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MHA Shorts

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As normal she was alone, so being at a carnival alone was nothing new. Y/n was new to class 1a so it was only natural she hadn't gained anyone close enough to invite her to the festival.


"Thank you!" Y/n took the the Cotton candy from the man behind the stand.


With one hand in her pocket, she walked around the various rides with none gaining her attention in particular, the lights were more than enough. As if they were dancing around in y/n's eyes. Her quirk allowed for her to slow time, so as she walked through on the grass, y/n made it so it was as though time itself had stopped. Bliss was all she could feel, the tranquility of it all was enough that she leaned her body and head against the wall to another stand.


For a while the sound of a humming tune played, vibrating through her ears, allowing y/n to feel peace for once. That was until she saw a smile, one that radiated warmth, one that made the illuminated lights seem dull. The boy threw his head back with a laugh, hand behind his neck as he continued with his friends. His hair was glowing perfectly red along with the festivals neon lights.

'Oh I've seen him, that's the kirishima guy.' Suddenly the memory of those colors dawned upon y/n, he was in her class. Suppose the other lights and slowed time just made him standout since he really did have such a joyous glow.


As she found herself looking over to them, the boy slowly moved to look at her, locking eyes. Y/n already felt her cheeks heat up so as she was about to turn away, the boy send a small wave followed by that glorious smile again. So of course she did the exact same back, only little did y/n know, when she did he blushed a pink hue. Ever since she joined their class he's been trying to come up with the 'most manly way' to ask her to hang out with him. Truth being that he wanted to ask y/n to the carnival, but was worried she'd reject him since they both hadn't really talked. But a wave didn't require talking.

In a daze, he stood there still smiling at her from across the teacup ride. Unfortunately yet oh so fortunate, Mina noticed him staring.


"Oh look, It's y/n! We should go say hey and ask if they wants to join us, looks like they're alone." Mina states looking dismally at the fact y/n was alone.


"Oh I- I mean yeah, sure." Kiri stuttered out as Mina was already walking towards her where she still leaned against the stand eating candy floss, yet now her attention was on the colorful lights of the Ferris wheel in front of her. She had always loved them, but heights were an iffy subject, y/n needed someone there with her to metaphorically hold her hand as the fright built up and lowered again. But of course, being alone most of the time, she never really got to experience much.


"Hey, y/n, It's Mina! I'm your classmate, this is Kirishima, Bakugo, Denki, and Sero! Didn't know you were the carnival type y/n, we would've invited you otherwise." She pouted crossing her arms. "We're sorry about that, would you like to join us now though? We'd love if you'd join! Then I won't be the only girl either."

"Ah, sorry, was watching the colors... oh um, yeah sure, if you're all okay with me tagging along. I usually come to these alone since I never really talk to people... the colors and music make it just too alluring for me not to come." Y/n reply smiling with the cotton candy still in her hand, she had actually forgotten about it for a hot minute so it was still the same size as before.


"Ooo, so can you see colors in a weird way with your quirk or something? Does the music change the way you see it?" Denki asks as his curiosity peaked for the mysterious girl in front of him.


"Oh, it's nothing flashy like that really... I slow time, so the music and colors sort of warp together, each influencing one another. Makes me stary eyed really when I get into a trance. But I'm more of a silent attacker, usually moving people out of harm or changing the way they attack to miss... it's really rather simple compared to your guy's quirks." y/n explained rubbing her arm in a nervous way.


"No way! That's so manly, mines not even that flashy, I'm basically just a rock." Kiri laughs scratching his head.

"Ah, no I like your quirk, it's a real hero one. You can protect people like it's no ones business!" She exclaimed quickly. "You actually have a sort of glow about you when everything slows down... It's radiant."


"That's what we all say!" Sero laughs in the background.


"Tsk, as if..." the boy names Bakugo scoffs at their enthusiasm.


"Bleh, enough about that anyways, let's go on that, I saw you looking towards it earlier! It's a two seater so now that you're joining us no one will have to go alone!" Mina grabs the rest of the boys apart from Kirishima and drags them to the gate to get in.


"Hey, you okay? You look scared." He looks worried at her.


"Oh shit... I mean my bad, I just, I just get scared on these..." she walk toward the others.


"It's okay, I'll go with you so I can protect you, it's the manly thing to do." He grinned at her.

"Haha, yeah of course, thanks." She smile towards the boy who stood next to her waiting to board onto the giant wheel in front of her.

There was a small line, so she continued to munch away at her cotton candy.

"Would you like some?" She held the candy toward him, he smiled at her sweet offer.

"Ah, thanks!" He use his hand to rip a small piece off and ate it. She laughed at his carefulness as he took a small piece of the big amount. Without saying anything, she ripped the bundle in half and gave one half to him.

"You're too kind, here." She smiled at him as his eyes lit up at her sweet nature.

"Oh wow, thanks y/n! So manly..." they both continued to eat away at the candy till it was their turn. Y/n threw the stick in a bin nearby really quick, and got ready to board.

With hesitation, she got in first, him following behind her at a respectful distance.

Y/n sat down, gripping the railing around the cart as the operator closed the both of them in. The Ferris wheel began to turn upward slowly, there was no turning back now, it was way too late at this point. Kirishima noticed how scared y/n was as she sat opposite him trembling, so he scooted closed to her side, putting an arm around her shoulders sheepishly.


"There, now you're not going to go anywhere. I got you so don't worry, Kay?" There was that dazzling smile again, this time she could see his blush, it suited him.


"Thank you..." y/n said whilst moving closer into his side, it was comforting. "Such a manly man."


"Man I like you so much. WAIT I- crap I'm sorry I didn't mean to say that out loud." He hid his face in his hands as he removed his arm around her.


"Pfft, that was cute." Y/n giggled at him, she couldn't help but say the truth, his colors were just so alluring, almost hypnotizing.

He couldn't find the words, so he just put his arm around her waist, the other hand laying on her cheek. He made y/n look at him in the eyes. For a second she could see him look down to her lips, and then just a quickly looking to her eyes. Obviously he was asking for permission so she nodded slowly, not looking away from his lips.


Carefully but passionately he kissed her, his lips placed on y/n's made it so time stood still on its own, she didn't need her quirk to feel like they were frozen in time. Though obviously there was nothing, she could of almost swore she'd seen colors spark from the contact. Perfection, his lips were so soft and subtle, he was showing so much respect to honor boundaries, it made her heart flutter. Though she didn't want to, they both pulled away slowly smiling, then placing their forehead on his.


"I gotta admit, this is a lot better than coming alone." They both laughed slightly at her obvious statement.


"And wow by the way, you're as sweet as cotton candy, baby." He smiled as their foreheads stayed connected, placing another small kiss on her lips.

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Going to her own tune, never having anyone understand her, she wanted to fly and see the world from above, she it from the sky. She'd always stayed in the same place, as though the walls of life were never moving, she was stuck. All until one day.


Sitting on the ledge of a rooftop, the building had around 50 floors at least, the mist of nights breeze blew through her hair. Being so high up was the closest she could get to seeing life from up above. The city still buzzed at 2am, a place that was never truly asleep, such as y/n always moving, never able to find her muse, the savior from such a boring life.


Laying now on her back, facing up towards the night sky, the stars resembling the ones in her eyes. Shooting star, her quirk was the ability to conjure meteorites and control them or manipulate them. There was a lot to the quirk, but none of it ever mattered to y/n, she belonged up there, but she was down here.


Her thoughts made her unconsciously make small glowing meteors around her, creating a small constellation around her.


"Nice quirk you got there, kid." A voice erupted from besides her ear. Feeling the fullness of everything around her, she didn't even look towards them.


"Hmm, thanks..." her fingers intertwined with each other on her stomach, the small rocks still moving slowly around her in a circular motion eyes drawing connections between the stars.


"You like the view up here I assume?" The voice seemed to squat right by her face.


"Yeah... it's the best I'm ever gonna get, so I come here every night for it..." she stated whilst still watching the sky.


"Ya know, I can show you an even better view of this city if you want?" The voice asked as they seemingly stood up by the sound of the shuffling.


The offer being presented to y/n instantly peeked her interest, an offer to finally give her what she longed for all her life? Surely there's a price for such goods.


"Oh yeah? What's the catch?" Asking while still not moving.


"Nothin, I fly through it every hour of the day, why not have some company for a change since there's a beautiful lady wanting to see what life looks like from up above, I wouldn't be much of a hero if I couldn't even do that." Her eyes darted now towards the person. Hawks. She had always envied him, he got to see something she'd always longed for everyday.


"Well I'll be damned... sorry, didn't realize I was talking to the one and only Hawks." She laughed getting up into a sitting position, one arm wrapped around her knee, the other swinging off the ledge. "Pleasure to meet ya, always wished to have wings like yours you know... Being able to fly away at any point, not having to ever wonder what both perspectives looked like, you really got lucky with that quirk." She laughed slightly at the end, he just stood there shocked, slightly embarrassed by the praise.


"Oh, really? They're not really anything crazy... But anywayysss, come on, you gotta see the view now. No if's, buts, yours or mine, neither. You can't argue, not that you would but still." He rambled on as he grabbed her hands, lift her into standing in front of his body. "Okay, so since you actually wanna see the view, you're gonna have to put your back to my chest, wrap you legs around mine and I'll put mine like this around yours, that way you don't go falling on me, or off me I guess... either way, just don't go poof aight? I'm gonna be holding onto your waist so don't be scared, I promise I won't drop you!" He smiles and he prepares, intertwining their legs and his arms sliding around her waist.


Everything was a blur for y/n, the only thing on her mind was that she was finally gonna see life from another perspective. Her dream was finally going to be made true today, A fateful encounter indeed.


"You ready, kid?" He asked leaning down to her ear, his breath sending shivers down her spine, but not bothering her in the slightest. Quickly nodding, she held onto his arms that had a tight grip on her waist.


Seconds past and before she knew it, she was flying. She felt as though she was soaring through the sky by her own will. Her eyes lighting up like a child in a candy shop for the first time. The view was everything she'd dreamt of, the lights from where they flew made them look like stares, as though the sky and ground had flipped around. It was beautiful, beyond anything she'd ever be able to express. Stretching her arms out as though she could fly, she felt the joy of completing her lifetime dream. All because of a voice that just so happened to land on the same roof.


After an hour of looking and sightseeing from above, he decided it was time for her to head on back home before she got too cold or sick. Landing on the same roof, he gently removed himself from her body.


"Well, hope you like it! I know it's not much-" before he could even finished, she tackled him into a hug, he arms tightly gripping around his waist now.


"Thank you Hawks... You just made my lifetime goals and dreams a reality and you don't even realize it. It was more than I'd ever could've imagined. Thank you..." she mumbled the last part again, he eyes filling slightly with joyous tears.


"Oh, yeah of course! If you want I can come back every night if you'd like? Hell I could come during the day for you if you want?" He smiles hugging her back.


The offer instantly made her look back up towards him.


"I-I are you sure?! It would mean the absolute world to me but you also don't need to feel compelled into do so, I'm more than thankful for at least this once!" She bowed before him in appreciation.


"Pfft, as if I could not seeing such a cute baby bird again. Here's my number by the way, of course don't go giving that out but I hope that my trust isn't wrongly placed." He nervously chuckled as he handed her his card with a quickly and freshly written number on it.


"Thank you so much... Keigo? Is that your name?" She looked at the name he had written above the number he put down.


"Yep, another little secret between us two yeah?" He grinned as his wings fluttered slightly.


"I see, thank you. I'm y/n m/n L/n, figured I should probably mention the whole name deal.


"Well the beautiful and stunning Ms. L/N, till next time." He gave a two finger salute before retreating again.


Out of chance, this man just gave her everything, this man, unbeknownst to them both, just became the one that would one day be her missing muse, the one to slow down her ever spiraling world, to be her metaphoric satellite.

