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A little bit of sunshine

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Season 6 Episode 9

„Alright, Miss Cooper, you are going to get through all of this water”, the female doctor made a gesture to the four water bottles lined up on the table next to Betty, “or else we do need you get poked.”

Betty nodded. She was upright sitting in a hospital bed, Jug’s hoodie on and her hair back into a high bun keeping it out of the way whenever she needed to make a run to the bathroom.


—- a couple of hours before —-


They had decided to go upstairs and hook her up to the IV, Jug never letting her out of his eye sight. Eventually Betty hugged him from behind: “Jug, I think we should go to the hospital.”

He nodded slowly: “I just didn’t think we would need to go there again in such a short time.”

“I know”, she pressed a kiss on his cheek knowing how deeply he had worried about his child and her just a couple of days ago.

He turned around to face her gently running his hands up and down her arms: “Are you okay?”

“Yeah”, she nodded slowly getting out of bed a hand firmly pressed on her belly throughout the movement.

She noticed his look while he grabbed his keys: “Jug, I am fine, really. I just want to make sure it stays that way.”

Jug nods. They both leave Betty’s childhood room a moment later. Betty gently knocked on the guest rooms door where the Jones had been staying.

FP opened up a moment later: “Betty? what can I do for you? Everything alright?”

Betty nodded: “We are getting to the hospital, I didn’t drink enough today.”

FP looks worried, and notices his son standing at the staircase waiting for them: “Should I drive you?”

“No”, Betty leaned against the doorframe, “It’s alright FP, you guys wanted to leave early tomorrow.”

He shakes his head: “We won’t leave while you are in hospital.”

FP grabs his leather jacket before Betty or Jug were able to stop him. At the end they were indeed grateful for the help.

Already known to the doctors Betty was able to check in quite easily and soon she was seated in a two-bed room (the second bed was empty) and listening to the doctor.

Jug reassuringly rubbed her back helping her explain the entire situation.

And that’s how they had ended here in front of the line up of water bottles Betty had to drink.

She had thrown up twice before, which led Jug to give her his hoodie since her’s got dirty.

Betty was surprisingly very much awake
focusing on sipping the water bottles without kissing her stomach content again.

The doctor had left.

FP, who had kept his distance for the time being, came closer and sat down on the chair next to Betty’s bed: “All the water, you heard the doctor.”

Betty just nodded with a small smile sipping slowly on the second bottle: “I am very happy when this will finally stop in a couple of days.”

“Me too”, Jug sighed. He didn’t have time to
brush his hair before they left for
the hospital and it was looking like a mess. He ran a hand through it.

Normally Betty would be the tired one of the couple, today it was him.

“Come on, Jug, I’ll grab the two of us a coffee”, FP chuckled and stood to leave.

Jughead cheered when she held up the empty second bottle, she had just finished with a smile.

They did hook her up to an IV a couple of hours later just to make sure. Betty was fumbling with Jug’s hair while he was sipping on his coffee.

FP drove home to get Betty some things since she would spent the next three days here.


Staying at hospital in general wasn’t at all something funny you could do. For Betty and Jug it meant some alone time tho - much needed alone time.

They ended up trying to catch blueberry’s with the mouth and tried out every single avaible sandwish from the cafeteria. If the stay did one thing for Betty, it was rest.

She felt like she somehow gathered a new energy source that somehow got lost since she had learned she was pregnant.

Just a day before New Year’s Eve the doctor happily announced her morning sickness was finally declared as ended such like her getting poked for an IV.

They left the hotel with a happy smile enjoying a walk along the river back to the Coopers to
say goodbye to Jones who had stayed until her release.

“I hope we will see the two of you again soon”, FP said hugging his son for goodbyes

“Definitely, dad”, Jug promised watching his father hug his girlfriend as well.

Gladys waved friendly in both their directions. Then both got into their car and quickly drove away down the road.

Jug pulled Betty closer by an arm: “Maybe we can go visit them in Toledo in summer or something.”

