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Through Her Eyes

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"Koushi! Get your ass out of bed now!" I shouted up the stairs, grabbing my bag that was sitting by the door and swinging it over my shoulder.

No response.

"This idiot," I huffed under my breath, dropping my bag back down and stomping my feet as loud as humanly possible until I reached my brother's bedroom door.

I didn't even bother knocking, I just shoved the door open so hard it smacked the wall with a resounding thud. I caught it with my right hand as it started to bounce back, and glared daggers at the bed...

...until I realized my brother wasn't in it.

"Are you fucking kidding me –" I cut myself off as I whipped my phone out and dialed Koushi. After the sixth ring, I got the beginning of his voicemail, which I did not even bother to listen to.

I flew back down the stairs, and out the door, only pausing to snatch my bag from the entryway and lock the house behind me as I started jogging the fifteen minutes to school.

'Smart boy, not answering the phone' I thought to myself. Or maybe dumbass boy, because it only tripled my fury. He was gonna get one hell of an ass-whooping when I got to the gym; it didn't matter who was there. I was determined to kick him into next year.

That mental image made me grin evilly as I picked up my pace towards the school. As I rounded the corner onto the campus, I heard the familiar sound of squeaking shoes and hard smacks of volleyballs hitting the gym court. It was ten minutes to 6 a.m. so no one else was at the high school except for the early-birds of the boys volleyball team.

"Nice receive Daichi!"

My grin turned to an almost snarl as I heard my brother's voice from inside. I stopped running as I reached the door, and took a few deep breath's to cool myself down in preparation for the calm before the storm.

I finally stepped inside, taking in the gym momentarily. The crisp morning air turned slightly warmer as the smell of hardwood floors and sweat made their way to my nose. That wasn't the reason it was crinkling though.

Target acquired.


The whole gym stopped at the sound of my booming voice, but I only had my eyes locked on my brother. A scary smile started to turn the corners of my mouth up as I saw the terrified 'oh shit' look on his face, his hand frozen in his silver hair at the sound of my voice.

"Run bitch," I barely finished speaking as I lunged at him, him only managing to dodge me due to my minor warning. He took off across the gym, me hot on his heels.

He yelped as I managed to catch the hem of his practice jersey, dragging him to the ground and pummeling him with the butt of my hand. I would have liked to punch the shit out of him, but it did seem a little much. I mean, it was only an inconvenience, and I didn't really want to have to waste my medical supplies on his stupid face.

"OW! Knock it off! OW OW OW!" He was wriggling under my knee on his stomach, but was only spared due to large strong hands on my back lifting me off my brother. This only slowed my physical assault though, so I opted for a change to verbal.

"You absolute DICK! You didn't tell me you were leaving this morning! I waited THIRTY MINUTES for your ass! I thought I was being nice letting you sleep in, but noooooo, you had just left without telling me! You little sh-"

"KIYA SUGAWARA CALM DOWN RIGHT NOW!" The hands on my back interrupted me raging at my brother laying on the hardwood floor, or rather, the person that the hands belonged to did. I winced at the booming voice that was still holding me by the back of my collar, turning my head slightly with a sheepish smile to face the captain.

"Hey Daichi! How's it goi-"

The look of annoyance that was glaring me down cut my words off. He was fucking terrifying sometimes.

Letting go of my collar, he extended his hand down to my brother, who was now smirking at me. Of course in response, I stuck my tongue out at him like the seventeen year-old I am. As he allowed Daichi to help him up, he stuck his tongue out right back though, followed by a "Baka Kiya." This was more than enough for me to lunge at him again. Daichi caught me this time, barely having to move to hold me back. Koushi had also lunged, but it was Asahi, the team's ace, who gently held him back.

"You two do realize you are making us third-years look like complete idiots right now? And on the first day of official practice no less?" Daichi said, practically hissing the words out. He didn't loosen his grip on my athletic trainer's jersey one bit.

"I am going to let go now, and I swear to god if you two don't just stand up straight and walk away I'll make you BOTH run laps," the last part directed specifically at me, because even though I technically wouldn't have to, I also knew that disobeying the captain's orders was a really really bad idea.

"Yes sir..." I mumbled, looking at Koushi and Asahi, the latter trying not to laugh.


My brother sighed dramatically, then stated "I'm fine as long as she is." It took all my will power not to kick at him.

Daichi and Asahi released our collars. I looked at Koushi and for a moment, our eyes battled over who was going to win the silent argument we were having. After a warning "Oi..." from Daichi, Koushi finally spoke quietly.

"Till next time?"

"Till next time." I said with a smirk, although it was softer this time.

We grinned at the same time, lightly fist bumping each other, and turned to look towards the wall of the gym where the team was starting to gather up. I heard Asahi whisper to Daichi something about Koushi and I baffling him with our ability to make up so quickly. My lip lifted up in an proud fashion when I heard Daichi respond with "That would be the two Sugawaras for ya."

"Damn, someone woke up and chose violence today!" Nishinoya laughed, stepping forward onto the court. Nishinoya was a second-year, and a damn good libero to bat. "I like feisty Kiya. You should bring her around more often."

I smirked at him. "If you aren't careful, feisty Kiya will not hesitate to kick your stupid ass."

At this, Tanaka's laughter was heard from the background. Also a second-year, he and Noya were known for their antics on and off the court. "Please keep talking shit Noya, I wanna see her kick your ass!" It was Noya's turn to lunge at Tanaka, jumping on his back and wrestling around with him. This was so normal though that no one really paid it much attention, minus Suga's shout of "Christ, language everyone! There are children here!", which only received eye-rolls from Daichi, Asahi, and me. He had officially gone into 'Team Mom Mode' as the second and third years referred to it.

I took in the players now, recognizing my fellow third years and younger second years. There were four boys that I did not recognize, so I assumed they were the first years. I had a momentary flashback to my first time standing in this gym, how much nervous energy had been present as I handed in my application as athletic trainer for the boys volleyball team. How Koushi had tackled me in happiness when I was accepted, and me returning the hug when he was deemed setter for the team itself.

Smiling at the thought, I absentmindedly turned to go grab my abandoned bag at the entrance to the gym. Slinging it back over my shoulder, I looked down the row of familiar and unfamiliar faces.

This is gonna be one hell of a last season.

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"A-aren't you the athletic trainer? S-shouldn't you stop them from k-killing each other?"

I looked up slightly at the quiet voice that had asked. The voice was attached to a very freckly-faced boy with dark olive-green hair and a single strand sticking up in the middle of his head.

Chuckling, I replied with "Noya and Tanaka do this almost every practice, and I have only had to treat a serious wound once, so I tend to leave them be until they come to me asking for a patch-up."

Seeing his lingering semi-concerned glance at the still bickering second-years, I smiled brighter, trying to reassure him. "Don't worry, even if something did happen, I'm ready for anything," I patted my bag as I spoke.

"Yamaguchi, stop bothering the trainer," The tall blonde sitting next to him said, not even looking up from his book.

"Gomen, Tsukki," Yamaguchi responded, as I smiled, amused at the sincere apology over something so silly.

I started to make my way to the other side of the gym where Koushi, Daichi, and Asahi were stretching. As I passed the other two unknown faces however, I had the hardest time taking my eyes off of the tangerine-orange haired boy who was jumping up and down, seemingly giddy with anticipation at the start of practice. It didn't even look like he had registered the chase between my brother and me or the current fight between Noya and Tanaka. He was short, so my mind immediately thought 'libero'. But the way he was staring at that net as he bounced up and down made me think he might not be what his height implied. That look could break a blocker if used correctly.

I shuddered at the thought of having to block someone with that intense of a 'this point is mine' look on their face, especially when he wasn't even in a game setting. But the shudder was soon followed by the competitiveness lodged in my own gut, and suddenly I wanted nothing more than to stuff the orange-haired shorty's hypothetical spike. Politely, of course.

While I was the athletic trainer for the team, I also played volleyball, just not for the girls or boys high school clubs. I often practiced with the team, and since I didn't truly have a set position, I would just help out where needed. Noya always declared proudly that I played best as a libero, which always made me blush since a compliment like that coming from Noya was one of the highest honors.

I then passed the tangerine's apparent opposite: a tall, dark-haired boy with a slight scowl on his face. He too, was looking at the center of the court, and I could feel the intensity from him as well.

I shook my head slightly and continued on, past the now stretching Noya and Tanaka, who had finally simmered down after a threat of extra laps from Daichi. There were three other second years: Ennoshita, Kinoshita, and Narita. They had just been watching the antics unfold, talking quietly to themselves.

As I arrived at the end of the line, I slipped my kneepads onto my ankles and started stretching with my fellow third-years. I always scolded the boys when they didn't practice with knee-pads, threatening that I wouldn't wrap them up when they got injured. Of course I was bluffing, and they knew it, so you would often see a few of them without them on anyway. This didn't stop me from giving them shit though.

"Alright, huddle up! Let's do some introductions." Daichi announced, as the team stood and formed a half circle facing Daichi.

"As you know, my name is Sawamura Daichi, and I am your team captain, a third-year, and play as a wing spiker. I would like everyone to go around and state their name, year, and position please," He said, looking expectantly to Koushi standing next to him.

Before my brother could speak, Noya and Tanaka yelled "HI DAD!", leading the captain to shoot a very disapproving look their way. Koushi and I snorted in laughter.

"Hi! I am Koushi Sugawara, vice-captain and third-year setter," Koushi beamed at the rest of the team.

"HI MOM!" Noya and Tanaka yelled, earning another death stare from Daichi and a softer chuckle and blush from Koushi. Seeing Koushi turn slightly red seemed to rub off on the captain as some color rose to his cheeks as well, which made me grin.

"My name is Asahi Azumane, and I am a third-year wing spiker," Asahi said quietly.

"And the team's ace," Noya added.

"And the team's ace," Asahi mumbled.

"I'm Karasuno's savior, Yuu Nishinoya, a second-year libero." Noya put his hands on his hips and puffed his chest out, smiling proudly. I rolled my eyes when Tanaka copied the pose.

"And I am Ryunosuke Tanaka, the best second-year wing spiker in the whole prefecture!" Tanaka announced proudly, while Ennoshita and Kinoshita sent annoyed looks his way.

"My name is Chikara Ennoshita, and I'm a second-year wing spiker."

"I'm Hisashi Kinoshita, also a second-year wing spiker."

"I'm Kazuhito Narita, a second-year middle blocker."

Before Yamaguchi could introduce himself, I heard Koushi mutter something under his breath about Tanaka and Noya taking notes from their fellow classmen.

"I-I'm Tadashi Yamaguchi, a first year, and I play as a middle blocker. I think." Yamaguchi was almost hiding behind Tsukishima as he spoke.

"You are a middle blocker, Yamaguchi. And I'm Kei Tsukishima, a first-year middle blocker as well." The tall blonde said, pushing his glasses up on his nose. He definitely gave off sassy vibes, which he seemed to revel in.

"Gomen, Tsukki," Yamaguchi apologized, again amusing me.

"I think it is your turn, King." Tsukishima smirked, glancing to his left.

The boy deemed 'King' snarled menacingly at Tsukishima, whose smirk only grew in response. I quirked an eyebrow, wondering what the story behind that nickname was.

"Don't call me that. My name is Tobio Kageyama, not King. I'm a first year, and a setter," He said, still locking eyes with Tsukishima.

Tsukishima just chuckled, turning away to face the group again. It was my turn to look at Kageyama now though.

'A setter, huh? Can't wait to see how he stacks up against Koushi."

"HI! I'm Shoyo Hinata, and I'm a middle blocker and a first year!" The tangerine announced excitedly, while a few eyebrows were raised in the team.

"Aren't you a little short to be a middle blocker?" Tanaka said with his head cocked.

"HEY! My height has nothing to do with my ability to play whatever position I want, thank you very much." Hinata retorted.

"And besides."

"I can fly."

My eyes widened a bit as Hinata said that last line. He was dead serious, and we all felt it.

"Damn, shorty's got some spunk!" Noya said smiling.

"Noya, for pete's sake LANGUAGE," My brother sighed at the second-year.

I laughed at both my brother and the first-year to my right and spoke up.

"Hey everyone, my name is Kiya Sugawara, and I am a third-year. I will be serving as your athletic trainer this year. And yes, Koushi is my brother, so feel free to call me Kiya and him Suga. If you call out Sugawara, we both might answer, even though I am clearly the best one." I sent an over-the-top smile my brother's way, who promptly stuck out his tongue in disagreement.

"Alright, the team manager, and our faculty advisor don't attend morning practices, so you will meet them later at afternoon practice. With that out of the way, lets start on drills!" Daichi said, walking to get the ball cart from the sidelines. As he passed my brother, his hand instinctively rested on Koushi's shoulder momentarily. I smiled, remembering one of my goals for this year.

Get Daichi and my brother to admit their feelings for each other.

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For the first practice, the team did pretty well. There was a lot of bickering between Tsukishima and Kageyama, and Noya and Tanaka almost killed Hinata after jumping on him, but overall they played well together.

As the team was starting to pack up, Hinata shouted across the court.

"KAGEYAMA! Set to me one more time pleaseeeeee!"

The taller boy bristled a bit, and looked just as stoic as he had the whole practice (minus the anger towards Tsukishima), making me think he was going to say no. So I was a bit surprised when he just nodded silently and made his way to the net.

Hinata squealed in excitement and ran after Kageyama. I watched as the shorter boy tossed the ball to the setter.

The next ten seconds seemed to happen in slow motion. Kageyama set the ball beautifully to the far side of the net, but at an insanely fast pace. Asahi, who was standing next to me, paled a bit at the speed.


The ball hit the other side of the court, the sound echoing across the dead quiet gym. Everyone's jaw was practically on the floor, except for Tsukishima, although even he still looked a bit shocked.

I let out a low whistle, followed by a "holy shit." Koushi was to distracted to even say anything about my swear.

If you had been sitting on the sidelines, not knowing a lot about volleyball, you would have been impressed with the speed, sure. But you might have missed the fact that Hinata had already sprinted to the net and jumped higher than what should have been possible for someone his height. He had spiked the ball as it came to him, Kageyama's set perfectly timed with his swing. And even if you could appreciate the chemistry between the two who had barely played together before, it would have been almost impossible to notice the craziest part.

Hinata's eyes had been closed.

Hinata and Kageyama were both staring wide-eyed at the spot on the floor the ball had hit. They then seemed to process what had happened, and they turned to each other, shouting in triumph. You would've thought they just won Nationals.

"Kageyama! Did you see that?! The ball just went 'Pham!' over the net!

"Of course I saw it Boke, I'm the one who set it to you! Maybe you need to get your eyes checked."

"Hey! We just did something really cool, the least you could do is say 'Good job!'!"

Hinata and Kageyama started bickering with each other, and the shorter males excited outburst had snapped everyone out of their trance for the most part.

"That...was insane," Koushi let out a heavy breath, still looking at the two boys, who were now being attacked by Nishinoya and Tanaka.

I watched as Koushi's look of mild shock shifted into a wide grin.

"He really can fly."


I walked out of my last class for the day and headed straight to the volleyball gym. The only two there were Kageyama and Hinata, and they had already put the net up and were practicing.

I stopped in the entryway and leaned up against the doorframe.

"Do these two ever take a break? They don't even really look tired." I thought to myself.

Suddenly, I remembered what today was. Other than Monday; other than the first day of official volleyball practice.

Dammit Kiya, keep your cool. You are most certainly not gonna get it anyway. You're a girl, and all the other applicants were boys who had much higher rankings than you.

I took a shaky breath in and out, then forced the next one to be more steady. I was pretty sure I already would have found out if I had gotten the internship by now anyways. No biggie, I had only applied because Koushi had forced me to, not because I actually wanted it or thought I could get it.

Or at least that's what I told myself to keep from getting disappointed.

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard what sounded like the captain and vice-captain from around the corner of the building. I quickly stepped into the gym, heading to the corner so I could eavesdrop on them through the open window.

"Kiya-san, what are you-"

"SHHHHHH" I scream-whispered at Hinata, scaring the living daylights out of him. I silently motioned for them to keep playing.

"Boke Hinata, stay focused! You need to practice to be good." Kageyama scolded the shorter boy.

"Hey! I am good, I'm practicing to get better, Bakayama!" Hinata retorted, sounding not menacing at all.

"Oi what did you call me-" I covered my laughter with my hand, and tuned out the now arguing first-years so that I could hear what my brother and Daichi were talking about.

"... if you came. I mean, I know you're probably busy and stuff, so I totally get it if you can't make it, but uh, I, uh..." Daichi trailed off, and I pictured him nervously rubbing the back of his neck.

"What day was it again?" My brother responded, not sounding nervous at all.

"Saturday, nine pm."

"I mean, I don't have anything this Saturday, so as long as Kiya doesn't need the car then I should be fine to go with you."

"Awesome! I mean, uh, that's great. I really appreciate it Suga." Daichi said, a little too excitedly.

"Anytime Dai. I'm looking forward to it." I could almost hear the smile in my brother's voice.

Did Daichi just ask my brother on a DATE?! And did my brother just casually say YES?!

I was intently listening for Daichi's response, when I realized I couldn't hear it because they had started walking away. Which meant –

"Shit shit shit!" I thought, scrambling to get out of the corner and not look like the total creeper I was being before Daichi and Koushi walked in. I made it to the bench in the nick of time, pretending to tie my shoe just as they walked into the gym.

"Hey Kiya! I see our eager first years are already at it... are you okay? You're breathing kinda heavy." Daichi asked quizzically.

Shit. Think fast!

"Oh ya, I um, just was running some warm up laps, getting my heart rate up, you know," I said, still panting lightly from the almost heart attack I had at the thought of my brother catching me snooping.

Daichi accepted the response with a nod and started to walk towards the first years, but Koushi wasn't totally buying it based on the look on his face. I started to stand up and say hi to my brother when –

"What do you mean running laps Kiya-san? You were just – "

My eyes shot open, but before I could interrupt the tangerine, Kageyama did it for me with a well-placed volleyball to the back of the head.

"Pay attention boke!"

"OW, that HURT Bakayama! You are such a meanie! You did that on purpose!"

I caught Kageyama's eye, trying to figure out if he had actually meant to cut Hinata off and save my ass. But I couldn't tell anything based on his look other than his general annoyance at his shorter teammate.

"Ya Kiya-san, what do you mean running laps?" Koushi said mockingly and took a step towards me, crossing his arms in front of his chest. He would have looked more menacing if he hadn't had to blow a stray strand of silver hair out of his eyes.

"I mean using my legs to move at a quick speed around the court in a circular fashion. What, you forget how to run a lap Ko?" I said sassily, trying to distract him.

"I'm not dumb you know. I can tell you're lying." He said, popping his hip slightly now to add to the 'I-know-you're-up-to-something' look.

I looked him dead in the eye, smirking heavily.

"You may not be dumb Ko, but you are dense as fuck."

His slight frown turned into an angry one, and he started to uncross his arms and come at me. I mentally prepared myself to fight, feeling pretty pleased with how easily I had been able to piss him off.

"Kiya, there you are!"

The sound of our advisor, Ittetsu Takeda, saying my name made me freeze. I was almost never addressed by someone outside of the team during practice unless someone was injured. It also probably wasn't a good idea to beat my brother up in front of one of our teachers.

On the plus side, it had also made my brother stop in his tracks, as we both quickly composed ourselves and turned to face him.

"Hai?" I said, gulping and quickly running through ever possible thing I had ever done in my life that could have gotten me in trouble. Maybe he had heard about my antics this morning?

"I've been looking all over for you! I should've guessed you'd be here though," he said with a chuckle. "You and your brother are never far from the volleyball court."

I smiled nervously and said, "Hai, sensei, it is good to see you. What did you need me for?"

"Oh, I'll wait until the rest of the team gets here. I think they will want to hear the news too!" He said, looking now at Daichi, who was approaching us.

"Takeda-sensei, thanks for coming! Is everything alright? We didn't expect you here this early." Daichi said, coming to a stop next to my brother.

Takeda started chatting with Daichi, and while he seemed to be his normal pleasant self, I could help but think:

Fuck, what did I do this time?

Chapter Text

Everyone chatted casually, piling into the gym for afternoon practice, exchanging smiles and greetings.

I however, was sweating buckets.

Please don't embarrass yourself in front of the whole team...

"Alright, I think that's everyone! Line up guys, Takeda-sensei has something to announce," Daichi called out to the team.

The team huddled up around Takeda and Daichi, but I hung back slightly, trying to disappear into the floor. Ennoshita, however, noticed this and dragged me by my sleeve to stand next to him in the circle. I whined in protest, but the look of betrayal on my face only seemed to amuse him.

"Hello! It is great to see the second and third years again, and I hope to get to know the first-years soon too! I'm excited to see how this season is going to turn out," Takeda said warmly. "You all should have met each other and your trainer, Kiya, this morning, but I also wanted to introduce Kiyoko Shimizu, your team manager and third-year student." Kiyoko smiled and waved as Takeda introduced her.

"Hello everyone. I'm happy to see you all." Kiyoko said calmly.

The yells that from Noya and Tanaka in response were anything but calm.

"KIYOKO-SAN! WE ARE SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU TOO!" The two second years shouted loudly, making Yamaguchi jump. They quickly quieted down after one of Daichi's signature death stares.

"Good to see you two are still full of energy," Takeda said chuckling.

At this, an older, spiky-blonde haired male stepped into the gym, grumbling.

"Energetic is a nice way of putting it," The newcomer said, coming to a stop next to Takeda.

"Ah, glad you could make it Ukai. Everyone, this is Keishin Ukai, and he will be your coach this year." Takeda stated, glancing back at the coach with a chuckle. Ukai crossed his arms over his chest and nodded in acknowledgement.

"Anyway, I wanted to make a quick announcement before letting Daichi take over practice. As you know, Kiya has been your athletic trainer for the entirety of your high-school careers, and as Noya is living proof, she is very good at her job." Noya smiled proudly at Takeda's words, even though I wasn't sure taking a chunk of skin off your arm because of a botched diving receive was something to necessarily be proud of.

"It is my pleasure to say that – "

"Kiya will be representing Karasuno High School as a sports medic this year."

Oh fuck.

The vice-principal had stepped into the gym, cutting off Takeda's sentence. Everyone stiffened at the sight of him, the third-years in particular, all of us most likely remembering the 'incident' with his toupee last year.

Why on earth is the Vice-Principal here?"

"D-doesn't Kiya already do that?" Daichi's stutter made me even more nervous, but I was thinking the same thing.

"Kiya usually attends the tournaments and games as our athletic trainer, yes. However we just were notified that she is one of this year's recipients of the Japan Sports Medicine Internship, meaning she will now also be working with other high schools that may be competing against us. Karasuno will always be her primary team, but she will be the sports medic for other schools scrimmages and games as well." The vice-principal huffed, as if this was somewhat of an inconvenience to have to explain.

I, on the other hand, had forgotten how to breathe.

Everyone's heads had turned to look at me, but my eyes weren't allowing me to focus on anything (probably due to the lack of oxygen going to my brain).

An ear-piercing scream from my silver haired sibling broke the silence that had fallen over the group, which was quickly followed by me being tackled into a hug.

"KIYA YOU GOT THE SCHOLARSHIP OH MY GOD I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!" Koushi yelled all in one go, directly in my ear. He was squeezing me so tight that if my body had remembered how to breathe it wouldn't have been able to.

I quickly felt two more sets of arms wrap around me, also speaking excitedly in my ear. Daichi and Asahi's voices were not making my eardrums want to burst though.

Their laughter snapped me out of my trance, and I finally took in a shaky breath.

Goddammit don't you dare cry Sugawara.

Koushi noticed the shakiness first, and pulled back just enough to look at my now smiling face. Tears of joy started to form in the corners of my eyes, which of course made my brother look like he was about to cry as well. I smiled at how much he looked like a proud mom, even to me as his sister.

"Hey, you two can't cry, you know that will just turn Asahi into a sobbing mess," Daichi said softly, making Asahi blush, but not deny it.

The threat of tears didn't last long though, as I was quickly distracted by the small boy literally flying over Asahi's shoulders at me. I yelped as Nishinoya crashed into me, quickly followed by all of us being jostled by Tanaka. Even Ennoshita, Narita, and Kinoshita joined in.

"I love you guys too, but I can't breathe," I said after a minute, finally forcing everyone to step back a bit. I knew I had the stupidest grin on my face, but I didn't care. I had gotten the scholarship.

The poor first years were just standing in the now disbanded half circle, all of them looking at us with very confused faces. Tsukishima was the only one who didn't really seem to care.

"Congratulations Kiya-san!" Hinata chirped, which was honestly adorable considering he didn't understand what was going on in the slightest. It was even cuter when he elbowed Kageyama, expecting him to do the same.

"Congratulations," Kageyama mumbled, which made me chuckle. My chuckle turned into a full on laugh when I watched the exact same scenario go down between Yamaguchi and Tsukishima as well. I thanked all four of them with a small bow.

The vice-principal cleared his throat, leading us all to collect ourselves a bit. Koushi gave me a quick squeeze and grin before walking back over to take his place next to Daichi, as I moved to stand next to Kiyoko, who leaned over to whisper a congratulations. I thanked her, not blaming her at all for not wanting to be apart of that dogpile of chaos.

"This is a very exciting opportunity for our school indeed. Hopefully, with Kiya's work we can expand our schools sports medicine program," the vice-principal said flatly. He may have been talking about being excited, but he sure didn't seem it.

"I will leave you in the capable hands of Takeda here to explain any further questions," he said, and before I could thank him he was out the double doors of the gym.

Takeda looked a little unsteady, as if he hadn't been expecting the vice-principal. My assumption was confirmed when he said, "Well that was an unexpected surprise." The look on his face told me it wasn't necessarily a welcome one. He cleared his throat and stood up straight, now beaming at me. "Congratulations indeed Kiya."

If it was possible, my grin only widened back at him.

"What teams is Kiya gonna be on?" Noya said, bouncing up and down slightly.

Kiyoko looked down at the clipboard in her hand and read off it.

"Kiya will be starting and staying with Karasuno of course. But the other teams she will be serving with are Nekoma High, Aoba Johsai High, Fukurodani Academy, Shiratorizawa Academy, and Inarizaki High. If we are playing against one of the teams Kiya is interning with that match, she will serve as the trainer for both teams." I noticed Ukai's eyes roll at the mention of Nekoma High, as he and their coach had a somewhat friendly rivalry between them.

"Kiyoko-san, you look so beautiful when you answer our ques-" Tanaka and Nishinoya started, but were cut off by Takeda addressing the team again.

"Alright, for now, lets put a pin in this and start with practice. Daichi?" Takeda looked towards the captain with a slightly hurried look in his eyes.

"You heard him guys, lets go! Grab a partner and start warming up!" Daichi shouted, clapping his hands a couple times and leading the team back towards the court. Ukai followed the boys, while Kiyoko and Takeda headed towards the bench. I lagged behind, still a little high off of the news. Looking out over the whole gym, I smiled wide again.

I could travel with any team in the world and not find a group of boys I loved this much.

Chapter Text

"Hey Kiya, can I use the car on Saturday? Or do you need it?" My brother yelled from the living room.

I grinned from ear-to-ear, knowing exactly what he needed the car for, but deciding to try to get him to tell me instead.

"No, I don't need it. Where you going though? Got a hot date?" I said slyly, moving from the kitchen to lean against the entryway leading to the living room, looking at my brother who was hanging upside down on the couch.

Koushi looked over and stuck his tongue out at me, then focused his gaze back onto the TV. I walked over and copied his pose, throwing my legs over the back of the couch and letting my long silver hair fall down onto the floor.

"You didn't answer my question Ko..." I said teasingly.

"That would be because I am actively ignoring you."

"You clearly aren't doing a good job if you are responding to me."

"Could you go bother someone else somewhere else please?"

"Mmm, nope. I'm quite comfy right here. Although I have no fucking clue how you watch TV like this."

"Ki langu-"

"Oh cut the crap Ko, you have just as bad a mouth as me when we aren't at school."

"That's because you're even more of a bitch when we aren't at school."

"You little-" I turned and threw myself at him, wanting to gouge his stupid eyeballs out. He grabbed my wrists to keep me from hitting him, then managed to get just enough leverage to wrap his forearm around the front of my neck and slammed me into the ground. I groaned, and played dead on the floor while Koushi moved back to the other side of the couch.

"You suck." I said, still trying to catch my breath from getting the wind knocked out of me.

"Hey give me some credit. I blow too," He said laughing. I fake gagged multiple times.

"Ewwww! I don't need to know what you and Daichi do when no one is around!"

At this, my brother shot an incredibly wide-eyed look of shock at me; his cheeks turning a furious shade of red.