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1. the activity of dancing for pleasure or in order to entertain others.


Alcohol was usually something that Y/N would opt for when out dancing her worries away, but tonight was different. Tonight she was sober, earlier in the day she had to witness a murder happen. The thoughts of what if's drifted in and out of her mind as her hips swayed to the sound of the blaring music.

Like you, like you

Swaying her hips to the song, she ran her fingers through her hair, letting herself come undone in-front of all the other people in the nightclub wanting to forget their day jobs.

Like you, ooh

The red latex dress hung on her figure like as though it was made for her body and hers only.

I found it hard to find someone like you

As her hands played with her own hair, she felt hands glide themselves around her waist, the person swaying in the same fluid motion as her own. The warmth from the strangers hands made her melt into the touch.

Like you, like you

Leaning back slightly, her hand moving into the persons hair behind her, her head leaned into the side of the persons face.

Send your location, come through.

Whoever the person behind her was, their movements seemed to be perfectly in sync with her own, the swaying of their hips grinding on each other perfectly in rhythm.

Lost in the sensation of the new found perfection, Y/N had lost herself in the music. No longer paying any mind to anything other than the swaying motion of their bodies.

"You're really something special, little birdie." The man whispered into her ear in a husky, lust clouded tone.

"You're not bad yourself." Saying so she was twirled around to meet face to face with non other than the pro hero, Hawks.

"Damn baby bird, the front is even better than the back view." He smirk at her glazed over eyes. "How about we go somewhere a little less... public." He leaned in softly whispering the last part, his breath sending shivers down her neck, vibrating her entire body. Feeling weak at the knees from the effects he had on her, all she could muster up was a simple nod into the crook of his neck. For a second she swore she could feel him cooing under her touch.

"Careful baby bird, you want to at least make it to my place before I take you." He ushered her into a black tinted window car, holding and shutting the door for her as he jogged around the side to the drivers side back doors. He quickly shouted in and sent a nod to the driver, signaling him to take them back to his place.

Suddenly Y/N was lifted on Hawks lap, his hands firmly pressed into her hips, making her straddle his lap. As she adjusted to the sudden contact, he passionately pressed his lips onto hers, making her yelp in surprise but swiftly sinking into his soft lips. She moved slightly back and forth, rolling her hips slightly making both of them let soft moans out into each others mouths. Her actions made his grip on her waist tighten, pressing her down on his hips as he thrusted forward slightly into the contact to feel just the smallest amount of friction to tide him over till they were at his apartment.

"Fuck you are so sexy..." he mumbled between the sloppy make out session happening. The words of encouragement only made her moan more, trying to feel more through his jeans with her dress barely covering her modesty.

"We're here, baby." He then picked her up, stretched his wings out, and swiftly flew straight up and onto the outside of an apartment condo. Still carrying Y/N in bridal style, he walked into the bedroom, pressing his lips to hers and he placed her on the gently. "You okay?"

"More than okay." She smirked into another kiss, except this was more lustful, his tongue exploring every crevice of her mouth, hands wonder over her still covered figure.

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk straight tomorrow, then everyone will know that you're MY song bird." He pulled away, ripping his shirt off in the process, maintaining eye contact the entire time. "Fuck..."

His hand glided down to start lifting the dress up from the bottom that was still slinging to her backside, dangerously close to reveling it all. He took no side in sliding it up and off of her to reveal Y/N's body to him. Feeling slightly embarrassed now, she attempted to cover herself with the little amount of restraint she had left, not that she really wanting to stop, it was just her doubts making it hard for her to let anyone see past the clothing she wore.

"Don't. Please, don't hide yourself, you're the very definition of perfection, baby bird. You are perfect in every sense to me." He slowly and gently held her hands up above her head, letting no two small, soft crimson feathers lock her wrists in place above her head still. "I'm going to make you feel so good baby. If you're still walking tomorrow... that means I did something wrong."

Without anymore words muttered, his lips began to trail down her neck, leaving soft marks as his lips latched onto one of her sensitive nipples. The contact made her entire body quiver with pleasure and euphoria. Moans filled the air his wings began to ruffle slightly from excitement.

"No one will get to ever see or hear this but me. You are mine. Once I take you, you will be mine forever. Do I make myself clear?" He continued his sensual licking while his other hand played with the other one. She couldn't reply with any words other than moans. "I'll say it one more time. Do I make myself clear?" He bit down gently as he said the last word.

"Yes sir!" She clasped onto his head but her fingers slowly moving and grasping slightly at his hair making him moan loudly into her breasts.

"God I'm gonna have to punish you for that one, baby bird." He said flipping her around, a hand around her throat from the back of her where he straddled over her backside. "Don't you even dare to anything without my permission."

With that he shoved two fingers into her mouth, pressing down firmly on her tongue. Before she could process what was happening, a sharp sting of pain and pleasure shot through her ass cheek making her moan abruptly.

"I want to hear those dirty little whimpers for mercy, sing for me song bird." He leans over to her ear and he slapped her ass again and again with brute strength, leaving small welts to form in the shape of his distorted hand. "Such a naughty little slut aren't you? You were so needy at the club tonight too, you wanted someone to dominate you didn't you? That's why you were moving so seductively."

"Please... f-fuck me..." she whimpered out with the small amount of strength still clinging to her being.

"Aw, you are so beautiful when you beg... Beg with my name. Tell me how much you want your man, Keigo to fuck your little hole down here." He said slowly leading his hand down her stomach and to her throbbing clit.

"K-Keigo... please... please fuck me Keigo!" She shook slightly whisper his name again.

"Because you asked so pretty like, I suppose I can do just exactly what you want. I hope you're ready for all of me, you're gonna be my loud song bird by the morning." In a swift motions once again, she was on her back facing up towards the most unexplainably breath taking sight she'd ever seen.

Short wisps of his dirty blonde hair stuck to his forehead from the sweat that was slowly dripping from every part of his body. His wings puffed slightly while shivering almost completely unnoticeable, but Y/N noticed, only adding to the gorgeous sight in front of her. His tightly toned body glistening under the moonlight that illuminated his room from outside, his eyes seemingly glowing, peering into her, looking almost lovingly at her naked body in front of his. Then her eyes trailed down further, further till she saw his hardness lining up to her entrance. He was much bigger than she expected to say the least.

The sounds on wetness being touched echoed in the room as he used a single finger to tracing up and down her sensitive place.

"Oh what's this, already sopping wet for your master? Bet you had such lewd thoughts of me as I practically dry fucked you in the club, such a naughty little bitch." He used two fingers to then pinch her clit, making a yelp abrupt from her her throat. Within seconds his fingers found themselves being buried inside of her, slipping in with ease. "Fuck baby bird, you're too easy, ugh." Moans for himself started to surface from the sounds of her.

His kisses were surprisingly passionate despite the harsh words and hand motions he was doing, it only turned her on more to feel and hear the contrast. His tongue explored her mouth as his fingers did the same to the insides of her sensitive walls below. The sounds of wet mixing echoed now throughout his bedroom, the wetness soaking through his sheets which he didn't mind in the slightest. To Hawks, these sheets would be yours anyways from now on, something she didn't realize he was serious about but definitely would be elated to find out.

"You want to suck it? You want your masters dick in that lewd mouth of yours?" He taunted, putting the other two fingers in on the base of her mouth, still pumping into her with his other hand. She could do nothing but nod and moan in bliss, she was so beyond needy now. With eyes rolling to the back of her head, he swiftly removed his fingers from her mouth and shoved his dick in instead. His sheer size made he feel the gag reflex wanting to come up, but she quickly positioned herself to open her throat and mouth wider, enough to fit him all the way down her.

"Oh shit baby, oh fuck. Look at you opening up wider to fit your master, so fucking sexy." He thrusted into her mouth faster, as he continued to finger her with the same pace. With each deep thrust his moans had gotten louder and more whiny than before, he'd never admit it but this was the first time he'd ever had sex that was this good, they'd always been so meaningless, always lacking something he'd never figured out, even now he didn't know what. But all he did know was that it was her, she was the one that was lighting his soul on fire. Through the thoughts of confusion he still had in my mind, he didn't even realize how close he was getting to cumming. His pace was starting to get sloppy as his continuously pumped into her mouth and into her pussy as well.

"Cumming, I'm cumming baby bird. Oh fuck. Fuck. Fuuuuuck." His thrusts slowing down as he leaked all of his cum into her mouth. Sounds of gagging filled the room as he still had his dick in her with her throat being filled to the brim with his liquid and his cock.

"Shit... oh sorry my little cumming bird... fuck that felt amazing, that mouth of yours is too fucking good baby..." he stuttered out as he lowered himself to face her own wetness. "Think it's time I make you really be my cumming bird."

"Nya, Hawks, nya." Sounds vibrated out of her as he ghosted a lick up and down her wetness, teasing her just a bit before fulling giving in.

"Oh you make those sounds I won't be able to resist fucking you senselessly. Now I'm going to devour what's mine baby." His husky voice make her throb more as his breathed onto her, warming her already scorched lower region.

Seconds of his ragged breathing being hovered over her wetness, he leaned his face into her to start eating her out with more eagerness and needy desire than ever before. His tongue slipping up and down while he sucked on her clit, sometimes nibbling slightly on her sedative clit. He moaned into her, only making her grasp onto the bedsheets for any sort of support she could find, anything to stop her from completely loosing her little composure she had left.

Nothing could stop her sounds of nya's and moans from filling the room completely. Hearing her moans of approval, Hawks took this as the highest form of praise, he loved being praised by his lover secretly. She noticed this too though, she noticed how much more vigor he had when she moaned loudly.

"Oh you are so good, Keigo. Fuck. You are so amazing, master." She moaned out lewdly, now that enough for him to go all out on her.

"Oh baby, praising me like that are we? Well you deserve this dick all the way inside this wet pussy don't you. Such a good little slut for me, I love it." He gave a final lick before positioning himself to put it inside her. "You good, baby bird?" He asked quickly. With her final nod of approval, he started to slowly slide himself into her, their moans and whining filling the room with each tantalizing inch he put in. He was huge, so much bigger than what she been able to ever handle, so her whines of pain quickly made Hawks wrap her in his wings to protect and comfort her.

"I'm sorry, you're doing so good baby, you're doing amazing. Almost there baby bird, only a few more." He said going as slow as she needed to adjust to him. "You tell me when to keep going baby, I promise I won't move till you say okay?" He moved away some stray hairs that flew around and stuck to her face.

Through the tears she grabbed onto his back, careful of his wings. She silently nodded into his neck, being in sync with her, he pushed a little more inside of her, making her grip onto him harder for support, as though her life depended on it. He took this as a moment to stop, let her get readjust again, which she appreciated strongly. Again after a few minutes, she nodded once she was ready for the whole of him.

"Okay baby, almost there now, you're doing so good." He praised as his head hung low, pushing the rest of himself into her fully. With him stuffing her to the brim, they both panted and moaned out from the new sensation, his head hanging low and then being thrown back to show his chest and jawline, as he let out a deep moan. Her moans being mixed with pleasure and pain, the new sensation making her body quiver with pleasure.

"I'm gonna start moving, tell me if you need me to stop. I won't be mad, just say and we can cuddle for the rest of forever." With that he gave her a passionate kiss, his hips slowly starting to move away and back towards hers. The sounds now filling the room, their skin slapping together, moans mixing with another, his wings making a flapping sound themselves from being in such a heavenly experience. Though the pleasure was immense, he was worried that he'd finished too soon, he wanted this to last forever.

"Oh fuck baby... I don't wanna cum yet but you're clenching around me so tightly." He moaned out as his thrusts increased to the point of not even a second between each one.

"We'll be doing this a lot I'm sure of it, Keigo." She moaned seductively into his ear as she sucked his neck, needing to latch onto something to stop her from being plummeted into the bed.

