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The Plan That Back-Fired

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I stir a bit in my sleep, shifting to the side, and furrow my brows at the empty space beside me. I sigh, before opening my eyes with a yawn, and realizing I’m in the bedroom by myself. I see a source of light peeking through the open door and I roll my eyes. I follow the light out of the room and down the hallway to the office, where I find Shouta with his long hair pulled back, and his glasses on while he types swiftly on his laptop. You’ve got to be kidding.

“Aizawa,” I say, almost in a warning tone and he turns around quickly, with a nervous smile.

“Hey love, I’m sorry, did I wake you up?”

“Better question, what are you doing up?” I grit, between my clenching jaw, glaring at him. I walk into the room with my arms crossed.

“I woke up to get some water and found an email on my phone from one of the administrators. I have a deadline to meet and I gotta finish editing this one-piece before then.”

“But you promised no more late nights. You know how stress and no sleep affects you-”

“I know but I’ll be less stressed when it’s done. I promise.” He says, pulling me into his lap and pecking me quickly on the lips, but I don't even crack a smile.

“You promised before.”

“I know, but I really promise this time, ok?”

“Fine, I’m going back to bed,” I say defensively, slipping out of his touch and walking out of the room.

“Oh c’mon, Y/n. I’m sorry, don't be like that.” He whines, and I ignore him.

“Goodnight Aizawa!” I shout, before slamming the room door and getting back into the empty bed. I sigh, before clutching myself and trying to go back to sleep. Shouta has always been passionate about his work, and it’s truly one of the things I love most about him. I love how much he loves what he does because I love it too, and I know how it feels but he lets it get in the way of his self-care way too often. It worries me and it takes him to a dark place, and he always says he’ll do better but last time he promised . He broke that promise and I’m gonna show him just how much that annoys me.

The next morning I wake up, to my alarm blaring, and feel Shouta's arms hugging me against his chest tightly, in his sleep while my body deceptively nuzzles into his touch. I groan a bit, before turning off my alarm and pulling away from him coldly. He wakes up with a yawn, rubbing his eyes.

“What time is it?” He asks, sitting up. I get out of bed and start heading toward the bathroom.

“Nine. We have classes. Start getting ready.”

“Damn, nine already? God, I didn’t even end up going to bed until six.” He whines, burying his face in his palms. I bundle my fist before grabbing my towel and opening the bathroom. “Are you still mad at me?”

“Why would I be mad at you?” I coo sweetly, before slamming the bathroom door behind me.

“I’m gonna take that as a yes!” He yells from the bedroom. I roll my eyes and get undressed before heading into the shower. I lather the soap onto the loofa, and run it over my skin, thinking of the best way to piss him off. Shouta isn’t exactly an angry person, he’s annoyed all the time, but not really angry, however, there are some things that tick him off. Lucky for me I know each and every one of those things. I rinse and cut the water off before leaving the steam-filled bathroom. I smell the sweet aroma of breakfast from the kitchen and sigh. Nice try, cooking for me isn’t going to work. I get dressed in my usual workout shorts, and sports bra, and put on my knee pads. Nezu already told me he and I need to work on training with the students so they can face real threats, and I don't need any more bruises on my knees. I put my braids up into a ponytail, and leave two down in the front, before heading to the kitchen.

Shouta smiles with his “kiss the cook” apron on, while he stirs the eggs in the pan. I look at him blankly and walk towards him. He leans in for a kiss and I walk straight by him toward the fridge. I pour myself a glass of juice, and sit at the counter across from him, sipping it and glaring.

“You really are pissed, huh?”

“I’m sure I have no idea what you’re referring to,” I reply innocently, crossing my legs, and he just clenches his jaw, before serving the plate of food and sitting next to me.

“How long am I gonna be in the dog house?”

“These eggs are good…” I say, not even caring enough to look at him while I eat. His gaze hardens, and he drops his fork.

“Fine, I’m gonna go shower.”

