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The Solace Found in His Arms

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Naruto knows every mark on Sasuke’s flesh.


A string in his heart aches every time his fingertips rove over one he’d made. He hated that. He hated that he had been so single-minded in his goals that he had rended the one he loved most to pieces. I nearly killed him because I couldn’t accept him choosing a different path than me. I nearly lost him because I was so afraid of someone else taking him. I could have destroyed us both… 


He leans forward, pressing a kiss to an ominous scar on Sasuk’es throat. He never asked where that one had come from; he had more than a good idea, and he didn’t want to think about it. Thinking of the things Sasuke endured, guessing about the things he’d never outright said… it made Naruto hurt inside. It made him unbearably angry. No one should ever have to suffer the way he has… 

“What are you thinking, usuratonkachi?”


Sasuke’s voice is low, blending into the silence rather than breaking it, slipping through the air like a shadow. His naked back is warm beneath Naruto’s palm. He is hard and soft: all rigid muscle and chiseled bone, layered with such delicate skin. Sasuke’s hand and feet are rough, it’s only natural for the wear and tear of their lives, but the rest of him is tender. He bruises easily, though he’d never complain. His cheeks, round and soft, glow a healthy pink still from the hot shower he’d taken as Naruto tilts his face toward him.

“How I wish I’d protected you-”

“You couldn’t have.”


He doesn’t mean for it to be harsh. There’s no bite to his tone, no sternness. He is open and vulnerable in this moment, dark eyes unguarded, letting Naruto see the loyalty, the trust, the love , in them, the things he’d never thought they’d be able to accept from each other. But it wounds Naruto all the same; he feels it like a senbon between his ribs. You were too useless, you never could have understood him properly, you never could have mended that hurt-

“I needed to go through those things to become the person I am now,” he continues. “You couldn’t have protected me from myself. And you shouldn’t have been expected to.”


His eyes tell Naruto everything. No doujutsu. Sasuke’s words are genuine and it shows there.

“I had to make my own choices. You had to make yours, too.”


Sasuke is turning around now, settling a reassuring palm against the nape of Naruto’s neck. He shudders a breath, eyes closing as their noses brush. Sasuke has let Naruto greet him this way for years now, but only recently has he started doing it first. It takes Naruto’s breath away every time. So tender. So soft with me… 

“You should be asleep,” he says, and he knows as well as Naruto that neither of them are sleeping well tonight, and certainly not yet. 

“I want to look at you longer,” he replies, tracing a tiny nick of a scar on Sasuke’s jaw, high up, near his ear. He doubts most people even noticed it, given how his hair would normally cover it, but he’d pulled it back behind his ear, sticking damply there. Once it dried it’d return to its usual stubborn, spiky mess, but for now it’s sleek and smooth. Naruto cards his fingers through it, kissing Sasuke’s nose.

“Who made you so anxious?”


Naruto winces. I guess it’s that obvious… 

“No one. I’m just…”


He doesn’t have to finish. Sasuke nods, nudging their mouths together. It’s barely a kiss, more a warm press of lips than anything else.

“You won’t lose me," Sasuke speaks against them. Naruto closes his eyes again, holding Sasuke by the nape of his neck, thumb rubbing along the scar, and now their foreheads are touching.

“Why am I still so scared?” he whispers. Sasuke shakes his head. His hair brushes Naruto’s cheeks and they tingle.

“I don’t know. But I’ll tell you as many times as it takes.”


Sasuke’s own thumb slides beneath Naruto’s chin, separating them just enough to make eye contact again, making sure Naruto sees the sincerity in his face. He needs to see me, too. 

“I follow you as the moon follows the sun,” he says to the tender skin of Naruto’s throat. “Wherever you go, I’m sure to follow. Even if you can’t see me walking behind you, I’ll be there.”


Emotions sweep hot and fast through Naruto’s core, making his vision swim with sudden welling tears. He enfolds Sasuke into a tight, desperate embrace, taking ragged breaths in a futile attempt to keep from crying. Sasuke pets Naruto’s hair now, soothing him with the gentle strokes of long, steady fingers. Naruto leans into it, eyes closed again. I always close my eyes when he’s gentling me.

A sign of trust, Kurama whispers, leaving Naruto with just that tiny bit of insight before she retreats back into the mindscape. She doesn't like being a part of their intimacy, doesn't like to interfere in their relationship, but sometimes she’ll leave Naruto with a tiny thought that makes him fall all the more deeper in love with Sasuke.

A sign of trust, he agrees, and though she’s hiding now, he knows she hears it. 


