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Deal with the Devil

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"Why am I starting to think you're letting me win these fights?" Link asks. Ghirahim is on the ground at Link's feet, the almost-completed Master Sword stuck an inch deep in his chest.

"Oh, I'm sorry, am I not enough of a challenge for you? The stab wound on your thigh would say otherwise," Ghirahim pouts as Link pulls his sword out of the demon’s chest, and gets to his feet. Link grimaces, looking down to survey the damage done to his own body as he sheathes his sword. "Yeah, that really hurts, thanks."

"We are still enemies in this war, hero, regardless of what other activities we participate in. My goal is still to see you dead." Ghirahim puts out a hand, taking the proffered red potion from Link and downing the rest of the liquid.

"Likewise," Link replies absently, already removing his tunic and chainmail, folding them neatly and places the rest of his equipment on top of the pile. "Can you even be killed? I feel like I've hit you so many times but you're still alive."

"We may not be enemies at the moment, Link, but we are still at war." Ghirahim removes his outfit with a snap of his fingers and Link rolls his eyes at the theatrics. "Always a show off, Ghirahim," he says, sitting on the ground and looking up at the demon. "Now get down here and fuck me, it's been an incredibly stressful day and I need the distraction."

"You're welcome for that," Ghirahim responds. He steps over Link and drops to his knees so he's straddling the Hylian and pushes him down to lie on the floor. 

Ghirahim bends his head and licks over Link's nipple, takes it in his mouth and sucks, enjoying the way Link arches into him. It doesn't take long before Link is panting, moans escaping every time Ghirahim grazes his teeth over the sensitive flesh.

"Ghirahim, I need more," Link whispers, hand coming to rest in the demon's hair and he tries to push Ghirahim's head down, trying to make him lavish attention on other areas.

"Didn't you ever learn patience is a virtue?" Ghirahim asks, lifting his head and Link laughs out loud at that, his hands falling to his sides.

"I don't think there's anything virtuous in what we're doing, demon."

"Mmm that's true, I suppose. But today, perhaps you'll finally get a lesson in patience and self control."

"I think I learned that lesson last time, thanks," Link says, eyeing Ghirahim warily, even as his dick perks up at the thought of their last encounter, the traitor.

"Obviously it didn't stick. So," Ghirahim snaps his fingers and two small chains appear, circling Link's wrists and anchoring them to the stone. Again.

Link tugs reflexively, panic flaring through him briefly before he stamps it out. Ghirahim wouldn't hurt him here, not at this point, Link is sure of it. But the unease he feels only grows when he sees the positively joyful look on Ghirahim's face. 

"Usually it's considered polite to ask your partner before you tie them down. Since we're handing out lessons apparently." Link raises an eyebrow as Ghirahim sits up and starts running his hand absent-mindedly over the Hylian's torso.

"I know up until now we've had an unspoken agreement not to bring our duties into this. But unfortunately I have to  break that agreement," Ghirahim says and Link feels anger and fear flare up at that, feels betrayed that Ghirahim would do this. "Unfortunately I am on a very tight deadline and really need to know the location of that second Gate."

"Ghirahim, you -" 

"So I'll make you a deal. I won't hurt you, I won't break what we have fully. More just bend the rules." He pinches Link's nipple, hard, watching how the Hylian gasps, back arching up into the sensation. He leans in and bites the tip of Link's ear softly. "If you tell me where I can find that Gate, I'll let you come," he whispers and sits up again. "You know I can prevent you from orgasming with my magic. I know you enjoyed yourself last time, but to not come at all? Well that's a different challenge altogether."

Link stares up at him incredulously for several seconds. He knows he should have seen something like this coming but things had gone so well previously, and he had been too wrapped in the euphoria of winning to notice anything -

"Ghirahim, did you let me win this fight so you could do this to me?" Link demands. 

Ghirahim shrugs. "My need for information might have outweighed my need to remove you from the equation."

"You're an asshole," Link says and Ghirahim just smiles at him. Link lies back, staring at the ceiling. He's pissed, almost as angry as he felt when he helped Zelda escape through the Gate of Time almost a month ago. How could he not realize Ghirahim might have some ulterior motive? He hadn't been subtle about wanting to know where the second Gate was. He feels foolish for allowing himself to be deceived and that only makes him more angry.

