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Halloween in Konohagakure: Haunting the Hokage's Humungus Honkers

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“I can’t believe he did it again!” Cried Shizune. “Lady Tsunade! Lady Tsunade!” the pale woman screamed throughout the Hokage residence. Luckily the only other person present was the Hokage herself with such frantic screams one may think there was an attempt at the leaders life. “Lady Tsunade!” Shizune cried out barging into the sleeping woman's room. “Naruto!”


“Mmmmmfffnnnngg.” Tsunade said, hung over and trying to get some sleep before another day of monotonous work as the villages Hokage. “...Go to bed Shizune. It can wait a day...” she grumbled, too tired and uninterested in whatever was getting Shizune worked up about. Which Tsunade doubted really needed that much attention. Especially this late at night.


“LADY TSUNADE!” Shizune screamed. A loud scream that demanded the Hokage’s eyes to crack open and launch her upwards in bed.


“WHAT!?” Tsunade asked scowling towards her assistant and sending a fist into her pillow.


“Naruto pranked us again!” Shizune said presenting her naked rear to Tsunade. The sheer size of it was massive. Huge head sized ass cheeks that sank proud kunoichi’s pants in round globes that stuck out far and wide. Fat booty laying thick for Tsunade to see how ‘pranked’ her jiggly buns where. Cleverly painted on her ass was a jack-o’-lantern done with such gentle detail that Shizune had barley noticed until it was too late. Making each near pumpkin sized cheek look like freshly carved Halloween ready vegetable.


“Do you really think this is worth my sleep Shizune?” Tsunade said apathetic to how her assistant's huge ass was used for a joke.


“Lady Tsunade!” the raven haired woman whined. “He got you too.”


Looking down at her chest Tsunade’s two massive breasts also received a painting of their own. Her world famous heavy hanging bazookas where totally free of any sag thanks to cosmetic Hokage level cosmetic jutsu. Each breast where a whopping ton of fleshy milky flesh twice the size of her skull and outperforming Shizune’s plump behind. Especially thanks to her pretty young looking face and huge valley of cleavage always on display. But now each breast dangled free, painted as if they where two ghosts. A scary big pair of BOOOOObs.


“And so what?” Tsunade replied taking a sip of the sake at her bedside, leftover from before she fell asleep drinking.


“This is a total invasion of privacy Tsunade! Maybe if you weren’t so drunk we wouldn’t have such an embarrassing break in like this!”


“You’re sober. What’s your excuse?” Tsunade asked downing the rest of her night time drink.


“I….I….” Shizune feeling so overwhelmed with shame she could explode. “We have to do something Lady Hokage!”


“Calm down. This can wait for tomorrow Shizune.” Tsunade said plummeting back to her pillow with her massive ghostly tits bouncing wildly.


“B-but Tsunade!” Shizune said with no less panic. “I-I think Naruto is reverting back to his old ways. His sensei from the academy, Iruka said he used to act out and do stuff like this all the time with the Third. Maybe we need to give Naruto a special mission or reward him with training. He is all alone and maybe this acting out isn’t just a Halloween trick. Maybe he just needs some support and to know how proud of his progress we all are!” Shizune said trying to think of rational responses to Naruto’s behavior.


“Shizune! Enough! We can deal with this tomorrow. My way!” Tsunade yelled sending another punch into her bed nearly destroying it. “Either shut your pipe and let me sleep or get me another drink so I can just pass out anyways while you ramble!”


“EEIIIHHHH! Yes sorry Lady Hokage!” Shizune said shaking in manic fear of the angering the gorgeous blonde Sannin. Running her massive dump truck out of the Hokage’s room, ass cheeks clapping as loud as she screeched while she petered off.



October was a special month for pranks. Naruto always being one to only hear the ‘Trick’ instead of ‘or-Treat.’ Despite the massive progress in his journey as a ninja he couldn’t help but cause a little delinquint mayhem. Waiting for the late hours of the night to make his strike. Various shadow clones to fool villagers, transformation jutsu to masquerade as a monster haunting the village, or maybe even more graffiti. Last night he hit some of the biggest stacks since Hokage Rock. Vandalizing the Hokage’s mountain’s was a proud undertaking.


Halloween was right around the corner and he couldn’t out do himself until the last night of the month. Anymore graffiti would have to wait, he may be a hot headed numb skull but he wasn’t contrite. Leaping from building to building Naruto wondered what sort of mischief to cause. Maybe he would stumble upon a late night straggler, or even an overnight food vendor so Naruto can fill his prank quota as well as snack.


Hopping from building to building as lively as a blonde ninja full of 12 year-old energy could. Waiting for his next mark he found something thatcaught the corner of his eye. Down what would be a dark forgotten alley way Naruto came across a huge 10 foot poster illuminated aggressively by hanging street lights. Lights that almost seem suspicious standing in such an alley. He landed before it to investigate.


On the poster was none other than the Hokage herself. One hand held a bottle of water that looked as if it should be going to her mouth but instead splashed water onto wonderfully massive tits. Other hand clutched a pumpkin that looked dwarfed by the size of her huge milkers. The sign read ‘Hydrate for Halloween.’ Right under the lewd poster sat fresh open paint cans and brushes. Naruto eyed the poster already knowing the wildly perverse graffiti to make it really ring. The lack of subtly in both the poster itself and circumstance of it’s placement only someone as simple minded as Naruto wouldn’t understand that this was a clear trap.


“Hehehehe, let’s see granny get hydrated with a huge dong.” Naruto said to himself as he leaned down to grab the artistic tools of choice.


“Now!” A powerful voice from the shadows said as the lewd poster transformed into a full human figure. Sending a kick right to the genin’s head. Naruto may have been caught off guard but managed to soften the blow with a quickly extended wrist. Sending him backwards as the blow landed much softer then it would otherwise.


