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He's All That

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Jungkook breaths out heavily as he turns the corner on the main street sidewalk, passing by shops lined up beside one another. It was a perfect Sunday afternoon for a run. The warmth of the sun shone down on his glowing skin, and a light breeze blew through his hair. Five miles so far, three more until he was back home. 

"Jungkookie!" An older woman suddenly comes rushing out of her storefront with a bottle of water in her hand. Ms. Song. She was a sweet older woman who lived next door to Jungkook and his family and has become a little bit of a fan of the boy after he began playing volleyball in elementary school. 

She'd attend every game when Jungkook's parents were too busy and made him and his brothers, Haejin and Chungho, diner after matches. Ms. Song was like the grandmother they wish they had. In return for her kindness, Jungkook would help out in her small antique shop from time to time. 

Jungkook gained closer to the woman, a huge smile on his face. "Hello Ms. Song!" He greeted her, bowing once he came to a stop before taking the water out of the older woman's hand. 

Song grinned, eying the young man from his shoes to the top of his wet raven locks- taking all of him in. Jungkook's thin white shirt was damp with sweat, and his short red shorts hugging his muscular thighs exceptionally.

If she were 30 years younger and single (she was dating Mr. Chio, the market owner next door to her shop), she'd be all over Jungkook. But those aren't thoughts she should be having about the boy she practically helped raise. "Are you training for your game in a few weeks?" She inquires excitedly, watching as Jungkook downs to ice-cold drink, seemingly in one gulp. The old woman felt proud of herself for giving the latter something he really needed. 

Once the boy was finished with the bottle, he nodded. "Yes," he answers, still a little winded. "We're going up against a tough team...I just want to be prepared," he explains. 

As the captain of the volleyball team, he had to be a strong leader for his teammates. Jungkook was a star, and he had to perform as such. Yes, volleyball was a six-player sport, but the school needed someone to cheer for - a symbol to look up to. And he was determined to be that symbol. 

Ms. Song took the empty bottle from the other, farrowing her brow. "Oh, don't you worry about that, honey. You and your team will kick ass, and I will be there to watch," she encouraged, taking a step aside to allow the boy to continue his workout.

Jungkook laughs, beginning to jog in place. "Thanks, Ms. Song. I'll be looking for you," he exclaims as he slowly makes his way up the street, waving goodbye before picking up the pace.

The woman waves goodbye, eyes lingering on these tight red shorts, hugging the globe of the boy's ass. She shakes he head, ashamed of her naughty thoughts. 



Jungkook was only but a few blocks away from his house, sweat cascading down his shirtless torso, breathing even heavier than before. Music blasted from his ear pod, putting him into a trance. All he could think about was the game and doing precisely what Ms. Song said- kick the other team's ass. However, that's not the only reason he was out here working so hard. His parents were home, and that meant they were fighting like always. So the only healthy way to deal with the dysfunction in his household was to run and keep running until his mind was clear.

Jungkook supposes he was completely empty because here he was colliding with something in his path- another person, in fact. 

"Whoa it," a voice calls out to him, a firm grip on his forearm, keep him from falling. Jungkook looks up into the eyes of what he can only describe as prince charming. The stranger smiled slightly, gazing into the boy's eyes, just as mesmerized. Jungkook realized his mouth was hanging open stupidly, probably turning off the handsome boy holding on to him right now. This wasn't the first impression he wanted to leave.

He finds his footing, clearing his throat and chuckling slightly, attempting to move on from his embarrassment. "T-thanks..." he utters, eyes wondering to the street, noticing the moving truck parked with the back full of boxes and a few pieces of furniture. "Oh, you're the new family that's moving in," he smiled, running his hands through his hair. 

The latter quirked his brow, a slight smirk curled on the corner of his lips. "You know about me and my family?" He questioned. 

If Jungkook weren't so hot, he'd be a little put-off. However, that's not fair. Just because he's attractive doesn't mean he's not crazy. 

Jungkook chuckled, realizing that it probably sounded a little weird to a complete stranger. Especially one that's as gorgeous as the boy in front of him. 

Jungkook hadn't been in a relationship in a long time, mainly because he was focused on school and volleyball, and the other reason was that his last boyfriend wanted to move too fast, and he just wasn't ready for that. So no more dating. But, here he was, standing in front of a boy he barely knew and already wishing to jump his bones- whatever that means. No matter. Now is not the time for this. 

Jungkook chuckled, "yeah. My neighbor, Ms. Song told my parents. She knew the last owners," he explained as best he could without sounding creepy. His concerns didn't matter, though, seeing the latter found his little story amusing.

The stranger began to laugh, "I see. But I have to be honest with you," he paused, leaving Jungkook in suspense before continuing. Cute. "I'm more interested get to know the boy that may have broken my mother's fine china," he says, eyes slowly wandering to the box on the ground between them. Jungkook gasped, realizing the latter probably dropped it trying to save him from falling.

He hurries to pick it up, "oh! I'm sorry. Here, let me get that for you!" He hands the box over, hoping nothing really broke. The boy chuckles again, "thanks, but I still wanna know you're know since I'm new in town and all." 

"Right, I'm Jungkook. My family and I live on the next block over," he smiles graciously, a little flustered from the way the other was looking at him. Something warm and tender behind his gaze- nothing Jungkook had ever felt before looking into someone's eyes. 

"Yours?" He finally asks after a few seconds of just...staring. 

The other smiled brighter, "Taehyung. It's nice to meet you, Jungkook from the next block over," the older teases, earning a cute giggle from the boy who has captured his interest so quickly.

"Nice to meet you guy," Jungkook retorts. They'd shake hands, but Taehyung's were a little busy at the moment. 

Taehyung was just about to say something else, presumably preparing to ask the young man out on a date. He figured they could go out and explore together. However, Jungkook glanced down at his apple watch, and his expression changed. "Shit," he mumbles before returning his gaze to Taehyung. He hated he had to go, but Jimin texted with a 911, meaning he's gotten in some trouble yet again. Although Jungkook wanted to get to know the cute guy in front of him, he had to tend to his friend.

Besides, there was no way there could be anything serious between him and Taehyung anyway. Jungkook was on a mission to go pro, and he couldn't afford to give any of that up for a boy. Yes, Taehyung was hot, but he wasn't worth the distraction.  

The elder quirked his brow, "is something wrong?" Taehyung inquired, concerned. 

Jungkook huffed, smiling slightly. "I have to get going. Something came up...." he pauses, taking a good look at the latter one last time. It's really ashamed they'd never hook up. "It was nice meeting you, Taehyung." He smirks before starting up again down the street, leaving Taehyung standing there watching the show as he ran away. 

God, those little red shorts will get him in trouble, Taehyung thinks to himself. 

He stands in the middle of the sidewalk, drooling over himself when his mother comes rushing out of the house to collect another box. "Honey, can you-" she stops when she notices her son absolutely entranced by a figure running down the street. Jia smirks, placing a hand on the boy's shoulder, bringing him from his thoughts. "And you thought moving here wouldn't be interesting," she teases. Taehyung chuckles, finally giving his mother his attention. 

It was true. He was against moving to Seoul, but after meeting Jungkook, he figured there were some good things about the city. 

"By the way, this dropped...I think whatever was inside is broken," he changes the subject, shaving the box labeled "FRAGIAL" into his mother's hands before walking away.  

Jungkook was long gone, but Tae still took one last glance in the direction the younger ran off, chuckling to himself. 

They'll see each other again—he sure of it.