"Not just a one time thing right? P-please..." he practically was begging her at this point, something that he definitely did not need to do to convince her, but man was it sexy to hear.

"I-I Hope not-t." She cried out as he relentlessly fucked her. Hearing this wouldn't be some 'one and done' deal, he now felt more at ease to lose control of himself, coming undone before her.

Moans and breathless 'fucks' occupied the little space left around and between them both.

"I'm gonna cum, Keigo!" She cried out, holding onto the base of his wings, feeling her touching them.

The feeling of her fingers tightly grasping but with much care on his wings made him weak on top of her body.

"Me too baby, shit, cumming, I'm cumming baby!" His back arched as his wings fluttered out each feather, them being spread to fill the room, reaching one side of the room to the other, the crimson color filling the room, even the moon seemed to be in awe of such a sight.

"Me too!" She cried into him. But after seeing his form and his wings, she froze after he orgasm. He was worried for second, but before he could ask, she interrupted. "They're gorgeous..." her hand reaching out to touch the soft yet firm feathers. "Though they don't match the handsomeness of you of course." She said, caressing and cupping his face as he removed himself from inside her.

"God you are so perfect." He got up and walked to bathroom, running the water over a cloth. "Spread a little so I clean you up baby." His hand gently wiping their messes from her body. He cleaned her up and placed the rag in the laundry basket for the time being.

"Thank you..." she said snuggling into his bed.

"Cuddles?" He pouted asking her squatting down next to the side of the bed she was on.

"I'd like that." She mumbled close eyed but smiling at how cute he could be.

"Yay!" He quickly got around the bed and jumped to her, pulling her tired body into his hard but sweaty one. "I think I love you, baby bird." He kisses the top of her and puts his chin on top.

"I love you too, Keigo." She clutches onto his shirt as they laid there. Perfection truly was blissful.

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~ slam ~

The door to Bakugo and Y/N's apartment slammed shut with a vibration that made the very walls themselves shake. Y/N was currently napping on the couch, dinner being kept warm in the oven as she waiting for her boyfriend to come home, which by the sound of the slamming door, he just did.

"Oh, hey baby. Is everything okay?" Y/N asked, rubbing her eyes as she adjusted sitting up. Though she knew he had just gotten home, there was no reply. "Baby?"

Turning around she could see him standing in the kitchen, clutching the countertop as he leaned over slightly, facing away from the living room she was in. Tough day as a hero, she knew instantly that was the case. He usually would come home and wrap her up in cuddles and kisses as his way of relaxing and reliving the stress, but today was obviously more than the normal. Feeling the guilt of how hard he worked to keep everyone safe, she got up and walked over to him, activating her quirk. Her quirk was the ability to emit aura's around her. Right now she had a calming one seeping from her body.

"Oh, I'm sorry baby, I didn't realize you were over here." She wrapped her arms around his waist. "Tough day huh? I'm so proud of how much and how hard you work, but I worry about you. Don't push yourself too far okay, my love?"

Without uttering anything, he gently turned around to nuzzle his face in her neck, having to bend down to her height.

"I'm sorry too... I should've said something instead of ignoring... I love you, teddy bear." His hot breath on her skin as warm liquid found its way to her shoulder.

Pulling away slightly, she looked at his now bloodshot crimson eyes, it was rare he cried. The heaviness in her heart grew upon seeing his face, such sadness.

"What happened today, my love?" She asked, wiping his tears with her hand, then cupping his face.

"A kid... I couldn't save him in time." His head hung low upon his shame. Though he usually was so strong and always ready to take on the next wanna be big shot villain, he still had his soft spots. His main soft spot being saving kids, failing was heart wrenching for him.

"Oh no baby... that's not your fault, don't you dare even for a second blame yourself. Look at it this way, did you defeat the villain?" He nodded at her question, eyes still stained red. "Okay and was it near homes?" Again he nodded yes. "Homes can house children. Think about all the houses and families you protected. You saved hundreds of kids from one villain. I know you'll still feel guilty from this regardless of what I say, but sometimes it's just not possible to save every soul out there, my love. Sometimes it's just they're in the wrong place, wrong time. When fate mingles with death, they connect fast, and it's not something you can stop." She explains kissing his forehead gently. "So don't blame yourself for something that you could never have even begun to help. Sometimes you just can't, doesn't mean you're not strong, it just means fate and death were headstrong with that ones fate."

Nuzzling into the crook of her neck he found himself drifting into relaxation by her words, somehow Y/N always knew how to explain and calm situations to him, something he'd never had before meeting them. She worked as a call in detective, one that only worked with A or B class villains, she could get information out of them easily, as if it were like tying your shoelaces.

"Now come on, let's eat so we can cuddle yeah?" She gently pulled away and grabbed his bowl from the oven, it was spicy ramen for him, and normal/spicy for her. (You can choose)

Once they'd finished their food, she walked over to his broad body and hugged him.

"Cuddles." He pouted quietly, holding her as they moved to the couch.

He scooted over to have his back against the backing of the couch, pulling Y/N's hand down so she would fall on top him.

Giggling at his way of demanding cuddles, she wrapped her arms around him as they laid there, the worries of the day drifting away with every second they held each other. Truth was though y/n helped him, he also helped her. For years Y/N would feel the burdens of knowing what villains were up to, what they'd done, were doing, or what they were going to do. Sometimes hearing them speak caused her aura to shift without her commands. It was tough until she met bakugo, whenever she was around him her thoughts were only of him. Even now, three years on, she still found herself letting go of the worries and only thinking of him. It was blissful, and tranquil. They had each other for life.

"One day we should have our own." He mumbled quietly.

"Own what?" She asked snuggling her head into his chest more.

"Children. I want to have kids with you y/n. Maybe not right now since we're both pretty busy, but in the future. One day when we've settled down, we'll be married and have kids yeah?" He asked for confirmation as he planted kisses on her head.

"I would love that, Katsuki. That would make me the happiest woman out there." She blushed as she squeezed his body, her face was secretly seething with redness from his gentle and loving words.

"Good. I love you, my teddy bear." He mumbled into her hair as he continued to plant kisses there.

"I love you too, my hero."

Chapter Text

3rd years. That's what we are. Yet here I sat with the two boys at the back of the class making jokes that middle schools would.


"So beautiful- how are we suppose to focus with so many hotties in here." The boy with yellow hair and a black lightning strike strand sighed out in frustration.


"You should be able to focus when every girl in here denies your advances there sparky." Though I was new, there was no way in hell these guys were going to see me as a push over.


"I'm in love." The purple grape boy said standing on his desk and trying to grab my shirt.


"Hands off, she spoke about me, to me! She's mine for the win, I call dibs on the new girl." He smirks looking at me while holding back the grape boy.


Hm, he thinks he can own me. Pathetic. I get up and walk towards them both watching in shock at what was happening. Leaning over and placing my elbows on the desk, head placed on top of my hands.


"Aw, the little cutie thinks I'm his, huh?" I ask leaning further into his face. "Because it seems like the cats gotten your tongue, not the other way around. Nobody. Fucking. Owns. Me." I state while breathing into his ear.


Silently I walked back to my desk, hearing laughing coming from the other boys that were pointing at the dumbfounded lightning boy.


"Damn, she really just made you her bitch, dumbass!" The boy I knew as bakugo laughed at the boy that had now officially gone full dumb mode, as he would when using too much of his quirk.


~ later after the last bell for dismissal ~


I picked up my belongings and started towards to exit, by now mostly everyone had left already, so the halls were cleared out like a ghost town. Suddenly I was yanked into a nearby classroom, the door slamming quickly yet somehow quietly behind me.


"What the fu-" a hand swiftly silenced me by clasping over my mouth.


"You really made me go dumb mode in class back there, sparkplug. I've been wanting to show you how mine you really are ever since my eyes saw you Y/N" the boy known as denki was pressing me up against the seat of a chair, I refused to sit down like a obedient little bitch, that was until his knee raised and forced me to sit down unless I wanted to be riding it.


"I told you already, no one owns me, denki."


"Oh but that's where you're wrong, baby. Oh you are so beyond wrong there. Because when my knee even slightly grazes down there," as he spoke his knee preformed his actions. "You whimper up my touch like the little sexy slut you are. But don't you worry that pretty little head of yours, you my sexy slut, baby." He whispers into my ear, nuzzling his head into my neck, his lips latching to my collarbone. Much to my dismay, I moaned from him suckling on the tender part of my skin.


"N-no I don't whimper from y-your touch." I manage to breath out, trying to keep my cool while my my chest rose and fell at a faster rate.


"Oh I'm sure you don't, that's definitely not what I can hear right now is it? You wouldn't lie for daddy would you now right, baby girl?" He paused, not moving but looking at me with lust driven eyes.


"I-I would n-never l-lie to you-u, sir." She smirked at the last part she managed to muster out.


"Mmm, I like it when you call me sir, you sound like such a needy little bitch. Beg for me baby, I said fucking beg." He bit and slurped at my sensitive neck.


"Ah, p-please Denki, I mean, p-please s-sir." I threw my head back as I gripped his hair slightly, making him let out a low, vibrating moan. The moan itself made my entire body feel shaken.


"Fuck, spark plug... you're really trying to rile me up aren't you, it's working too I'll say that much." His head lifted to put his forehead against my own. "I'm going to take you in this classroom Y/N, I'm going to make anyone and everyone left in the school head the pleasure I give you when I take what's mine." As he started to kiss me with passion and force, his hand began to trail small patterns whilst it glides toward my clothed sensitive area.


"P-please, I'm ach-hing for you, sir." I moaned out as the patterns got lower and lower, stopping at the hem of my skirt.


"How can deny you anything when you beg perfectly." His lips left mine and started leaving trailing kisses down my down to where his hand laid on my stomach, his middle finger still tracing patterns, leaving a soft yet tingly sensation in its place. "You can always tell me to stop, baby. I'd understand my sweet little spark plug." He quickly comes up and kisses me on the lips.


"Don't stop... please sir, Denki, please." I stammer out extremely quickly. The thought of him stopping made me sad and yet somehow more needy and wanting.


"If you insist, baby." With that, I could feel a finger tracing up and down my clothed slit. "Oh you are so wet down here spark plug, maybe we should create some electricity together huh?" Leaving wet slipping licking kisses down towards his fingers, he slides down to go under my skirt as I sat in the chair still, gripping onto the side bars of it.


Sounds of his tongue meeting throbbing wet mess filled the room, such alluring yet desperate moans consumed the rest of the left over sound space. I feel bad for whoever has to sit here tomorrow, this seat is about to be the most unholy one in this school.


"You taste amazing, baby. I could eat you out all day every day if you'd let me, maybe once I'm done you will." He spoke in between breaks of his tongue lapping up all the juices that flown out onto him.


"Mhm, maybe." She panted out as he came back up to kiss her passionately.


Suddenly he picked her up, slamming her into the wall nearby, her legs being grasped to open and spread out completely for him to see how perfect everything was.


"Damn baby, you're sexier without that uniform on you to cover that perfect body of yours." His hand tracing circles in on her thighs, small sparks coming from his hands, electrifying her body.


"Ah! Denki, please, you're gonna make us get caught." She muffled her mouth with a hand.


"Ah-ah-ah spark plug. You gotta learn to control that voice of yours, learn to beg, to be quiet, to call out my name." He held her hands up above her with one hand, the other holding her up over his hips. "Think you really wanna be impaled by my dick huh? Look at those eyes looking at it, you're so ready for me aren't you?" He teased between kisses.


She was dripping at this point but was far too embarrassed by the situation to say anything or what she truly wanted. So instead, she began to grin her hips against his, making him moan into her neck. He made all the efforts to close the space even more than what little was left anyways. With no words, he quickly removed himself from his pants and boxers while still holding her up.


