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Size Matters (Not)

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I don’t get it. Venom sounds – what? Confused? Perturbed? Mildly annoyed? Not mad, anyway, or Eddie doesn’t think so.

“What.” It’s a question that’s not a question. He’s sprawled on his back in bed on top of the messed-up covers, craning his neck as he glances from his hand on his only approaching semi-hard dick over to the guy’s far larger cock bobbing about on the laptop screen partway through whatever porn he threw on earlier for something to stare at, trying not to compare. “No, wait. Whatever you’re going to say, don’t say it.”

You feel shame. Of course Venom goes and says it anyway. You look at other cocks and compare them to yours, and you feel ashamed.

Welp, there goes Eddie’s hope of actually getting hard.

“Ugh. Did you have to?”


Ugh. You totally didn’t and you know it. You’re the worst.” Sighing, Eddie lets go of his cock, dragging his hand down over his face. Maybe shouldn’t have used the same hand. Oh well, too late now. Flailing his other hand out to turn the porn off by means of slapping the laptop shut, he hitches his ass up off the mattress next to give it a scratch.

“Where’s the ‘we’ in that, buddy?” He doesn’t know why he says this. Deflection, defensiveness – yeah, whatever. More like pettiness, perhaps. Venom’s always on about them being ‘one’. So where’s that when it comes to Eddie’s dick, huh?

Actually he probably should be feeling relieved about that. Instead he mostly just feels kind of grumpy.

We are not one in this, Venom says which, okay, is kind of surprising, but then follows it up with, Because you are convinced your super small cock is something shameful. I do not agree with that.

And that’s –

“Okay, rude.” Eddie finds himself cringing, flipping a corner of the covers over his lap and entirely incidentally over his cock, which fine, might not be the biggest out there – porn stars or otherwise – but doesn’t deserve to be insulted like that. “So you’re saying that we’re one except when it comes to my dick, which just belongs to me and me alone because it’s oh so super small –”

Fuck, his eyes sting. He’d really thought – hoped – Venom might manage to refrain from commenting on something so personal. He should have known. He should have –

That’s not what I said.

Wait, what?

“Huh?” Both hands flopping on the pillow next to his head, Eddie blinks up at his symbiote as Venom weaves into existence above him, a grinning head on a neck hovering over him on the bed. The part of him under discussion doesn’t react at all to this, of course, and nor does it have any feeling on the giant hand that appears next to curve almost gently over his hip, claws lightly scritching, the covers falling back. “What are you talking about?” He shivers.

Eddie, you’d know if you listened. How it’s possible for Venom to roll his eyes without having eyeballs, Eddie will never know. That giant hand moves, picking up Eddie’s soft cock by the tip between finger and thumb.

“Hey!” At the sight of this, Eddie’s protest dies in his throat. It looks –

It looks fucking tiny, all right? He’s well aware he’s a good few inches smaller than what people have expected in the past. He’s fucking used to the reactions his cock has got, the snorts and sniggers of amused disbelief some at least made an attempt to hide and others – not so much. Questions and ruminations over how much it’s able to grow. Disappointment on seeing just how small it still is even when he gets hard. One guy had even just quit what they were doing and walked off, tossing insults over his shoulder as he’d gone.

Asshole. We should have eaten him.

“Yeah.” Eddie can’t honestly say he’d have objected. Even the memory of it still smarts.

They were all idiots.

“Anne wasn’t.” She'd never laughed or been unkind. Quite the opposite, really. It’s not the size, but what you do with it, she’d said more than once, although Eddie had always made the most of using his fingers and mouth too, just to be sure.

Of course Anne wasn’t. A huff from Venom and the weird feeling of him rubbing the head of Eddie’s cock a little through the foreskin, moving that huge finger and thumb.

Weird, yeah. Of course it feels weird. Why would it feel anything other than that?

You’re getting hard. Venom sounds very smug, the bastard. He also rubs Eddie’s cock more, not like he’s trying to punish it for being small or stretch it in the hope it’ll get bigger, but just working finger and thumb almost lazily up and down the shaft, feeling how it’s starting to fill out. The heel of his huge hand resting against Eddie’s hip and a few tendrils spilling over his thigh and down under his balls.

That’s got to be a coincidence, right?

“Not my fault I’m getting hard, jackass.” A rub to the all too sensitive vein on the underside of his cock has Eddie jumping and letting out a noise that’s far too close to a squeak. His balls throb a bit as a tendril rubs under them, another closing around them, separating them and drawing them gently down. Another looping around the base of his cock makes his throat go abruptly dry. “What you, uh. Vee, what are you doing?”

