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five nights at siegfeld

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Akira approached the student council room, pausing upon hearing muffled voices from within. Not an unusual occurrence, but it was what the voices were saying that caught her attention.

“Yachiyo, are you sure this is a good idea?”

“You worry too much, Mei Fan. It’ll be fine.”

“But should we really be doing this?”

Akira swung open the door with as much force as possible, causing the others in the room to be visibly surprised.

“Oh, Akira-senpai! You’re just in time.”

“What are you two doing in h-- What is that.”


Yachiyo was sitting behind the front desk with Mei Fan standing behind her. On the desk in front of them was some kind of rectangular shaped box.

“It’s a computer! We thought it would be useful for our student council duties.”


“Is that so… Michiru, what do you have to say on this?” Akira looked to the corner of the room, where the aforementioned Michiru stood.

“Michiru-senpai?!” The two of them spun around, not having previously noticed their upperclassman’s presence.

“Yes, Michiru here! I think it could be rather interesting.” Michiru seemed amused by the fact she managed to scare the two, judging by the large smile on her face.

“M-Michiru-senpai.. How long were you there?” Mei Fan almost looked like a deer caught in headlights.

“Michiru was here the whole time!” Her face didn’t change from a smile, but somehow there was something that felt a little more threatening about her.

Mei Fan and Yachiyo shared a look, now unsure if their (Yachiyo’s) plan was going to work.

“Well, uh, I guess we should start with teaching you how to use it!” Yachiyo got out of the seat, standing behind it next to Mei Fan. “Have a seat, Akira-senpai.”

“Hm. Very well then.” Akira moved around to the other side of the desk, sitting down. Just looking at the screen already felt intimidating.

This could take some time.


- - -


“Alright, now that we’ve uh… gotten used to the computer, how about we try doing something on it? Like a game, maybe?” Yachiyo knew exactly what she was getting the four of them into by suggesting the idea. Mei Fan looked at her as if to ask ‘Are we really going to do this?’. The former just smiled in response.

“A game..? On the computer?”

“Yes. On the computer.”

“Hey, if we’re gonna play a game, don’t you think we should invite Shiori to join, too?” The two first years looked at each other, a bit surprised by the sudden addition to their plans. Inviting Shiori would probably cause a bit of disruption to their already derailed plans, and likely cause them to get into even more trouble if something were to go wrong, but they couldn’t just say no to Michiru. Especially when she already knew everything they had planned.

“Y-You’re right! We should! It would be rude of us, her upperclassmen, to leave her out, after all.” Mei Fan quickly responded, taking her phone out of her pocket, “I’ll give her a call.” Yachiyo shot a glare at Mei Fan.

“Mei Fan, are we really going to invite Shiori? What if she gets scared and we get into trouble?” Yachiyo whispered to Mei Fan, trying to keep her voice as hushed as possible.

“Well you heard Michiru-senpai, she heard everything we were talking about! She could easily use that to get us into trouble if we don’t go with what she says.” Yachiyo huffed, still not fully convinced.

“What are you two whispering about over there?” Akira’s voice came from behind them.

“A-Ah! Nothing! We were just talking about inviting Shiori, right Mei Fan?” Yachiyo turned around to Akira, nudging Mei Fan with an elbow.

“Yes! I’m giving her a call now.” Mei Fan moved a bit further away from the others as the ringtone rang out for a couple seconds before the phone was picked up. The other Edels watched, waiting for Shiori’s response.


After a minute or so, Mei Fan turned back to the Edels. “Shiori says she’ll be here soon!”

“Great! So, while we wait for Shiori to get here--” Yachiyo started, before the noise of the door slamming open once more interrupted her.

Standing in the doorway was Yumeoji Shiori herself, panting as if she had just ran all the way there. The rest of the Edels all stared in shock.


“I hope… I didn’t... Make you wait too long.” The girl said between breaths.

“N-Not at all! You got here surprisingly fast, actually…” Mei Fan responded.

“...So, now that Shiori’s here too, how about we get to playing the game?”

“And what game are we going to be playing, Yachiyo?” Somehow Michiru just kept getting more and more threatening.

“”W-Well, you see.. Uh- Look, it’s already installed on the computer!” Yachiyo took the mouse away from Akira for a second, clicking on something with a suspicious looking bear as the icon.

“‘Five nights at Freddy’s’… Who is this ‘Freddy’ person? Is he the bear? Why are we spending five nights here?” Akira was asking too many questions for Yachiyo to answer at once.

“Uh, Yachiyo-senpai, are you sure about this game…? It looks a little scary…” Exactly what Yachiyo was worried about.

“Don’t worry, Shiori! It’ll be fine, right Yachiyo?”

“Yep, it’ll be just fine! Look, I’ll even play the first round myself. May I take the seat for a moment, Akira-senpai?”