"You want this yeah?" He whispered into her ear as he nibbles on it slightly. Though he was lust driven, she could tell how he actually wanted to check with her before doing this.


"Yes. Electrify me all over baby." She seductively whimpered out.


Then without anymore questions, he plunged her onto his cock, feeling her walls tighten harshly around him.


"Ooooh fuck baby, oh fuck that's hot, that is so sexy." He husked out against her neck as she adjusted to his sheer size, enough to make anyone scream out.


After a few moments of letting her get use to him, he started thrusting into her at a slow pace. Voices were heard outside the door suddenly.


"I don't know where they went off to. They left at the same time pretty much so maybe they're getting to know each other." It was kirishima.


"Oh yeah, maybe! He did have a pretty big crush on her!" Sero too.


"Aw man, he's getting to know the prettiest girl in the class. Why can't it be meeee." Oh and of course that little perverted grape boy.


Little did they know, the room next to them was currently where the two of them were doing more than getting to know each other.


"God I'm close buzzybee, oh fuck... oh fuck yeah... I'm gonna cum baby, it's gonna fill you up baby, so much it'll fill you till the break baby." His thrusts became sloppy but deeper than before. "Fuck... oh baby!" His head leaned down and placed his forehead on her breasts as his cum covered her body in the darkness of the room.


"Nya... aim for my mouth next time, you tasted really good." She smirked as she pulled her uniform back on as he just sat down, feeling sleepy.


"Next time? That mean you actually like me too?!" His eyes sparked with excitement.


"Turns out you're not as bad as I'd initially thought there loved boy. I guess your my lover boy." She pulled her panties back up and straightened herself out.


"I'll see you tomorrow then." She says walking up to him, kissing him softly on the lips. As she left, he sat there now completely short circuiting. The boys then walked in m waltzing in after she's left, starting with a hundred questions after another. All he could do was grin, touching his now colder lips

Chapter Text

You had been friends with tamaki since your first year at UA somehow managing to break into the anxiety ridden boys small bubble of friends. No matter what you always had each other's back, telling people to 'royally fuck off' wasn't an issue for you, it was actually a rather enjoyable time when you got to give them a piece of your mind. But today wasn't your best, you'd woken up feeling like the world was on your shoulders. You had a few small break downs at your apartment, something that was common since you were so use to keep things inside all day, but these weren't the normal break downs. All of the thoughts and feelings that you had always harbored seem to surface, letting everything out into the ocean of feelings you were expressing now on the bathroom floor.

Getting up and putting the usual UA attire on, you left to walk to school. Normally you'd wait for the group to come to the corner stop sign, but today the thought of being alone was too alluring. Walking by you didn't even bother to let anyone know, 'they won't care anyways...' thoughts of self doubt came surfacing making your chest tighten. 'If only he cared for me like I care for him...' the voice in your head kept repeating, the him being the anxious best friend of yours, Tamaki. Ever since meeting him the boys timid actions made your heart flutter, even the pink hue that would appear oh so often on his face made your stomach do flips. But knowing that he'd never like someone like yourself, you pushed the thoughts of affection with him away to the darkest part of the brain.

Making it to class, you slumped down into the desk sighing, girls and boys pointing and whisper at you. 'The fuck is their problem.' You thought glaring at them with a deathly side eye. Though most were threatened by your look, one wasn't so they approached with attitude.

"So y/n, rumor has it that you've been sucking it up to the teacher since you're the only one that got a 100% on the exam. I always knew you were a little slut. Disgusting people like you should and could never be hero's." She walked away with a smirk.

Normally you'd have an answer, but not today. You just starred at the fists you were maki my in front on the desk. Saying nothing, you got up and excused yourself. You picked up your belongings and told the teacher that you had to go since you didn't feel well which he fully accepted. You walked fast through the halls, tears were threatening to spill again as your chest became increasingly tighter, the feeling of being strangled was an understatement.

As you were so focused on leaving and not letting anyone see you in such a way, you failed to notice the group of your friends standing off to the side with Tamaki looking for you as Mirio talked away. But lucky for him he saw you just before you left through the doors. The sight worried him as he knew you'd never just up and leave when the day hasn't even started. So he told Mirio quickly and that he was going to go see what was the matter.

"I'll let you go, I'm sure she'd prefer if it was just one person, specifically you~" Mirio knew about how much you like tamaki, but the thing was that he also knew how much tamaki liked you.

The boy couldn't reply for two reasons as he left through the doors without a word, he was worried and was also way too embarrassed by what his friend said to reply.

His chest tightened and began to beat faster as he couldn't find you, as though you'd just vanished. But really you were around, it was just where. Your quirks chameleon, you have all the ability's of a chameleon, camouflage, ability to climb and move on objects without loosing gripping easily, you had a tail that you could hang with but usually was never on show since you could retract it upwards into your spine, another being your tongue was able to be extended to stick to things and drag them towards you, and the eyesight allows for the ability to view unseeable to the normal eye ultraviolet lights. So right now his worry of you using the camouflage so not be seen made his heart ache that you'd hide from him.

"Y-y/n? Are you there?" He stuttered out, quiet enough to not make others look but loud enough that you'd hopefully hear, which you did.

"Tamaki? W-hat are you doing, class is about to start." You asked while staying camouflaged.

"Ah!" The sound of your voice without seeing you startled him. "I-I seen you leaving, I was... worried about you..." he muttered the last part quietly.

"You were worried about... me?" Hearing that last part caught you by surprise, the butterflies resurfaced in your stomach.

"Yeah... I thought you were upset or hurt even." He said calmly but quietly so he wouldn't become a stuttering mess.

"Oh, no it's okay, I'm fine so please don't worry tami!" Thankful for her quirk right now she looked down which made him notice a slight movement at the base of a near tree, he seen you. But what he didn't see was that tears were pouring endlessly down your face, your voice sounded so normal that not even he could tell, you were use to faking the happiness a lot since you'd use your quirk to hide away a lot when you were upset, naturally learning to fake the all good sounding voice became easy.

"Are you sure? Why are you using your quirk still then y/n? You know you can trust me with anything and I'll be there for you." He sat next to her as they faced away from the school.

"Ha, you found me huh? Need to work on being still it seems..." you laughed out weakly as your voice broke slightly, thoughts of how useless your quirk and you were started to come up now.

"Y/n... please, don't hide from me when you're upset about something... anything..." he managed to speak though his voice broke a little saying that, he was hurting for you, his best friend, his secret crush, the one he had loved for so long without saying anything about it.

You looked to the side to see him looking down at his knees that were pulled to his chest, his arms wrapped around them.

You didn't know what to say, you wanted to tell him your feelings but you knew if he didn't feel the same that you wouldn't be able to take anymore hurt. So instead of saying anything, you softly placed your head on on his shoulder, deactivating the camouflage. Though the boy felt his face heat up at the action, he quickly recovered himself when he looked towards your teary eyes. His heart just sank at the empty look on your face.

"Do you ever just want to feel nothing? Like as if there's no point but pain and suffering having emotions?" You breath and exhale full of defeat.

"Yeah... But then there's this person I think of. Everytime I think of them I-I... I feel safe I guess... loved even... but I doubt they'd ever feel the same way so it's a cycle I go through a lot..." he bla

"You know... I envy that person... to have such an amazing guy be so in love with them... You should tell them, I bet they'd feel the same, and if they don't I'll beat them." You laughed sadly into his arm as you turned you face to burry into it.

"You might have a problem beating them up though..." he mumbled quietly again.

"Hm? Why's that?" She smiled weakly against his arm still.

"Well..." carefully he placed his hand on top of your head and looked down at you buried into his arm. "I think I may be hard to beat up yourself..." he mustered enough courage finally to tell you.

"Ha, bet I cou- wait... you like me?" Suddenly you looked up to see him a blushing mess.

"I-I y-yeah... I-it's okay I-if you d-don't like me b-back..." he looked away sadly as he stammered on.

"Tamaki... Please tell me your not just saying that to make me feel better." You pleaded as you moved to put your hands on his cheeks.

"W-hat? Of course I'm b-being honest... I'd never lie to you y/n..." he looked away again, pulling gently from her hands.

"Tami... I... I can't believe you actually like me back..." she plopped down on her but as he knees bent out to the sides.

"Back? You mean y-you like me?!" The boy was now beyond red as he stared at his crush who sat next to him with a now tearless face.

"Wha- are you kidding me? I've liked you since the day I met you! I've had the biggest crush on you but I didn't think you felt the same way so I pushed my feeling aside..." you looked to him with your head tilted as you smiled softly but weak at the same time, your emotions still threatened to spill out.

"Oh god... I think I'm going to have a heart attack..." he threw his head back has he smiled slightly clenching his heart.

"Nono! Cant have a heart attack right after we finally confess!" You teased as you went back to sitting next to him, but only now you sat closer than before, hooking you hand around his arm.

If you had looked up at that moment you would've been met with him starring lovingly at the small gesture. He said liked but really he wanted to scream love, he really loved you rather than liked but didn't want to overwhelm you.

"You make me feel safe too... and loved..." you confessed nuzzling into his arm. "God I love you, like doesn't really measure up to it to be completely honest..."

"S-same! I wanted to say I love you but felt I was maybe overwhelming you... I love you y/n, I've loved you since the day you wouldn't leave me alone the first day, when you refused to leave my side even when I was too shy to talk back, when you'd stick up for me when I didn't have the words to answer people back. I love everything you do and have ever done. In my eyes you are the definition of perfection y/n... I love the way you care so much for people, the way you care for me... and one of my favorite things that you do is when you beg or get angry at people, your irises just seem to go so big, just like a puppy when they're asking for something or wanting. Everything you do is just so... cute" he rambled without stuttering, truth being that he forgot he was even talking at that point, he was just speaking aloud what was going through his mind.

"Tamaki... That's- that's those are the sweetest things anyone has ever said about me... I never knew you felt that way for someone like me. And you remember when we first met too? I thought you maybe forgotten about it since I'm not really important..." the emotions of worthlessness now made its appearance.

'He should be with someone strong, with a real hero's quirk.' Thoughts slammed through you like a bullet train.

"Y/n? Did you say you're not really important? Listen to me." He gently cupped your face and made you look at him in the eyes, seeing you so broken made him want to cry and kiss you till you felt better. "You mean everything to me y/n, before and after knowing our feelings are mutual. You've been the only one able to understand me without words being said, I mean even now I know I'm not the best, but for you I'm trying, I want to be there for you every second of the day, I want to show you how much you mean to me, how much I love and adore you. I can't really say how much I love you, since I'm not that good with words again like I said, but I would like to be able to prove it... can I kiss you? I-if that's o-okay with y-you?" He suddenly blushed deeply but not letting go of your gently cupped face. The sweetness of him asking made you swoon under his touch.

"I would love that but... don't you want someone... stronger?" You're eyebrows scrunched together trying to hold back more tears that threatened to keep spilling.

But without a reply, the feeling of his lips being pressed into yours made you gasp, it was a hard kiss, but it was a... confident one? It hit you like a brick wall, he was trying to prove how much he loved you by being confident. Once you realized what was happening you began to sink into his touch, one hand remaining on your face, as the other snaked behind your back to pull you into his embrace and onto his lap. His new found confidence made your heart flutter once again.

"I don't care what I have to do to prove to you this. I am madly, and deeply in love with every part of you..." he pulled away from the kiss to say, then returned to place another gentle one on your lips again. "Everything." He kisses you again before pulling back to see you smiling up at him, resting his forehead on yours.

"I will be here for you through the worst days and the best. No matter what you can come to me, okay? I was so worried earlier when you weren't at the stop sign, well I guess we all were but still... I wanted to cry when I though of you being hurt or lost..." he nuzzled his face into your neck.