“You really think you can pull a fast one over on me?! I’ll show you who the top prankster of Konhagakure is!” Naruto said b as he wiped the kick off from his chin.


The figure before him clad in dark robes and a white mask making the identity completely indistinguishable to the battle ready pre-teen. Underneath was Shizune, panicking what she didn’t knock him out properly to incapacitate Naruto.


Moving his hands swiftly in a cross before Shizune could even notice, Naruto had summoned 3 shadow clones to aide in the fight. For all of Shizune’s nerves she got ready, throwing her arms up for battle. Two clones lunged at her. One by his side to aide in building a Rasengan. Shizune was liking her odds in the fight less and less.


“You really messed this one up.” Lady Tsunade said emerging from the shadows. Clad in same outfit mysterious disguise as Shizune to protect her identity. Naruto’s focus on Shizune gave her perfect opportunity to land a punch right to his head, sending the young ninja flying an through each one of his shadow clones effectively destroying his backup.


“Tsunade! Is that too far?” Shizune said seeing as Naruto was brutal knocked out and body left cratered into the wall thanks to the Hokage’s legendary strength and lack of restraint.


“Not far enough Shizune, now help me haul this brat back home.”




Naruto awoke to the a disguised Shizune standing before him. His arms where tightly bound behind his back.


“He’s awake! okay uhhh okay.” Shizune said going straight into some sort of improvised character. “Naaarutooo. You’re pranks and tricks have gone tooooo farrrrr.” Shizune wailed as if she was a ghost, thinking that was clever enough to scare. Kunai in her hand as she loomed over him.


“Are you a g-g-g-g-ghost? No way! I-I didn’t think they existed!” Naruto said freaked out stupid enough to believe Shizune’s poorly thought plan.


“Uh yes a GHOST NARUTO! Here to make you pay for your actions.” Shizune said again waving her hands around. Not sure where to take this as Tsunade had left the room leaving her in charge.


“Y-your not one of those Yokki-onna pervy sage was telling me about are you?! Take revenge on bad man to cut there weiners off!” the scared preteen screamed taking notice of his lack of clothes, left only in his boxers.


“Wha-.” Shizune looked at the kunai, almost forgetting that she even had the weapon for intimidation. “Yes Naruto your penis! Say goodbye to your penis Naruto!” Shizune said trying to seem ghostly and intimating. Her weak efforts working on someone so young and stupid.


“What are you doing Shizune?” asked Tsunade. Walking in the room completely free of disguise and any clothes at all.


“What do you mean what?! I’m scaring him?! Where are your clothes?!” Shizune said dropping the ghost act.


“I told you… we are doing this my way. Now drop the dumb stupid act.” Tsunade said walking over to Naruto. Wide matronly hips swayed back and forth, her butt was plump and round but nothing compared to Shizune’s.


“Granny Hokage?! What are you doing jumping me like this!?” Naruto cried out, too frightened by the flase ghost to notice the huge hopping tits closing in on him.


“You messed with us runt. So it’s our time to mess with you back.”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Naruto said trying to play dumb about last night.


“Oh yeah… well do these remind you of any… trouble you might be getting up to.” Tsunade met Naruto’s side on the bed. Resting her massive boobs on his shoulder. If it was twice the size of her head one could only imagine how big one of those things are compared to a 12 year-old child’s skull. “What? Nothing doesn’t ring a bell. Maybe you’re other canvas will remind you.”


Tsunade shot a look to Shizune who was back in her regular black kimono. The glance made her nervous but saw enough of the Hokage’s angry strength that night to argue. She stripped, letting the once painted pumpkin sized cheeks bounce free in pale blush. Shizune was still embarrass exposing her body even if she knew he already saw her naked body. Even if her ass made some attempt to keep up with the size of Tsunade’s chest she still only had sensitive B cup tits.


“Going to confess?” Tsunade asked again as her soft pillows enveloped closed in on the ebtire right side of his head.


“N-no… I don’t know what you’re talking about…” Naruto had a nervous blush on, no longer wildly confident or mischievous once two naked older women had him pinned.


“Fine. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Tsunade began her torture by moving her massive tits to his face. Completely engulfing his hole head as he face buried into her cleavage. Shimmying her shoulder let the soft meat slaps onto Naruto as she shook and angled each nipples to slide over his face.


“Keep you’re mouth open for Mama okay?” Tsunade whispered to Naruto.


“L-lady Hokage?” Shizune said in a whimper that was easily ignored by everyone in the room.


Naruto’s face was a burning shade of red, and not just from being submerged in so much titty he couldn’t breathe. He had no power and now way to escape. Feeling helpless and embarrassed as Tsunade’s strong yet gentle finger to pry his lips open.


“Open up sweet little Naruto.” Tsunade demanded again in a soft hush. Slowly Naruto parted shaking lips, generating a pleased smile on the woman's face. “Good boy.” she said lowering her pink stiff nipple to his open mouth. Plopping it down the dough fat around his cheeks in warm flesh. She pushed his head into her gently but all he did was simply leave his mouth ajar.


“C’mon suck on Mommy’s booby. I know my little prankster needs his nourishment.” Naruto did as he was told. Mouthing her teet like the little boy he was. Blushing trying to look up at the sexy blonde woman ordering him around. Eyes hardly able to get through all the boob flesh.


“Mmmmm yes Naruto. Your kiddy mouth is so good.” Tsunade shifted so her other nipple could get suckled on. “Mmmmmm.” She groaned rubbing the 12 year-olds toned chest.


“L-lady H-hokage… Granny…” the blonde boy whispered. Trying to catch his breath, as he felt uncomfortably small and weak compared to the titanic tits marked in his slobber.


