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A little bit of sunshine

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Season 6 Episode 3

It was early on the next morning when Betty walked up, because Jughead was walking around in their bedroom.
“Are you already leaving”, she mumbled blinking in the bright light.
“Yes. It’s Tommy’s big day”, he announced. His student had a reading for stonewall and Jug was positive they would be over the moon because of his short story.
“Tell them good luck from me”, Betty smiled kissing him goodbye.
Two hours after he left she got up as well, waking into the bathroom. She tied her hair back in a bun watching her face in the mirror - she was pale. Which wasn’t unusual, but still it raise her attention.
Archie and Ashley had figured it would be nice to drive the twins to school and they stopped by at half past seven to do so.
Since that it was like all the stress had finally lifted off of her shoulders and she could finally concentrate on herself again.
This is also why her eyes wandered to her calendar.
She ran her hands through her hair, stress hitting her like a wave against the shore.
She was late.
Betty covered her mouth with a hand, holding back a gasp.
This couldn’t be happening.
She shook her head in disbelief and decided to call the one number she was sure would pick up no matter what time it was.
„V“, she mumbled as soon as her former bestfriend picked up.
„Betty? What’s up? Are you okay?“, Veronica asked obviously bussy in one of her stores in Wall street. Betty could hear some costumers in the background.
“Do you have a minute?”, she asked tears reaching her eyes.
“Of course”, she could basically hear Veronica leaving to the back of whatever shop she was currently in, „What’s up, B? You are getting me worried.“
„I am late.“
It was that’s simple three words that did not need any further explanation for any woman.
Betty swallows hard: „I don’t feel ready to do this, like right now.“
„Shhh. B, don’t worry too much. Did you do a test already? And does Jughead know?“
„No“, Betty shakes her head and starts walking up and down the bathroom trying desperately to calm her nerves, „Oh my god, Veronica. What am I supposed to do?“
„Maybe you should go to a doctor, so you know for sure.“
Betty took a deep breath pausing to lean on the surface of the tiny desk in front of her. She placed a hand on her forehead trying to calm her breath. Something that nobody knew, except Jughead since a couple of month was that she had been pregnant before… back when she had left for college and things between her and Jughead had been so complicated.
She had lost the baby at ten weeks in a tiny car crash that had still got her into hospital.
Eventhough that was now more then a couple of years back she still felt incredible unsure about the entire situation she was in right now.
She left the bathroom and sat down on her bed: „Yeah, that’s probably the best.“
„B, everything will be alright. You and Jug are together and I assure you he will be a perfect father.“
„For sure he is“, Betty mumbled, „He’s so sweet with Tommy. You know, his student from elementary.“
„Of course, he is, Betty. He has a little sister after all.“
Betty takes a deep calming breath and closed her eyes for a moment.
„Also it’s the perfect timing. You both have a stable job, a healthy relationship, soon an own apartment…“
„Yeah, you’re right“, Betty opened her eyes again, „I will give you a call as soon as I know, okay?“
„Okay. Good luck.“
Betty hangs up.


