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“What kind of snacks do you want, Hotoshi?”
“I guess some pringles and chex mix.”
“You don't want candy or something? Isn't that what people usually get for movies?”
“Oh I’m sorry that my snack choice offended you, Izuku. You asked what I wanted and that's what I want. I like savory things more than sweet. Sorry if that's an inconvenience.”
“...I’m sorry.”
“No, I’m sorry. I'm still not used to just being around people. Especially people who just want to be my friend.”
“Yea...friend. That's what I'm here for! You will always have me Hitoshi. You don't have to worry about me leaving, you know. I care about you. A lot.”
“I know. I care about you too. I promise I’m trying.”
“I know! And I’m so proud of you and all the progress you are making. How about you get your pringles and chex mix and I will get candy and I’ll share with you if you decide you want some?”
“You would be willing to share with me?”
“Of course Hitoshi! To be honest, there isn't much I wouldn't do for you. To make you smile. You deserve everything good.”
“But like not in a weird way! More in the ‘ahahaha you are so cool bro, so macho and...pretty.”
“I think you’re pretty too.”
“You. You think I’m pretty?”
“Oh. Oh my. I. You. But you’re…”
“You’re so pretty, how do you think I am? Like, what? Like your eyes are so purple and your hair looks so soft all the time and I just want to touch it and you are so tall and I’m Just green hair and green eyes and freckles and everything about me is just...average.”
“Izuku. Nothing about you is average. You...I am so bad with words but you are so...good. At everything, really. You just amaze me.”
“Oh. Wow. Ok. Um...anyway, ha ha...should we go get our snacks?”
“Sure. But I have a question.”
“What is it Hitoshi?”
“Nevermind. Its stupid.”
“Nothing you think could ever be stupid.”
“Ok uh. Shit. Do you want to make this a date?”
“But you don't have to say yes! It’s ok if you don't want to. I’m happy to just have you as a friend. I’m sorry I know I’m not good with words or reading people, I’m so sorry for making you uncomfortable and misreading what was going on-”
“No! I mean yes! I mean...I would love to make this a date.”
“Oh. Ok. Cool.”
“Should we go get our snacks for real this time?”
“Ok. Lets go.”