Fine. If this is the game Ghirahim wants to play, Link will play along. Ghirahim said he didn't have much time and Link has no problem wasting it for him. Ghirahim had called it a challenge and Link has never backed down from a challenge in his life.

"Fine," Link says, pushing himself up on his elbows. "But you won't get any information from me."

"We'll see, hero."

Ghirahim starts slowly, taking his time sucking and pinching Link's nipples. He knows it drives the Hylian wild, and even with Link trying to resist it isn't long before moans are escaping his mouth again and every once in a while there's a gasp as Ghirahim pinches harder. Once he's got Link worked up, he moves on, making his way over Link's body, nipping his inner thighs, dragging fingers over his lower abdomen, watching the way the sensitive flesh jumps at his every touch. 

Sitting up, Ghirahim lifts Link's legs and puts them over his shoulders. He licks along Link's ass, feels the muscles under his tongue twitch in response. He licks over Link's asshole, running the tip of his tongue in circles around Link's entrance.

"Ghirahim, what -" Link's question chokes off in a moan as Ghirahim pushes his tongue inside the Hylian, ever so slightly before receding. He flattens his tongue against Link's asshole, enjoying the noises these new sensations are causing. Ghirahim slowly pushes his tongue back in, enjoying the way Link's muscles are squeezing as he pushes deeper. He has a long tongue and he takes his time slowly working it further inside and drawing it out again, teasing Link. 

Finally the whole thing is inside and Link can feel as Ghirahim begins moving it in and out, fucking him on his tongue. It's like nothing Link has ever felt before. He can't help the moans and whimpers coming out of his mouth, and soon enough he moves his legs, locking them behind Ghirahim's head, trying to push the demon deeper into him. Ghirahim laughs and Link feels the vibrations all the way to the root of his spine. It isn't long before Link is rock hard, precome dripping down his shaft. He wonders vaguely how he's going to make it through this when suddenly Ghirahim pushes against his prostate, driving all thought from his mind. 

Link whines as Ghirahim keeps this up, licking over his prostate every few strokes and really, it's unfair how long his tongue is and how talented he is with it, but Link can't find any words to voice his grievances. He feels his orgasm building, and he knows in the back of his mind that that's going to be an issue but for the life of him, he can't remember why. All too soon however, Ghirahim is pulling away, and Link whines as he feels the demon's tongue leave him completely.

Ghirahim adjusts Link's body, putting the Hylian's legs around his waist to give himself a better angle and pushes three fingers into Link's asshole. "You're already so loose, I barely need to do anything. Such a greedy hero, look how well you take my fingers," he says, thrusting his fingers in and out. 

After a few minutes, Ghirahim lifts his other hand and leans forward, playing with Link's nipples which harden instantly at the attention. "Look at you, Link. Already such a mess, how will you get through this? Wouldn't it be so much easier to simply tell me where that Gate is?" Ghirahim asks, pushing a fourth finger inside Link and all Link can do is shake his head. Ghirahim sighs and starts moving his fingers again, rubbing them over Link's prostate every few strokes, making Link pant and groan. Ghirahim stretches him slowly, taking his time working his entire hand in. Link has tears in his eyes and he feels like his skin is on fire from the stimulation. Ghirahim fucks him with his fist, enjoying the sight of the desperate hero at his mercy. He's amazed that Link has managed to keep his mouth shut this long but he is far from done with the Hylian. He releases Link's nipple and trails his hand gently down Link's abdomen, a whimper escaping the hero as his hand comes to rest at the base of Link's cock. 

Ghirahim lets his hand sit there for just a moment before he starts trailing it up and down Link's length, watching his cock twitch and dribble out more precome under his ministrations. Link gasps, hips bucking erratically at Ghirahim's touch and when Ghirahim looks up, his eyes are squeezed shut, tears trailing down his face as Link tries to keep his focus.

Ghirahim leans forward and licks a stripe up Link's chest. "I could make you feel so good, Link. Give you an orgasm that would shatter your world. Just tell me where the Gate is." Ghirahim accentuates his words with a firm thrust against Link's prostate and Link cries out, his eyes fluttering at the sensation. He shakes his head again, biting his tongue so hard it bleeds, determined not to give away Zelda's location. 

Ghirahim sighs and slowly begins removing his hand. He's annoyed and impressed by Link's stubbornness. Unbreakable spirit, indeed.

