper Pepper powder into dinner before mealtime pranks. Despite these pranks being to the expense of many students, the Seekers are still well loved for making school somewhat more enjoyable. No one knows how they got their name exactly, except that it came about to be used as a trademark for their pranks.

So, that’s the Seekers as a whole. Now, to introduce you to each of the members individually:

First off, there’s James Potter. James, aged 15, is a loud and boisterous boy, often declared the “leader” of the Seekers (although if anyone even suggests this to him, they often end up at the end of a long description about why each and every member is equally important and amazing and gorgeous and therefore there is no leader). James is the only child of Fleamont and Euphemia Potter, both well-renowned doctors, and as a result is quite wealthy. From just being near James for an hour, one can tell that he has been raised well and loved. His love and generosity for those around him is immeasurable and he is always, in his own way, trying to look out for everyone. His confidence is almost as large as his compassion, with him carrying himself with pride wherever he goes, hair messy from running his hands through it so much, shirt untucked and tie hanging loose.

Next, there’s Marlene McKinnon. Marlene is what one would describe as a tomboy, a girl who doesn’t care much for being particularly “feminine” or “ladylike”. She, on the other hand, would call herself the best type of female out there: the type that is true to herself, not caring about what anyone thinks about her or how she might offend people by “manspreading” or choosing to wear ties and pants instead of clips and dresses. If James was the leader of the Seekers, then Marlene was the one who scared people away if they got too close or tried to threaten any of the members. Her protectiveness over the other members is immense and she has been known to throw some punches or target a prank against particular people who have gotten on her bad side. However, she does all of this out of love for her friends (and even those who she sees getting bullied when walking around school). Further, despite being intimidating at times, Marlene is actually considered one of the most popular and beautiful girls at Hogwarts (and yes, there was a survey released by some students in fourth year). She is a natural flirt and it is not surprising to find her at the centre of attention in every room she walks into.

Then, we have Dorcas Meadowes. Having moved from her hometown in Nigeria, Dorcas arrived at Hogwarts worried about whether or not she would make friends. Discrimination based on race was something she was familiar with. However, within the first few hours she spent with Marlene, her dorm mate, the two were already inseparable. Dorcas is more meek than the other three Seekers, however she is often the one to make jokes or plan the pranks that get the most reactions from people. Her strong ambition, as well as her wit and humour, are the driving force behind many of the pranks done by the Seekers.

Last, but certainly not least, is Sirius Black. Considered one of the largest characters out of the Seekers, Sirius is well known throughout the whole school. From his long black hair which he often ties in a bun, to his defined cheekbones and flirtatious personality (competing with Marlene’s), Sirius is often the victim of stares and love confessions by students from all year levels. Best friends with James since the first day of school, his loud and confident personality was what brought the four Seekers together. It was he who planned the very first prank committed by him and James, ultimately drawing the attention of Marlene and Dorcas who were impressed (while also believing that they could do better themselves). Sirius made it his goal, and ultimately the other members’, to break every rule to exist at Hogwarts (including the ones that were created because of them). This desire largely stems from his upbringing as the heir to the noble and well-respected house of Black, his parents being powerful lawyers. Growing up, he was taught the “correct” way to act and was often punished for not adhering to the strict standards expected of him. Once coming to Hogwarts however, he decided that he would let himself have fun and be whoever he wanted to be, even if that meant acting more feminine and flirtatious, as well as focusing more attention on friends and fun than school and work.

So, that is all of the Seekers. Together, the four of them are inseparable and are some of the closest people you will ever see. However, in rivalry to them in many ways, are the Snitches. You might be wondering: “Why on earth are they called the Snitches?” Well, they didn’t pick the name. Remember the feud they have with the Seekers? Well, it was the first year and the Seekers were getting ready to pull a really big prank that involved the flooding of all bathrooms, and well, they got snitched on by four particular friends. Hence the name “Snitches”. However, over time, the members of the Snitches grew fond of the name and began to claim it as their own, much to the distaste of the Seekers.

This is probably the main reason why the Snitches and the Seekers don’t get along. The Seekers spend all of their time pulling pranks and making a mess of things, whereas the Snitches prefer to spend their time performing and showing off their musical talents. They are a band named, you guessed it, The Snitches, and they are surprisingly popular at Hogwarts. For a school band that is. There are annual performances at Hogwarts, in which a large amount of time is dedicated to their band due to the extent of their popularity. They even perform locally at a few smaller gigs and earn some money from doing that. There are four members in the Snitches: Peter Pettigrew, Lily Evans, Mary MacDonald and Remus Lupin.

Peter Pettigrew is a small, blonde haired boy who plays the drums, a fact that always surprises people until they have heard him play. He has played drums since he was eight years old, inspired by a video his mother had shown him of Roger Taylor playing drums for Queen, in which he immediately began begging for lessons. He rooms with Remus and was the reason that the band began, although his idea of a band was more of a “we’ll all perform to ourselves in our bedroom or the music room if we’re feeling daring”, not the schoolwide and locally known band that performed for larger audiences. However, Lily always reminds him that it’s good to step outside of his comfort zone and he does agree that it has helped with his confidence.

Lily Evans is the vocalist and guitarist of the Snitches and has written many lyrics to original songs of theirs as well. She is what would be considered a bookworm and a teacher’s pet, spending a lot of the time in which she isn’t practicing, studying in the library or huddled up with a book. However, she is also one who treasures her friends above all else, and therefore is easily convinced to ditch the textbooks to hang out with her friends instead. Lily comes from a less well-off family in comparison to most of the students at Hogwarts, getting in on a scholarship rather than wealth or status. Her family live quite far away in London as well, meaning she doesn’t see them often and instead goes to stay with Mary and her family during breaks. Although, she does try to see her parents and older sister Petunia whenever she can, because even though she tries not to show it, she does miss them all dearly and finds it hard to be apart from them during the school year.

Along with these two members, is Mary MacDonald. Mary is the most popular member of the band, partly due to her being the bassist and partly due to her sociable personality which just radiates positivity and an energy that calms people. She got into Hogwarts through her mother, who teaches English and Literary Studies, and her family home is nearby, making commuting to and from school during the breaks easy. She gets along with practically everyone and is the go-to person for when people need to talk to someone about their problems or want to know a nice hangout place for the weekends in which they are allowed to go to the nearby village, Hogsmeade.

Finally, there is Remus Lupin. Remus is a lanky boy with limbs too long for his body and two scars across his face, reaching from the left side of his jaw to just below his right eye. His awkwardly long limbs would appear odd if it wasn’t for how quickly he seemed to grow in comparison to the rest of his year level, already reaching 6ft at the age of 15. “Awkward” is the word that Remus would most use to describe himself. He believes that his awkward height and limbs match well with his awkward personality. See, Remus isn’t necessarily shy or anything, he just doesn’t do well in social situations. He gets overly anxious and then he begins to ramble about useless things and then gets embarrassed and then it gets really awkward and then he begins to ramble about something else to try to fix the situation and it just becomes a never ending cycle of awkwardness. Or, he just goes completely silent, unable to make a sound. He doesn’t know why it happens, especially since he’s fine with performing in front of large crowds of people with the Snitches. Remus is the pianist of the band, a talent which he picked up from his late mother when he was young. When on stage, all of his awkwardness disappears. And the only ever time that happens when not on stage, is when he’s with his friends.

However, little did Remus know that soon a certain boy would soon change that as they entered their senior school at Hogwarts.