"I-I do not like Daichi! Not like that! W-Why would you say that?!" Koushi fumbled over his words, his brain not seeming to communicate with his mouth as his blush deepened.

I cackled in response. "Sureeeee Ko. Nothing about your response here screams 'I'm in love with my best friend!' at alllll," my words dripped with sarcasm. "Also, it was just a joke. I didn't even say anything about you liking Daichi. Is there something you wanna tell me?" I said, this time my laugh was much softer as I tried to smile encouragingly at him (although I'm pretty sure it came off creepy as fuck).

The beat red color did not leave his cheeks, and I could tell he was thoroughly embarrassed as he hid his face in his knees that were pulled up to his chest. All I got in response was a muffled grumble.

"Sorry, what was that? I'm going to need you to talk to me, not your knees."

"I think I like Daichi." He said it so quietly I almost missed it.

Excitement filled my whole body as I jumped up from my spot on the floor and onto the couch, throwing my head back and pumping my fist into the air, letting out a loud "FINALLYYYYYYY!" Koushi's head had jolted up in response to my outburst, but before he could say anything, I jumped at him, wrapping him in a huge bear hug.

"Kiya what the hell?!" Koushi yelped, subconsciously wrapping his arms around me, returning the hug.

"I knew it I knew it I knew it! I'm so happy for you guys!"

"Ki, you're acting like we're getting married. All I said was I liked him."

"Ahhh! There it is again! You finally admitted it!"

"Oh come on, it wasn't that obvious! I didn't even realize my feelings were romantic until – wait Kiya what the fuck are you doing..." My brother trailed off as he saw me holding my phone to my ear, bouncing up and down on the couch in excitement as it rang.

"ASAHI! KOUSHI LIKES DAICHI! HE ADMITTED IT!" I screamed into my phone when I heard Asahi picked up, which elicited a hurried "no no no no no" from my brother as he scrambled to try to take the cellular device from me. I was way to quick though, my excitement fueling me.

"Kiya-san, I am excited too, but maybe don't yell in my ear next time? I get that enough from Noya as it is." Asahi replied in a normal tone of voice. I heard a faint "Hey! You love my loudness!" in the background, which could have only come from Nishinoya himself.

I laughed into the phone, still swatting my brother away as I said, "Oh Noya's over huh? Well, my energy as the team matchmaker is currently devoted to getting my brother and Daichi together at the moment, but don't think for a second I'm not coming for your ass next." I grinned devilishly, and could practically feel Asahi pale through the phone.

"Noya and I are just frie-" Asahi whispered, but was cut off by the smaller boy shouting "HI KIYA-SAN!" into the phone.

"Hi Nishi! Try not to kill Asahi for me okay? I need someone to gossip with later."

"Asahi and you gossip?! About what? Is it about the ghost that lives in the clubroom? Cuz Tanaka and I have made peace with him, I swear."

"... uh, no, Noya, it is not about the ghost in the clubroom." I looked at my brother with a 'what in the actual fuck' face, but all I got in reply was the same look on his. "But I'm glad you are cool with him... I think."

"Nishi, I told you bringing up the ghost makes things weird."

"You just don't wanna talk about him cuz you're scared."

"Noya I am not scared of a nonexistent ghost."

"Okay scaredy-cat. Don't worry, I'll protect you."

Koushi had stopped trying to take my phone and was now listening to the two bickering boys on the other side of the phone with a very amused look on his face. We heard Asahi sigh again and footsteps running away from the phone. I assumed they belonged to Noya, which was confirmed when Asahi continued talking. "Anyway, I'm happy Suga finally admitted it. I'm also glad I did not take your bet on how long it was going to take, because I would have lost."

"Yes, you would have, but all that matters now is the next phase of the mission. Get Daichi to admit his feelings too!"

At that exclamation, Koushi looked at me as if he wanted to die.

"Kiya, no way does Dai like me back. I'm like 1000% sure he is straight."

I frowned at my brother, then turned back to the phone call momentarily.

"Well I just thought I'd tell you the news Asahi. I gotta go work on my brother's flirting abilities now."

"Hey! I am great at flirting," Koushi quipped, pouting a bit.

"You have fun with that Kiya. Keep me updated."

"Will do Asahi. Try not to let Noya kill you. Better yet, you work on your flirting skills with Noya too!"

"Kiya-san – "

"Bye Asahi! See you tomorrow!" I cut him off and rushed to hang up the phone. Slipping it back into my pocket, I turned to face my brother with a huge smile on my face and a hand on my hip.

Team medic? More like team matchmaker.

Chapter Text

My brother was right: while he was a bumbling lovesick mess at home, he was usually calm, cool, and collected around Daichi. Usually being the key word there.

I was practically skipping as we walked to morning practice. I was so excited to start working on trying to get Daichi to confess that I tripped over a crack in the sidewalk.

"Ki, calm down. You look like you're the one in love, not me."

I stopped dead in my tracks, an even bigger grin spreading across my face. Koushi realized what he said right afterward, whipping his head around and blushing furiously.

"In love, huh?" I smirked.

"No, I uh, well I mean, that just slipped out, it doesn't mean I'm in love with him..." Koushi trailed off, suddenly very interested in his shoelaces.

"So you aren't in love with him?"

"No, that's not what I meant... just drop it Ki, okay?" Koushi huffed, gripping both straps of his bag and started walking again. I fell back in line beside him, smiling. A light pink still dusted his cheeks.

"You're the worst."

I stuck my tongue out at him in response.

We turned the corner to get to the gym, but none of the lights were on and the doors were locked. I slunk down against the wall, bundling up in my jacket to keep warm while we waited for the captain with the keys. Koushi stood next to me, seemingly lost in thought.

"Come to think of it, why didn't Daichi walk with us today?" I pondered, as Daichi didn't live very far from us and would usually join us on our morning trek to school.

"He texted saying he had something to do this morning and wouldn't be here till right at six," Koushi said, his breath visible in the cold.

"You didn't want to tell me that sooner? We are gonna be waiting for like 20 minutes now!" I grumbled, sinking further into my trainer's jacket.

Just then, two boys voices could be heard from the side of the gym, and were approaching fast. The next thing I knew, Kageyama and Hinata came tearing around the corner, racing each other to the gym. I thought for sure they were going to run into the doors, but they somehow managed to put on the brakes in time.

"I won!"

"Dumbass, I absolutely won that! YOU lost!"

"Nuh-uh! I beat you by like a full second!" Hinata quipped, both of them with their hands on their knees trying to catch their breath.

"Oi, language Kageyama! And calm down, Daichi won't be here for another twenty minutes, so there's no rush," Koushi scolded.

"If I had a nickel for everytime you said language..." I mumbled under my breath.

"Quiet you," my brother whispered at me. I frowned at him with my eyes, as I was sure he couldn't see the bottom half of my face under the zipped up jacket.

"Suga-senpai! Who won?" Hinata asked, bouncing up and down now.

Damn he caught his breath quick.

Koushi looked between the two boys, and glanced down at the shorter one. "Sorry Hinata, but I'm pretty sure Kageyama had you beat by a hair."

"HA! I told you I won boke! That's one win for me and one for you now," Kageyama exclaimed, hands still on his knees.

"Fine whatever, I'll just beat you next time!" Hinata shouted, and they started bickering amongst themselves.

Koushi and I chuckled, and my brother sat down next to me.

"Your children are really a handful this year huh?" I asked teasingly to the team mom.

My brother smiled. "They sure are."

As the minutes passed, the rest of the team started arriving, all of us rubbing our arms or snuggling into our jackets to try to stay warm.

I love the cold, but does it have to be this friggin frigid?

Just as I thought that, Daichi came jogging across the dead grass, key in hand.

"Our savior!" Tanaka yelled, and everyone started to stand up and brush themselves off.

The captain unlocked the door, propping it open as we started to file in. I walked in front of Koushi, and right before we passed Daichi at the entrance, I turned around and made the 'now's your chance' face at my brother. He replied with a 'shut the fuck up and turn around' look.

"Good morning captain!" I said, smiling at Daichi as I stepped into the gym.

"Good morning Kiya. Hey Suga!" Daichi said, returning my smile and now addressing my brother.

"Morning Dai!" I tried to casually walk slowly in front of them as they exchanged pleasantries so I could eavesdrop.

"Oh, Kiya said she didn't need the car Saturday, so I can go to that party with you." Koushi said, which definitely peaked my interest. I'm pretty sure he didn't think I could hear him.

"Awesome! Wanna meet at my house at seven?"

"It's a date." Damn my brother really was good at flirting.

I glanced over at the two now standing at the end of the bench, pretending to rummage through my bag looking for something. The captain was wide-eyed and blushing, which was very entertaining, as you don't see Daichi flustered everyday. Only my brother was that good at it.

"W-well um, I-I didn't mean it like that b-but if that's what you wanna call it then s-sure," Daichi fumbled, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

My brother smiled softly. He looked so collected on the outside, but I knew internally he was having a mild panic attack.

"It was just a joke Dai. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

"N-no! That's not what I... I mean I um..." before Daichi could manage to put more than four words together, Koushi turned around and said "Time to start practice Captain!" over his shoulder, smirking at the older boy. Daichi's mouth opened slightly in astonishment, then quickly closed as he seemed to compose himself. I quickly made myself busy in my bag again as I noticed him glance over.

Shit, I hope he didn't notice me watching.

If he had, he didn't say anything, as he called out to the boys and started walking towards the court. I grabbed my kneepads and slipped them over my ankles. As I was tying my hair up into a braid, my brother walked by me to grab one of the ball carts. As he passed, he smirked at me.

"And that, my dear sister, is how it's done."

I rolled my eyes so hard I thought they were going to stick into the back of my head.

"Don't get to cocky there Ko, that was pretty weak if you ask me," I smirked back, and he frowned.

"Are you seriously challenging me right now?"

"Are you seriously backing down from a challenge right now?" He pursed his lips and narrowed his eyes at me.

"I would never."

I grinned maliciously.

"Great. Can't wait to see what you come up with next Ko," I said as he pushed the ball cart out onto the court towards Asahi, who barely managed to catch it due to Nishinoya running around him like a crazy person. Honestly I don't know how that big teddy bear's head didn't spin dealing with the libero.

"Kiya! Can you play as second libero for hitting drills after warm-ups?" Daichi called out to me, and I nodded in response, heading towards Ennoshita to partner-up with him as we started some warm-up drills. I always liked practicing with Ennoshita; we were much more focused than the other pairs, save Kinoshita and Narita. A few minutes later, Daichi called for us to line up for the aforementioned hitting drills, my brother and Kageyama taking their places on opposite sides of the net. Daichi of course went to stand by my brother to start, and I just smirked as I took my place by the ball cart, observing them.

Everything is coming together beautifully.

Chapter Text

"What I wouldn't kill to be a fly on the wall at that party," I said pouting, twirling my fork in my food.

"You know Kiya, you're kinda nosy."

I glanced up and stuck my tongue out at Asahi. "Okay, so you're telling me you wouldn't want to see what happens too?"

"I never said that."

I continued to pout and looked down at my food. Why does interfering with my brother's love life have to be so hard?

"Quit pouting. It's not like you can change the situation. I mean, what are you gonna do, crash the party?" Asahi cursed under his breath as soon as the words were out of his mouth.

I shot up off the bench, eyes wide with excitement and my mouth full of food. I whipped my body around to look down at the now groaning Asahi with a crazy look on my face.

"Tat's it! Wer gonna cwarsh the pwartwy!" I yelled, practically jumping up and down. A few nearby students turned to give us some funny looks.

"I did not understand a word you just said. And could you not yell please, people are staring," Asahi grumbled, sinking down under the table.

I gulped my food down in one go and repeated myself. "You're a genius Asahi! We can just crash it! All we have to do is follow him and Daichi in your car and see where they are going!" I was giddy with excitement.

"Woah woah woah, who said anything about we? And when did I say you could borrow my car?" He looked up at me, both annoyed and anxious at the same time, a look only Asahi pulled off that well.

"I'M not borrowing your car, YOU are gonna drive me in your car to wherever Daichi and Ko are going." I smiled triumphantly, putting my hands on my hips.

"Nope. Uh-uh. Not happening Kiya. I will not be apart of this incredibly stupid plan. Also, you need to stop hanging out with Nishinoya. You're starting to sound like him, which is terrifying." Asahi shuddered at what I assumed was the thought of two Noya's pestering him. "And sit down for pete's sake."

I sat down begrudgingly, crossing my arms and pouting again, only a little annoyed about the Noya comment. "What would it take for me to get you to come?"

"Kiya, nothing you say could get me to go."

"Fine. I'll just break into your house and steal your keys."

"Absolutely not."

"Um, I wasn't asking permission."

"The last time you did that it I almost called the cops on you by accident."

"It was an emergency!"

"Tanaka and Noya could've just called ME if they needed help."

"You would have been wayyyy to nervous to drive. You would've just crashed the car."

"Why my car? Why didn't you take Suga's?"

"He hides the keys from me at night."

"I wonder why."

"Don't make me ask again Asahi. Pretty please come with me." I looked at him with my best puppy eyes. He just stared at me for a minute, then pushed a stray piece of hair out of his face with an exasperated look.

"What time Saturday?"


"Good job with the first week of practice guys! Just a reminder, we are going to be playing a practice game against Nekoma High in a few weeks, so our goal in the mean time is to get our plays figured out." Daichi continued with the after-practice wrap-up and announcements while I walked over to the bench where Coach Ukai and Takeda were sitting. They had a whiteboard in front of them with a volleyball court drawn on it, and initials for each of the players.

I snuck a look at the board, realizing that they were probably determining a draft for the starting lineup. My interest peaked, so I moved a bit closer to peer over their shoulders.

Wait, what?!

I scrunched my eyebrows, a little ticked off.

Why was Ko not the starting setter?

"Hey Kiya, all wrapped up?" Coach Ukai turned back to look at me, and I quickly regained my composure so they hopefully didn't notice I'd been snooping.

"Uh ya, we should be good." Why don't you have my brother as a starter?!

"Great! You excited for the start of your internship next week?" Takeda said smiling.

Shit I almost forgot. How the hell do I almost forget something as important as this?

"Yes, definitely! Do you know who I will be rotating with first?"

"Lets see..." Takeda reached for his clipboard and shuffled through some of the papers. "Looks like you'll be training with... Nekoma High! That's convenient. You should be able to just catch a ride back with us after the practice game."

Wait a minute, I get to go to TOKYO as my first rotation?! This internship just keeps getting better and better.

I beamed at the teacher. "That's awesome! How long do I stay each time?"

"You'll be going once a week for two nights each time, for a total of three times. The schedule is set so that you'll leave early in the morning on Thursday's and return on Saturday evenings. I know it's a longer trip, but at least you can sleep on the train."

I was bubbling with excitement. "I don't mind the trip, I'm just elated that I get to go!"

"Psst! Kageyama! What does elated mean?" I looked up to see Hinata tugging Kageyama down to his level so that he could 'whisper' in his ear, but I would be hesitant to call it a whisper when it was clearly audible from ten feet away.

"How should I know Boke? I'm doing just about as well in language class as you are!" Kageyama replied, bonking the smaller boy on the head.

"The stupidity that emanates from you two makes me worry it's going to rub off on me," Tsukkishima sighed, pushing his glasses up on his nose. Yamaguchi giggled behind him.

"Shut up four-eyes! Nobody asked you!" Kageyama turned and yelled at the blonde. I laughed quietly, watching the interaction between the first-years go downhill quickly.

"Anyway, thank you Takeda-sensei. I'll be sure to represent Karasuno well." I bowed slightly to the teacher.

"I'm sure you will Kiya," He smiled back up at me.

I started to walk towards my stuff, waving a goodbye to the coach and the teacher. I stuffed my jacket on top of my medical supplies and zipped the bag up, slinging it over my shoulder. I would have to ask my brother about the starting line-up when we got home.

I shifted my weight between my feet, waiting for my fellow-thirds years to get changed. Daichi and Koushi stepped out first, deep in conversation. Asahi followed behind, carrying a very energetic Noya on his back. I raised my eyebrow at him, causing the gentle giant to blush furiously and give me his best death stare he could manage.

Unphased, I smiled and fell into line beside them, with my brother and the captain just a few paces in front of us. We all started on the way home, Noya parting ways first as his house was the closest. Asahi was next to break off from the group, but before he left I held up my phone slightly and tapped it, signaling for him to wait for a text from me about our game plan for tomorrow. He nodded nervously, then turned and walked away waving. I quickened my strides to catch up with Ko and Daichi, but didn't attempt to jump into the middle of whatever conversation they were having. Instead I opted to pull my phone out and text Asahi what I was thinking we should do for tomorrow night and what we needed to prepare.

"But that would be illegal, no?" I looked up from my phone, frowning a bit.

You are so paranoid. It isn't illegal to sneak into a party.

"If it happened on your personal private property then it wouldn't break the law, granted you were in an area that allowed discharge of firearms on your own property," Daichi rattled off. I stiffened, almost dropping my phone.

Am I gonna get shot sneaking into this thing? Asahi's gonna murder me...

"That's stupid. No one should be allowed to shoot something so cute as a bunny." Koushi pouted, crossing his arms over his chest like a six-year-old.

A bunny Kiya. They were talking about a bunny. You're an idiot.

I chuckled to myself, watching as Daichi smiled at my brother and tried to comfort him about the bunny thing. God they were so fucking cute. And based on that smile and the way he was looking at him, I had no doubt the captain was just as smitten with my brother as Koushi was with him.

Let's get this party started, shall we?

Chapter Text

"Bye Kiya! Try not to burn the house down while I'm gone!" Koushi called to me as he grabbed the car keys and walked out the door.

"Fuck off!" I shouted at him from the couch, starting to count to 10 in my head.

As soon as I hit the last number I jumped up, turning the TV off and throwing my keys into my purse simultaneously pulling out my phone to text Asahi.

The Better Sugawara

The crow has left the nest!

Man Bun

I never agreed to tolerate you speaking in code.

The Better Sugawara

You’re no fun :(

Also hurry your ass up!

Man Bun

I will be sure to run all of the stop signs to get to your house faster.

The Better Sugawara

Now now, no need to get all cheeky with me

Man Bun

I’m going to stop talking to you now.

The Better Sugawara

Thank you for the announcement my loyal chauffer

Man Bun

You are not paying me enough to call me that.

And by that I mean, you are not paying me at all.

The Better Sugawara

I’m paying you in the form of a good time

Whoops that came out wrong

Man Bun

I am going to pretend like I didn’t just see that.


I laughed, slipping my phone into my back pocket, jumping up and down slightly by the door in anticipation. Koushi was going to pick up Daichi, who didn't live very far away, but I knew they were stopping by Coach Ukai's market to get snacks, so I was hoping to catch them there.

At the sound of a horn outside, I shot out the door, sprinting to the car and practically throwing myself through the open window. I grabbed the top rack on the car using it to propel my legs through as I jumped up and landed with a plop on the seat.

"Christ Kiya, can't you just open the door and get in that way like a normal person?" Asahi said, startled. I had done this so many times that you would think he would've been used to it by now.

"Nope! C'mon c'mon, lets GO!" I said, hitting the dashboard impatiently.

"I'm not going anywhere till you put your seatbelt on."

I made a face at him, but clicked the belt into place. After I was secured, Asahi shifted the car back into drive and headed in the direction of the market.

Asahi turned his headlights off as we pulled up just enough to peer around the corner. I caught a glimpse of mine and my brother's car, and whispered excitedly "They're still here!"

"Why are we whispering? They can't hear us."

"Ya, but it sounds cooler this way."

Asahi rolled his eyes, and slowly reversed so that they front bumper on his car was no longer visible. We sat and waited for the two to exit the store.

When they finally walked out, Asahi turned the key in the ignition, still without the headlights on. Koushi started to pull away, heading towards the main road. Asahi followed shortly after, doing a pretty good job of being inconspicuous.

"Hey maybe you could be a private investigator for a living. You're pretty good at this." I said, putting my feet up on the dash.

"Feet down. I'm just worried that if I don't do a good job, you're going to force me to let you drive. And I would like to survive the night, thank you very much." Asahi retorted, glancing over at me.

I begrudgingly put my feet down, crossing my arms in front of my chest and pouting.

After about twenty minutes, we took the turn that headed to the expressway. I sat up a little in my seat, curious.

"Where on earth are we going?" I said, uncrossing my arms and leaning forward, as if that were going to help me deduce our destination.

"I don't know, but it seems like we might be in for a drive," Asahi said, flipping the radio on.

Asahi was right, we were in for a serious drive. We rode the expressway for another hour and a half, almost losing our target a couple times. Finally, my brother took the next exit and headed down into a more suburban area. They pulled up in front of moderately sized house, and Asahi circled as to hopefully not draw attention to us. As we passed their car, Asahi turned his face away and I slid down as far as possible in my seat.

There was loud music coming from inside the house, and different colored lights flashing in the backyard. Asahi parked a few streets down, and we started walking up to the front door. I took a deep breath as we walked through the entryway, realizing this party was going to be a lot easier to 'sneak' into than I thought. Based off the sight in front of me, I would say it was more blatantly walking through the front door rather than sneaking.

The number of people present was astonishing. The main area was cramped, smelled like booze, and was so hot I almost immediately starting sweating.

I hate people. I hate people so much.

As we weaved our way through the crowd I was thinking about how I hadn't expected my brother to come to a party like this for a first unofficial date, much less Daichi to invite him to one.

Wait, why was Daichi here anyway?

"Excuse me," I practically shot out of my skin as someone moved to get around me.

"Someone's jumpy."

I flinched again, whirling around to find a tall, spikey dark-haired boy gazing down at me with a goofy toothy smile. He had a drink in his hand, and was leaning casually up against the back of the couch.

"Almost like you're not supposed to be here..." His smile only grew as I tried not to visibly sweat.

"Nobody asked you."

"I was joking, but based on how defensive you are, maybe I'm not wrong?" He said, lifting an eyebrow. I just scowled in response.

He laughed. "Don't worry, your secret is safe with me. My name's Tetsurou Kuroo," He extended his hand out, and after sizing him up for another second, I shook it.

"Kiya Sugawara. But call me Kiya." I said, turning to swivel my head around the room again to make sure I wasn't spotted by my brother, when I realized my partner in crime was nowhere to be seen.

Dammit I lost Asahi. Noya's gonna kill me.

"Sugawara... I know that name from somewhere." Kuroo said, not noticing my lack of interest in the conversation.

"My brother is a third year on the Karasuno High volleyball team." I said, still not looking at him.

"Yes! He's a setter right? I'm pretty sure he is here toni-... oh ho ho is that why your so on edge? Hiding from your big brother?" I turned my head to face him again, narrowing my eyes. I was honestly a little surprised he had been able to recognize anyone due to the black mess of fringe covering one of his eyes.

"Shut up rooster-head. And he is like a year older than me, so that barely counts."

The corners of his mouth twitched down ever so slightly at the nickname.

"Hey, I'm just calling it how I see it." He said; me glaring at him a little.

"Anyway, does that mean you go to Karasuno too? You must be what, a second-year? Are you on the girls team?"

"What is this, an interrogation?" I asked, but still responded. "No, I'm the boys team athletic trainer and a third year. I skipped a grade when I was younger."

"Aww so you treat boo-boos? That's so cute."

I squinted at him, my original annoyed feeling turning to anger.

"You're funny, Squint," Kuroo said chuckling.

"The fuck did you just call me?" I restrained myself from punching him in the face right then and there.

"Squint. You know, cuz you squint at people when they annoy you. See, you're doing it right now!"

I quickly tried unscrunch my eyes.

"Although, you do work as a trainer..." He thought for a second. "Splint! Splint makes more sense."

"Don't you dare call me that you dumbass rooster."

"Splint it is." He smiled, looking pleased with himself. Oh boy did I wanna knock that look off his stupid face.

Before I could make my retort, a smaller, blonde-haired boy with dark roots shuffled up next to Kuroo, eyes locked on his phone.

"Why are you always such a dick Kuroo." He said, not even bothering to look up.

"Hey, I didn't even do anything!" Kuroo whined, pouting down at him. The smaller male glanced up at me, then quickly back down to his phone.

"I can tell by the look on her face you were being a dick."

Kuroo looked at me frowning, while I just smirked back.

"C'mon Kenma, can't you take my side for once?"

The boy, Kenma I guess, just shrugged and started to walk away. Kuroo started to chase after him, sticking his tongue out at me over his shoulder.

I sighed, turning back around to try to find Asahi in the crowd. Normally I would have just looked for the giant with long brown hair, but we were in a room filled with taller-than average boys. It was almost like we were at a volleyball party or something. I decided to head over to where the drinks were, thinking maybe I could find him mulling around there.

Maybe that's why Daichi was invited? Maybe it's a volleyball party? I probably should've asked that pain in the ass Kuroo guy.

Where the fuck did Ko and Daichi go anyway?

I had momentarily forgot that I wasn't really supposed to be there. I stiffened, quickly scanning my surroundings for silver hair. Not seeing any, I relaxed a bit, but was more on guard as I approached the countertop. Pouring myself a drink, I sighed and leaned against the cold counter, taking in the smell of alcohol and cologne that was surrounding me. I took a sip, eyes still scanning the room in hopes of seeing Asahi so we could continue stalking our fellow third-years.

Maybe it was a stupid idea to come after all.

Chapter Text

A harsh tug on the side of my dress made me swivel around, palm open and ready to bitch slap whoever it was.

I quickly pulled back when I realized Asahi was the one trying to get my attention. His eyes widened when he saw my arm ready to strike.

"Were you gonna hit me?" He exclaimed loudly, or at least, as loud as Asahi ever gets.

"I thought you were a creeper or something! You can't just go around tugging on girls clothes dude!" I frowned at him. "And you almost made me spill my drink."

Asahi scrunched his nose at me. "You're drinking?"

"Well ya, I mean it's free booze."

"Suga is gonna murder you if he finds out."

"I think Ko is gonna murder me if he finds out we are here at all, so what's one more thing to add on?" I said, taking another drink. "Want some?"

Asahi took the cup from my outstretched hand and sniffed it. His nose quickly scrunched again, and he looked down at me disapprovingly.

"Is this gin?"

"Yup! Now are you gonna have some or what?"

Asahi handed the cup back to me, muttering something about how nasty gin was. "I gotta drive us home, so no thanks."

I shrugged, taking another drink and looking out amongst the mass of people. "It is so fucking hot in here." I said fanning myself.

Asahi nodded his head in agreement. I didn't know how he wasn't boiling in that sweater.

"Let's go outside for a second, grab some fresh air." I suggested, making sure Asahi was following me this time before heading for the doors leading to the backyard.

The cold air hit me immediately, but it felt nice after being trapped in that sweat box of a house. The backyard was lit up with strings of dimmed café lights, with some brightness emitting from the underwater light in the pool. There weren't a ton of people outside, and my relaxed posture quickly stiffened when I realized I recognized two of the people standing off to the side.

Of course we find them in one of the hardest places to hide.

I grabbed Asahi's elbow, dropping my cup and started dragging him along with me as I tried my best to sneak to the bushes.

"Oi, Kiya what the hell-"

I slapped my hand over his mouth, but before his face could fully form a pissed off look, I gestured in the direction of Daichi and Koushi with my head. His eyes went wide, and he just nodded at me in understanding, which I took as acceptance in continuing to be dragged into the bush. The bush rustled somewhat loudly as we hid in it, causing me to curse mentally. We both held our breath, waiting for one of the two boys to call out us out.

After a few seconds passed, I let my breath out slowly, then started creeping my way closer in the direction of my brother.

"- are doing really well this year. I think we might even have a shot at Nationals," I heard my brother say.

"That is a ways away, and I don't want to get ahead of ourselves...but I think we have our best chance this year than we've had in a long time." Daichi responded.

C'mon guys, I didn't go through all this trouble just to hear you two chitchat about volleyball.

There were several more seconds of silence. Just as I started to get antsy, my brother spoke up.

"What are we doing here Daichi?"

That's more like it!

"Uh, I think we are talking?"

"No smartass, like why did you invite me here?"

"Oh, sorry, um, I just figured you know, since it was a volleyball party with the captains and some other players that I would want my vice-captain to be here with me... I'm sorry if I was out of line," Daichi apologized, fumbling for words and sounding a little disheartened at the question.

"No no, sorry I didn't mean it like that, I was more curious as to why we said hi to like three people, and then have spent the rest of the night out here. It just didn't really seem like you wanted to be here in the first place."

I peered through an opening in the leaves and watched as Daichi shuffled his feet, looking at the grass as if it were the most interesting thing in the world.

