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You're Mine // BNHA Yandere x Reader Oneshots

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Warming: yandere tendencies

Summary: Izuku been getting a bit clumsy whenever he trains. And unfortunately for the the students in class 1A, especially the ones that've been taking a liking towards you, they'll been falling victim.

Who said you were allowed to talk to other guys? Who gave you permission to leave his side. Who gave you the idea it was okay to smile at a guy that wasn't him.

Izuku sure as hell didn't.

Your behavior this past week has been unacceptable. It might have been the first school year at UA and of course it was logical you were excited and wanted to make new friends. But this was simply too much.

And with the majority of this year's classmates being boys it aggravated him to no end. To have any other guys around you made his head burn with anger. He needed to keep you safe, away from all the male gazes.

And to make things much worse you were assigned to sit away from him. Never since the beginning of ever have you not sat next to him. You sat in front of him to be precise. In front of kacchan, to be more precise.

The fool had the unworthy luxury of being next to you. Being able to graze hands when passing papers, to get a swiff of your perfume. It set alarm bells off in his head. Katsuki Bakugou was one of the guys he had to keep you away from the most.

While Kacchan bullied him, he had the audacity to make flirtatious remarks your way. Rumors being rumors, spread like wildfire at your middle school stating that Kacchan had an eye for Y/N. And Izuku not having a quirk at the time cried about it for nights. He felt useless, he wouldn't be able to protect you from guys advances. His heart ached thinking that when the time came you'll be swept off your feet by Kacchan; someone powerful, someone who could protect you better than he could.

But now it is different. He had a quirk, a far more superior one than Kacchan's. Now he could bring villains and heroes down to their knees alike.

He had power.

And yet his power couldn't make you sit next to him.

He wasn't some cruel person who'd never let you have your freedom or always had the need to have you by his side, though for you to leave his sight is unthinkable, he just had to protect you. Like how you did back then.

Throughout the day he would openly burn holes into you. Didn't matter if you were eating, studying or if you both were in the middle of taking a test. He earned some weirded out glances and some concerned looks were thrown your way. But you were used to his intense gaze. His green eyes following your every move sort of went past your head.

But, today in particular, you crossed the line. What possessed you to hug Kacchan? To give him a compliment

Izuku's blood ran cold.

Someone had to learn their place.

Poor Katsuki never stood a chance against Izuku's wrath. He'd never hurt an angel such as yourself. He would rather kill himself than to let any type of harm ever befall you. Especially if it came from him. Even in the future when you both are married he'll only ever be gentle with you.

Screams of shock and a grunt of pain echoed throughout the training area.

Izuku had an "accident" which to his fortune was supposed to cause his friend great pain. His training for the day was to see how much damage he could bestow upon a boulder with only a peddle. Somehow he missed his target and the peddle flew towards an unsuspecting Katsuki Bakugou.

"Oh my gosh Bakugo!" Everyone ran to his aid.

Y/N being the first one to Kacchan's side only infuriated Izuku more. You were to care for him only. Kacchan wasn't supposed to have a place in your heart.

"I'm so sorry Kacchan I was working on a new technique and I wasn't aware of- I'm so sorry." Izuku bowed a full 90 degrees.


"Can it nerd." A pained grunted passed his lips.

"I'm still sorry Kacchan."

Mr. Aizawa examined the wound on Katsuki's leg which was still bleeding profusely." As cuts go this seems to be a pretty decent graze. Kirishima take Bakugou to recovery girl. She'll have no problem healing you."

Izuku's hands trembled, and to those around him it seemed as if he shook from shame, when really it was frustration.

Only a graze?

Kirishima did as he was told, putting Kacchan's arm over his shoulder, and soon they were both gone

But his frustration quickly melted away when a hand intertwined itself with his own. He looked up to you falling in love with you all over again. You truly were an angel. You smiled softly at him squeezing his hand trying to comfort him. Reassuring him all as going to be alright; that it was an accident and those happen all the time.

With a final squeeze you let go of Izuku's hand. "I hope he's okay."

His eyes darkened for a second. You love him. So why are you so caring for another? I mean why else would you have talked to a quirkless kid like him. Why else would you have gone out of your way to befriend him while the rest of the kids ignored him? Why would you have been nice to him to the point of hugging him and kissing the burn marks, from kacchan's brutal bullying, all better? You. Love. Him. So get that red beady eyed bastard out of your mind.

"Me too." Izuku says softly.

Unfortunately for your new friends Izuku is a bit clumsy when he trains. And a lot more people are bound to get hurt in the foreseen future.