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How to get an omega

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“Yoonie,” the gentlest voice he knows enters his mind. “Yoonie, you’re alive?”

The omega slowly opens his eyes, instantly squirming due to the brightness of the room. It’s much sunnier than usual, he thinks to himself. Didn’t he shut the curtains like a week ago?

“Ugh…” he rubs his eyes, not really wanting to wake up. He drank so much yesterday; he can still feel some of the alcohol in his system.

“Yoonie,” his older brother speaks to him again, running his soft fingers through his long black hair. “Are you awake now?”

Jin is always so gentle with him as if he could break any time. Maybe it’s because he’s an alpha, programmed to be gentle and soft with omegas, taking care of their wellbeing all the time. However, Yoongi is old enough, experienced enough to know, that not every alpha is gentle like his brother.

“Hmm,” he nods, finally looking at the alpha sitting on the edge of his bed, well, king-sized mattress on the floor to be precise. He’s still dressed in his formal clothes, probably getting there right after work. “Why are you here, Jinnie?”

“It’s Friday, Yoon,” the older smiles.

Right, he thinks to himself. One of Jin’s weekly checks…

“What time is it? Did you finish all your work already?” he asks still half asleep.

“It’s almost two in the afternoon,” Jin looks at his watch. “We finished shortly before noon.”


He really slept in. He cannot even remember the last time he slept more than four hours straight.

“Joon’s here too?” he tries to sit up. His head is spinning so much he almost falls back, but Jin’s there to help him maintain some balance.

“I’m here,” the other alpha enters his bedroom with a coffee in his hands. He hands him the mug with a smile, showing his charming dimples in the process.

“Thank you, Joon-ah,” he accepts the mug and sips from his favorite beverage. Jin’s mate, Namjoon, isn’t the best cook. To be honest, he’s the clumsiest person Yoongi ever met, but his coffees are exceptionally good.

“Aren’t you hungry, Yoongi hyung?” the youngest of them asks. “We were thinking about ordering some food.”

“Not really,” Yoongi answers, putting the almost empty mug on the bedside table. Right next to the full ashtray, glasses, and ton of different pills.

“When was the last time you ate, Yoongi-chi?” Jin asks skeptically. He knows about his unhealthy relationship with food, with his body in general…

“Maybe yesterday?” he answers, not even looking at his brother.

“We are getting fried chicken, Joon-ah,” the older says to his mate. “And Yoongi is eating with us.”

“Okay, love,” the younger alpha jumps on his feet and walks to the living room, to order them lunch.

“I’m going to take a shower,” Yoongi stands up as well, showing his milky legs. He doesn’t sleep in pants, just an old big shirt and a pair of boxers.

He gets to the bedside table and puts on his glasses. After that, he prepares his pills for the day – one of the pheromone suppressants, one antidepressant, one birth control. He quickly pops them up in his mouth and swallows them with the remaining coffee.


“Hyung!” Yoongi hears Namjoon opening the balcony door. “The food is here!”

“I’ll be right there,” he smiles at the younger alpha and lights a second cigarette in a row. He breathes in and breaths out after some time, the nicotine calming his screaming mind a little bit.

He wasn’t feeling well lately, all the work piling up and stressing him out. He’s been also smoking more than usual, drinking more than usual, and eating less than normal. His body became weaker and paler.

Yoongi finishes the cigarette and walks back into his apartment, closing the balcony door behind him and shutting the dark curtains. He gets straight to the kitchen and meets with Jin and Namjoon already eating.

He sits across Jin and takes a bowl of rice into his hands. It takes him a few long seconds to take the first bite, the two pairs of eyes on him not making it any easier.

After some time, a few small pieces of chicken and almost half of the rice gone Yoongi is finished with his lunch. He fidgets with chopsticks in his hand, making it more than obvious he would apricate a cigarette.

“Joon-ah,” he looks at his brother’s mate. “Would you mind getting me the ashtray from the bedroom?”

“No problem, hyung,” Namjoon smiles and stands up. He’s always so good to him. Not because he’s his mate’s younger brother, Yoongi thinks it’s the genuine friendly connection between them.

“You shouldn’t smoke so much, Yoongi-chi,” Jin drinks some of his beer, concern clearly written all over his face. “It’s not good for you… and for a child, if you ever have some.”

“You know it’s not possible, hyung,” Yoongi spats, not wanting to talk about this right now. It’s still a sensitive topic for his inner omega...

“Here you go, hyung,” Namjoon puts the ashtray in front of him and hands him a pack of cigarettes as well.

“You’re amazing Joon-ah,” Yoongi smiles and lights up one of the cigarettes, smoke quickly filling the living room. He hopes the two alphas don’t mind, after all, it’s his apartment…

“I know hyung,” Namjoon smirks and starts to eat again.

Both of them, Namjoon and Jin are really good eaters. They can easily finish the three packs of fried chicken by themselves.

