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Major, You Idiot

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Violet had always been punctual. But even during her time as a soldier she hadn’t been quite so rigid in her schedule as she was these past weeks. Eating, sleeping, writing, packing, all meticulously planned out. Even bathroom breaks were taken exactly on the dot, as planned. It was if she had reverted to the emotionless doll she was when she first started working at CH Postal. All of this was in the name of seeing her Lord as soon as possible.  

She found him. She found him, and the colors of the world were brighter than ever. Birds sang more beautifully. The brooch around her throat sparkled more. She would be with him. She would be with him until the end of her days.  

However, Violet wouldn’t shirk her responsibilities. She already did that once, and things only worked out because Iris and Benedict picked up the pieces. She was eternally grateful to them, but she didn’t want to burden them further. These were her bookings, her responsibilities, and she would tend to them before returning to her master; the master that refused such a title, that loved her as an equal while she worshiped him as if he were divine. 


“Welcome home, Violet.” 

Those words should have brought her unbridled joy. His presence should have felt like standing in the presence of God. Instead, she... she... 

“What are you doing here?” she asked, her voice tinged with panic. 

Violet had to reexamine her entire reality. She looked out the window. Yes, the radio tower was there. The buildings of Leiden were there. She had not been miraculously teleported to that island. And yet, here he was. Gilbert Bougainvillea, but “Major” to her. She found him laying on her bed, her stuffed puppy on his chest. When she came in, he set the puppy aside and got up to his feet. A sheepish smile was on his lips. Under different circumstances, she would have fixated on it. 


“How? How are you here?” 

“Dietfried and Hodgins snuck me in. I never would've thought those two could work together, but they pulled it off. As you can see.” 

Violet slammed the door behind her and locked it. She dropped her suitcase, parasol clattering against the floor. As she rushed closer, the Major raised his arm to embrace her. She promptly shoved him back onto the bed. 

“Major, what were you thinking?!”  


“You’re a smarter man than this! You deserted the army! You’ll be locked up if someone from the army finds you!” 

“Dietfried and Hodgins have a plan for-” 

“I have waited four years to be with you, and you could not wait four months?!” She'd been so patient, working so hard to take this slowly, carefully. And then the Major, a man whose intelligence and self-control she deeply respected, barged into a country that will put him in shackles for the rest of his life if he's found out. And roped Dietfried and Hodgins into it. Or vice versa. Regardless, she could hardly believe that the foolish man in front of her was the same one she spent half a lifetime worshiping.

“Violet, listen-” 

“No! You have no idea how... how...” 

Angry? Overjoyed? Scared? Violet could find no word to concisely express how she was feeling. Perhaps that was why she felt the urge to act. 

“Violet, I-” 

The Major couldn’t get a word in. She grasped his shirt, pulled him in, and practically crushed his lips with her own. He conceded, curling his arm around her waist. She put her weight on him, the two falling into place on her small bed. The Major was almost comically too big for it. Violet was thankful for that. Any excuse to lay on top of him, to straddle his hips with her thighs.  

Their kiss grew heated. They savored one another in the same way they had the night before she departed from the island. Although the Major was on top at that time—and there were far fewer clothes involved. However, the layers they wore at the moment did nothing to deter them. She could feel him strain within the confines of his slacks. She was all too happy to relieve him. He sighed in satisfaction when she did. 

“Violet...” he gasped as the back of her gloved finger caressed the belly of his cock. She then shifted to sit on top of it, pressing her covered slit onto his growing length. The undergarment between them couldn’t hide the heat of her needy cunt. 

“You’re already like this? Are you happy to see me after all?” 



“Idiot... Major, you idiot!” she wined while her hips moved practically by themselves, grinding her wet pussy against the underside of his dick. The Major gasped sharply. He gripped Violet’s hip, trying to slow her down so they could talk. 

The first unkind word Violet had ever said about her Lord. The Violet from four years ago would cut her tongue out for such disrespect. She was so unused to feeling such frustration with the Major that she could only repeat the insult Hodgins had thrown at him months ago. 

The Major’s dumbfounded expression gave way to a wide smile. He hugged Violet tight to his chest. 

“I’m sorry. I wanted to surprise you. Well... no. No, I can’t pretend this wasn’t a selfish wish. I needed to see you again.” 

