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Nautiscarader's Smutember 2021 day 27: Blindfolds, Miko x ??? (Glitch Techs)

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With a loud "thud" Miko Kubota opened the door to her flat and crawled sluggishly through the corridor, groaning, until she turned to her bathroom. She wished she was a car that could just pass through her shower as it was a wash, and so she groaned more with every extra move she had to make. She kept complaining after she exited the cabin and until she collapsed onto her chair in front of a huge screen.

One might have assumed she was tried after a day full of dealing with rowdy glitches - after all, it's only been a week since the newest firmware patch, and that always meant more work - but that would make Miko positively giddy with excitement. 

Instead, doing low-key job as a saleswoman behind the counter, positively drained her of her energy in just few hours, and she was more than happy to come back to her world.

She grabbed the virtual reality helmet and slipped it on, feeling her spirit rising with each moment she didn't have to spend with real people. 

In front of her, a catalogue of games was displayed, most of them adorned with golden trophies, stars or other icons indicating how many times has she completed them. Miko thought for a moment what was she in the mood for. Building? Nah, she stacked enough blocks in the warehouse earlier. Shooters? Well, she would like to say all the cursewords she wanted to throw at the undecided customers.

But deep down, Miko knew what she really wanted... and what she really needed. She felt the itch between her thighs, and without thinking twice, she chose her favourite simulator that would allow her to fly high even without being inside an airplane. 

 - Surprise me.

Her chair, quite possibly as expensive as the rest of the setup reacted accordingly, and leaned back, adjusting to her body, and the pose she wanted to be in. Miko smiled when her chair's arms turned towards her, and began stroking her waist and thighs, mimicking those of her computer lover.

She raised and spread her legs a bit, allowing her equipment to massage the undersides of her thighs, making her squirm every few seconds. As per wish, her goggles turned dark, and instead of seeing her computer partner, she was left to the mercy of the algorithm that tried its best to satiate her needs.

And with dozens of hours on the counter, the AI has learned quite a lot about her.

Miko felt the chair move its many mechanical parts, and she let out a gasp when something long, wet, and tongue-like took a first lap of her puffy lips. More short waves of pleasure shot through her body when her waist was caressed with what felt like fingers, vibrating as they glided up and down her body, in sync with hungry licks. 

Two more hand-like elements grabbed her thighs for stabilisation, as the machine slipped between her folds, taking more and more of her juices with each lick, while a second mouth peppered her breasts, completing the caresses. 

Though the chair tried adjusting to her needs, her body was jolting and thrashing every few seconds, as her tired body was peppered with what felt like the most delicate of kisses, interrupted every now and then with much more hungry ones that surely will leave some mark on her body.

Though she knew the AI was making the decision, soon enough Miko's incoherent moans turned into soft pleas, but the tongue that caressed her was relentless, especially once the second one joined her, and began caressing her swollen clit, completely dominating her sex. Miko could only partially hear her own moans through her headphones and the sensual music that accompanied her love-making session.

Her legs, spread and raised into the air were twitching and shaking with more vigor, as Miko was closing on her climax, and it was long until her voice filled her room, praising her lover as her sex spasmed around it. 

Miko was allowed only to catch a single breath when she was forced to expel all the air in her lungs, as something long, hard and definitely not tongue-like pushed her puffy lips apart and filled her in a single push, while another delicate device began mashing against her clit again, in sync with rapid thrusts. 

Miko knew how forceful the motors of her device can be, yet she was still flabbergasted how fast and deep was it filling her, making her almost reach her peak every time, especially with the combination of much more subtle, yet steady caresses of her sex and breasts.

But, after all, Miko was a pro, and she was able to handle even the hardest of settings, and with a simple cry of "More!", she pushed herself to a new level, as her body was subjected to a marathon of pleasure, as the entire device wobbled and rumbled under the amount of rapid motions.

With her vision cut off, all other senses of Miko took the role of transmitting the storm of emotions and feelings, quickly overloading her mind, and she found herself panting with her tongue stuck out, as she slowly succumbed to bliss, her body caressed in seemingly random places, while on the other side her pussy was mercilessly pounded...

Miko let out a sharp cry and arched her back, as her body was torn with a powerful climax, sending waves after wave of pleasure that quickly put her lover to rest, and made its moves slowly wind down, just as Miko was coming down from her high.

 - Oh, wow, that was great... - Miko let out a satisfying, dreamy sigh - Thank you... you guys.
She took her goggles off and met with a surprised face of her naked boyfriend and girlfriend, their eyes fixated at her.
 - How-How did you know it was us and not the chair? - Hector asked, exchanging confused looks with Zahra. - You have no idea how difficult it is to be sneaky around it!
 - Yeah, we both had to cheat and boost our Agility past 10...
 - Easy. - she reached between their tangled legs, grabbed his cock and pulled him out of her - I chose to play risky today, and selected no condom.

She playfully punched the rubber, filled with Hector's seed, and watched as it dangled between her legs.
 - And I know you always do things safely...
 - Not always... - Zahra looked back, shooting him with sly looks - I certainly remember a few times when you "disabled the firewall"...
She cupped his cheeks and kissed him.
 - And, well, I know how much you like to ride me... - Miko winked at Zahra, her pussy still pulsating against her clit.
 - Shame I couldn't ride your face, that would give me away.
 - Wanna try?
Miko asked and before waiting for an answer, she hopped to her bed, just next to her chair. She spread her legs and waved at her two lovers.

 - And this time, you better apply all of my user preferences correctly...