“You do that.” I sneer, while he gets up and leaves. I roll my eyes, before finishing my breakfast, and going to wash the dishes. He comes out of the room a little while after, in his all-black ensemble with his capture weapon around his neck, before finishing his breakfast. As I scrub the plate, I can feel his gaze heating my back. I smirk to myself, he always did like when I wore shorts, even though I always complained that I was borderline flat back there, something about shorts, especially the tight ones, riled him up, which is exactly why I chose to wear them today. I arch my back ever so slightly. If he wanted to look, I’d give him a show. I hear him get up, and he moves behind me, putting the dishes in the sink over my shoulder, before kissing my neck. My breath hitches involuntarily, as his lips graze over my sensitive spot, and I push my ass back against him. He smirks against my skin and moves my hair aside for more access. 

“Maybe we a little something before class?” He whispers, nipping at my ear a bit. I hum with a smile, and he chuckles, still kissing my skin. His hands move down my waist, and grip my ass, making me jump a little with a small gasp. I turn around to face him and wrap my hands around his neck, before leaning in close. His eyes shut, waiting for my lips to come down on his, but I just grin.

“I don't think so. Don't wanna be late for class, now do we?” I whisper, and his eyes fly open. I smile, before putting my dishes on the drying rack. “Now wash your dishes and come on, I’ll be waiting in the car,” I say, before walking away, and I hear him grumble something to himself. “And Aizawa? You may wanna take care of that before we get there.” I tease, referring to the bulge in his pants. He readjusts himself, before resting his hands down on the sides of the sink and sighing with his eyes shut. I was finally getting to him.

I wait in the car, scrolling on my phone mindlessly before the door opens and he gets in on the driver’s side. He looks over at me, before turning the key in the engine and starting to drive. The car ride is tense, while music plays quietly through the radio. I feel his gaze on me again, as he scans my body. His eyes run down from my face, down to my chest, before resting at my thighs. I again, never thought I had much weight there but he’s always been a sucker for them. I look up for a second and notice we’re stopped at a green light. I roll my eyes, before dropping my gaze back down to my phone carelessly while Shouta gawks at me, darting his tongue out to wet his lips. A car behind us beeps angrily, causing him to flinch and he yells out a series of apologies through the window before continuing through the light. 

“Eyes on the road, Shouta.” I chuckle to myself, still watching my phone. I feel his glare before he pulls into the parking lot and stops the car. I reach for the door, and it locks. I sigh, before turning back to him. “Open the door.”

“We have to talk, Y/n.”

“About what?”

“You’re clearly upset.”

“Says who?”

“Me! Your boyfriend! You know the person who knows you better than anyone!?”

“I think my friends would disagree with that statement.”

“This isn’t the time to be cute.”

“Shouta,” I start, before unlocking the door with my fingers and opening it. “I’m always cute.” I finish, before slamming it and walking into the building. He rolls his eyes, before following closely behind me. I see Mic, Midnight, and All might watching the students on the sidelines, and I smile, waving to them. “Hey, guys!”

“Y/n, we have to talk!”

“Nope, I’m pretty sure we don't,” I smirk, before jogging over to them. I set my stuff down, before starting to stretch with a sigh.

“Aizawa does not look happy.” Mic points out, and I chuckle lightly, reaching for my toes.

“He’s not. He’s pissed, but now he knows how it feels.”

“Huh, what’d he do?” Midnight asks.

“Broke a promise. I’ve been a bitch to him all morning.”

“What’s your plan?”

“Avoid him all of class and then completely ignore him when we get home.”

“Well, you better prepare yourself, because he, Vlad, and Nezu are coming over now,” Mic warns, and you turn around to see Shouta walking toward me. I turn back, smiling to myself. Vlad. Vlad and I are close friends, and I’ve known him for most of my life but before we were friends, I had a huge crush on him. We laugh about it now, but he’d be the perfect candidate to make Aizawa jealous.

“So how are the students doing?” Nezu asks, watching them carefully.

“They’re all maturing pretty well, and if there are any stragglers today’s lesson should straighten them out,” All-Might notes with a shrug.

“I personally have my money on Y/n,” Mic says.

“Why?” I chuckle, and he shrugs.

“Just a hunch, honestly.”

“Well, you all must partner up and spar, to really display proper techniques,” Nezu explains, and it makes sense.