“No granny here Naruto. Only Mommy now.” Tsunade bit her lips moving her hand over his chest to one of his childish nipples.


“M-mommy?” the little ninja whimpered, looking red and shy as his face semi buried in her cleavage capable of only looking terribly submissive at her eyes.

“What is it my little baby? Are you- Oh! Ohhhhh….” Tsunade said pleased with what she saw. “You need to get taken care of huh?” Naruto’s hips where squirming as a clear bulge started to tent his boxers. A rather large bulge that looked more like a lunchbox stuffed in his underwear and not a hardening penis. “Are you ready to admit to what you did little prankster?” Tsunade’s voice was soft but commanding. Hand rubbing at his torso with smooth gentle skin gliding down his abs as if they where getting closer and closer to his increasingly unbearable boner.


“I-I’m sorry Gra- Mommy… I’m sorry for pranking you and Shizune.” Naruto looked like a hurt puppy under those two massive tits as his big young eyes sparkled in the direction of the woman sitting over him.


“And are you gonna be a good boy for now on? Are you gonna let Mama and Shizune play with you to apologize?” Tsunade’s hands where just above Naruto’s waist band. Rubbing at his pelivs as his hole groin shook, waiting to have his cock free’d.


“W-what? Me?” Shizune asked nervously wonderingg how much further this depraved act could go further.


Naruto shook his head, practically crashing his face into her cleavage as he did. “Good. That’s just what I wanna hear. Shizune. Heer. Now. Come help our little man get undressed.”


“What? B-but Lady Hokage. Nartuo is only 12 and we are women. Being naked is one thing b-but is this. Is this ethical?” Shizune panicked morally wandering the respectability of taking out an underage kids cock.


“Are you questioning Mommy?” Tsunade said in a voice so angry it could burn coal. Her eyes and tone far less gentle than when she did Naruto. Shizune complied and slid down to her knee’s between Naruto’s legs. His feet dangling from the side of the bed and not even old enough to reach the floor. “Now take his precious kid cock out.”


“Yes mommy…” Shizune whimpered just as timidly as the tit bound pre-teen. Her hand’s dug into his underwear as she nervously slid them down. Unbleashing more cock than either would expect from a kid.


“Mmmm you’re even more like Nawaki than I thought... Even bigger.” Tsunade’s eyes lit up seeing the tower of meat Naruto was packing. Schizune was terrified. Face inches away from the tower of kid cock. Naurto’s meat waved high above her head. 14 solid inches of wrist thick dick flesh. Surging with throbbing thick veins and coiled with thick foreskin up top. His balls looked just about the size of one of his signature Rasengans each. She didn’t know if she should run away in panic or bow down in respect.


“L-Lady Tsunade it’s so!” Shizune said panicking.


“Big. We gotta big boy here.” Tsunade groaned and circled his chest. “Why don’t you go ahead and taste it Shizune, like I showed you.”


“B-but...” Shizune whispered, knowing that any insubordination would be a bad move.


“Start sucking.” Tsunade commanded, Shizune was already climbing to the tip. Her soft lips running around the shaft. Making Naruto squirm in his bondage. “Gentle Naruto. Let Shizune take care of that massive kid cock of yours.” Tsunade said running a hand through his blonde hair.


Naruto could only settle in as the weight of soft tits gently weighed down onto his face. He could feel the soft pleasure of Shizune’s breath hiting his cock. It was leaking a syrup that the boy had no knowledge of. All he knew was his cock was hard and aching to release something, anything. Before he knew it Naruto could feel a spine tingling wetness probe along his foreskin.


Shizune was causing him to squirm the way her mouth engulfed his head, the whole thing stuffing her mouth. The real fun began when she went in deeper. His big eyes moved to Tsunade as a soft moan escaped his lips, Shizune started to throat his cock and was getting a hardy amount of his dick into her well trained mouth.


“There Naruto, rest easy, let our little assistant suck your cock.” Tsunade said rubbing his chest. Shizune slolwy took more and more meat down her throat soaking half his shaft in warm spit. “Mmmmm such a good boy, you’re doing so good.” The idea of how wrong it would be to suck off a 12 year-old long passing while she had her throat deliciously stuffed.


Tsunade moved to her hung little captaive placing a gentle kiss on his forehead, then moving down his cheek onto his lips. Slowly softly kissing him while another woman worked her lips on his cock. The Hokage managed to fish out Naruto’s hiding tongue, daring to rub along it while the boy nervously tried to retreat. Tsunade wasn’t having that and started to suck at his tongue making the blowjob even more intense.


“Mmmmmm, you’re such a good kisser Naruto. I’m glad you fessed up to your crimes.” Naruto was too overwhelmed to reply, feeling hot lips smack closer and closer to his base.”Shizune! What are you doing?” Tsunade’s head darted to the woman with a mouth full of underage dick.


“...ggghhmmmmkkknaaa...” Shzizune said sliding the cock out of her mouth, almost to entranced by Naruto’s flacor to remember she was in the room. “...I’m...I’m sucking on giant kiddy dick Mama….” Shizune said with equally watery eyes as the little boy waiting for Mommy to tell her what to do.


“I mean suck his cock like a showed you. Did I train you about what it means to be a kunoichi for nothing?”


“L-lady Tsunade I’m sorry. I just… he’s so big.”


“Shhhhshhhhshhh. Jusy watch how Mommy does it...” Tsunade hushed the tense woman, shutting her cock slobbered lips. Leaning over to reach the now free kiddy cock. “It is so big isnt it?” Tsunade said inches from the greased tip. Her tits loomed over Naruto’s face, plopping down to him while she started to down his cock. Tsunade making direct eye contact with Shizune as she sucked back his meat. Going deeper and deeper until all of Naruto’s cock was down her throat.