Sasuke lays beneath him easily. He doesn’t tense up anymore, doesn’t have to resist the urge to toss him off and get the upper hand. Shinobi life is hard. It's hard to trust someone else like this, hard enough just to resist the self-preservation instincts that scream not to get this close to begin with. It’s never been like that with Sasuke. Not for me. I’ve never minded invading each other’s personal space. He didn’t mind that much when we were kids, but the things he went through after… 


Naruto trails his fingers along Sasuke’s jaw, down his throat, feeling the tiny pulses of his blood through his veins, feeling the powerful chakra flowing like a river beneath his skin. It’s tame right now; he’s not upset that Naruto has him pinned, not anxious or angry or uncomfortable. He doesn’t flinch when Naruto sucks a possessive bruise onto his neck. He exhales shakily at the nip of Naruto’s canines. He won’t make him bleed, refuses to, but Naruto knows Sasuke likes this. He’s rewarded with an urgent hand in his hair, Sasuke’s hips rolling against his own. Naruto moans as their cocks glide, both naked, as if they’d planned this all along.

“Wanna touch all of you,” Naruto mumbles heatedly, teeth following the edge of his collar bone, tongue flicking against the three senbon scars he finds. Still has them all. All those years ago in Wave imprinted, fresh on his skin forever… “I fell in love with you then.”

“I know,” Sasuke answers breathily. Naruto shivers at the knowledge he’s the only one who can hear him like this, channels his desire into kissing and licking and chewing on every senbon scar he can find. 

“I knew I’d die for you then.”

“I know.”

“I was so stupid.”
“You were a child. A broken one.”


The words are thick on Sasuke’s tongue. Naruto knows that tone, bolts upright and cradles his face in his palm.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t-”

“You’re fine,” Sasuke denies, swallowing the thickness down. His eyes are too shiny, though.

“Did something happen? Recently?” Naruto insists. Sasuke shakes his head a little, and for the first time he looks away. It yanks sharply on another string in Naruto’s heart, the one that ached for ages when Sasuke went away. It doesn’t hurt all the time now, but things like this make it feel fresh as it was then. 

“We found the kids.”


Naruto’s heart sinks. He can tell by the tone of his voice that it hadn’t been the way they wanted to find them, Sasuke and his ragtag team of rogues-turned-vigilantes. They probably caught wind that Sasuke and the team were coming and slaughtered the children before they could find them. I bet they didn’t find the perpetrators yet, bet they scattered to avoid detection. Karin can only be in one place at once, after all… 

“I’m sorry-”

“I don’t wanna talk about it now.”


He turns his head again. It leaves his hair splayed out against the pillow, a metallic halo where the moonlight hits the strands.

“You’re the one we’re settling, remember?” he says, trying to be cheeky, trying to lighten the mood. Naruto giggles if only because he’s still not quite used to this side of Sasuke.

“Why not both?”

“Lofty goals. You better get to work.”


Naruto licks at one of the many awful marks on his chest, this one from one of Killer Bee’s swords. He scrapes his nails against another one on Sasuke’s side at the same time, making him hiss and arch his back. Naruto grinds his hips down into Sasuke’s, making them both moan.



Naruto’s caresses become rougher, working his way down Sasuke’s body, all the way to the little scar on his big toe. Apparently it was from falling into broken glass, as were several others on his knees and shins.


“Yeah,” he answers before Naruto can even finish the question. There’s already a bottle of lube in Sasuke’s hand. Naruto shivers at the cold as Sasuke grabs him and works his fist up and down the length of his cock. 

“Sasuke…” He says it just to feel his name in his mouth. Sasuke’s lips barely move, but his eyes are smoldering, the corners crinkling in their own kind of grin. Their hands join, transferring the remainder of the lube but also giving them a moment to simply hold hands. They’re both smiling now.


Sasuke’s hole is soft and warm, stretching easily for his fingers. Naruto can tell Sasuke loosened it a bit on his own in the shower, and it makes the desire even heavier in the pit of his stomach. He wanted this no matter what. He wants me, I want him- Sasuke shudders and gasps as Naruto scissors his fingers once, twice, gripping Naruto’s shoulder as if he’s afraid of sinking into the mattress.

“You always act like it’s the first time,” Naruto teases, nuzzling noses again.

“With you… it’s always as good as the first time…”


Naruto closes his eyes. Sasuke has cracked open his ribcage and made all the love in him pour out all at once. They’re basking in it, he knows Sasuke knows exactly what he’s doing, and they’re both smiling even as their mouths meet, tilting their heads to slot against each other, tongues brushing. Naruto pushes his fingers in deeper. Sasuke moans in his mouth, and Naruto feels his cock jolt, making him moan back into Sasuke’s mouth, too. Their kiss is getting sloppy, they’re realizing now just how long it’s been since last time they were together, and they’re quickly losing patience.