"Well no, I didn't really want to come..." There was a slight pause as Daichi looked up to meet Koushi's eyes. "But then I realized it would be a really good excuse to spend time with you."

Asahi and I looked at each other, with an "awwwww" written all over our faces. My brother's on the other hand, had immediately turned beat red.

"Ya know, you don't need an excuse to hang out with me," Koushi smiled shyly.

"No, but I also wanted to be with you, like just the two of us. Away from everyone else." Daichi cleared his throat, looking like he was about to faint. It was very entertaining to watch our tough captain so flustered.

"Well I like it. Being with you, away from everyone else I mean." Koushi responded, and I could practically feel the heat from their blushing faces from where I was.

Away from everyone else, minus Asahi and I.

Still looking into Koushi's eyes, Daichi took a step towards him, their toes practically touching.

"Daichi what are you-"

"Suga I need to tell you something-" They both started at the same time, chuckling at each other.

"I'm all ears captain," My brother said teasingly, the comic relief seeming to give him a bit of his confidence back.

Daichi's face suddenly turned dead serious as he stared at my brother. Not like an intimidating serious, but a passionate serious, one where you knew whatever he was about to say he meant genuinely. I watched as my brother's face hardened a bit, as if in preparation for whatever Daichi was about to spring on him.

"You're gorgeous Koushi."

I swear to god all four of our hearts stopped when Daichi said that. He was smiling, but he looked slightly terrified, while my brother's jaw was literally hanging open. Asahi looked like a proud parent, and I was about to start crying. Dramatic? Yes. Did I care? Absolutely not.

"Daichi, I-"

My brother was cut off by Daichi's face leaning in closer to his, their noses brushing. Right before closing the distance between the two, Daichi pulled back ever so slightly to look into Koushi's eyes one more time. Koushi matched his gaze with a soft smile, then tilted his face up as an indicator that he wanted the kiss just as much as Daichi did. Everything felt like it was happening in slow motion; their lips just about to touch when-


Daichi and Koushi pulled apart so fast you would have thought they had been electrocuted. Asahi and I, on the other hand, stumbled backward, causing us to slip on the branches of the bush and fall backwards out of it. Thankfully, we fell away from my brother and our captain.

Not so thankfully, we weren't all that quiet about it.

Asahi and I hit the deck just as my brother flipped around, looking for the source of the noise. I was frozen in fear, my life practically flashing before my eyes at the though of what I was in for if we were caught. By some miracle, Koushi didn't see us, and turned back around to face the source of the noise.

I peeked my head up, seriously annoyed at whoever the fuck interrupted the love story I had been witnessing. I saw a tall, incredibly built, black-and-white haired male jumping around the pool area, starting to take his shirt off. The dumbass Kuroo from earlier was standing near him, staring at the water and shaking his arms out a bit as if he were preparing for a race.

"Bokuto-san, please keep your shirt on." A tall, much slimmer dark-haired male said calmly from the other side of the black-and-white haired boy, who frowned and turned back to look at him.

Is his hair drooping as he frowns? What the fuck?

"But Ahgaaaashi, we're going in the pool!" He said, pouting at the calmer male, whose facial expression barely seemed to change. Something told me Ahgaaaashi was not his given name, and that he had dealt with this insane man-child's antics before.

"Please don't, Bokuto-san. I don't want to hear you whine about how wet and cold you are later." At this, I used all my willpower to hold in a snicker.

"C'mon Kaashi, lighten up! It'll be a blast!" Kuroo smirked, starting to take his shirt off as well.

The so-called Ahgaaaashi's face changed into a slight sneer at that, directed at Kuroo.

"Kuroo you're an idiot. You're gonna whine just as much as Bokuto later, and I won't listen to you like Akaashi will to Bokuto." Kenma said, appearing from behind Akaashi.

Ya, Akaashi makes a lot more sense.


A chestnut-haired male came sprinting from inside the house, cannon-balling into the pool and splashing everyone within a six-foot radius.

"SHITTYKAWA GET YOUR DRUNK ASS BACK HERE NOW!" A somewhat shorter, black-haired male yelled as he came running out the sliding glass door, realizing he was a bit too late as he saw the taller boy in the pool laughing his ass off.

"HELL YA!" Kuroo and Bokuto both hollered as they followed suit of the guy dubbed 'Shittykawa', leaping into the pool after him.

Oh my god this is literal chaos.

Before I could watch more of the idiocy in front of me unfold, Asahi shifted his weight, causing a loud snap of a twig to be heard.


"Hey, who's there?" I heard Daichi ask, not daring to look up.

Shit shit shit!

I stared at Asahi wide-eyed, who just gave me a very unhelpful look of panic in response. I heard footsteps approaching us as I desperately tried to think of a way out of this mess.

Got it!

I snaked my arm out to my left and wrapped my fingers around the moderate-sized stone next to me. Still laying on my stomach, I pulled my arm behind my back, and did my best to chuck the rock as far to my left as possible, away from Asahi and I.

I heard it hit the drainpipe of the house with a satisfying clang, and I yanked Asahi away from the bushes at the same time Daichi and my brother turned their heads in the direction of the sound. I had never run so fast in my entire life, only stopping once we had rounded the corner of the street Asahi's car was on.

"Do – you – think – they – saw – us?" I huffed, trying to catch my breath in between every word.

"No clue – I really hope not." Asahi said, hands on his knees in an attempt to get air into his lungs.

I gulped, interlocking my fingers behind my head and leaning back, watching as my breath fogged in the cold night.

"C'mon, lets get out of here." Asahi said after a minute, standing up straight and reaching for his keys in his pocket. He unlocked the car, and we both let out a breath as we closed the doors, staring forward momentarily before Asahi turned the key in the ignition. I leaned my head back against the head rest, putting my feet up on the dash as he started to drive us back home.

"Oi, feet off."

I slunk my feet down, but I wasn't frowning this time. While that didn't go as smoothly as I'd hoped, I was still excited, a mischievous smile creeping across my face.

Team Mom and Dad are finally getting together.

Chapter Text

The Better Sugawara

You better keep me updated dude

It kills me that NOTHING has happened since

It’s been almost a whole week!

Man Bun

Trust me, when I know, you’ll know.

Maybe they are just playing it cool for now?

The Better Sugawara

Nah, they are just being stupid cowards

Man Bun

You are so mean sometimes

The Better Sugawara

It’s a cold, cold world we live in Asahi

I’m just keeping it that way

Read 6:32 AM


I sighed, putting my phone away and looking up at the buildings in front of me.

Alright if I were a gym, where would I be?

I took a swig of my coffee, walking across the eerily quiet campus. I was hoping that the sound of squeaking shoes or volleyballs being hit would help guide me, but my train had gotten in quite a bit earlier than I thought, so they probably hadn’t started yet.

Yawning into my coffee cup, I continued to glance around, when I finally saw what I was looking for.


I turned and headed in that direction. Walking up the steps to the gym, I pushed open the door, a little surprised to find it unlocked. I was even more surprised to find the volleyball nets already up and the carts out, but there were no players in sight. Or so I thought.

“Well well well, look who we have here.”


“To what do we owe the honor Splint?”

I groaned, turning to face the only person who could’ve called me that.

“Shut up Rooster-head,” I sneared.

Kuroo smirked. “Ooo, touchy touchy. Don’t you have crows to take care of right about now?”

“I have left my crows in the very capable hands of our captain and vice-captain, thank you very much,” I said, trying to look confident. It’s not that they couldn’t handle an injury during practice, but if it was more than a sprained finger, Daichi might panic and my brother might overdo it.

Honestly Kiyoko is probably the person I really left them in the hands of.

“I see… so anyway, what brings you to our neck of the woods? You are quite a ways from your nest,” Kuroo asked, still smirking.

I walked over to the bench and set my bag down so I could wrap both my hands around my coffee cup.

“I’m working with you guys and a few other schools this year as your intern trainer. You’ll get to see me Thursday through Saturday for the next couple weeks.”

“Wait, you were a recipient of that scholarship thingy huh?”

I narrowed my eyes at him quizzically.

Why does he know about that? It’s not like a lot of people are aware that’s even a thing…

“How do you know about that?” I asked, this time out loud.

“Cuz he stalked you on Instagram.” Kenma deadpanned from behind him, not even looking up from his game. He had been so quiet I hadn’t even realized he was there.

“Kenmaaaaa,” Kuroo whined, turning to face the smaller boy. “You don’t have to expose me like that!” he whispered aggressively.

I grinned evilly at him. “Oh ho ho, how the tables have turned! You got a crush on me there, rooster-head?”

Kuroo whipped back around at that, a stern glare on his face. It actually was a little intimidating, but like hell I would ever let him know that.

“Don’t flatter yourself Splint. You are so not my type.”

My matchmaker senses started to tingle.

“So you have a type huh?”

Kuroo’s composure faltered for a moment, a slight shade of pink dusting his cheeks, which seemed a bit much of a reaction for such a small amount of teasing. My eyes widened however when I realized why he reacted like that. If I had blinked, I would have missed it.

He glanced back at Kenma.

My smirk turned into a genuine grin, which turned the shade of pink on his face to a dark red when Kuroo realized I had seen him. He looked like he was internally panicking as his eyes pleaded with me to shut up and drop it. I mouthed an excited 'OH MY GOD', which elicited more frantic begging with his eyes as he mouthed back 'SHUT UP'. I giggled quietly as I pulled my fingers across my mouth in a ‘my lips are sealed’ motion. My lips were absolutely not sealed, I was already composing a text to my brother in my head.

“I’m just joshing you dude, chill out.” I said, trying to change the subject casually. “So, why don’t you give me the lowdown? What am I getting myself into with Nekoma?”

Kuroo let out a shaky breath, rolled his shoulders back, and plastered a smile on his face.

“Sure thing Splint. Let’s get this party started.” He said, turning and heading towards the ball cart. “Wanna talk while I warm up?”


I smiled and grabbed my knee-pads, glancing at Kenma as I walked onto the court.

Maybe this internship won’t only be about volleyball…

In the Sugawara GC

Koushi Koushi  

Hey! How is your first day? Nekoma treating you well?


He told me to put in a butt-ton of emojis with that but I'm not gonna 

The Better Sugawara  

Lol I read that in his voice

Tell him I say hi back

My first day is going good! We are about to wrap up afternoon practice, and then the coaches are having me come to dinner with them to discuss what the game plan is going forward

And BOY do I have TEA for you 

Koushi Koushi  



The Better Sugawara

First, let me just say I love you for that reaction

Second, I know who the captain of Nekoma has the hots for... 

Koushi Koushi  


Wait is this the rooster looking one

The one who is friends with the owl and the pretty boy setter

Wait I don't think you know them


Who is it? I'm dying over here! 

The Better Sugawara  

Yes the rooster one

Although hyena might fit him better, his laugh is fucking terrifying

And he's got it bad for his setter

He's a second-year, his name is Kenma 

Koushi Koushi  

Oya, I've definitely seen that idiot before

Kuroo, not Kenma

Omg I think I saw the setter at that party last weekend with Daichi!

Does he have blonde hair with dark roots?


Always immersed in his phone? 

The Better Sugawara  


Kuroo is a total simp for him


And he knows I know

Which means...I wield all the power


Nekoma is almost as entertaining as you guys


Koushi Koushi  

Alright simmer down there evil twin

You gonna exercise your matchmaker skills on Kuroo and Kenma?

And ya you better say almost

No one can beat the quality entertainment that the Karasuno High School Volleyball Team provides 

The Better Sugawara  

We aren't twins but go off I guess

Oh you know it

I'm already scheming 

Koushi Koushi  

Ughhh I wish I was there

Instead I'm here trying to corral these first-years

I stfg Kageyama and Hinata are gonna kill each other

If Tsukishima doesn't beat them to it

They are literally so in love with each other it is so obvious

Maybe I could play interim matchmaker while you're gone! 

The Better Sugawara  


Step the fuck off, that's my gig bro

Besides, you already hold the position of best Team Mom

And I need you to keep it that way cuz then I get even more dirt for my matchmaking processes

And wait, Hinata and Tsukishima? I thought for sure the tangerine was for Kageyama


Koushi Koushi  

Ya that's what I meant

Tsukishima is a dick to literally everyone but Yams

And even then he is still kind of a dick

I'm almost positive the only reason he doesn't come at us is cuz we are his senpai 

The Better Sugawara  

Oh my lord did Team Mom just call one of his kids a dick???? Nani tf???

I'm pretty sure us being excluded from the roasts won't last long

He seems the type to push buttons

And by he seems, I mean he is 

Koushi Koushi  

Oh can it, he deserves it

I am currently watching him egg Kageyama on as Yamaguchi desperately tries to get him to stop

Shit hold on 

The Better Sugawara  

Lol gotta go save your children from each other 

Koushi Koushi  

Ok I'm back

Had to tell Daichi to break em up 

The Better Sugawara  


Delegating responsibilities I see 

Koushi Koushi  

Listen, I'm on the equivalent of a smoke break

Gotta let Dad handle the kids every now and again 

The Better Sugawara


Koushi Koushi  


But like...

What I wouldn't give 

The Better Sugawara

Ok eww I was joking

I bet you would never have the balls to call him that at practice 

Koushi Koushi  

Oh bet bitch 

The Better Sugawara

1000 yen



Koushi Koushi  

How do you witness something with your ears

And you're on

I'll do it at Monday practice when you're back


The Better Sugawara

Oh yes yes yes

I am PUMPED now

I get to watch my brother make an absolute fool of himself

oh wait

I get to do that everyday 

Koushi Koushi  

i GeT tO dO tHaT eVeRyDaY

Lets work on our insults Ki

Yours are weak 

The Better Sugawara

Just like your sets


Koushi Koushi  

You're a dick 

The Better Sugawara

I learned from the best

Koushi Koushi  

I don't know what you're talking about

I'm an angel

Till next time?

Daichi is calling us back

God he looks hot when he commands me around


The Better Sugawara

Hang on while I BARF IN MY MOUTH

And you know he is commanding the whole team around...

Not just you...

Koushi Koushi

A boy can dream can't he?

The Better Sugawara

If you would just tell him how you felt it wouldn't be just a dream

And ya till next time

We are wrapping up here anyway 

Koushi Koushi

God you are annoying 

The Better Sugawara

 You're just mad cuz I'm right

Koushi Koushi


Love you I guess

The Better Sugawara

Love you too Boke 

Read  5:17 pm

Chapter Text

“And this is where Kenma likes to hide from me when it’s time for practice,” Kuroo said with a grin, gesturing in between the two vending machines outside of the main hall. Kenma bristled, looking up from his phone at Kuroo with a slightly shocked look on his face.

“Ya, don’t think I don’t know.” Kuroo’s grin turned into a smirk, Kenma grumbling something about finding a new one while I just laughed at the two.

“When Coach said you should give her a tour around campus, I think he meant like where the dining hall is and what classes we are in. Not vending machines and best places to earn detention,” the short, ginger-haired libero spoke up from the other side of Kuroo.

“Fine, if you wanna do it, then be my guest Yaku,” Kuroo said, turning to him and frowning.

“Gladly,” Yaku bounced a step ahead of us, swiveling around to walk backwards so he could gesture and explain at the same time. Kuroo’s look of displeasure deepened when he realized his title had been stripped from him.

“Woah, you look like a real tour guide Yaku!” Lev, a grey-haired giant of a middle-blocker piped up from my right. It still shocked me a bit that he was only a first-year, considering how he towered over most everyone.

“Shut up Lev,” Kenma deadpanned, fully immersed in his video game.

“Why are you so mean to me Kenma?” Lev pouted down at the boy.

“Cuz you deserve it,” Kenma shrugged.

“Lev! Pay attention when I’m talking!” Yaku quipped, causing the taller boy to jump a bit and focus back on the ‘tour guide’. Even though Yaku was kinda a demon-senpai to Lev, I couldn't help but think they would be cute together.

“Anyway, as I was saying, to our left is the year one classrooms, followed by the second and third year classes,” He said, gesturing down the row of buildings as he talked. “You’re gonna be sitting in on Kuroo’s chem lab today, which is over in that building,” He was pointing again, but I lost my focus quickly when I heard I was going to be sitting in on a class.

With the fucking hyena.

“Um I’m sorry, when did we discuss that she would be coming to class with me today?” Kuroo interrupted what Yaku was saying and stopped walking, putting his hands on his hips.

“We didn’t, because there was no discussion. Kiya needed something to do this morning before her training later in the afternoon, and I figured the best way to do that would be to have her take a class with you. Your teacher already approved it and everything,” Yaku said, an ever so faint smirk on his face.

“Well, today’s the day I miss my first chem lab I guess,” Kuroo announced dramatically, taking his hands off his hips and starting to walk again.

“If you play hooky I’m telling coach,” Yamamoto, an average-height second-year with a blonde faux-hawk said from just behind Kenma.

“Snitches get stitches Yamamoto,” Kuroo snarked in reply.

“Well I think it will be fun to watch Kuroo make a fool of himself in class,” I spoke up, a smug grin on my face.

“I will have you know that I am a chemistry expert, so the only fool in the class will be you,” Kuroo said, glaring at me.

“Oh it’s on, rooster-head.”

“You’re going down, Splint.”

“How are you two even making chemistry a competition?” Fukunaga, a second year wing-spiker sighed from Lev’s left.

“As long as you two don’t kill each other I would count this as a win,” Yaku smiled brightly. “And with that, it is time to get ready for classes. Let’s head back to the clubroom.”

“Yaku, can we-“ Lev started, but was cut off by Yaku himself.


“You didn’t even let me finish!”

“Shut up Lev.”

“I didn’t even do anything to you Kenma!”

I laughed at the boys as we all turned back in the direction of the gym, getting a little excited at the thought of showing off my smarts just a bit.

Maybe I’ll even get to wipe that stupid grin off Kuroo’s face.


“Alright everyone, go ahead and get started! You have about an hour to finish, so try to be efficient,” Nekoma’s chemistry teacher stated from the front of the classroom as everyone started rustling papers, getting everything they needed for the experiment.

“Try to stay out of my way Splint,” Kuroo said, reaching across me to grab a beaker from my right.

“We are on the same team here, you don’t have to be a dick,” I frowned at him. I originally had wanted to compete with him, but the teacher had paired us together as lab partners for the day.

“Who said we had to work together? I can do this without you.”

“The teacher literally said we needed to work together.”

“Well whatever. If you’re gonna be annoying about it, just do what I say okay?”

“And if you are gonna continue to be an asshole about it, I’m siccing Kenma on you.”

At this, Kuroo finally looked at me, a peeved look on his face.

“At least show let me show you what I can do,” I said before he could retort.

He continued to stare at me, and I could see him holding an internal debate about what I had said.

“Fine. But if you fuck this up for me I’ll kick your ass,” He said, but there was less malice behind his threat this time.

I realized in that moment that he was being so stupid about letting me help because he actually cared about this, enough to exhibit some severe trust issues.

Maybe he isn't as dumb as he acts.

“I’ll take this seriously,” I said to him, looking him dead in the eye. “I promise,” I followed my words up with a small smile. Mine was reciprocated momentarily when Kuroo realized I was speaking honestly.

“Fine. Start by handing me the –“

“Burette, got it,” I cut him off, turning to grab the titration device before he could finish his sentence. When I turned back to him with the glassware held out for him, he quickly tried to lower his very surprised eyebrows. I smiled genuinely at him, this time not with any implied smugness.

“Don’t underestimate me rooster-head. You’re not the only nerd here.”

He took the burette from me, this time with a much more apparent smile.

“I prefer the term intellectual,” Kuroo said coyly, looking over the protocol again before starting to set up the equipment.

“Fucking nerd.”


That was the most fun I had ever had in chem lab. Not that I’ll ever admit that to this dumbass.

I glanced over at the unruly haired boy sitting next to me, munching on a sandwich. He was quite pleased with himself: we had gotten an A on the lab and even some praise from the teacher. I was pretty happy with my work too, but I let Kuroo take the spotlight. It was his high school after all, and I was just happy that I now had someone I could potentially talk science with.

We were sitting outside the cafeteria at a bench, waiting for the rest of the team to join us, when I suddenly realized now was the perfect opportunity to bother Kuroo about his favorite setter.

“So… Kenma huh?” I said, smiling a bit and biting into my own sandwich.

Kuroo’s eyes narrowed as he slowly turned his head to look at me.

“You were just getting into my good graces too,” he said, one of his eyebrows scrunching in annoyance. I assumed the other one did as well, but his bangs on the right side of his face hid it.

“Hey I’m just trying to see what we’re working with here. Is this a small little crush? A recent development? Childhood friends turned to lovers?”

At my last speculation, Kuroo choked on a tomato.

“Ah-ha! Childhood crush huh? Tell me more!” I laughed at Kuroo’s flailing attempt to not succumb to death by tomato.

He finally was able to compose himself after chugging some water, and turned to glare at me.

“Fuck off. And while you’re at it, wipe that shit-eating grin off your face. That’s my thing,” He huffed out.

“C’mon Kuroo, spill it. It seems like you actually wanna be with Kenma, and I could notice how head over heels you are for him from Mars,” I responded, actually listening to him and shifting my face into one of intrigue.

He munched thoughtfully, mulling over something in his head. I was about to pester him again, but he started talking after he swallowed his food.

“I have known Kenma since we were kids, and we spent practically every waking minute together. If I wasn’t dragging him to volleyball practice, I was over at his house, reading manga while he played video games. I can’t pinpoint a specific day I realized I liked him more than just as my best friend, but it was around the time I started high school that I knew I was really into him. I think it was the week before the first day of my classes, and Kenma was still in middle school, so we weren’t gonna see each other everyday until the afternoons. I knew I was gonna miss him, but Kenma was the one who asked if we were still gonna be friends even if we went to different schools,” Kuroo smiled, and I saw a mixture of sadness and nostalgia in it as he looked out across the grassy area. “I laughed at him, which in hindsight was probably a poor response. But it was just so comical to me that something as silly as not seeing each other in school would break our friendship.” I was smiling genuinely at him, thinking how adorable these two were. And a little bit about how single I was.

Kuroo turned to look at me, the small smile still present. “I’m not sure anything could keep me from loving that introverted kitten.”

I rolled my eyes, but my smile only dropped slightly.

“Corny much? That was disgustingly sweet,” I teased.

“Kuroo? Sweet? Are you on drugs?”

Yamamoto’s voice from right behind us made us both snap our necks around to look at him. Yaku and Lev were starting to come around the side of the bench, bickering between themselves. Kenma appeared from Yamamoto’s other side, balancing his food between his arms as he clicked away at his phone. At the sight of the setter, Kuroo’s face turned a light shade of pink, momentarily forgetting that he needed to shoot a retort at Yamamoto.

“There is a first time for everything Yamamoto,” I replied, allowing Kuroo to let his gaze linger on Kenma a moment longer, the tiniest of smiles on both our faces. They really were adorable.

Now to figure out where Kenma stands in all this.

Chapter Text

Neko’s Groupchat

Kuroo Tetsurou





Kitten <3

Do not call me that Kuroo

And change my fucking name


Kuroo Tetsurou

But it got you to respond to me

Kiya Sugawara changed Kuroo Tetsurou’s name to Hyena Bitch

Hyena Bitch

Fuck you

Two can play this game

Hyena Bitch changed Kiya Sugawara’s name to Splint



Kitten <3


Get wrecked Kuroo


Nekoma Team Mom


Not even online for two minutes and you two are already going at it


Tokyo Tower

Yaku! I finished working on my receives!


Nekoma Team Mom


Now we can start on blocks.


Tokyo Tower

But Yaku I’m tired


Nekoma Team Mom

Does it look like I give a shit


Damn Yaku

Tokyo Tower



Hyena Bitch

Yaku who are you volunteering to help him with blocks

Cuz it better not be me

And it sure as hell ain’t gonna be you


Nekoma Team Mom

Of course it’s you Cap

And I’m sure you are saying that because I’m a libero and I’m not allowed to block


Tokyo Tower

Oh I thought he was referencing the fact that you’re short



It was nice knowing you

Kitten <3

Beat his ass Yaku


Hyena Bitch

Lev you’re a fucking idiot


Nekoma Team Mom




I’d start running if I were you


Tokyo Tower

Wait wait wait wait wait

I meant it in an endearing way!



I can hear the terror in his texts


Kitten <3

You should see the look on his face

God you look like such a dumbass Lev


Tokyo Tower




Hyena Bitch


You did this to yourself


Wait are you guys together

Why are you texting in the groupchat

Hyena Bitch

Sometimes it is the only way to communicate with Kenma


Kitten <3

Ya because I don’t want to talk to you

Take the hint Kuroo

btw Kiya

How is Shoyo doing?


Energetic as always


If I can get him to stop bouncing around for four seconds I’ll have him come say hi

Hyena Bitch


Why are you asking about Shoyo

You’ve never even met him in person

You facetimed with him for like ten seconds on Kiya’s phone


Kitten <3

Kuroo I stfg stop calling me that


Hyena Bitch

Why :(


Kitten <3

Because it makes it sounds like we are dating

Which last time I checked

We are not


Hyena Bitch

If we were dating would you let me call you that


Kitten <3



But we aren’t dating


Hyena Bitch

Do you want to?


Kitten <3

Not funny



Hyena Bitch

Wasn’t a joke

Seen 4:47 pm by Kitten <3

Private Message to Hyena Bitch


Did you for real just ask your childhood crush out

Via text


Hyena Bitch




Well the way I see it you have two options

Backpedal the fuck outta there


Hyena Bitch

Bokubro says I should backpedal


What in the hell is a Bokubro

And I think that is a terrible idea

You actually want to go out with Kenma right?

Hyena Bitch

Well ya

And Bokubro’s actual name is Bokuto

He is my bro that goes to Fukurodani

I texted him for advice


So then why would you try to go back on what you said

That was the stupidest way you coulda brought up your feelings for him

But you might as well follow through now

Also stop texting ‘Bokubro’ for advice

If his name implies anything it’s that he is not a reliable source

Hyena Bitch

But he is my best bro :(

If you knew him you would understand


I can just make a new chat with you both!


Wait no-

Hyena Bitch has added you to the Owl, Cat, & Crow Groupchat


Oh boy.

Hyena Bitch






Hyena Bitch






Oh for fuck’s sake

Why am I here



My name is Kotarou Bokuto!

Who are you?


I’m Kiya Sugawara

I’ve been trying to save your dumbass friend’s love life

Nice to meet you

Hyena Bitch


My love life is not in need of being saved


Love that you didn’t deny the dumbass thing

And it is literally about to crumble into nothingness with that stunt you just pulled

And ngl there wasn't much there to begin with anyway


If you are Kurobro’s friend then you must be okay


‘Friends’ may be a bit of a stretch

Hyena Bitch


You wound me


Oh shut up you’re fine


Bokuto why do you think Kuroo should backpedal on the Kenma thing?


Cuz I think it would really impress Kenma if he moonwalked away



What the actual fuck

Backpedaling and moonwalking are not the same thing


Wait so then what does backpedaling mean


It means to go back on what you said

Or like abort







Hyena Bitch

Bokuto stop screaming over text

And ok ok I get it you two

I’ll text him individually



Aren’t you with him right now?

Hyena Bitch

Oh ya

I’ll just go talk to him


Holy shit

I’m not sure I can handle this amount of idiocy





Bokubro added AGAAAAASHI to the Owl, Cat, and Crow groupchat

Bokubro changed the group name to 2 Owls, 1 Cat, and a Crow groupchat


Bokuto-san, what is this?

And why is my name spelled like that?




Meet Kiya!

She was saying Kuroo and I were being idiots so I told her I knew someone really smart and so I added you because you are the really smart person I know!



Thank you Bokuto-san for the compliment.

It is nice to meet you Kiya-san.



Which I’m assuming is not your actual name

I’m feeling better already not being outnumbered by those two dumbasses anymore



You would be correct, my actual name is Keiji Akaashi.

And I apologize if they were being troublesome.






Yes, Bokuto-san.

Please calm down.



Sorry Ahgaashi




It’s okay Bokuto-san.






I see Kuroo-san is finally admitting his feelings for Kenma-san.


Awww you two are so cute

And I love how everyone is aware of his crush

Except for his crush

And ya I don’t know why he decided to do it the way he is

But here we are






I did see that Bokuto-san.

It was very nice of her.


Again: too cute

Ugh sorry guys but Imma have to cut this short

I need to go stop my friends from rolling thundering themselves into each other

And consequently the hospital


What is a rolling thunder?

It sounds AWESOME




Oh no.

Bokuto-san no.

Please Kiya-san do not teach him whatever that is.



How about we revisit this when I come to train with Fukurodani?


You are gonna train with us?!