What do you think, Eddie? Venom grows a second head, as if for the express purpose of leering at Eddie at the same time as the original head keeps right on staring at his by now fully hard cock. Not that it ultimately makes much difference to the length, standing upright like a stout finger. A finger that’s much wider than Eddie’s, that is. At least he has a decent girth. I’m playing with our fat, stubby little cock.

“So it is ours.” Fuck but Eddie’s cock really shouldn’t give a big old twitch at that, and Venom’s not done either.

Admiring it.

Eddie very, very nearly says it. A bitter what’s there to admire?

Plenty. Venom answers anyway, because of course he does. You see, our dick could look like this. And then Eddie’s cock grows – it fucking grows – in Venom’s giant hand, growing to a perfectly respectable size and then a size that’s admittedly pretty impressive, and then a size that’s frankly not feasible and Venom still keeps on fucking going with this whole stretchy-dick business, while Eddie’s eyes threaten to roll back in his head.

When it ends up longer than his damned forearm and hand combined, all the blood in Eddie’s body seems to vacate the rest of it, setting up camp purely in that mammoth dick

“V-Vee, I don’t think that, uh – That would be impossible to fucking walk with, for a start.” He can’t help but snicker a bit regardless.

You think? Venom bats that fucking gargantuan cock from side to side, making Eddie’s body try to snort and groan both at once and causing him to kind of splutter-choke as a result. It feels good, but it also feels heavy in a way that’s not really that good-feeling and like it might just – just fucking snap in half, and no human has this long a cock outside of hentai and some really dubious trash Eddie might have watched during his college days, he’s sure.

“Sure do think that. And you know what else?” Eddie wants to scratch his balls, but his hands aren’t working, like his whole body’s attention is focused on his cock. “If I tried to come with it like this, I’m pretty sure I’d just pass out.”

Do you want to find out? Of course Venom takes that as a challenge, the head of his that’s still staring at Eddie pushing right into his fucking face and requiring Eddie to get a hold of it and give it a shove.

“N-no.” Yes, kind of. But also – honestly, all right? As crazily proportioned as it is, it doesn’t look or feel like it’s theirs. It just looks kind of dumb.

You see? Venom does something and Eddie’s hosepipe dick starts shrinking down again, shrinking back to that very nice length he’d be entirely happy keeping and then, because his symbiote is an ass, carrying on going.

“No –” Fuck, but has Venom shrunk it even further? His giant fingers are gently tucking under Eddie’s balls, thumb on top, rolling them while Eddie swears and shudders, and looks about for where either of those heads have buggered off to.

Seems it’s just him and the hand now. Such as is Eddie’s life these days, it’s not even that weird.

The way Venom is circling Eddie’s stubby shaft with his great big palm is weird though, for sure. Mashing Eddie’s stiff little cock gently against his belly, pressing a little close to the head and then back down again, flicking a tendril tip for good measure over the slit.

It’s cute. Venom sounds contemplative of all things, looking through Eddie’s eyes at their cock; looking at Eddie looking at it via a tiny head Venom pokes up out of Eddie’s hip.

It’s about the same size as the head of Eddie’s cock, damn it.

“C-cute?” Fuck, why does he sound so hoarse?

Our cock, Venom muses, and sends his tiny tongue out to lap at the slit before Eddie can vocalise any of his objections to his symbiote’s claims, the embarrassment in his chest battling with a hot flash of arousal. We could make it look like anything.

So of course this is the point Eddie’s treated to Venom transforming his cock into a whole variety of shapes, some of them definitely not human and several of them unrecognisable to his eyes as a cock at all, except for the fact they sure feel like one.

Vee.” Eddie can’t say what point he starts panting and squirming, and clapping his hands over the full-sized head Venom forms above him just to hold on.

He can’t say what point his cock shrinks back down to its usual size and Venom wraps it up in his goddamned fucking tongue, but the feel of long sharp teeth grazing Eddie’s thighs and stomach while his symbiote does his utmost to suck Eddie’s brain out sure happens. All of this sure happens.

He comes and comes and comes, and makes all sorts of noise about it – this sure happens, too.


A limp, sweaty puddle of a man slowly cooling against the damp sheets afterwards, Eddie strokes his fingers absently over his symbiote’s smooth head.

“You really, uh.” Venom’s still playing with his slowly softening cock, while little aftershocks shoot through Eddie’s belly and up his spine. He chews his lip. “You really. Don’t mind?”

Told you, Eddie. Venom’s tongue swipes idly over the slit, making Eddie mewl. We like your cute little fat cock.

“We do, huh?” Smiling despite himself, Eddie glances down at it and at his symbiote. Feeling better about the sight of his cock in the grip of that huge hand than he’d ever thought he would.

Feeling good about it.

“Yeah.” He leans back against the pillows, relaxing into them and feeling Venom relax likewise. “Guess we do.”