Slowly she slid it out smooth and slowly. “See? Like I taught you.” Tsunade said leaving the far bigger than trained cock free to dangle between both there face, Naruto’s face still burried in massive tits.


“Y-yes Tsunade...” Shizune whimpered. Tsunade eyes narrowed into a glare. “I mean Mommy...” Tsunade smirked and went back to slolwy engulfing every inch of cock. Shizune watching intently as she hungrily waited for her turn again. The stronger woman grabbed the back of her head, pushing to the boys balls. Shizune put her mouth to work probing and sucking at each heavy nut she knew had a massive load for them both. Naurto could hardly take it squirming as he was closed to exploding two woman running their mouths along him.


Tsunade was a smart woman trained in a whole manner of how to please huge cocks and even further experienced in pleasing little boys. She knew Naruto was going to cum but she didn’t want those heavy sperm banks blasting off quite yet. She slid off his cock and ordered Shizune to stop as well. “Wait!” she said with Shizune gently dropping his balls from her mouth, finally starting to really fall in love with the flavors of Naruto’s dick sweat.


His hard cock was free to throb in the open, on the brink of explosion. Tsunade eased up her massive rack from his face. “How does it feel? Does my good little boy like these sluts tasting his big yummy kid cock?” Tsunade asked Naruto in a sweet loving voice.


“...It feels…. So….” Naruto was so overwhelmed to how warm and wet his cock was he could hardy speak. Tsunade ran her fingers along her chest, a proud smirk on her lips to seeing how the once rambunctious prankster curdled under the weight of 2 massive boobs and a blowjob. “….It feels so good…” he moaned bucking his hips up wanting to cum.


“Hehe good. You’re being such a good boy for Mommy. Do you want our little slut to go back to sucking you’re fat young cock.”


“...yes…” whispered Shizune but Naruto could only manage to nod.


“Use your words.”


“...Y-yes mommy..” Naruto whimpered.


Shizune took that as her sign to go back to sucking the cock her mouth was starting to miss. Tsunade held a finger out to stop her from mouth fucking it like she wanted. “Nonono not yet…” Tsunade said leaving the raven haired woman thirsty for more dick, she could hardly contain herself as a hand ran up his thighs waiting to chow down again. “C’mon Mr. Hokage-to-be, I know you can be a big strong boy and ask our little mouth whore all by yourself.”


Naruto shook his head trying to summon up his fierce strong will that was failing him as the Hokage dominated. Managing to somewhat sit up and look at the kunoichi rubbing his thigh and eyeing his cock like it was dinner. “S-shizune! I… I want you t-to use your mouth… on my thing…. I want you to suck my cock!” Naruto said stammering in his shaken confidence.


“Yes! Yes Naruto, I’ll gladly slide your massive kid pipe into my mouth. I love how massive your underage cock is!” Shizune said, matching his energy and eyeing Tsunade to let her know they both did good. She was met with a nod and the hungry woman immediately runng the cock into her mouth. Happy to feel Naruto’s leaking juice and the wet slobber that Tsunade left on the shaft. Fiercly trying to stuff every inch down her mouth. Struggling and choking as it got down to the last couple of inches.


* ccckkkkk gkk mmmm cckkkg mmmm sllllrppp cckkk *


She shifted back to suck then push more in her struggling throat. Gagging and choking not satisfied with herself until every inch was throated. Tsunade watched with horny curiosity until the whole thing disappeared inside her mouth. Happy she pulled Naruto back down to the bed so her tits could smush into his face again. His groans and whimpering silenced by the nipple he was fed to suck on.


“Gahhh I’m so proud of both of you. You make Mommy so proud.” Tsunade said validating both her mouth filled subordinates. Each of them making some mixture of mouth filled groans or soft moaning, up until Naruto let his mouth from the tit. Shizune bobbed her head up and down all 14 inches feeling happier to be kissing his balls as she probed than to receive incourgment from the Hokage. Although both where an exciting treat.


“...Mommy… I’m… I’m gonna…” Naruto moaned clearly close to orgasm.


“Shizune stop.” the Hokage ordered as Shizune’s pace had been going at a fast pace once she was comfortable getting all of it down. She was too cock drunk to listen. “Stop!” Tsunade ordered only wanting to deny Naruto the orgasm he was so clearly about to have. He sounded so soft moaning as his hips squirmed around into the womans mouth. Acting quick Tsunade rung a tight grip around the base of Naruto’s shaft and using the mighty power of just a single finger to flick Shizune off the cock.


* plop! *


“...Owwww!” Shizune whined as her head flew from the cock. Rubbing her aching skull as her eye’s opened to the glaring anger of the Hokage. “… I’m sorry Mommy…”


The grip around Naruto’s cock was too tight for any cum to rush out of him. “Gaaaahhh MMMMMM!” He moaned as a slight droplet of white sludge managed to escape the grip. Shizune trying to do everything in her power not to swallow it and let the child shoot more down her mouth.


“Aaahh my little boy wants to cum doesn’t he? Clearly he likes slutty mouths on his cock.” Tsunade was too pleased at the way he squirmed under her hand. “Just calm down Naruto, calm down. Mommy is here and you can unload that wet boy seed soon enough.”


Naruto tried to hold his squirming, the canceled cum shot settling back down as the tiny bit of cum ran down to her fingers. Managing to subdue his squirming to small tense twitching. Tsunade ran her fingers through his hair as her grip loosened and his cock throbbed along with eager shaking. “Good boy…” Tsunade smirked as she took her hand from his cock to lick the small amount of jizz that dribbled to her hand. “Mmmmmm.”