"Aw, I'm sorry... I didn't think anyone would care, but I know now that I was being stupid... I won't do it again, I promise. I love you..." you say as you nuzzle into the side of his head.

"You're not stupid for feeling emotions y/n." He looked up and kissed you softly. "Emotions are what makes good hero's... and just because the feelings aren't true doesn't make them any less valid. You just need to have someone to remind you that it's not true, that someone cares and loves you... and now I can be there for that... I hope you will at least..." he nuzzles again into her neck and they sat there, you on his lap as his arms wrapped you tightly to hold you in place. He didn't ever want to let you go, for once he didn't have the anxiety he usually had, he was completely at ease with you.

"I trust you tami, I'll tell you when somethings wrong next time. Promises are promises. And you better tell me too if you feel down about something." You say wrapping your arms around his neck.

"Deal." He smiled as you kissed him.

"I love you, tamaki."

"I love you too, y/n"

Chapter Text

The world is a cruel place for those less fortunate. Y/n was gifted with a curse, her quirk wasn't something someone would wish for. The quirk of a a healer that transfers injuries to themselves.


Being in class 1A wasn't something she'd ever think of being a reality, yet here she was. But class hadn't gone the normal way, a villain attack was happening during their training. Y/n could only think and fear for her friends, Midoriya and Bakugo was her closest friends during their childhood, yet she slowly began to feel herself drift to Midoriya as Bakugo pushed her away for being weak.


"Y/n! Are you okay, you're not hurt are you?" Kirishima's kind voice called to y/n who just stood on the floor she first found herself in, the one just below where Bakugo and Kirishima were teleported to.


"... No... I'm fine." Though her words were reassuring, the tone sounded off.


"Are you sure?" He inches closer towards her, but before he could turn her to face them she quickly began to walk past them and down the stairs without making eye contact.


"Come on. We should check on the class..." still she hadn't turned around even speaking. The usual kind and loving girl they'd known seemed to lack all of what made her the friend they knew.


Yet the two followed with no complaints, only watching her in silence. They noted a small limp while they walked, but it wasn't enough to be concerned with as they figured the teleports on must've hurt her by dropping her somewhere.


Kirishima and Bakugo took off past y/n who was now just barely finding the strength to walk while her vision became blurry, a splitting migraine was now taking over.


Without her agreement or knowledge, she leaned against a wall, sliding down to the floor exhausted. It seemed to be hours before she heard anyone else.


"Y/n!" Midoriya called out relieved to see his friend. "Y/n? Oh god..." his attitude quickly changed when he saw y/n properly.


"What happened... Y/n...?" Tears prickled his eyes as the rest of them looked puzzled at Midoriya pushing y/n's hair off of her face.


"Aizawa... He was hurt... so I transferred the worst injury..." Her voice was considerably weaker than when she'd spoken to the two earlier.


"Come on, we need to get you seen to now! This is serious y/n." His voice was covered in emotion as he began to usher her towards the rest of the class.


That was when they saw what the cause was. Her entire eye was gauged out, leaving nothing but blood and small bone fragments shattered. They all just stared at her in shock, Bakugo dropping to his knees while covering his mouth to stop himself from puking at the gory sight, Kirishima Turned holding his stomach and mouth as well. While Midoriya wanted nothing more than to do the same, his concern and worry for her overpowered all complaints as he picked her up bridal style.


"That's why she wouldn't look at us..." Kirishima whispered still covering his mouth as he cried for his friend.


"Aizawa's in the medics care now, he'll be okay luckily. Said it's odd how his goggles were shattered yet he didn't sustain any injuries to his eyes, seems to be a miracle according to them." Todoroki spoke as he walked to the group that still stood in shock, Bakugo still on his knees.


"Y/n... she's the miracle..." Mina cried quietly walking next to everyone else, she heard about what happened and saw y/n as she was carried out.


"What?" Todoroki questioned.


"She transferred his injury to herself, you idiot!" Bakugo yelled with emotion, Todoroki's eyes widened once he finally understood.


They all just stayed where they were as they watched y/n brought to the medics by Midoriya. Blood dripped down a finger from her arm that dangled limp. Medical workers came running to get y/n onto a gurney before giving her oxygen through a mask, also giving her pain meds to diminish the agony she was in.


"Thanks izuku..." Was the only thing she said whilst they wheeled her away, Midoriya stood heartbroken at his closest friend and crush being taken away with her fate unknown.


"You can go with her if you'd like? There's room but you gotta be fast." A detective told him, not even letting a second pass by before running after her. Quickly hopping into the ambulance just before they slammed the doors and took off.


"Hey y/n... I'm here, it's izuku, ya know deku. I need you to stay with us, stay with me okay?" He held her hand shaking. Y/n just moving her head back and forth made it sadly obvious that she was in a lot of pain.


"Her pulse is dropping but seems to slowly be stabilizing." The one medic announced, still pumping the mask.


"Is she gonna be okay?" It was at that point of his question that her hand no long held a grip on his.


"She's unconscious most likely from blood loss. Calling the hospital to get blood transfusion ready." While the medics worked on the drive there, all he could do was watch his best friend y/n slowly dying.

Chapter Text

Aizawa practically dragged himself through the front door to the home Y/N and him had shared for the past year that they'd lived together. The warm scent of lavender and vanilla filling his senses the second he closed the door behind him.

"My love, you seem sleepy~." A woman with a long black tail came skipping out into the kitchen upon hearing him come home, jumping into the arms of her significant other, him instantly nuzzling her close to him as her tail went under his shirt to sooth his back softly.

"Rough day with those kids is all, honey." He mumbled into her shoulder as he carried her to the couch, falling flat on his back, her still curled up on top of him, a low comforting purr emitting from y/n as he ran his hands up and down her back. "So warm..."

"I missed you today bubs." Y/n pouted resting her chin on his chest to look at him with doe eyes.

"You do everyday, baby." Aizawa chuckled softly at her cute expression. "But the feels mutual of course." He squeezed her gently making y/n snuggle into his chest even more so.

"Because I miss you every day." Her purrs slowly putting Aizawa under a hypnotic spell of relaxation. The way her tail rubbed up and down his arm though made him mind wonder if it were her heat season yet.

"Baby? What month is it?" Aizawa questioned as they laid together on the couch.

"March, when'd you get so forgetful bubba?" She purred soft and sweetly at his silliness.

"Babe... you know it's your heat usually now?" Aizawa questioned gently holding her face to look at him directly.

"Hmph. I know that... I just didn't wanna pester you is all." Y/n pouted through Aizawa's hold he had on her cheeks making her lips squish together.

"Pfft, baby pestering me to hear your sweet little moans? I think that maybe the heats gotten to your head a bit, little kitten." Aizawa pulled her up to his face to whisper in y/n's ear. "Those sweet, sexy fucking moans only I get to hear, yeah?" His voice was husky as his breath tickled her ears making her purr loudly in pleasure.

"So sensitive baby," he moved her hair out of the way with his fingers, breathing on her neck heavily with lust. "Only for me."

"Mhmmmmm only for you~" y/n purred as he blew on her ears to make them twitch.

"I love the way you purr for me baby, let me hear those sexy sounds you make aloud." Aizawa said quickly sucking on the weak spot of her neck, a loud whimpering purr followed by a soft moan escaped her throat making Aizawa smirk while he marked her shoulder with hickeys.

"Master, please~" erupted from her as he continued to litter her entire neck with hickeys.

"Oh baby, you really want to rile me up, aye? Well it's working little kitty~" his hands slip under the hoodie y/n was wearing, thankful for her not wearing anything under it but shorts.

"Nya~" y/n moaned as Aizawa gripped her boobs in both hands, messaging them as he still laid claim of her with his marks.

"Little kitty so needy for their master." His hot breath leading to her lips to kiss y/n passionately, him now on top of her as she laid trapped underneath him, practically dwarfing her in size.

"Please master~ touch me more~" y/n moaning and purring continuously echoing through the small living room.

"So a good little princess... Up." Aizawa effortlessly picked up y/n, kissing harder while carrying her to the bedroom, his large hands gripping at her ass in lust.

The urge to mate now showed how bad and needy y/n was as she rolled her body up along his before Aizawa placed y/n on the bed, his straddling her to help her lay down softly.

"Wrists and close your eyes for me baby." Aizawa instructed, y/n instantly doing as told to, wrist held out in front of her body, eyes squeezed shut while she squirmed for friction against her throbbing region. "Such a good girl for me, makes me love you even more than I thought possible..." Aizawa leaned foward as part of their ritual like foreplay. "Remember our safeword, just say donkey and we'll stop, okay?" He smiled over his use of the safeword y/n came up with.

"Understood, senpai!" She squeeled happily while he placed a blindfold over y/n's eyes, gently but also firmly tying her wrist together with a red silky ribbon.

"Good, baby... so... fucking. Good." Aizawa could feel himself getting harder by the second, the way y/n sat so sweet and adoringly just made him feel uncontrollably horny.

"Thank you, senpai!" She wiggle back and forth now with excitement.

Gently Aizawa moved her hair out of y/n's face, tying it up into a ponytail for her, y/n's ears twitching their way out of the hairstyle.

"You gonna be a good girl and suck on your masters dick?" He whispered into y/n's ear, lifting her down to the floor as carefully as possible.

"Mhm! Please sir!" Begged to please him.

"Oh baby, how could I say no to such a gorgeous fucking kitty." He grabbed the ponytail and brought y/n's face down to line up with his manhood, moving her hands with his own to find where he was with her blindfolds on.

"Mmmm~" she purred before licking the tip slightly, his body jerking slightly with each small piece of friction her tongue made.

"Tssssk, Damnit baby..." Aizawa felt himself come undone in front of her y/n, the struggles of the day instantly leaving him the second she began to suck his length in full, the feeling of the soft muscles of her throat constricting slightly at his size before loosening up to take more. "You're doing so fucking good~ so good~" the more he praised her while rubbing her head, the fast and sloppier y/n went, her only goal was to serve him and give pleasure to her lover.

It took not even a minute before he could feel himself starting to leak more and more, his climax building from just y/n sucking him so vigorously.

"Baby, baby, baby~ l-let me fuck that hole of yours first." He shuttered from the denial of the orgasm, y/n instantly jumping towards the bed, laying quickly onto her back.

"Please fuck me, senpai~" she moaned out, Aizawa feeling himself almost go feral for a second at her lewd sounds and words.

"Oh hot damn... I'm gonna fuck you so hard... so fucking hard." He lifted her legs up slightly to smack her ass before messaging the tender spot.

"Nya~ please~" was all that could escape y/n's throat.

"Remember, if it's too much, safeword."Aizawa stated, rubbing her entrance tenderly before leaning over and kissing her sensitive clit.

"Nya~ Yes senpai, Nya~" a breathless moan escaping as she gave her acknowledgment.

Within an inch of him inserting himself slowly, her insides already clenched and began milking his dick of all its cum.

"Oh fuck... You might just have to have a baby if you keep clenching around me like that, fuck." He moaned into her hair, his body hovering over hers as he gingerly thrusted more and more of himself into her. "Almost there baby... half way till your full of my dick." The sounds of her quiet wimpers made it hard for restraint, but somehow he managed go be slow and steady as she readjusted to his size.

"You tell me when you're ready for me to move, little kitty." He held his hips up against the backs of y/n's legs, kissing away the few tears that spilled from her eyes.

"Mhm... you can move senpai." The squeaks and moans began to fill the room with each small thrust back and forth into y/n.

Slow at every other second Aizawa started to pick up pace, his own climate returning while y/n's eyes rolled to the back of her head in pure ecstasy. The sounds of the moans mixed now with the sounds of their skin slamming into one another filled every corner of the bedroom, the bed threatening to give away from the velocity he pounded into her at now. The grunts from Aizawa grew heavier and louder, nearing his peak.

"Fill me please~ ah~ please~" y/n begging with a moan, her own orgasm coming in as fast as his own was.