Well technically I’m gonna be sports med training with you guys

But ya


I feel like I should warn you now that you have your work cut out for you.

Our captain tends to do things that result in injury quite often.

Our team is not always the brightest.



Watch it Akaashi

That is no way to talk about the world’s greatest captain!

Besides, I’m sure it’ll be great!


I’m sure it will be

Anyway, I gotta go

It was nice to meet you two!


It was very nice to meet you as well Kiya-san.






Good luck Kuroo

See you tomorrow!


I wonder how Kuroo fared with Kenma yesterday… I would guess Kenma likes him back just based on how he seems to trust him more than anyone else. But then again Kenma can be pretty hard to read.

Hopefully he didn’t chicken out at the last second.

I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I ran smack into Lev’s back as I was walking towards the benches. I let out an ‘oof’ and stumbled backwards a bit. Meanwhile, the wall in front of me just turned around with a look of concern on his face.

“Sorry Kiya, are you okay?”

“You’re good Lev, it was my dumb fault anyway. Sorry about that.” I said, readjusting myself.

“LEV stop bothering Kiya and get your ass back over here!” Yaku’s annoyed shout echoed across the gym, causing Lev to stiffen and turn back in Yaku’s general direction.

“Yaku, I didn’t even do anything!” He whined back, not daring to raise his voice too much. I was honestly surprised he was willing to back talk at all, but then again Lev could be pretty dumb sometimes.

“I’m aware you aren’t doing anything, otherwise you would be over here actually practicing!” Yaku yelled, winding up to throw a volleyball at Lev’s head.

“Oi, knock it off you two. Let’s go, time to start warming up.” The rooster-head’s strangely serious voice approached from my left, heading onto the court. I immediately was raising my eyebrows and attempting to get his attention telepathically so I could ask how it went with Kenma, but all I received was the cold shoulder. I frowned, which only deepened when I realized that both Yaku and Lev had actually listened immediately when Kuroo told them to stop. Even Yamamato and Fukunaga were being pretty serious, and Kenma…

Kenma was nowhere to be found.

Well that can’t be a good sign.

I watched for a bit as practiced continued as normal as it could with the absence of the starting setter. I found myself fiddling with my hands in nervous anticipation of finally getting to talk to Kuroo.

After what seemed like an eternity, the captain finally called for a break. I immediately moved towards him, and watched as his eyes widened slightly as he tried to avoid me. I cut in front of him and grabbed him by the sleeve to drag him off to the side.

“So.” I started, feeling like he really should be explaining without too much encouragement from me.

Kuroo just stared at me, not as stoic as before, more downtrodden.

“Kuroo.” I said with a little more force behind my voice.

“Kenma isn’t here,” was all he offered.

“No shit.”

“I may have fucked up.”

“No shit.”

He looked up at me, his eyes slightly pleading with me to drop it. I stood my ground, putting a hand on my hip and blowing a stray piece of silver hair out of my eyes.

“I asked him out, like in person…” He trailed off as my eyes widened in slight surprise as he continued after a second of shifting nervously.

“But he didn’t get that I was asking him out out, like he thought the text was a joke and that I was playing a prank on him or something so I doubled-down and tried again but then he said that I better not be fucking with him and then I realized I was actually asking my best friend out and so I kinda panicked and uh…” his voice seeming to fail him again as he got quieter and quieter with every word.

“Oh my god you backpedaled.”

Kuroo suddenly took an serious interest in the hardwood floor and avoided all eye contact.

“I can’t believe you!” I said, throwing my hands up in exasperation.

“Hey I tried okay!” Kuroo huffed defensively.

“Clearly not hard enough! And that doesn’t really explain why Kenma isn’t here.” I sighed, getting seriously fed up with this shit.

“Well you see, uh, when I scrambled to joke the date thing off, Kenma got weird and really quiet and said yes to us hanging out but didn’t really talk to me for the rest of the day and that’s not super abnormal but he had this weird look on his face but told me he was good and so then everything just kinda went back to normal but not really normal,” Kuroo sucked in a deep breath, having spilled all that in one go.

I fucking knew it.

I couldn’t help the slight grin that crept onto my face, which made the rooster-head’s eyebrows furrow.

“It’s not funny Kiya.”

This only made me giggle, which turned into full on laughter at the frustrated look I was on the receiving end of.

“Seriously? What the fu-“

“Kenma likes you, you dumbass,” I said, cutting Kuroo off and pulling myself together. He looked at me like I had just gut-punched him, which threatened to make me double over again.

“How did you get that from-“

“Just trust me. He likes you.” I said a bit more firmly, then realized my question still hadn’t been answered.  “Wait so why isn’t he here? I thought you said everything seemed normal.”

“Oh, he had a dentist appointment this morning,” Kuroo said, still reeling a bit from what I had said, but a slight familiar smirk finding its way onto his face.

I punched him in the arm.


“Chance ball!”

“Sorry, long!”

“Kenma, cover!”


I snorted at the last comment, watching Coach Nekomata’s normally smiling face twist into a small frown as Kuroo shouted when Kenma didn’t move for the set. Well, technically he did move, but just his arms, stretching them as far as he could without moving his feet, which resulted in him bumping the ball instead of setting it.

The ball still managed to get over the net, scoring a point for Kenma’s side. Kuroo was on the other side of the net, looking slightly annoyed. Or maybe it was amused, his stupid bangs concealed his facial expression a bit.

“We still got the point.” Kenma said quietly, shoulders hunched back down after having to move.

“Kenma, you’re a setter. If you CAN set the ball, you SHOULD set the ball.” Coach Nekomata scolded, folding his arms across his chest.

“LEV! Jesus could you do a worse job of blocking? Get your shit together!” The short, orangish-red haired libero shouted across the net at the giant with grey hair, who was currently looking like a kicked puppy.

“Sorry Yaku, I thought I had that one.” Lev said back genuinely. You might’ve missed it if you weren’t watching the third-year, but Yaku’s features had softened ever so slightly before frowning again.

“Ya, well you thought wrong.” Yaku grumbled back, turning around to get back into position.

“You’re not even on the same team Yaku.” This time it was Kuroo, who was standing beside Lev on the opposite side of the net with his hands on his hips.

“Ya for this practice! I want him to actually play well when we’re in a game situation.” Yaku spat out, bending down to put his hands on his knees in a ‘ready’ stance. “And shut up Kuroo, you didn’t help him out at all.”

I snorted again, quickly covering my mouth with my hand in a lame attempt at stifling it. Kuroo shot a nasty glare at me, while Yaku just laughed under his breath.

Yamamato stepped up to serve. As he threw the ball high, I turned my attention back to the wrap job I was practicing on my own ankle. I had learned how to best wrap a sprained ankle yesterday; it was similar to how I had been doing it, but this way was better for a fast patch-up if needed on the court. I started to undo the wrapping for the umpteenth time to start on it again, but before I could hit my timer, I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I looked up to see Kenma, holding his right hand ring finger.

“Could you tape my finger please?” He said in that incredibly soft voice of his.


I smiled up at him, matching the gentleness of his voice. “Sure! Here, switch me.” I said, standing up and gesturing for Kenma to sit where I had just been. I kneeled down on the court in front of him, holding my hand out to take his injured one.

Yesterday’s afternoon practice had the air of normalcy surrounding it, with Kenma and Kuroo bantering like usual. The only thing that gave away that anything had happened between the two was that Kenma seemed to be stealing more glances at Kuroo than normal.

“Sooooo…” I started, trying to seem like I was just going to strike up a casual conversation.


I snapped my eyes up to meet his, slightly surprised at the immediate response to my unasked question.

“You don’t even know what I was going to say!” I protested.

“You were going to ask me about Kuroo, were you not?”

Damn he is more observant than I thought.

“You have a bad habit of staring when you are lost in thought.”

I pouted, turning back to grab my tape. “Guilty as charged.”

There was a few moments of silence as I started to slowly wrap his finger, trying to stall to see if he was going to say anything else.

My patience was rewarded when he said, “You were in the groupchat.”

I kept my focus on his finger, trying to move slowly as if to not spook him. “I was.”

“I wanted to say yes.”

I stopped moving, and dared a slight glance upward. Kenma wasn’t looking at me though, his gaze was focused on the court.

“So why didn’t you?” I asked softly, keeping my head turned up at him.

He looked down at me now, his face scrunched slightly in response.

“Because he got all weird about it when I asked if he was joking. So I figured maybe he was and I... I just dropped it.” Kenma said, a hint of defeat in his voice. Another few moments of silence went by as I finished what I was doing.

“Well, he is kinda a dumbass.” I finally stated.

Kenma snorted at that, and a genuine smile pulled at the corners of his lips.

“I think that makes me even more of a dumbass for liking him though.”

I smiled wide at that, turning to put my tape back.

Fuck yes.

“I’m pretty sure love is supposed to make you stupid.” I replied, cautiously turning back around. Kenma flicked his cat-like eyes at me, squinting them in suspicion and not-so-annoyed annoyance, but stayed silent.

I started to stand, indicating that my job here was done. Kenma slowly stood as well, but didn’t walk all that fast towards the court. Right before he could get out of earshot, I called out, “Kenma?”

He turned his head, looking back at me with a much more calculated look in his eyes. I could tell that even though he seemed to the outside world to be very bored and just generally tired, he was thinking hard about something.

“You could do a lot worse than having Kuroo as your Player Two.”

The look I received in response was a mixture between amusement and contemplation, which was topped off by an eyeroll and an ever so small smile.

“Kenma! Welcome back. Can you give Lev a couple tips on jumping for a block?” Kuroo said, holding onto the collar of his own jersey, smirking slightly. Kenma turned back towards the court at the sound of the captain calling his name.

“I don’t want to,” Kenma deadpanned.

“Kenma, c’mon, I’m sure Lev will listen this time.” Kuroo said, his smirk now directed at Lev.

Lev opened his mouth in protest, but before he could say anything, Kenma cut in.

“Even if he does listen, he’s still an idiot. My advice would be lost on him,” came the very straightforward response. There wasn’t any malice behind it, but that didn’t stop Kuroo and Yaku from snickering at the response.

“You guys suck! And I am not an idiot! Kenma just tell me…” Lev continued in his feeble attempt to defend himself, while I chuckled, turning my attention back to practicing. Right before I hit the timer, I smiled.

Finally some semblance of progress.

Chapter Text

“I mean you’re gonna be there whether you like it or not. I’ll kidnap you if I have too.”

I munched happily on the carrot in my hand, smiling sideways at Kuroo who was still going on about the team movie night they had arranged for my last night with Nekoma.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” I replied, still chewing.

Kuroo scrunched his nose up at me in slight disgust. “Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to chew with your mouth open?”

I smiled at him, purposefully sticking my tongue out slightly with half-chewed carrot bits on it. Kuroo fake gagged, causing me to snicker.

The hyena and I fell in step next to each other, a comfortable silence between us as we headed toward the gym.

I could almost think this guy isn’t so ba-

“God could you be any more infuriating?!”

Kuroo and I shared a concerned look before picking up our pace towards the gym, where Yaku’s raised voice had emanated from. The gym wasn’t that far away, but the shout was still loud enough to be heard clearly from where we were. Yaku yelling wasn’t abnormal, but his shout held more than just the slightly murderous tone it usually carried.

“Yaku I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-“

“I don’t give a rats ass what you meant Lev! You are such a fucking idiot! Pay more attention for Christ’s sake!” Yaku was full on screaming at the poor kid now, causing Kuroo and I to break out into a short run towards the gym. As we slowed down just inside the doors, we were met with the sight of the older boy craning his neck up, hands gesturing furiously at the gentle giant who looked about ready to cry.

“What the hell is going on?” Kuroo said, stepping up and into his captain role for the moment.

“This dumbass here served the ball into the back of my head!” Yaku hollered, waving his hands again at Lev and not taking his glare off him for a second.

“Right, so why are you screaming at him like he killed your cat or something?” Kuroo said, a hint of authority creeping into his words. He clearly wasn’t impressed with Yaku’s over the top display of aggression.

“Look captain,” Yaku said in a mocking tone, finally his head to face Kuroo, “I don’t need a lecture, I need this idiot to learn how to serve the ball without hitting his own teammates!” His voice raised again with the last few words, his rage-filled eyes focusing back on Lev.

“Yaku, take it easy, a ball to the back of the head sucks, but it doesn’t mean you should emotionally scar him,” I spoke up, walking to stand a little closer to Kuroo. My gaze; however, was focused solely on Lev, who still looked genuinely scared. Normally I might have found this funny, but considering Kuroo was being serious (which was a rare sight to behold) and Yaku was taking things to far, I didn’t feel like laughing.

Yaku glanced over at me and started opening his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by the first-year.

“I’m really sorry, I –“

“Oh my god would you shut the fuck up?” Yaku whipped back around to glare up at Lev.

“But Yaku-“

The team and I watched as something snapped in the third year. At first I thought we were going to have to break up a fight by the way he yanked Lev down by his collar. Kuroo and I started to move at the same time to stop the shorter boy, but froze dead in our tracks when Yaku slammed not his fist, but his lips onto Lev’s.

You could hear a pin drop in the normally very noisy gym as the entire team watched their third-year libero kiss the first-year middle blocker. Lev’s eyes had widened an impossible amount, but after a second they closed as he leaned into the kiss. To me, it seemed like they stayed there forever, but it was probably only a few seconds before Yaku pulled away, a bright red blush starting to spread across his cheeks.

“I said shut up,” was all Yaku managed to mumble, avoiding Lev’s still somewhat bewildered gaze.

“Well that was… intense,” Kuroo tried to regain his composure after another moment of shocked silence, clearly bewildered still. I couldn’t blame him; while I had thought that maybe Lev had a crush on Yaku, I hadn’t necessarily thought the feelings would be reciprocated. Or that they would be put on full display like this.

“I’m revoking your demon-senpai card Yaku,” Kenma contributed unhelpfully, his phone forgotten on the floor for once as he was watching the exchange with a slight smile. This only threw me for more of a loop as Kenma smiles were rare, but Kenma smiling at something concerning Lev was unheard of.

Before Yaku could retort, Lev piped up.

“Um, Yaku, could you maybe, uh…” Lev tried, placing his hand to the hand on his collar, gently trying to pry Yaku’s fingers off. Yaku immediately released his grip, clearing his throat and taking a step back, however not taking his hand out of Lev’s light grasp. Lev straightened up to his full height now that he didn’t have a small ball of fury holding him down, and smiled the softest I have ever seen him do so down at the hand holding Yaku’s.

If I wasn’t worried about death by Yaku, I would totally make a short joke right now-

“Lev’s back probably hurts from having to lean down to kiss him-“ Kuroo started to turn to snicker back at me, but froze in fear when Yaku made his way to stand right in front of him.

There was another moment of serious silence, which made my stupid brain want to laugh at the awkwardness. Plus there was the fact that Kuroo had teased Yaku about his height and was probably about to die.

Before Kuroo could open his mouth to say something, the shorter boy straight up round-house kicked the captain in the ass.

That was the last straw for the thin amount of self-control I had left. I chortled as I watched Kuroo yelp in pain and surprise, clutching my stomach I was laughing so hard; unconsciously mimicking the same hyena laugh that Kuroo was so famous for. I glanced to my left, which was a mistake as I caught Kenma’s eyes, and the giggles coming from him just made me laugh harder.

“I am reinstating your demon-senpai card Yaku,” Kenma hiccuped between giggles, trying to catch his breath slightly.

“I’m glad you all find my pain so hilarious,” Kuroo groaned, rubbing his ass where Yaku had kicked him.

“Small but mighty Kuroo, small but mighty,” Yaku smirked at the captain, who just sent a very annoyed glare down at him.

“Alright, how about we actually do what we are here to do: play volleyball? Unless anyone else wants to start making out on the court?” the captain snipped, clearly butthurt both physically and mentally, and started to make his way to the court as Kenma and I tried (and failed) to collect ourselves.

“I will not hesitate to make you two run laps,” Kuroo called, not turning around to look at us, but I could feel the annoyance radiating off him. The threat of running sobered Kenma up quick, and he moved fairly fast to get onto the court. I also quieted down, turning my attention to Yaku and Lev, who were whispering to each other happily. Their happiness was contagious, and I smiled as I watched Yaku’s cheeks turn brick red as he nodded sheepishly at whatever Lev had just said. They finally exchanged one last grin, and Lev turned to grab the ball cart from the far side of the gym as Yaku passed in front of me.

“That may just be the most aggressive confession I’ve ever seen,” I teased at the third-year as he walked by. To my surprise, he didn’t scowl at me, he just chuckled and said, “That was most definitely not how I imagined telling him that either,” and kept going after a thoughtful shake of his head.

And here I was so focused on Kuroo and Kenma that I almost missed… whatever the fuck that was.


Kuroo’s house was way cleaner than I expected it to be. The picture in my head consisted of clothes and dishes strewn everywhere, with no room to sit or pathway to walk through. I was therefore surprised when the hallway and living room was immaculate, and the kitchen didn’t have a dirty dish in sight.

“I’m not a total slob ya know,” Kuroo said, snapping me out of my reverie as if he could read my mind. I must have been staring a little too long.

“How do I know this isn’t just your parents doing?” I said, gesturing around the open space in front of me.

“Because my parents have been out of town for the last three days, and won’t be coming back until Sunday,” He replied, heading towards the living room, I assumed expecting me to follow.

“Oh ho ho, so that gives you ample opportunity then…” I said mischievously. When he turned to frown at me I waggled my eyebrows at him, causing a slight flush to cross his face.

“Ample opportunity for what?” A voice called from the stairs to our left.

Oh my god this is perfect.

Kenma started to descend the stairs, looking at us curiously and shoving his phone in his pocket as he did so. I smiled at him, then turned to smirk at Kuroo, weakly attempting to cover my giggle with a cough as he glared at me.

“To party of course!” I lied, deciding to ease up on the teasing for now. There would be plenty of time throughout the night to blatantly make fun of the rooster head.

Kenma raised an eyebrow slightly at me, but shrugged as he made it to the bottom of the stairs. Kuroo was facing the opposite direction of the shorter male, desperately trying to hide his flustered self as he searched through a drawer full of movies.

“So, what are we watching tonight?” I asked, trying to shift the conversation a bit.

“Ooo let’s watch a Disney movie!” Shouted a voice from the doorway. A groan and an “anything but a fucking Disney movie,” followed the exclamation.

Lev pouted down at Yaku as they rounded the corner. “You’re no fun Yaku. Disney movies are the best!” Yaku just frowned up at him, responding with a, “no, Disney movies are unrealistic pieces of trash,” and plopping down on the loveseat to the right of the couch of which Kenma was quite effectively becoming one with. Lev just rested on the arm of the love seat, and gently leaned his arm up against Yaku’s shoulder, causing the redhead to blush slightly.

“Oh no please, come in! And make yourself at home while you’re at it,” Kuroo narrowed his eyes at the two newcomers, his voice dripping with sarcasm. The combination of his annoyance and the cuteness of the new couple made me grin.

“Thanks Kuroo!” Lev smiled happily, oblivious to Kuroo’s very apparent sarcasm. “And fine Yaku, what do you think we should watch then?”

Before Yaku could respond, the sound of the door opening and distant voices interrupted him as Yamamoto and Fukunaga entered. Nobuyuki Kai, a third-year opposite hitter and Sou Inuoka, also an opposite hitter but a first-year, were not far behind. Inuoka was bouncing up and down, talking fast-paced and energetically about something that involved a lot of onomatopoeia. Kai was calmly removing his shoes and smiling at the excited first-year, reminding me quite a bit of my brother and Hinata. The only difference was that Kai had the patience of a saint, gently directing the Mexican jumping bean at his side into the living room.  

“So, what are we watching?” Yamamoto asked, flopping onto his stomach on the floor.

“That seems to be the question of the hour,” I said, sitting down opposite Kenma on the couch. I looked over at the setter, observing quietly as he pressed buttons on his game, seemingly oblivious to the conversation going on around him.

No, he is definitely aware of what’s going on.

I faced the group again with a small smile tugging at the corners of my lips. I vaguely registered Kuroo and Yaku starting to fight about movies, but decided to tune back into the conversation when pretty much everyone in the room but Kai, Kenma, and I were bickering about the topic.

“What about Gattaca?” I piped up.

Kuroo and Yaku both stopped flailing their arms at each other to stare at me.

“You know what Gattaca is?” Yaku asked, somewhat incredulously.

“Ah that’s right, she is a fellow nerd,” Kuroo said, smirking over at me. I frowned, but didn’t deny it.

“What’s Gattaca?” Lev chimed in from Yaku’s other side, leaning further into the libero. Before Yaku could respond, Kai said, “That sounds good to me,” from his spot on the floor. Fukunaga shrugged, which Kuroo seemed to take as an agreement based on the way he said, “Well that settles it. Gattaca it is.”

After an agreement had finally been reached and the rest of the team had showed up, Yamamoto, Kai, and I had made popcorn (well, Kai and I made popcorn; Yamamoto made carcinogenic crisps) and we all settled in front of the TV, movie now playing on the screen in front of us.

“Hey, is there any more popcorn?” Yaku nudged me from the loveseat and whispered, about an hour into the film. I shrugged, craning my neck to look in the direction of the kitchen, not really wanting to move from the blanket nest I had made for myself and Kenma…

Huh. Kenma never came back from the kitchen.

I glanced down at my watch, realizing it had a been a solid twenty minutes since he had gone to hunt for snacks. I sighed, but started unraveling myself from my cocoon and nimbly tip-toed in between the boys splayed out on the floor, eyes fixated on the TV. Using the light being emitted from the screen, I made my way to the kitchen, not wanting to flip on any lights and disturb the team.

I padded into the kitchen, turning to the right around the slight corner and in the direction I remembered the popcorn being, silently thanking past Kiya for wearing socks and keeping the cold tile floor somewhat at bay. I made it to the cupboard, and started to reach up to open it when my arm froze in place at the sound of a soft moan from behind me.

That kinda sounded like…

Oh please don’t let that be what I think it is.

I slowly turned my head and shoulders ever so slightly, my arm still halfway to the cupboard, squinting into the dark abyss that was the dining room.

Welp, at least now I know why it was taking Kenma so long to get snacks.

Is today kiss your kouhai day or something?

Kenma had his lower back up against the dining room table, his small frame half-hidden by a larger figure that was trapping him against the table with their hips. The larger figure was leaning into the smaller boy, their lips pressed together with soft sounds escaping them every so often. Kenma’s hands moved up from the other persons hips to tangle themselves into the bedhead mess of hair that was attached to the person hovering over him.

My mouth dropped open and into the shape of an ‘O’ as I blinked in shock.

Kenma and Kuroo were making out.

Kenma and Kuroo were making out and I was totally staring at them while they did.

The last thought snapped me back into action as I tried not to linger on how creepy I was accidentally being. I slowly lowered my arm down to my side as I pondered my options.

Option A – make my presence known by scaring the living shit out of them.

Option B – let them have their moment and quietly escape.

I waffled between my choices, but begrudgingly decided on the latter when I watched Kuroo push a strand of Kenma’s hair behind his ear, their lips not leaving each other even for a second. I made a face, but couldn’t help thinking it was pretty cute.

Kenma’s eyes were closed, which worked well for me since I was in his direct line of sight. Unfortunately, they weren’t closed for long, as I moved to slowly creep out of the kitchen and smacked my ass right into the corner of the countertop, eliciting a soft thump at the harsh contact. I froze again, shutting my eyes quickly.

If I can’t see them, maybe they can’t see me.



I peeked an eye open and was met with two sets of widened eyes looking back at me. I straightened up slowly, brushing invisible dust off of the front of my shirt and clearing my throat.

“So we were out of popcorn.” I started, realizing that neither of the two boys in front of me were making a move to say anything.

“We came in to get some,” Kuroo finally said after a few awkward seconds.

“Right cuz the first place I was gonna look was Kenma’s mouth too,” I said without missing a beat, the corners of my lips quirking up. Both of their faces flushed a burning red, their breaths coming a bit heavy. Since the initial shock was starting to wear off a bit, I decided to change tactics from escape to embarrassment.

“We got a little, uh, distracted…” Kuroo tried again, trailing off and glancing back at Kenma, who was now slouching behind him, narrowing his eyes at me. I just smirked in response.

“Ya, I can see that.” I said, causing another blush from the boys.

“Maybe we could not tell everyone else about this?” the captain said, fiddling with his hands.

My smirk softened, morphing into a more genuine smile.

“I won’t tell the team,” Kuroo perked up a bit, “as long as you guys have actually talked this out.”

“Kuroo finally grew a pair and confessed,” the setter deadpanned from behind the rooster-head, moving in front of him and towards the cupboard that had been my original destination.

“Kyyenma, you don’t have to embarrass me in front of her,” Kuroo whined at the smaller boy.

“Oh don’t worry, you do that yourself enough as is,” I chuckled, making my way back over to the location of the snacks, reaching up over Kenma and grabbing the popcorn and the bag of chips he had been trying and failing to reach. I handed him the chips, hearing a mumbled ‘thanks’ as I turned toward the microwave.

“I’m just glad you two figured your shit out,” I said, unwrapping the popcorn bag and popping it in the microwave, turning to face them and lean against the counter. “Although maybe when you tell everyone else you should do so by actually talking to them instead of letting them walk in on you guys with your tongues down each others throats,” I said with a goofy grin on my face. I should have started a counter as to how many times I could get the pair to blush in the span of five minutes.

“We are never gonna hear the end of this huh?” Kuroo sighed, moving closer to rest his arm on top of Kenma’s head, eliciting a scowl and a swat at his hand from the shorter boy.

“Nope,” I popped the ‘p’ as I grinned wider, quite satisfied with myself.

Kuroo sighed again and Kenma just rolled his eyes, turning to shuffle towards the living room. I wasn’t far behind after the microwave had beeped and I had poured the popcorn into a bowl, only burning myself twice on the sides of the hot bag.

“What the hell took you guys so long?” Yaku whispered at me as I handed him the bowl and proceeded to burrito myself back into the blankets.

“Kenma grabbed the wrong kind of snack, that’s all,” I whispered back, sending my best shit-eating grin at the setter who had started to snuggle into the other side of the couch near the captain. Kuroo’s icy glare could have frozen hell over, but even the kick in the ribs I got from Kenma was worth the comment.

I stifled a giggle, and turned my attention back to the TV. I did not; however, fail to catch Nekoma’s captain rest his chin on the top of his setter’s head out of the corner of my eye and the consequent smile that showed up on the smaller boy. I smiled too, this time genuinely at the sight, relaxing more into the back of the couch. In my peripheral vision on my other side, I watched as Lev attempted to sneak some popcorn out of the bowl in Yaku’s arms, immediately catching a hard smack to the back of his hand and eliciting a slight yelp. This only caused my smile to widen, feeling very satisfied with outcome of the night and the fact that I had endless teasing material now.

Mission accomplished.

Chapter Text

"Christ Kiya, you tryin to take my arms off?" Kuroo groaned, rubbing his forearm where I had just spiked the ball at.

"Bitch can't handle the power," I said, puffing my chest and flexing my biceps, grinning from ear to ear.

Kuroo just stuck his tongue out at me in response, and threw the ball up slightly to spike it at me. I received it, setting him up again for another spike. We continued our back and forth, bickering every now and again.

Yaku and Lev soon started to do the same next to us; Kenma eventually strolling over and standing near me. I glanced at him after a receive, asking, "Wanna jump in?"

He shook his head no. I shrugged, turning to face Kuroo again, getting ready to receive the ball. Which I ended up doing.

Just not with my arms.

I immediately felt the hot blood start to rush out of my nose as the ball slammed off my face, rolling away across the court.

"Shit, Kiya you good?" Yaku said, rushing over to me. I covered my nose with one hand, using my free one to wave Yaku off. The blood seeped through my fingers, as I leaned back slightly, trying not to let it get on my uniform.

This fucker is so dead.

I glared at Kuroo, who hadn't moved and was smirking at me, causing my blood to boil.

Lets see how fast you can run bitch.

Without warning, I pushed off my right foot, lowering my hand and lunging into a sprint at the black-haired boy. His eyes widened momentarily before he turned on his heel to try to get away from me.

"YOU LITTLE SHIT GET BACK HERE!" I yelled, gaining on him as blood ran down my face. He scrambled to try to turn the corner around the net at a high speed, and I reached to grab him but my fingers slipped over the jersey. Just as I started to gain momentum again, he came to a screeching halt in front of me, causing me to smack right into his back.

"What in the ACTUAL FUCK Kuroo..." I trailed off, realizing why he had stopped so quick. My eyes narrowed as I cursed under my breath, reaching back up to hold my bloody nose.