She got herself and massive tits up from his face as she stood up to walk next to Shziune, replacing her between Naruto’s legs. He couldn't move much or even want to. Looking down all he could see was two grown woman gazing at his towering lumber. One with a wild grin calculating the next way to make him sequel and the other with absolute envy at the tiny amount of cum she just swallowed. The blonde woman made her move and thumping her two giant tits onto his equally excessive shaft. “I can tell like Mommy’s big boobs and Mommy’s boobs love your hung dick.”


She squeezed her cleavage into his length. Shifting her body up to grind the wet slobbery pile of flesh around her soft crevice. The gentle smooth breeze of having his cock ground between two huge tits was a graceful act that made the young boy shiver. Soft yet enough smooth pressure and wet friction to have every inch of his rod to salaciously stimulated. Naruto was completely engulfed in her heavenly pillows.


“C’mon Naruto don’t you like painting tits? Why don’t you soak these milkers again.” Tsunade said letting her tongue slap his tip while her tits jiggled at his shaft. Naruto was groaning, hardly capable of watching as his teeth grit together and head tilted back, panting for air as his soaked cock got titty fucked.


“M-mama… should I make sure he holds still? Keep him in place while you..” Shizune asked just hoping she could kiss the boy or even have him hungrily suck on her much smaller chest the way he did to Tsunade.


“No Shizune… you sit there and watch like a good little slut…”


“...Yes…” She said jealous. Hand finding the building heat in her pussy, too lost in temptation to hold still.

* plap plap plap plap plap *


Each audible plap sending jiggles around her boobs as they smacked down to Naruto’s lap, getting him closer and closer to finishing as he squealed. Naruto re-glazed those tits as he belted out a weak chime. Shooting a forceful flury of cum right onto a very excited, very busty Hokage. He was unable to control his moans or squirming, luckily being well pinned down by two heavy tits. Splashing her face and blasting an upwards volley to only inevitably have gravity bringing it right back down to the soft fleshy canvas bellow. Shizune’s impressed jealousy only grew as she watched the Hokage glug back shot after sticky shot trying to mouth and swallow the vivacious fountain spilling onto her. The skilled woman’s slurping t only catching so much as it her tits became enveloped in a white glaze of child cum


“Mmmmm so tasty…” Tsunade said pecking at the puddle sliding down her own tits. “Why don’t you help Mama clean up.” Tsunade said as she lifted a cum covered breast to Shizune to suckle at. She lunged towards the sticky mess, plunging face first into the breast. Practically spalshing the delicious thick seed Shizune’s lips found a nipple in the fray of dick slime to mouth her perky stubs. Shizune’s mouth could only be so preoccupied with nipples as her tongue was working around the areola to shovel in as much cum as possible. Open mouth traveled all around the heavy tits trying to scoop up more and more.


“Look at what a mess you are.” Tsunade said as she gripped her chin to bring Shizune up from her tits. “You are far too dick thirsty to stay clean huh?” Shizune had patches of cock sludge all around her face. Making a mess as she went for a feeding frenzy on Tsunade’s bust. Not as if Tsunade wasn’t a messy jizzed up slut either. The blonde woman started to lick at her cheeks, collecting the sticky piles while a much more timid tongue did the same to hers. Each licking at each others face collecting jizz, looking like a couple of wild animals bathing each other. Before soon their tongue would clash and twirl around one another as they swap cum from mouth to mouth and kissed with cock drunk intensity. Tsunade forcing heavy lustful kisses while Shizune was just happy to have some sludge spilling down her throat.


“This is a far better late night drink then sake.” Tsunade said as her fingers found the inside of Shizune’s dripping cunt.“You’re fucking horny aren’t you?”


“EEEGHMMM. Yes Mommy!” Shizune moaned wishing those fingers where kid cock.


“Slut.” Tsunade said licking her lips. “You think if we untie our little boy he’ll run free before we can fuck him.” The mere thought about fucking Naruto made both pussies tingle.


“G-granny… I think I’m done.” Naruto said nervously trying to lift himself up. His cock was telling a different story, a hard kinda story, a story that ends with him covered in pussy juice and adult fem cum.


“Now why is that Naruto? I know you liked feeding us your dick juice. You payed back my tits, now you have to do that fat ass you messed with last night.” Tsunade said as she dove fingers deeper into the ready cunt.




“Hush my little Hokage-to-be. What happened to being a good boy?”




“You where so good for Mommy when you unloaded your FAT yummy cock onto her tits. Mommy only wants to play with her cute little man more. Don’t you want me to take that pesky rope off you? Can’t you just be a good boy for me?”


“….Y-yes Mommy… I jus…”


“Just nothing Naruto…” Tsunade said silencing the quivering boy. Removing the ropes that bound him “Now sit back and relax. You have two easy sluts who absolutely adore your cock. You’re perfect cock. It’s so fucking big and hard for us. You’re the perfect little boy having such a huge and ready cock. Now Shizune is gonna sit right down on it and make you feel so good.” Tsunade gently pressed him back down into the bed with his head resting atop her plump thighs. A warm landing area for his head, propping him up enough to see his lower torso and the naked woman readying to squat underneath.


“Are you ready to lose your virginity Naruto?” Shizune asked with her back turned to him. Her massive globes about to skewer themselves on his rod.


“Mmmm of course he is. Naruto is our special boy after all.” Tsunade chimed in.


Naruto felt nervous as he could feel the wet pussy slip around his tip. Squeezing at the bed covers as she lowered herself onto him. Tsunade masaged his shoulders, the boy clenching his eyes as the tight warmth of pussy enveloped his shaft.


“AAAAaaaaahhh Oh shit!” moaned Shizune feeling the biggest and youngest cock she had ever had the pleasure of fucking. Slowly she lifted her heavy ass up to slowly squat down with a little less than half filling her like no cock ever has before.