“Well, we already know Aizawa and Y/n are gonna partner up.” Mic laughs, grabbing Aizawa by his shoulders and shaking him, while he looks at him with disdain, pushing his hair back with his fingers. I love when he wears it down. I narrow my eyes, before shaking my head.

“Actually I think I’m gonna pair up with Vlad for this one,” I say nonchalantly, and practically everyone’s eyes, including Vlad’s, go wide. I grin.

“What?” Shouta says, clenching his jaw.

“Yea, what?” Mic tags on, more in a hushed voice.

“Oh c’mon, just because we’re dating doesn’t mean we have to pair together for every single class. We’re supposed to be challenging each other, and a part of doing that is sparring with different heroes so you learn how to work off of them. So I’d prefer to spar with Vlad for this, I mean you don't really mind, do you Aizawa?” I ask, but I’m really challenging him. All eyes fall on him, and he’s practically glaring at me. 

“I guess not.” He answers, but it sounds strained. I really am getting under his skin, huh? Class begins, and we practice as a group for what seems like hours, straining our muscles until the technique is drilled into the students’ heads and then All-Might decides to start letting us go one by one. First was Midnight and Mic, and they of course did amazing. Their movements were like poetry, and Midnight absolutely kicked his ass. Next was Aizawa and All-Might, and their movements were stiffer and more aggressive. They struck fast and hard, like a snake, but in the end, All-might won.

“Excellent job you two, next up is Vlad and Y/n!” Nezu announces, and we both walk into the center of the floor waiting for the whistle. Once it sounds, Vlad strikes, throwing the first punch. I immediately dodge and lift my leg to kick him in his side. He blocks that and comes for me full force, tackling me to the ground with a THUD. I groan upon impact and feel my wrist pinned above my head. Vlad is strong but this isn’t about strength, it’s about wits and knowing how to use advantages against your opponent. I raise my head, and headbutt him, before switching positions and pinning him to the ground. My hips sit on top of his and straddle him. His gaze gets heated for a second before he looks away with pink cheeks.

“I yield.” He finally says. I lift myself off of him and help him to his feet.

“Amazing! Props to Ms. Y/n for showing that strength isn’t always everything!”  Nezu shouts while the class erupts into applause. Vlad looks at Aizawa’s glare in the crowd and gulps.

“Are you trying to make me a dead man?” He whispers in my ear, and I giggle.

“You’ll be fine. He’s probably not even that mad.” I scoff, and everyone rushes over to us clamoring complaints.

“Goddamn! Get a room, you two!” Mic teases, while the group laughs.

“Yea I felt like I was watching something private!” Midnight jokes, while the rest of us giggle.

“It was quite the show.” Shouta spits, bitterly.

“Yeah well, that was all Y/n! I just followed her lead!” Vlad emphasizes with a laugh, and I giggle.

“Guilty,” I admit, raising my hand.

“Well at a certain point it stops being sparring and starts becoming softcore porn.” He hisses, and the whole group watches in awe, as the mood shifts. My face falls, I cannot believe he just said that.

“You wanna try rephrasing that?” I ask, threateningly.

“Actually, can I talk to you for a second?” He asks, but it doesn’t seem like he’s asking the way he grabs my arm and forces me toward the bathroom.

“That’s not gonna end well, is it?” All-Might asks.

“Nope,” Mic answers, shaking her head. Aizawa pushes us into the bathroom, before locking the door behind him.

“What the hell is your problem!?”

“My problem?! Are you kidding me!?”

“You didn’t have to be a dick to Sekijro like that!”

“I wasn’t being a dick to Vlad I was being a dick to you!”  He shouts, pointing at me, slowly closing me in until my back hits a wall. My pride falters a bit, but I don't let it show.

“Well, still you have no right to be angry-”

“You’ve been a teasing little brat all day and I have no right to be angry!?”

“I-I wasn’t teasing you-”

“Don't lie to me, Y/n!”

“I wasn’t! Maybe you just thought I was because you were too busy thinking with the wrong head!” I shout gesturing between his legs.