"Deja vu." Daichi deadpanned, threatening to murder me with that nasty death stare of his. Behind him stood the Karasuno High School boys volleyball team. My brother was standing slightly to the right of him, looking more amused than disappointed. Asahi was on the other side, not looking surprised at all, with Noya and Tanaka just behind him laughing their asses off. The other three second years were deep in conversation with each other, while Tsukishuma rolled his eyes and Yamaguchi nervously observed.

"Kiya! We missed you... oh jeez are you alright?" The human tangerine stopped mid bounce when he saw my bleeding face.

"Boke, she's obviously not okay, she literally has blood on her face," Kageyama scolded from behind him, smacking him on the top of the head.

"Ow! Don't hit me Bakayama!" Hinata turned around and starting flailing his arms around at the taller setter, who just held Hinata by the forehead to fend him off.

I smiled lightly under my hand, and started to move around Kuroo to head to the bench to grab a towel. However, as I passed, I faced the pain in the ass, clenching my fist. As I started to raise it to punch him, I heard Daichi behind me shout a warning "Oi!." I lowered my fist, sneering instead.

Just you wait, Ill beat that stupid look off your face.

"Good to see you like to beat up volleyball players regardless of the team their on," Koushi said as Daichi frowned, leading Karasuno into the gym. I started to walk to the opposite side of the doors where my bag was, pulling out a towel and pressing it to my face. I moved over to the Karasuno bench, glancing towards the door as Coach Ukai, Takeda, and Kiyoko walked in. A short blonde was hiding behind Kiyoko, looking at the Nekoma team as if they were lions and she were their snack. Which to be fair, as soon as Yamamoto and a couple of the other boys saw her and Kiyoko, they started to oogle and whisper excitedly amongst themselves.

"My goodness, Kiya are you alright?!" Takeda exclaimed when he saw me. I was just glad he hadn't seen me chasing after Nekoma's captain like a madwoman.

"Yes Takeda-sensei, I'm fine. Just a volleyball to the face, no biggie," I said, smiling reassuringly under the towel.

"Need to pay more attention there Splint. What would we do if the athletic trainer was, herself, injured?" Kuroo quipped, appearing innocent to my coach and manager. I shot him a 'shut the fuck up before I make you' look, to which I received a 'I know you won't do anything in front of your coach' look.

I smiled sickenly sweet at him, and then leaned my head back toward the court.

"Oh Kennnnma! Shoyo’s here!" I sang, turning to watch as Kuroo gritted his teeth slightly before regaining his composure. I didn't have to give him any look for him to know I had won as Kenma made his way over to us.

Kenma is the ultimate trump card, made even sweeter by Kuroo’s jealousy of Hinata.

I pulled the bloody towel away from my face, my nose having stopped bleeding finally. Wiping my face off one last time, I turned back to my bag, sifting through it trying to find a new towel.

"So did your mission succeed?" My brother's whisper made me jump. As I looked at him, he had a contagious silly smile on his face, which I quickly mirrored.

"Mission accomplished," I said proudly. Koushi quietly clapped his hands in celebration, trying not to catch Kuroo or Kenma's attention. “But they aren’t super PDA heavy, so I’m not sure you will be able to tell.”

“Drats. I was hoping to get to see some cuteness between the captain and his setter," my brother responded, looking over his shoulder at them talking to our team.

I snickered, casting him a teasing look.

"You didn't have to come all the way to Nekoma for that Ko."

He flushed bright red, turning back to scowl at me.

"Would you cork it! Daichi could hear you!" He hissed, smacking me on the arm.

Snickering again, I smacked him back. "Not my fault you're a pussy."

At this Koushi full-on punched me, eliciting an "Ouch! What the fuck?!" from me and a pout. At my exclamation, the two captains turned to look at us, puzzled. Koushi and both shot our best 'nothing to see here' smiles at them.' They shrugged and turned back to their conversation, seemingly discussing the practice match. Although upon closer look, they looked to be silently threatening each other with their eyes, fake smiles plastered on both their faces.

"Alright boys, let's start warming up!" Came Ukai's voice from across the court. He was standing next to Coach Nekomata, who was smiling, but in a weird competitive way, that seemed to say 'we're gonna crush you.'

Like coach like captain I guess.

“I’m not done with you yet. I wanna hear all about this later!” Koushi exclaimed before turning and heading to the court. I chuckled, grabbing my stuff and heading to the side of the court to stand near the pole for the net.

Cats vs crows, here we go.


The game was not a short one, ending up going to three sets, each one over 30 points (even the third set). Nekoma was victorious in the end, and all the boys were practically collapsed on the floor. I was just happy I had only had to wrap a couple fingers and that was it.

The blonde haired girl (Yachi, I had learned) and Kiyoko were handing out water bottles, while I started to pack up as well. I was headed back with my boys when we were finished, having completed my first full rotation with Nekoma.

"We're gonna miss you Splint," Kuroo said. I frowned, thinking he was patronizing me, but before I could comment on that, Kenma came up behind him.

"He's being serious. We are gonna miss you." Kenma said in his monotone voice, and before I knew it, Lev was walking over and hugging me. Yaku was just behind him, waiting for him to pull away before hugging me as well. I smiled, gripping them tightly.

Once Yaku pulled away, I felt small hands wrap around my waist. I was surprised to look down and see the top of Kenma’s head just under my chin as the boy lightly squeezed me. My smile only widened and I squeezed back, looking up at Kuroo to make a ‘how cute is this?’ face. He actually smiled genuinely at me for once, then mouthed ‘lucky.’ I mouthed back ‘I know.’

Kenma pulled away, and I adjusted my bag on my shoulder, looking at Kuroo with a raised eyebrow.

“Don’t expect a hug from me Splint.” He said making a face.

“Like I'd want one from you anyway,” I retorted making a face right back. I started to walk away, turning to head out with my team. 

As I was just catching up to them, my phone pinged. I reached into my pocket to retrieve it, noticing a notification from the Neko team groupchat. Puzzled, I swiped open the message, and immediately was taken aback.

Hyena Bitch

Thanks Splint.

I looked up incredulously at the Rooster head, now putting his phone away and waving at me with that stupid toothy grin on his face. Nekoma stood behind him, smiling and messing around. I felt a pang of sadness in my chest, but it was quickly replaced with happiness as all of the memories we had made quickly flashed across my mind.

I pressed my index finger and thumb together in the shape of a heart and grinned at them. Kuroo mirrored my hand motion, wrapping his other arm across Kenma’s shoulders casually. I giggled as I watched Kenma turn bright red.

I turned around again, watching as the Karasuno first-years battled with each other and my brother bump shoulders with Daichi. I grabbed onto the step handle for the bus, looking up at the gym once more and waving at the Nekoma team as I stepped in.

Dammit I’m gonna miss these idiots.

Chapter Text

Before I knew it, we were starting the fifth week of school. I would be interning with Aoba Johsai starting on Thursday for my second rotation. The Inter-high tournament was scheduled for my third weekend with them, so I would get to train with both them and my team in a few weeks. Granted, that was if both teams made it to the end and got to play against each other.

“Kiya! You’re in charge of the first years!” Daichi’s voice rang out across the gym, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“I’m in charge of the who now?” I looked at him, confused and annoyed. Not that I minded being in charge of the first-years, I just wanted to know why I was being tasked with babysitting them.

“You say that as if we need to be babysat,” Tsukki remarked, as if reading my mind.

“Oh trust me, you need supervision. If not for your safety, then for ours,” Koushi commented from the doors of the gym.

“Why, might I ask?” I said, looking to Daichi.

He smiled suspiciously, meeting my gaze.

“Suga and I have some very important captain and vice-captain business to attend to,” Daichi started, “meaning I need you all on your best behaviour for Kiya while we are gone.”

“Am I just invisible to you two?” Asahi said, clearing his throat and making his presence known.

“Um, right, yes and Asahi. Best behaviour for Asahi too.” Daichi coughed dismissively. Asahi frowned.

My eyebrows were sky-high, and my wide eyes were fixed on my brother. I was actively working to bore a hole through his head with my stare, which finally paid off when he shifted his gaze to glare at me. My eyes stayed wide and my eyebrows stayed attached to my hairline practically as I not-so-subtly jerked my head in the direction of the captain. Koushi continued to glare, looking at me with a ‘would you knock it off look.’ I looked at him incredulously, as if to say ‘I will absolutely not be knocking it off.’

“… and then if you could finish off with serves that would be great… Kiya are you paying attention?” Daichi frowned at me; I was completely unaware that he had been giving me instructions the whole time.

“Yes captain, start with drills, yada yada yada, finish with serves. We’ll be fine.” I said, giving him my best trustworthy smile. All I received in response was the same frown.

“Okay, well, if you have any issues, call me or Suga-“ He started hesitantly.

“We won’t have any issues.” I cut him off, gesturing with my hands for them to get a move on.

“Kiya I’m serious-“

“GOODBYE Daichi,” I cut in again, practically shoving them out the door. Shutting the large double doors behind them, I sighed, staring at Asahi.

“You thinking what I’m thinking?” I said, a smile creeping its way onto my face.

“No, probably not,” came Asahi’s cautious response.

“What are you thinking Kiya?” Hinata’s innocent little voice called from the court. He and Kageyama had already started to warm up.

“I’m thinking, team mom and dad are going on a date,” I said, looking at Asahi but responding to Hinata. Asahi frowned deeply, and started to scold me, but was cut off by the orange-haired ball of energy.

“A DATE?!” Hinata squeaked, forgetting that he was supposed to be paying attention to Kageyama’s set, which ended up smacking him on the top of the head.

“Boke Hinata Boke! Pay attention to the ball!” Kageyama chastised, balling his fists up in annoyance.

“Hey I was listening to Kiya-senpai! She’s in charge you know,” retorted Hinata, not looking very threatening.

“You two simpletons are the reason we need anyone in charge at all,” Tsukishima snarked from the sidelines where he was sitting with Yamaguchi.

“Oh shut up you dickhead,” Kageyama turned his anger towards the tall blonde.

“What the hell did you just call me?” Tsukki glared up at him, starting to get up off his position on the floor.

“Tsukki don’t start anyth-“ Started Yamaguchi.

“Shut up Tadashi.”

“Gomen, Tsukki.”

“Alright that’s enough you dumbasses.” I stated firmly. The whole gym went quiet, everyone’s eyes trained on me.

“What? Do I have something on my face?” I said, tilting my head slightly in a confused way.

“I don’t think they’re used to the captain, even the interim one, cussing at them during practice…” Asahi said quietly from my left.

“Oh. Right.” I directed at him, then cleared my throat to address the group. “So clearly, I am not Daichi or my brother, and I don’t really give a damn what you guys say or what words you use, as long as you don’t hurt each other and you play well.” I paused, glancing at Asahi. “And try not to give Asahi a heart attack. That means you Noya,” I said, looking pointedly at the libero, who just beamed at me in response.

“Okay, so we have the inter-high tournament coming up in a few weeks, and if we do well, we are slated to play Aoba Johsai. Now I don’t know about you guys, but I would like to see you do well.” I said, putting my hands on my hips. “I have no clue what my brother and the captain are doing, and while it is fun to speculate, I need you guys to focus during practice today regardless.” I turned around to grab some small saucer cones. “So we are gonna start with what you guys suck at the most: receives.”

Noya whooped, jumping up and running toward the court. Before he could get to far though, Asahi managed to catch him by the back of his shirt. I heard him whisper, “Hold on Noya,” before letting him go so they could face me again.

“Everyone head onto the court and form two lines on either side of this half,” I said, gesturing to the half of the court directly in front of me, “and grab two cones from me as you go.”

Unsurprisingly, Noya was the first to snatch cones from me, practically throwing himself across the court. As everyone grabbed cones, I stopped Asahi, asking if he would run the drill for the second line. He nodded, and took the second ball cart from the far side of the court.

“Alright, everyone is gonna put one cone in each hand, and hold their arms out shoulder width apart,” I demonstrated with the extra cones I had. “As Asahi and I spike a ball at you, you are gonna drop the cones at the last second to put your arms together for a receive.” I was met with quite a few confused faces, so I turned around and tossed a ball to Asahi and picked up a cone in each hand.

“Here, I’ll show you. Ready when you are Asahi. And don’t you dare go easy on me,” I bent down into a ready stance, smirking at him. He frowned slightly, but tossed the ball up to spike it down at me. Right before the spike was gonna hit me, I threw my arms together into the receive position, clasping my hands together and taking the balls momentum away with my forearms, passing it to where the setter would have been. I retrieved the cones that had clattered to the ground when I moved, then straightened up to look at the team.

“Any questions?”

“THAT WAS AWESOME! ASAHI QUICK HIT IT TO ME!” Nishinoya said, practically shaking with excitement. I smiled, and glanced back around at the others.

“Kageyama! Are we supposed to do that well on the first try?” Hinata tugged on the setter’s practice shirt, pulling him down to his level to ‘whisper’ in his ear.

“You should be able to do it that well every time Boke.” Kageyama retorted, smacking Hinata with one of his cones.

“OW Kageyama that hurt!” Hinata rubbed the back of his head angrily. Tsukishima and Yamaguchi snickered.

“Alright! Let’s get started. Try it once, and then if you’re still confused I’ll help you out,” I said, reaching into the ball cart nearest me and grabbing out a ball to hit toward Tanaka, who looked way too determined for a simple receiving drill.

“BRING IT ON!” He roared. I chuckled, tossing the ball up and spiking it down at him. However, he miscalculated how fast his reflexes needed to be, and the ball went sailing off his not quite put together arms directly at one of his fellow second-years. Ennoshita ducked out of the way at the last second, scowling over at Tanaka in annoyance.

As he angrily grumbled at himself and picked up his cones, I laughed again. In the back of my head, I was still preparing to interrogate my brother about what he and Daichi had skipped practice for. If it actually was a date, I might die from excitement; although I doubt those two would skip practice for a first date. And if he thought for a second I had forgotten about our bet concerning him calling Daichi ‘Daddy’ he was dead wrong.

Does the party technically count as a date if neither of them are willing to call it that?

I reached for another ball, this time taking aim at Tsukki, who managed better than Tanaka, but still would have ended up making the setter have to cover quite a bit. As the team fell into a rhythm, I started to get a little lost in thought.

What are you two up too?

Karasuno 3rd Years’ Groupchat

The Better Sugawara


Hit me with the dets

The Lesser Sugawara

What dets

And changing my fucking name

Captain Thighs changed The Lesser Sugawara’s name to Suga

The Better Sugawara changed Suga’s name to Sugamama


I will accept this

Thanks for trying Daichi

Captain Thighs

I would like to think I hold some power

But clearly I do not

Also I would like to go on record saying I strongly disapprove of my chat name

The Better Sugawara


Stop trying to change the subject

Where did you guys run off to????

Man Bun

Kiya leave them alone

Focus on keeping Tanaka and Noya alive please

The Better Sugawara

I’m sorry have you met me?

I am incapable of leaving them alone

And no no no Tanaka and Noya are your problem

I’m to busy with Kags and Hinata

Man Bun

Can we please switch

The Better Sugawara

Lol no

Captain Thighs

Wait ya you two are still at practice!

Stop texting us and lead the team!


Ya! Get back to it!

Captain Thighs

Suga you are not one to talk

You are always texting on break


Hey! Whose side are you on?

The Better Sugawara


Get called out bro


Dear god do not call me bro

Where did you even pick that up anyway?

The Better Sugawara

I respectfully decline


Respectfully decline what?

Answering my question?

The Better Sugawara


I asked you a question first anyway

Captain Thighs

We are working on a team thing

Nothing special

Man Bun

Ok even I think that’s BS


Asahi you traitor

Bad Bitch

I have to agree.

And why is that my chat name?

The Better Sugawara

Because we recognize that you are a bad bitch Kiyoko



Captain Thighs


Man Bun


Bad Bitch

Well thanks guys

The Better Sugawara

And SEE!

Even Kiyoko agrees!

And she isn’t even at practice!


You are so annoying

The Better Sugawara

You’re just mad cuz I’m right

Why did you need to ditch practice for this “team thing”?


Captain Thighs

Because the store closes before practice is over

And we needed to get ready

The Better Sugawara

Get ready for what?

Are you guys throwing a party or something?!


Something like that

Speaking of

Tell the team that they are required to be at our house Friday at 7pm

The Better Sugawara



I am oFfEnDeD

Captain Thighs

It’s not a party

Just a chill get together

The Better Sugawara

*cough cough*


*cough cough*

Man Bun

Are we really required to go


Oh c’mon Asahi

Noya will be there…

Man Bun

I can’t tell if that is making me want to go more or less


Oh ya

Last time we had a party with Noya there-

Captain Thighs


The Better Sugawara


But that was a great night

Man Bun

Speak for yourself

I almost died

The Better Sugawara

Ya but it was kinda funny

Man Bun

How is me almost getting hit by a car funny?

The Better Sugawara

I said KINDA

I woulda helped you if you actually needed it

Man Bun

I asked you for help MULTIPLE TIMES


Now now children

Lets not fight

We’re all friends here

The Better Sugawara

Oh shut up you were laughing too


I don’t know what you’re talking about

And you’re just pissy that we are gonna have team fun without you

The Better Sugawara

I hate it when you’re right

Although I do get to hang with Aoba Johsai

MAYBE I can convince them to throw their own party

I am full of great ideas today

Man Bun

I would beg to differ

Your “great idea” to pair up the most chaotic people with each other is currently backfiring on you

The Better Sugawara


Captain Thighs

Kiya I stg

Should I be regretting leaving you in charge

Man Bun




4:31 pm


You two okay?

Man Bun

I’m doing great

Kiya is about to lose an arm breaking Tsukishima and Kageyama up

Captain Thighs

Maybe you should help her Asahi

Man Bun

No I’m good


If you guys really are on a date you will have a real hard time keeping it from her for very long




Man Bun

Ya I know

I wasn’t really trying that hard to help you two out

Captain Thighs


100 laps


Man Bun


I recall you leaving Kiya in charge

So no

Captain Thighs

You little shit

You are so dead when I get back


Ya get him Daichi

Man Bun

Nice backup Suga

The Better Sugawara




Captain Thighs

Ok that’s enough

Get back to practice you two

The Better Sugawara

Sir yes Sir

Man Bun

Actually ya I need to go remove Noya from Tsukishima

Goddammit he bit him again

Bye guys

Captain Thighs



Oh ya, Noya bit him a couple days ago too

It was out of excitement

Not malicious

The Better Sugawara

Lol Tsukki is the ultimate cursed snack

Have fun you two!

And remember:

Never party without a party hat!



Seen by The Better Sugawara 4:38pm

Captain Thighs

Suga what does that mean

Why are you so worked up


Seen by Sugamama 4:39pm

Chapter Text

Holy fuck, I think receiving that might have actually killed me.

I stared slightly bug-eyed at the chestnut-haired male, who exhaled heavily as he landed after his jump serve. Everyone else in the gym didn’t seem to pause at all, which was even scarier.

Does he just serve like that on a daily basis?

It was hard to imagine that the same drunken idiot cannon-balling into a swimming pool was now standing in front of me, putting up the most diabolical jump serve I’d ever seen. I swallowed, a bit harder than I would have liked to admit, and gripped the sides of my coffee cup tighter.

“Oi, Shittykawa! Stop fucking around and come work on hitting drills with us!” shouted the same spiky black-haired male who had yelled at him at the party from the opposite side of the court. ‘Shittykawa’ jumped a bit at his teammate’s yell, causing him to miss-hit the serve he had thrown up. The ball went sailing outside of the court, bouncing off the wall and coming directly at me.

I debated dropping my coffee cup to catch the ball with both hands, but then I would have no coffee, which would probably result in me murdering everyone in the gym. I opted instead to remove my left hand from its death grip around my cup, and smoothly caught the ball. I let out a small sigh of relief that I hadn't completely fucked that up and spilled coffee everywhere. Palming the ball, I redirected my attention to the court, where I was a bit surprised to see the entire team staring at me.

“Who the hell are you?” asked the angry looking spiky-haired male.

“Rude Iwa-chan! Where are your manners?” scolded the boy I still only knew as Shittykawa, putting his hands on his hips

“Hey, I’m not the one who almost smacked her with a volleyball!” Iwa-chan retorted.

“She caught it! And you were the one who yelled at me while I was serving! This is really your fault if you ask me.”

“Well nobody asked you Crappykawa!”

“Alright kiddies, lets not fight in front of the guest,” said a pinkish haired male, cutting in between the two boys and pushing them away from each other by putting the palms of his hands against their faces, causing them both to scowl at him.

“Ya Captain, maybe we should focus on the basics. For example: who she is and why she’s here,” came a black haired boy who looked like he had just rolled out of bed, sauntering up to stand next to the pinkish haired male.

Shittykawa straightened up a bit, making me realize he was pretty fucking tall, which didn’t necessarily help the feeling of intimidation. Then my brain finally processed what the sleepy-looking guy just said, and any fear I had felt before completely dissipated.

This guy is the captain?

“Mattsun, Makki, thank you for your assistance, but I can take it from here,” Shittykawa spoke in an attempt at a much more pulled together tone.

Mattsun and Makki just shared a look and rolled their eyes in tandem, stepping aside slightly to let the captain through, mockingly bowing to him as if he were royalty. Even though he probably knew they were making fun of him, he still smiled graciously at them as if they were his subjects. Looking towards me, he started to open his mouth, but before he could get out whatever it was he was gonna say I jumped in.

“Kiya Sugawara, athletic trainer. And maybe we could stop talking about me like I’m not standing right here,” I said, giving a pretty fake smile and casually twirling the ball on my finger. Now that I had seen how much of a total dork this dude could be, I started to gain back a bit of my confidence.

“Tooru Oikawa, captain of the Aoba Johsai volleyball team,” He returned my greeting with a blindingly fake smile, and his lack of an apology didn’t go unnoticed in my head. “This is Takahiro Hanamaki,” gesturing at the pink haired boy, “and Issei Matsukawa,” nodding his head towards the sleepy looking black haired boy. They both flashed me peace signs, and I smiled at them as Oikawa continued.

“And this is my Iwa-ch-“ Oikawa sang, but was cut off by an annoyed grumble and a gruff voice.

“Hajime Iwazumi. And I am not YOUR anything,” he crossed his arms in front of his chest, glaring sideways at Oikawa. Oikawa stuck his tongue out in response, causing me to chuckle a bit. That's when I had the idea.

You just got here, don’t push buttons Kiya.

"I'm irresistible Iwa-chan, you'll come around eventually."

"You're right Shittykawa, I can't resist kicking your stupid ass."

Oh who am I kidding, ask the fucking question.

“So, how long have you two been dating?” I asked, putting on my best innocent face, situating the ball between my elbow and my hip; at the same time lifting one finger from the hand holding my coffee cup and pointing between Oikawa and Iwazumi.

Both of their eyes shot wide open, Iwazumi’s arms uncrossing and falling by his side, while Oikawa just seemed kinda frozen. Before either of them had recovered, a fit of laughter broke out from Mattsun and Makki.

“Holy fuck that was gold!”

“She’s known you for all of two seconds and she’s got you pegged!”

“More like Iwazumi’s pegging Oikawa,” Makki cackled at that last comment, causing them both to keel over, clutching their stomachs. Their laughter seemed contagious, as even the rest of the team started to giggle.

“H-he is NOT my boyfriend!” stuttered Iwazumi first, both of them now flushing a hot pink after letting my words sink in. “What makes you think I would ever date this dumbass?!” he said, scowling now and jerking his thumb at Oikawa.

“Hey! I will have you know that I am a great boyfriend. You would be lucky to be called mine,” Oikawa said defensively, turning to face Iwazumi.

“I’m sure your girlfriend that you haven’t spoken to in five days would beg to differ,” Iwazumi said with a slight smirk, knowing that comment had just won him the argument.

Oikawa frowned deeply and grumbled something about “rude Iwa-chan and his stupid face,” before turning back to me. My eyebrow had raised at the mention of Oikawa having a girlfriend, but I had lowered it before the taller boy could notice.

Girlfriend? That's gotta be a front. These idiots are so in love with each other it's gross.

I was interrupted by Makki and Mattsun launching into a new fit of laughter at Iwazumi's quip.

“Oi, you two! Cut it out! Go play with a volleyball or something.” Oikawa half-grumbled half-yelled, marching off in the direction of the opposite side of the court, pushing past the rest of the team. Iwazumi rolled his eyes, then sent me a look that was a cross between slight annoyance and intrigue as if he was wondering whether I had asked that on purpose or not, before following Oikawa. The other boys turned in response to Iwazumi passing them, moving to get practice started back up.

“Seems I’m not the only one who likes to play with balls!” Makki shouted after his captain, cupping his hands to his mouth to make his voice reach further. He quickly dropped them though in order to dodge a volleyball flying at his head. He just laughed and straightened up.

“You knew they weren’t together didn’t you?” the peach-haired boy turned to ask me.

I nodded slightly, looking over at the team. “I assumed they are in denial about it.” I watched as Iwazumi swatted Oikawa's hand, which had been trying to poke the anger-filled boy in the face, resulting in a yelp and a pout from the captain. "Me thinks I was right."

Mattsun chuckled again, his gaze directed at Makki with a very fond look in his eyes. I honestly was starting to think that they would also make a great couple, when my thoughts were answered for me.

“They just act like an old married couple. However, Makki and I are actually dating,” Mattsun said, smiling at the other boy, a somewhat proud look on his face as his chest puffed out comically.

FINALLY, two people I would want to get together are already together. This makes my job so much easier.

“But like, no homo, ya know?” Mattsun followed up with a shrug.

“No shit," Makki responded, waving Mattsun's comment off.

... well that's confusing.

“Anyway, it’s nice to meet you. I’m sure if nothing else, you’ll find us to be pretty entertaining,” Mattsun said, smiling and sauntering back onto the court, Makki by his side.

I chuckled at them as they bumped shoulders and started to walk back over to their team. I had no doubt he was right, I already was pretty amused by them. Now I was just curious to see what their play style was like, other than the terrifying serve of their captain.

“Kiya Sugawara?”

I turned in the direction of the voice, and smiled when I recognized the coach’s uniform.

“Hai.” I said bowing slightly.

He introduced himself, and we began going over what the game plan was for my time at Aoba Johsai. I started to get a bit excited, as he said I was mostly going to be focusing on working with knee injuries, which I didn’t have a lot of experience with. My excitement dampened quite a bit at his explanation that it was because Oikawa had a knee injury that he never really let heal properly, so I would hopefully be able to help out. I nodded, looking over at the captain, who was positioned in the middle front by the net, back-setting the ball to Iwazumi. The faint feeling of nervousness crept up; I had never had to deal with a specific player with a specific injury before.

I tried to shake the sudden anxiousness, but the slight frown stayed put on my face.

This might not be as much sunshine and rainbows as I thought.

Pretty Setter added Kiya Sugawara to the Seijoh Babes groupchat

Pretty Setter changed Kiya Sugawara’s name to Palate Cleanser

Palate Cleanser

Why is this my chat name?

Pretty Setter


You say what's on your mind and don't hold back

Which is refreshing

And really fucking annoying

Palate Cleanser



Iwa-chan changed Pretty Setter’s name to Shittykawa


Mean Iwa-chan!

Why did you change my name only when Kiya joined?


Wouldn’t want her thinking I’ve gone soft since she hasn’t seen us since afternoon practice

Palate Cleanser

I have never once seen you soft in Oikawa’s presence

Then again I have only known you for a day

I’m with Stupid

This is one of those times when having your mind in the gutter is really really fun

I’m Stupid

Well you know what they say

Emotional hardness and physical hardness go hand in hand

I’m with Stupid

One of those definitely goes in a hand


No one says that

I’m Stupid

I just did


Oh shut the fuck up Mattsun

Palate Cleanser

Are we just gonna ignore the fact that he didn’t deny having a boner for Oikawa?

I’m with Stupid

I was just thinking the same thing

Oikawa’s being reallllll quiet too

Mad Dog

Maybe it is a mutual boner

Onion head

Consent is key guys!

Dog Whisperer

What a positive contribution to an otherwise derailed conversation

I’m Stupid

Funny you should mention railing, Yahaba

Dog Whisperer

I regret having said anything

I’m with Stupid

I don’t


Alright ladies I think that’s enough of that

Less talking about dicks and more talking about party planning!

I’m Stupid

But dicks are so much fun

… to talk about

I’m with Stupid


I’m Stupid

Hella gay


Quit flirting you two and listen!

Palate Cleanser

Did someone say party?


Yes finally

Okay so here is what I’m thinking

We all gather at Iwa-chan’s house around 8pm tomorrow night

And we play a friendly volleyball drinking game

Someone will need to bring alcohol

Palate Cleanser

I volunteer as tribute




Uh who said you could use my house?