“I wanted to see you, too. H-however...” 

“It’ll be okay, Violet. I promise. Everything will be okay.” 



“Then, may I...?” 

She reached between them, hooking a finger under the front of her undergarments. She pulled the fabric and kissed his cock with the lips of her pussy. 

“Mn! Mm, you’ll have to be the one to pull out if you’re staying on top.” 

“And what if... what if I do not wish to do so?” 

“Heh. Then, I suppose that would make us both idiots.” 

“If the Major is an idiot, then I will be an idiot, too.” 

Violet felt his grip upon her back. She feared the Major would stop her. She knew he should have. Instead, he moved his hand from her back and tucked his finger under her chin. He looked at her with that beautiful emerald. 

“Then you may.” 

She breathed deeply. She held onto the base of his cock, and guided herself onto him. It took a couple tries—one of the few things Violet wasn’t perfect at immediately. The Major cupped her cheek and touched his forehead to hers, helping Violet steady herself. She eased back one more time and felt his girth spread her open. She moaned with him while easing back onto inch after inch of his manhood. She then pushed herself to sit up on top of him.  

The Major wasted no time in lifting the front of her skirt to get a look at them joined. His intent gaze continued as Violet rose and fell, gliding the slick lips of her pussy along his cock. Her cheeks felt hot, and not just from the Major’s staring. The claps of their bodies filled the small bedroom, filling her with an odd sense of shame and excitement. 

“You’re doing good, Violet.” 

“Th-thank you, Major,” she gasped. A proper lady, even while riding her lover’s cock. 

The major touched his palm to her lower belly. His thumb was poised just above her clitoris. He denied her that pleasure for the moment, but she was excited to feel him near it. She knew it was a sign that she was indeed doing things properly. She recalled his desire for them to cum together last time they made love. If he was poised to force her over the edge, surely that meant... 

And sure enough, he touched her clit at the same time his breathing grew ragged. She placed both hands on his chest, mechanical fingers gripping his shirt. The pleasure urged her to pick up the pace, the clap of their bodies growing louder. Her bangs hung in her face, a few strands sticking to the beads of sweat on her forehead. Her breasts strained against her dress and jacket with every labored breath. Every exhale was a throaty moan signaling her pleasure, love, and passion. She wanted to gaze at the beautiful man beneath her, but it was increasing difficult to keep her eyes open—they wanted to squeeze shut and roll into the back of her skull every time her Lord touched her just right. 








“I’ll take care of it.” 

“I know, Major.” 

“I’ll take care of both of you, I swear.” 

“I know. You’ll be a wonderful father.” 

“You’ll be an amazing mother.” 

They whispered sweetly to one another, basking in the afterglow. The soft lights of the city seeped into Violet’s room just enough to let her see his beautiful emerald. They had rolled over onto their sides, and Violet could feel her stuffed puppy digging into her lower back. Sweat glued her dress to her body. Her feet were sore due to still being confined in those high-heeled boots. Her meticulous schedule had been thrown into disarray by their making love and the likely aftermath of doing so without protection. And, finally, her lover was going to be thrown into a military prison if anyone found out he was there with her.  

It was utter chaos. But not to Violet. 

The Major was here. Everything made sense. Everything was in order. Everything was as it should be. She was furious that he put himself at risk. And yet, having him here, being in his embrace within her bed above CH Postal, was something she’d dreamed of for so very, very long. She feared she would awaken to find that this was nothing more than a lovely dream. 

“I love you, Violet.” 

And just like that, her fears were abated. As long as she had his “I love you,” everything would be alright. 

“Major I...” She still struggled the say the words, even though they were branded on her very soul. Violet wasn’t sure she would ever be able to utter those words in front of the Major.  

Then again, she never thought she would insult him, either. She was still growing. As guilty as she felt for insulting her Lord, the idea that she would continue to change and ground—that she and the Major would change and grow together—was exciting. 

“Major, I... You idiot,” she buried her face in his chest, hiding her smile. She felt the Major’s lips upon the top of her head. 

Gilbert Bougainvillea was her Lord. 

Her God. 

Her Major. 

Her Idiot. 

She loved all aspects of him, with all of her heart.