“You’ve been upset at me since last night and I get it! You’re mad that I broke my promise! It was enough when you slammed the door this morning or refused to kiss me at breakfast, even when you teased me and then pushed away but sparing like that with Vlad in front of me!? Maybe I need to teach you some manners!”

“Manners?!” I scoff with a laugh. He cannot possibly be serious.

“Yea because you’re acting like a fucking brat!”

“Stop calling me a brat! You know I hate that!”

“Aw, why? Because it’s true?” He pouts, putting his hand above my head on the wall, trapping me in and towering over me. I shrink a bit, feeling small, and slowly but surely I start to think maybe this was a bad idea.

“N-No,” I mumble turning my head away and crossing my arms.

“Look at me.” He orders, but I refuse, rolling my eyes. I feel his finger hook under my chin and pull my gaze back to him roughly, making me gasp softly. “I said, look at me.”

“Fine, I’m looking! Now what?!”

“You know you’re gonna regret being this mouthy later.”

“Oh, yea? Why’s that?” 

“Because I’m gonna have you screaming at the top of your lungs begging me to cum and when I refuse I want you to remember this moment.” He remarks, and my trembling lips part, letting a small gasp slip out while my eyes flutter. He was joking, right? I mean he wouldn’t do that. He’s bluffing. He leans in close, making me stiffen, feeling the heat pool in my stomach. “Aw, what’s wrong? You’re so quiet now but you had so much to say a few seconds ago.”

“Y-You’re bluffing.”

“That so? Let’s go find out. Get your stuff, we’re leaving.” He says, pulling away and walking to the door.

“S-Shouta!” I call after him, but the door shuts. I stand there in shock. He can’t possibly be serious. Either way, I’m not gonna stick around and find out. I rush out of my bathroom before grabbing my bag and heading toward the group.

“Aizawa looks even more pissed than when he first got here,” Midnight notes.

“Yea I might’ve fucked up a bit…”

“I knew sparring with Vlad was going too far.” All-Might sighs, facepalming. 

“That would’ve been great advice to have about twenty minutes ago!”

“Ha! Good luck walking for the next few days!” Mic laughs.

“This isn’t funny-”

“Y/n!” Shouta yells, and I flinch, while everyone’s eyes widen.

“C-Coming!” I whine, following him out the doors quickly. I get in the car and watch him while he starts the car. He’s gripping the wheel so hard his knuckles are going white. I swallow hard, before turning my eyes to the road. “You embarrassed me.”

“Did I?”

“Yes! Now everyone knows what you’re about to do!”

“And what am I about to do?”

“You know what!”

“Say it.”’

“Why should I?!”

“Do you wanna make this worse for yourself?” He asks, and I hesitantly shake my head lightly, feeling the slight fear set in. “Then say it.”

“You’re about to…,” I mumble out, averting his eyes. He always made a show of embarrassing me and I hate it. This was not the plan. The plan was for him to be so upset that he feels bad and apologizes sincerely. I’d let him stew in his anger for a while, let him know what it feels like, and then I’d forgive him. In hindsight, now that I’m really thinking about it this was a terrible plan from the start.

“You brought this upon yourself. You paired yourself with Vlad because you used to have a crush on him and you knew it’d get a rise out of me.”

“No, I didn’t!” I lie, hoping he doesn’t catch on.

“Keep it up. Keep giving me reasons to punish you.” He chuckles, almost sadistically.

“B-But I didn’t do that! You’re being unrealistic! You can’t expect me t-to spar only with you for the rest of my life Aizawa!”

“That isn’t what this is about, Y/n.”

“Then what is this about!? You being a jealous prick!? I’ve sparred with Vlad before!”

“Not like that, and you know it. Stop lying.”

“I’m not lying-”

“Y/n!” He shouts, and I flinch, dropping my gaze. Damn it. He parks the car, and gets out, while I follow behind him playing with my hands. He gets out the keys to open the door, and I bite my lip nervously, trying to think of what to say. I gotta come up with some excuse. Maybe I’ll give him puppy dog eyes, or I’ll just apologize. Yea, that should work. Pout and apologize, he can never say no to that. He opens the door, and we both walk in, setting our stuff down.