WE Iwa-chan, WE can use your house


That doesn’t change my answer

Which is absolutely fucking not


But Iwa-channnnnn

It will be fun!

Palate Cleanser

Can I ask what the hecky is a volleyball drinking game


Oi don’t try to change the subject

I’m Stupid

So glad you asked Kiya

I’m with Stupid

Everytime the other team scores any type of point, your team takes a drink

And then additionally, if they score a service ace, get a kill block, do a setter dump, or your team gets a net violation

Basically anytime your team fucks up you pay for it with alcohol

I’m Stupid

And depending on how hard we wanna party, you can also add in that anytime your team does well you also pay for it with alcohol

So like, everytime your team scores a point, you take a drink

And so on and so forth as described above

Palate Cleanser

So what I’m hearing is we are going to need a fuck ton of alcohol


I thought that was implied


Shittykawa don’t think you can avoid me forever

I will not hesitate to kick your ass


You just want an excuse to touch my butt

Even if it is with your nasty feet


That’s it

You’re dead


Stupid Iwa-chan

You can’t kill me

I have too much to offer to this world

I’m Stupid

But like

Think how quiet things would be without Oikawa

I’m with Stupid





Palate Cleanser

At least he is dying at his lover’s hands

Onion Head

Wait, Iwazumi and Oikawa are dating?

Palate Cleanser

Nah, they are stuck at the mutual boner stage

I’m with Stupid

Ah yes

My favorite stage



I’m Stupid




I’m Stupid


I’m not quite laughing my ass off

But I’m definitely laughing out loud

I’m with Stupid

Get him Iwa-chan


Oi, stop calling him that!

That’s my thing!

I’m with Stupid

I’m aware

That’s why I’m doing it

Dog Whisperer

For pete’s sake would you guys go to bed already?

Palate Cleanser

Wait wait one more question

So does this mean we are meeting at Iwazumi’s house tomorrow night?

I’m Stupid

Oh that was never really in question

I’m with Stupid

Iwazumi would have eventually said yes

I’m Stupid

And then proceeded to grumble and complain about it for the rest of the night

Palate Cleanser


ok sweet

I’ll see you guys tomorrow at practice then!

Onion Head

Wait Kiya-san

How are you gonna get alcohol?

You’re underage

Seen by Palate Cleanser 10:37pm

Dog Whisperer

The fact that she didn’t answer worries me greatly

I’m Stupid

He dead yet Iwazumi?


Unfortunately this fucker is incredibly hard to kill


Maybe if you try choking me-


Or I could just break your spine and pop it out your mouth vertebrae by vertebrae like a pez dispenser

I’m with Stupid


I’m Stupid

And they wonder why people think they’re together




Keep it up, and you’re next

I’m Stupid


I would like to keep my spine

I’m with Stupid

Alright, I guess we will go to bed

I’m Stupid

Peace out bitches

I’m with Stupid

Peace out bitches

I’m Stupid


I’m with Stupid


I’m Stupid

Double jinx

I’m with Stupid

Double jinx

I’m Stupid

Triple ji-

I’m with Stupid

Triple ji-



Seen by I’m Stupid 10:52pm

Seen by I’m with Stupid 10:52pm

Dog Whisperer

Ah yes

One final jinx



Chapter Text

Hooligans, the lot of ‘em.

I was sighing happily to myself, watching Aoba Johsai bicker and set up a makeshift volleyball net in Iwazumi’s backyard when the sound of my phone ringing in my pocket cut through the air. I absentmindedly reached into my sweats, pulling the cellular device out and pushing it to my ear, not bothering to check caller ID.

“KIYA! Oh my god how are you? I love it when you call me!” My brother hiccupped on the other side of the phone.

Correction – drunk hooligans, the lot of ‘em.

“Ko, you called me,” I sighed, but I was more curious than annoyed.

“I’m sure that’s not true,” came the dismissive response, causing my eyebrows to knit in confusion at the argument. “Anyway! I need to tell you something!”

There were a couple of clammering noises from his end of the phone, along with some shuffling of feet. I vaguely heard a ‘Hi Suga’ from an exasperated sounding Asahi. My brother giggled, then started aggressively whispering near the phone, although whispering was a subjective term in this instance.

“Asahi! I’m on the phone with Kiya!”

“Ya, I figured that by the way you screeched her name when she picked up.” At least Asahi sounded sober.

“No no no she called me.”

Not really wanting to start this up again, I cut in with a, “Koushi what’s up? Did you need something?”

“Ya! I needed your advice about something with Daichi,” he said, which definitely peaked my interest.

“I’m all ears,” I replied, taking a sip of my drink, that by the looks of it wouldn’t last long between me having to listen to my intoxicated brother and an impending game of drunk volleyball.

“So I think I’m gonna ask him to marry me,” was the very unexpected response.

I involuntarily spit-taked with said drink and starting coughing violently. I set my drink down and momentarily pulled the phone away from my ear while I tried to exorcise the alcohol-slash-fruit-punch demon in my lungs. Iwazumi came jogging to me, holding out a bottle of water and smacking me on the back a few times (which I could only guess he meant to be helpful). I sent him a pained smile and mouthed a thanks, and he chuckled with a quiet ‘you’re welcome’ before heading back out onto the lawn turned volleyball court.

“…and I just really need to know whether you think a Fall or Winter wedding would be better? Fall has the nice reds and oranges on the trees, you know, leaves and shit, but Winter has the pretty snow and-“

“Woah woah woah slow down Koushi,” I said hoarsely, still trying to force my lungs to stop burning. My brother had apparently been rambling the whole time about wedding planning. “You and Daichi aren’t even dating, so how about we start with that?”

A very incensed huff came from the other end of the line, as if that was the stupidest idea he had ever heard. “I’ve decided that Daichi and I don’t need to date because we are in love and you can skip a few societal steps for love right?”

“And what does Daichi think about all this?” I said, already knowing the answer.

“Oh he doesn’t know yet, but I’m sure it’s fine.” Yup, there it was.

I groaned away from the phone, pinching the bridge of my nose before saying, “Ko just how much have you had to drink?”

“Not that much,” he said, words slightly slurred and clearly lying. His ability to break glass with his voice hadn’t been stripped of him yet though, as my eardrums almost burst when he screamed, “HINATA!”

I hissed, pulling the phone away from my ear again to avoid permanent ear damage.

“Kiya! C’mon, we’re gonna pick teams!” Oikawa shouted and waved to me from across the yard. “Iwa-chan is on my team of course!” the chestnut-haired male sang and tilted his head in the direction of a very annoyed looking Iwazumi. Although I had yet to really see any facial expression other than anger or annoyance on his face when it came to Oikawa.

“I don’t wanna be anywhere near your clingy ass when you get drunk Shittykawa,” Iwazumi retorted, causing a pout and a ‘mean Iwa-chan!’ from the captain.

As the two started fighting, I turned my attention back to the phone in my hand, where I could distantly hear Hinata (thankfully sober-sounding) explaining the difference between a pham and a smack to my brother.

“Koushi, I’m gonna go now okay? We can talk later if you want,” I said, hoping to wrap this very disorienting conversation up.

“Well of course we are gonna have to talk later, I’ll need help picking out cake flavors… oh my god cake! Do we have cake? Cake sounds so good right now…” my brother started to get distracted again and I suppressed the urge to sigh heavily.

“Have fun Ko, and please do NOT propose to Daichi,” after a thoughtful second, I added, “or at least facetime me if you do.”

“Oki dokie! Bye Ki! Oi, Sawamura! Stop being such a bitch and just take the shot!” I laughed at that last shout before hitting the end call button. I felt a bit sad at the thought of not being able to be apart of my teams tomfoolery, but that subsided when I watched Iwazumi reach behind Mattsun to grab a ‘hiding’ Oikawa and headbutt him into the ground. The captain almost immediately started whining up at him, holding his forehead where he had been smacked.

Different team, same shenanigans.


At this moment in time, I was very grateful that I was a heavyweight when it comes to drinking. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Oikawa.

“That was TOTALLY a carry! Take a drink!” Makki was pointing his finger at the very drunk setter through one of the squares in the net. Oikawa leaned forward and attempted to bite the tip of his finger off, but Makki managed to pull away in time with a yip and a scowl.

The captain stuck his tongue out at the peach-haired boy. “Was not! I was just trying a time-delayed set!” he hiccupped in between the words time and delayed.

“Oikawa, you basically caught the ball and just pushed it at me,” Iwazumi deadpanned from Oikawa’s left, clearly tipsy but not stumbling over himself like a certain someone.

“Fuck you Iwa-chan! You’re supposed to be on my team you jerk!” Oikawa went to shove the ace, but tripped over his own limbs before he could reach, causing him to fall directly into Iwazumi’s arms, his face thudding against his chest. Oikawa pulled back just enough to look up at the ace, who was now peering down at him with more than just an alcohol flush to his face.

The captain and vice-captain stood there staring at each other for what felt like forever. Iwazumi had his hands on either of Oikawa’s arms to keep him steady, and the latter was slowly raising his head to where they were just about nose to nose. My drunk brain had half a mind to squeal, but sober brain thankfully reigned her in so as not to ruin the moment. I glanced over at Makki who was also looking like an overly excited teen girl, and his counterpart, who was currently moving to cup his hands in front of his face…

I slapped my hand over Mattsun’s mouth when I realized he was about to shout something at them, and scrunched my face to convey the message to ‘shut the fuck up and let them have this’. He licked my palm in response, but didn’t say anything even after I had yanked my hand away. Yahaba Shigeri, a second-year and pinch server, and Kyoutani Kentarou, a second-year wing spiker, were observing, looking seriously unamused. Kindaichi Yuutarou, a first-year wing spiker who had gone to retrieve the ball, was now returning with both confusion and surprise written on his face. The other players on the court were also stopped, quietly anticipating whatever was to come.

In my head I was chanting kiss kiss kiss kiss as they just freaking stared into each others eyes. Iwazumi opened and closed his mouth a couple times as if he wanted to say something, but all that came out was a hitched breath, which he immediately looked embarrassed about. Oikawa’s lips were curling up into a very cute soft smile, and fucking finally their noses were touching and they were leaning in and-

And then my motherfucking phone rang.

The entire team jumped at the sudden disruption, and it snapped Iwazumi and Oikawa out of whatever trance they were in. This resulted in Iwazumi flushing bright red and then slamming Oikawa into the ground with a shout of “you fucking dumbass you need to be more careful and not go tripping into other people.”

“Nice receive Iwa-chan,” sang Makki, sporting a shit-eating grin in tandem with Mattsun as they watched their captain flounder about on the ground while Iwazumi semi-lightly pushed him with his foot.

I groaned dramatically in disappointment, but went to retrieve my still ringing phone from the sidelines as the court devolved into slight chaos at the net. My annoyance levels only rose when I saw that it was my brother calling, and I almost hit decline call before I remembered the whole ‘propose to Daichi’ situation.

“This better be good Ko, I’m watching a very good volleyball rom-com right now and you’re interrupting,” I snapped, after hitting accept call.

“Kiya, it’s Asahi, um, sorry to interrupt…whatever that is, but I figured you’d wanna see this,” Asahi answered, and almost simultaneously I got a facetime call from him.

My irritation quickly turned to excited curiosity as I hit the green button for the video call. I blinked my slightly alcohol hazed eyes a couple of times, and when they focused I was looking into the eyes of a both amused and worried Asahi (again, only a look that man could pull off) with a definitely drunk and sleepy Noya hanging off his back.

“Aww look at you two,” I cooed teasingly, causing the man-bun to frown, which was contrasted with a blush that spread across his cheeks.

“That isn’t what I’m calling for,” he responded, looking over the top of the phone before glancing back down to hit what I assumed was the rotate camera button. I assumed correctly when I was now looking at my incredibly trashed living room, with most of the team running in and out of the frame as they seemed to be playing some kind of catch-the-Hinata game. Before I could laugh at that, however, the camera panned up to the back portion of the room that opened up into a hallway leading to my bedroom. I could vaguely distinguish two figures pressed up against each other, their faces a little blurry but very apparently kissing each other and-

“OH MY FUCKING GOD THEY’RE MAKING OUT,” I screamed at the top of my lungs, causing the camera to suddenly point down at the floor as a very loud ‘SHHHHHHH’ came from the other end of the phone. I also caught the attention of the entire Aoba Johsai volleyball team; in particular their captain’s.

“OOOO kissing! I wanna see I wanna see!” Oikawa bounded over, throwing his limbs around me as he peered over my shoulder to look at my phone. Asahi had slowly lifted the camera back up to point at the boys again, muttering something about ‘way too excited’, ‘nosy’, and ‘thankfully the music is loud’.

I couldn’t care less though, as I smiled so wide my cheeks hurt.

“Oooooo they are kissing!” Oikawa said, putting more of his weight onto me to where I had to adjust so I didn’t fall over. “Who is ‘they’ anyway?” If it had been possible, my grin would have widened even more.

“That, sir,” I paused, still taking it in, “is my brother and Karasuno High’s volleyball captain,”

Oikawa gasped dramatically, putting his hand over his mouth and lifting off of me, keeping one hand on my shoulder. I glanced over at him, then double-taked when I realized there were tears in his inebriated eyes.

“That is so beautiful,” he choked out. This for some reason, made me tear up a bit. Oh no wait, I definitely knew the reason.

Well, that’s enough drinking for me tonight.

“Shittykawa you drunk fucker, are you crying? Knock that shit off!” Iwazumi yelled from the net, attempting to play whack-a-mole with Mattsun and Makki’s fingers through it.

Okay maybe that’s enough drinking for everyone tonight.

“Mean Iwa-chan! You were the one about to kiss me you dummy!” Oikawa turned around using me to balance himself, and stuck his tongue out at his vice-captain.

“I was not going to kiss you, you pretty-boy asshole!” Iwazumi shouted again, still trying (and failing) to catch the couple.

“So you think I’m pretty huh?” Oikawa slurred slightly, but still managed to wink at the ace. I marveled a bit at how good Oikawa was at handling such an aggressive take on flirting

I turned back to my phone as the two continued to bicker, blotting at the corner of my eye and now facing an amused Asahi who had turned the camera around again. Noya’s chin was hooked over his shoulder, his mouth open slightly as he seemed to doze off, which was just all kinds of adorable. My happiness was suddenly dampened by a certain thought though.

I sighed, before asking, “Asahi, on a scale of one to shitfaced, how drunk are they?”

The teddy-bear’s smile fell away slightly, glancing over the phone again in the direction of Koushi and Daichi.

“Four drinks past blackout probably,” was the response that I was hoping wouldn’t come.

I sighed heavily at the realization there was a good chance they wouldn’t remember this tomorrow. I was probably also going to be the one to have to inform them of this drunken romantic escapade.

But that was a problem for future, more sober Kiya. Present, slightly drunk Kiya was in charge of nothing more than going back to kicking other drunk volleyball players’ asses.

“Well Asahi, you are my favorite person for this,” I said with a small smile. “Go take care of the spider monkey on your back; we can talk more tomorrow.”

He returned the smile, then very suddenly his face dropped into one of terror and panic. “Tanaka! Get Hinata out of the fireplace NOW!” he yelped, not very intimidatingly I might add. He was already putting the phone down by his side, so I just hung up while laughing at the mental image of the tangerine attempting to climb up the chimney.

Turning my attention back to the court, I watched as Iwazumi straddled Oikawa and was currently trying to smother him with his own shirt, which lord only knows when and why he had taken that off. He looked angry, and he was indeed attacking the captain, but I really really wanted to point out that they were literally on top of each other, shirtless, when the dynamic duo did it for me.

“Okay, I’m all for getting dick, but can you two maybe not fuck in front of all of us? It’s kinda gay,” Makki said, clearly trying not to laugh as he leaned on his partner in crime.

“Bro, you getting dick is kinda gay too,” Mattsun responded, looking over at the other boy.

“Ya but not when it’s from you,” Makki grinned wide, then pecked Matsukawa on the lips. “And it’s definitely not gay if I say no homo.”

Mattsun returned the smile and the kiss fondly, before turning back to look down at the two third-years wrestling for dominance in the grass. “You’re right. But those two are definitely gay.”

“I swear if either of you says the word ‘gay’ one more fucking time,” Yahaba groaned from behind them, pinching the bridge of his nose and looking like he wanted to die on the spot. I was on an emotional rollercoaster, wanting to laugh at the antics in front of me, ‘awww’ over the cuteness overload of Makki and Mattsun AND Asahi and Noya, and cry over the though of having to tell my brother he made out with his crush the night before. AND I’d probably have to break the news with a hangover.

I settled on a smile and a small sigh, and told myself that all-in-all it was going pretty well. Although that may have been drunk Kiya thinking that, but drunk Kiya was in charge right now so I rolled with it.

Correction - drunk, love-struck hooligans, the lot of ‘em.

Chapter Text

The reason behind my headache wasn’t really my hangover; it was having to help nurse Oikawa’s.

Most of the team had crashed at Iwazumi’s house, what with being wasted and all, but everyone save Oikawa, the host, and I had left already, trying to sneak back into their own houses before the sun was up. What remained was a semi-hungover Iwazumi and I, and a completely useless Oikawa left to our own devices.

“Kiyaaaaa, where is the tylenolllll,” Oikawa groaned from the couch, where he hadn’t budged from except to go puke his guts out earlier that morning.

Since I was sporting a dull ache in the back of my head myself (and having already been listening to the captain's non-stop complaining), it wasn’t super surprising that I was a little bitchy this morning. “I don’t know Oikawa, this isn’t my house,” I snapped from the kitchen, where I was currently trying to work Iwazumi’s coffee maker.

“Iwa-chan –“

“Shut up Shittykawa, I’m working on it,” the host called from what I assumed was the bathroom, looking for said pain relievers.

“You guys are dicks when you’re hungover,” I heard the captain pout.

“And you’re a whiny bitch, hangover or not,” I snarked, finally discovering how to get the machine to dispense me a cup of coffee that would hopefully make me want to murder the boy on the couch a little less. I did smile though when I heard Iwazumi’s distant laugh.

As I was watching every drip of the liquid joy into the pot, my phone buzzed in my pocket. I pulled it out, and quickly unlocked it when I saw a text from my brother.

Koushi Koushi

I need to talk to you

The Better Sugawara

Does it have to do with you sucking face with the captain last night?

Koushi Koushi

How the fuck do you know about that-

Oh my god I’m gonna murder Asahi

The Better Sugawara

Please don’t

He was a real one last night

I may need him in the future

Koushi Koushi

It does not comfort me to know that you were watching Dai and I make out last night

The Better Sugawara

I only watched for a few seconds calm your tits

Well Oikawa and I did

I’m honestly more impressed you remember it this morning

Koushi Koushi

Wait a minute

Aoba Johsai’s CAPTAIN saw me macking with Daichi?!?

And ya well I don’t remember it fully

Just bits and pieces of being pressed between the wall and him

My rightful place

The Better Sugawara

Alright we are tiptoeing the borderline of TMI

And lol ya Oikawa said, and I quote “that is so beautiful”

WITH tears in his eyes

Koushi Koushi

Omg I love him

Tell him I love him

And you literally watched us make out

There is no such thing as TMI anymore

The Better Sugawara

There is definitely still such a thing as TMI

And I think your new boy toy would get jelly if you told a different captain you loved them

Koushi Koushi

About that

The Better Sugawara

What, you guys not official yet?

Koushi Koushi

Well you see

The Better Sugawara


No, no I don’t see

What am I supposed to be seeing?

Koushi Koushi

I maybe haven’t talked to him yet

The Better Sugawara

You’re shitting me

Actually no

This should not be surprising to me

Koushi Koushi

First off fuck you

Second off, I’ll have you know that we actually did talk this morning

Just… not about that

The Better Sugawara

So you’re a coward

Koushi Koushi

Someone’s bitchy this morning

The Better Sugawara

I have a hangover, a whiny Oikawa, and now your pussy-ass to deal with

So ya, I’m bitchy

Koushi Koushi

I am not a pussy!

The Better Sugawara

Actions speak louder than words

Or in this case, lack thereof

Koushi Koushi

Oh fuck off

The Better Sugawara

You know what


Koushi Koushi

Are you seriously mad at me right now

The Better Sugawara

Are you seriously asking me that question right now?

I’m sick and tired of watching you tip-toe around a chance at happiness

Like why the fuck would you not want that

Koushi Koushi

Because chancing that also means chancing my best friend leaving me

The Better Sugawara

Okay rude

I thought I was your best friend

Koushi Koushi


The Better Sugawara


Koushi Koushi

I’m not gonna talk to him

I can’t lose him

The Better Sugawara

You are not going to lose him

Koushi Koushi

Not if I don’t say anything

The Better Sugawara


I didn’t want to have to do this

But you’re forcing my hand

If you don’t talk to him

I will

Koushi Koushi

Oh I see

You’re trying to die today


“Kiya! Is the coffee done or not?!” shouted Oikawa at a volume that did not thrill me or my now raging headache, but I did look up at the now ready pot of coffee. I grumbled and set my phone down, probably harder than I should have, and reached for three mugs, filling them all to the very top before grabbing for my phone again.


The Better Sugawara

I have to go Ko

But please just talk to him

It’s Daichi

The man couldn’t leave you if he tried

Koushi Koushi

I am pretty irresistible

And fine I’ll think about it

The Better Sugawara

Don’t make me threaten you again

Koushi Koushi

For the love of god

Leave me alone and go deal with your captain friend

The Better Sugawara

And you go deal with yours


Not waiting for his response, I shoved my phone into the pocket of my track pants with a grumble. I had known it was gonna be annoying to talk to him, but I just couldn’t be assed this morning. I balanced two mugs in one hand with mine in the other, bringing them out to the now two boys on opposite sides of the couch. Oikawa was cutely poking Iwazumi’s shin with his toes, but looked to be about two seconds away from getting kicked in the dick.

Setting the mugs down with a sigh, I straightened up and made my way over to the armchair next to the couch closer to Iwazumi’s side, tucking my feet up underneath me and my arms into my chest. He leaned his head back to look at me with a frown, which I purposefully tried to ignore by covering my mouth and nose with the mug.

“You okay?”

“Ya, just…” I trailed off momentarily, staring across the room at nothing in particular. “My brother’s being an idiot.”

Oikawa cocked his head slightly. “You mean the one swapping spit with your captain last night?”

I laughed humorlessly. “That’s the one. Oh, and he told me to tell you he loves you.”

Oikawa practically glowed at that comment, smiling wide at Iwazumi. “Hear that Iwa-chan? The Sugawaras love me.”

“I don’t recall Kiya ever saying she loves you,” Iwazumi grumbled, clearly peeved and trying to not let it show.

“I haven’t, but I do love you Oikawa,” I cooed over at the taller boy who just smiled wider and started nudging Iwazumi’s leg with more intensity. His giddiness seemed to be infectious, as I felt my shoulders relax a little. The ace squinted at me with an incredibly offended look on his face, causing me to giggle.

“Whose side are you on here?” He scoffed before kicking his leg into Oikawa’s side, gaining him a loud ‘OOF’ from the other boy.

I raised my unoccupied hand innocently. “I didn’t say he wasn’t annoying,” which seem to placate Iwazumi for the time being.

“MEAN Iwa-chan! You can’t just go around kicking people!” Oikawa whined, rubbing his side dramatically.

“I don’t go around kicking people. I go around kicking you,” he responded cheerily, reaching for the coffee I had set by him and taking a sip. Oikawa went to do the same, but frowned when he looked down at the black liquid.

“Is this just coffee?” the captain asked, still frowning and looking down at the cup like it was the most disgusting thing he had ever seen.

“Is it supposed to be something else?” I responded to his question with a question, quirking an eyebrow.

“There isn’t any sugar in this. Or milk. Or…anything,” he had gone so far now as to curl his lip up in disgust.

My eyes could not have rolled further back in my head at the realization that of course Oikawa Tooru would be a fickle bitch over his coffee.

“Jesus Shittykawa, do you do anything but complain?” Iwazumi questioned, his tone laced with annoyance; however, he did move to sit up and take Oikawa’s cup from him, heading to the kitchen. I smiled at the show of affection. The ace may act tough, but he could be a softie when it came to the captain.

Before he was completely out of earshot, the taller boy shouted, “can you make me breakfast too Iwa-chan?” to which he was rewarded with a “shut up before I make you!” I snorted, honestly surprised he didn’t get a coffee cup to the face.

The two started going at it again, just long distance this time, and I momentarily let my mind wander to how I ended things with my brother and I’s text conversation. Sighing quietly, I pulled my phone back out and opened my messaging app. I was a little surprised I had never received a response, but I was gonna chalk that up to too much alcohol and too little sleep. I didn’t love the idea that Koushi was mad at me, almost as much as I didn’t love being mad at him (even if warranted). This in mind, I decided to take a page out of Iwazumi’s book and deliver some very aggressive love.


The Better Sugawara

I’m giving you to the end of my time with Seijoh to talk to Daichi

And if he even thinks about rejecting you, I’m totally kicking his ass



One week later, I was sitting in the Aoba Johsai gym, watching Oikawa ‘listen’ to his 'girlfriend' while staring at Iwazumi’s ass. I was also watching Iwazumi purposefully avoid looking at the two, and by doing so, he missed the girl suddenly talking very animatedly at the captain. She looked both pissed and like she was about to cry, and spat some words at Oikawa before storming out of the gym.

The chestnut-haired male sighed, running a hand through his hair before starting to walk over to the team.

Huh, wonder what that was about.

Iwazumi finally turned to scowl at him, rummaging around in the ball cart to grab one. “Can we get this show on the road, your highness? Or are you gonna keep chit-chatting with your girlfriend,” He practically hissed the last word out, which only earned him a smirk from the captain. The pair hadn’t spoken about their almost kiss last week either, because of course I would be dealing with not one but two (non)couples who had kissed or almost kissed and refused to talk about it.

“And why do you care so much Iwa-chan?” Oikawa asked smugly. Seeing the look on his face, the ace started to wind up his throwing arm with the volleyball in it.

“Because PRETTY BOYS like you who get all the girls PISS ME OFF!” Iwazumi hollered, hucking the ball at the captain, who only barely avoided getting smacked in the face. He sneered at his friend, and suddenly I just knew he was about to pick a fight.

“Well at least I get the girls Iwa-chan. Your ugly face couldn’t attract a girl if you tried,” Oikawa snarked.

Oh boy, did that piss Iwazumi off. He was suddenly storming across the court towards the captain, fists clenched and looking ready to kill.

“Oi, knock it off you two! Oikawa, stop being an asshat for no reason,” I said in a warning tone. I didn’t love where this was going. I had obviously seen Iwazumi angry, but his attitude was clearly on the border of it becoming something more than just irritated.

“Butt out Kiya, this isn’t any of your concern,” Oikawa said, not taking his eyes off the furious boy advancing towards him.

“Like hell it isn’t my concern! I am going to have to be the one to set the broken nose that is headed your way,” I scoffed, feeling anger rise in my own chest. Why the hell was Oikawa being such an ass all of a sudden?

“Who said we needed your help? We were doing just fine before you got here,” Oikawa turned his full attention to me now, sneering. “Why don’t you just run back to the clipped-wing crows nest where you belong?”

I saw red.

I closed the distance between him and I faster than he could blink, beating Iwazumi to the punch and reaching up and yanking Oikawa down by the front collar of his practice jersey. His eyes were widened in slight surprise as I glared daggers into his soul, inches from his face.

“Listen here you prick,” I hissed at him, low enough to where none of his other teammates, nor Iwazumi, who had stopped several steps ago, could hear me. “Just because you can’t grow a pair and admit that you’re in love with your best friend does NOT mean you get to talk shit about my team.” The look in my eyes was deadly, and I could see on his face he was fully aware he was being a dick. “Now figure your shit out or shut the fuck up,” I finished, shoving him back and releasing my grip on his collar.

“And quit saying things you don’t mean,” I said, likely loud enough this time for more of the gym to hear.

What the hell is his problem today?

The captain's normal cocky expression had made its way back onto his face, but a flash of guilt crossed it at my final comment, making me think that something really was wrong instead of Oikawa just being bored and picking playground fights.

“Is it just in your programming to act like a piece of shit all the time?” Iwazumi said gruffly, having walked back over to the other ball cart and winding up another volleyball.

Apparently the captain wasn’t going to take my advice on the ‘don’t say shit you don’t mean’ thing, because his response was clearly not thought out.

“It isn’t my fucking fault nobody wants to be with an asshole like you! I can’t believe I almost kissed you!” Oikawa snapped, glaring over at the slightly shorter boy.

Well fuck.