“Should we leave you something for dinner, Yoongi-chi?” Jin asks.

Yoongi shakes his head, he would be probably still full by the evening. He would be fine with some coffee or tea with one or two cigarettes. His body is used to this lifestyle, working all day, drinking a few coffees, smoking some cigarettes, and finishing the day with a glass of whiskey. Maybe some quick snack in between just so he won’t take his pills on the empty stomach.

“We will let you some of the rice,” Jin says, despite the fact he never asked for it. “You can eat it tomorrow morning if you’re not hungry in the evening.”

“Okay, hyung,” Yoongi gives up. He doesn’t have any energy to argue with his brother. He finishes his cigarette, leaving the tip in the ashtray. He reaches for the unopened beer can, changing his mind midways and drinking some water instead. He shouldn’t be drinking and taking his pills at the same time, but who's there to care?

“So, Yoongi-chi,” Jin starts and the omega is more than sure, it’s not gonna be some small talk. “We wanted to invite you to the small company dinner tomorrow.”

Yoongi freezes in his seat. He opens his eyes wide, shock deeply written into his features. Why would they want him there? Was it their parent’s idea? Do they want to embarrass him in front of strangers? Blame him for being born as an omega?

“No – ” Yoongi says immediately. “No – hyung, no. Why – why would you even ask me something like that?” he shutters a little, his hands shaking from the panic filling his mind.

“Yoonie,” Seokjin stands up, walking to his younger brother. He tries to hug him, but Yoongi shifts in his seat, pulling far away from his brother. His hand quickly reached the back of his neck, pressing over the marked piece of skin. It’s a bad habit, one of many he has. He scratches the sensitive skin, drawing few drops of blood.

“Yoonie,” his brother gently touches his hand, making him freeze in his seat. “Calm down, Yoonie. It’s only me,” the alpha gets closer, releasing some of his pheromones to calm the panicking omega. It doesn’t work that well, he isn’t his mate after all, but it calms him down to the point where he’s able to think again.

“Fuck!” he swears under his breath. “Fuck, sorry,” he quickly says, feeling the need to apologize for his strange behavior. “I – I didn’t mean to -”

“It’s okay, Yoonie,” Jin cuts him of, right away. “You’re okay, you don’t need to apologize. Joonie, can you get me some band-aids from the bathroom?”

“Of course,” the younger alpha leaves the kitchen once again and the two brothers are left together.

“Was it – was it our parents’ idea?” Yoongi asks, his voice cold and hostile. He doesn’t like to talk about them, doesn’t even like to think about them. To him, they are just two strangers.

“No, Yoonie,” Jin brushes thorough his dark hair gently. “It’s gonna be just me, Joon and the new director Jimin. I’m not sure if you ever met him before, and then some of Joon’s trading partners join us later. Father doesn’t care about the company anymore and mom? She’s probably abroad again…”

“The old man,” Yoongi looks at his brother, his eyes wide and somehow softer than before. “He – he doesn’t care anymore?”

“No Yoongi-chi. He’s taking advantage of his retirement to the fullest. He doesn’t even want to talk about the company. It’s just me and Joon now. Maybe you could join us? You have every right to-”

“No hyung,” Yoongi stops him abruptly. “I’m good- I’m good with the work I do…”

“Of course, Yoonie,” Jin nods understandingly. “You’re our hidden card after all. The best IT technician I know,” his brother smiles and gently hugs his smaller body.

“I got the band-aids!” Namjoon returns to the kitchen, hands full of fist aid kit items. He even brought some disinfection and cotton pads.

“You’re amazing, Joonie,” Jin quickly kisses his mate and starts to treat Yoongi’s bleeding neck. They don’t talk about the bite on his nape, never did in the last eight years. Not even about the scars all over the mating mark, the damage he did with all the scratching.

“Do you want some water, hyung?” the younger alpha asks, before sitting down. “No thanks, Joon-ah,” Yoongi tires to smile through the pain. Jin is wiping his neck with disinfects, making it hurts as hell.

“It’s almost done, Yoongi-chi. I’ll just patch you and you’re as new,” his brother puts the plaster over the scratch and pats his head quickly. “Done.”

“Thanks, hyung,” Yoongi says, lighting another cigarette.

“So, will you come tomorrow?” Jin asks sitting next to his boyfriend. His eyes are full of hope and Yoongi doesn’t have the heart to disappoint him again. But he cannot promise anything. What if he has one of his meltdowns tomorrow and stresses himself even more with the idea of needing to attend this event.

“I’m not sure, hyung,” he breaths in, smoke filling his lungs. His head spins a little, not sure if it’s the nicotine entering his body or all the adrenalin leaving. “I have a lot of work tomorrow…”

“Can you at least think about it, hyung?” Namjoon asks with big pleading eyes. “It would mean a lot for us if you come…”

“Of course, Joon-ah,” Yoongi nods. “I promise I’ll think about it for sure.” At least, that’s the one think he can promise to them.