“S-Shouta I-I’m really sorry-Mph!” He grabs me by my neck, slamming me against the wall with his lips on mine. Fuck. His tongue enters my mouth, and moves against mine, causing me to moan a bit. His other hand is on my waist but slowly moves down my clenching thighs, pushing them apart. He puts his hand between my legs making me whimper, while he rubs small circles on my clit through my shorts. I moan, squeezing my eyes shut, slowly losing air. He pulls away, making me gasp and pant, and his lips immediately attack my neck. “S-Slow down!”

“Why should I?” He murmurs against my skin, nipping at my sensitive spot causing me to cry out. I let out half of a yelp before silencing the rest by biting into my bottom lip. Fuck he’s going so hard, and so fast. He’s never like this. Most of the time he likes to take his time.

“A-Aizawa that’ll leave marks!”

“That’s the point.”

“B-But I have brunch with M-Midnight tomorrow and I don't want her t-to-”

“To know your mine?”

“Don't say that! It’s embarrassing!”

“Aw, but you like being embarrassed, love.”

“No, I don't!”



“Then why is your cunt drooling?” He asks, still rubbing me through my shorts, and I freeze. I didn’t even realize how wet I am until now. I’m soaked. I feel my face practically burning, as I turn my head away in embarrassment, not even realizing I’m giving him full access to my neck now. He took advantage of that quickly, being rougher with his nips and sucks. I can feel the bruising, and I start to get dizzy from the pleasure. 

“I-It’s not-”

“You just love to lie to me, don't you?” He grins, as his hand glides down from my neck, and pulls my sports bra down exposing my chest. I gasp, though it comes out like a moan, and hurriedly lift my hands to cover my chest, but both my wrists are caught and pinned above my head swiftly. He looks up at me, his sweet mahogany brown eyes are dark with lust. “Don't. Move. Understand?” He asks, and I just nod, as his kisses move down my neck to my chest. His lips connect with my nipples and I let out a whine, biting into my lip. He sucks on my breasts, before nipping at the piercings on my nipples, making me cry out and squirm.

“Shouta!” I whine, my knees buckling from the sensation.

“What did I say about moving?”

“I can’t help it.” I whimper, barely able to hold myself up. Fuck. This was both a very bad and a very good idea. It’s good for now, but I know he won’t give me the satisfaction of cumming. Damn it Y/n, why did you have to push him so hard? Usually, I can pout my lip, give puppy dog eyes, and apologize to lessen my punishment, but now he won’t even give me the chance to. “S-Shouta please-”

“Please, what?”

“P-Please! I-I can’t-”

“Aw, are you close already? Surely not, right? Surely you’re not that big of slut for me?” He murmurs against my skin, while he leaves marks down my neck, chest, and stomach before stopping right above the area I need him to touch most.

“P-Please I’m sorry ok?! I-I’m sorry!”

“No, you aren’t, but you’re gonna be.” He smirks, before grabbing me by the back of my neck, causing a yelp to escape me, and dragging me to the bedroom. Fuck, he’s so strong. My legs are practically trembling in anticipation, and he sits on the bed, before tossing me across his lap. Shit. I am very well aware of what this position means. I start to scramble away, but he holds me still. “Where are you going? The fun’s just beginning. Color?”

“G-Green,” I confirm, dropping my head in shame. Fuck. Yes, I could stop this at any time, but I guess that problem is I don't want to. He lifts his hand high, before cracking it against my backside, causing me to grip his thigh, letting a moan escape me. “F-Fuck.” I whisper, clenching my legs together.

“You’re getting off on your punishment? Well, that kinda defeats the purpose doesn’t it?”

“N-Not getting off,” I mumble, feeling lightheaded from everything. He slaps me again, and I flinch, letting yet another moan leave my lips. Damn it, he isn’t even giving me time to hold them back.

“You’re not? Then why are you moaning, hmm?” He asks, rubbing soothing circles on my ass. I hiss at first, my ass practically burning, but then after some time, I find myself biting back moans. Shit. He grabs me by my cheeks roughly, squeezing my jaw, muffling my yelp. “I asked you a question.” He whispers in my ear, in that sickeningly sweet tone. 