Iwazumi did not have a retort for the first time since the argument started, his jaw clenching and unclenching, his eyes directed at the floor. I saw an expression cross his face that I had been hoping wouldn’t rear its ugly head.


“Nobody, huh?” was all the ace managed to say.

Oikawa clearly saw and heard the slight pain too, because his eyes went wide as he realized he fucked up, his fists un-balling by his sides as he softened his stance.


Before Oikawa could get the rest of the nickname out, Iwazumi slammed the ball in his hands to the ground, causing us all to jump slightly. He stormed out the double doors of the gym, leaving a group of stunned volleyball players and silence in his wake.

“Well,” Makki finally broke the awkward tension, “that was dramatic.”

This comment had the added bonus of knocking me out of my own discombobulation, and I looked up venomously at the captain.

“What the fuck did I just say about not saying things you don’t mean Oikawa?!” I yelled at him again, which may or may not have been the best course of action, but I was surprised to find him directly in my face, looking just as enraged as me. Before I could even balk out of that sudden stare, he grabbed me by the wrist and yanked me in the direction of the locker rooms. I tried putting up a protest at the door, but he just tugged me inside and slammed the door behind us.

It was times like this that I was reminded that Oikawa had a good six inches on me and could actually be quite intimidating, so as he glared down at me I had to mentally remind myself that I was friends with this man and he wasn’t going to kill me in the boys’ locker rooms. Although, he had just gotten into a screaming match with his best friend so maybe that wasn’t the soundest logic to be using.

“I broke up with her,” Oikawa said, suddenly not looking so incensed. My brain had a hard time deciding between yelling at him or dropping my jaw to the floor in surprise, so I settled on a heavy exhale.

“And why the fuck didn’t you tell Iwa that?” I asked after a moment of silence.

“Is fuck your favorite word today?” the captain jeered at me. Oh how I was not in the mood to take that shit.

Oikawa fucking Tooru,” I hissed at him, causing the sneer to be replaced with what almost looked like shame.

“I was gonna tell him…” he finally said, but then didn’t really follow that up.

“But?” I said, trying to coax him into continuing.

“But then I saw his stupidly attractive face, and then he bitched at me, and all I could think was ‘what if I lose this? What if I lose him?’” he finished, shoulders slumping slightly and glancing at me with a pathetic look before looking off towards the lockers. Under different circumstances, I probably would have made a joke about Oikawa having a degradation kink for Iwazumi. I instead opted for sympathy and blowing a stray strand of hair out of my face.

“So what if you do?” I asked, knowing that he would probably think that was pretty unhelpful, so before he could comment I continued. “Would you rather be miserably in love with your best friend and keep your feelings from him, or would you rather tell him the truth and allow him the opportunity to make his own decisions?” I was starting to get an itching sensation of déjà vu.

The taller boy just looked at me, the answer to the question written all over his face.

“Thought so,” I said softly before he could answer. “But you should probably start with an apology.”

At this he huffed, clearly not thrilled about that idea. “I don’t want to confess to him right after we have a big argument,” was the follow-up comment.

I smiled slightly at this, glad that at least he was able to read the room in this instance. “Probably a good idea.”

He suddenly locked onto my face with that same intensity as before. “I’m sorry for saying we didn’t need your help,” the genuine apology catching me slightly off-guard, but I managed to lift the corners of my mouth a bit.

“I appreciate that,” I replied. “And I know you need my help. Who else is gonna put up with your stubbornness about admitting your knee hurts?” I teased. The last week had been spent with me researching knee injuries due to sports and how to treat them. I had started to get to know not only what was wrong with his knee, but also how he dealt with the pain. Usually, he tried to grit his teeth through it, which he quickly learned that I could see right through that shit and just force the coach to bench him until he let me look at it. I was aware that nine days was not long enough to trust me fully with an injury like this, especially since I had only actually seen him for like five of them. So I had reached an agreement with him: if his knee started to act up, he would send me a hand signal so that I could discreetly ask for a time-out to then ice and re-wrap it. If his knee was being a bitch and he didn’t signal for me and I figured it out, he would be benched until I cleared him to go again. We hadn’t had to use the signal yet, but then again they wouldn’t have any games until next weekend anyways.

Refocusing my attention on him, I thankfully saw the familiar confident, cocky look make its way back onto his face. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. My knee is perfectly fine thank you very much,” he said, putting his hands on his hips and puffing his chest out slightly.

I sent him a ‘you are so not fooling me’ face, and leaned down to poke him directly in the kneecap. He immediately winced and jerked away, and I just rolled my eyes.

“C’mon oh great king, it’s time to go make up with your BFF,” I said, pausing to send him a soft smile before walking past him and pushing the locker room door open. As I made my way to the net where Makki and Mattsun were standing, Oikawa headed out the doors to the gym with a slightly sheepish look on his face. Mattsun started to ask me questions, but all I could really think about was how most of this would have been avoided if everyone would just talk about their feelings.

Do any of these idiots know the meaning of the word ‘communicate’?

Chapter Text

The pre-game practice was not going well.

Oikawa and Iwaizumi had kissed and made up last Saturday, sans the kissing part. They were back to their usual back-and-forth’s, albeit it with a little less bite than before. Oikawa, the coward, had still not confessed to Iwaizumi, even with constant pestering from Makki, Mattsun, and I, who I had of course filled in on everything. I had also been on the ace’s ass a little more than a bit, however most of our conversations just came to a stand still with his stubbornness.

The Better Sugawara

Just fucking tell him dude


Don’t call me dude

The Better Sugawara

Fine iWa-ChAn

Just fucking tell him!


Fuck off

The Better Sugawara


All you gotta do is go up to him

Tell him you love him

Plant one on him

And ask him to go out with you

If you get scared just pretend like it didn’t happen


That may be the worst plan I’ve ever heard.

The Better Sugawara

At least it’s a plan!


Not gonna happen Kiya


After about ten text conversations like that, I was practically ready to just shove them together in the middle of the court. And it didn’t help that the pre-game practice was devolving into slight chaos due to them.

Iwaizumi and Oikawa were going at it, more than normal, and I couldn’t determine if they wanted to kill each other or fuck each other. Probably both, but right now they were on the court and scaring the living daylights out of the first years on both teams. The worst part was I actually kinda thought the captain deserved the anger directed at him, because he was being a total dick to Kageyama. Something about him, Oikawa, and Iwaizumi all having been on the same middle-school team with Oikawa and Kageyama having some seemingly one-sided beef.

“Are they normally like that?” my brother leaned in and whispered to me on the Karasuno sidelines, where I was watching the two third-years. I sighed, responding, “yes, but not quite at this level.” I finally caught Mattsun’s attention, which I had been trying to get for the last two minutes, giving him a look and gesturing toward the exit doors with my head. He responded with a nod and looked over to Makki, who was already giving us a thumbs up in agreement and making his way over to Oikawa. Mattsun went to Iwaizumi, and they each grabbed their respective third-years and started pulling them off the court, ignoring the protests coming from the two boys. I shot a very fake smile at the rest of the court in an attempt to convey 'nothing to see here' before quickly dropping it and turning away from them.

I followed behind as Makki and Mattsun dragged them into the back hallway by the locker rooms before coming to a halt, shoving them forward and staring them down. They both stood there glaring at us. Iwaizumi looked half-tempted to throw his water bottle at the three of us.

“What the fuck you guys?” Oikawa said, putting his hands on hips.

“You two are gonna sit here until you can figure your shit out,” Makki retorted.

“The sexual tension between you two is messing with the team’s vibe,” Mattsun resounded. I shot him a sideways glance at the interesting choice of the use of the word ‘vibe’, but he just shrugged slightly in response.

“And what, you guys are just gonna stand there and watch?” Iwaizumi snapped.

“What, you don’t like an audience Iwa-chan?” Oikawa cooed, which quickly turned into a yelp as he ducked out of the way of the ace’s grip.

“Why are you being so cruel to Kageyama? Outside of your normal trashy behavior,” Iwaizumi asked angrily after a second of wrestling with him, ignoring the captain’s quip.

“Because I hate him! Is that not reason enough?”

“You don’t hate him.”

“Yes I do!”

“No, you don’t,” the ace said, leveling Oikawa with a glare. There was a beat of silence, before the captain mumbled something under his breath.

“Speak up Shittykawa.”

“Fine! I don’t hate him okay?” Oikawa huffed, crossing his arms over his chest. “He is good at what he does, and he has the potential to be the best,” his voice much softer now. “He has the potential to be better than me.”

Every one of us had a look on our face of both slight shock and sympathetic understanding. Kageyama was definitely a fantastic setter, but so was Oikawa, and I was starting to get the feeling the captain might be being a little to hard on himself.

“Well, I guess you just gotta work harder then,” was Iwaizumi’s simple response.

Oikawa locked narrowed eyes with the ace, seeming to want to find the non-existent challenge in that statement. Not one to back down from a stupid argument, Iwaizumi engaged in the stare-down.

“Or I could keep pissing him off. Way more fun that way,” Oikawa finally said, still not blinking away from the ace.

“Cap is on his way to getting physically abused if he keeps it up,” Makki said quietly to Mattsun and I. Right as the words left his mouth, we watched as Iwaizumi punched Oikawa in the face.

I knew I had grown accustomed to Aoba Johsai’s antics when I immediately thought yup, saw that one coming.

Until I watched Iwaizumi yank Oikawa down by the collar of his jersey and smash their lips together.

Okay, did not see that one coming.

Mattsun wolf-whistled, Makki snickered, and my eyes shot open almost as wide as Oikawa’s. The ace pulled away quick, his cheeks a burning red as he looked away from the captain. Right as he was letting the other boy’s jersey go, Oikawa grabbed his jersey collar and yanked him in for a kiss in return.

This time all three of us chuckled fondly as the two pressed their lips together for a moment, before Oikawa broke contact and pulled the ace in for a hug. They stood there quiet for a second, before the captain said, “Go out with me.” I inwardly groaned at the lack-luster confession, thinking maybe I should have gotten him a ‘How to tell your best friend you love them for dummies’ book.

“You can’t just demand shit like that Crappykawa,” Iwaizumi said, and I could see a slight frown on his face.

“Please. Please go out with me,” Oikawa said again, hooking his chin over the ace’s shoulder and gripping him tight. It did not go unnoticed that Iwaizumi promoted Shittykawa to Crappykawa, and the even more surprising fact that Oikawa said please.

Iwaizumi’s brow furrowed, and I heard him say, “I thought nobody would want to be with an asshole like me,” into Oikawa’s shoulder.

“Fun fact Iwa-chan,” Oikawa said, smiling into the ace’s temple, “I kinda have a thing for assholes.”

This might have been an endearing comment, if Makki and Mattsun hadn’t started sputtering with laughter. I snickered out a laugh myself at their reaction, turning away in a lame attempt at hiding it. It wasn’t three seconds later when I felt a water bottle hitting me between my shoulder blades. I was pretty sure it was meant to shut me up, but it only caused me to cackle louder.

A few moments later, the couple and I were wiping our eyes, and looking fondly at the captain and the ace, who hand now pulled back but were still in fairly close proximity to each other.

“I’m sorry for being too aggressive sometimes,” Iwaizumi mumbled, causing all four of us to snap our heads in shock.

“Did you just apologize?” Mattsun said, somewhat slack-jawed.

“Are you also sorry for punching me in my beautiful face?” Oikawa responded cockily, trying to keep his composure after hearing an unheard of apology. Iwaizumi growled at the taller boy.

“No, you definitely deserved that,” He, Makki, Mattsun, and I all said at the same time, causing Oikawa to pout. It was quickly replaced with a contented smile, and he teased, “at least you kissed it better,” earning him another, softer punch, this time to the arm.

“You need to apologize to Kageyama too. Just because you are feeling threatened by him doesn’t mean you have to be an ass about it,” Iwaizumi huffed, crossing his arms over his chest,

“But Iwa-chan-“

“No buts Oikawa. I’m not saying you need to be his best friend or anything, but at least stop bullying him.”

The captain frowned, but seemed to consider this for a moment before saying, “I’m still gonna crush his spirit during the game.” Iwaizumi rolled his eyes, but there was a hint of fondness in it. “Well duh.”

We all stood in comfortable silence for a moment, before a “yes,” was heard from a grumbling Iwaizumi. Oikawa cocked his head slightly in confusion, but then it hit him that he was agreeing to go out with him, and his whole face lit up to where he was practically glowing.

“Aww Iwa-chan! This is gonna be great! I can tease you all the time and you’ll take it endearingly instead of kicking me-“ Oikawa kept blabbering on, but Iwaizumi had walked back over to our little peanut gallery, muttering, “I think I’m regretting this already.” I laughed, and Mattsun just clapped him on the back.

“Oh c’mon Iwa-chan, it’s gonna be great!” Makki leaned over to look at him, pitching his voice higher to imitate Oikawa.

“I do not sound like that!” the captain whined from behind us in the exact same voice Makki had just used, and we all started to walk back to the gym, continuing to tease the two lovebirds. After getting through the double doors, the four Aoba Johsai players made their way onto the court to practice with the rest of their team. I returned to Karasuno’s bench, smiling to myself and feeling like everything was suddenly right with the world. Things seemed to settle on the court now that the two third years weren't constantly at each others throats.

After another twenty minutes, the ref blew the whistle to call for captains, and not long after the teams took their primary rotation places on the court. I settled into my spot on Karasuno’s side, watching as both teams started off strong. I was just falling into the rhythm of the game’s back and forth when about halfway through the first set I saw Aoba Johsai’s captain take a stutter step going to retrieve a ball to serve. I locked my eyes onto his right leg, waiting to see if it would happen again, trying to calculate if it was his knee or just a one-off thing. When he seemed to be walking fine back up to serve, I relaxed my shoulders a bit, releasing the strong grip on the bench that I hadn’t even realized I’d had.

My lack of grip didn’t last for long as two things happened at the same time:

Oikawa scored a service ace.

Oikawa placed four fingers over his white kneepad.

I sucked in a quick breath at the signal, pushing down the instant uneasiness that had washed over me and reminded myself I need to be discreet. My composure regained, I casually walked over to the Aoba Johsai bench and leaned in to tell the coach to call for a time-out at the next available point if he could please. Without looking up at me, he nodded; the coaches and I had already agreed ahead of time that if I needed a time-out for a medical reason I could just ask. After the next point, the coach stood and signaled to the referee. Both teams started to make their way off the court, and I was standing with tape and ice at the ready.

Oikawa wouldn’t meet my eyes as he started to limp slightly off the court. Iwaizumi hadn’t seen him struggling yet; I was pretty sure the ace saw me before the captain. He turned back to look at Oikawa just as the taller boy pitched forward as his knee gave out. Thankfully Iwaizumi had been fairly close to begin and was able to catch one of his arms, keeping him from making matters worse and smacking his knee into the floor as well. I felt all three of us wince as Oikawa tried to stand immediately, only to have his leg betray him again as Iwaizumi had to rebrace himself to hold the captain up.

I had reached them by this point and slid under Oikawa’s other arm to help him hobble over to the bench. Iwaizumi and I mumbled a couple of ‘take it easys’ and ‘we got yous’, both of us pained at the sight of the captain’s eyes squeezing shut and jaw clenching. As I looked up to see how far away it was, I instead saw that the entirety of the gym was watching us practically carry Oikawa off the court.

Well, so much for being discreet.

Chapter Text

“I’m fine Iwaizumi, seriously,” Oikawa hissed out through gritted teeth as I sat in front of him and continued to gently massage the pain relief gel into his knee.

I glanced up at the ace, who momentarily looked like he’d been gut-punched before returning to a very familiar scowl, though there was not its usual hardness behind it.

“Don’t lie to me Shittykawa,” he said, but before the captain could protest, Iwaizumi continued, “you didn’t call me Iwa-chan.” Oikawa closed his mouth into a thin line, not bothering to argue when he knew the other boy was right.

“How long was it this bad?” I asked, trying to be gentle as I rubbed the muscle under his kneecap. When I didn’t get an answer, I looked up.


The captain wouldn’t meet my gaze; he just stared down at the ground between his legs. I wanted to be mad, I wanted to scold him and tell him how stupid he was being. But I couldn’t. Not when I saw a hint of defeat in his facial features, showing how this was threatening to break him. So I made a decision, one that I normally would be vehemently against.

I removed my hand from his injured knee and held it up towards Iwaizumi. He raised his eyebrow in confusion, but I just motioned again for his hand. He tentatively gave it to me, and I guided his down to where mine had just left the spot on Oikawa’s knee, tugging Iwaizumi down to my level and essentially switching places with him. Without saying a word, I directed his index finger and thumb to where I had just been working the muscle, and started having him apply pressure in small circles there. He seemed unsure at first when Oikawa winced at the initial touch, but grew more confident as the captain relaxed a bit.

Now, as an athletic trainer, usually you’re the one supposed to be doing the fixing. But there was no way I, a relatively new face and a non-Aoba Johsai native, was going to be able to pull Oikawa’s spirit back from where it was now. Sure, I could probably pep talk him enough to where he was able to play, but that would pale in comparison to encouragement from your best friend turned boyfriend.

There were multiple conversations going on around the three of us, but Oikawa and Iwaizumi were locked in one of their own, voices low so that I couldn’t hear. They each were staring at the other with a look of fierce determination, Iwaizumi’s fingers still rubbing circles into the captain’s knee. Finally, they broke the look when both of them smiled like they knew something we all didn’t. I almost shivered from how intense it was, and did actually jump a little when they both turned their heads quickly towards me. I just looked between the two of them before sighing and saying, “give me another minute to re-wrap your knee and then you can go back out there.”

Right as the words left my mouth, the referee blew the whistle to signal for the game to start back up. I leaned back to tell the coach that Oikawa would need a substitution for the time being. Yahaba stepped up to the sidelines to switch in, the ref allowing it as a medical excuse.

“… and you will do what Kiya tells you to do, okay Shittykawa?” I caught the tail-end of what seemed to be a slight lecture from Iwaizumi, who was standing up to get ready to go back on the court.

“What are you Iwa-chan, my mother?” Oikawa said, attempting a smirk up at the ace, who now looked like he was going to murder the captain. I laughed through my nose, shaking my head at the semi-normalcy that they were returning too.

“Okay okay, I’ll listen to Kiya!” Oikawa yipped at the look Iwaizumi was shooting him with. The shorter male then turned to me and said, “just let me know if you need me and I’ll come over.”

“You will do no such thing! Who is gonna keep Makki and Mattsun from getting handsy on the court if you aren’t out there?” Oikawa scoffed, looking indignant before grimacing slightly again at the movement.

“You and I both know that those two will be handsy regardless of us being on the court or not Oikawa,” Iwaizumi turned the corners of his mouth up, before walking back to his position. The ref blew the whistle for the server, and the game was on.

“Alright, lay it on me. Give me your worst,” Oikawa told me as soon as the ball went into play, but he was staring down at the floor. I sighed, running a hand through my braid that was now completely falling apart.

“Thank you. For signaling to me,” was all I said.

This got the captain to raise his head, and eyebrow raised, as if to say ‘that’s it?’

Before he could say anything, I continued, “I am upset that you didn’t say something to me sooner. But you asking for help late is better than not asking at all in my book.” I smiled softly, before hardening my face a bit and saying, “but try that shit again and your ass is on the bench for good.”

Oikawa rolled his eyes, but when I crossed my arms over my chest and intensified my gaze, he cleared his throat and nodded his head. I mirrored the action, satisfied that my words had made it through his thick skull, and if they hadn’t then he would just learn the hard way.

I reached into my bag to grab the athletic wrap and went to work on Oikawa’s knee, trying my best to keep the pressure on it in the right spots. After a series of hisses and grumbles in response to my actions, the captain finally was able to test out putting weight on his hopefully stabilized knee. I stood to his side, ready to catch him if it buckled again, but he was able to stay standing, even jumping a few times with what seemed to be minimal pain.

Conveniently, the first set ended right as I was telling Oikawa he should be okay to go back in as long as he promised me he would tell me as soon as it got too bad again and that he wouldn’t overdo it. Satisfied with the nod and returned promise, I finally looked up at the scoreboard, frowning when I saw that Karasuno had lost the set, until I realized my brother was on the court, and was starting in the second set too as the boys returned to their places.

I smiled so wide at how my brother was able to command the court, seeming to ease the tension that had built a bit. My smile turned into a smirk when after a few points, I heard Oikawa grumble, “seems Kiya got her palate cleansing abilities from Mr. Refreshing over there.” I had to hold in a snicker when Iwaizumi cuffed him on the back of the head with an, “Oi, what are you on about? Pay attention to the game.”

The amount of anxiety that I felt between trying to keep an eye on Oikawa’s knee and watching the game itself was on another level. The second set had ended with the score being incredibly close, but Karasuno took it in the end. Now, we were in the third set, and I was practically biting the first joint of my finger off as I watch the two teams battle it out. It was somewhat weird, because I didn’t really want either team to lose, but there always has to be a winner and a loser in volleyball. I knew, however, that I would take it harder if Karasuno was the team to fall in the end.

Both teams had started to get a feel for each other, with Daichi and Nishinoya getting better at receiving Oikawa’s insane serves, and Aoba Johsai’s blockers getting better at reading the crazy eyes-closed quick from Hinata and Kageyama. It was intense, and the sidelines watched with baited breath as the score rose over 30 points.

The tipping point happened on one of Oikawa’s serves; Karasuno had the point advantage for the last bit of the game, but was overtaken shortly after they passed the 30 point mark. Both teams were desperately trying to keep the ball off the ground on their side of the court, and every rally felt like it was getting longer and longer. I picked at my nails worryingly as I noted that Aoba Johsai was at set point, then watched as Daichi received the ball, a bit off, but Kageyama still managed to get under it somehow and Hinata was already running to the net and jumping as Kageyama sent the ball sailing at him with downright flawless aim and holy shit that looked perfect there was no way that god-like quick could be-


The ball landed on the ground behind Hinata; Nishinoya and Daichi having lunged for it in the last ditch attempt to put the ball back up after it had been blocked. There was a moment of suspended animation, where all that could be heard were the quiet pants from both teams players.

It was broken as Aoba Johsai’s sideline roared in victory, followed quickly by the school’s team itself.

“Fuck,” I breathed out shakily, running my hand through my hair, my eyes finding their way to the captain. Daichi was still panting, hands on his knees, and I watched as he squeezed his eyes shut hard before opening them again and straightening up, slipping into captain mode.

“Alright guys, line up, time to say,” he exhaled heavily again, “thank you for the game.”

Chapter Text

Saying goodbye to Aoba Johsai was hard, to say the least.

“And we are going to grace you with our presence every day via text message,” Oikawa said, giving me another hug.

“I think you mean you are going to pester her every day,” Iwaizumi corrected, stepping up and squeezing my shoulders while shooting a raised eyebrow over my head at the captain. Oikawa stuck his tongue out in response.

“Don’t worry, we will be sure to send you photos everyday to keep you updated on current events,” Mattsun said, taking Iwaizumi’s place.

“Only two of them will be NSFW,” Makki added, wrapping his arms around both of us. I laughed, squeezing them back. Oikawa grimaced and shivered dramatically, most likely at the mention of Makki sending memes to the group.

“I’m looking forward to it,” I said smiling for another moment, before it slipped when I saw the long faces of my team across the gym. The mood turned a bit somber between the five of us when the four winners caught on, but I quickly plastered the smile back on my face.

“You guys don’t have to pity me. You won fair and square, and just because I’m a little heartbroken doesn’t mean I’m not incredibly proud of you all,” I said, gaining me a wide smile from each of them. “You have been so much fun to work with, and I’m so grateful that I got to be apart of your team, even if it was only for a short time.”

“It’s funny that you think you can just get rid of us that easily,” Iwaizumi said, catching me off guard; I might have expected something like that out of Oikawa’s mouth, but not the ace’s. I smiled genuinely as Oikawa wrapped himself around me for the third time in agreement with his boyfriend.

“Kiya! Time to go!” Coach Ukai called from the door to the gym where the rest of the team was huddled. I detangled myself from Oikawa’s gangly limbs, smiling softly again at each of them.

“Till next time?” I asked, raising my fist out.

“Till next time,” each of them said, bumping my fist in tandem.


“I don’t think I’m gonna stay on the team guys.”

That clearly was not what my brother wanted to hear, considering he karate-chopped Daichi in the gut immediately following that announcement.

“Like hell you aren’t gonna stay on the team,” Koushi said, glaring at the captain as if debating whether he was gonna punch him again. “If we have to put up with the first years then you do too.”

Daichi groaned, still keeled over from the assault. Asahi was quiet, but was looking at the captain with as much disappoint as the man could muster.

Yesterday’s loss to Aoba Johsai was not taken well, as to be expected. We had all gone out for dinner after the game. The food was saltier then usual, considering the team had cried into it the whole time. I was crying too; it's a mirror reaction I have whenever I see any of them upset. I did manage to smile a bit though at the sight of Daichi grabbing my brother’s wrist under the table to try to comfort him. There hadn’t been many words passed between the team the entire afternoon, and my brother and I hadn’t talked much back at home either, instead opting to turn on some shitty rom-com to try to distract us.

Now it was Sunday, and the four of us third-years were gathered in the park, discussing whether we were gonna stay on for the Inter-high tournament coming up. Well, save Kiyoko, who had already decided she was going to in order to help Yachi get used to the position of team manager. And it was less of a discussion and more of an argument between the captain and vice-captain.

“Why on earth do you think we would let you get away with something like this?” My brother scolded, hands on his hips, fully looking the part of upset mother.

“I think they’ll be better off without me Suga,” Daichi said somewhat dejectedly, hands stuffed in his pockets and refusing to meet my brother’s gaze. "I think it's better they get used to me not being around sooner rather than later."

Koushi looked like it was him now that had been gut-punched. His expression quickly morphed into one of serious anger, a look that usually only graced his face when the boys were being dumbasses on the court. I backed up a bit, and almost found it in me to laugh when I saw Asahi pale and do the same.

“Sawamura Daichi, you are many things, but you are not a coward,” Koushi declared after a moment, his voice harsh and his demeanor seething.

Daichi lifted his head to face him, his mouth slightly agape. “Suga I-“

“Or at least that’s what I thought. Clearly, I was wrong,” my brother cut in, looking at the captain as if he was both daring him to not hold eye contact and as if he were about to deck him. We had all stopped walking, and as the argument got more heated, Asahi and I started sharing more than a few concerned glances.

Suddenly, my brother lost the staredown he himself had initiated with Daichi and spun on his heel, storming off back in the direction of our house.

“Suga wait!”

“Oi what the fuck?!” Daichi and I yelled at the same time, but he didn’t stop. Daichi started to run after him, but I grabbed his arm and shook my head at him.

“Asahi, could you-“

“On it,” he said, not needing me to finish my question before turning and going to catch up to my brother.

Sighing, I turned back to face Daichi, who was currently still looking longingly after Koushi, as if it was taking every cell in his body not to go after him.

“He’ll be fine,” I said, which only gained me a slight glance before looking at the receding figures. “Asahi’s got him.”

That seemed to snap him out of whatever thought process was going through his head. He let out a loud sigh and ran his hand through his hair before looking at me.

“I didn’t mean to upset him, I just thought that now seemed like a good time to step down,” Daichi said nervously, as if I were about to snap at him too. He jumped at bit when I laughed instead, then sent me a mixed look of both confusion and slight annoyance.

“Did you ever consider the idea that maybe Koushi isn’t upset about you leaving the team, but about you leaving him?”

Daichi’s eyes shot wide as his brows furrowed in confusion. “What? I’m not leaving him.”

I wanted to laugh again, but instead just sighed. “I know that. But to him it feels like you are.”

My brother hadn’t talked to Daichi about the drunk makeout session a couple weeks ago, and my time with Seijoh was now done. Which meant I had free reign to smack some sense into the other half of the bumbling idiot duo.

“But why would he think-“

“Do you remember kissing my brother while you were shitfaced?” I cut him off again. I had planned to ease into that one, but I guess we were going with extremely blunt now.

The captain’s faced turned redder than a tomato at lightning speed, which gave me a nonverbal answer to my question.

“Which time?”

When I say that was not the response I was expecting, I mean that it immediately showed on my face as I stood frozen, staring at Daichi with the most incredulous look.

Which time?” I squeaked, a little annoyed with my voice for betraying me, but also too stunned to care that much.

If possible, Daichi’s face reddened further, and by the way he was now floundering his mouth like a fish, I don’t think he meant to say it.

“W-wait, how do you even know about that? Did Suga tell you?” Daichi finally managed to sputter out.

“No, I saw you two with your tongues down each others throats via video call at the party two Friday’s ago!” I raised my voice subconsciously at the end. “What the fuck do you mean which time?!”