"Baby~ baby~ oh fuck y/n, fuckk~•" Aizawa felt himself release his cum inside of her womb, painting her insides white while some dripped out from what wouldn't fit. Y/n thrusting her body upwards as she reached her own high, Aizawa just watching in awe as he stroked the remaining cum out and onto her entrance.

"Mmm~ thank you master." Y/n finally spoke after settling back down on the bed, Aizawa stroking her hair lovingly before at standing up.

"Let's get you cleaned up, baby." Aizawa went and came back with a warm wet towel, cleaning her lower region with care to not set off her sensitive area again, while also untying her as well as taking off the blindfolds.

After leaving to go place the towel in the laundry, Aizawa came back and leaned on the doorframe with arms crossed to see y/n now curled up and asleep on his side of bed with a pillow that had a strong odor of his own cologne.

"Man... I'm so fucking in love with you..." he mumbled, smiling to himself before settling in the bed beside her, y/n even asleep instantly nuzzled her face into Aizawa's chest without even looking or being awake. His own little, sweet Neko, y/n.

Chapter Text

"Oh come on! Please just this once, before you go back..." Denki reached and grabbed y/n's hand, a pout placed upon his face cutely.

"Gah, I can come back in a few months. Just gotta refresh my working visa for here. Promise I'll be back." They laughed as the both of them laid on the bed of Denki apartment.

"Come on, one last smoke session before you go? It's not as meaningful when I'm alone." He begged again, now y/n giving him the attention.

"Fine! Fine! Okay just quickly, have to pack some essentials and stuff later though." Y/n sighed holding their hand up, Denki instantly running over to his secret draw for y/n.

"Hell yeah, your edibles my little royalty." Denki faked an accent as he placed a gummy in the palm of y/n's hand.

"Alright, come on, I'm not waiting for you so be warned." Y/n laughed already eating the gummy.

~ an hour later ~

"So you really gotta leave me again." Denki and y/n laid on opposite sides of the bed, laying beside each other completely stoned.

"Make it seems like you got a little crush on me, denki~." Y/n giggled with Denki chuckling lightly.

"Hah..." their laughter died down as Denki's eyebrows scrunched together with conflictuon. Strangely to y/n, Denki sat up and started to playing a song to his Bluetooth speakers without saying what he was doing.

"Kami?" Y/n sat up and turned to look at him who sat up staring at his phone before laying back on his back.

"Listen to the song... I think it should tell you something." he turned his head to the side, hiding his emotions from y/n who laid back down beside him still confused.

~ snow patrol - chasing cars ~

"If I lay here

If I just lay here

Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

I don't quite know

How to say

How I feel"


Y/n listened to the song with a raised eyebrow. What was it that he meant by it should tell them something.

In deep thought, y/n began to think of an idea as to what he meant, but there was no way he'd go for y/n. Their thoughts were interrupted by the gentle feeling of someone's fingers carefully opening y/n's hand and sliding their own to hold theirs.

"Wait, you... there's no way you coul-" y/n wanted to hug him and tell of their own feelings, but was beyond scared that it would mean the end of their friendship. But thankfully he interrupted mid sentence by leaning on his elbow to hold y/n's face with his free hand.

"Stay here... with me. I don't wanna say goodbye anymore... I can't see you leave again, I swear it's like having my heart smashed every time you go." He looked at y/n with a loving stare, trembling in fear they'd up and leave again.

"Kami, do you mean that? Or are you just really fucking high?" Y/n laughed hold his hand to keep it on their face, doubt still haunting their mind.

"Yes, and no. Though I'm very high, it's not why I'm saying it. I wanted to get high so I could get the courage or at least get mellowed out enough to tell you. Seems like even then I didn't have the words." He looked away shyly but kept his hand in y/n's and on their face.

"Holy shit... I swear if I find out this was fake or a lie I'll kick your ass. But if you mean it... I'll stay." Y/n sat up to face him, straddling his lap innocently sitting in front of him.

"Tell me... in your words from your mouth, are you saying what I think you are?" Y/n held his face between their hands. Feeling of euphoria washing over them both.

"I'm and have been in love with you for years y/n, I've just been too scared to tell you and it make you hate me." A tear left his eye as he thought of y/n hating him.

"Kami... you dork, how could I ever hate you when I'm in love with you too..." y/n laughed with tears of joy spilling from their eyes.

The longing for each others kiss becoming overwhelming as they crashed lips together. A tender, passionate, and pure loving kiss that last a for what seemed like eternity.

"I'm never leaving again, I promise." A promise that they both sealed with another kiss.

Chapter Text

Both Shigaraki and y/n had been busy with various jobs and issues within the LoV, y/n trying to help in every way she possibly could, from going out on missions, to making sure Shigaraki had eaten or drank anything. But with the rise in work activities, their intimacy with each other began to be a few and far between. Though y/n and Shigaraki needed no physical affirmation of love to each other to know how much they were deeply in love. Y/n, a once mighty rising hero given the wrong end of the stick of life, her once promising future looked dismal after a failed mission left her for dead, her quirk being the only reason she lived.

Y/n’s quirk was known as ‘life’, a rare form of a nature quirk. This allowed her to grow plants and trees from seemingly nothing, air particles she transmutes to become a living organism of sorts, whether be a plant cell or animal one, she could make it out any cell around. She’d lived underground for years after being trapped under a fallen building, she made gardens without sun, water when there was none.

That was until Kurogiri found her, an accidental portal, a wounded man beside him laid weakly on the ground. Y/n healed his wounds with her quirk as best as she could, but her quirk wasn’t exactly meant for healing. She allowed the two to stay with her until the wounded man recovered a bit, treating his wounds with various plant remedy’s she knew. Y/n would later come to find the wounded man was named Shigaraki, a unusual romance bloomed from there.

But now y/n finally sat down on the computer chair in their room, looking at the book collection in the corner of the cold room. Though it was cold, y/n made sure to practically create a small nest for them to retreat to, plants and vines with flowers that bloomed with no sun, laced every corner of the room, beds and seats of such of course not covered.

The news always left a bitter taste in her mouth, making the hero’s out to be the good guys while all she was reminded of was that they left her there, no search team or anything. So bitterly she snatched the romper from the side of the nightstand and turned it over to a Christmas movie, the ones she’d always loved, happy families living in a carefree world.

But the second she didn’t leave when they invited her to the LoV was the second y/n gave up all chances of a family. Now she laid on her side, under the covers with her head and hands peaking out from under. She watched the movie before she drifted away into a dream of her and Shigaraki having a family of their own, happy and out free in the world. Unknown to her of the tears that ran down her face subconsciously as she slept.

The only thing to wake y/n was the feeling of her cheek being caressed and kissed gently, as though she shatter.

“Shiggy?” Y/n mumbled quietly rubbing her eyes.

“Why were you crying? Did something or someone happen or hurt you?” He pushed y/n’s hair behind her ear carefully as to not touch her fully, all while practically whispering to her.

“Huh? What do you mean, bubs?” Y/n asked softly, confused as she sat up next to him who looked concerned to say the least.

“Your… you were crying y/n.” He held her face carefully with 3 fingers each side. “I don’t know exactly what it means to cry in your sleep, but I didn’t like it… I don’t like you crying. It makes me feel… something.” He tried to explain but got frustrated after coming short.

“I was? Oh no, I’m sorry baby, I’m okay. Promise.” She hugged him as he clung onto her figure.

“Why?” He pulled back to look at her with his bloodshot eyes. “What made the one I adore cry…?” The way he praised her made it obvious the day was rough and he needed her love just as much.

“Well I,” she paused, debating on whether to voice her anguish at something not changeable. “There was a movie. A Christmas movie. But I’m the movie there was this family, they just seemed to happy to be together at the end… I ended up falling asleep watching it, so in my dream-”

“You and I had a family too?” Shigaraki ended her sentence already knowingly.

Chapter Text

His head turned away from her slightly before moving to place his feet on the ground beside the bed as he sat.

“Yes but I kn-” she tried to interject with tears prickling with the tone and manner he’d taken towards her after the revelation.

“I told you right off the get go y/n. We can never just ‘have a family’. It’s cruel to everyone involved.” His voice was as if he was speaking to the LoV instead of his supposed soul mate.

“I-I know. I know that shiggy. I’m aware of what I gave up…” Y/n Struggled to hold her tears back from his cold attitude. “But when you say cruel to everyone involved… who are you talking about?” She closed her eyes to gather strength to speak back. “Is it cruel to the child… or to you?”

The silence that overtook the room was deafening, his nervous habits showing while he scratched his wrists. A habit he forgot about usually whenever he was with y/n.

“To…” his back rose as he took a deep breath in. “Both.”

His word hit y/n in the gut, having a child was cruel to him and the child, y/n not even being second thought about by the man she idolized, adored, and loved.

“You don’t mean that...” she tried to reason back as she touched his shoulder gently only for him to forcefully jerk away.

“Focus on what you’re good at, missions. Talking about families with me is fucking stupid.” He spat out, the scratching progressing to his neck. “Get some rest. We have work to get back to soon.” Was all he said standing up, walking irritated away from the bed and out the door.

He left y/n in her own tears, not even a single glacé back as he walked away from her muffled but obvious sniffles and chokes.The flowers and vines slowly wilting away around her as the air got tight for y/n. Books suddenly crumbling into thin air, the foliage the plants once have had now become dust in the air.

Her heart broke as everything dissolved and disintegrated around her, y/n’s quirk undoing it work from sorrow and pain as she mourned for her future of a happy life with Shigaraki. The cries forever haunting the minds of those that bore witness to the undoing of y/n.

Her name now was known and told by many to be ‘the creeping heartbreak’.

Even years on, people still spoke of the y/n broken day, the day hundreds lost their lives from y/n demolishing a portion of the city with her quirks creeping decay. A villain the hero committee remembered oh to well as she now is held within confinement till the day dies, forever to grieve over the family she wanted, and the love she thought she had.

Chapter Text

Before she could defend herself from his unknown response he pulled her to sit between his legs facing him.

“You know what I said…” he tilted her chin to face him as he kissed her gently. “Maybe we could… bend the rules one day.” His warm glow made y/n’s heart jump for joy, the fact he was willing and wanting to start a family at least one day was more than enough for her.

“Really! Promise?” Y/n squished his face between her hands while he attempted to mumble out a yes but was more of a yesh. “I’m so happy right now.” A tear slipped from the corner of her eye.

“Hey, no crying. I don’t like seeing my partner cry.” He swiped the tear off of y/n’s rosy cheeks.

“I know, I’m sorry.” Y/n burrowed herself into Shigaraki’s side as he laughed slightly at her cuteness. “I’m just really happy.”

“Good. As long as you’re happy, then so am I.” He leaned to kiss her while getting under the covers as well. “Let’s get some rest, I need the warmth of you next to me. Today was… stressful.” Shigaraki began to speak while y/n listened and watch him with admiration. “I mean they got some pretty interesting dare I say impressive quirks… but their attitudes.” He groaned making y/n giggle slightly before kissing his nose to distract him from the topic again.

“Oh and then I wrecked this team online earlier when you were out shopping, was pretty funny.” He sighed contently. “How about we just get a cat or dog until we can have our family? Be like our metaphorically baby.”

“I like the sound of that! A cat would be better since it won’t be as loud probably.” Y/n replied scooting down a bit to cuddle into his side while he took his shirt of carefully.

“Point taken. Alright, you and and I are going kitten adopting in the morning, yeah?” He smiled down at her, kissing y/n’s forehead.

“Mhm, for sure.” Y/n mumbled, already falling asleep surround by her warm love.

“Hey, y/n?” Shigaraki soothed y/n’s hair while speaking.

“Mhmm~” y/n hummed against him, almost a sleepy fully.

