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you are my type (you're a bright light)

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the chilly autumn air fills the streets of seoul, everyone wearing a sweater or jacket to keep warm as they briskly walk to wherever they need to be. cafes and shops are decorated with pumpkins and witch hats. it smells vaguely of cinnamon as one walks past a cafe. it’s nice when the weather is like this. yoongi shoves his hands into the pocket of his black hoodie. he is not very cold though, as the sun is right next to him.


“hyung, what are your plans for halloween?”


hoseok looks over at yoongi with a grin on his face. yoongi looks away. wow this loose thread on his shirt is so interesting huh. no matter how often yoongi walks to the studio with hoseok, he can never hold eye contact for too long. hoseok’s gaze is so warm and caring and yoongi is very much not used to that.


a few seconds pass. “uh, i will most likely be sitting on my couch drinking wine and watching shitty horror movies,'' yoongi says. “are you gonna make me abandon my very important plans, hoba?” 


hoseok laughs loudly and yoongi doesn't understand what's so funny. he leans close to yoongi, “well… seokjin hyung is having a costume party on saturday...namjoon and the others will all be there!” he grinned brightly as he talked and Yoongi can’t help but notice the mole on hoseok’s upper lip. 


“ah, i see..” yoongi responds. you see, park jimin had texted him two days ago asking yoongi to come to seokjin’s party when yoongi promptly replied “no” and then proceed to forget about said party. now when coming out of jung hoseok’s mouth, this party sounds a lot more appealing. 


“i guess i’ll go, jin hyung always has good drinks and food,” yoongi mumbles, trying to come off as nonchalant. “costumes aren't...required...right?” yoongi asks as hoseok pulled out his phone. “like c’mon a costume party? are we in high school?” yoongi’s hand grazes hoseok’s as they continued walking side-by-side. 


“jin hyung’s invite specifically says ‘no costume no entry’ so…” hoseok says, “it's supposed to be giving halloween party from mean girls, you know?” he shoves his phone in yoongi’s face to show him a poorly edited digital poster for jin’s halloween party. yoongi thinks he read ‘sexy costumes prefered’ before hoseok pockets his phone. yoongi shakes his head and sighs. “well, there's no way i’m spending money on a costume for this party, nope.” he turns to face the younger, “what are you going as?”


hoseok smiles before answering, “i’m gonna be an angel! i know it’s super basic but i think it’ll be cute!”


yoongi nods silently, trying to visualize hoseok as an angel. h m, not hard to imagine, really , he thinks to himself. h e honestly doesn't even have to try to look like an angel.


their conversation continues, the two chatting about whatever came to mind. 


“what are you gonna work on once you get to the studio?”


“wave you tried that new cafe in hongdae?”


“which album is better, igor or flower boy?”


they eventually reach the studio, in the building of the entertainment company they work at. this company mostly manages more alternative korean artists that vary in genres. yoongi started working here as a composer and producer after his best friend namjoon, who worked as a producer and songwriter, put in a word for him. a few years later, hoseok was hired as a choreographer and producer. yoongi was definitely weary of hoseok’s cheery personality when he first showed up, but now he can’t get enough of it.


yoongi enjoys hoseok’s presence. from how animatedly he speaks to how passionate and hard working he is. he is so genuine and caring but also quick to call someone out. yoongi admires him a lot. well, less admiration and more like a strong attraction. yoongi wants to date hoseok and has been hopelessly pining for several months. he hasn’t bothered acting on his feelings because he feels like it’s not worth it. could hoseok really love yoongi and his unhealthy habits and melancholy attitude? it just isn’t realistic. no reason to get his hopes up. yoongi knows negative thinking is bad and all but it is way easier to come up with negative thoughts than to think of something positive. 


yoongi enters his studio, genius lab, and gets to work.



hours before seokjin’s party, yoongi stops at a store and buys a $5 devil headband. It its bright red, made of felt, and covered in glitter. yoongi definitely did not buy a devil headband just because hoseok would be dressing up as an angel. Why would he do that? The glitter is already shedding onto his clothes. 


this headband itself is yoongi’s costume. his normal somber palette came in clutch. even right now he's wearing black ripped jeans and a long sleeved red shirt. i guess i'll just wear this to the party. 



yoongi is at the door of seokjin’s penthouse wearing the $5 devil headband and the outfit he threw on this morning. he hears a muffled top 40 song through the door and the loud chatter of tipsy millennials. yoongi takes a breath and opens the door. there are led lights lighting up the room and a cheap disco ball hanging from the staircase. yoongi takes barely 5 steps into the room before he’s greeted by three familiar faces who rush him into the apartment.


“yoongi hyung! you’re here!”


“yes, i am.” yoongi says. standing in front of him are jimin, taehyung, and jungkook. jimin and jungkook are artists at the label yoongi works for and taehyung is a rising model and jimin’s long time boyfriend. 


yoongi squints and takes a look at the boys’ costumes. jimin seems to be sailor moon, his blonde hair put into space buns and his outfit looking straight from a yesstyle haul. taehyung matched him with his tuxedo mask costume, wearing a waist coat and well fitting slacks. "cute costume, you two,” he tells them. it’s a cute couple costume, yoongi thinks. then he remembers what he’s wearing and what hoseok is supposedly wearing and he feels his face warm up. 


yoongi turns his attention to jungkook’s costume, which seemed to be a party city spiderman costume. “lame,” yoongi comments, which makes jungkook pout and the couple cackle. 