Link sobs as Ghirahim's hand leaves him, his entrance fluttering and the muscles trying to contract. He isn't empty for long; almost immediately Ghirahim releases his cock and, grabbing Link's ass, pulls him closer and pushes his thumbs into him, pulling his asshole open. He pushes his tongue in, using his thumbs to hold Link open as he fucks him ferociously with his tongue. Link lets out a strangled noise as Ghirahim licks firmly over his prostate, pushing deeper than before. And it's enough that Link would come, if Ghirahim wasn't holding his orgasm back.

Link's hips thrust back and forth, seeking the release he so desperately craves. He sobs again as Ghirahim pushes his tongue in and out and Link instinctively reaches for his cock, forgetting his hands are tied down until he feels the metal dig into his flesh, tightening every time he struggles.

Ghirahim seems to sense what he wants though and snaps his fingers, releasing Link's hands. Ghirahim straightens, his thumbs still holding Link open as he adjusts him again, lining himself up to enter the Hylian. "Pleasure yourself, hero. I want to hear you beg," Ghirahim says as he enters Link. And how can Link refuse? He knows he won't get off but he's so desperate to touch himself he doesn't care. He grabs his cock and starts stroking. His shaft is slippery with precome and he feels more dribble out as his hand moves. Ghirahim angles himself so he's hitting Link's prostate with every other thrust and soon enough, Link can feel his orgasm building again. "Please, Ghirahim," he begs as he works himself. "I need to come, please." He's crying properly now, tears leaking out  of the corner of his eyes and running into his hair.

"Tell me where the Gate is and I'll let you come," Ghirahim growls out, teeth bared and lets out a scream of frustration when Link shakes his head again. He snaps his hips forward, picking up his pace and thrusting into Link with brutal strength. Link's hand stutters to a halt as he hits the peak again and can't fall over, letting out an agonized cry. Ghirahim grabs Link's cock and strokes it, running his thumb along the head and Link's hips buck, his teeth clenched so hard his jaw aches as moans escape with every thrust. 

Ghirahim only lasts a few more minutes but to Link, it feels like it stretches on for eternity. He feels practically delirious with need and overstimulation; he couldn't have told Ghirahim the Gate's location even if he wanted to. Finally though, he feels Ghirahim's hips stutter before picking up speed again, and then the demon's hand tightens around him. Ghirahim gives one more hard thrust and groans. Link feels the demon's seed filling him and it feels so good. He feels so full, it's enough for his body to try to orgasm again but Ghirahim still somehow has tight control on his magic and all Link can do is thrust into Ghirahim’s hand as waves of desperation wash over him, unable to drag him under.

After he's done, Ghirahim releases him and Link whimpers at the loss of contact, his hips still thrusting into the air. Ghirahim slowly pulls himself out of Link and sits looking down at the Hylian, who's a wreck under him.

"You must be so sensitive," Ghirahim says quietly after he catches his breath. He runs a finger lightly along Link's shaft and he whimpers again at the contact, hips bucking. "I'm amazed you held out." He's still running his finger up and down Link's length and Link's breath becomes ragged as he endures it. Finally he stops and pulls his hand away, sighing. 

"I suppose I must admit defeat. I'll admit I enjoyed myself, but unfortunately that went longer than I expected and you managed to waste quite a bit of time."

Link opens his eyes, a smug expression on his face. "Why do you think I agreed to your deal?" He asks, voice hoarse.

Ghirahim stares at him in shock for a moment before laughing. "Well who would have thought! The hero has a devious side." He leans forward and bites Link's nipple, sending shivers through the Hylian. "If I had time, I would punish you for that. Instead, I'll make you and that unbreakable spirit of yours another deal. If you manage not to come before our next meeting, I'll give you the orgasm of a lifetime." 

Link stares at Ghirahim and the demon grins at him mischievously. Fuck. There's no way he's going to resist a challenge like that, not with such a reward awaiting him. He doesn't know if Ghirahim would actually be able to tell if he had come between now and then, but he wouldn't doubt it. The demon knows him well enough by now. 

"You're an asshole." Link says, glaring at Ghirahim.

"I think I can live with that," Ghirahim says, chuckling. "I can't wait to do this again, hero," he says and Link's dick twitches at the thought of their next time, "but duty calls." 

And with a snap of his fingers he's gone, leaving a very disgruntled and incredibly horny Link behind.