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What does Tsuruhime Yachiyo wish for?

She thinks back to the question, as well as the answer she provided.

Yachiyo was still rooting for world peace of course, grinning to herself whilst wondering if she truly was as enigmatic as she presumed she was in the past 

Picking something of an altruistic nature was facile but having to peer deep within and desire something of a selfish wish was problematic for some.

She had too many guards to defend during those years, too many vulnerabilities she couldn't display. Being honest about her dreams had once left her ridiculed and isolated, misunderstood by those that should have been there to encourage her.

But such a time in her life had long faded, slowly paving the way for what she had amassed now.

The lively atmosphere of the living room was comforting enough to transport Yachiyo back to those day of performing. More so given the company in front of her, those she had fought, befriended, loved.

Yachiyo wonders if she would have been more honest, selfish in her answer.

Perhaps she would have stated her desiderate to perform in her outfits on stage?

Maybe she could have divulged her yearning that the manifestation of having a sister was a reality?

Or the idea of being the top star would have been a plausible answer?

Her dreams had been revised over the years after some had been procured such as reaching the zenith of her career as a designer.

Others has been satiated by the friends she had accumulated, sealing that need to not only be supported but to in turn, offer support.

And then there was the prospect of allowing certain individuals to rappel over those defences and walls she had worked tirelessly to fortify. 

With it, the loneliness she was once subsumed in had lessened with each passing day.

What did she want now when she already had the world in her hands?

All three of them.

Yachiyo's eyes scan over them with the veritable affection they summon out of her.

The chaos of the celebrations only affirm the notion that Yachiyo was at a place in her life where wishes would be mundane to ponder on.

There was Claudine catching up with Maya, Tsukasa and Junna, their conversation clearly invigorating given the way Junna had relinquished her composed mannerisms but Claudine's gaze never strayed from Yachiyo for long. Even when Yachiyo glanced away, the haze which was rife in Claudine's eyes seemed to follow her, lingering like a delectable scent.

Shizuha was in the midst of topping off the vivers and beverages with the help of Mahiru, Michiru and Karen, the latter of the three almost causing a collision which was the norm but Shizuha always glanced back to give her a smile. One which displayed the unyielding adoration she held, unrestrained and all for Yachiyo's taking.

Fumi was attempting to pry away the alcohol from an inebriated Ichie with the help of Tamao, Shiori and Kaoruko as she vocalised  a particular embarrassing anecdote about Fumi who finally succeeded in wrestling the smaller woman and smirking Yachiyo's way. An action which boasted her knowledge of being able to cultivate such a bashful smile from Yachiyo, rendering her to becoming entranced by the blonde.

What more did Yachiyo desire?

She watches the party unfurl around her, her friends gathered in her home for her birthday and even to this day, the sight is surreal.

Jovial conversations composed from imbibed narratives, warm greetings and boisterous laughter were the components of the aura.

A stage of contentment, Yachiyo had finally obtained it and felt the catharsis of that sensation during every waking moment.

In her musings, Yachiyo fails to notice a figure approach her from the right.

She feels arms curl around her midsection and the familiar scent glaze over her, the one she has known the longest and smiles as she turns her head Fumi's way. Not as opposed to public displays of affection as she used to be, Fumi leans forward, brushes her lips over Yachiyo's whilst telling her to stop day dreaming and live in the moment. The tone is puckish yet her blue eyes are forthright and Yachiyo bites her lower lip to contain her emotions, to offer a riposte but the words do not formulate. 

Fumi's grin softens to an affectionate smile.

Happy birthday, Yachiyo.

Before Yachiyo could centre her wayward thoughts, she is swiftly met with another pair of arms circling her from the left side and she cranes her face up to see pink eyes, the colour rich, coruscating and inviting. Claudine wears a provocative smirk and lowers her face till her lips could seek out Yachiyo's, another emotive kiss and Yachiyo thinks she's going to melt, feels her breath halt in her lungs. More so when Claudine pulls away and reminds her of how radiant she looks, fingers sweeping over her lower back.

Claudine's expression depicts apodictic adoration. 

Bon anniversaire, Yachiyo.

Still somewhat stupefied, Yachiyo moves her head forward when familiar fingers nestle beneath her chin, only to be met by Shizuha smiling down at her. Her other hand remains over Yachiyo's hip where she was being held by the blondes. The woman's countenance is one of candid adulation while she tilts her head to the side and captures Yachiyo's lips between her own, again so soft. Yachiyo falls into her rhythm, thankful that she was being held. Remaining close, Shizuha whispers her hope that Yachiyo has had a pleasant evening, and how it was only commencing, to sit back and be spoilt.

Yachiyo, happy birthday.

Yachiyo's eyes closed, the rate of her heart running at an alacritous pace, feeling so brimful as she leans against her lovers, the synthesis amongst them no less stronger than it had been from the beginning. She was convinced all three could feel it, more so when their embrace tightened, a reminder that she no longer had to mask what she felt.

They understood, always had done so.

She manages a whispered 'Thank you'.

Free of coyness, constituted with honesty, conveyed without restraint. 

The endearing display garners the expected rounds of blagues and jest from their friends.

Yachiyo couldn't be happier.

Through the exertion of navigating life, she could finally say that she was imbued in contentment. 

And wishes for nothing more.