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I may be full of shit, but I love you

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My thick wet yet oh so delicious creamy shit sloshes in my diaper, filling me with a feeling that I couldn’t resist as I slosh side to side because of the amount of anal chocolate inside my diaper. Once I saw my wet, delicious, dripping shit on the floor, I used my finger to slowly wipe it and gave it a sniff. I licked it and I've never tasted something so good, salty with the classic bitter aftertaste I grew to love and enjoy. I make out furiously with Jungkook, tasting my shit in his mouth as I hungrily grabbed on to his waist, pulling him in further as my tongue presses up against his molars and I explore his caverns. The mix of our saliva and shit mixed together in our mouths felt so slimy, I wanted more. He places his hand down my diaper to reach in for more of my brown, stinky, wet mess. I shit more, because I just drank milk earlier and I’m lactose intolerant. But I know it gave my shit a creamy yet milky aftertaste, and also gave it a nice lighter brown texture as well to complement the taste.

People say lactose intolerance is annoying, but for me, a disgusting bastard, it is a simple blessing The Lord, Our God has graced upon me. The more the merrier. Sometimes the wettest shits are the tastiest ones. As we continued to make out with the brown mess all over our faces, the shit from the diaper leaked on the floor, touching our bare feet.

This brings me back to an old memory, when I was a child first finding out my true hobby. I had for some reason a troubled stomach, and i couldn’t hold it in any longer as the other students were flooding the bathroom, so i felt the liquid shit slowly spill out of my ass, staining my underwear, then my pants, then the floor. I should’ve felt horrified, but i felt horny. I couldn’t even remember how they laughed at me, for I was in pure bliss. What an amazing memory to have remembered in this moment. Oh the smell... That was the most nostalgic part of that memory.. The smell disgusted everyone, but that strong and putrid smell never bothered me. In fact, it was one of the best things that have ever happened to me.. I am blessed that God has given us humans one of the most wonderful bodily functions to exist.

While remembering the memory, I went to sit on the soft bed to brace myself from getting too excited. I shit even more, making my already overworked and overfilled diaper be even fuller. The wetness of my shit loosens the diaper, making it fall from my bottom to the floor.

“May I put it in your ass?” He asked, positioning me in a doggy style fashion. I said yes of course as my ass was very wet, which shouldn’t be biologically possible, but my wet shit made it as wet like a woman can be.

Jungkook inhaling the strong scent emanating, puts his hard dick in my ass full of wet shit, not bothering to wear a condom out of excitement. I bet the shit in getting in his dick hole too. But, he remembered to go gently at first, so he wouldn’t hurt me, “Sorry, I got excited.” I hummed in reply, because deep down, in my ass I didn’t care. “You could go harder you know.” I whispered, reaching out to his hand on m

While Jungkook was thrusting it in me as hard as he can, mu wet and chunky shit slowly went inside the foreskin of his uncircumcised dick. Because of the wet shit, the thrusts went easy and smooth, acting as lube. But, something i forgot to mention was “I have worms in my ass.” Jungkook felt something wiggling in my ass. "The worms are moving in your cute little ass.. Do you want to know what they look like?" Jungkook whispered in my ear. I grinned a little at him calling a part of me cute. I almost came from the sensation of Jungkook and the worms wriggling around, and it doesn’t take a detective to know he’s close too with the worms slowly entering his dick or wriggling near the tip of his penis hole. Jungkook continued to thrust faster and faster because he was close to cumming. Right when he was about to cum, I farted and he felt his dick vibrate in my ass. This is heaven for the both of them, especially to Jungkook. He pulled his dick out and made me to drink this mixture of shit, worms, and cum that's all coming from his uncircumcised dick. Salty, bitter and worms. A weird taste that shouldn’t be enjoyable, but it was for me. For me, love is like taking a shit, I have to push hard to feel the satisfaction I’ve longed for, except when I’m shitting, I’m in the toilet, but right now, I’m in his arms.

Well, I wish he took me in his arms, because he just stood up and left me on the bed, alone and cold. I always knew that he would never fall in love with me, yet I refuse to brace myself from the forseeable heartbreak, rather I’d always keep my hopes high that he would return my feelings. I am a fool, a jester in the court. The greatest of them, I would rather cave into the despairing pits of my own depravity and self loathing hatred than rather look eye to eye into the deep unforgiving abyss the world has become. Because the world is Jungkook, and he is my world.

I close my eyes, too tired to get up and clean up, I cry allowing the droplets to drip from my face as I turn to my side, holding myself, just so I wouldn’t fall apart.
My heart stays heavy, but it continues to stay afloat on a sea of tears.