“I love you more than I’ll ever know how to express… You know that right?” He paused his hand waiting for her response.

“Of course I do silly.” Y/n leaned up to kiss him again. “Just like how you know how much I love you, my absolute soulmate for the rest of forever.” She smiled at him, hand on the lampshade switch.

“You’re my forever then.” He returned the kiss again before y/n turned the light off giggling, him laughing slightly at her.

“You’re mine too shiggy.” The two drifted off asleep together, both next to the lives of their lives.

Chapter Text

His chest rose and fell in a steady beat as he spoke, anger nor irritation in his tone. His eyes lusting at the sight of y/n’s body.

“I… You remember the rule? The one where I said no family ever?” As he spoke getting closer to y/n, she nodded with a pout. “I think maybe we just live a secret double life.” His breath tickled her neck as he basked in her scent.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” The way Shigaraki’s voice ran shivers up and down y/n’s back with every other word, it was intoxicating.

“Mhm. Please…” y/n moaned as he began sucking at her neck, leaving hickeys trailing up her neck. The more y/n moaned, the harder he went at leaving the hickeys.

“How about this…” he began to skip his hand beneath her nightgown, thankful he hadn’t taken his two finger gloves off yet. “How about I fuck you like you want, but instead of me finishing in this gorgeous mouth…” his fingers ran along y/n’s slit. “I’ll finish in this tight cunt of yours, stuff you enough to make a family.” His finger teased by dipping in and out of her folds.

“Please shiggy… please.” Was the only thing y/n managed to moan out as his finger shoved inside her painstakingly slow.

“Awe, such cute moans from my future babies mother.” Shigaraki slowly and sensually fingered y/n with two fingers now stretching her ready for him.

“You wanna be a mommy so bad, yeah?” He grunted into her ear as he got off from her moans, his pants getting uncomfortable as he grew harder after each sound she made.

“Mhm, I do~” y/n whined out as his flow r went from fast to slow and back, the pace making her back arch, sitting in-front of him with her breasts in his face.

“I wanna see all of you…” Shigaraki began to take her gown off, a process she quickly fast tracked by ripping it off herself. “Fuck…” his groan came right as her breasts bounced at each finger thrusted her upwards.

“These are gonna be so full… so fucking full…” He began to suck at her nipples as if sucking milk from her already, the both of them moaning messes, his groans vibrating her whole body as his pace quickened inside her.

“Fuck… I’m close. I’m close!” Y/n held back a scream from ecstasy, euphoria from climaxing on just his fingers alone.

“God you are so beautiful…” he watched in awe at her climaxing on his fingers, love and lust filling his eyes and air ways.

“Baby… that felt so fucking good.” She rolled her hips to get friction from his fingers still inside her. Overstimulating with each jerk of her hips.

“Bet you want me to fill this pussy up properly, don’t you?” He groaned at her rubbing his bulge that protruded up.

“Mhm!” Y/n eagerly nodded with a grin, quickly positioning herself with legs spread ready for him with her back up against the pillows and headboard.

“So eager to be a mommy, are we?” Shigaraki stood to take off his pants, paused to stare at the sight he was witnessing. “I’m so lucky… holy shit…” his lust broken with admiration for the beauty of his significant other, sometimes forgetting that y/n even picked him and wasn’t forced to love him.

“Hehe, come onnn~” y/n whined playfully as she squirmed in anticipation.

“Alright, alright.” He stopped before positioning himself ready to fill her. “Safe word… tempura? Yeah, Tempura.” They laughed as he leaned over to kiss her passionately. “But really, just let me know if I need to slow down, this is all for you, I can get off just by looking at you baby. This is pure pleasure for the both of us, if you hurt, it’s not pleasure for either.” He kissed her neck again over the already forming hickeys. “And that’s all I want… I want you, and only you.” His kisses led to y/n’s breasts and stomach.

“And here,” he kissed her abdomen. “Is gonna be where I’ll stuff you full enough to start that family.” His words and trail of kisses only made her get wetter with each second.

“Slowly~” he held her under his body, her head under his as he kissed her forehead, pressing himself into her as they both let out moans and groans. “You’re doing so fucking good… so fucking good.” He mumbled praise while his own eyes crossed at the way her walls clenched around him.

“You okay, not hurting too much?” He kissed her head waiting for a reply, staying still before hearing her answer.

“I’m good, you’re just so big.” Y/n’s back arched when he slipped into her a bit more, a slight tease which made him laugh with a gasp when she tighten around him again.

“Fuuuck y/n… you’re so tight even after I’ve stretch you out~” Shigaraki tried to speak but laughed into a shivery moan, not being able to contain the ecstasy he was experiencing .

“Faster…” y/n barely got her words out through the intense moans.

Soon the room became full of the sounds of skin slapping together mixed in with wet clapping as their cum mixed together inside her.

“Oh god I’m gonna fill you up so fucking much.” His pace quickened as he lifted her legs up onto his shoulders, beginning to plow into her harder, faster, and deeper with each thrust.

Each thrust came followed by their love and lust drunken moans. Shigaraki grunting came fast as he railed into y/n as fast as he possibly could. The headboard cracking slightly in the background as he railed her.

“I’m cumming, fuck I’m cumming.” They both cried out in a moan, thrusting his entirety into her deep enough to make her abdomen bulge slightly. Each miniature hip roll only forced his load deeper inside of her. “Y/n~” his breathless moan of her name tilted y/n over into another climax again, digging her nails into the bed as she came for the second time.

“Holy shit… look at it dripping out from that stretched pussy…” he scooped up the cum that ran down her folds and fingered it back into her as she cried out in pleasure each time. “You’re so gorgeous…” he placed a quick kiss on her clit as a tease before sliding up next to her. “5 minutes rest and then we can get you cleaned up.” He kissed her lips that turned into a short but headed make out session. “I’ll go run you a bath, future baby momma.” He laughed after kissing her gently as he walked over to the bathroom nude.

“Can you guys shut the fuck up? Some of us don’t need to fucking hear you two going at it like donkeys.” Dabi shouted from the bedroom door, y/n hiding her face while laughing silently, holding a hand over her mouth to mute the laughs.

“Shut up bacon bits, at least I fuck.” Shigaraki came back out of the bathroom, still naked as he picked y/n up who just died from embarrassment and laughter making Shigaraki smile genuinely at her.

Chapter Text

Y/n’s quirk was sleeping touch, her body produces a sedative that either puts said victim under sleep if she touches them and uses enough energy. Yet her mere touch acts as a an anxiety relevant, able to make the victim feel calm and relaxed.

Hero’s nor villains necessarily held a particular place in her heart, y/n could understand both sides equally. So she just became a nurse to heal the citizens of her city. Often she worked long night, and tiresome hours, arriving back sometimes at midnight days after she left home initially. But her quirk was too beneficial to just send her home, constantly she’d be called to help sedate or relieve a patient.

Y/n had just made it back home only to flop onto the living room sofa, face first. Completely exhausted, she failed to even flip herself over before drifting off to sleep. All the days patients discomfort seemed to linger in her mind, something about seeing someone in such a state that y/n was needed made her heart break. Though her body wanted rest so badly, y/n couldn’t just leave people to suffer. So with the bit of energy she still possessed, y/n dragged herself to go make some tea before opening the hospital files, marking which patients need which treatment, a task usually she’d do on the job but couldn’t anymore since the increase in wounded coming in.

The steady beat from a LoFi song in her headphones let her relax while drinking the tea and doing her work. Music seemed to make y/n lose herself into a peaceful and happy place. So after another hour of work, she glanced down to the clock to see her next shift was in a matter of hours again. Maybe if lucky, she’d have a two hour nap and get by the next few days on coffee and energy drinks.

But a sound in the background of the song made her head tilt. The sound of knocking wasn’t something she’d noticed before in the song. Ignoring it since she figured it was just something she’d missed in the playing song. Right after the song ended, a more rapid and urgent banging sound meant it definitely wasn’t in the song, it was someone at the door of her house.

Usually a knock at the front door in the middle of night was odd, but this was even more strange since it was the back door that was being hit repeatedly, the glass of the door being marked by red. Her blood went cold when she noted it to be a smear of blood. A part of y/n said not to open that door, that danger was lurking near by obviously… yet of course there was that nurse mentality overtaking that someone needed help regardless of her own safety.

With a deep breath, y/n opened the door ready to put the person outside to sleep without questioning who they were or what they wanted. Lucky for y/n the man stood hunched over, easy enough for y/n to instantly touch his forehead. But before he passed out, she pulled away. I’m case this was too serious, she didn’t want to put him under and make it so he couldn’t wake again.

“What happened?” Y/n questioned as she helped the random man into her living room, blood dripping on the floor as she struggled to keep his weight up.

The man said nothing as he took his jacket on, stitches on his arms bled as they ripped his skin, a large gash shown when he lifted the white shirt up slightly.

“Oh g- Okay, it’s going to be fine. Just lay down here, keep your upper torso elevated. I’ll be back with some stuff to clean you up.” She went to move but his wrist gripped hers tightly.

“I need pain meds.” He seethed out, her heart hurting from the strain in his voice. It was obvious he was use to pain, but the fact that he was in so much made y/n just want to take it all away from the man.

“Okay, I can use my quirk. Is that okay?” She moved to hover her hands over his better arm which didn’t have as much bleeding.

“…” without saying anything, he eyed her while she gently held his arm, as if he’d break like fine China under her touch.

“If you still feel pain after this, just tell me.” Her grey eyes completely whitened as she used her quirk, hoping she had enough energy left to held him.

“… How?” His voice came after a few seconds, the strain now gone as he leaned his head back, completely relaxed without any pain.

“My quirk… just stay here, let me get you a drink and some supplies. My names y/n, just shout if it comes back. I’ll be quick.” Y/n pushed his hair back in a soothing manner, a action his mother used to do to sooth him. The content man rested his eyes as he basked in the feeling of relief.

“Here you go, drink, I’ll help you…” y/n spoke quietly while she held his head up to drink, her hands alone made him feel at ease.

“Aren’t you scared I’m a bad man? I mean I come banging on the door at midnight bleeding and covered in scars.” He chuckled a bit while y/n bandaged and cleaned his scar wounds, taking care to clean his wounds gently in order to not hurt him more.

“Well of course, but I can’t leave you for dead. I’m a nurse, I doubt I could’ve left you out there even if I tried. Plus, seeing how my quirk helped you feel a relief is all I care about, makes the risk worth it even if it’s my last.” Y/n spoke but her eyes remained fixated on stitching his stomach wound together, it looking so perfect that it was unlikely it would scar him more.

“Pfft… imagine if I had you stitching me up all along, wouldn’t be looking like this, would I.” The man joked, a sad smile on y/n’s face.

“I know this is painful, I feel your pain… a secret of my quirk I suppose. The pain is reflected onto me instead of the person… I’m sorry I wouldn’t help sooner…” y/n finished stitching as she felt a tear leave her eye, surprising even herself. “Sorry, I get emotion when I feel someone’s pain, it’s like being in their shoes for five minutes, feeling what they do.”

“Why do that for a random person, it’s not like they’d do anything in return.” The man questioned with his eyes closed, completely relaxed.

“Don’t need anything in return though, the fact I could do something impactful means more to me, even if it’s just in one persons life. Guess that’s why I’ve never hated hero’s or villains, I see them as people. That’s it. If that person needs help, I’ll do it.” Y/n explained further walking into kitchen to clean up.

“Come here.” His voice was demanding but not in a harsh manner, more of a friendly tone. So after washing y/n’s hands, she walked and squatted in front him to sooth him again, figuring that was surely it. “I go by Dabi.”

“I go by y/n.” She smiled at him as she soothed him further while brushing her hand on his head, comforting him the best she could for the time being. “You’re always welcome here, Dabi. You get hurt or anything, my house is open. I know you are a villain, so I understand the whole not wanting to go to a hospital.” Y/n kept her voice low, his breathing slow and steady.

