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"Where is she?" Bucky growled, as anger and worry consumed him.
"We don't know!" Tony replied feeling just as stressed out as Bucky was.
The mission to the Congo had gone as expected, with only one major flaw. You were missing. One moment you were there and then the next, it was as if you had never been there. The team had looked and looked, but you had vanished without a trace.
"What do you mean you don't know?" Bucky yelled back. "You were supposed to keep her safe! You should have looked for her! She could be hurt, or worse!"
"Buck, we did look. But we couldn't find her."
"You didn't try hard enough."
"Really?" Tony retorted. "What makes you-"
"Enough." Steve called out, silencing both men. "We will continue the search for Y/n as soon as possible, but right now we all need rest."
Bucky hated himself. If he had gone with you, then none of this would have ever happened. You would have returned home safe and sound.
"What happened?" Bucky asked, turning to Steve.
"We were returning to the Quinjet when we heard a noise that sounded like a branch snapping in half. We didn't think anything of it and just kept going. But then we heard it again and when we turned to see what it was, Y/n wasn't there anymore. But I promise you that we did look for her." Steve answered, trying his hardest to reassure his friend.
"Steve, what if she's..."
"She's not, Buck. You and I both know that Y/n's too strong to give up that easily."
"I sure hope so..." Bucky whispered feeling hopeless.

{Fifteen Hours Later}

"Captain, we found her!" One of the agents called out.
"Where is she?" Steve asked as he ran up behind the man.
The whole team had been up all night, trying their hardest to find you.
"Here." The agent said as he pointed to the computer screen. "She's five miles away from where she had been kidnapped. There are no security cameras in the area so I cannot check to see if there's been any harm done to her. I've tried to reach her by cell phone, but either her phone is dead or her kidnappers destroyed it."
"Thank you." Steve replied, before heading to the meeting room where the rest of the team waited impatiently for more news. "They found her."
"Let's go." Bucky immediately responded as he raced towards the Quinjet.

{Ten Hours Later}

Every muscle in your body screamed for you to stop going, but you couldn't. You may have escaped your captors, but you weren't in the clear. The people who had kidnapped you were apart of a massive ring of drug trafficking and they were experts at hunting people down.
Just keep going. You kept telling yourself. The team needs you. Bucky needs you. You tried so hard to take another step but your body was too exhausted to do so. Before you could stop yourself, you fell onto the hard ground beneath you. You tried to get back up, but you couldn't. You were beyond tired and majorly dehydrated. Your eyes suddenly started getting heavy, making it almost impossible to stay awake.
"Must...stay awake...Have to...keep...going..." You said barely above a whisper. ""
"Over there!" Someone called out. "She's over there!"
You tried so hard to focus in on the voice, but you couldn't.
"Y/n, can you hear me?" Someone asked. It sounded like Bucky, but you weren't sure. You wanted to respond and let whomever know that you were alright, but it required too much strength that you just didn't have. "We're gonna get you some help. Everything's gonna be alright. I promise."
That was the last thing you heard before everything went black.

{Twenty Hours Later}

The first thing you opened your eyes to was a bright, blinding white light right above you. You tried to sit yourself up, but someone placed their hand on your arm, stopping you.
"Take it easy there, doll." A familiar voice said.
"Yeah, babe, it's me." He replied sitting down next you, taking your hand in his. "How are you?"
"I don't know honestly. My head hurts a little..."
"I'm sorry...if I had been there-"
"Don't, Bucky." You answered, looking deep into his eyes. "What happened wasn't your fault. We were just at the wrong place at the wrong time."
"It still doesn't make me feel any better."
"I know.." You smiled softly, squeezing his hand in yours. "But everything will get better. I promise."
Bucky placed a tender kiss on your temple, feeling the stress slowly leaving his body.
"I love you." He smiled.
"I love you too, Buck."
Bucky wrapped his arms around your waist and held you securely, not wanting to let go anytime soon.