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Mr. Loverman

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George was not always one to grieve over the loss of a loved one, in fact, he never did. 


But the day that he watched as Dream got taken to a maximum security prison, he grieved. 

The loss of his best friend, secretly the love of his life, all he could feel was emptiness, a numb feeling in chest everyday. 

He seemed to never leave his house. Or, nobody ever saw him out of his house that is. The only other time someone saw George out of his house, was when he was getting food. But even then, he didn't stop to speak to anyone, he just purchased his food and went back to his home. 

The brit knew the reason Dream had been thrown in prison, but didn't want to except it. 

How could he accept it? 

Was he expected to just, forget that he ever loved Dream, just because he did a few bad things?

Sometimes he would break down, falling onto the floor of his house, the linoleum tiles were the only thing he felt he deserved, everything else seemed to good for him. 

He tried to speak to someone once. One day while out, he wanted to speak to Sam about visiting Dream, but everytime he tried, the words wouldn't come out, like the sensation of rocks in his throat.


Dream lied on the obsidian floor of the prison, holding a compass his brother, DreamXD, had gifted to him that always pointed in the direction of George.

He missed his brunette lover. The sound of his British accent. The feeling of his soft skin as they cuddled by the fireplace. He wanted it back so much.

Dream heard the sound of the platform slowly coming back towards the cell. The curtain of lava slowly pulling apart to reveal the same sight Dream had been used to for the last 6 months. Quackity, axe in hand, and a sly grin across his scarred face.

"Come on Dream. Tell me what I want to know..And this will all stop, and you'll be freed" Quackity said in his malious tone that was licked with a hint of sarcasm that let his true intentions shine like the moon.

"I can't.." Dream's gravelly voiced coughed up.

"Then you know the drill..!" Quackity's voice rose, as well as the axe.


George sat on his floor, a giant hand running through his hair, DreamXD's hand. DreamXD's goal was to make George happy again, but nothing seemed to work. And it made him frustrated.

"Just go away XD!" George cried, jerking his head away and shuffling to the other side of the room.

XD sighed and did as was told. All he wanted was George to be happy, but it wasn't for George or Dream, DreamXD needed old George back so he could do something to get his own lover back, the lover that Dream had sealed away hundreds of years. 




Sapnap sat on his bed, running the sharpening stone along the blade of his axe. 


The ravenette had several thoughts illuminating his mind, mainly about how his lover had been gone for months, bit occasionally, the thoughts of how George had been crossed his mind. 


Everytime that thought took over his mind and would send him into a small panic because he didn't know if George was dead, or alive, or had broken Dream out of the prison. 


But he remembered that Sam promised to never let George visit Dream. Remembering that promise always made the ravenette chuckle.


And Dream, if one day you ever escape from this prison, just know, I will hunt you down, and take your last life myself.


Those words echoed in Sapnap's mind as he sharpened his axe and grinned. 




Sam sat in the corridor waiting for the call that Quackify was finished "interrogating" Dream. 


Sam felt no sympathy for Dream. The blonde shouldn't have done what he did, and there was nothing to it..




In the end, George stopped leaving his house, relying on DreamXD for food. 


Sapnap started checking on George regularly, but was always met with a, "fuck off" in return. 


Quackity continued to show up every day, leaving Dream covered in blood on a day to day basis, and occasionally, near death. 


Sam felt little sympathy, but not alot. Every day he continued to let Quackity enter the prison to torture Dream. The only part about that he felt sympathy for was Dreams mother protesting that he be let out. 


And Dream only wanted George back in his life. Dream wanted nothing more than for George to visit, at least one time.