Akira got out of the seat without question, allowing Yachiyo to have full access to the computer. She quickly started up the first round, or ‘Night’, and started explaining how to play.


- - -


Yachiyo managed to pass the first Night without any problems, much to the amazement of the other Edels, who had been scared by any sign of something happening.

“So, who wants to go next? There’s five nights, so that should be enough for all of us to play one each.”

Yachiyo looked at all the other’s faces. Nobody seemed to be offering themselves up.

“Ehh? Nobody?”

“H-Hey, how about Yukishiro-senpai goes next?” Shiori suggested, “Yukishiro-senpai isn’t that good with technology, and it looks like the game is going to get harder, so…”

“Hmm? Are you saying Akira-senpai isn’t good enough for the final night?” Akira’s expression suddenly changed to a rather unimpressed one, as if she hadn’t realised at first that it was a challenge.

“Huh? N-No! That’s not what I- Uh- I’m sorry, Yukishiro-senpai! I’ll go next!” Shiori took a seat at the table, determined to beat the second night.


She managed to get through the first couple minutes without any major problems, but it didn’t last long.


“Hey, this one wasn’t in the last round, was it?” On the screen was the image of a fox-like creature emerging from behind a curtain.

“Hmm? Oh, you’re right. I wonder about that.” Yachiyo clearly knew what was going on.

“W-What am I meant to do?!”

“Oh, if I remember correctly, you just have to keep an eye on that one to stop it from moving,” Mei Fan was suddenly revealing that she knew more than previously thought about the game, “But if you keep looking too often, he’ll start running towards you. If that happens you need to close the door on the left as soon as possible.”

“I-I see! Thank you, Mei Fan-senpai!” The instructions helped, but it didn’t seem to make Shiori any less scared. In fact, it seemed like they were so focused on the fox that they didn’t notice another one of the animals quickly approaching. A jumpscare came soon after, visibly scaring both Shiori and Mei Fan. Akira was rather intrigued, while Yachiyo found the whole scene pretty amusing.


“Interesting…” Akira was still trying to process how everything worked.

“Have you played this before, by any chance, Mei Fan?” Michiru spoke up, seemingly impressed by Mei Fan’s knowledge.

“U-Uh- Well- I may have a little bit a while ago… But I never got to finish it!”

“Then, it sounds like you’ll be perfect for the next round.”


Yachiyo decided it was time for her to step in, even though it was starting to get somewhat interesting. “Alright you two, break it up. Shiori is trying to focus here.” Mei Fan looked defeated - at least she got to play one of the easier nights, though.

“Sorry, Shiori…”

It seemed that Shiori was actually too focused on the game to even acknowledge Mei Fan’s apology. Actually, she didn’t even seem to realise they were talking before either. After her defeat she wanted to put as much effort into getting through the night as possible.

The Edels watched intently as Shiori breezed through her second attempt. The night ended with a visual of the clock turning to read 6AM, with the noise of cheers in the background to signal a job well done.


Shiori sat back with a sigh of relief as the night came to a close.

“Incredible focus, Shiori.” Akira had been watching each of Shiori’s movements closely, though whether or not she actually understood what was going on was hard to tell.

“Mhm, very good, Shiori!” Yachiyo was glad that Shiori didn’t seem too shaken up - Shiori even looked a little proud of herself.

“Ehehe, it’s not that impressive..” Shiori was blushing a little as she got up from the chair for the next person to take it. Though that wasn’t too surprising given she had received praise from Akira Yukishiro herself - though the context was rather questionable.


Mei Fan sighed as she approached the seat. “I guess it’s my turn now..”

“Woo, go Mei Fan, go!” Yachiyo gave a small cheer as enthusiastically as possible.


The third night was relatively the same as the second, only with a slightly faster pace.Using her prior knowledge and what she had learnt from watching the other two, Mei Fan was able to make her way through the night rather smoothly. However, she soon ran into a problem of her own as well.


“Huh? What just happened?” The office the game had been taking place in went dark.

“I think… you ran out of power.”

“The computer is out of power? We must repower it immediately.”

“She meant in the game… Did I not tell you about the power meter?” Yachiyo was a little dumbfounded. She thought she had properly explained almost every mechanic of the game - except for that one Mei Fan explained.

“Oh… I believe you mentioned that..”

“H-Hey, guys? I think there’s a more important issue than that…” In the left doorway a pair of white, glowing eyes had appeared from out of the dark, accompanied by an eerie tune.

Aside from Shiori, they were all watching closely, half in anticipation and half in fear of what was going to come from this. The former was partially covering her eyes, afraid of what was going to happen.


The tune stopped playing. The screen went to black.


