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November collection of drabbles and short stories

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Autumn was Off's favourite season. The weather was somewhere between warm and chilly, making it perfect for the late afternoon walks. But what he appreciated the most were the colours. Autumn had the most beautiful palette out of all seasons. As a photographer, Off know how to enjoy nature's beauty. It was already the time of the day when he made his usual walk around one of the city's parks, snapping a few photos here and there. 

He aimed his camera around, trying to find the best view of colourful trees when the lens landed at the bottom of the tree trunk. Off's breath hitched. Under the brown plant was sitting a beautiful young man. He was laughing at a tiny white dog running around his stretched legs, chasing falling leaves. Off couldn't help himself and snatched a couple of pictures of the aetheric view. The man must have heard the shutter of his camera because his head snapped in his direction. 

Their eyes met for the second before the man's phone started to ring, destroying the magical moment. Off sighs watching as the man stood up with the mobile attached to his ear, walking away without a second glance.