“Mmmm see how much your filling her Naruto. Look what a 12 year-old cock can do to a grown woman.” Naruto opened his eyes to see huge meaty cheeks sinking on his cock. The wet pussy lips stretching along his girth and gripping as it slid up.


*ssshhhlllpp shhhlllppp *


Shizune’s pussy would slide in slow strokes making sloppy noises along the way. The walls of her tight cunt being absolutely stretched with kiddy shaft. Her movement was slow and she couldn’t go too far down onto it but she couldn’t help but stop bouncing onto his shaft. Moaning with each inch in and each inch out.


“See how loud this bitch is fucking you? You’re not even a teenager and already have this fat ass devoted to your fuck stick.” Tsunade smacked the heavy cheek of Shizune. The woman wailed in agreement with her devotion of Naruto’s young penis. “It’s so damn hot isn’t it? Getting your cock rode by an adult?” Tsunade smacked each cheek harder and harder. Making them jiggle widely and causing Shizune to moan and cry for more.


“YESSS! Yessss! MMMMmmmm! I’m a slut for Naruto’s pre-teen genin cock!” Shizune said while slightly increasing her speed. Still she couldn’t take all of his massive dick.


“C’mon Naruto. Show this slut how much you like it. Beat that fat ass like a good boy!” Tsunade ordered him grabbing his arm to call it for action. Naruto moved his lifeless limb to smack her ass just like Mommy taught him to. Leaving a weak hit on the shaking cheek. The swelling red marks left from Tsunade’s smack hadn’t even covered the full cheek and Naruto’s hand was significantly smaller and weaker. “Again! You’re mommy is telling you to spank this huge ass!”


Naruto tried again and again, feeling too weak and weary to confidently spank her. Completely overwhelmed with how his cock was being fucked. “Mmmm. AHHH YES! Mmmmm. Mmmm. Yes! Spank me Naruto. I’m a bad girl!” Shizune groaned encouraging the boy to continue further. She could only slide down half of his cock but her wet juices thoroughly coated and splashed down to the rest of his flesh tower.


“Seee look at how she’s begging for it. Spank this dirty bitch.” Tsunade encouraged further. His smacks picked up getting harder and harder building his sexual confidence as he thought he might melt from the pleasure of sex. Shizune really picking up the speed as he assaulted her ass. He couldn’t get the speed or power the Hokage did but the massive cheeks jiggled and clapped together as the sensation of little hands spanking her made Shizune overwhelmed with twisted excitement of a simple 12 year-old boy using her.


“L-Lady Tsunade… I-I mean Momm.. I.. N-NARUTOOOOO!!” Shizune’s moaned, her mind melting as her cunt muscles tightened and squirmed on the tower of meat as she came. Further soaking him as she splashed femcum down to the unfucked lower shaft of his dick.


“...Shizune…” Naruto said in a soft hush. His hand stooped spanking and rest on her blush spanked cheeks.


“Mmmm. Naruto you made this slut explode. Fat dicked kids like you should always be making grown sluts cum.” Tsunade leaned in to give him a congratulatory kiss. “But more importantly is you’re pleasure. We are the adults here and should be the ones getting you off. Plus… this slut can’t even take every inch of your monster.” Tsunade pushed Shizune off the cock, the meat swinging free soaked in the wet shine of juicy cunt slime.


“Come here to Mama so I can show you how a real pedo whore should be able to treat your cock.” Tsunade removed herself under Naruto to help him up. Leaning back she lay her head towards the bed frame and spread her legs to show Naruto her pussy for him to dive into. “C’mon baby boy. Mommy is waiting for you.”


Tsunade rubbed right below her small patch of blonde hair. Lips a soaking mess clearly watching with lust as that huge ass slid onto underage cock. Naruto crawled between her legs, still a little unsure of what to do even if he had just impaled a vagina for the first time seconds ago.


“Mmmmm c’mon, Mommy wants that fat dick right in here.” Tsunade said spreading her lips with her fingers. Still cherubic and naive Naruto grabbed his bitch breaking cock to awkwardly angle towards her hole. Fumbling his length stabbing at her thighs, her clit, her ass and then finally sinking into the silky pleasures of pussy once again.


“...Mommy…” Naruto moaned as his tip delved into Tsunade.


“MMMMMmmmm! That’s it my good boy. Dip that cock right into me. Fuck Mommy’s guts up.” Tsunade spoke in a soft loving voice. Delightfully surprised how the kiddy cock stretched her. She brushed her fingers along his cheeks as he whimpered. He was awkwardly pressing into her as she patiently felt him discover sex. He slowly pulled his hips back and forth, moving at an even slower pace than Shizune. Tsunade’s cunt was ready for every inch but he only made little slow pushes barley even half way in.


“Gaaah you’re doing so good baby.” She moaned, genuinely enjoying his childish gentle attempts. Letting her know it was a kid waveing around a massive weapon grade slab of meat ready to destroy her uterus at any moment. She wanted to lean in and kiss him and encourage more but the boy was just to damn young and small. The best he could even do was crash his face into her tits that where gently swaying in motion to the boys thrusts. “Do you like Mommy’s wet pussy Naruto.” He looked up at her to nod his head, whimpering as a tiny bit more cock slid in. He had to stop and catch his breath, caught in the pleasures of tight wet pussy.


Shizune had recovered from her orgasm and watched in post squirt bliss. The sight of so much cock on a boy made her nervous before but now that she had sucked and fucked it she wasn’t sure if she was in love or just terribly devouted control to Tsunade/Mommy. Either way she wanted more. “Shizune, can you help our little boy out? He seems to be having trouble stuffing his fat dick inside.”


“W-wait I can do it…” Naruto said wanting to seem confident and having control.


“Yes Mommy…” Shizune said following orders. Getting behind Naruto’s slow thrust she latched onto his hips slowly pushing him further inside the Hokage.