“I know,” he pants, pulling Sasuke’s lower lip between his teeth as his fingertips find that spot inside him that makes his moans go high and limbs go weak. Naruto rubs circles against it, making Sasuke mewl and toss his head. Naruto kisses and bites along his jawline, feeling his own desperation in the way he’s rolling his hips against Sasuke’s thigh. “Ready?”

Yes… !”


We’re made for each other.


Naruto thinks it every time their bodies join. When they hold hands, when they kiss, when they make love. Sasuke body receives him as a sheath receives a blade. He moans in the same moment a click would be heard, the same moment Naruto bottoms out inside him and they both snap taut, arousal pulling between them like a fraying rope.

Naruto… !”


He starts to move. Their moans and pants and grunts and growls fill the air between them, making it hot and humid, a thin layer of sweat on Sasuke’s chest. Naruto licks it away, following the criss-crossed patterns of scars, and Sasuke is breathing hard already, cock red and throbbing between his legs. Naruto takes him in hand, pumps him to the same rhythm as his pistoning hips, and Sasuke’s voice splinters into a moan he surely didn’t mean to be so loud. It only spurs Naruto on. The bed squeaks in protest but he couldn’t give less of a damn. They’re not staying here, they’ll both be moving on tomorrow, and if they break the bed that’s the next guy to stumble upon this old cabin’s problem. 

“Naruto, Naruto, Naruto-!” Sasuke chants to his jugular, somewhere between begging and praying, and Naruto holds him tight, tight, tight in reply.

“Sasuke, Sasuke, I love you-”


Sasuke comes. He comes so hard his eyes roll back and eyelids flutter and his muscles contract disjointedly and it’s the most beautiful fucking thing Naruto’s ever seen in his life. He feels Sasuke’s cock beat in the confines of his fist, spilling a pearly sheen all over his stomach, and it’s mesmerizing.

“So gorgeous,” Naruto murmurs, kissing behind his ear, and he’s squeezing Naruto just right and he’s close, he’s so close he could cry- “Sasuke, so gorgeous for me, oh fuck, Sasuke please-”


He jerks Naruto into a hard, fiery kiss, teeth scraping, fingers digging hard into his jaw, as if he wants to give Naruto bruises, and that's the final push he needed to fall straight over the edge. His head whips back and his jaw falls slack and he comes with a frankly mortifying moan that Sasuke only encourages by sucking his neck, the same spot Naruto had left a mark on Sasuke. He unravels, pleasure and endorphins and so much emotion, and he’s sobbing against the juncture of Sasuke’s neck and shoulder as he rubs soothing circles into the nape of his neck.

“You’re okay,” Sasuke murmurs. “You’re okay.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry-”

“Shh. Don’t apologize. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I just love you so much, I love you Sasuke, I don’t want you to leave-”

“I know, I know.”


Sasuke cradles Naruto’s face in his hand, peppering it with kisses.

“No matter what, I’m yours. I’m always yours. I’m always with you.” He presses their foreheads together. “You can feel it still, can’t you?”


He can. There is not a single moment that Naruto doesn’t feel the connection between them, the bond between their hearts and chakra keeping them forever close regardless of physical distance. He nods, sniffling, and Sasuke tugs the corner of a sheet and uses it to mop up Naruto’s eyes and nose.

“Then you have nothing to be afraid of. You know if you need me I’ll be here in an instant. I’ve done it before, haven’t I?”


Naruto nods. Sasuke always manages to appear when Naruto needs him most.

“C’mere. You need to sleep.”

“So do you,” Naruto snarks through more sniffling.

“And I can’t sleep unless you sleep, so c’mere.”


Naruto lets Sasuke pull him down onto him, slides out of him and rolls to the side so they can wrap each other up in a full-body embrace. It’s getting cold outside and this cabin doesn’t have heat, but Sasuke’s body is warm against Naruto's and the heavy comforter he pulls over them seals it in. Sasuke tucks the crown of Naruto’s head beneath his chin, kissing it tenderly, and Naruto melts again his chest, letting himself be coddled.

“I love you, too, usuratonkachi,” he mumbles, finally returning Naruto’s feverish declarations. He smiles, leaving a wet kiss in the hollow of his clavicle.

“Good night, Sasuke.”

“Night, Naruto…”