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i'm captivated by you, baby (like a firework show)

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There was only one word that could truly describe his girlfriend in this moment. 

At least, in Adrien’s opinion.


Marinette’s tongue stuck out the corner of her lip, frantically swapping the placement of the different squares on the Rubix cube she was solving.

She was so focused on scrambling the cube to make it nearly impossible to solve and she was just so cute.

Her newly cut curtain bangs framed her face as she worked, letting him string his hands through her mid-length hair.

God, he loved that girl.

“There.. we.. go!” Marinette slammed the cube onto the table gently and pressed her back to Adrien’s chest, sighing heavily. “There’s no right side to this, or that, or that!” she said happily, pointing to each side of the toy.

He chuckled before pressing a gentle kiss behind her ear. “Right you are Princess, right you are.”