“you’re one to talk!” the youngest cries, “you didn’t even try! i chose spiderman because it is something i’m interested in. are you interested in the devil hyung? hm?”


“yes.” yoongi jokes flatly, jimin and taehyung start laughing again.


suddenly, a thick, tall, lanky figure emerges from the darkness.


“hey joonie hyung!”


namjoon smiles softly, dimples on show, putting an arm around jungkook who leans his head onto the older. “hey jimin. taehyung. yoongi hyung. jungkook.” after they all greet each other, taehyung frowns and steps closer to namjoon. “hyung, where’s your costume?” namjoon was in fact wearing his distinctly namjoon everyday wear. 


“i believe that we as humans, wear costumes everyday, hiding our true selves and hiding behind the way we present ourselves.”


“why are you like this?” yoongi deadpans.


“uh, anyways,” jimin rolls his eyes playfully and the conversation continues.


“party people!” kim seokjin is approaching, oh my god hoseok is approaching with him. yoongi is not ready. he knew hoseok was going to be here of course but wow he is here and he looks like an angel.


well...that’s his costume of course. hoseok’s wearing a cheap halo headband but a stylish all-white outfit. a mesh long sleeve top and baggy cargo pants. yoongi also noticed glitter highlighting his cheekbones. this cannot be good for his heart. 


“ayo, didn't my poster say ‘sexy costumes preferred’? you guys are lame.” seokjin taunted, scanning everyone's costumes. oh yeah, hyung's here, too , yoongi reminded himself. seokjin was wearing a vampire costume. his hair slicked back, makeup red, and white blouse splattered with fake blood. yoongi chuckles to himself thinking about how his hyung doesn’t seem to age and also has a garlic allergy.


seokjin was yoongi’s college roomate and he hasn’t left him alone since. actually, the two get along surprisingly well even though they bicker now and then.

“min yoongi, why do you think you can enter my party and chat away without greeting me?” seokjin scolds playfully. “and what is that costume? tsk..” 

“i think yoongi hyung looks cute.”


yoongi’s heart skips a beat. that was unexpected wow. this is the highlight of yoongi’s week. “i’m not cute,” yoongi grimaces, scrunching his nose. ok he really needs to work on taking compliments.


hoseok just smiles and continues talking, “hey, we’re kinda matching!”

“oh? hm, i guess we are.” yoongi grumbled like he didn’t purposely buy the cheap, flimsy headband currently on his head just to match with hoseok. god, he’s down bad.


the seven men continue talking. they catch up about work, relationships, shows they’re currently binging, normal friend behavior.

what’s not normal friend behavior is the way hoseok is looking at yoongi from across the semi circle they’re all standing in.


yoongi looks to his left, then his right, then behind him. a in’t no way he’s looking at me.

yoongi stares back. hoseok looks yoongi up and down and after a few more seconds of staring he turns to participate in whatever discussion the others are having. did hoseok just check him out? yoongi is feeling confused but a little hopeful.




hours into the party; there's trash on the floor, people on the floor, and the music is starting to make yoongi's head hurt. he’s so tired he’s starting to consider leaving and going home until-


“hyung, dance with me.” hoseok winks at him and yoongi grunts awkwardly, “i can’t dance.” hoseok laughs, high and energetic, “everyone can dance, hyung.” yoongi squints. “ok let me correct myself then,” he pauses, “i don’t dance.” hoseok smiles wide and yoongi spots something in his eyes that he can’t describe at the moment. yYou’re funny yoongi hyung. and cute. so cute.”



before yoongi could process that interaction he is being dragged off one of seokjin’s bar stools onto the middle of the living room where the party is most chaotic. yoongi groans. 

“so many people. so many loud and sweaty people.”


“s’mon, hyung, don’t focus on them, just focus on me.” hoseok grins, his usual projecting voice has gone down, like he only wants yoongi to hear what he has to say.


so hoseok and yoongi dance. sell, hoseok is dancing while yoongi kind of sways, until hoseok grabs his hands and maneuvers yoongi himself, which definitely did not cause mayhem in his touch starved brain. 


gradually they start moving closer together, hoseok’s hands find their way to yoongi’s waist and yoongi really wants to kiss hoseok. maybe he should. maybe he will. people are always talking about taking initiative. well, yoongi takes initiative by leaning in and pressing his lips against hoseok’s.


hoseok stops dancing. yoongi is about to pull away but then the grip on his waist is tightening and hoseok starts kissing back. they seem to fit together perfectly, they've never kissed each other before yet their lips move harmoniously. yoongi notes that hoseok is a really good kisser and hopes this isn’t his last time kissing him.


then, yoongi pulls away. “now hold on, why are you kissing me?”

hoseok’s brows furrow but his eyes look soft. “huh?” he breathes. “why are you kissing me,” yoongi repeats face red and lips wet. the younger frowns, “because you kissed me.”

yoongi sighs. “okay yeah but why did you kiss back? what are your intentions?” hoseok looked at yoongi like he said the stupidest question he’s ever heard.

“my intentions?” hoseok chuckled, “man, i don’t know. maybe take you to lunch? dinner? have a movie night, just the two of us. oh, i kind of want to kiss you more, as well.”





“i wanna date you, yoongi hyung.”




hoseok laughs but it seems strained. yoongi should probably tell him how he feels.

“i want to um, date you, too.” yoongi mumbles. he scratches his neck, a nervous habit.


hoseok’s eyes lit up and he wrapped his arms around yoongi. yoongi was initially shocked but melted into the touch. he could get used to this.