“AAAAHHHHH oh Fuck!” Tsunade moaned out as she could feel kid cock knocking at her cervix. Naruto was panting uncontrollably, clearly he would not be able to stuff himself in without Shizune’s help. “More! Shizune More! Make this kid fuck my sloppy cunt!”


Naruto was moaning at an ascending pitch as his hips where forcibly pushed further down into Tsunade. His cock past the silky depths that Shizune offered, almost all the way in. “I want more you little slut! Give me the kid cock I’m begging for! Teach this hung little genin to really break fucking bitches who need underage dick!”


“Yes Mommy!” Shizune said sending a powerful thrust into Naruto launching his cock straight past her cervix and busting his monstrous cock to a rattling womb.


“Mommy!” Naruto moaned, but Mommy was already screaming in pleasure.


“Yesssss!!! FUCK MY SLUTTY GUTS NARUTO!!!” She demanded as if Naruto even knew what he was doing. He tried pulling out only for Shizune to press back in. Launching pings of pleasure up Tsunade’s spine as the young massive dick blew out from her stomach, tenting the skin while Naruto stretched into her womb.


Soon enough the two worked a rhythm with Naruto pulling back and Shizune forcing every inch back in balls deep. His beyond heavy testicles clapped into her ass as the pace only grew faster. Naruto uncontrollably shaking his hips as they sunk into her forcing moans for both sex drunk blondes. Naruto found his strength and confidence slamming into her at his own speed, no longer needing Shizune’s help as he dug into her punished cervix.


“… Mommy feels so good…” Naruto moaned slamming his cock up to her womb.


“Mommy fucking loves you’re cock Naruto! I want you to cum and fill me like a marked whore.”


Naruto couldn’t comprehend the directions being moaned to him but his balls took the hint as they churned and unleashed the baby butter she was begging for. He began to cum right into her womb, creampieing the Hokage while the assistant watched his heavy balls pulse as they drained into the woman. Sludge spilled from out her cunt as Tsunade tried to catch her breath form such an amazing fuck. She couldn’t decide weather she should moan, or breathe, or thank her little boy for spilling such a mighty load.


“Holy fuck… aha… WOW!” she said panting. Naruto was motionless inside her and she could hear the wet sounds of cum sipping as Shizune greedily cleaned at the are of massive child testicles now sitting in a puddle of filth. A thick mixture of Hokage-now and Hokage-future juices that Shizune licked at like a puppy.


Tsunade got up from her prone position to pat Naruto on the head. Both naked and drenched with sweat as the boy wheezed in surprised wonder. “You did great filling my cunt. I’m really proud of how you fucked me.”


“Hehe thanks! It’s just like training right?” Naruto said with a returned vigor and confidence.


“Well not all training involves massive dicked 12 year-old boys.” Tsunade said grabbing at the 14 inches of dick flesh, making Naurto grunt and retreat a bit.


“I guess not… uh…” Naruto said now knowing his place was with these two woman. Waiting for whatever more sweaty fun they had in mind.


“Now this weapon didn’t get to REALLY fuck this slut here. Do you think you can fuck this bitch as good as you did Mommy?”


“I can try… I-I can Mommy!” Naruto said trying to seem tough even though he whimpered like a kid as Tsunade gave his balls a soft squeeze.


“Good good. Now will you bend over slut or are you to afraid of taking this massive underage rod again?”


“I can do it M-mommy! I’ll do anything for Naruto! Anything for you! A-ah anything!” Shizune said quickly getting to her knees and waiting be mounted by her underage steed. Her full hips and heavy ass swaying for Naruto to claim.


“Now just as hard and fast as you did me, okay?” Tsunade said directing Naruto. They both stared at those heavy cheeks, ass four times wider than Naruto’s childish hips. He shook his head gripping his cock with a new strengthened confidence.


“Y-you can do it Naruto. Fuck me however hard you want. I can take it. I can take all of you giant genin cock!” Shizune said encouraging the kid to pile his meat inside her.


“Oh and Naruto… one thing first. Use this hole instead.” Tsunade spread the huge cheeks to reveal the puckering asshole. The tight rim so untrained and unused it could barley even stretch with the Hokage’s grip.


“Wait… Tsunade! I barley even… I can’t… wait!” Shizune tried to cry out, not prepared to be ass fucked. But her cries where too late as Naruto stuffed in with wild force. A force an ignorant child would make not realizing how tight her insides would be. “AAAAAHHHHHH!!!”


Naruto looked to Tsunade as the woman screamed. “Mhhmm my good boy is doing good. Go further. Harder!” Tsunade directed him, he pushed his hips deeper into her. Patting his head to assure him that these screams where infact ‘good.’


“AAAAAAHH!! FUCK!!!!” Shizune screamed on. His massive pipe tearing into her like a wrecking ball, making the entirety of her bowels feel like a construction zone.


“It’s really tight.” Naruto said feeling the grip of semi-virgin asshole strangling his cock. He whimpered and sparkling blue eyes looked to Mommy as he felt his body shake while submerging himself into a massive booty.


“That’s cus you need to stir that hole up Naruto. Use all the big boy strength to stretch her out. I know you can do it.” Tsunade gave the child a sweet encouraging kiss on the forehead. All the strength he needed washing over his twitchy body.


“WAIT WAIT!!!” Shizune cried out, but Naruto was already positioning himself for full force. He pushed his arms out to grab her soft hips. Her ass sticking out so far and wide making it a challenge to even wrap around her cheeks. He pulled her plump curves right into him with the same kind of strength that gave Tsunade the moniker of Sanin. Impaling her bowel with such viscous force she couldn’t help but love how reckless it felt.


“Yes!” Tsunade said with eyes lighting up watching 14 inches of child meat disappear into the fatest roundest rear end in the village.


