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Good Alphas DON'T Exist

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Chapter 1: Alphas are Evil


Tine was only 11 years old when he saw his brother crying after running home from school. His mom immediately went to his crying son's side and as soon as he and Tine reached type they immediately knew what's wrong. 


His older brother had just presented as an Omega. And he was chased by unruly alphas as he ran home. Good thing his brother was his school's star track athlete, they didn't manage to grab him. His brother ended up being mostly alright, after a few therapy sessions, he just couldn't get rid of the anxiety he felt whenever someone is walking or running behind him, however, since that event, Tine had developed a disdain for Alphas. 


Tine's disdain for Alphas evolved into hate as he gets older, his hatred is only amplified whenever he saw his mom or his brother get harassed in the streets. In his head all Alphas are threats until they prove themselves otherwise. 


Being an alpha himself didn't change that belief. 


There are only a few alphas in the world that Tine can tolerate, love or care for; that short list included his dad, uncle Tong, both of his grandfathers, and his best friend. 


Tine's dad is an Alpha who was born into an old money family, who had been advocating for omega and women's rights since the turn of the millennium, they have always been treated as outcasts in their community because apparently aiming for omega rights is an "eccentric" behavior. Good thing his grandpa is rich enough to not be shunned outright by his business partners. His other grandfather on his mother's side is a family man who owns a resort. He's not an advocate or anything, but he shares one sentiment with Tine, he hates cocky alphas, especially those who harass betas and omegas. He once chased Tine's dad with a machete because he thinks that his dad was one of those alphas, he was proven wrong of course, but any alpha who chase potential alpha creeps with a machete is good in Tine's book. 


The only other alpha he can tolerate is Fong, and that's only because they have been friends way before they both presented. Also there is the fact that Fong is also protective of his younger sister Earn, who is a beta, and his own mother uncle Chon who is an Omega. Tine can't say the same thing for his father; uncle Tonhon is a nice man, and according to uncle Chon he's come a very long way from the jerk that he was when they were younger, but sometimes the outdated omega jokes still slips through, he does apologize immediately afterwards, but Tine still doesn't like him.  He's not telling that to Fong though, so he just act civil towards the older alpha despite not liking him. 


The first time he saw an alpha harassing an Omega was when he was seven. He and his mom went to the nearby grocery store to buy some ingredients for spaghetti, since his dad is coming home after a week of being away for work. On their way home home they heard a commotion in one of the back alleys. Then there was a scream. His mom told him to stay where he is as he investigate, but Tine being Tine, he went after his mom and ended up sing him beating up two alphas, an Omega man was passed out on the pavement, a black eye blooming on his face. 


The two alphas ended up passed out on the pavement as well, bloodied and bruised. Their ego probably took a hitting as well. 


His mom then called the police, and was questioned for an hour or so. They ended up ordering out that evening.


Betas and Omegas are not safe in society because of these alphas who had inflated egos. Even his mom or who is standing 6'1 still get hit on on the streets. Let alone a smaller beta or omega who looks defenseless. 


According to his dad most alphas won't even care what an Omega looks like, the tend to deliberately lose their control of they smell an omegas pheromones. 


"Why do you say it's deliberate dad?" Tine' asked his. When he was twelve. 


"It's because alphas do not really lose control over smells. They just use losing control as an excuse." His father explained. "It's just sad that the court still believes in that trash."


That was the conversation that pushed Tine to take up law in college. 


And while in college he will meet the most obnoxious alpha he's ever seen. 


Sarawat Guntithanon.