“I don't know! I-I don't know!”

“It’s because you’re an obedient little slut, behind all that brattiness. All you need is to be reminded of that, isn’t that right?” He asks, smacking my ass again, causing me to flinch forward with a whimpering moan. I shake my head, pushing my ass back, seeking out whatever friction I can. I slam my ass against his hand, moaning, practically rutting against his thighs, while he just watched in awe. I feel the tension in my stomach building, while I rut against his thigh.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me!” I scream, humping his leg as hard as I possibly could, and just when I’m right at my peak, he grabs my hips roughly and holds them still.

“Did I say you could cum?”

“Please Shouta, please, I need it so bad.”

“You’re pathetic. Is that the best you can do? If you really want to persuade me, why don't you beg a little better?” He asks, leaning back, kneading my ass with his hands. I shift a bit, I still want to hold onto a bit of my dignity, but the closer his hands come to my core the less all of that seems to matter. He grabs me by the throat quickly, causing my breath to hitch. He leans down, kissing the crest of my ear gently. I let out a slight whimper, before clamping my lips shut. He smiles, before whispering in my ear. “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?” He spanks me much harder than the last ones, and I let out a moan shifting my hips pathetically. 

“I said beg!” He shouts, making me flinch. I swallow my pride and take a deep controlled breath.


“On your knees.”


“Get on your knees.” He demands, and I shut my eyes, before silently obeying. Sitting on my knees before him, while he grins down at me. This couldn’t get any more humiliating for me, and he knew that.

“Please, give it to me, Shouta.”

“Give you what?”


“Why should I? You’ve been a brat all day. Tell me why I should give you what you want.” He leans down, before hooking a finger under my chin, and grazing his thumb over my lips. Whenever I tried to look away he’d turn my head back to him roughly. His gaze felt so heated, it was too intense to maintain. “Hmm? Is it because you’re my dumb little slut?” He asks, and my gaze immediately jumps to his with wide eyes, before dropping. “Look at me.” He growls, and I obey. “I asked you a question.”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes…I-I’m you’re dumb little s-slut.”  I whisper, looking into his piercing gaze, and as if my face isn’t already red enough, he laughs. He chuckles before letting go and leaning back. I look away, feeling the embarrassment burn my cheeks.

“Since looking at me is proving to be so difficult for you, I have an idea.” He grins, and I just know this idea is going to be the death of me. I grab me by my forearm, yanking me to my feet, before bending me over the side of the bed, and facing me toward our mirror. My eyes are red from tears, I have hickeys running all down my neck and chest, and I look practically brain dead. I look away, shaking my head. I don't know how much more of this I can take. I want it so bad I could cry. “Uh, Uh, I want you to look at yourself while I fuck your brains out.” He says, grabbing my hair and pulling my head up, forcing me to look myself in the eyes. 

He pulls my shorts down to my ankles with my underwear, before licking his fingers, and shoving them inside me. I gasp, grabbing the bed and I feel my walls tightening around his fingers. He wastes no time and immediately starts drilling them inside me at a pace that was bound to make me cum soon. I feel like any brain cells I did have were immediately broken. I grip the sheets in my hands, rocking back against his fingers while I moan.

“Have you already forgotten your manners? What do we say when someone does something nice for us?!”

“T-Thank you! Thank you Shouta-Ah!” He spanks my ass again, while his fingers are inside of me and it ignites something in my body. I feel my entire body buzz with pleasure, my walls tighten, and he curls his fingers inside of me. I let out a shriek, feeling like a bolt of electricity run through my pussy. Before I knew it I was cumming hard, my thighs were trembling, and my body did something it’d never done before. Clear fluid shot from my pussy while I just cry and scream pathetically, and he doesn’t stop, in fact, he goes faster. He gets on his knees behind me and sucks the fluid from me, moaning. “F-Fuck Shouta! I-I’m gonna cum a-again!”

“Go ahead, cum on my tongue.” He murmurs still sucking my pussy. I just let everything loose, and scream, feeling a second more intense wave of pleasure rush over me. It floods everything in my body, and my brain feels like it’s short-circuiting. I try to pull away, the feeling almost too intense to bear, but he grabs my hips and holds me still. “Take it! Take it like a good little slut-”

“Fuck! S-Shouta! I-I’m cumming! I’m fucking cumming!”