The next day was exhausting. They had both taken a day off work to see some apartments. Jughead had a happy smile on his face that just wouldn’t wash away - Tommy had won the completion the other day and Jughead was more then proud.
They had dropped off at Pop‘s for a break. Jughead was drinking his milkshake while Betty was anxiously watching him.
„The apartments we saw where all to small anyways“, she states when Jughead mumbles about her not liking the apartments he did like.
He raises an eyebrow. A smirk on his lips: „What else would we need, Betty? We are living in your bedroom currently with your Mom next door. Every apartment would be better then our current place.“
„Yeah, but none of the apartments had a second bedroom and I don’t want to move again in between eight months.”
His second eyebrow lifts up as well: “What-?”
Betty smirks running a hand along his jawline.
“Here”, she places a small box in his hand. He slowly draws his eyes from hers and look at it then carefully opens it.
Betty had placed a tiny pair of baby shoes in it next to a sonogram picture.
Jughead’s mouth opens, he drops the box in surprise on the table next to the milkshake.
Then he looks back to her. They make eye contact. God, how much she loved him, Betty thought.
The next thing she knows is Jughead pulling her into a tight hug.
“I love you”, he whispers into her ear, so much emotions in his voice, she can barely handle her tears.
They kiss. The longest one in a long while and not only full of love but as well with happiness.
“Congratulations Daddy-to-be.”
“I know it’s cheesy…. but you really do make me the happiest man alive”, he laughs kissing her again.
Betty smiles at him: “Well, I am very glad to hear that.”
Jughead took a look at the sonogram picture, pulled her closer and pressed a kiss on top of her head.
“How far along?”
“eight weeks. I will be exactly twelve on christmas”, she explains feeling tired and resting her head on her boyfriends shoulder.
“Will we wait for that until we drop the news?”, he asked, her miscarriage form years before in mind.
Betty nods: “Yes, I want to be sure.”
He nods totally understanding.
“I like your bun by the way”, he announces playing with her hair while taking the small shoes out of the box, “Is this really how tiny they are going to be.”
“Yeah right? Can’t even imagine such a small
human being”, Betty says smiling at the thought, “The baby is currenlty the size of a strawberry.”
Jughead picks up the strawberry that had been sitting on top of his half empty milkshake and holds it out on his hand: „That’s very tiny.“
„Yes“, she laughs, „And it already has tiny feet and fingers.“
Jughead looks at the sonogram picture again, putting his glasses on. He taps his finger on one of the multiple white dots: “These are the feet, right?“
He shows her, she nods.
Jug pops the strawberry into Betty‘s mouth. She smiles at him pressing a kiss on his cheek.
“I am glad you are happy.“
He smiles: “And you are the reason why.“
“Of course-“, Betty gets interrupted by one of the new waitresses.
“Can I get you anything else?”, she asks friendly.
“Only the bill please”, Jug answers.
As soon as the waitress left he whispered
with a smirk on his lips: “And our new apartment needs a good own kitchen.”
Betty laughs in respond.
“Because I never want to get interrupted again”, he chuckles.
They pay and Jughead collects the box hiding it in his jacket.
The next apartment they wanted to take a look at was a bright one with therefor a lot
of windows. It was in the second floor giving them a great view but not too much stairs, which Jughead was very mindful of now since he knew he would need to carry a toddler up and down these stairs in a couple of months.
The floor and kitchen was wooden and the walls were white. Right in a corner next to the bathroom was space for a washmachine and the big bedroom offered just enough space for the two of them and the rest of the furniture. It was about as big as Betty’s bedroom in the Cooper’s house.
He watched Betty standing in the middle of the wooden open living room that was connected to the open kitchen. She was totally adoring the apartment. He could tell
in the look of her eyes that she was imagining their furniture and everything else finding their perfect spot here and there.
“Does the apartment have a second bedroom?”, Jug asked.
“Of course”, the seller showed him
the tiny second bedroom with a huge window directly viewing a nice oak tree.
“It’s perfect”, Betty whispers under her breath.
“We will take it”, Jughead said without any further hesitation.
“And I will absolutely sell it to you”, the man replied shaking hands with both Jughead and Betty.
“When can we move in?”, Jug asked as they were about to leave.
“Right whenever you want after you signed all the paperwork i will be sending to you tomorrow together with the keys.”
“Alright thank you”, they shake hands again and leave.
“A big day of milestones, right?”, Jug asks as they were both walking along the street. His arm pulling her closer to him.
“Absolutely”, she smiled up to him.
They walked their way home along sweet water river, enjoying the cold breeze that was announcing the winter.
Betty was totally looking forward to it. She loved winter as much as the summer.
The knocked on the red front door and Alice opened seconds later: “And?”
“We have an apartment!”, Betty cheered and her Mom hugged them both congratulating them - not knowing that she didn’t even knew the biggest news of the day yet.
“Come on, in”, she steps aside and the couple slips out of their coats sitting down on the couch.
The next hour was full of descriptions of their new apartment as well of the twins being so happy with the Andrews which made Betty impossibly happier then she already was.
Something in her just knew, Polly would have wanted it like this.
“Uh… I almost forgot to mention”, Alice sits her glass of whine aside, “FP and Gladys called. They would like to come come over for the Christmas week to celebrate.”
“Oh really?”, Jughead asked excited but surprised
“Yes and Jellybean might come as well for the second Christmas day, but isn’t sure yet.”
“That’s great Mom”, Betty hadn’t seen the Jones family in a long while.
“And I thought, maybe inviting the Andrews over for the second day as well would be a good idea. They already told me they wanted the first day alone with the twins to celebrate as a new family, which is totally understandable.”
“Yeah, that would be awesome. But I think Jug and I will spent Christmas day in our new apartment”, Betty says exchanging a loving look with her boyfriend.
“Alright, it’s settled then”, Alice stated obviously happy with the outcome of the conversation.


“Are you okay with them coming for
Christmas?”, Betty asked already in her pajamas, sitting on her bed watching Jug who was leaning against the headboard.
“It feels strangely normal. I haven’t seen them in the last years, not even for thanksgiving. I am glad I can show them the person, who I am now and not some jobless alcoholic.”
Betty crawls over to him, snuggling into his side: “They will be extremely proud of you, Jug.”
“You think so?”
“Yes. You have a stable income, teaching a price winning elementary student, have written and published a famous book, have a baby on the way and a beautiful girlfriend”, she smirked at the last bullet point leaning in to kiss
him slowly.
“I do have a beautiful girlfriend”, he smirks running a hand through her curls