For a second they thought the computer really could have run out of power - but it could also be the start of a jumpscare.


They were only waiting for a couple of seconds, but it felt like minutes. However, instead of a jumpscare as expected, they were greeted by a congratulations screen. Somehow, Mei Fan had still beaten the night despite running out of power.


There was a shared level of confusion between all of the edels. 

“What… just happened?”

“Did Mei Fan-senpai...really just win?”

“I… I guess so.. It looks that way, at least.” Mei Fan almost couldn't believe she had won - not like that. 

“Well, I don’t think we can go back to it, so we’ll just have to continue! Michiru-senpai, it’s your turn now.”

“Yep, Michiru will be going now!”

Michiru sat down in the chair, momentarily preparing herself before starting the fourth night. It seemed to work too, as Michiru was making moves the moment the night started. Even in such a simple game, her movements seemed perfectly coordinated and timed. The Edels watched in a kind of awe.

Before long, the congratulations screen appeared once more. Michiru had turned out to be far more skilled at the game than any of the three that played before her.

“Michiru-senpai, that was amazing! Have you played before as well?”

“Oh? Have your sights changed from Akira-senpai to Michiru-senpai?”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

Michiru laughed in response, “Either way, it’s Akira’s turn now, isn’t it?” Everybody turned to look at Akira. She was now their last hope for beating the final night of Five Nights at Freddy’s.

“Very well. I will do my best.”

Akira sat at the table as the fifth night started. Everybody waited to see what the famous Yukishiro Akira, Frau Platin of Siegfeld Institute of Music, would do first. They waited a couple seconds. Then a couple seconds more.

Soon, the other Edels realised that Akira wasn’t doing anything. She was sitting in the chair, staring intently at the computer screen. Her hands were folded in her lap, not even touching anything on the table.

“Uh.. Akira-senpai, you can use the mouse to move around… It’s just next to you there, on the table.” Yachiyo worried for a moment that she would have to reteach how to use the computer to Akira, but it seemed to be coming back to her after a bit of guidance.

Akira had, in fact, been watching everyone else play closely, picking up on each of their movements. Their Frau Perle may not have been good at technology, but she was able to pick up on and spot patterns between each of those who played before her. To Akira, it was like repeating a choreography.

However, Akira’s movements were incredibly slow compared to the fast pace of the fifth night. The Edels began to question if Akira really would be able to beat the night. It felt wrong to doubt the Frau Perle, but in this scenario they just couldn’t help but wonder if Shiori was right about having her go second.

Regardless, the Edels continued to watch on.

The atmosphere became more and more tense as the clock ticked, getting closer to 6AM - the goal. The power also continued to gradually run out, as if racing against the clock. Not to mention the fact that all four animatronics were now very active.

The clock reached 5AM. Now it was time for the final stretch.

Akira continued to make worryingly slow movements of the mouse across the screen, coming into multiple close calls when they were so close to their goal.

Until, finally, the clock turned to 6AM. The cheers sounded.

Akira stared at the screen, unsure of what to do next.

It even took the Edels a couple minutes to realise what had just happened due to the surprise.

“Akira-senpai… You did it!” Yachiyo was the first to speak up.

“Good job, Akira.”

“Akira-senpaiii! I knew you could do it!” Mei Fan looked like she was about to cry.

Akira stood up from the chair, turning around to face all of the other Edels. It almost felt as if she was about to make some kind of speech.

“Thank you, everyone. I am grateful for your support. However, this is not something I could have achieved on my own. This is something we were able to achieve together.”

The Edels clapped, cheering their Frau Perle on.

Except, there was something that everybody but Shiori had seemingly failed to notice. The game hadn’t stopped. There was a sixth night that they still had to beat. That was odd, since Yachiyo said there were only five nights - it was even in the title.

“Um.. I’m sorry to interrupt but… the game is still going?”

All of the celebrations paused as everybody turned back to the screen.

“Huh?” Yachiyo seemed just as confused. “I don’t remember anything about this.”

“So the game continues to challenge us…”

“Aha… Shouldn’t we just leave it off here, though? It’s gotten pretty late…” Mei Fan suggested, looking at the real clock. It was well past the end of the school day, and they would have to leave soon anyway.

Akira seemed reluctant at the idea of just leaving without having properly finished the game. It would be considered turning down a challenge, after all.

“Right, we can just finish this tomorrow.” Yachiyo shut the game and then the computer off. “We wouldn’t want to get into trouble for staying too long after school.”

“That was fun, though! Thank you for inviting me.”

The Edels began to pick up their things, heading for the exit. Except for Akira. Michiru, realising something was wrong, turned to the girl who was still standing behind the desk, glaring at the blank computer screen.

“Akira? Aren’t you going to come with us?”

“Are you insane? What if Freddy is out there?”