“Well, uh, Suga and I may or may not have gotten drunk playing card games this last Friday night and uh may or may not have also kissed then… wait, you were spying on us?!” Daichi went from incredibly uncomfortable to annoyed a little to quick for my taste.

“Asahi was the one who called me!” Okay so maybe I shouldn’t have immediately thrown him under the bus, but angry Daichi is scary Daichi and I didn’t want to have to face that wrath alone. Before he could get to into that, I butted in. “Anyway, that’s not important! What’s important is the fact that you remember it!” I exclaimed.

“Well ya I remember it, but I’m almost certain Suga doesn’t. He hasn’t said anything to me about it since,” Daichi said, attempting to compose himself but still coming off a little too flustered.

I let out the loudest groan ever and looked up to the sky, as if some bird up there or something would put me out of the misery that was this stupidity. Lowering my head back to face Daichi, I rubbed my hands up and down my face, sighing heavily.

“He remembers, Daichi,” I finally said, exasperated beyond belief. “He is just to dumb to talk to you about it. Clearly, that's something you two have in common.”

Daichi blinked at me, as if he heard what I said but didn’t understand. If I wasn’t so frustrated I probably would have laughed as I watched the wheels turn in his head.

The moment it clicked in his brain was apparent, as his blinking sped up and his eyebrows raised their way practically to his hairline.

“He remembers it?” the captain said, so quietly I almost missed it.

“Yes, dumbass, he remembers it. Well, I don’t know about the second time, but he definitely remembers the first,” I said, folding my arms across my chest.

I would have loved to have known what was going through that man’s head, but unfortunately I wasn’t a clairvoyant.

“Earth to Daichi?” I said after a moment of silence to remind him that I could not, in fact, read his mind, and waved my hand in front of his face.

“Sorry, I just, uh, I don’t really…” he trailed off intelligently, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. “Why didn't he say anything to me about it?”

I couldn’t tell if he was asking himself this question or if I was meant to answer, but I did anyway. “For the same reason you didn’t talk to him about it. You’re both scared.” The captain winced a bit, confirming to me that I had hit the nail on the head.

“And wimpy dum-dums. Don’t forget the wimpy dum-dums part,” I added, cocking a hip slightly and blowing a strand of hair out of my face nonchalantly.

Daichi scowled at me for that one. “Okay, I get it, we’re idiots and need to figure out how to talk to each other.” He ran a hand through his hair again.  “What am I gonna do?”

The sheer amount of willpower it took for me to not slap this moron was honestly impressive.

“Do I need to reiterate the wimpy dum-dum aspect?” I asked, giving him an are-you-fucking-kidding-me face.

“Oh shut up,” he muttered around his frown. There was another long period of silence after that, but this time I let Daichi figure his thoughts out.

“I think… I’m going to let Suga come to me on his own,” he finally said with a slight list of uncertainty in his voice.

Not gonna lie, my first thought was to actually smack the dude. I’m sure it showed on my face, based of the fact that Daichi paled a bit when he saw how I was looking at him in such disbelief. But then I thought about it for a second and softened.

“I cannot believe I’m saying this…” I started, running my hands through my own hair now. “… but that’s actually not the worst idea you’ve ever had.” He started to regain composure, but I quickly added, “That’s not to say it’s a good one. If it were me I would just go confess right now. But it’s not me, and I can appreciate your tactical approach. Kinda.”

Daichi huffed out a laugh. “Well thanks. Kinda.”

I smiled at him, then shoved my hands in my pockets. “Alright come on. Let’s go catch up to those losers,” I said, turning back the way we came.

“I think you mean let’s go save Asahi from Suga,” Daichi mused, causing me to snort out a laugh. I grew solemn again though, staring down at my feet as we walked back towards the house.

“So, are you staying?” I asked, quieter than I had intended.

Daichi looked over at me, and I met his eyes cautiously. Then he just smiled this brilliant grin and said, “I don’t know how I thought I could ever leave.” I beamed right back at him.

Honestly, I’m not sure you could’ve.

Chapter Text

I stepped onto the quiet campus, pleased with the fact that I was starting to get used to this whole show-up-to-random-schools-at-0-dark-thirty thing. Smiling softly, I rolled my shoulders back as I made my way to the gym.


Well, at least I didn’t have to worry about being in the right place or not.

I jumped so bad at the booming yell I almost spilled my scalding hot coffee all over myself. Breathing a slight sigh of relief at the averted crisis, I made my way up the steps and into the gym, where I was unsurprisingly met with the sight of a black-and-white haired male spiking the ball into the floor as if it had personally offended him. He immediately starting pumping his fists in the air like he had just gotten gold in the Olympics, then turned to the setter who had just set up the attack.

“Did you see that Aghaashi? Did you see my totally awesome spike? Huh? Didya?” Bokuto asked, practically vibrating with excitement.

“Yes Bokuto-san. It was great,” Akaashi deadpanned in response, not even sparing the captain a glance as he went to prepare the next set for the spiking drill they were running.

I chuckled, then scanned the court quickly for the coach. When I found him, I dropped my bag by the wall before heading over.


The next thing I knew, I was on flat on my back. I exhaled sharply as the wind was knocked out of me by being sandwiched between the floor and the weight on my chest.

Wait, weight on my chest?

I opened my eyes, blinking up at the boy on top of me, his face an inch from mine. If either of us moved our heads, we would be practically kissing.

His gaze finally seemed to focus on me, both our eyes widening in shock, but our bodies frozen in the awkward position. I was hyperaware of his breath on my face, and how he looked kinda cute with his dirty blonde hair hanging in front of his golden-brown eyes. His alarmed expression had seemed to dampen a bit, and while my face may have been returning to normal, my heart was about to force its way out of my chest. I noticed the beads of sweat on his face from running around, and let my eyes wander down across his soft cheekbones and prominent jawline, momentarily taking note of his lips before landing back on his eyes, which were analyzing my face as well. I realized I was totally having one of those god-awful cheesy moments that happen in movies. You know, the one usually followed by the protagonist thinking some stupid shit like ‘he’s so cute’ or ‘love at first sight'. Good thing I wasn't in a movie.

Wait what the hell am I doing?

“Hell ya Konoha, get it!”

“Damn you really went for it there huh?”

“Get a room you two!”

The whistles and catcalls from the team seemed to snap us both back into reality at the same moment, my face turning the darkest shade of red possible for a human being. Before I could move though, I watched as his face mirrored mine, and he quickly scrambled up off of me, a flurry of apologies following.

“Oh my god I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to run into you, I didn’t even see you… oh jeez I’m sorry…” The apologies were accompanied by a number of hurried bows after he had stood up.

An amused smile played across my lips as I watched the flustered boy in front of me, but in all reality I was trying as hard as I could to keep my own nervousness off my face. Based off the heat I was feeling on my cheeks, I probably wasn’t doing a great job.

“It’s okay, really, I’m totally fine… it seems like my coffee got the worst of it," I said, looking sadly over at the now spilled coffee. "But, uh, maybe you could give me a hand?” I said, outstretching my arm. This just seemed to embarrass the poor boy more, as he hurriedly reached down to help me up.

“Konoha what the hell are you doing? Watch where you're going!” Fukurodani’s coach snapped at him as he pulled me onto my feet. Konoha turned to face the older gentleman, continuing to mumble apologies.

“Are you alright?” I heard a voice from in front of me saying as I was brushing myself off. I straightened, smiling at the gorgeous boy standing in front of me. He was tall, with raven black hair and stunning blue eyes, which were giving me a look that was a cross between worry and curiosity.

Ah, here’s Bokuto’s better half.

I quickly reminded myself that Akaashi had not seen me at the party and therefore did not know me outside of our text conversation with the rooster-head a while back. Smiling at the setter, I nodded.

“Akaashi, right? We texted a while back about Kuroo and Kenma’s relationship. Or lack thereof at that point, I guess.”

Akaashi nodded. “Yes, we did. It is a pleasure to meet you in person Sugawara-san,” he said, bowing slightly. My brain momentarily short-circuited for the second time that morning at the use of both my family name and the honorific.

“Please, call me Kiya. Sugawara is usually in reference to my brother and the honorific is incredibly unnecessary,” I finally managed to splutter out.

Akaashi seemed to contemplate this for a moment before responding, “Okay Kiya-san.” My eyebrows furrowed, but before I could protest Bokuto came running up behind the setter. He overshot his trajectory though, running straight into Akaashi, who let out a slight ‘oof’ as he stumbled forward a bit.

“Whoops, sorry ‘Kaashi!” the captain said, smiling sheepishly and rubbing the back of his neck before quickly brightening up. “Hey hey hey Kiya! Nice to finally meet you! And sorry about ‘Kaashi here, he’s gonna use the -san no matter what you say.” Bokuto said, shooting a very pointed look at the setter.

“Please do not apologize on my behalf, Bokuto-san,” Akaashi said, glaring slightly back at his older teammate.

“But Aghaashi, it’s true! You are so formal all the time, you gotta let loose a little!” Bokuto exclaimed, then grabbed Akaashi’s arms and started to wave them around like noodles, much to the setter’s dismay.

“Bokuto-san, let me go-“ Akaashi started to struggle, but Bokuto just grinned wider and started flailing the younger boys arms more dramatically.

I laughed at the two players. “You guys are really cute together.”

Bokuto stopped mid-wave, leaving Akaashi’s arms dangling in the air for a moment before the setter snatched them out of his grip. Both of them were looking at me like I had grown a third-head, which was definitely not the reaction I was expecting.

My eyes widened when I realized what was going on.

“Wait a minute, you guys aren’t-“ before I could finish my exclamation, a hand clamped itself over my mouth from behind me and an arm snaked around my torso, before yanking me backwards. My eyebrows scrunched together in confusion and annoyance, but before I could protest, my aggressor was speaking.

“Sorry guys, I’m gonna need to borrow her for a minute. I’m sure I’ve injured something,” Konoha’s voice came from behind my head, and a stupid blush crossed my cheeks again when I realized who it was touching both my mouth and my waist. He was very obviously lying, and Akaashi knew it based on the extremely disapproving glare he shot at the boy behind me.

“Oh shit, you okay Konoha?” Bokuto, on the other hand was totally oblivious.

“Uh, ya, captain, just need the athletic trainer here to check me out real quick,” Konoha coughed suspiciously over his shoulder, not removing his hands from my mouth or waist as he kept dragging me in the direction of the bleachers.

“Are you sure it’s not you that wants to check her out Konoha?” a shorter boy with brown hair teased from behind Bokuto, craning his neck to give us the most shit-eating grin. I heard the blonde-haired boy grunt in annoyance behind me, and could picture the scowl he was sending the other boy’s way. “Fuck off Komi,” he snapped back.

I squirmed once we got close enough to the benches, but when he didn’t let go I stuck my tongue out and licked the palm of his hand, He retracted his hands quickly with a surprised, “hey!” He then had the audacity to wipe it on my sleeve, which earned him a solid smack to the back of his hand.

“You got cocky quick for someone who just made a complete fool of himself,” I said, causing him to blush slightly and smile sheepishly.

“Ya that may not have been the best way to introduce myself. Konoha Akinori,” he said, bowing his head a bit, “at your service.”

Okay keep your mind out of the gutter Kiya. He did not mean it like that.

I smirked. “At my service huh? Maybe we could start by explaining why you just kidnapped me,” gesturing over at the team, who was now mulling around together.

Konoha frowned at me. “I mean, we could start with your name.”

“Sugawara Kiya, but you can call me Kiya. And hey, how did you know I was the athletic trainer?” I asked.

“Coach said something to us this morning about an intern trainer that was gonna be working with us for the next few weeks. Also, your bag says medical staff on the side.” He said with an annoying grin.

Now it was my turn to blush, frowning over at the traitorous bag of mine. “Okay whatever. Why was it necessary to literally drag me away from the group?”

Konoha dropped his smirk with a sigh, running his hand through his hair. “Clearly you noticed that Akaashi and Bokuto are stupidly in love with each other, and have been since they laid eyes on each other last year,” he said, looking over at the two. Bokuto was currently smacking Akaashi on the back so hard he was tilting forward, but the setter seemed to be used to it based on the lack of reaction he gave.

“Clearly,” I deadpanned.

Konoha frowned. “Anyway, everyone knows it but them. It’s kind’ve an unspoken rule that we just don’t bring it up. Unless it’s in the form of a off-handed joke or comment. Then you are free to tease them to your heart’s content.”

“You’re telling me that the whole team knows that they like each other, but neither of them have made any kind of move for over a year?” As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I realized that I was stupid, and that it seemed to be the norm for boys high school volleyball players to pine after each other from a distance.

Konoha laughed. “Ya, pretty much.” There was suddenly a bit of an awkward silence that descended between us, before Konoha cleared his throat.

“Uh, sorry again for knocking you over and spilling your coffee” he apologized, his nervous smile from before reappearing. “Oh, speaking of coffee,” he turned around, grabbing my coffee cup from where it had been moved to the bench, “I figured you’d want this back.” I took the now empty thermos from him and tried to smile reassuringly back.

“No worries, really. I was almost done anyway.” That was absolutely not true, but I really didn’t want him to feel bad. He smiled genuinely at that comfort, seeming to return to a more relaxed demeanor.

“Right, well, let me know if there is anything I can do to make it up to you,” he said, this time with a much more natural grin.

Oh, I can think of a few things.

I immediately felt my face heat up at that thought, my grip tightening around the cup as I tried to will myself to chill the fuck out.

“Will do. I mean, uh, thank you,” I replied intelligently. He gave me an amused grin in response that I almost missed while I was internally cursing myself.

“Konoha! She clear you yet?” Bokuto suddenly yelled from the court.

Konoha glanced at me, as if silently asking for approval.

“You aren’t actually injured, you know that right?” I said, causing the blonde-haired boy to grin.

“She says I’m good!” Konoha called back over his shoulder. I rolled my eyes.

“First time you’re hearing that from a girl, huh Konoha?” A darker-haired male said in a monotone voice, causing Komi to snicker.

“What the fuck Washio?” Konoha shouted back, pouting slightly. He turned to send me a very offended look when he heard the giggle that escaped my mouth.

“Something funny there trainer-lady?” He frowned at me, which only caused me to giggle harder.

“Nope, nothing funny here,” I said in between laughs. I was surprised when I looked up to meet his gaze to see that he was actually smiling the tiniest bit. It disappeared quickly though when he realized I was looking at him.

“Well I gotta get back out there, so I’ll leave you here to laugh to yourself like a crazy person,” he said with a smirk. I just stuck my tongue out at him.

“Konoha-san, please come back over here. We need to get started on the next drill,” Akaashi called out from the net.

“On my way!” He yelled back, jogging backwards momentarily to flash me a peace sign before turning around. I flipped him off when he wasn’t looking, but quickly put my hands behind my back and smiled innocently when he turned back around in response to Washio and Komi laughing. He raised an eyebrow, but then looked away when Bokuto yelled out for a spike to be sent his way. I also realized I should probably find the coach again, but spared one last glance at the court before making my way over to where the team officials were standing.

I have a feeling this one is gonna be a doozy.

Chapter Text


“THUNDAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR!” I shouted, throwing myself into a diving receive turned barrel roll and trying to do my best Noya impression.

As I came to a halt, crouched on the balls of my feet, I looked up into the face of a very excited Bokuto, and a very displeased Akaashi.

“That is AWESOME! I wanna try I wanna try!!!” Bokuto immediately starting jumping up and down in place. Akaashi pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed heavily.

“Bokuto-san, this seems like a bad idea,” Akaashi warned. To be fair, I didn’t necessarily think it was a good idea, but it definitely seemed entertaining.

“But Aghaashi,” Bokuto pouted, “it looks so fun!”

There was a moment of contemplative silence on Akaashi’s part shown by how he fiddled with his fingers as I glanced between the two of them. Finally, the setter’s eyes landed on me.

“Will you at least teach him how to do it properly?” Akaashi asked me.

I beamed at him. “Of course! I am the trainer after all, my job is kinda to prevent injury ya know.”

Akaashi sighed once more at me, before turning to the still bouncing captain. “Fine, Bokuto-san. Please be careful though,” he said, still seeming very unsure.

“WOOHOO!” Bokuto hooted, jumping up and pumping his fist into the air before turning to me. “Let’s do this!”

I laughed, moving to grab a ball. “Sweet! Akaashi, mind spiking them at us?” The setter just shot me a look that was a mix between annoyance and disapproval.

“I’ll take that as a yes. Alright Bokuto, here we go.”

We spent the next 30 minutes rolling around on the floor – well minus Akaashi, who looked like a concerned parent the entire time. Bokuto was much taller and more built than anyone on our team, so there was a bit of an adjustment for that. The rolling part he had down on the first try, it was more the thunder/receive part that was not as easy to master. He figured it out eventually though, practically giving Akaashi whiplash as he shook him vigorously in excitement after a successful attempt.

“AGHAASHI! Did you see that?! That was awesome! Your tosses are the best, even when they aren’t tosses!” I snorted, watching as the setter blushed ever so faintly.

“Thank you, Bokuto-san. Please stop shaking me so harshly though,” he said, his calm voice not matching the energy radiating from the captain. Bokuto immediately brought him to a jarring halt, which didn’t seem to be much better as the setter tried to keep his balance. He brought his hands up to grip Bokuto’s arms so he wouldn’t fall over, which just ended up with both of them suddenly quiet and still; Bokuto’s hands still placed on Akaashi’s shoulders.

I would’ve expected them to seem a little uncomfortable, but other than a faint pink dusting their cheeks, they just seemed to be having a casual conversation with their eyes. As if this wasn’t an uncommon thing. Honestly I think I was starting to grow more awkward then they were; I didn’t really want to interrupt them, but I also didn’t love the fact that I was kinda just standing there during their weirdly intimate moment.

Thankfully Konoha saved me, as he hollered across the gym, “Oi, let’s go! We’re supposed to be meeting at Akaashi’s in a couple hours!” The third-years had a test coming up tomorrow – which just seemed rude to me to have tests on a Friday – and we had all decided we were gonna study at Akaashi’s house since his parents wouldn’t be home. I figured I could probably do some reading up myself, since I still had homework to do for my normal classes.

Apparently this was a normal thing too, and Akaashi always studied with them because, and I quote, “’Kaashi is, like, super duper smart. Like crazy genius smart!” The captain had then gone on a five minute tangent about how intelligent the setter was before being stopped by Konoha telling him to “please stop talking, we get it,” which only launched Bokuto into his ‘emo-mode’. He pouted for the next ten minutes until Akaashi sent a particularly good set his way, accompanied by a “good work, Bokuto-san,” which seemed to erase any gloomy feelings from before. I was truly impressed with Akaashi’s superpower to lift Bokuto’s spirits.

Back to the present, Akaashi and Bokuto practically jumped apart at Konoha’s yell, both of their faces flushing a much brighter red. Akaashi cleared his throat before looking between Bokuto and I.

“Yes, we probably should get going. Kiya-san, are you still alright with coming over now?” Akaashi said, his eyes landing on me.

Akaashi and I had planned out that I would hang with him until the other third-years got there, as I didn’t know where I was going, and it seemed a little counterintuitive to go back to my dorm room.

I nodded. “Yup! Let me just grab my stuff and change, then I’m good to go.”

Akaashi nodded in response, and we made our way over to the bleachers to pack up. After the three of us had quickly changed – mostly due to Konoha’s incessant whining at how slow we were – we all headed out of the gym. We parted ways after a few minutes of walking.

“Alright, see you guys in a bit! Komi, Yamato, and Washio should show up around seven,” Konoha said, smiling and waving, his eyes lingering on me just long enough to cause heat to rise to my face before heading in the direction of his house.

Bokuto grinned wide, following after Konoha since they were headed in the same direction. “See you guys soon!” he yelled even though he was only ten feet away, waving both of his hands at us.

“See you soon!” I waved back.

“Please don’t forget your books this time, Bokuto-san,” Akaashi reminded.

Bokuto pouted. “That was one time ‘Kaashi!” he whined.

“It was four times, Bokuto-san, and every time you have said you wouldn’t forget them the next time,” Akaashi sighed, but there seemed to be a hint of fondness behind it.

“Well I really won’t forget this time!” Bokuto said determinedly, putting his hands on his hips and puffing his chest.

Akaashi and I chuckled. “Alright Bokuto-san, I’ll see you soon then.”

Bokuto beamed back. “See you soon!” He called one last time before turning and realizing Konoha was a ways ahead of him. “Hey hey hey Konoha, wait up!” He complained, running after him.

“He’s totally gonna forget his stuff isn’t he?” I said, watching the receding figures.

“Most certainly,” was all Akaashi said, a small smile on his lips.


“The bathroom is just down the hall if you need. Otherwise, let me grab my things and I’ll meet you back down here,” Akaashi said, before heading up the stairs to where I assumed his room was.

I glanced around the living room before making my way over to the couch and coffee table in the living room. I placed my stuff down and plopped myself on the floor, starting to pull books out of my bag.

Akaashi reentered the room, books in hand, and placed himself much more gracefully on the floor next to me. There were a few moments of silence as both of us settled into the space. I was trying to focus on the sports medicine book in front of me, but kept getting distracted by a question that wouldn’t stop bouncing around in my brain. So I did the most logical thing and asked it – even though I had been explicitly told not to. Apparently following directions was not one of my strong suits.

“So, Bokuto-san huh?” I attempted nonchalance, but based on the frown I earned from the setter I didn’t succeed.

“What about Bokuto-san?” Akaashi asked.

I cleared my throat. “How long have you two been friends?”

Akaashi’s frown softened a bit, but his eyes stayed slightly narrowed as he continued to look at me. “I met Bokuto-san last year when I joined the volleyball team. But I had seen him play when I was still in middle school,” He said, a sudden slight blush appeared on his cheeks, which was extremely interesting. Instead of asking about it, I just raised my eyebrows at him.

Akaashi avoided eye contact with me, pretending to be very interested in the textbook in front of him. “He may or may not be the reason I chose Fukurodani as the high school I would attend.”

My eyebrows shot up, this time in excited surprise instead of question. “Is that so?” my mouth starting to twist into a devilish grin. Akaashi shot me his famous you’re-being-a-little-shit-and-you-know-it look in response. His look did nothing to deter me, however I did reach into my bag to pull out my notebook and a pencil.

“Is this going somewhere, Kiya-san?” Akaashi asked, “because if not, then I think we should get back to studying.

I smiled at him some more, but relented. “Not really. I guess we can go back to studying if we reallllly have too,” I said, dragging out the ‘really’ to imply I was actually going somewhere with my line of questioning. He hummed slightly in agreement, his eyes now glued to the textbook in front of him. Now I wasn’t able to tell if he was really studying or not though.

I clicked my pencil in an manner of pretending to get ready to take notes and to try to get his attention. Unfortunately, this backfired when the lead broke off the tip. Grumbling now, I rummaged around in my bag for my extra pencil, but I managed to produce both the writing and the eye-lining kind. As I went to put the eyeliner back, I stopped suddenly, before looking up into Akaashi’s eyes and grinning. He turned slightly at my intense stare, his eyebrows knitting together at my mischievous look.

“Kiya-san, you have the same look on your face that Kuroo gets when he is going to do something that involves him and Bokuto-san getting into trouble.”

I guffawed, both amused and annoyed at the comparison. “I just had a thought, that’s all. And no honorific for rooster-head huh?”

“He doesn’t deserve an honorific,” Akaashi stated, very matter-of-fact, causing me to snicker. “What was your idea?”

I grinned devilishly. “I wanna see what you look like with eyeliner on.”

Akaashi quirked a brow momentarily, before letting his stoic face fall back into place. “Alright.”

Well that had been easier than I thought it would be.

 I’m sure that showed on my face, considering the corner of the setter’s mouth ticked up.

“Uh, okay sweet!” I tried to shake off my surprise as I moved closer to him. “Can you sit up on the couch?” he nodded and moved to sit on the edge of the couch, as I moved our books aside and sat on the coffee table.

“Alright, lean forward a bit,” I said, uncapping the eyeliner. He did as he was asked and at the same time closed his eyes. I brought the pencil up to his eyelid with a warning “alright here we go,” before applying the dark color right above his eyelashes – which were unfairly long might I add.

I managed not to fuck up the left eye, and once I was satisfied with my work I started on the right. I had to stick my tongue out in concentration a bit on that side however, and my too-much gene kicked in a bit when I started to fuss about making it exactly the same as the other side. Akaashi chuckled at my huffs of annoyance. “Kiya-san, I’m sure it’s fine,” he said, clearly amused after I had spent an extra five minutes grumbling about it. Frowning, I pulled back to observe my work. Before I could go back in on the left eye though, Akaashi opened them and I froze, hand in midair with the pencil directed at him.

Bokuto is absolutely going to die when he sees this.

Akaashi’s steel-blue eyes looked incredibly pronounced with the line of black over the top. I was about to tell him this, but I paused a bit to long, because a sudden look of slight insecurity came over his face.

“Does it not look good?” He asked tentatively. I shook my head wildly.

“No no, it looks fucking amazing,” I said, smiling wide. He started to dawn a small smile too, until his eyes focused on something behind me.

“What looks fucking ama-“ Bokuto’s loud voice suddenly died in his throat when he caught sight of the setter, who was now looking up at the owl-ish boy in slight bemusement. Probably since Bokuto just barged into his house with no prior warning, and was now standing there with his eyes as wide as saucers.

“Hello, Bokuto-san,” Akaashi said with all his normal grace and poise.

“A-akaashi,” Bokuto responded, with absolutely no grace or poise.

“Hey guys, what’s good!” Konoha said, coming up behind Bokuto and side-stepping him to get around. My stomach definitely did not do a flip when he shot me a lopsided grin. “Oh shit, nice look Akaashi!” He said when he saw the setter.

“Looking good Akaashi!” Komi’s voice echoed Konoha’s as he also stepped into view, as well as Yamato and Washio, who just nodded in agreement.

The younger boy’s face was now lit a bright red, but his eyes were still looking at Bokuto with slight question in them.

“Are you alright Bokuto-san?” Akaashi asked calmly, which was somewhat contradictory to the blush on his cheeks.

“Ya Bokuto, you good there bud?” Konoha snickered, causing Komi and I to have to hid our own giggles behind our hands. The other two third-years looked incredibly amused as well.

Bokuto cleared his throat, finally managing to close his slightly open mouth. “Uh, ya. Doing great,” he responded dumbly, not really sounding like he was totally there. “You look really pretty, ‘Kaashi.”

His soft voice was so genuine it suddenly seemed like the three of us were intruding on an incredibly intimate moment, which was only made worse by Akaashi’s even softer, “Thank you, Bokuto-san.” And here I had thought it would have been impossible for the boys’ cheeks to darken any further.

Finally, Komi cleared his throat. “So uh, maybe we could you know, actually study now?” he prompted, moving to sit on the floor across the coffee table from us. I got up to move so that Bokuto could squish his way in between Akaashi and I, to which I got a grateful smile from the captain.

“Never thought I’d hear you say you actually wanted to study Komi,” Washio teased the shorter boy, who just huffed in response. Yamato smiled as he moved around the two and sat down.

“I’ll have you know, I am a great student,” Komi said as Washio settled in next to him.

“Mm-hmm. Sure you are,” The taller boy said, earning him a frown from the libero.

They continued to bicker, but I was suddenly distracted by Konoha seating himself on the floor next to me on my right. I was even more distracted when he leaned in towards me.

“Whose idea was that?” Konoha asked me quietly. I furrowed my brows slightly in confusion, trying to keep my heartbeat at a normal pace with his proximity.

“What idea?” I managed to respond just as quietly without too much of a catch in my voice.

He gestured slightly over at Akaashi. “The eyeliner,” he clarified.

“Oh, mine,” I said, grinning proudly at him. I had to stop myself from turning my head too far or I was gonna smack my nose against his and boy would that be embarrassing.

He returned my smile and bumped my shoulder with his. “Well, it was a good one. Bokuto looks like he is about ready to explode.”

He isn’t the only one.

I tried really hard to keep the blush of my face at both the contact and the compliment, but failed spectacularly. Thankfully, Konoha was too distracted by looking fondly over at the captain and the setter, which caused a smile to appear on my lips as well.

“Bokuto-san, where is your textbook for statistics?” Akaashi asked, peering around Bokuto to see if he had it at his side.

The captain suddenly also looked around himself wildly, before scrunching his shoulders in and smiling sheepishly at the setter.


The room was filled with the sound of laughter, save Akaashi who just sighed fondly at Bokuto. The older boy smiled at the younger, his eyes showing that he was still a bit awestruck at Akaashi’s new look.

A good idea indeed.