“Yea, you like when I make you squirt?!”

“Yes! Oh, fuck yes! Fuck me! Please fuck me! I need you! Please!”

“How badly do you want it?!”

“So bad! Please-AH!” I feel him inside of me all at once, my walls practically burning from the sudden stretch but it felt so good. I let out a scream that gets stuck in my throat halfway through. I fist the sheets, and he’s pounding me, shoving his cock inside me so deep I feel it in my stomach. I shove the sheets in my mouth to muffle to screams, and moans, but he quickly rips that away, and spanks my ass.

“Don't you dare silence yourself! I wanna hear all those pretty little pathetic noises you make when my cock is inside you, understand!?” He grunts, and I can’t do anything but nod in response while I let out a series of slurred moans. “Aw, what’s the matter?! Have I already fucked the brain cells out of you!? Are you a brainless little slut who can’t answer with their words anymore?! Huh?!”

“N-No Shouta! I’m sorry-”

“Good, next time answer me when I ask you a question.” He grumbles, before stopping completely. I let out a broken sob, letting my head fall onto the bed in defeat.

“P-Please. Please don't stop.”

“Since you can’t follow directions, you can do all the work. I wanna see you fuck yourself on my cock.” He says, spanking my ass just for sport. I flinch, before turning back sharply. He can’t possibly think I’m that desperate but when I look at that smug look on his face, he doesn’t think, he knows I’m that desperate, and I hate it because he’s right. I reluctantly rock my hips back and forth, slowly at first but the pleasure started to rise in my stomach. Like the pressure in a pressure cooker, slowly getting higher and higher. Until I was slamming my ass back and forth against his cock screaming his name. “God, you’re so slutty. I wonder if our friends know how much a cock-hungry little whore you are.”

“AH! F-Fuck!”

“You actually like that, don't you? I could probably do anything to you right now and you’d take it like an obedient little slut, wouldn’t you?” 

I feel the tears slip out, and I shake my head frantically as if denial would work. He grabs onto my ass, stopping me completely, before slamming his cock inside me and grabbing me by the throat. I choke on a moan and babble out a bunch of slurred moans.

“Look at yourself, moaning while I pound you like a senseless fuck toy. You like when I pound your cunt like that?”

“Yes! Yes! I love the way you fuck me!”

“Then why aren’t you thanking me!?”

“Thank you! Thank you, Shouta! Fuck! I-I’m fucking cumming!” I shout, and my stomach drops, goosebumps spread all over my skin, and my toes curl as tight as they possibly can, while I scream at the top of my lungs. My legs shake vigorously, and then I feel his hand start to circle my clit. “Fuck! Shouta, cum in me! Please! Fill me up!” I scream, and his hips start to get lazy. He holds my head up, tightening his grip around my throat.

“Look at yourself, while you cum.” He demands, and I stare at myself in the mirror, skin glistening from sweat, while tears ran down my cheeks, my entire face is red, and my body is trembling. “Fuck!” He grunts, and I feel his hot cum shoot inside of my cunt, before he pulls out, and lets his cum drip out of my hole. I collapse onto the bed, and it feels like my brain is filled with cotton balls. I pant, heaving with small whimpers leaving me. I hear him walk out of the room, but my eyes are shut. He comes back, a short while later, before I feel him scoop me up in his arms, and I open my eyes lazily in confusion.

“What…What are you doing?”

“You need a hot bath. I might’ve gone a bit overboard.” He murmurs, carrying me into the bathroom and resting me in the bathtub gently. I wince, still feeling sensitive, before resting my head on his shoulders. I look up at him and see him looking at the array of hickeys and bruises on my skin with a troubled look on his face. I grab his chin and pull his gaze down to my tired eyes.

“I liked it, Shouta. Ok? I liked it.”

“But I bruised you-”

“And I liked it.”

“Are you sure? You’d tell me if I went too far right?”

“Of course. Now, kiss me.” I say, and he leans down, kissing my lips gently.