“Sounds good, Betty nods”, shivering slightly.

“Look, today my new colleague arrives, I wanna make sure the office looks good”, Betty explained intervening her hand with his when they continued walking.

“Alright. What’s his name?”, Jug asked.

“Agent Ted Winstore”, Betty said, “The famous guy who caught TBK a couple of months ago”

“He is?”, Jug said stunned.

Betty grabbed her keys and unlocked the door to their freshly painted new FBI office.

She quickly started to sort some papers on her desk away, while Jug took a good look around admiring her murder board concerning the newly killings down road 54.

The door bell rang only a moment later, Jug who had been closest to the door quickly opened.

A man, maybe one or two years younger then them was standing on the door step, all in an FBI jacket.

“You must be Ted”, Jug said shaking the guys hands and the introducing himself and Betty.

“So this is the modern office I was promised”, Ted chuckled.

“Indeed” Betty smiled showing him his new desk. Ted quickly put his back down next to it and took of his jacket.

“So I guess we have a case to work on?”, he asks friendly noticing the murder board.

“Yea”, Betty exchanged a look with Jug who took his key to leave them alone. Betty was officially not allowed to let him or anyone else who wasn’t part of the FBI in on her cases except it was part of the research or interrogation.




“I think we have someone who drives down that road”, Ted leaned back in his chair watching his colleague for a moment. Betty nodded eyebrows knitted in concentration.

“Maybe we should start taking down license plates then”, she said fidgeting with her pen then putting it down abruptly.

She managed her way over to the murder board, hand testing protectively on her belly as she looked down the riverdale map.

Ted stood up with a red marker and started circling specific parts of the road: “Whoever wants to enter road 50, needs to pass one of those points” he gestured to the red circles.

Betty takes the marker from him and circles another locations he had missed: “That means we need four people to cover those.”

Ted nods: “Do you happen to know two?”

Betty chuckled: “Yeah of course. I have some contacts. However we need three.”

“Why? Because you don’t trust me enough yet?”, he grins placing the red marker down on the desk.

“No, because I won’t be going”, she noticed his confused lack of an answer, “I am pregnant”, she explains.

“Oh”, he gaps understanding, “That probably why i got sent here. Congratulations tho.”

“Thank you”, Betty smiled friendly back, “I will make some calls.”

Ted nods looking at the clock. It had been already a couple of hours they had discussed the case: “Do you want me to get some food?”


“Alright”, he grabs his jacket and Betty notices something sticking out of his pocket.

“You are related to Tommy?”, she asks quietly.

Ted stops in tracks and nods: “Yeah”, he looks down and notices the sheet of paper that had made her suspicious, “That’s my reason for being here. My brother, Tommy’s dad, died.”

“Oh, I’m sorry”, she truly meant it.


He nods slowly: “That want me to take care of him… I don’t think I can.”

Betty figured Ted must have had some
difficult past. It was just a feeling in her gut. Loss, she thought.

Ted smiled softly with a sad glimmer i his eyes: “Anyways. Where do I get food?”

“Pop’s is right down the road.”

“Alright. I’ll be back in a few”, he leaves pulling his jacket over.

Betty sighed heavily then took her phone out to dial Jugs number: “Hey.”

“Hey. Is everything alright?”, Jug asks worriedly.

“Did you know Tommy’s dad died?”, Betty asked.

“Yes”, he made a break, “He had a car crash.”

Betty rubbed her hand over her belly feeling the small flutters again: “Ted is his brother.”

“Oh man”, a moment of silence passed, “ I am so sorry.”

“It’s horrible.”

“Yes. I will talk to him after the holdiays”, a moment of silent passed, “When do you want me to pick you up?”

“In two hours if that’s okay?”

“Alright. See you then”, he hangs up. Just in that moment Ted reenters the FBI office placing the food on his work desk with a smile: “Pops is nice.”

“It sure is”, Betty smiles friendly sitting down next to him starting to unpack, “It’s the heart of the town.”