“Alright… thanks.” He answered back but grabbed her wrist before she could get up. “Do you constantly release that- your quirk?”

“Mhm, my whole body natural produces the ability but I just can focus it when I use energy. So when someone hugs are touches me at all, they usually become relaxed almost instantly.” Y/n laughed at memories of her friends yawning and falling asleep on dinner days out after accidentally touching her.

“So if I do this,” Dabi pulled y/n into his arms carefully, y/n not attempting to move, his embrace was so warm it made y/n relaxed instead. “It’ll just passively do that?” His body started getting comfortable made his guess correct.

“Mhm.” Y/n already felt her body give up, exhaustion was beyond after her forty hour shift at the hospital.

“Just… Just stay like this for a bit.” He mumbled, not admitting how much he had began to like y/n, her caring and loving nature was so different to what he had become normalized to.

“I’d like that… just no moving, let’s not open the stitch up…” y/n mumbled into his chest as she laid beside him on the couch. “Though I did make it pretty sturdy…”

“I like this… could get real use to sleeping like this.” He smirked looking down at her.

“Well I usually make dinner to feed two and just put the other half for the next day, so next time if you were to pass by uninjured would be best but still, there would be another plate for you. I can help you relax after again if you’d like of course.” She turned to look away after realizing what she was saying.

“Heh, alright then, don’t be surprised when I hold you up to that.” He smirked while placing his hand on her back, beginning to drift off asleep as well.

“I look forward to it…” the sound of soft snoring was a sign that they’d both passed out, that forty hour shift she had coming up in a few hours meant she’d have to call in sick. But then the idea of falling and being around villains came into mind, a smile on her face as she slept just thinking of all the people she could help that were too afraid to go to a hospital to get treated.

Once again she’d faced the next part of her life, maybe it was time to treat those that really need it, maybe the villains were more appreciative of someone with her quirk.

That night she’d signed herself mentally to helping Dabi with his wound, and maybe eventually helping the rest of his group. Unknowingly to her, Dabi was thinking of ways he could convince y/n to come join the league of villains. His determination to not let her go meant she’d have to one day be his, the first time he’d ever felt cared for and he wanted more moments that felt as good as they did now.

Chapter Text

The cold air made the lonely night with husband Shoto out working so tirelessly, making sure everyone would be safe to sleep without worries. But that never stopped y/n from staying awake every night, waiting for their lover to come home safely himself. The way the fireplace crackled while an old movie played quietly in the background, a warm cup of tea between their palms, ever so tranquil while their heart beat was only soothed with the quiet night.

Every so often y/n would watch the door with a sense of sadness from missing Shoto so much. The time he’d come home was always unknown, worry would eat away at y/n till they could see Shoto come and kiss them as always.

“I thought I told you to rest, my love.” Shoto’s soft voice made y/n’s eyes light up with a smile gracing their face.

“Shoto!” Y/n hopped up and ran into his arms as they’d done every night. His face looking down at her with adoration, loving just watching their happiness meant everything to him. His heart full as he warmly embraced y/n as part of their nightly return that they did every time.

“I missed you.” Shoto leaned to kiss y/n on the forehead and on then on the lips gently, treating y/n like the fine China ever to exist.

“As did I.” They swayed in each other’s arms, y/n humming a quiet song triggering their quirk, songs aura. The one y/n sang was to calm them both to sleep as they done every night, the only way Shoto could rest peacefully was with y/n’s soothing quirk.

“You really are a blessing in my life, you know that?” He whispered in their ear, picking y/n up as y/n wrapped their arms and legs around his torso. “Let’s go to bed, my love. I took tomorrow off, may I take you out on a date?” His words were quiet and gently while y/n hummed against him.

“I’d love that, baby~” y/n hummed out their response, smiling with their head tucked in his neck.

“Thank you. I love you, y/n. I love you more than anything ever in my life.” He whispered in case y/n had fallen asleep already.

“I love you too Shoto, you’re truly the blessing in my life. I still can’t believe I get to see you come through the door every time.” Y/n sung words of praise, though their praise wasn’t uncommon, it always made his face glow a light shade of pink.

Every night and every day y/n reminded him of how much he meant to them and to the world, and every time he’d fall deeper and harder in love with y/n. The only person that allowed him to learn and understand how to love and be loved without boundaries.

Chapter Text

Having a quirk that gives cat ears and a tail wasn’t exactly the type of one they’d expected to want to become a pro hero that saves people. But y/n decided to fight back, she knew her capabilities were of those worthy of being a pro in the hero industry. Yet daily y/n was faced with criticism and torment everyday by the one and only Monoma, the one guy she’d made a habit now of disliking to the full extent.

“What happens if you see a feather while on a job, gotta be irresistible to a little kitty.” Monoma joked while the rest of class just sighed with a blind eye to the girl with her ears down and tail curled.

All but one at least.

“Don’t listen to him, he’s just an idiot anyways.” The purple headed shy boy sat down in the seat beside y/n who watched him curiously.

“It’s okay, I’m use to it now.” Y/n quickly looked away when she accidentally seen he caught her starring at him.

“What’s your quirk?” Upon the question, Monoma just smirked thinking he was about to put y/n under his quirk.

“She’s just a stupid ca-” Monoma was cut off as his eyes went foggy.

“Apologize.” Shinso ordered Monoma with anger lacing his tone.

“I’m very sorry y/n for what I’ve done and said, you’re quirk is much stronger than mine and so I was intimidated. Please forgive me.” Monoma begged as shinso just kept his focus on sending Monoma daggers with his eyes.

“I think that’ll be good enough.” Shinso smirked to y/n who hid behind her hand to cover the laughs wanting to escape her mouth. “Wouldn’t you say so?”

“Pfft, yeah I think that’s perfect.” Her broken giggles made Shinso smile and feel warm inside, basking in the brightness her expression gave to the room.

“Eh? The hell did you do to me!? That not a-” On que kendo swiftly knocked Monoma out somewhat.

“Sorry about him, y/n. You’re amazing, just ignore him.” Kendo dragged Monoma away, leaving shi so and y/n at the back of the class together.

“You okay?” His voice was quiet as he questioned y/n.

“Yeah, thank you for that shinso, you’re too kind.” Y/n’s ears twitched as her face turned pink shortly after realizing he was looking at her with a gaze that made her stomach do flips.

“I’d do it a thousand times over. I really like your quirk by the way, it’s amazing…” shinso smiled as her tail brushed past him.

“Oh, thank you!” She jumped when her tail accidentally brushed him. “I like yours a lot too , you’re crazy strong.”

“Heh, that’s a first. Usually people reactions aren’t that… positive.” He laughed slightly, watching her tail move slowly side to side.

“Well people don’t usually see mine as a hero’s quirk, they think like Monoma that I’m just gonna get short minded like actual cat.” Her fists balled up with irritation remembering what he was saying before.

“Hey…” Shinso placed his hand on top of her balled fists. “It’s okay, don’t let him upset you. You’re amazing, I mean it.” He spoke with such sincerity that it made her face turn red rather than pink.

“Thanks…” y/n tried her best to turn away and hide from her own embarrassment, but shinso just smirked and held her hands tighter.

“I don’t think you understand fully how amazing you are, y/n.” He spoke, using his index finger to pull her face towards him to look in his eyes. “How about we go to that new café and study for the next test?”

“So a-”

“A study date, yeah. If you’re down of course.” Shinso seemed to doubt himself for a second, wondering if he should just use his quirk and make her forget.

“Okay, I’d like that actually.” Y/n’s tail picked up in pace, looping around his arm with excitement. “That sounds perfect.” Her smile seemed to block out all other voices and anyone nearby them.

“I-great! Okay, that’s great.” Shinso let out a deep breath he’d been unconsciously holding the entire time. “Today after classes?”

“Okay, I’ll meet you out front?” She began to gather her items for lunch.

“Yeah, I’ll meet you outside.” They both stood up at the same time, their faces accidentally ended up extremely near each other.

“Great.” Shinso held his breath, glancing down at her lips before back up to her eyes again.

“Perfect…” she mumbled, doing just the same.

“I’ll catch you later, cute little kitty.” He smirked and kissed her cheek quickly before retreating out to lunch, leaving y/n smiling widely with her tail wrapped around her torso.

Chapter Text

It was just a argument between friends, dabi reminded himself as he downed his third cup of alcohol.

“Why the fuck would you go out on date and not tell me?!” Dabi yelled with fury at y/n who felt anger towards the way he scolded her.

“You’re not my boyfriend for fucks sake, I don’t need to tell you about every damn person I meet up with!” Y/n yelled right back, pushing past him before he could say anything she was already out the door.


“You think that one’s single?” A man whispered to a friend near Dabi who took no mind to them while he cursed himself for reacting so meanly to y/n.

“Only one way to find out, let’s go…” their intentions were not good through their tone, Dabi not caring but more curious, he watched with a drink in his hand, their pointing fingers directed to one person.

Out of everywhere around them, y/n would just so happen to have come to the same club. Her hunched figure over a bar stool.

“I wouldn’t if I were you.” Dabi raised his voice, attracting the two mens eyes directly towards him.

“You know that chick?” One laughed out, dabi nust clenching his teeth to hold his tongue.

“You could say that.” His eyes starred with an undetectable emotion.

“Well, are they single? Kinda wanna ask them out.” The other one smirked beside the other two watching y/n.

“Y-no. They’re not single.” Dabi quickly fixed his response before they noticed the shift.

“Hm… well just means we’ll have to be better than him.” The two began walking towards y/n who still hadn’t taken notice of them.

“You can try.” Dabi whispered to himself, waiting a few seconds before setting his glass down and following to where y/n spoke to the two unamused.

“Hey baby, ready to go?” Dabi snaked his arms around y/n’s waist from behind her, his breath sending shivers down her back which was followed by a surprisingly soft kiss on her jawline.

“Dabi? Uh-yeah, I’m ready.” Y/n tried to hide her red face, the two men just stood with shock and confusion as his arms didn’t leave her waist even after y/n stood.

“Good.” He squeezed her waist with a single arm slightly, as they walked away he turned to give the two men glares that would send anyone into an early grave.

After making it out of the club, y/n didn’t question why his arms were still laced around her, but she had other questions.

“What was that all about? Ba-by?” Y/n folded her arms, his arm still around her.

“Awe, my little baby get embarrassed?” Dabi teased, making y/n’s face turn redder by the second.

“Pfft, no. But why? I’m not your lover so doesn’t make sense.” She questioned, secretly feeing sad after stating she wasn’t his.

“Weren’t. Though I think I maybe addicted to kissing your soft, perfect skin…” Dabi kissed her jawline again, lingering for a few seconds, a small moan escaping y/n’s throat on accident. “Yep, definitely, addicted.” He kissed her neck between words with a smirk at her reactions.

“So you like me… like, like me?” Y/n felt shy after saying something as such.

“I thought that was obvious, baby.” Dabi held her body close, his hot aura heating y/n slightly against the cold night air.

“It wasn’t… but I’m not complaining.” She whined as he kissed a sensitive spot of her neck, a eyebrow raising on Dabi’s face upon her reaction.

“I’m glad.” He tilted her face by y/n’s chin to look at him directly. “Really glad actually…” His lips placed the softest and sweetest kiss on hers, the way they melded together felt like something from a romantic movie. “No flirting with anyone else but me, got it?”

“Mhm.” She agreed, kissing each other passionately again, leaned up against the wall of a building they finally were able to make out freely, both waiting for the day to come that they could be honest with one another.

“You make me go crazy, perfectly fucking crazy.” He smirked, eyeing her lips up as they parted for air briefly. The make out session lasting for way longer than first intended, but no one complaining even after the cold made y/n’s ears and nose red.