“AHHH MMM FFFFFCKKKKK!” Shizune wailed out, burying her face into the bed trying to adjust her hole for so much dick. Naruto grunted out. Letting his shaft feel the tight slip of her asshole. His dick slamming her stomach out even further than her own breasts. He moved back and forth, sending his hips in slow jerky paces as she was just to tight to really fuck as swiftly as he did Tsunade. No wet cunt here only two extra large cheeks and a massive kid cock to slam into it.


“Just like that Naruto. Ride that huge ass!” Tsunade spanked Shizune with proud glee. Hardly able to hear her over the screaming moans. Naruto spanked her too, looking to Tsunade for approval as he increased with her ass spreading for him. “Mommy is so proud Naruto. Fuck this huge ass like you own it!”


Shizune may as well be owned for all the pain of her ass being broken she loved the fact that she was being used by someone so huge and young. Feeling tingles of all sorts in every fiber of her insides with each of thrust. Tsunade lunged to Naruto;s lips. Kissing wildly the two making out as Naruto learned to fuck and spank Shizune’s huge ass like the mega cocked pro he was groomed to be.


“GAAHHH MMMM FFFFF FFFFUCKKK MMM NARU… MMMM!!! YOU’RE BALLS!!!!!” Shizune screamed, feeling the heavy smacks to her pussy as Naruto’s balls swung into her.


“Hear that Naruto?” Tsunade said leaving kid spittle trickling down her lips. “Sound’s like our little anal slut likes the way your whopping jizz tanks smack her cunt. I don’t think she has enough of you... and neither do I.” Tsunade moved back to making out with the underage boy sliding her hand down to rub at Shizune’s clit. Sack still slamming into her and asshole still being tightly fucked into with the boy wildly forcing himself inside her.


“YES NARUTO I NEED MORE OF YOU!!! ANY WAY YOU WANT! ANYTIME!!! I’M A TOTAL SLUT FOR YOUR UNDERAGE DICK!!!!!” Shizune screamed out as she began to cum. Overwhelmed by all the motions. She let her tight ass get railed exploding into wet juicy pleasure, squirting right under the Hokage’s hand it diddled her.


Naruto tensing up as well. Slowing his lively spanks and fucking to cum again. Filling her ass with so much sludge she was clogged. The pain of being ass fucked subsiding as greasy white paster sunk into her bowel. Shizune wailed for more. Accepting his massive cock into her all over again if it made him happy. Naruto fell back. Panting while he laid his head to the pillows underneath. Exhausted on the bed with two freshly fucked sluts, one with massive tits the other with a gaping massive ass, each spilling with cum.


Tsunade smirked. Placing a kiss at his soft wet shaft, his thigh, hus ab, his nipple, then a final one on his lips. “So how did you like fucking some cock depraved adults?”


“I-it was great…” Naruto said while Tsunade laid back next to him.


“Are you gonna be a good boy for me now? I mean really good boy.” Tsunade said pressing her fingers gently to his palpating chest.


“….Yes mommy.”


“And next time you want to pull some pranks again you’ll involve you’re two favorite slut?”


“Definitely mommy!” Naruto said with reserved energy he didn’t have to give. All three layting in post sex haze. Pleased and sweaty.



How one finds food this late at night escaped Toshiharu’s drunken brain. Stumbling down the same 4 buildings, endleslly wandering in a circle until he made a slight deviation from his path. Taking three rights and a left he had finally found a lone Takoyaki stand open for business.


“Oh sweet man. It’s a Ta-koo-ya-ge…” the drunken man said wildly happy to find somewhere to eat.


“God fuck me… why did I chose to stay open this late…” the shop keep said rolling his eyes. “What will it be?”


“Gimme a double! Keep the change!” Toshiharu flung far more money than 2 orders of Takoyaki was worth. As if the vendor wouldn’t take the extra cash as coverage for dealing with this slob of a drunk. Plopping himself down in the outside eatery Toshiharu was ready to chow down, and probably down another bottle of wine if they had it.


“Two coming right up.” the man said preparing this man a quick meal, hoping to get him up and out as soon as possible.


“W-w-wait!! Isn’t this shop haunted?” Toshiharu asked rubbing his chin.


“And where the hell did you hear that?”


“I donno. Peoples talkkk.”


“People say a lot of things. Don’t mean you should believe them.”


“PEOPLE TALK. They say you can hear the ghost of a murdered woman who HAUNTS this corner of Konohagakure.”


“That’s rediculous. People are starting rumors cus it’s about to be Halloween.”


“OOOOOOhhhhhhh!” the men heard the low wail of a far off voice.


“There! There I heard it!” Toshiharu said pointing in an aimless direction.


“That’s nothing but the wind. You’re drunk off your ass.”


“NooooOOOOoooo you’re drunk!”


“OOOOOOOoohhhh AAAAHHHH!” the shrieking voice cried off again. Louder then before sending shivers down both men’s neck.


“Okay time to close up!” Said the vendor suddenly convinced the rumors may be true. “Do you still want your food?!”


“Fuccckk that!” The drunk said fearfully running from the Takoyaki stand in the same direction he blindly pointed to.


The voice wailed again and again. Not in the spiritual dimension but up above the shops atop a building. The ghostly cries nothing more than the moans of a woman. The leader of the village infact. Stripped bare her heavy tits flailed back and forth. Incapable of her voice as cries of pleasure haunted the neighborhood. An equally naked 12 year-old boy slamming into her round ass with all the wild vigor of a genin. Scary big cock slipping in and out of her shit hole. Forcing uncontrollable sirens calls of loud pleasure from how wonderfully filled her asshole was being stuffed. The only eye witness was a third naked member, with an ass perfectly big for huge underage dick. Waiting to be the next hole that gets haunted.